Ever Carradine Welcomes Daughter Chaplin Haddow

08/13/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
Frazer Harrison/Getty

It’s a girl for Ever Carradine!

The actress and husband Coby Brown welcomed daughter Chaplin Haddow Brown on Monday, Aug. 9 at 7:13 p.m., her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Baby girl weighed in at 7 lbs., 13 oz. and is 20.25 inches long.

Carradine, 36, who’s known for her roles on Commander in Chief and Once and Again, most recently appeared on Eureka, while dad Brown is a singer-songwriter.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Blaine Zuckerman

Chaplin Haddow – Courtesy Carradine-Brown Family

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kelsey on

Congrats to them! Unique name!

ABC 123 on

i sure have never heard of that name before. i kind of like it though because it is different and very unique!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! I like the name.

And hey, this breaks up the boy baby boom that seems to be occurring lately.

T. on

Beautiful Baby! Interesting name…

Lo and Behold on

…and she’s David Carradine’s niece and daughter of Robert Carradine, granddaughter of John Carradine, very famous actors.

Luna on

It’s very different, and I’m going to wait to see how my feelings develop on it. Nice to have a girl in the mix! She’s beautiful. Congrats Ever and Cody on baby Chaplin.

Becky on

Beautiful name, congrats to them..

Rosie on

Congrats to Ever and Coby!!! Chaplin is such a cute name 🙂

Jen on

LOVE the name!! 😀 Congrats to them!

D on

Beautiful little girl. Is that even a name?

RubyinEngland on

Ridiculous masculine name for a beautiful little girl.

Rosie on

@RubyinEngland- I have never met a boy named Chaplin. Chaplin does not even sound masculine. It’s a wonderful name for little girl. I know 3 little girls named Chaplin.

lizzielui on

Believe it or not there is a little girl in my daughter’s day camp named Chaplin Rose. I think it’s a very sweet name. Congrats!

J on

You’ve never heard of a man named Chaplin? Really? Try Googling Charlie Chaplin, dear, and getting out a little more.

I can’t believe whoever wrote this article made no mention of the fact that Ever Carradine is herself a celebrity baby…and niece, and granddaughter.

Berry on

What about Charlie Chaplin, never heard of him?

But I actually like it as a girls name. I think it’s cute.

Anne Marie on

Love the name and I love the name Ever as well 🙂 on my list for sure

Elle on

Just because a name end with “lin” it doesn’t make it feminine. I don’t understand this need to use masculine names for little girls. Chaplin isn’t feminine. Chap and Chappy are such masculine names. Not to mention the meaning of Chaplin…”clergyman of a chapel”

cali girl on

love love LOVE the name! It is so fab!

Maria on

Who says a name is masculine or feminine? These are “rules” given by society and I’m happy that these rules are finally dying out. There is no such thing as feminine or masculine, it is all a part of societal gender roles which do not exist in nature or in other animals (and yes, humans are animals!). People are so narrow minded and so quick to judge.
We aren’t living in 1628, so I don’t see the reason to continue conforming to such silly traditions.
The people complaining here are probably the same people who think Shiloh Jolie Pitt is going to grow up to be a lesbian, or ones who think a boy who wears pink and plays with dolls is going to grow up to be gay. *Rolls eyes*

Maria on

Last time I checked, “Chaplin” was not Charlie Chaplin’s name, it was his last name. Just because the name “Chaplin” is most commonly linked to a famous man, doesn’t mean there aren’t women out there with that last name as well.

Rosie on

Charlie Chaplin??? Who???

T. on

Pronunciation:(CHAP lin)

Jill on

I guess I was wrong I thought Chaplin was Charlie’s last name. A last name wouldn’t define gender.

CelebBabyLover on

Maria- I agree! And speaking of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, the name Shiloh is also a traditionally “masculine” name (it’s been used on both boys and girls, but, from what I’ve read, was far more common on boys before Miss Shiloh Jolie-Pitt came along). Yet nobody ever complains that she has a “boy’s” name.

Why the double-standard?

I also agree with you that Chaplin was Charlie Chaplin’s LAST name. Clearly Rosie was talking about people with the FIRST name Chaplin.

I also want to add that yes, Chaplin DOES mean clergyman. However, guess what? Plenty of women are also ministers these days! Therefore, a chaplin in this day and age can very easily be a woman! 🙂 Hence, the more accurate meaning for Chaplin now is “clergyperson” rather than “clergyman”.

