Marisol Nichols’ Blog: Baby Basics and Bikini Bodies

08/05/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

PEOPLE Moms & Babies is happy to introduce our newest celebrity blogger — Marisol Nichols!

The actress and husband Taron Lexton are parents to 22-month-old daughter Rain India. Currently based in Shreveport, Louisiana while she films The Gates, Nichols, 36, will be giving us a glimpse into her life as a working mom.

In her first blog, Nichols discusses why figuring out Rain’s basic needs was “a revelation” — lest you end up the mom with the screaming child in the grocery store! — and filming her first post-baby bathing suit scene.

Rain India Lexton – Courtesy Marisol Nichols

Hi mamas! Thanks for reading my first-ever blog.

I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself — I’m an actress and a new mom. My daughter Rain is my first child and is 22 months old. You may know me from 24 or further back, from Vegas Vacation. Just before I got pregnant, I was also the spokesperson for Bally Total Fitness. Currently, I’m on location in Louisiana shooting ABC’s The Gates. I’m also the only one of my castmates who has their baby girl with them out here, so as far as “hanging out while on location” goes, it’s the local Gymboree for me!

I must confess — or brag, depending on how you look at it — that I was an expert on everything while I was pregnant. I ate the right things, took tons of vitamins and drank lots of water, quit caffeine and most sugar (I had my moments), did light exercise for at least a few months and thought I had it down. I read the books, saw the doctors, did it all. And then … I had Rain. Okay, now what?!

First, let me say that Rain is an amazing person. And yes, I know I’m her mom and get bragging rights, but she truly is. She’s extremely affectionate, loving, gentle, funny, smart, playful and super easygoing — she has all these wonderful, incredible qualities to her that I just marvel at. I keep falling in love with her every single day with each new thing she does. I have to constantly refrain from saying, “You know what Rain did today?” to my castmates so they don’t get sick of me.

That said, being a new mom was a bit of trial and error for me. I learned pretty early on that if I didn’t get her nap in or enough good food in her every three hours or so, these amazing qualities — her incredible personality — didn’t get to show. They’d be hidden under a cranky, tired, sensitive girl.

When her food and sleep are in, we have amazing days filled with so much happiness. If they’re out, and she missed her nap because I tried to wing it …

All of a sudden we’re in line at the grocery store — Mama’s trying to pay for the food and Rain is crying and trying to get out of the cart. I feel like, “Oh no, I’m that mom?” and find myself telling the cashier (who could care less!) that she didn’t get her nap. Thank God for you moms out there who share those knowing looks with me when something like that happens — you understand!

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that that’s my job. Making sure Rain’s basics are in, no matter what, is most important – and then we can build from there. This may be a no-brainer for you seasoned moms out there, but for me it was a revelation! Next we’re tackling losing the bottle. Wish me luck! 🙂

I still can’t believe it’s already been almost two years since I gave birth. Everyone told me “it goes so fast” – and I got so tired of hearing that. But wow! They were right.

The only thing that didn’t “go so fast” was my body. I had to have an emergency c-section and I gotta say between that and learning how to breastfeed, I didn’t ever think my body would be normal again. However, let’s face it — I’m an actress and the 40 lbs. I gained during my pregnancy had to go!

I’m not one of those women who had the weight just fall off. I had to work at it through good old-fashioned diet and exercise (and skipping the cookies and being hungry once in a while). About a year later, I was close to being back to my old self — which was good, because this Sunday’s episode was particularly stressful for me.

I was informed — thankfully ahead of time — that my character was throwing a pool party … in … a … bikini! I’m sorry — what?! They do know we’re not all in our 20s here, right? I mean, it’s one thing to look good in clothes, but a bikini has no mercy!

So in preparation for this episode, I tightened it all up. No cookies, no cheating, lots of workouts and self-discipline. And I rocked the bikini! Yay mama! However, the second we wrapped I was out for pizza — and ate every single bite thankyouverymuch! You can even see us video blogging about this episode here.

Marisol as Sarah in The Gates – Twentieth Century Fox

In closing, anyone who tells you that working and being a mom is easy is lying. It’s tough. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Being a mom is like having my heart walk around on the outside of my body. When Rain greets me at the door as I come home from work — running towards me and wrapping her arms around my legs screaming, “Hi Mama!” – nothing else matters. I love being a mom.

