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08/17/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Courtesy Kerri Walsh

Kerri Walsh has taken home two Olympic gold medals in beach volleyball with partner Misty May-Treanor.

But she has two even bigger accomplishments to her name: Sons Joseph Michael, 14 months, and Sundance Thomas, 3 months, with fellow volleyball star Casey Jennings.

In her latest blog, Walsh, 32, tells us about her family’s crazy weekend trip to the Bay Area — flight delays, baptism meltdowns and all.

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Our little tribe took a trip to the Bay Area this past week. We departed LAX Wednesday afternoon — trying to time our flight with Joey’s nap time! After two flight delays, a few prayers for an uneventful flight and a whole lot of misdirection for our eldest, who wanted to do laps up and down the aisle, we landed in San Jose intact.

Because of the flight delays, we had to hit the ground running. We hustled to the rental car place, drove to my parents for a five minute outfit change so we could then make it to St. Mary’s church in Los Gatos, where we had a 6:30 p.m. baptism scheduled for the boys and their new baby cousin, Maizi. Holy holy moly!

Dressed like little angels in all white outfits, our boys were baptized into the Catholic church. We were so proud, exhausted and busy keeping Joey — who was on the verge of a major breakdown having missed his nap and being up past his bedtime — semi-happy and sob-free as the kind and patient priest did his best to get through the ceremony. Sundance was calm as could be when the priest approached him with the oil and eventually poured the holy water over his sweet little head. Joey, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with anything. He had had it! Poor little guy.

Anyhow, we followed up the baptism with a family BBQ, then got back to our place where we all crashed around 9 p.m. — way, way, way past Joey’s bedtime. What started out well soon got crazy as Joey started screaming. We brought him into bed with us and just as we got settled and ready to sleep, lil’ Sundance got hungry and started crying in his Pack ‘n Play. Goodness!

We survived that night and all woke up a little bit wrecked but happy. That was until we found out that the tour Casey and I compete on, the Nivea AVP tour, was ceasing operations for the year. What the?! Such a sad day, made even more sad when we realized Casey would have to go overseas for two straight weeks to compete on the international tour. He’s already been away for a total of six weeks since Sundance’s birth and the idea of two more weeks was devastating to us all. But you gotta do what you gotta do and Casey said a reluctant goodbye to me and the boys on Saturday.

So to recap…

  • Wednesday: Leave in the afternoon for the Bay. Crazy flight, but it was only an hour so not too bad! Boys got baptized. Sundance loved it. Joey did not. LONG night.
  • Thursday: Tour folds — temporarily! It’ll come back stronger than ever in 2011! Casey gets call to go to Europe — Finland and Holland, specifically. Hang out with family.
  • Friday: Crack of dawn road trip home. Six hours in the car with two baby boys — that should tell you how much we enjoy flying with the kiddies. Between a one hour flight and a six hour car ride we decided to drive! Home Friday afternoon.
  • Saturday: Casey leaves.

It was quite an adventuresome four days! Considering that we will be traveling the globe these next two years trying to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games, I guess it’s a good thing to have trips like these. Practice makes perfect!

Love and deep breaths,

— Kerri Walsh

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lisette on

Wow would love to know when and where Casey will play in Holland… could go see him play 😀

Amanda on

So sweet how the boys are holding hands! Made my heart melt.

Ellea on

Sounds like the next two years are going to be really exciting!

Tee on

Goodness, that was quite a few days you all had! How neat that both boys were able to be baptized at the same time as their cousin! What a wonderful family gathering! Poor Joey, I can just imagine how tired he must have been! You and your husband are both very brave to have attempted a trip with such little ones.

I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog posts and look forward to next week’s post! Thank you again for letting us peek into your private family life. You are obviously enjoying motherhood and both of your sons are beautiful!

Ashley on


This is a link to the FIVB site. It is the international beach volleyball tour.

Amber on

I’m glad she’s bringing them into her adult life. I have four little ones and love to share my adult life with them. It’s hard, but so rewarding. I’m sorry that her partner is gone as often as he is and hope she has good help. Moms are incredible!

Kristen on

I can relate to the kids reacting to baptism in completely different ways. Mine weren’t baptized together, but they all reacted differently. My daughter wanted nothing to do with it, my oldest son slept through the entire thing and the baby giggled. Luckily we too had patient priests who knew it comes with the territory!

Laura on

I can completely relate to Kerri’s blog! And my sons are 2 years apart! Our spring/summer has been nothing but running and one doctor’s appt after the other! Thanks for sharing Kerri!

Crystal on

Oh gosh Kerri! That was quite an eventful weekend. Many blessings as you prepare to be away from your hubby. You guys have such an amazing relationship I know you will be counting the days until he returns! Good-Luck! 🙂

Bree on

Keri’s oldest just looks so much like my little Ollie-Baby (my cousin, there is 21 years between Oliver and I, anyone want to talk crazy family tree?!?! :D) that I double-take everytime I see him!!
Keri seems so down-to-earth and relatable. Love to hear about all the traveling her kids get to do and how close they are to their extended family. As someone who is planning to have my kids as close as possible I really enjoy reading keri’s blog and getting a good idea of what I am getting myself into lol. Cant wait to read the next one!!

Colt's Mom on

Thank you for being transparent in your family life to share the hecticness of having kids. Makes us new mommies know we are not messing up our kids too bad by trying to control the chaos. Very much appreciated. Good luck and prayers to you and your family.

Lis on

Okay…I know I am off topic, and I’m sure this has probably been discussed before, but I am just sooooooooo curious: Does anyone know where the name Sundance came from???!!! It’s mind boggling to me that she has a Joey and a Sundance!!! Absolute complete ends of the spectrum. Joey (Joseph) is so ‘normal’ and traditional and Sundance is………..well, Sundance… So does anyone know why? Is there a link or a blog where she explains it? I would love to know!!!!

Sarah on

Lilith's mommy on

Wow you were pretty busy. I have a little 9 month old and she has so much energy. I can’t imagine you keeping up after those 2 little bundles of joy.

Lisa on

You are a super woman. My son is 6 years old and we still have not been on an airplane with him yet. We have gone on vacation every year, but just road trips. You give me hope that my husband and I can handle a plane ride with a “very active 6 year old”


Mary on

Bree, you think your family tree is crazy, there is 19 years between my oldest and youngest brother, and they have the same parents!

MG on

I’ve done many a road trip with my daughter who’s almost 2. We always drove, from the time my daughter was 3 weeks old. It’s exhausting & a huge hassle, but it gets easier as they get older.

Kitty on

WOW! That’s all I can say. Craziness! She’s definitely a super mom!

I noticed a bottle in between Kerri’s legs in the picture. Has she blogged about giving up breastfeeding? Of course it could be expressed breastmilk in a bottle but I’m just curious.

jasmine on

Kerri, did you have a birthday since this blog and the last?? Love your blog by the way!

Lorus on

Joey is still so tiny. He should remain rearfacing to keep him safe. It’s now recommended to keep children rearfacing until a minimum of 2 years. My 2.5yo is 37 inches and still happily RFs in her Britax Boulevard.