Melissa McCarthy: I’m Not a Great Pregnant Woman

08/15/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

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Five months after giving birth to her second daughter, Georgette, actress Melissa McCarthy freely admits, “I’m not a great pregnant woman.”

“I have a baby-baby at home and a 3-year-old [Vivian]. I’m not like the woman that’s like, ‘Isn’t this miraculous? Isn’t this amazing?'” the former Gilmore Girls and Samantha Who? sidekick — who’s graduated to leading lady in the upcoming sitcom Mike & Molly — tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies.

“I’m super round and super tired. My husband says it’s like he’s married to a 90-year-old because I just go out mid-sentence. He says, ‘You were in mid-thought and then the next thing you stop talking. I turn around and you’re sound asleep on the couch.'”

It’s no wonder she’s a bit exhausted. Along with having two little ones at home, McCarthy’s shooting her new series while simultaneously filming Bridesmaids alongside Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig.

“I don’t sleep one bit. I was up at 3 a.m. today. I don’t know when I’m going to snap,” she jokes. “It might be an ugly day. I’m like a three-and-a-half, four-hour-a-night sleeper. It’s not enough to function.”

She does have one post-pregnancy luxury: On Mike & Molly, McCarthy plays one half of a romantic pairing who meet in a weight-loss support group, so she hasn’t felt the usual Hollywood pressure to shed her baby weight in hurry.

“I was eight-and-a-half months pregnant [when I first went up for the role] and I looked like a Weeble at that point. I thought, ‘Well, now is the time,'” she explains. “We did the pilot four weeks after I had the baby so I was like, ‘It’s perfect.'”

As the mother of two daughters, McCarthy, 39, says she’s conscious of Hollywood’s pervasive effect on body-image and hopes any slimming down on her part is celebrated more for achieving a healthier lifestyle than conforming to a svelte aesthetic.

“For me personally, I’m heavier right now and am trying to lose some weight,” she notes. “I just had a baby and I’m heavier than I want to be. I hope that people will root for me becoming healthier.”

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klutzy_girl on

I didn’t know she was pregnant with a second child! Congratulations on the baby’s birth! I wonder what her daughter’s name is.

robinepowell on

Good luck Melissa. I know she slimmed down between Seasons 3 & 4 on Gilmore Girls, but when she got pregnant, she put it all back on again.

Tamara on

i loved her on Gilmore Girls and on Samantha Who…had no idea she had another baby, but i think it’s great….definitely look forward to watching her new show

Michelle on

I love “Sookie” and Everything Melissa is on. I cant wait for the new show. I was wondering what she had named her first baby and now she has two. So cool. Love her. 🙂

Sarah on

I can understand why she’s so tired, because she’s doing so much!! I’d feel 90 yrs. old too!!

It could also be an underactive thyroid as well. I was VERY tired all the time after the birth of my 1st baby and wasn’t really losing weight even though I was breastfeeding. I went to my doc and sure enough, I had an underactive thyroid (pregnancy-related) and took meds for about 6 months and then I was back to normal.

Suze on

Love her honesty!!!

Philippa on

Wow, I didn’t know Melissa had a 2nd baby! Congrats to her!
I wonder what her other daughter’s name is 🙂

April on

Oh I just loved her on gilmore girls and samantha who. i will definitely be checking out her new show. congrats on the baby and good luck with the weight loss.

JMO on

I had no idea she had another baby!! I love “Sookie”!! hehe

Kelly on

I have loved Melissa since Gilmore Girls. I am so glad she’s back on TV. Good luck with the babies and I wish her much success.

Courtney on

I just started watching Glimore Girls, my sis is a HUGE fan! She has me into the show even though it’s off the air. Congrats on the baby and much success with the new show 🙂

JES on

Congrats on the new baby. Loving Mike and Molly, and really enjoyed her on Samantha Who and Gilmore Girls. Good luck catching up on the Zzz

Lisa Harper on

I never watched either show she was on prior to Mike & Molly. Now I will try to find them online. She is a great actress. At the other end of topic, pregnancy at later life and dealing with losing weight, that is one I can relate to. I believe genetics play a huge part of dealing with weight loss after giving birth. Not getting ample sleep can also play a part as well. I’m pushing 50 in another year so as I have aged since giving birth at 35, it seems each year that goes by the old hormones and genes are waving their negative wand at me..I just go with the flow.

Cin on

I think she’s amazing and beautiful just the way she is. Her daughters are Vivian and Georgette. I’m sure they are adorable little girls.

NBA2K on

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