Kelsey Grammer, New Girlfriend Expecting a Baby

08/12/2010 at 08:15 PM ET
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Kelsey Grammer is going to be a dad for the fifth time.

The actor, 55, and his new girlfriend, Kayte Walsh, 29, are expecting a baby together, her father told the Daily Mail and Grammer’s rep confirmed Thursday.

The news comes one month after Grammer’s wife of 13 years, Camille Donatacci, filed for divorce.

The Cheers and Frasier star has two kids with Donatacci, daughter Mason, 8½, and son Jude, 6 this month, and two older daughters, Greer, 18, and Spencer, 26, from previous relationships.

— Eunice Oh

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CB on

Not a flattering picture of this lady at all! Not sure what to think about this at all. I really hope he wasn’t cheating on his wife prior to her filing for divorce. That would be horrible.

Jennie on

I was a big fan of Kelsey’s. He has turned into a hypocrite. He says he is a conservative, but his actions prove otherwise.

Amanda on

Since his wife only filed for divorce a month ago and he’s still married I doubt they’d announce it unless she was fairly far along…at least 3 months. But that’s just speculation.
Either way, I feel bad for his kids.

Sydney on

I thought CBB didn’t post speculative preganancies and waited for confirmation from the horses mouth?

I saw this on the Daily Mail website a couple of days ago, but the DM is not a publication I would necessarily trust, it is deliberately inflammatory. I don’t believe that the father confirmed the story.

We don’t post speculation. Kelsey’s rep has confirmed the pregnancy.

– Moms & Babies Staff

klutzy_girl on

Well, they were pretty much forced to announce the pregnancy after her father told a tabloid about it.

Kelsey’s screwed up and I blame all the tragedies that have occurred in his life. I’m disappointed in him, but I hope he can be happy with Kayte.

Luna on

He went from this guy with a wife and two kids, standard family, to divorcing and oh yeah his girlfriend is pregnant. I just find it strange how insanely quick he’s moving after moving so slow for thirteen years. Congrats Kelsey, Kayte, Spencer, Greer, Mason, and Jude.

Rosie on

Leave them alone haters!!! Congrats Kelsey and Kayte on your baby on the way.

Anna on

5 children from 4 women…. that says it all. And this one was conceived while cheating on his wife. It’s just sad.

Lana on

Congratulations on the new baby! That is always a joy.

Feel kinda bad for Spencer though…having your dad date girls only three years older than yourself. Must be more than akward. I am Spencer’s age and it would be really weird if my dad dated someone close to my age.

Mel on

Rosie: Questioning the actions of this man doesn’t make us “haters.” It makes you look like a moron for using that word. He just announced his divorce and now he’s having a kid with someone else? He’s moving awfully fast. How long before he breaks up with this one? He couldn’t wait until his divorce was final? If anything, this is going to give his ex some leverage in the divorce.

Denise on

I just don’t get it with these celebrities…getting another woman pregnant while still married. Is there no respect for the sacred vows of marriage? I’m sure someone will say that he and his wife were separated, or that their marriage was over way before the official divorce, etc. but can’t these men just “keep it in their pants” until the divorce is finalized? I think it is just embarrassing for the wife and the other children.

D on

@cb-I was just thinking the very same thing. Sounds to me like he had a mistress on the side.

Karen on

Wow, I am pretty disgusted with this story. Not about a baby; but he has a daughter about her age. Good grief….like this woman really liked Kesley Grammer for himself, or for his bucks.

Janna on

Another one bites the dust. Does anyone realize how much respect you lose for a person when they behave so…. callously? And people knock some celebrities because they don’t get married before they have kids? Obviously, marriage means nothing to some people… like Kelsey Grammar.

These kind of stories (that repeat themselves over and over and over again) make me wonder how many people, including celebrities, are walking around with serious Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Brooke on

I will eat my own hand if that chick is 29….

Rosie on

I’m not a moron Mel. You are just a HATER! Congrats to Kelsey and Kayte!!

Jenn on

Hmmm….looks like now we know why his wife filed for divorce!

CB on

Brooke —-lol, too funny!!!! I think you might have to eat away girl!! Rosie—Your Pathetic!! Congrats to him? 5 kids with 4 different baby mamas. You are on crack.

Mom2boyz on

Blech….men and their eternal mid-life crises…

steph on

i thought they had to use a surrogate when they had the last two kids? i was shocked to read this. his poor wife and kids.


Angel on

The man sure gets around, doesn’t he? I totally agree with Anna and Denise. I would hate to be the new girlfriend…how long until she’s history and he’s knocked up another girl?

Lacey on

I thought “Haters” was my word. *Immaturly stick out tongue*
Congratulations on the new baby, but this is disappointing, seeing as it seems like it was an affair.

Eileen on

Doesnt he know how to use a condom? This is just gross news. He is too old, she is way too young for him and he has several failed marriages already. So immature and irresponsable. I feel sorry for that poor unborn child.

Deb on

Kelsey’s soon to be ex-wife Camille had a medical condition that her doctor’s advised her not to get pregnant. I think it was some kind of bowel disorder if I remember right. I agree with you about his poor wife and kids comment, right now I have a friend that is going thru the same thing.

cin on

i agree she is not 29

Mira on

I absolutely love Frasier. And Kelsey Grammer must be an incredibly good actor, because he’s nothing like Frasier Crane. He dates identical dumb-blond gold-diggers and is completely irresponsible. The contrast is unbelievable.

But I agree with klutzy_girl, his behavior might be due to some unresolved psychological issues that stem from his personal tragedy. Maybe he hasn’t come to terms with his grief or is feeling guilt over his sister’s murder. In any case, he probably needs therapy more than a new baby.

