Alanis Morissette: Pregnancy Was a Pleasant Surprise

08/12/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
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She didn’t expect to be expecting.

But Alanis Morissette says she was thrilled to find out during a recent doctor’s visit that she is, in fact, pregnant with her first child – just a few months after getting married to rapper Mario ‘Souleye’ Treadway.

“I actually thought I wasn’t,” the Canadian singer, 36, told Chelsea Handler Wednesday on E!’s Chelsea Lately.

“I had just sort of said in passing [to my doctor] that I was a little late … And he said, ‘Let’s take a quick look.'”

A short time later, the doctor said it “looked like” the singer was pregnant.

“And I said, ‘There’s still a chance that I’m not, though, yes?'” she recalls.

“And he said, ‘About as likely as my getting a sex change.’ And I said, ‘So, when are you getting your sex change?'”

Joking aside, Morissette said she was “very happy” to get the news.

— Tim Nudd

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Showing 27 comments

klm on

Love her hair!

M on

A doc with a little humour, I like that 🙂
Congrats to the family!

Angela on

I don’t know how recent her doctor’s visit was, but based on the picture it looks like she was more than just “a little late.” 🙂

Shannon on

She found out after she got married? They got married in May. She looks bigger than 2.5 months but every woman is different I guess. Congrats!

HeatherR on

Her hubby reminds me of someone??? I can’t pinpoint who though. Heath Ledger, maybe….

meghan on

This isn’t really on topic, but does Alanis have a tattoo on her left forearm?

Michelle on

HeatherR – the guy from Dawson’s Creek and yes to the tattoo on her arm, I think it is a tiger, from memory. Not a very good one either!

klutzy_girl on

I heard Alanis is about five months along, but not sure how true that is. She would have been two months pregnant at her wedding?

LC on

Yeah, he looks very James Van Der Beek to me. How to put this? Alanis Morrisette seems like she fluctuates in weight quite a bit, so there’s a chance she could be 2.5 months and just be….heavy set, know what I’m saying?

Michelle on

I think the photo is just a bad shot. There was a shot of her recently looking relatively normal-sized.

mommytoane on

Black, while slimming….tends to leave a person looking shapeless if too loose.

Gratz to Alanis.

Brooklyn on

Congrats to her. I’ve always followed her career as she’s a fellow Canadian. She looks very happy!

Sarah M. on

I’ve heard a few different things as far as how far along she is. One thing to consider, also, Alanis is a twin. So there is a possibly higher chance for her to have twins herself. Until they choose to release the information regarding the due date, noone really knows. 🙂

They seem very excited!

CelebBabyLover on

Am I the only one who can’t see a bump?

MJ on

She is 5 months along…that info is true!

M on

I understood she’s 5 months along indeed, so that’s at least two sources telling the same.

jessicad on

I don’t see a bump either:)

I love Alanis and I’m so happy for them! She strikes me as the type who would be totally honest if she was pregnant when she got married, she definitely doesn’t hold back with her music and I love that:)

Carol Alaniz on

I don’t know…Mario looks a little like actor David Deluise (‘Wizards of Waverly Place’), back when David was a bit younger and was on Stargate SG-1 as ‘Samantha’s’ cop boyfriend–if anyone saw him on that show. I don’t think he looks like James Van Der Beek at all. James has a longer jawline.

Sandra on

The baby is going to be tiny, she’s really short and he looks really short too. Just sayin, not a big deal I’m only 5’4″. And he does look like James Van Der Beek.

MJ on

sarawara on

I have been a fan of her music for YEARS. I remember having a poster of her on our wall at cheerleading camp back in the day! Ha, ha. I’m happy for them. That said, this is not her best look; I didn’t even recognize her.

CelebBabyLover on

MJ- I can see the bump a little bit more in those photos, but it still doesn’t look that big to me. Put it this way: If I didn’t know who she was (and therefore didn’t know she was pregnant) and happened to see her while out and about, I wouldn’t run up and congratulate her on her pregnancy……Because I wouldn’t be able to be sure if she was indeed pregnant, or if she was just, um, shall we say, a bit heavy set or bloated.

Anyway, after re-reading the article, I noticed that Alanis never said herself that she found out at a recent doctor’s visit that she’s pregnant. That was Moms & Babies that said that (if it had been Alanis that said it, it would have been in quotes). She also never explicitely said that she actually GOT pregnant a few months after the wedding. Again, it was Moms & Babies that brought that up, all they said is that Alanis is thrilled to find out she’s expecting…..just a few months after marriage.

That could techincally just mean that she is pregnant at the moment….and has been married for just a few months.

In anycase, we’ll obviously know the due date eventually (when the baby is born if Alanis doesn’t say anything before hand)! 🙂

Helen on

He looks like a mix of Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon Levit

Mari on

@Sarah M: I thought twins usually skip a generation?

Amanda S on

I swear I thought she had a daughter with Ryan Reynolds, why am I thinking that? Weird…

anyway congrats!

Sarah M. on

Mari – I’ve heard it several different ways with twins. That it can just be a coincidence (not hereditary), skip a generation or be every generation. It just depends on the family/people involved. Of course, this is only with fraternal twins, identical twins are purely by happenstance and never have anything to do with hereditary.

CelebBabyLover on

Mari- That’s a myth. It sometimes SEEMS like twins skip a generation, but they don’t really. What can happen is this: If a woman has the gene for hyper-ovulation (the tendancy to release more than one egg at a time), she can pass it on to both her daughters AND her sons.

However, obviously the gene is inactive in men, since they can’t ovulate. So, let’s say a woman has the gene for hyper ovulation, and she has all boys, including at least one set of fraternal twins….and passes the gene on to some of the boys.

Since men can’t ovulate and thus the gene is inactive in them, none of those boys are neccesarily going to have twins (obviously they still could, if their wives have the gene, they end up using fertility treatments for any reason, or they end up with twins, whether identical or fraternal, just by pure chance.). However, let’s say one of those boys has a daughter, and passes the gene on to her….and then the daughter grows up and has a set of fraternal twins.

It would look as if twins “skipped” a generation, but they really didn’t. It’s just that, in the first generation, their were no girls to pass the gene onto. 🙂