Rebecca Herbst Welcomes Son Emerson Truett

08/10/2010 at 06:00 PM ET
Sara De Boer/Startraks

It’s a boy for Rebecca Herbst!

The General Hospital actress and her husband, actor Michael Saucedo, welcomed their third child — a son named Emerson Truett Saucedo — on Monday, Aug. 9. Baby boy weighed in at 8 lbs., 4 oz.

“Becky is doing great,” the proud papa revealed via Twitter.

The new addition joins Ethan, 8½, and Ella Bailey, 6, at home.

After announcing that their family would be growing in January, Herbst, 33, admitted the news that they were expecting a boy took some getting used to for some.

“The kids went with us when we had the ultrasound done, so we were all told at the same time!” she shared. “Ethan’s thrilled. Ella will be … eventually.”

— Anya Leon

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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Love the name and the “E” theme they have going!

Rosy on

Wow so many babies being born lately!! Congrats to them on their sweet baby boy, I love the name!

Michelle on

Yay!!!! SO happy for them. Just started watching GH again (Ya know Brenda coming back and all 🙂 Love the “E” pattern. Such a great name.

Shannon on

I absolutely LOVE Rebecca Herbst! I have been a fan since the very early days of “Liz & Lucky”. I have to say I have not heard this name too often, but I really like it! Congratulations to the Saucedo family.

Erika on

Congrats to them. Poor Ella hopefully she will get used to having a brother.

It’s seems like there is a boy boom in Hollywood. It’s funny because EVERYONE I know IRL who is pregnant/just had a baby is having/had a girl.

klutzy_girl on

Erika, I think there’s just a baby boom in general going on right now! I just checked, and there’s three celebs due next week. Plus, there’s all those pregnant celebs due at the end of the year/beginning of 2011.

Anne Marie on

I love the name…congrats to the family!

Luna on

Ella, Ethan, and Emerson…Love it! Congrats!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Nice name, not usually a fan of using same initial letter but like the other names too in their case – and it sure beats Copeland IMO, LOL.

Crystal on

I ♥ the name Emerson Truett. BEAUTIFUL NAME!! CONGRATULATIONS REBECCA AND JUAN!!! :)Juan??? I mean Michael. He played Juan on GH. Ha ha ha!!!

robinepowell on

Congrats to all of them. Cute how they have an “E” theme going. I wonder if they if have anymore kids, what other “E” names are out there?

Emma for a girl, which would even it up, Eric if it’s a boy. 🙂

Rosie on

I love the name! Congrats! I have a 18 months old son. I love him to death!!!

Megan on

YAY so happy for Becky, Michael, Ethan and Ella…I normally am not a fan of the all one letter name thing–but in this case it’s really cute…I love the name Emerson…unique without being weird…I bet he’s beautiful and Becky and Michael definitely make some gorgeous babies! Welcome to the world Emerson!

Jen K on

LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Congrats to them, and love the name!

MW on

This is one announcement I was waiting for. I haven’t been thrilled with her character’s storyline lately but I love,love,love her. She seems so sweet in all of her interviews and they have such beautiful children. Congrats to the whole family!

Erika on

klutzy_girl – I agree! It seems like every celeb is pregnant plus a ton of women who I see out in public. Like more than I normally see.
Maybe 2010 or 2011 will be a record breaking year for babies? It’s currently 2007.

Jess from Ohio on

Congrats to Becky and family! I adore the name as it is currently my number one pick for a boy and has been for the past few years. Welcome to the world baby Emerson!

CelebBabyLover on

Erika- There DOES seem to be a boy boom going on. Also, after klutzy_girl mentioned that there are three celebs due next week (or at least due this month. Who’s Due Next has all three celebs listed as being due simply “in August” or, in the case of one, “in mid-August”). I got curious as to who they were (I can never seem to remember who’s due when!), so I checked Who’s Due Next.

My jaw just about hit the floor when I discovered that two of those celebs (Katlin Olson and Catherine Bell) are expecting, you guessed it, boys (the other celeb listed as being due in August- there are quite a few pregnant celebs we don’t have due dates for, so there may very well be more celebs due this month-, Caroline Bryan, either doesn’t know what she’s having or is keeping the gender to herself, as no gender is listed)!

Anyway, congrats to them!

JMO on

Lovely name! So happy they stuck with the “E” theme!!

jen on

I thought Liz’s pregnancy on the show looked pretty real as opposed to “stuffed”, haha! Congrats to the lovely family!

Ella on

I think it is tacky to name all of your kids with the same letter. What is the point really?

Ashley on

Love that name and that they are keeping with the “E” theme. Congrats! Hope she gets a nice break before returning to GH!

Ella on

Congrats to them! So happy they kept with the “E” theme (I think it’s cute) And I loved her comment about Ella. 🙂

Jeannette on

Congratulations to Rebecca and Michael!

