Jeff Gordon Welcomes Son Leo Benjamin

08/09/2010 at 06:15 PM ET
Gary Gershoff/WireImage

Jeff Gordon is racing toward an even bigger, happier family: The NASCAR star is now the father of two.

Gordon and his wife Ingrid Vandebosch, both 39, welcomed son Leo Benjamin on Monday, Aug. 9 at 8:53 a.m. He weighed 7 lbs., 2 oz. and measured 19 inches long.

“He’s happy and healthy, and Mom is doing great,” writes Gordon on his official Web site.

Baby Leo joins big sister Ella Sofia, 3.

After sharing the news about his growing family in February, Gordon and Vandebosch revealed the next month that they were expecting a baby boy.

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ABC 123 on

not really a fan of the name leo. i love benjamin though!

Mallory on

congrats to them! I like both of their name choices. I’m sure Leo is a cutie considering his genes and how cute his sister is!

cali girl on

What’s with the old timer’s names today?? Frist Freddie now Leo? It feels like I stepped into the 1960s! Congrats to the happy family nonetheless!

Ashley on

Congrats to the Gordon family!

Rachael on

Congrats to the Gordon’s! I’m not a fan of Leo either and have to imagine it’s a family name or something like that. Can’t wait to see pics!

SY on

I never used to be a fan of the name Leo, but I’m really liking it lately…it is a bit of an “old man” name, but then again, I named my kids Jack and Charlie — some people think those are old man names also.

Romy on

cute. Leo’s kind of trendy these days, but not yet overused

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Congrats to the parents and new big sister. Like Ella’s name but with Leo I associate the name for some reason with a Lion, as in Leo the Lion, LOL…As a mum of a boy and girl can say it’s the best and very exciting times ahead for them experiencing the opposide gender this time around…!

Rosie on

Congrats! My son’s name is Chad Leo.

Jess on

I LOVE the name!

Abby on

I absolutely adore their name choice–it’s so classy and handsome, especially compared to the names that other celebrity parents are gravitating to. Kudos to them for picking an actual name. Leo Benjamin is perfect.

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them! I like the name!

shalay on

Love the name Leo! I know my husband would never agree to use it, but I think it’s so cute. Congrats to the Gordon family!

Paige on

Congratulations to Jeff, Ingrid, and big sis Ella!

I love the name. Can’t wait to see some pics of the newest Gordon.

Brooke on

Another good sibset with Leo & Ella….Sweet.

Shannon on

Well it’s an appropriate name….the little guys zodiac sign is Leo.

Renee on

Congratulations! I bet he is a little doll. I wish you all the best of luck with him. I’m sure Ella will be a fantastic big sister!!

CelebBabyLover on

Courtney- You said it, girl! One of my favorite girl’s names is Mary….which you hear mostly on the sixty and over crowd these days. I find many other “old-fashioned” names beautiful as well (Rose, Grace, Sarah, Melissa, just to name a few….and that’s just the “old-fashioned” girl names that I like! I also like several “old-fashioned” boys names.).

Bottomline: To each his/her own!

Anyway, congrats to Jeff, Ingrid, and Ella!

Nella on

Congrats! I think Leo goes well with Ella. I like it. Funny thing is his astrology sign is leo as well.

Manal on

I love name! hes a Leo!! as u was born this month! so cutee!

JM on

cali girl that’s nothing new. Freddie has been coming back for a while now, at least in britain. can’t count the number of Alfies, Archies and Freddies i have heard of who are under the age of 5. Leo Benjamin is nicer though in my opinion. i especially like Leo. congrats to the new family.

Bonnie on

I was so sure that he would be named Jeff Gordon,Jr.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

…forgot to add (realised might have sounded a big negative, not that they care, LOL), even with Leo Lion connotations personally I much prefer his name to Abel James. James is ok middle name I guess but not a fan of Abel, prefer Archie. Am in NZ myself but Archie’s a common name in UK I think, along with Freddie, Archie etc. Also prefer Leo to Copeland Cruz, which I’ve just seen on another announcement is the name for the newborn son of the singer from One Republic! Cruz I like but Copeland? Uurgh…

Georgina on

I agree with Sam and Freya’s mum!!

Leo is a cute name. Little boy or man, it works.

Céline on

@ Bonnie: in Belgium (where Ingrid is from) people do not tend to name their children after themselves, it sounds a bit silly. It’s a cultural thing ofcourse, but it may explain why they didn’t name their son Jeff Jr.

However, the name Leo isn’t popular either in Belgium. The average man named Leo would be about 50 or 60 years old right now. So I have no idea how they came up with that name.


Luna on

AGREE WITH SAM AND FREYA’S MUM! Where in the heck did they come up with Copeland? Not a negatvie nellie but still…
I knew a guy named Leo growing up. He was the nicest, kindest, and most generous man. So I love Leo Benjamin. Congrats Jeff, Ingrid, and Ella on baby Leo.

Kat on

Ahhh! That’s our name! We are due early October and if it’s a boy it will be Leo. LOVE LEO!!! For a girl it will be Daphne.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations …… Ella is gorgeous

Anonymous on

How they came up with the name Leo was by a conversation Ingrid had with christy Brinkley it was her suggestion and they liked it. Honest truth!

Sophia on

What lovely news 🙂 They chose cute names for their kids; Leo Benjamin is strong and charming, and he’s bound to be absolutely gorgeous just like his beautiful big sister. Congratulations to Jeff, Ingrid and Ella! 🙂

Julie on

Congrats to the whole family. You all deserve the happiness…

erica on

another leo! i know 5 leos under the age of 3 in my neighborhood. i’m betting this name will become extremely common soon.

Tammy Field on

Leo’s birthday is 08/09/10………..congrads to the Gordon family.

Annie on

Way to go Jeff and Ingrid.
Love the name!

claudia lee on

Congratulations to the Gordon family. Boy, timing was everything wasn’t it. Between races!! A girl and a boy, just perfect.

Linda on

I love the name. Congrats for the whole family!

Trudy Dudley on

Congratulations to Jeff, Ingrid, and Ella! Jeff is our boy! I always say a prayer for his safety at the beginning of every race, we adore Jeff and wish him and his beautiful family all the best. Love the names he has chosen, but then Jeff could do no wrong as far as I am concerned. Blessings to his family.

pam griffin on

Can’t wait to share in Jeff, Ingrid and Ella Sofia’s joy. We are anxiously awaiting the photo of Leo Benjamin—-by the way–I am a leo and my son’s name is benjamin!

Steven on

Happy birthday to Leo Gordon. Its my birthday also. Leo’s rule