Look for Less: Kelly Preston’s Travel Chic

08/10/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
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Look who’s walking the runway — literally!

Stylish mom-to-be Kelly Preston made her way through Los Angeles Airport on Aug. 5 in a loose navy top and white capris.

But it was her accessories — white Prada Grained Calf Leather Tote ($1370), gold Manolo Blahnik Leaves Flat Sandal ($595) and wire-rim shades — that really pulled the look together.

Love her maternity style as much as we do? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up a similar look — with items all under $45!

Courtesy of Destination Maternity


What’s not to love about Lavish By Heidi Klum‘s sleeveless scoop neck maternity top ($45)? Roomy and oh-so soft, this tunic will carry you from a beginner’s bump to a burgeoning belly, no problem!

Courtesy of Motherhood Maternity


Motherhood Maternity‘s Twill Maternity Capri Pants ($17) are super versatile. Not only do they look cute with flat sandals, but you could dress them up with a fab pair of heels.

Added bonus: The special Secret Fit Belly panel offers plenty of support.

Courtesy of Endless


We’re loving the casual, yet polished feel of Reef‘s Wispy Sandal ($20). They’re both comfy and flexible — perfect for tired feet.

Courtesy of Target


Expectant mom or not, fab arm candy is a must. With its metallic stud details and luxe leather look, Merona‘s PVC White Tote ($25) certainly fits the bill.

Courtesy of Ann Taylor Loft


What’s summer without some stylish shades? We suggest Ann Taylor Loft‘s Metal Sunglasses with Gold Tort Bar ($24.50). Not only are they affordable, but they’re sleek and chic too.

— Anya Leon

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Ellea on

I get having a lot of money and affording anything you want. Why on earth would she pay 600bucks on those sandals? That just seems stupid to me. Flat out stupid.

Lis on

Does anyone know when she’s due? I’d guess her to be about 6 months along…so maybe sometime in November?

Marilyn on

She’s due around Thanksgiving. I agree about the shoes, $595 for THOSE? That’s ridiculous.

Lis on

Oh, good guess on my part 🙂 …If it’s true 😉 he he!

jessicad on

She has a ton of money so that’s well within her means. She looks so gorgeous and for some reason I’m getting a girl vibe!

Mina on

I’ve always wondered what its like to be a celeb…airport and planes in your yard, huge mansion, easily dropping thousands on one outfit…and then go to a coffee shop and pay 2 bucks for a cup of joe. Does she even carry bills that low? Over a thousand dollars for a bag?! That could house me for a month and pay my rent! A bag is a bag. Even if you are paying for quality, it would be cheaper to get cheap ones that wear out after a couple months and then buy a new one. A thousand dollars can buy me a whole new wardrobe, not one bag! LoL

I know she has the money and she earned it and she is lucky. I just think its like 2 different worlds even tho we are all the same human race. How many people can pawn that bag to put food on the table!?

Marilyn on

That’s what Entertainment Tonight said, but she looks like she’s due a little sooner to me, like October.

tracy on

I understand Manolos are great shoes, but $600 for flip flops?

Michelle on

I am willing to bet she didn’t pay for a single thing she is wearing. Celebrities are gifted so many items by design houses that it is ridiculous.

That’s the problem – those who CAN afford these items are the ones who DONT have to pay for them.

She does look beautiful though!

Emily on

Who really cares what she’s wearing and how much it cost! She looks gorgeous and I’m thinking a girl too!

Jessica on

She looks nice but I really like the look for less outfit a little more. I wish her a happy, healthy pregnancy and infant.

Rye on

seriously, 600 dollar sandals?!??? that’s ridiculous! oh well! she looks gorgeous! I’m thinking a boy.

Anna on

600US$ flip flops! That’s crazy. I would like to think that no matter how rich I might get I would never get that crazy! I also don’t get the bag prices either.

She looks great though!

Liz on

I sat beside Kelly Preston on this flight from LAX to Honolulu. My guess would be that she is about 5-6 months pregnant. She did look cute and I did notice her cute shoes and GREAT bag! Apparently, she was flying back to LAX the next day. That is a LOT of flying for someone who is pregnant. She was kind and in a good mood. It was a treat for me!

Noelle on

The woman lost her son. She’s pregnant with another baby…how bittersweet this must be for them. She’s getting up there in terms of reproductive age so there’s higher risk for problems….

….and the majority of you people are concerned about her shoes?? WHO CARES how much she spent on her shoes. Get your priorities straight. She looks gorgeous and I wish her nothing but a healthy pregnancy and much happiness.

Bancie1031 on

Kelly looks great and I love her entire outfit!

CelebBabyLover on

Marilyn- If she is indeed due in November (and I personally think she is, as that would put her at about six months along, and to me, six months along is what she looks like. :)), then she’s due around the same time as Celine Dione (if I’m remembering correctly, Celine has said she’s due in November)! 🙂 Of course, Celine will probably deliver earlier than that, since twins often come early.

