Sasha Alexander Expecting Second Child

08/11/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

Amy Graves/Getty

No mystery to solve here — there’s a baby on the way for Rizzoli & Isles star Sasha Alexander.

The actress and her husband, writer/director Edoardo Ponti, are expecting their second child, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“The whole family is incredibly excited” for the new addition, who will join big sister Lucia Sofia, 4.

Alexander, 37, and Ponti — who is the son of screen legend Sophia Loren — wed in Aug. 2007 in Switzerland.

She currently stars opposite Angie Harmon on the new TNT series based upon Tess Gerritsen’s popular novels.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Blaine Zuckerman

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klutzy_girl on

I just gasped! Congratulations to Sasha! I was just wondering the other day if she was going to have a second after I found out about the first!

Wonder what they’ll do on Rizzoli and Isles.

Lori on

Is the 4 year old why she was killed off in NCIS? I love her in Rizzoli and Isles so I hope this doesn’t affect it!

Beverly on

I thought I saw a baby bump on her in the show last night!

Crystal on

I remember those close framed shots of Scully on The X Files when Gillian Anderson got pregnant. My guess is that Isles will be doing a lot of autopsy’s behind a gurney and desk work.

Love the show and Sasha is lovely, so I am happy for her!

Jordan on

Congrats to her!!

I too wonder how they will shoot around it for R & I. They’re so keen on showing her tiny figure (yes, I’m envious =D )

S on

Lori – I’m pretty sure she asked to be killed off the show because she didn’t realize it was going to be so popular and she wanted to focus more on film work. I like Ziva better anyway! 🙂

Paola on

Yay! Congrats to them! They make such a cute family!

Kay on

Cable based shows have a very different shooting schedule than network. Rizzoli & Isles will be back for season 2 in June (or July), the actors began filming in April so she’ll (more than likely) already have had her baby by then.

Anyway …. Congrats to her and Edoardo!

Missie on

Lori- Yes, she was killed off of NCIS because she of the baby.

Carolyn on

By the look of the parents, that is going to be one gorgeous baby!

Roses on

I too thought NCIS split was bad for both show and her. But she is so great looking and vibrant she is equal to Angie. And their chemistry is wonderful. And NCIS did more than OK with Ziva. Sure hope this show lasts a long time.

klutzy_girl on

Star’s claiming she’s about three months along, so I figure Sasha’s due in February. I think Kay’s right that they’ll probably start filming season two after she gives birth.

Lacy on

So happy for her family. Loved her on NCIS, she really knew how to put Tony in his place. Haven’t watched her new show, but loved Angie on Law and Order. So both of them on the same show will be great.

Lankers on

I miss Sasha on NCIS. Cote is okay, but I liked Sasha way better. The banter between Kate and Tony was great.

Amanda on

Sasha left NCIS before she was even pregnant with her daughter. She left because it was more than she thought it would be.

Also, she is due with this baby before next season of R&I is to start. She just tweeted as much. You can follow her at @SashaAlexander1

She’s currently in Europe with her family. They wrapped season 1 of R&I earlier this month.

Congrats to Sasha and family!

Nicki on

Sasha WILL be returning to Rizzoli & Isles for the Second Season. Rizzoli & Isles recently wrapped up their First Season, and the baby is due before the second season begins.

Her departure from NCIS was for other reasons, than to do with the fact that she was pregnant with her first child. She loves Rizzoli & Isles, and hopes to work there for years to come!

boyde on

I like Sasha as an actor, but the characters in Rizolli and Isles are nothing like the female characters from Tess Gerrtisen’s books, which is really disappointing. They come off looking like shallow caricatures instead of the strong women Gerritsen has developed in her books. I couldn’t make it through the entire pilot episode. Sorry to see these two wonderful actors (Alexander and Harmon) succumbing to such a mindless script.

HH on

First I’m happy for them….now about the show. I like her, but her character is written like she’s an idiot…. please, give the character a brain next year.

zami on

I believe Sasha asked to be let go from NCIS because the show ended up being more rigorous (action paced) than she expected, plus she wanted to start a family – not because she was already pregnant pregnant.

Lynn on

Congrats to “Kate”. I really liked her on NCIS and missed her, but Ziva is better and I hope NCIS lasts for a long time to come. Rizzoli & Isles is good too and am glad to see it has been renewed. Isles does seem to be a bit of an airhead, so maybe that will get better next year. To have the education she supposedly has, she should have more common sense and has outgrown the “clothes thing ( a la Paris Hilton).

Manda on

Lori – She was killed off of NCIS at her wishes. She didn’t expect the show to take off like it did and wasn’t sure she wanted to be tied down to a long running series.

Hard to believe but the words came from her own mouth. I have the box sets of NCIS and in the commentary that’s what she said about her leaving the show.

sharon on

wow! congrats. thats wonderful … ilove her character .. shes so witty and funny.

steph on

Friends, and this is the truth!! Regarding Sasha’s pregnancy… She WILL be returning to Rizzoli & Isles for the 2nd season and ADORES working with Angie and the entire cast and crew. The timing just happened to work out- they dont start shooting again until after the beautiful baby is born. Pure coincidence. And as one of her besties, her departure from NCIS had NOTHING to do with baby Lucia. It was just the right time for Sash to leave. Lets send love and good health to Sash, Edo and Lucia for a healthy baby boy or girl and success to have the privilege to doing what you love and adore. xoxo

Jo on

HH. She is hardly being portrayed as an idiot. If you watch the show, she is the smart one. She is always quoting, and making statements that go over Rizzoli’s head. Personally, it is now one of my favories. I still miss her on NCIS. I think she wanted to pursue a movie career, which she did. She had small parts is several big movies.Good luck to her and her family.

