Luke Bryan Welcomes Son Tatum Christopher

08/11/2010 at 06:00 PM ET

Luke Bryan got his second fishing partner with the birth of son Tatum Christopher, who arrived a week earlier than planned at 9:48 a.m. Wednesday morning, Aug. 11 in Nashville.

Tate, as the couple plan to call him, weighed in at 6 lbs., 8 oz. and is 21 inches long.

“All I ever hoped for was one boy and to have two, it’s going to be fun. I’ve already got new fishing spots picked out for us,” Bryan, 34, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The singer called from his cell phone while at a local Sonic where he was picking up a lemon berry slush for wife Caroline, 30.

“I had planned to buy her a little present today but then the baby came early, so the slushie will have to do it for now,” he explains with a laugh.

Tatum joins big brother Thomas ‘Bo’ Boyer, 2, at home.

— Eileen Finan

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Jennie on

Congratulations Luke, Caroline, and Bo. I’m sure he will be beautiful just like Bo!

ecl on

Cause girls can’t fish?

Rosie on

So many boys born this month!!! Yay! CONGRATS! The name is not my style at all.

Heather on

Holy baby boom! Insane!

klutzy_girl on

Heather, LOL! There’s definitely a baby boom going on – So many pregnancies and births being announced lately!

I love the name. It’s pretty nice. Congratulations!

Sky on

Oh GIVE IT UP ecl. He’s allowed to wish for sons all he wants. It doesn’t mean he wouldn’t love a daughter just as much. Get over yourself.

JMO on

I always liked the name Tatum for a girl. Not for a boy.

soph on

The name reminds me of tater tots. I guess they’ll call him Tate? I really like Thomas Boyer, though, and the nickname Bo is great.

Jill on

Congrats. I bet he is a beautiful baby.

Does he say that if he had a girl she wouldn’t fish? People over analyze.

CelebBabyLover on

Whoa! I just mentioned in the birth announcement post about Rebecca Herbst’s son Emerson that there have been a lot of boys born lately….and that, of the three pregnant celebs we know for sure are due this month (there are several celebs who have said when their due dates are, so some of them could techincally also be due this month), only Caroline Bryan (since she’s just referred to as “Caroline” in this post, I’m assuming she has the same last name as Luke) hadn’t announced she was expecting a boy.

Then I pop by Moms & Babies today for my daily check….and discover that Caroline has given birth (and to a boy, to boot!)! It’s like my mentioning she was due this month was the magic phrase or something! 🙂

Anyway, congrats to Luke and Caroline (and Bo, of course!)!

Luna on

Tatum is different, but kind of cool. Congrats Luke, Caroline, and Bo.

Marisela on

ecl, way to read into nothing.

Perhaps next time someone has a son, you’ll also voice your dislike when people say, “wish they had a girl, would’ve liked to have seen them with a girl, etc.”

ecl on

I could care less if he wants a boy or if he wants a girl. That wasn’t my problem. The implication was that he was excited to have a boy because they could go fishing together. I just made the point that girls can fish too. The crazy reaction to my comment is just another example of how defensive people get about traditional gender norms. We wouldn’t want anyone breaking out of those would we because then everything we organize our life around would be a lie…I feel sorry for you folks. Life must be such a straight jacket for you. Plus, wouldn’t want to think too deeply into anything. Better to just sit around a comment on whether you like the name or not.

CelebBabyLover on

Marisela- I can’t speak for everyone obviously, but when I say things like, “I was hoping they’d have a girl!”, “I hope they have a girl!”, or “I’d love to see them with a girl!”, about a celeb. it’s usually because they have a boy or boys but no girls…..and I’m simply curious as to what a little girl of theirs would look like.

I assure it’s not because I have anything against little boys!

ecl- I share your view about gender stereotypes, but I think you need to calm down a bit. I’m sure Luke didn’t mean that girls can’t fish. Perhaps he went fishing with his own dad when he was a boy, and he was looking forward to sharing the experience with a son or two. 🙂

Tammy on

It could not happen to a better man. Great singer, songer writer and a down to earth person. Keep up the great work Luke and congrats to you and the family!

Marisela on

ECL, you don’t know anyone on this message board so please don’t make assumptions; you look like a fool. You made your own implications. Never did he say he wouldn’t take a daughter fishing; you’re simply reading into nothing.

I’m expecting a son in December and if in two years he wants to wear a tutu and push around dolls in a stroller, I’m not stopping him. I don’t give a rat’s behind about gender stereotypes so, again, please don’t label me like you know me.

Oh and save your sympathy for yourself. I feel sorry for you that you’re so judgmental.

Cici on

Ecl, you’re so angry and clearly have daddy issues. After all, Luke only says he hoped for one son and got two and then goes on to say he has fishing equipment for them. He doesn’t say that he hoped for just boys so they could go fishing. In fact, most country type dads I know expect their little princesses to fish and go 4-wheeling and play sports, just like their little cowboys. Maybe your family didn’t feel that way and that made you angry and bitter, but don’t it out on Luke.

As for the name, it’s cute even though I’ve never heard the name Tatum for a boy before. Then again I know girls named Michael, Joseph and Logan so Tatum for a boy makes sense.

Anonymous on

Don’t have one