Elle on

@ Maria…I do think that there are certain names that are masculine and feminine because of where they originated from and because of their meanings. Also, just like in other languages there are feminine and masculine versions of words and names.

And no I don’t think Shiloh is going to grow up to be a lesbian and I don’t think that little boys wearing pink is going to make them gay…that statement is kind of absurd. Please don’t stereotype people just because they have a view that is different than yours. Nobody was saying that Ever was trying to make her daughter a masculine person…some of us were simply saying that Chaplin has a masculine heritage and meaning.

Michelle on

Wow!! I have never posted before, but Chaplin is my 9 year old daughters name. I think it really suits her, and most people seem to really like it. I have just never heard of anyone else with that name, so i think this is so cool, my daughter will love this!! Also in a world full of baby girls named Logan, Riley, Chandler, Dylan, Emerson… I don’t think Chaplin is that masculine sounding or that unusual.

D on

Why do celebrities make up these odd names for their kids? I would be my top dollar, that none of them are listed in any baby book.

Jacqui on

Ever herself couldn’t be cuter, but I am not crazy about the name Chaplin. For me it has nothing to do with it being masculine or feminine, but the “Chap” part reminds me of chapped hands, chapped feet, chapped lips, chapped hyde. . . You get the idea. Also the ‘clergy’ meaning is not so adorable. But maybe if I knew a little girl named Chaplin personally it would entirely change the feeling of the name for me – you know how that goes. . .

gdfg on

Chaplin was Charlie Chaplin’s LAST name, so it’s pretty irrellevant that he’s a male.

Millie on

When I first saw it I thought, what is she thinking? But I’m starting to like it. However, when I see it, I can’t get Charlie Chaplin out of my head. Maybe it’s because the famous film made about him was simply named Chaplin.

Robin M. on

Those are interesting names but I must say I like them!

CelebBabyLover on

D- I don’t know if Chaplin is in any baby name books, but it IS listed on at least one baby name website. Take a look: http://babynamesworld.parentsconnect.com/meaning_of_Chaplin.html

Also, aren’t all names techincally “made up”? I mean, all names were “made up” by someone at some point in history! One other thing I want to add: I doubt this is the case with Chaplin but with other “odd” “made-up” names, I think it’s important to keep in mind that, although they sound really odd to us, they may well be actual names in another country.

For example, Lisa Bonet’s son’s name is Nakowa-Wolf. That sounds odd to most of us, but, in his birth announcement post, some posters pointed out that Nakowa (not sure about the wolf part) is a Hawaian name (which makes sense, since either Lisa or her husband- or maybe both, I can’t remember for sure- are of Hawaian descent).

Bottomline: Just because a name sounds “weird” doesn’t mean it’s “made up”!

CelebBabyLover on

I also meant to say that I am actually don’t mind “made-up” names for the most part. For example, I once knew a couple that combined parts of their first names to make their first child’s name…..and I think that’s a really sweet way to pass on your name to your child!

I even, I must confess, happen to actually like the name Apple! 🙂

Georgina on

I think most people are saying its masculine because the word “chap” at least in England means bloke/male/boy. So shes technically calling her kid a boy when it’s a girl.

Similarly when that bloke (the bones man) named his kid Bardot, that’s technically not a female or male name, but everyone associates it with Bridget Bardot so it was deemed female (or it was accepted as ok as a girls name). So it’s really not suprising that Chaplin conjures up a male as Charlie Chaplin is/was very famous man.

Hayley on

I was surprised by it at first, then I liked it, now I love it, I think it grows on you. Might even consider it for December.

Bree on

Not a fan of the name at all, but congrats to the family!

JM on

congrats to the family on their new bundle of joy. there is nothing wrong with voicing an opinion (especially because there is no way they will ever read this) i think Chaplin is a horrible name, sounds so weird…

Dee on

I love the name Chaplin but would hate to have it shortened to anything but Lin”. “Chap” as a nickname has all sorts of gross connotations. For the people in a gender debate, when people name their daughters “Ashley/Ashleigh” no one stops them and says “Whoa that is too masculine.” However it was traditionally a male name. Now overuse by girls has made us think of it as feminine. As for names and gender I think it is very easy for girls to get away with “male” names. Ever is absolutely beautiful (btw Ever is my uncle’s name) and I wish her family the best.