Cheyenne on

She was not forced to leave NCIS. She wanted to leave because she didn’t expect the show to last very long and she liked doing alot of different things. She wanted to focus on film work for a while.

nicki on

R+ I is done shooting, and baby comes way before 2nd season…and i heard sasha left ncis because of a creative decision, not to have a baby..btw.

JaimeO. on

The interviews with her I’ve read stated that NCIS didn’t kill her off because she was pregnant, but rather Sasha decided to quit the show because of her pregnancy. She wanted to have a chance to be a mom and didn’t want to work at the same time.

TresJolie on

People, she didn’t leave NCIS because she was pregnant or because the schedule was too hard or anything like that. When “creative decisions” are mentioned as the reason for leaving a show, it is Hollywood way to say that someone in the cast didn’t get along. And since Sasha said a couple of times that she’s still good friend with Pauley Perrette, Michael Weatherly and Sean Murray, I would go ahead and assume she might have some “creative problems” with Mark Harmon. Obviously I am not sure of this, but well, I work in show biz and that’s just my take on the whole bullet in the head situation.

Anyway, congrats to her and her family! I wish them all the best. She’s such a great actress and the fact that she also has such a loving family makes me respect even more, if possible. Gorgeous.

MJK on

I enjoy both Angie and Sasha, both are great in their roles.
Some say that Sasha comes across has an air head but what you are missing she is so bright what she doing that she dosen’t have sense what around her, she into medical part she doing. Rizzali has street sense and a good cop. Both together make a good team and each will learn from each other.
When she played on NCIS it was different role, and Ziva has made her own role on NCIS and yes I was disappointed when they kill her off. Whatever her reason for living the show, I wish her and Angie all the best. Congrats on having a baby.

Me on

TesJolie, Sasha has stated many times that she wanted to leave NCIS because she didn’t want to be tied down at that point. Of course, the rumor that she didn’t get along with Mark Harmon is much more interesting so I can see why you’d rather believe that.

Manda on

TreJolie – I was quoting what she said herself, not what was in some magazine. It didn’t have anything to do with creative differences or pregnancy, she just didn’t expect it to take off like it did. If you don’t believe me, rent the box set with the actor’s commentary.

klutzy_girl on

I heard Sasha didn’t get along with Donald Bellasario – Mark threatened to leave himself shortly after Sasha did, and that’s why Donald ended up leaving.

Either way, it’s been years since Sasha left NCIS. I love her role as Maura Isles so much better!

tilly on

I still remember her from her early days on Dawson’s Creek:)

Bella on

I LOVE Sasha Alexander. Congratulations to her & her family! Lucia is such a little beauty, I’m sure this baby will be the same. Anyone else sensing it will be another girl or is that just me?

tricia on

Congratulations to Sasha and Edoardo! My first reaction was to worry about her role on R&I, but after reading all the comments and thinking about it, I can just feel happy for her. I loved her on NCIS! My shock when she was killed took me a year to get over. She is such an appealing actress, and if she never did another thing, her role as “Kate” will be loved by many for years to come. I’m glad to see her in Rizzoli and Isles, though. She is very special.

Rainne on

Wow, y’all are just all up in this lady’s business like it has some kind of impact on your life. Is it not possible to just be happy for her that she’s got an awesome new show and a happy family life? Y’all gotta talk smack and try to dig for dirt, too?

She doesn’t live her life on the front page of the tabloids for a reason, so if y’all are as great fans of her as you say you are, you’ll respect her obvious desire to keep her private life private.

Mind your business and just be happy for her.

ttyla on

Nope – no baby killed her off from NCIS.
Take a look at many many interviews with the whole crew and you will find out that they ALL say the same:
She asked Don Bellisario to leave the show and quit her contract ’cause the long-working days (around 14 ours) are too much for her. She would’t or couldn’t work so much

Corale on

Aw, this is soo cute. I’m so happy for her. Hopefully it won’t affected the shooting of Rizzoli & Isles; looove her in that show<3

gretchen on

i’m sooooooooooooooooo happy for her and her family. I cant wait till the summer when R&I comes out with it’s next season.

samantha on

I disagree that she’s good as Isles on R&I; she’s very superficial & her acting is, needless to say, in need of polishing.
Before NCIS, I never heard of her, but think she was much better on that show than R&I.
As for Angie Harmon, she needs to slow down to warp speed & enunciate (a big problem with a lot of t.v. actor’s). I miss half of what she’s saying.
I don’t think R&I will be around much longer.
Always congrats to any new mother. Ah, let me see, married 4 yrs & has a 4 yr old daughter……hmmmm.

Margaret on

Stasha, have enjoyed looking at all the pics of you and hubby. My bonus surprise was the fact that your Mother-in-law is Sophia Loren. I have watched her from her 1st movie on. I am 6 years younger than Sofia, so like growing up together except I’m not a star. And to have a granddaughter named after you is so special.
Do you and Angie both live in North Carolina? What a fun neighbor to have. I got acquainted with R&I by reading Tess Gerritsenn’s books. Look forward each week to see what predictaments you get into.Really hate that the 2nd season is all ready over this next Monday. Ive recorded all the episodes and go back to watch them over and over.
How fitting that your father-in-law was a shoe magnate. How did you and Edoardo meet? Haven’t seen the answer to that yet. I’ll keep looking.

Margaret on

Good grief, just read what I wrote. I promise I know your name does NOT have a T in it.
I just ordered the full season DVD of you and Angie’s show. Have totally enjoyed reading at all the comments and looking at pictures.
Have a good period of time til you start filming again. Enjoy your baby & older sister. They grow up too fast.
Looking forward to Monday night for the finale. Just the show, not that it is the last one, ha!