Thanks for reading! In my next blog, I’ll share with you how I’ve kept us entertained out here in Shreveport for the past five months. Who knew you could happily kill a whole afternoon at Target? In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Twitter and keep up with me on Facebook, or you can check out The Gates — it airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on ABC.

To all you wonderful moms out there, I love you so much! Moms rock!

— Marisol Nichols

Marisol’s response to comments:

Hi mamas!

Thank you so much for your concern for Rain. I love how fierce a protective mom can be! Here is the information on rear-facing vs. forward-facing according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Toddlers – Age 1 & 20 lbs to Age 4 & 40 lbs.

When children outgrow their rear-facing seats (at a minimum age 1 and at least 20 pounds) they should ride in forward-facing child safety seats, in the back seat, until they reach the upper weight or height limit of the particular seat (usually around age 4 and 40 pounds).

Always read the child seat instruction manual. Each manufacturer provides specific instructions regarding proper use and installation of their child seats. Here’s the link to the Graco website and what they say about it:

Finally, the car seat that parents have been searching for is here. Our Nautilus 3-in-1 car seat helps keep your child secure in a 5-point harness, from 20-65 lbs. When she’s ready, it converts to a belt-positioning booster from 30-100 lbs. And as she continues to grow, the Nautilus grows with her, transitioning into either a Highback or Backless booster for a comfortable fit up to 100 lbs. Extensively crash tested, including side-impact testing, outfitted with reinforced steel and thoroughly designed with plush comfort features, this 3-in-1 car seat will last your little travel companion well into childhood.

And lastly, no, we were not driving while I was taking a picture of my little cutie pie! 🙂

Go mamas!

xo, Marisol Nichols

A warm welcome to Marisol! What questions do you have for her? What topics would you like her to blog about in the future?

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Sara on

I am absolutely appalled that Moms & Babies would publish this photo. A 22 month old child should still be restrained using 5 point harness. She’s not even close to using the belt correctly. It is all tucked underneath her arm!

I am very disturbed by this. You really should be publishing photos that show excellent examples of car seat safety.

Heidi on

That baby should still be in a 5 point harness carseat at 22 months, not a booster seat.
To keep this amazingly, beautiful child safe please put her in proper safety seats. Thanks!

mamafor3 on

Why isn’t that almost two year old in a proper car seat with a harness? NO two year old (or three year old) should be without a harness in the car. Ideally, they should still be rear facing at that age.

cris on

Calm down, it is a proper seat, she is just sitting in it unbuckled and covering up the buckles!

cris on

mommaof3…rear facing at 2 yrs?? NO!! At one year and at least 20 lbs you face a child forward!!!

Sara on

She is clearly (improperly) belted in this photo.

Jen on

Really ladies? You focus on this? Did you ever stop to think maybe they weren’t driving? Possibly parked somewhere & took the picture??? You should be focusing on the positive of a working mom & the trials new mothers go through. Just a thought!

Jen on

People – PLEASE take this photo down. A 22 month old should not be in a booster seat and this picture could give other moms the wrong impression that it is ok to move their young ones to a booster seat!

Alison on

Wow, what a warm welcome this is. Way to turn a celebrity off from wanting to blog for you. Rude.

Marisol, thank you for sharing. I have also been THAT mom in the grocery store and it’s not fun!!

jessicad on

I’m more appalled by the way women bash each other, that’s more disgusting than anything. Why not do research on the seat or ask if she was just playing around before they strapped her in? I have a TON of pictures of my daughter bouncing around the car and playing in her seat, and even pretending to drive.

Marisol looks amazing and I love the name Rain! I remember her from Vegas vacation, too funny:)

Robyn on

Ugh. Yall need to calm down, seriously.

I was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana!!! It’s so exciting that she’s living there right now…though I imagine she’s not having that good of a time, lol. It’s cool though, that they’re filming in my hometown. 🙂

I think her daughter is gorgeous, btw. And I love how even celebrities have babies that have meltdowns…makes me not feel so bad. My 15 month old has already begun the meltdowns and I just hafta laugh because ultimately, what can you do?