Dee on

Kelly looks absolutely lovely. My comment is for the people having an agita over the cost of her clothing. It may seem expensive based on your earnings but to her it is not. If you have $6,000 in the bank (which the average working class American doesn’t) and spent $6 on a pair of sandals then that represents 0.01% of your money. Ms. Preston spends $600 on sandals even if her savings were only six million she would have only spent 0.0001% of her money. Which means the person who spent six bucks actually lost a greater percentage than she did. She would have had to spend $60,000 on the sandals to equal to the $6 spender.

So for all the people griping about what rich/richer people spend there goes your simple formula.

Ashley on

Well said Noelle!

This woman is still grieving her son. If $600 shoes help her then so be it!

Lauren on

Well said, Dee. Really sick of people having heart attacks over the prices of celebrity clothing, as if they expect to see them dressed in Wal Mart apparel. Obviously, affording it is not the issue for Kelly, and if she and John are responsible with their money as far as donating enough to charity and putting enough in the bank for savings, what they spend their discretionary income on is their business. Really makes you wonder why people bother coming to a celebrity baby site only to complain about their expensive vacations and parties, the kids getting photographed, the price of their clothing, etc.

As for Kelly’s accessories, I love ’em all, but the bag in particular is drool worthy. Beyond my budget by a long shot, but I have a Badgleey Mischka bag I bought two years ago that is very similar to this looks-wise. Pain in the behind to keep clean, but it is a stunning bag with leather that I’m sure is equal in quality to that of the Prada and a third of the price. You may want to check their collection out if you want a similar bag without sacrificing one month’s rent :p Here’s a link to the bags at Saks:

http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductArray.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374306429213&bmUID=iFvt3Z7&SECSLOT=BR-Badgley+Mischka+Platinum+Label&brandname=Badgley Mischka Platinum Label

Electra on

I understand she makes millions of dollars and I get the formula.I think those with the “gripe”- some would just call that an opinion- a valid one but, whatever. Poor vs. rich the value and WORTH of a product does NOT change based on the individual. If i make 40,000 dollars or 4million a year it doesn’t change the fact that a pair of nikes cost 4bucks to make but are sold for 100. It doesn’t change the fact that she’s paying for name, not quality or price of materials and I don’t agree with that for anyone. It has nothing to do with my priorities.

When I see Posh or Beyonce in a pair of Dior’s or Loubitin’s that are 6 inches and clearly gorgeous and high quality(sometimes bordering on ART), i see what they’re been paying for. Some gold leaf sandals that if you’d told me they came from payless or DSW I would have believed you? Not so much.

D on

I realize that they have mega bucks. But, spending that kind of money on a purse and shoes, is stupid! I’ll never understand that logic, or lack there of.

D on

@Noelle-No one here is knocking her pregnancy. I’m personally thrilled for them, that they are having another child. As for the purse and the shoes, it’s pretty ridiculous to spend that amount of money on that stuff. Even if I had all the money in the world, I wouldn’t spend it on accessories.

D on

@Dee and Lauren-We can all have opinions here. I disagree that even though they have millions, they should go out and spend large amounts of money on accessories. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a drop in the money bucket for them or not. It’s called flaunting your wealth. That’s totally up to them if they want to do that. I like John and Kelly a lot, but I don’t have to agree with their spending. They aren’t going to read any of these comments. Whether you make millions, or less, buying name brand, high quality accessories is not for everyone. I have a hard enough time spending $25.00 on a pair of cheap jeans, and won’t buy name brands clothes, unless I have no other choice. To me, it’s a waste of money. Buying name brands you pay for the name, and not the pants. This is stupid.

D on

@Lauren-I’m sensing a bit of an assumption of jealousy in your comment. I am by no means jealous that they can afford these luxuries of life. They can afford it. Normal people, us non-actors, unless we make a lot of money, can’t afford this stuff. The bag alone that she purchased, would barely pay my house payment for a month. I have no problems with them purchasing whatever they want, not like I have a say in the matter. But again, to spend that amount of money on a pair of sandals, is just over the top! She purchased them, because she could and doesn’t have to have the CC payment hanging over her head, like most of the world does. I’m sure she probably paid cash for both items. Most of us can’t do this. Again, am I jealous no? I don’t believe in spendinig money like that, even if I did have millions. If that’s what makes her happy, that’s fine.

Kate on

@Noelle – Really? People should “get their priorities straight” for thinking a $600 pair of flip flops and an almost $1400 bag are ridiculous? Perhaps putting some of her millions of dollars towards research related to Jett’s condition would be a better priority. Oh, wait. Her church won’t allow her to acknowledge his autism. To me, refusing to acknowledge or treat her son’s disorder is far more ridiculous than people thinking a mortgage-payment-priced bag is in poor taste with the current state of the economy.

Moore on

The full price of that Prada makes no sense on any budget.

hayley on

she looks lovely!

wha i don’t get to all those moaning about how much her shoes cost is ths..just how does it impact your life, will it efect or every day caring on, will you lose sleep?

im guessing no, so whats the problem.

Marilyn on

Did you read the article? That’s what this article is about–the outfit–that’s why people are commenting on the price. CelebBabyLover, I think Celine will probably deliver early too, since she’s having twins, so she might deliver in October depending on what day she’s due in November.

