Danica McKellar Predicts Baby Will Be a Mini Mathematician

08/09/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Courtesy Pregnancy

Expecting her first child in September, there is little doubt that times have changed for Danica McKellar since she stole the hearts of many as Winnie on The Wonder Years.

However the actress insists some things will always be forever — including her love for math, a quality she hopes to pass on to baby!

“I know music in general is supposed to be good for babies to hear. But I sing this one math song — ‘The Quadratic Formula Song.’ It’s sung to Pop Goes the Weasel. X equals negative B, plus or minus a square root, of B squared minus 4 A C, all over 2 A,” laughs McKellar in the September issue of Pregnancy.

“It’s such a cute little song. I went online once and saw a little 2-year-old singing it and thought, ‘Okay, that’s going to be my child,'” says the author of Math Doesn’t Suck and Kiss My Math.

In the final months of her pregnancy, McKellar, 35, is focusing on her changing body — and staying strong when it comes to her sweet tooth!

“I’ve had two kinds of cravings — healthy and not so healthy. The healthy one is plain yogurt that I eat every morning — one third of those big tubs topped with a banana and what I call ‘bird seed,'” she reveals. “I have other cravings, but I don’t indulge them.”

Interested in hypnobirthing, although admits she has “no idea if I will be able to pull that off,” McKellar is just hoping her husband Mike Verta is there to witness the big arrival.

“The plan is he will be in the room when I deliver, but he’s a little squeamish about blood, so we’ll just hope for the best!”

— Anya Leon

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Liz on

My husband was squeamish too, but did totally fine and watched the whole thing! I think when the time comes it’s just so great, and the excitement takes over. Good luck to them both!! Love her.

vbhsteachers on

I am going to have to look into her books. I teach high school math. My son was born by c-section on 2-5-07 (2+5=7)so when my daughter’s c-section was scheduled we chose 11-2-09(11-2=9). And it actually makes it easier to remember children’s birth date (not that I would ever forget my child’s birth date!)

Romy on

wow, what a body!

klm on

Psssst! Math actually DOES suck!!

Just kidding. I had no idea Winnie Cooper was so talented AND smart!

Emmy on

She is still so beautiful! She was my husband’s dream girl growing up. I wish her all the best 🙂

Allison on

LOVE that shirt she is wearing on the cover, she looks beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more flattering maternity top.

:-P on

Why is Danica already deciding that the kid will be a mini mathematician? When will some parents need to see that not all children follow in their footsteps. Having kids is wonderful, but it also comes down to letting them decide on what they do with their lives when they’re old enough to decide that on their own.

Manda on

😛 – I’m pretty sure she was just kidding. I’m guessing that you don’t have children because that’s what most pregnant mothers do is have fun imagining what their children will be like. Lighten the he!! up!

amsjll on

I’m with “:-P”. Your child is a product of you but not a clone. But I’m not being critical of Danica, dont take me wrong. Better to have dreams and aspirations for your child than none at all.

Also, you all say she looks great, but you are supposed to gain 25-35lbs. Its natural and expected, and healthy for the baby if you are a healthy weight to begin with. She’s not doing her baby any service by watching her weight so closely. Her business though!

playsindirt on

Or autistic. Left-brained math whizzes have a higher incidence of having autistic children. That’s why there are so many kids on the autistic spectrum living in Silicon Valley. I hate to be a buzz kill but it’s not a good idea to assume that just because you’re a math whiz your child will be too.

Janie on

I don’t it’s a problem for parents to encourage their children to enjoy studying, especially when the field is mathematics. She’s thinking of ways to make math fun. So many kids think math is too hard and they give up on it as soon as they hit algebra. I gave my daughter books on math tricks and encouraged her to play games involving math. Now she’s a very happy and successful mathematician, but not because I pushed her into it. She does math because it’s interesting.

Luna on

I hated math growing up, but my son loves it. They’re our children, not our clones. Sorry Danica, but your baby might hate math. 🙂

DanicaFan on

Have you ever noticed how a lot of family bussinesses are run by the next generation of the family. Well that is because of exposure to that business. She (Danica) being a math wiz is just trying to ensure her child has the chance if they choose, to pursue math as a hobby or career.