Megan on

Come on guys, you have no idea what was going on when this picture was taken. For all anyone here knows, Mom was bucking her in while Dad took a pic from the front seat. I’m all for carseat safety, extended rear facing and coming down hard on parents who do not make the safety of their children a priority, but let’s not throw stones when it is obvious that we don’t know the whole story.


Please disregard others criticizing you on this blog. I’d like to thank you for this timely (to me) topic. Here was our experience this past weekend:

Just this weekend, I was that mom at our state park! We went to go for a hike up a 2 mile trail and once at the top our son decided he only wanted me to carry him instead of daddy or in the backpack.

So, I did, the whole way down. Every time my husband tried to provide some relief (he’s getting heavy!) he screamed and cried. I felt really bad for the people who just went to the woods for a nice peaceful hike because he cried almost the entire way down the mountain.

Then later that night I was like, I think it was our fault – we didn’t give him the right food at the right time! What a light bulb! Duh, we wont make that mistake again. I have been fighting the guilt all week.

It is a learning process for us all – keep up the good work, your daughter looks happy and healthy!

Mari on

Marisol, you look great. I am going through a slow weight loss after having my second. Before, exercise would just do the trick for me. Now, I must watch my diet carefully.

All moms go through those monster meltdowns at some point. Don’t fret! We are all ‘that mom’.

The above comments about the car seat photo are absurd. The car seat is appropriate for the child’s age and I doubt they were driving when the photo was taken.

kenleigh on

I harldy think that the point of posting that picture of Rain was for everyone to have a meltdown about the carseat. It is not a booster seat, the harness is under her armpit. No she is not buckled correctly however the angle in which the picture was taken shows that someone was right there with her. I can tell you as a mom of three little ones that there is a point where all of them wiggle and try to break free from the restraints. Perhaps this is just a picture showing what the blog talked about. New Mommy adventures and such…

Chris on

I enjoyed reading Marisol’s blog. Wow. I can’t believe how many people jumped on her for the car seat!
Seriously, maybe she wasn’t driving? I really think before judging her so quickly- especially her parenting skills (and really… that is the worst feeling- to be judged as a bad parent… am I right?) we really should take a step back and think about the other possibilities or circumstances surrounding one picture. And if you actually READ her blog, you see that Marisol is a caring parent who does think about the well being of her child. I’m sure she’s not THAT clueless of the basic rules and laws of carseats.
Hope you keep blogging, Marisol!

K on

Please do something about that photo. Marisol may as well be hanging her child out the window by her ankles! She should be rear-facing in a five point harness, not forward facing in a booster with a poorly placed seat belt! I can’t take this blog seriously or even think about anything Marisol says because of that photo!

Sarah on

I think the issue with the photo is mainly because SO MANY people don’t buckle their children correctly that to show photos of this just encourages it.
For some.. it’s a touchy subject especially knowing someone who lost a child in an accident due to improperly being buckled or turning baby around too soon (Chris.. it’s better for the child to remain rear facing)

Cute photo and I am excited to see another Celebrity Blog but I think as an introduction blog that particular photo shouldn’t have been used as automatically people will jump on that and it creates a prickly atmosphere.

Hopefully it doesn’t scare her off though!

I’m actually glad so many spoke up even though it’s clearly not a “moving vehicle” shot it’s still a sight seen way too often when people ARE driving! I myself find I don’t speak up enough and I always end up feeling bad about it. Quite recently it was a friend of mine bringing her newborn around for a visit in a bucket seat with the chest strap down between his legs and the straps themselves hanging off either shoulder, when she unhooked him from the vehicle like that I almost said something but bit my tongue and regretted it since.

Kaylyn on

I loved this blog! Thank you Marisol! And try the Born Free Sippy Cups. They were the easiest way for us to get our girl off the bottle.

K on

-Chris, It’s clear that you aren’t sure of the recommendations either, as you came down hard on mamaof3 for stating that she should be rear-facing. The AAP now recommends that toddlers be kept rear-facing for as long as their convertible car seat allows, which for someone as small as Rain would clearly still be recommended. Most convertible seats allow rear-facing to 35lbs, and toddlers should stay facing the rear until then. It’s better for their necks in case of a collision.