Kayla on

Gross. The scary thing is that he’s only 55 and probably has another 20 years of fertility and scores of gold-diggers willing to line up and be sperminated. Ms. Kayte shouldn’t be surprised when she’s left in his wake. History tends to repeat itself. Weird that her father is so excited about his daughter expecting a married man’s child.

Kim on

We have no idea when they really broke up. I heard rumors about them last year before RH of BH was cast.She did some RC with him probably because of some arrangement.Interestingly he and Costner have multiple “baby mamma’s”

Crystal on

I am utterly disappointed and disgusted at this news. A baby is a happy, blessed and joyous event but having a baby on your wife of almost 13 years is awful! Shame on you Kelsey! Shame on you!

gdfg on

Kayla, he’s happy because he knows his daughter and grandchild are set for life.

lily on

For those who say she’s not 29—are you thinking she’s older or younger?

All I’m going to say is that I hope this baby is born healthy & leads a happy life with two parents that care about him/her. I don’t even want to get in to how I feel about Kelsey right now……..

Megan on

She’s 29 ? 0_0 Wow. I thought she looked closer to his age. Eesh.

Rosie on

I thought she was maybe 35. She looks terrible for her age.

Romy on

he can still be politically conservative and sleep with women. I just wonder why doesn’t he use protection? at his age, relationship status, celebrity status etc. why wouldn’t he use protection even if a woman says she can’t get pregnant or is on birth control.

Ericka on

Who’s to say he and his ex wife weren’t separated for awhile? She may be far along but he and his ex wife may have been split for some time and she may have just got around to filing. I know a couple who were married 15 years according to the law but didn’t file for divorce.

It’s no ones business really…

Congrats to them.

Allison J. on

Wow, I feel back for Camille and her children with Kelsey. That’s gotta hurt. Who’s going to explain this situation to those little children when they get older? “Well, Daddy had an affair on me when we were still married, and his girlfriend got pregnant….” So sad. Hope the baby is healthy and well. Not the baby’s fault.

meghan on

The bottom line is, if you want to end your marriage and move on, that’s your business. But end the marriage BEFORE you move onto the next love of you life. This just displays a lack of character and a lack of consideration for the two young children who are trying to adjust to daddy not being in the house. Shouldn’t that be more important than your needs?

Kayla on

You are mistaken about the ‘ex’ wife. Kelsey is still married. I stand by my assessment–gross. Anyone who can’t at least use a condom until their divorce is final deserves the criticism. If you want to sleep around, don’t commit to marriage. When you’re in the public eye and make public announcements about your ‘business’, you have to expect people will comment.

Lyoness on

I’m 29. She is not 29…

Erica on

I always thought Kelsey’s wife Camille got a bad rap as a “gold digger” and bimbo, but it looks like Kelsey is the one with questionable character. This chick is definitely a downgrade.

CelebBabyLover on

Kayla- How do you know he wasn’t using a condom? They aren’t foolproof. No birth control method is, except for abstienence. So for all we know, he DID use a condom…..but it failed to do it’s job properly.

As for all the comments about how Kayte can’t be 29…..It can be very hard to tell someone’s age just based on a photo. Some people look very young for their ages (myself included!), and others look quite old or mature (depending on how old they actually are) for their ages. So she very well could be 29.

HeatherR on

I am 33 and I promise you I look a heck of a lot younger than this woman! Maybe this is just a really unflattering picture of her?

torgster on

In an interview Camille said the dissolution of the marriage hit her like a ton of bricks. He was off working in New York and pretty much just told her her wasn’t into the marriage anymore, didn’t love her etc. and that was that. Quite a prize you’ve got yourself there Kayte!

Kayla on

Ok, CelebBabyLover-
Substitute ‘keep it in your pants’ for ‘use a condom’. While he’s married he should use a little personal responsibility and not take a chance on knocking someone up. Mr. Grammer is the male equivalent of a $lut. I pity his poor children and their lack of a respectable father role model.

CelebBabyLover on

Kayla- I don’t agree with Kelsey’s choices myself. However, I also don’t think it’s right to only place the blame on his shoulders. For example, I don’t think it was just Kelsey’s responsibility not to get someone “knocked up” (I HATE that phrase!). Yes, he should have “kept it in his pants”, but Kayte should also have “kept her legs closed”.

I have never understand why, when male celeb cheats on his wife and gets the woman he’s having an affair with (I can’t stand the term mistress. I think it’s an awful way to refer to a woman. To me, it’s like saying women are property of men….and you can’t get much more sexiest than that!) pregnant, people place all the blame for that on the male celeb, and none on the woman he “knocked up”.

I think the same when a female celeb gets pregnant under less-than-ideal circumstances (for example, after Mel B gave birth to Angel and people were criticizing her for having a baby with a guy she’d only been with for a few months, I pointed out that Eddie certainly should have acted more resonsibily as well.).

Bottomline: It takes two to tango, and thus in situations like this, both partners are equally to blame for their behavior, IMO.

Kayla on

I apologize ahead of time for any words you may not like in this post. haha I agree 100% that it is the responsibility (or irresponsibility) of both people involved in any infidelity situation or resulting pregnancy. A man or woman who cheats on their spouse is just as guilty as the man or woman who has an affair with a married person. Both are disgusting.

B.J. on

Oh my……

esra on

like many others, I too am disappointed with kelsey grammer. until recently, i did not know about his troubled past and his being a serial husband and cheater. it doesn’t even matter that his ‘young’ girlfriend looks old, the fact that he can’t be with one woman or at least have the decency to end a relationship/marriage before starting a new one as well as waiting as a sign of respect for his wife of 1 years, the mother of 2 of his children, before flaunting a new girlfriend (and baby) have completely turned me off my favourite sit com, Frasier. my husband can’t stand frasier, because he’s pompous. now i can’t stand him, because of his weak character.

sally on

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