Manda on

amsjll – just because a woman gets pregnant doesn’t mean that’s an open invitation to eat whatever she wants. Besides, how big you get is also largely determined by how big you were in the first place. I put on 20 lbs with my first pregnancy and it only looked like I gained about 10. I was all boobs and belly. You can’t assume from a picture that she’s not gaining the right amount of weight – everyone woman and every pregnancy is different. Don’t assume.

laarni on

i’m sure danica meant well when she said she wanted her baby to be her mini mathematician…we all say things like that with babies. anyway, i don’t see anything negative about what she said. she’s all beauty and brains. she looks gorgeous.

Jennifer on

It’s really better to say “the opposite of b” not “negative b.” If b is already negative, it becomes positive when you work the equation. Saying “negative b” implies that the linear coefficient will always stay negative, which is not the case. I like math a lot too, but in the coming years I’ll expose my 18 day old baby boy to as many areas of interest as I can make available to him, and see what he likes! Also, my husband is also squeamish about blood, but he handled the delivery just fine and was a great support (literally too, during the pushing, whew!).

Jennifer on

Also, amsjll~ Danica isn’t watching her weight, she’s watching whether what she chooses to eat is healthy. Big difference! I had to watch my diet due to gestational diabetes. I gained 35 pounds during my pregnancy and even at 39 weeks had someone tell me, “You don’t look that big.” People said that to me all the time because I carried all the weight out in front (not in my arms, hips, or my can), which looks like the way Danica is carrying too.

California Surfer on

Whoa, what if the little dude or dudette isn’t good at math? That is a way majorly high expectation for the little one so I hope there isn’t too much pressure to be Einstein by age 3.

C on

I remember learning that quadratic formula jingle in high school, lol.

Mel on

I was thinking how she still looks 15. I then saw that the article noted she is 35. Wow. She looks amazing.

Karen on

How awesome it would be if the baby’s first sentence was, “Mommy, math sucks!” Just kidding! All the best!

Tanja Giljevic on

Danica, Congratulations to you and your husband! I sure hope your child follows in your footsteps. I am so proud of you, showing that anyone can do math. You are an inspiration to us all. Believe me, I have friends at 40 years old, who cringe when they have to figure out the 20% tip on the restaurant bill! You go, girl!

Christina on

I’m just jealous of anyone who understands math and doesn’t loathe it like I do. It always kicked my butt. Maybe I should read her book. LOL Even though math isn’t my strength, my husband is great at it, so I hope my son also enjoys it. I just don’t want him to have a hard time with it like I did. However, if he does, we’ll deal with it. As for Danica’s child, it just depends. I guess he or she has a 50/50 chance of excelling at it. Danica does look beautiful! 🙂

Lighten up folks on

Lighten Up! Perhaps she was saying this tongue in cheek or perhaps this tabloid took her comment out of context. As for how much weight she gains or doesn’t gain, stop speculating that she is being careful with not gaining too much. She simply said she had some cravings healthy and not so healthy. Back off Vultures!

:-P on

To manda,

I dont care what you think YOU need to lighten up that’s what’s wrong with society is people telling me and others that they are uptight and need to lighten up because they expressed their opinion. No I don’t have children(and wants them) yet I don’t care to be told by someone like you to lighten up. You need to stop getting pissed off over something trivial if anyone needs to lighten up its you.

Ashley on

Wow, why is everyone jumping on her for saying her kid might be a mini mathematician? Doesn’t everyone imagine what their kids might grow up to be? You don’t think athlete go around saying “I’ve got a mini baseball/basketball/football/whatever player on the way!” Maybe not to the press, but you know they do. I had fun when I was pregnant imagining what my daughter might grow up to be. Still do. But, I don’t force anything on her. She has her own interests and I support her. Danica and her husband will be great parents no doubt and she looks amazing. I love her. Congratulations Danica and Mike! And good luck!

Patty on

She is still so adorable…hard to believe she’s 35!

Vin Smith on

Aside from the fact that Danica is a terrific actress, she seems to be single-handedly prying the mental blocks away from mathematics. This is wonderful on so many levels, not the least of which is the historical disregard the educational community has had for girls in math class. Kudos for Ms. McKellar and her soon-to-be baby mathematician!