Ryan Tedder Welcomes Son Copeland Cruz

08/10/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

Matt Baron/BEImages

Musician Ryan Tedder and wife Genevieve are new parents to a son, Copeland Cruz Tedder, his rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Copeland was born in the couple’s hometown of Denver, Colorado on Monday, Aug. 2.

“Mommy, Daddy and baby Tedder are all doing well!” his rep tells PEOPLE. “Daddy is sure to write another hit song from this experience.”

In addition to fronting OneRepublic, Tedder, 31, is also the songwriter and producer behind hits for artists including Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, Daughtry, Timbaland and Jordin Sparks.

Next up for OneRepublic: A new single, “Secrets,” and a fall tour with Maroon 5.

— Marisa Laudadio

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JM on

Copeland? since when is that a name. oh well, i guess it makes sense to them. congrats to the family.

Rosie on

umm…I don’t like the name but still CONGRATS!!!

rb on

Ooh, I know someone who had Copeland picked as their boys name. She is going to be ticked now that a `celeb`used it..LOL

Erin on

I’m thinking maybe the boy was named after The Police’s Stewart Copeland? Maybe it’s a family name?

Raleigh on

Maybe he’s a fan of the band, Copeland. Any hoo, congrats!

meghan on

Sounds like a family name. I like it. Congratulations!

Georgina on

They so better teach him to box…..

Erika on

Congrats to them!

I thought the same thing, JM. I feel like all I’m hearing lately (in my town not just with celebs) are made up names. Oh well.

KT on

congrats to them ! love the name , has a cool ring to it 🙂

Amanda on

I like the name. You can pronouce it, and it beats the hell out of Sundance, Apple etc…..

Pam on

When my daughter was about 4 – and she is 22 now – there were twins at her daycare named Cortland and Copeland. I loved those names the first time I heard them, and love them still.

Anne Marie on

I like it 🙂

Luna on

Different…But congrats to Ryan and Genevieve anyway on baby Copeland Cruz.

Steph on

um Erika, ALL names are ‘made up’…you could have just as easily said you didn’t like the name and left it at that, why the rude comment??

Congrats to the family and best wishes for the future 🙂

Allie on

Ohhh…. I just love Ryan! I think the name is cute. Then again, I like the name Apple. I don’t find it weird or unusal, because I actually went to school with a girl named Apple (who’s 27 now!). Anyway, congrats to them! And, I still hope Copeland looks like Daddy!! 😉 haha

amsjll on

I agree with Amanda. I can pronounce it! And there are far worse traditional names.

Last names as first names are in. What do you think Madison is? Or Jackson? Hunter? Hayden? Mackenzie? All last names I pulled from the top 100 baby names list.

Jennifer on

Cute name! It’s pronounceable and it’s spelled correctly. Now if they had gone with Copelynd or something as absurd then maybe I’d have to make a snarky comment… just kidding… sort of.

Lauren on

They just had a baby, comments should be happy NOT critiquing their name choice. They obviously like it and that is all that matters. I personally love the name and comments on this blog should be telling them congrats!

Henry on

We all know that the songs Ryan write are unique. Copeland is a unique name given by the couple!

CelebBabyLover on

Allie- Glad to know I’m not the only one who actually likes the name Apple! I have never gotten all the uproar over that name. I’d much rather be named Apple than, say, Peanut or Audio Science! 🙂

Pascalee on

The name sounds rich. lol I like it!

Laura Beuther on

The name is not my style, but perhaps a nod to jazz musician Aaron Copeland, which makes some sense. Congrats from a fellow Denverite!

D on

A celebrity right in my “own back yard”, cool. I live in CO. Have any of you ever heard of Copeland’s Sports? I’m not sure if it’s name aftet the first or last name of it’s founder. Celebrities are notorius for naming their kids with unusual names.

Lyoness on

That’s my BF’s last name and my birthdate!! Great choices!!!

Jasmine Loves Ryan Tedder on

Awww congratulations Ryan and Genevieve, I bet he’s gorgeous isn’t he :). I think Copeland Cruz Tedder is such a cute name for their son, I weren’t really all that into the name at first but since i’ve said it alot, I love it, it’s so cute. Love you Ryan xxxxx

Jordin on

“Copeland Cruz Tedder” Love the sound. It’s very unique, I love the name! It’s original and has a nice ring to it 🙂

Jamie on

One Republic rocks!!!!! Ryan is so cool. And that is probably one cute kid. congrats, I know you will be great parents

abigail on

i hope little copeland grows up to look just like his daddy 🙂 congrats to the family!

Emma on

this is such a cute name, it didnt have to grow on me, the first time i read it i fell in love..if i have a bab boy in the future, this is sure gonna be one of the choices!x

Carla on

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thats a very unique name.May god bless you and ur family! 🙂

Name on

Congrats! ( to those who don’t know it, copeland is a family name in his family)

Antanajah Starling on

I love you Ryan your hottell your wife to back away frommy mam or it will be me and her

sony on

congrats both the parents…….I am a big fan of ur its too late to apologize ryan

scarlett on

Just love Ryan teddar and his .music I think his son is probley adorable just like his dad waiting to hear more of your music