Sara on

It doesn’t matter if they are parked in a parking lot, driving down an interstate or in their driveway, no photo like this should be posted… other ladies are going to see it, think it is okay or must be lawful and do the same.

People threw a fit over brooke burke’s nursery as things in the picture were unsafe and not okay for a nursery (positioning of furniture and decor. THey even came back and made comments as they knew it wasn’t safe and only staged for the photo shoot. Hopefully they will issues a statement over this photo and correct it.

Rosalie on

Marisol, thank you for sharing and welcome to People. Please believe that not all readers are rude and crass. We enjoy your show and you have a beautiful daughter.

Thank you Cris for the link on the carseat. We have the same one. Its a great seat!

Secondly, every state has different SPECIFIC laws regarding age/weight requirements for front and rear facing and harness or seatbelt. But what I’m really shocked at is the stupidity of the people posting here. You read a blog from someone who obviously loves and adores her child. Your common sense should tell you that the child’s safety is her number one priority. I’m sure the circumstances surrounding the photo weren’t torn apart and analyzed except to the point of “Oh, this is an adorable picture of Rain to share with the People readers.” Who would’ve ever guessed what hateful and self-righteous people read these blogs.

Last thought… I’d lay down my own life for my children, in a heartbeat. My husband and I buy what we’ve researched and consider to be be the safest carseats possible (Britax Boulevard Click Safe) for the car they travel in the most. Since they are quite pricey we can’t afford another 2 for my husband’s car, 2 we have the graco Nautilus you see in the pic above. However, once a child turns one, it’s time to turn the seat around. How would you like to ride with your knees jammed up by your ears? I didn’t come by that decision lightly, lots of research and a consult with our pediatrician confirmed my suspicions that keeping a child rear-facing too long would just make them miserable and risk other types of leg and joint injuries in a crash.

Morgan on


The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that you keep a child rear facing for as long as possible. Yes, it is the law that they must be rear facing for one year and twenty pounds, however, children who are rear facing are 5x safer than those who are forward facing.

Loved the blog! 🙂

Heidi on

That is the Graco Nautilus – it has a 5 point harness.
Cris – the minumum (and dated) recommendation for turning a child forward is 20 lbs and one year old. So it is getting more commmon these days for parents to wait longer to turn their child forward as it is safer even if their legs are touching.

Anna on

The moment I saw the photo I knew there would be people complaining about her straps etc etc but i hoped I was wrong…but no of course not.

Please mind your own business, there is nothing wrong with this photo!!! It is nothing like “hanging your child out of a window”. I really hope that there is just a strange imbalance of insane people on this website and that this is not a representation of people in the real world!

Marisol, thanks for your blog. It was interesting and well done on getting your body back! I’m too lazy!

Anonymous on

Beautiful baby girl. Such an adorable grin.
Loved the blog.

Nan on

@Rosalie – Well said!

I love my daughter more than anything in this world, and she’s been forward facing since 9-months (which is 100% legal in my state). It was specifically suggested by our doctor due to her extreme carsickness while rear facing. We couldn’t even go on short trips without her becoming violently ill, which everyone agreed was not good for her. Her doctor said she was strong enough to be forward facing, and now she gets suck far less often. Don’t be so quick to judge ladies.

@Marisol – I noticed the amber teething necklace, do you find those to be helpful with teething pain?

Heather on

Good lord… My son has the same Graco car seat, and he’s about 4 months older than Rain. It’s NOT a booster seat. There’s a 5 point harness, and it converts to a backed booster, and then to a regular booster seat. And yes, likely they weren’t driving at the time. Do you think she’s so stupid to post a photo of her child driving around unbuckled from her car seat, knowing that thousands of people would likely be reading her blog, and ultimately judging her? Get real… oh and the comment about keeping your child rear facing past the age of 2… nuh uh. 20 pounds and 1 year. yeesh.

Honey on

WHOA PEOPLE!!!!! Chill the heck down…for all you know…she could have just bought it & be trying it out & happen to take the picture of Rain because it is simply adorable….I am so sick of this website now…all you “perfect mothers” sit home all day nitpicking at every single little thing you can…blah blah blah is what you sound like…

Anyways…Marisol is gorgeous & so is Rain…I absolutely LOVE her name!!

