Neil Patrick Harris to Be a Dad – to Twins

08/14/2010 at 03:05 PM ET
Stefanie Keenan/WireImage

Neil Patrick Harris has proven himself to be a talented actor, singer, comedian – and now he’s adding father to his list of accomplishments.

Harris and his longtime partner, chef David Burtka, are expanding their family, the How I Met Your Mother actor confirmed Saturday.

“So, get this: David and I are expecting twins this fall,” Harris, 37, revealed on Twitter. “We’re super excited/nervous/thrilled. Hoping the press can respect our privacy…”

According to E! Online, which was first to report the news, the couple are going to become parents to a boy and a girl in October with the help of a surrogate.

— Marla Lehner

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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to Neil and David! I’m so happy for them. I literally squealed when I saw the announcement on Twitter!

They’re going to be adorable daddies!

I hope they have a boy and a girl!

Kirsty on

Wow, I never even knew he was gay.. let alone had a partner or babies on the way! Congrats to the couple!

Ella Winter on

woot woot!!

Selene on

I don’t think I have ever been so happy at hearing 2 people I don’t actually know are expecting.
Congratulations to Neil and David, those are 2 very very lucky babies.

K on

I saw this on his Twitter and I am SO thrilled for them! Congrats!!

Sonya on

Yay! I adore him:-) Wonder which one is the bio father (or maybe both are), but either way that will be cute babies.

Fifi on

wonderful 🙂

JMO on

aww that’s so cute! I’ve heard him express his desire to be a father! I think he’ll be wonderful! And another set of twins!!

Pam on

He will be such a great father. I’ve adored him since his Doogie Days!!! Congratulations to him an his partner!

buckbeakbabie on

I am so happy for them! They’re an adorable, awesome couple and they’ll make great dads. 🙂

Colleen on

Yay!!! Congrats to them both.

Whitney on

YAY Congratulations to both of them I love NPH

špela on

this is such a great news! i’m sure they are gonna be great and fun dads! 🙂

D on

Does anyone remember “Doogie Howser, M.D”?

Brooke on

I am thrilled for both Neil and David…..NPH is going to be one hoot of a dad!!!

CTBmom on

The last time I was THIS excited to hear about a celebrity expecting baby, was when I read that Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs were expecting! I am such a big fan of NPH….and I am so happy for David and him! Congrats!

Maddie on

I literally squealed with excitement when i saw this announcement! I *adore* Neil Patrick Harris. A massive congratulations to Neil and David – they are gonna be LEGENDARY parents, lol.

Luna on

I don’t think I’ve been this thrilled for people I don’t know having children. I am sooooooo happy for Neil and David. I’m a huge fan of Neil Patrick Harris’s. Congratulations!!!

Deirdre on

Oh my gosh, this is so exciting!! I am actually beyond thrilled for them. What lucky children those babies are to have parents like NPH and his partner!

Congratulations, Neil and David!!

harley on

Oh my God! Ok, I’ve literally said that 15 times now lol! That is so exciting! HIMYM is definitely the place to be if you want babies it seems. All the best to Neil, David, and their families!

maggie on

congrats congrats CONGRATS!!!!!!! I can see them with a boy and a girl too. i bet those kids are gonna have the funny bone genes too.

Devon on

I too squealed when I saw this! I’ve loved NPH since Dougie Howser! Congrats and Neil and David. Those babies are going to have a blast.

Erika on

Congrats to them.

I remember like crying when I found out he was gay. I thought he was so hot and my dreams were crushed lol. But I still like him.

Laura on

So exciting! They’re going to be amazing parents. You can just tell. Yay!

Misty on

Congrats to both Neil and David! That is so exciting!

Erin on

I remember a couple of years ago David appeared with NP on an episode of Top Chef. David is just as adorbs as Neil! Happiness to everyone involved!

Bree on

So excited for them!! They are going to make great parents!!

Michelle on

As parents, they are going to be LEGEN-wait for and I hope you aren’t lactose intolerant – DARY!

