Sneak Peek: The ‘Guncles’ Show Off Simone’s Nursery

08/06/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Bill Horn and Scout Masterson

To get ready for daughter Simone Lynn‘s arrival in mid-June, Tori Spelling‘s Guncles (Bill Horn and Scout Masterson) set about converting a guest room in their L.A. home into a princess-worthy nursery.

But the new parents weren’t sure about the theme. It was after discovering an adorable owl pillow at Target that it all came together.

“An owl themed nursery just seemed so fun and unique,” Masterson tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies.

Once the theme was set, the dads added framed owl art they found on eBay. But it’s the owl painting by ‘Nana J’ — Masterson’s mom Jackie Bennett — and sketching by a fan that they cherish the most.

For three of the walls, they decided against traditional pink and opted for a deep raspberry custom blended by Masterson. To complete the theme, they added a super cute mini step stool by KT Steppers that sports a colorful owl design.

Instead of a rectangular changing table, the couple chose a round one from Time For a Change. Available for purchase in October, the uniquely shaped piece is a real space saver.

Courtesy Bill Horn and Scout Masterson

And they didn’t have to go far for Simone’s wooden crib — it’s on loan from good friends Spelling and Dean McDermott.

“Tori really wanted it to stay in the family,” says Horn. “We always loved Liam’s crib and to be able to now have baby Simone use it makes it all that much more special to us.”

Courtesy Bill Horn and Scout Masterson

To give it a more girlie vibe, they used the Punch Basics Crib BumperCrib Skirt and Pink Florentine sheets from Serena & Lily. They also added a mobile and blanket from Kenneth Brown‘s Sweet Stitches collection at Babies R Us.

To add some fun to the room, Masterson painted a fourth wall with chalkboard paint and drew an owl and “Simone Rocks!” And the elephant-shaped piggy bank was a gift from a family friend that the couple have dubbed “Baby’s First Adler.”

Courtesy Bill Horn and Scout Masterson

For nighttime feedings or just hanging out, Horn and Masterson chose SPI Design‘s Windward Wingback Glider and matching ottoman in a pretty blue pattern.

“We love the high back. It’s a must for two tall dads,” says Masterson. “It’s also classic and stylish enough that we’ll be able to use it in any room once Simone no longer needs it.”

Courtesy Bill Horn and Scout Masterson

So what is baby Simone up to these days?

In addition to getting used to her feeding schedule, the 2-month-old is perfecting her grip and lifting her head more and more each day.

“When I found Simone in her pack-and-play grasping onto her rattle and shaking it around, I almost cried,” laughs Horn. “Clearly, she’s in for years of embarrassing crying episodes.”

Want more news on the over-the-moon parents? Check out their recently launched site, where they blog about Simone’s favorite things and share family photos and recipes. You can also follow them (@thebillhorn and @scoutmasterson) on Twitter.

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ljss on

I love the chalk board. Nice room.

Shelley on

I LOVE the “Round” Changing table… what a GREAT idea! This looks like a piece of furniture that could be used for years, and not just as a changing table… I LOVE it!!

Lila on

I love the owl theme and the chalkboard wall. I have seen the owl stuff at Target and it is very cute.

Lizzy on

I just love Bill and Scout! They did a awesome job on Simone’s nursery. She is one lucky lil girl! XXXOOO

Paulina on

Love the nursery!! Bill and Scout seem like such great guys. I bet they are awesome daddies.

Kelly on

I am LOVING that changing table? How much are they?

diane sullivan on

I love Simone’s nursery 😉 beautiful room for a beautiful baby and family…xo
Thanks for the honor of hanging up “the owl love family” that I sketched…you deserve the best..

meghan on

I love this nursery! Beautiful!

michelle on

I LOVE the raspberry walls!!

Honey on

Wow, this is a gorgeous room! Love the coloring & theme…I too am not much of a “traditonal” type person & this room is very unique…fun & yet, still girly!!

Anonymous on

Our nursery is owl themed and there is a ton of cute stuff on that is owl themed and perfect for a boy or girl’s room! Simone is gorgeous and the room, even more so! Congrats!

Desiree T on

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L room! I love the color of the walls and the changing table rocks!!!!!!!!!

Karen Smith on

OMG just love the nursery..It’s so cute and I’ll bet Simone will love it too..

Jennifer on

I love the ‘guncles’. I am so happy that they have a precious new baby daughter! The nursery is beautiful!

Katie on

How gorgeous is this! So sweet and definitely unique. They have wonderful taste. I love them!