Melissa on

@Sara, and all the other mothers concerned about the photo… You worry about “other ladies seeing this and think it is okay or must be lawful and do the same.”

Well I WORRY about the children of THOSE mothers who haven’t done their own homework to learn the proper car safety for their OWN child and would have to come to a celebrity blog and look at pictures to learn! That is absurd. I would then further worry about those children’s safety in the bath, while feeding, while sleeping, etc. because those mothers would seem to be clueless! As new mothers it is your own responsibility to educate YOURSELF about the proper safety for your child.

Her daughter is adorable, and it JUST a cute and quirky photo of her! I have tons of those too, and they are by far my favorite photos looking back over the “posed” shots. They have a story and meaning behind them. It was a moment, DOES NOT MEAN SHE IS ADVOCATING IMPROPER CHILD RESTRAINING! I would really like to be a fly on the wall in the house of all these judgmental and obviously PERFECT mothers! Ha!

From this mom who is definitely sharing those knowing looks with you… Welcome Marisol & Rain!

JessicaC on

I never understood the rear facing for as long as possible mentality. My 18 month old isnt tall by any means but rear facing, she just had no where to put her little legs…I dont see how in the event of an accident that could be safe? Once she hit one year old and 20 lbs, we had no choice but to turn her forward…

Bethan on

Wow, I can’t believe the comments on here regarding the photo. Anyone with half a brain cell know that you do not strap a child in a carseat like that, it’s common knowledge. No way is this photo advocating the “incorrect use of car seats”. It is a harmless (very cute) picture of a little girl goofing around and posing for her mother. I’m sorry, but I have tons of photos of my kids in the car, with their arms out of the harnesses and pulling funny faces while I snap photos of them. As soon as I start driving, guess what? The arms go back in the harnesses and are double checked for safety, before we set off.

Second, there is no way that is a booster seat. I have a booster seat for my six year old. That is an appropriate car seat for a 22 month old child. As for the whole rear facing arguments, it’s perfectly legal for a child of 22 months to be forward facing. Like Nan, my eldest son suffered extreme car sickness when rear facing. Since turning him forward nearly five years ago, he’s much better. Marisol is her baby’s mother, I’m sure she knows what she’s doing.

Some people read way too deep into things. The majority of people are not going to be influenced by a photo.

@Marisol, thank you for sharing your experiences with us! I love reading the blogs here on Moms & Babies, they’re my favourite part of the site. I’ve not really followed your work too much (I’m not too much of a TV person) but I look forward to reading about your experience. And your daughter is absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to your next blog entry 😀

Beka on

On the subject of losing the bottle- try introducing a sippy cup with a straw lid. My daughter was able to kick the bottle habit when she was 13 months old by using those sippy cups. Also if she doesn’t want it at the time you give it to her just put it back and try again, she will eventually get the idea that the bottle is not coming back. I hope that helps.

Bethan on

@Melissa, I totally agree with you. When my firstborn arrived, I studied the pamphlets that came with my sons carseat, pushchair, high chair, (even the bouncer) etc. back to front. I didn’t look towards other people for education, I educated myself.

miche on

Marisol – Welcome! Rain is adorable. Thanks for sharing with us! My sister-in-law lives in Shreveport and has a 22 month old boy. She even was an extra on your show a couple months ago.
I have an almost 3 yr old and last summer we had trouble getting her off the bottle, too. Here is how we did it: I tossed all bottles but one and I slightly loosened the top of it. When it “leaked” on her and she said “Oh no, it’s leaking!” I said, “let’s go get a new one!” We went to the store and I showed her all the brightly colored sippee cups. She picked out 4 Dora the Explorer cups as her “new milk cups.” She was so proud of her cups and never asked for a bottle again! Good luck with the switch!

Jane on

Marisol, do not feel pressured to defend your parenting skills to people who don’t actually know you, your family, and in what circumstances this adorable photo was taken. People who don’t know you, weighing in on your life, is the downside to the blogosphere unfortunately!

Thank you for sharing your experiences and I apologize on behalf of the people who commented here for being judgemental and not focusing on the actual substance of your blog entry, which you graciously took the time and energy to compose. It was a great first entry and something every mom can relate to!