Sara on

Congrats! I’m convinced they’ll make awesome parents. 🙂

Maddie on

I wonder if Neil will ‘suit up’ for the birth? Lol, love HIMYM!

Catherine on

Wow, double rainbow – I mean – double babies!

This news is awesome! Congrats to the expectant dads.

DJ on

How can they both be the biological father?

Congrats on the twins!

Erika on

DJ- since there are two babies and were likely concieved via IVF in a surrogate (it sounds like that rather than adoption) one baby may have been fertilized by Harris’ sperm and the other by Burtka’s. This is possible but unlikely. I would assume that gay couples usually just go with one biological parent per IVF cycle.

B.J. on

Ahhh!!! I am SOOO excited for NPH, he’s one of my favorite actors! Congrats to the excited fathers-to-be, can’t wait to see their little ones!!

Kayte on

Love NPH! What a great dad he will be. I wish all of them the best. I have read that sometimes in this situation the
egg(s) is fertilized from a mixture of both partner’s sperm, so no one knows exactly which one is the bio parent. Not sure if this is the best idea regarding the child’s knowledge of his family medical history, but it is an intriguing idea.

Georgina on

Erika is absolutely right, that can happen, a gay couple in Essex, England, they have 5 children and the first two are twins, a boy and a girl, one twin is biologically one of the partners whilst the other twin is biologically the other partners. So it could happen if the twins weren’t identical. I guess it depends on what kinda process they went for!

DJ on

Holy, I didn’t know that was even possible. How cool would that be.

klutzy_girl on

Neil was just in a live chat, and he mentioned the twins. He said that the paparazzi is already following him to find the surrogate. I really hope they don’t find her!

Brianne on

Congratulations, Neal and David! I couldn’t be happier for you!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Kay- Well, in cases like that, if the child later wants to know his/her medical history all s/he has to do is get a DNA test to determine who her bio father (or mother) is! 🙂

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Neil and David …. I wish them the best of luck with their soon-to-be family 😀

ljss on

Congratulations to NPH & DavidB. Those babies will be blessed to have these 2 as parents.

Mel in STL on

It makes me roll my eyes when a celebrity says something like, “Hoping the press can respect our privacy” while announcing the news in a public way. Give me a break! Best of luck to them – twins are a handful!

Erika on

I think its disgusting that the paparazzi wants to find the surrogate (not just in this case but in all of them). She is not a celebrity and is going through an emotional process. They will see the babies soon enough- just leave her alone.

klutzy_girl on

Mel – Neil and David learned the press was going to break the story, so they decided to announce the news. And Neil said he later regretted saying that last part because the paps aren’t leaving them alone anyway.

E!Online is reporting they are having one of each!

April on

Mel, he only said anything because e online posted a story claiming a source told them. I am sure he was being asked by every magazine and it was probably easiest to give his own comment. For all we know neil and david weren’t planning to say a word until the babies were here. If they are really due in october obviously they have been keeping quiet for a while now.

Jill on

What great news!!!!!!! This makes me so happy to see two loving expecting soon to be parents. I am thrilled. Actually beyond thrilled.

Josfin on

Am so very happy for both of them,congrats to them.

eternalcanadian on

I believe the reason Neil tweeted about the impending birth is he was about to be “outted” by one of those rude pap shows or magazines like that E!Online (not a credible one like People) without his permission.

His comment about wanting privacy from the press is likely because of the surrogate. Who wants to be pregnant and have the pap parked outside their door taking pictures of their baby bump, etc.? The surrogate is likely a very private person and this whole thing is probably stressful enough so I totally understand Neil’s initiative to tweet before the story broke and to ask for privacy from the press.

I’m also quite sure when the babies are born and when the time is right Neil will publish photos like Angelina and Brad did with their twins and other celebrities.

Congratulations and many blessings for a safe pregnancy and delivery! Those two look so cute together and I can’t believe they’ve been “married” for like five years now! Sure wish the USA would get off its high horse and not be so uptight about marriage being only btween a man and a woman when you have wonderful couples like Neil and David. Marriage should be for any two humans, simple as that. 🙂