I know they weren’t exactly aiming of naming all their kids with the “E” name, it’s more coincidence I suppose. I guess when you meet your baby for the first time after it’s out, the name comes to you as it did for them.

>>I think it is tacky to name all of your kids with the same letter. What is the point really? -Ella<<
Well look at the Duggars- they name their 19 kids after "J"
Sonny Bono named his 4 children with the "CH" Christie, Chaz/Chastity, Cheasere, and Chianna.
George Forman named all his kids "George" and Michael Jackson's kids all have "Michael" in their names, first and middle. And Jerry Lewis has, I believe 4 sons, which the name Joseph in their names as well.

ljss on

Congrats to Becky & Michael and the 3 E’s.

soph on

I’m not a fan of names that all start with the same letter and don’t think it’s cute…it makes the kids seem like a collection of dolls or something. That said, the names are at least respectable…

Lola Marie1 on

I think Hollywood is starting to realize that you can still start a family and have a career.

Marisela on

Ella, what’s tacky to one is not tacky to all. As long as Becky and Michael love the names, who cares?

Remy on

Actually, Becky and Michael said they didn’t mean to go with an E theme, they just liked the names. In fact, when Michael announced Emerson’s name on Twitter, he said:

“We weren’t going E but at the last hour it just clicked”

Angela on

Erika, why is it poor Ella? Because she has two brothers? I hope you feel the same way if a boy has two sisters.

Brooklyn on

Yay! Congrats to the whole family! I love how they all have E names 🙂

Erika on

Angela- No, I don’t feel bad for her because she has two brothers, its because they said ‘Ella will be…eventually’. It gave me the impression she wasn’t happy. If it were in reverse and that were said about Ethan, I would say the same thing 🙂 I actually didn’t realize it was after the ultrasound until now. I thought it was just now he posted that on twitter. Anyway, it has nothing to do with her having brothers, I was just commenting on the twitter message.

CAB on

Congratulations to Rebecca, Michael, Ethan and Ella! I love the name Emerson! Emerson Truett is so precious and perfect! It fits wonderful with Ethan and Ella! I bet he is as precious as his big brother and sister! I have seen pictures of their kids and they are so cute!

I love Rebecca and I love her character Liz on GH! I may not have been in love with everything going in her storyline right now but I have to say I am happy to see her and Nick getting along! LOL, totally off topic…

To Ella and Soph, why is the problem with all of their kids names starting with the letter “E”? In past interviews Rebecca and Michael have said that it was an accident. They happen to come to names they liked and they happened to start with “E”. What’s the problem? If you don’t like it then why did you come to read and post? Michael said it wasn’t until baby Emerson was born that they decided to go with that name. I think it is cute and it gives the kids something to bond over, they all have “E” names. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks as long as Michael and Becky like it and agree on it, then really it is their buisness.

Anyways, Congrats again to my favorite girl on GH! And guy since Michael used to be Juan! I loved her comment about Ella not being thrilled but I am sure once the baby is home and they get so spend some time together, Ella will come around!

Sarah M. on

I was wondering when we’d be hearing this! Emerson is a great unisex name, though I prefer it for a girl, myself. But that’s just me and as long as they like it for their son, that’s all that matters.

As for the same starting letters, as others have said they didn’t intend to have a theme and that they just happened to be the names they wound up liking. 2 of my cousins have ‘themed’ names for their children. One of them has a Cale, Connor and Kennedy. The other has Garrett Logan, Grant Elliott, Graham Quentin and Grayson Wirth. The first names are obvious and the middle names are for all of the sides of the parents families. By the time each had their third, they intentionally used the same letter/sound in the hopes that the kid wouldn’t feel left out. And for each and every kid the name suites them perfectly! 😛

Angela on

Erika, gotcha. Thanks. 🙂

MiB on

Sarah M. that’s a funny thing you said about prefering Emerson for a girl. I still can’t get used to girls names ending with son (except for Allison), since it was patronymichon for boys, Madison (hich seems to be so popular for girls right now) quite literally means “Mathews son” and I have always wondered why on earth you would name your girl someones son.

Sarah M. on

MiB – I do know the meaning behind the names you mentioned. I think my thing is that once I hear a name on a few people (either new babies or adults that I’ve recently met) I tend to associate that name with that specific gender. (I meet or hear of a person named Barrett and they’re male, I associate that name more with males than females. Emerson, Madison and the like fall into this category for me. Just like other names that years and years ago used to be predominately used for males are now used more often for females.) Ironically this highly depends on the name. Logan, for example, is a male name only to me. While I’ve met and have heard of females with the name, it seems odd to me for a girl. Addison, Madison, Emerson, etc. I actually prefer for females. While Riley, Taylor, Bailey, etc. I think can go either way much easier. In my mind anyway!!

S. Dixon on

My daughter gave birth to her daughter on August 9th and named her baby Emerson. We had NO IDEA that Rebecca herbst had done the same!What a coincidence!