Not every mom out there looks at other people’s lives and jumps to conclusions and make assumptions.

And please don’t let this experience hinder your honesty in any future blog entries. Don’t let them censor you and don’t fear these strangers.

Welcome to blogging!

crg on

cris- she is not! My son has this seat- you would clearly see the harness in the harness slots behind her if she simply wasn’t strapped in, and they’re missing. It can be used as a car seat and a booster, clearly they’re using it wrong. It’s actually even more frustrating since that seat can have a 5 point harness- why would they take the straps out??

Megan on

WHOA Ladies CALM DOWN… SERIOUSLY! I am not real sure why some of you think that a 22 month old should be in a rear facing car seat; after 1 year they can be in a forward facing car seat. I think it is ridiculous how some of you are reacting; I mean how do you know she is not sitting in a parking lot getting ready to go into Target when she snapped this picture… GET A GRIP.

Okay moving on; Thank you, Marisol for sharing this blog. I too have been “that mom” in the grocery store; and while it is embarrassing I wouldn’t have it any other way! Your daughter is an absolute doll. Please don’t let some of these comments influence the things you write or the pictures you post. She is your child and just like any other mother YOU know what is best for her!

jj on

Oh get off your soap box people. The car was probably not even moving when she took the picture and if it was I would be more scared about how she was able to take that picture. People blow things way out of proportion! It’s a cute picture!

Dani on

What I want to know is what idiot mother sees a pic of a picture of something improperly done and just because its a celebrity they do the same thing? Give me a break

Great blog Marisol, welcome!


Give that poor woman a break!! Do you think she took that pic while driving? I’m sure she was texting, too!! Geez…
Congrats, Marisol…beautiful little girl you have there. Enjoyed reading your blog as well.

Denise on

Did anyone ever think she was in middle of taking the kid out of the car seat n thought she looked cute! I know I have started putting my kid in car sit and look at him and said ooo what a cute picture this would make. put the claws back in and stop accusing her of doing wrong with out knowing what is going on in the picture!

Mary on

Did you ever once think that maybe, just maybe she was snapping a photo of her daughter right before she was going to buckle her in or right after they got to their destination? Cute little one!

Linda on

You people are insane!! Do you ever think that maybe she took a cute pic of her daughter sitting in her carseat when the car was off? Not moving? She is obviously blocking the 5pt harness, you can see it behind her. Maybe you need to take a second look before you head off on your tangent.

Amy on


My Dr. asked me if I’d rather have a child with a broken leg or a neck injury in the event of a car accident! If you watch videos online showing what happens to a child in a car accident you will completely understand why children should be rear facing for as long as possible. Other countries have children rear-face until 3 years old and the death rate is decreased drastically. They children either tuck their legs in or hang them over the edge. I believe its adults who feel this is an uncomfortable position and not the child!

Marie on

Did anyone stop to think that just maybe she snapped the picture before buckling her child in?? I have done that before because my kiddo was doing something cute and I happened to have the camera in hand.
I love what she says about being a mother is like having her heart walk around outside of her body…so very very true! I cannot imagine not being a mother! I adore my three children and am so blessed to have them!
Thanks Marisol for sharing this blog!!

Jen on

If you look at the entire picture, you can see its an actual carseat… SO quit the booster seat comments. Not even sure a picture at that sort of angel would be possible if they were driving! Therefore one can probably assume the car was NOT moving and Rain was just being silly so a photo was taken… Chill out people…

Your baby is beautiful, and thanks for sharing with us!

Christie on

I also have this carseat and it starts out with a 5-point harness then when they child has outgrown that it switches to a highback booster using the car’s seatbelt, which it appears is what is showing in this picture. I was a bit surprised as well to see a 22-month old not still in the 5-point harness in this picture. If you look closely you can tell she it has been removed and she is using the car’s seatbelt. My daughter is the one that uses this seat and is 5 1/2. She is a petite little thing weighing 35 lbs and is about 43″ tall. She is STILL using the 5-point harness – I plan to use it for as long as possible!!

Debra on

Wow! Don’t you people have anything better to do than to condemn a person/pace/thing that you have no idea the circumstances? Seriously, get a life and get over yourselves, who died and made you the boss? Think about it folks, how would you take that kind of a photo in a moving car?