Becky on

Don’t know who these guys are, but they have a beautiful nursery..Best of lukc to them and the baby..

Jaime on

Love these guys! Thanks for covering this and we hope to see more of them soon.

Sally on

Love the article! Room looks beautiful! Proud happy family! Much love to all!


sooooo happy for the guncles

Traci on

I love how the changing table looks, but with out the rectangular shape how long will babies fit on it?

Congratulations Bill and Scout:)

Janna on

This is the most beautiful nursery I’ve seen on this site. Unique and colorful and the most wonderful raspberry walls. Fantastic!

Mya on

Gosh, I love the Guncles. And Simone is my middle name. Congrats guys!

B.J. on

Wow, I LOVE the owl theme!! Great work! Simone is one lucky little lady 🙂

jane cederholm on

Bill & Scout did a wonderful job-how cute! One little piece can open so many doors…Simone is one blessed little princess!

Stacy on

I LOVE the changing table!!! What a great idea!! It makes me almost want to have another baby!!!

Paige on

Traci: you only lose 1.5 inches from the old rectangular tables. But you get double the width. My son is 2 and still
has alot of room.It is alot larger than it looks in the photo. Its solid oak, 200 lbs and will last a lifetime. No more awkward side angle changes, you can actually face your baby now when you chane them. Plus it fits into a corner not taking up a wall.You would never know its a changing table so it can be used after baby in any room of the house!

mamabear on

i like this idea for my own rooma and i’m 23!

Ella on

Wow, Simone, your daddies have taste! I do not think that she will ever give away the comfy looking chair though…
The owl pillow from Traget is just so sweet I regret living in Germany and not being able to purchase it!
I would not have recognized the changing table as such – I don’t get how a baby fits onto it (especially for how long)?
Also, nice that Tori lend them the crib – Can anyone explain what their connection is and who are the “guncles” anyway?

Tasha on

@Ella, The “Guncles” are Tori’s best friends and the Uncles to her children Liam and Stella, she also refers to them as her Gays on her hit show Tori & Deam Home Sweet Hollywood, it comes on the Oxygen Channel. They’ve been dying to adopt a baby for a long time now and Tori even wrote them a letter of recommendation which was featured on her show.

None the less they seem incredibly loving and I know they will give Simone a good home and family! Congrats:-)

Luna on

Love the nursery, love Simone, love the Guncles.

Polly on

I love the raspberry walls!! That color is awesome. And the beautiful changing table just pulls everything together. It looks great with Tori’s crib. Wish I had a table like that when my son was born. This is one lucky little girl!!

Paige on’s only 1.5 inches shorter in length than the old retanguler tables..The baby can use it just as long. It appears alot smaller in the photo than it is. Your not supposed to recognize it as a changing table. That is the point…that way you can use it in any room after the baby : )

MW on

That room is nicer than mine! I love the chalkboard wall idea. I need to file that away for when I have kids.

Kate on

Love them, and the room is wonderful. There are more pics of the table on their FB page, other colors are beautiful too.

Michele on

Wow, this changing table is amazing. I have never seen anything like it. So beautiful and very unique. I want to know where they can be purchased.

Christina on

What a beautiful room!!! I am so excited for you all!!! Love the changing table!!! I would LOVE to have one for my home!!! Great clean design!!!

Sheri on

How cute … now Tori’s family has “Monkey” (Liam), “Ladybug” (Stella) and “Owl” (little Simone) … too cute! 🙂 And I love the changing table and the unique raspberry walls. God bless them and their precious new little one.

Lorelei on

What a beautiful room! I love the raspberry color and that it’s not too frilly and over the top. Simone is lucky to have two parents that love and wanted her so much!!

Kat_momof3 on

I love it! especially the chalkboard wall… any kid’s room big enough to sport one should have one… just really helps creativity come alive.

Becky on

How cute! I love this family and am so happy for them!

***CBB – Please hire them to write blogs for your site! I would LOVE to read blogs from them and hearing their experience raising this sweet baby girl! Please please PLEASE hire them!!

Becky on

If you look at the 3rd picture on this link you will see the round changing table in action. In the picture above of just the table, I could understand how it would work, but when I see the picture in the link it makes sense and is a lot bigger than it looks by itself too! I LOVE this table! What a great idea!