Lauren on

D, I don’t know enough to say whether the comments are coming from a place of jealousy or not, though I do suspect that to be the case for some. I just think Dee made an excellent point about the fact that Kelly is part of an economic bracket in which buying Prada purses and Manolo sandals is a literal drop in the bucket, to the point that her spending 2 grand on a purse and pair of sandals actually costs her less than the average person spending 20 dollars on both these things. I couldn’t buy her accessories without getting sick, because I simply cannot afford them-just like the average person. Kelly is not the average person. She is a woman of extreme wealth, and even if most of her money is saved/given away, there is still an enormous amount left over to enjoy luxuries like these that most people will never know. That is my only point.

My only question when people buy things like these is whether they can afford them. In other words, whether they are financially secure enough in terms of savings and income to have enough money to purchase them and still live within their means. If the answer is yes, have at it. You only live once, and if you’re saving money responsibly, I think you’ve earned the right to buy what you like.

Marisela on

How, exactly, does the way one person spends her money concern any one of the commenters on this site?

Candy on

Who cares what she does with her money…. she looks amazing and happy. Kelly and John have always seemed to be so family oriented, this new little bundle is a very fortunate little one.

Terri on

She looks so good!

Devon on

I’m sorry but a $25 PVC does not even come close to a a gorgeous and amazing $1400 leather bag. PVC looks cheap.

sky on

she looks amazing for 47, pregnancy agrees with her. kelly is glowing with happiness once again. i am happy that they are blessed with a baby. i think kelly and family are educated about the risks, etc. from what i hear john is so down to earth and so generous (remember flying to haiti to bring food and supplies). they do give back to the community a lot, so kate’s comments is a bit naive. i would not make assumptions i could not back-up.

Shannon on

She looks fantastic and I am soooo happy for her and John and their family. I am praying for them daily for a healthy baby. God bless them!

Jess on

How do you even know she bought the sandals? A designer could have mailed them to her as a gift. she could have walked into the store and they gave them to her for free. celebrities wearing designer clothes is the best way of advertising.

ecl on

It is absurd that we live in a country where $1400 bags even exist. It shows how stupid our priorities are. There are lots of things I understand dropping big bucks on, but a purse is not one of them. Personally, I’m just glad to see her on a commercial flight. I dislike families like this that tend to take a private jet everywhere. So bad for the environment!

Jess on

ecl don’t you mean “live in a world”
do you think Prada bags are made in South Dakota or Delaware?
do you think the rest of the world doesn’t spend as much on bags as the United States? Like Italy for example, or do they not purchase Prada?

Electra on

I find it ridiculous that some people are saying “Let her grieve” in reponse to the people commenting on the price of her outfit…and as someone said before this post is ABOUT her outfit, so it’s not coming from left field to talk about the price. And its not envy, at least not for me. I look at Posh’s wardrobe with envy. At Sarah Jessica Parker and Halle Berry’s style. Kelly Preston’s flip flops are not on my radar. Sorry.

xxx on

Even if i had all the money in the world i would never wear what could easily let a family in Africa or India live eat for years on shoes. I hope they give some of their money.
Bill gates (among others) decided to give 50 per cent of his fortune. i HONESTLY THINK CELEBS SHOULD GIVE TOO and
appreciate the value of a dollar more

for me 600 dollars= food for 6 months
or rent for a month
or 2/3 years worth of school bock
not a pair of ridiculous schoes

CelebBabyLover on

xxx- As Sky said, Kelly and John DO give quite a bit to “the community” which I assume means charities. Plenty of other celebs donate to charity as well. They just don’t always scream about it from the rooftops, nor should they have to! 🙂

Jess- Excellent plan! It’s very possible that Kelly did not buy those sandals. She could have easily been gifted with them by the company that makes them, or a friend may have given them to her as a gift.

MiB on

Aren’t Manolo Blahniks custom made by hand in the us? In that case the production cost is quite high if they pay decent wages. Remeber, The cost of clothing has gone down 75% sindce world war II (if memory serves me right). But with lower cost has come lower quality, I often wear my grandmothers jacket from the 1930’s, it has seen a couple of repairs, but still looks great, I doubt any of the jackets I have bouth in shops like H&M will be wearable in 80 years time, they are just not that kind of quality.

Mollie on

xxx, im glad that you go to school. You clearly need it.

Marky on

It is honestly not our business what other people spend on clothes and shoes, it is only our problem what WE spend on our OWN clothes and shoes. Many of these sites have become nothing but insult sessions and judgment seats for people who hid behind their anonymity on the internet. How shameful! I may not even agree with whether Kelly Preston is having a baby, but who am I to say? It’s not my business, and neither are her clothes. We have no idea how much they contribute to charity every day. It’s time for people to practice a little kindness……

jeanne on

I should think that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…Kelly Preston is an amazing person…Who cares what religon she is…She did lose a son not so long ago . She deserves a little bit of happiness and if buying a pair of $600 pair of shoes and a $1300 handbag who are we to judge!..If you read the newspapers or anything about the Travoltas you would know that they are very chartible people….