Nikki on

Oh WOW!! I love what you guys did for Simones room. It is absolutely stunning. Its good to see that she’s already spoiled with love 😉

Rye on

Love the room! So much fun! The chalkboard is too cute!!! Does anyone know if Simone is one of there biological children or if she was adopted and not through a surrogate? Just curious! 🙂

Jill on

Why can’t they just be called Uncles? Why do they need to be called Guncles? I mean, I know they are Gay, but who cares. I am not trying to be mean and have no problem with people who are gay, I just don’t understand.

GG on

Brings a smile to my face seeing two people so happy to have a child.

Paige on

The tables can be purchased at
We currently have a wait list and will officially lanch in October. The facebook fan page is

Lynn on

Maybe it’s just me but every time I see that word “Guncles” I wince… it sounds like some odd, fleshy growth you would find on the back of our leg or under your arm or something…..

sheila on

Beautiful room for a beautiful baby girl!! Love the raspberry walls!!

You can see in the crib picture that the changing table is much larger than it appears in the picture of it in the corner. Functional and fabulous!!

Sarah S. on

Owls are the symbol of knowledge…very cool room!!

Jennifer on

Bumpers are a suffocation risk – when are people going to stop putting the ‘cute’ factor over safety?! These things are banned in several countries because they are so unsafe!

hannah on

Our 2nd babies room is owl themed! So I think they have great taste 😉 I love the colours they’ve chosen. It’s a beautiful nursery.

tink1217 on

great room!!! I love them, and they look so happy!! Simone is one lucky little lady!!!

Kasey on

Love the room color! That changing table is awesome. Is there a website link where to buy them?

That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! I will be seriouly getting rid of our old one it seems like a dinosour next to that one.

Love the owls, very creative. You two will make excellent parents, congrats.

Lauren on

Love love love it! i am so happy for them.

Hea on

“Bumpers are a suffocation risk – when are people going to stop putting the ‘cute’ factor over safety?! These things are banned in several countries because they are so unsafe!

– Jennifer”

What’s bumpers?

shannon on

It seems that the only reason companies still make crib bumpers is because there are a people using older cribs made before the more stringent safety standards of recent years. They certainly aren’t necessary at all in newer cribs. Also, it’s possible that Simone isn’t sleeping in her crib just yet and the bumpers will come out once she is sleeping there.

Bancie1031 on

I just LOVE the Guncles!!!! Simone is such a cutie! Love the room.

Stephanie on

absolutly love it , the owls are so different, she is so pretty . congrats to you guys !!! may life with her be the greatest joy for you both.

Jess from Ohio on

Wow! I adore this room. I am 19, almost twenty, and I would like this as my room, lol. I am a lover of all things owl and this room is just awesome and something Miss Simone can enjoy for years to come.

NYLA Princess on

They were on my list for potential adoptive parents. Good luck to them! They are wonderful souls.

sunshine4ever on

Guncles, congradulations!!! I am so happy for you both and it makes me so emotional to see how happy you and your new baby girl are. This is amazing! Best wishes to you guys.

Shar on

Congratulations on the baby! That is one lucky little gal. Great room, guys! It is gorgeous. Wish my kids had some Gunkles! (Only thing, chalk dust in a room is not great for lungs.)

Jill on

I just got chills when I saw that they became dads! I love the show and am so, so happy for them! Yay Guncles! And the room is adorable. : D Simone is a lucky girl.

MusicLeeChange on

I love seeing the ‘guncles’ on the show. i have an owl theme room for my daughter and she has the same pillow! Love the walls and the chackboard.

Sarah on

Love the room and have enjoyed reading the upbeat and approving comments. It’s nice that folks can appreciate this loving family without getting sidetracked by gender. Perhaps we’re making progress after all. Lucky baby to have such attentive and creative dads!

Dawn on

I love that they are using Liam/Stells’s old crib – it comes with built in love! A lot of my friends spent a mint on their nurseries but I really loved my hand me downs from family and friends since there was so much history in it. So with a little paint on some pieces, just some cleaning on others, and a few new decorative items, I think my room pulled together and had a warm, positive energy that the others didn’t have because it was all knew. Best of luck to this little family and be sure to pass on your pre-loved furniture when you are done!!!

Jeanine Johnson on

That is so awesome!!! I am so happy for the both of you!!!

Shannon on

What a beautiful room, but more importantly what a beautiful family!! Congratulations on your daughter Scout and Bill! It was a long time coming for two great people….Simone is one lucky girl! 🙂

suzi on

Love love love the nursery…The Guncles are gonna be great parents. Samone is in for a charmed life.


congratulations on the baby… SIMONE is beautiful. i love the nursery. i’ve never seen a changing table like that. i love everything about the room.. ya’ll are going to make wonderful parents…