Beautiful happy little girl, congrats on getting your pre-preggie body back (as much as we can) and most of all, for having your priorities straight! Being a mother is a gift not an entitlement! And you’re right, being a mother is hard work (if done correctly) but so worth it!

Becky on

Seriously people?! Wow! I agree, warm welcome to Marisol! GET OVER YOURSELVES! You can obviously tell that the person who took the picture is standing outside of the car, not inside. She probably sat her down, she made a cute face, Marisol took a cute picture, then buckled her in and they were on their way. Wow! I cannot believe you guys! Marisol – LOVE your blog! I am excited to read the others! And just ignore all the haters….they have nothing else to do.

jennp on

ok, if anyone looks at this picture then thinks to themself, “gee, i think i’ll go put my baby in their carseat and leave it unbuckled while i drive somewhere”, shouldn’t have kids in the first place. i didn’t think twice about the photo until i started reading all the comments. it seems like common sense that they weren’t driving when they took the photo. and for anyone to say a two year old shouldn’t be in a booster seat, you obviously don’t have a 26 month old that weighs 44 pounds and has outgrown their carseat. by the way, they make booster carseats with the 5 point harness that goes from 22-65 pounds, which is what i think the seat in the picture is.

CK on

While I would agree the tot is beautiful, the carseat is a booster seat and the car seatbelt is not properly put on. Whether or not the car is in motion, the child is still in the car and the seatbelt should in fact be on over her chest and not under her arm!!! The mom looks great!

alexa on

agree w Robyn…everyone take a chill pill!

mamafor3 on

For those of you not “understanding” the extended rear facing movement: YouTube rear facing crash tests and you’ll understand. Childrens heads are HUGE and HEAVY compared to their little bodies. If they are forward facing, and you are in a severe front end crash, their heads can detach from their spines and kill them. It’s called internal decapitation and it’s not as rare as you think. Do your research. They make carseats now (available in the US and Canada) that rear face until 45 pounds. It’s safer to adults to be rear facing too. I would if I could.
Which would you rather for your child in the horrific event of a severe crash:

or this:
I would also look into the story (it’s on youtube) about a little boy named Joel.

KH on

@JessicaC – It has nothing to do with the legs. It’s about the neck having support if the car is in a head-on crash. A child’s neck can’t survive whiplash as well as an adult.

I fully planned to keep my daughter rear facing until she was 35 lbs, but I learned a few months ago that it wasn’t an option because she has developed terrible motion sickness.

I had to turn her seat around when she was barely 20 lbs to keep her from throwing up. It was not an easy choice, but I feel like it was the best one for her.

Please remember there are legit reasons why a person might circumvent a generalized reccomendation so please don’t judge when you can’t possibly know all the facts.

Anonymous on

OK the next time you take a picture of your kids in a certain situation just think about what people would think of it and be worried about what people would have to say about you has a parent..she could have just got back home and her daughter was was being cute….so she snapped a pic..and right after she probably finished unbuckling her so she can get out and go about their lives…all i can say is WOW….ignorant people…

Katie on

Welcome to the Baby Blog, Marisol! Sorry your first one was met with so much hostility, you’ll find people on here love to play Mommy of the Year any chance they get whether they have the facts or not! 🙂

Jenn on

Holy crap! I feel like I just walked into a room full of crazy. “OH MY GOD SHE IS NEGLIGENT! TAKE THIS PHOTO DOWN PEOPLE! MY EYES DON’T WORK PROPERLY! WHY IS MY CAPLOCK STUCK ON!!”

Clearly she is sitting on the straps and the car was in park. Maybe they were playing in the car, maybe she was climbing over a playmates car seat after a playdate, maybe they took that photo sitting in an airport terminal or maybe she was just playing on her car sear… I could go on forever. There needs to be an IQ requirement for posting on blogs.

Erin on

I have to admit that I seriously laughed out loud when I started reading these posts. I hope you mom’s that immediately jumped at the chance to “damn” Marisol for putting her 22 month old in a booster, actually went back and looked again only to realize the harness straps are CLEARLY behind the baby. Also, I have a 27 month old that is 37 inches tall – if you think for one minute my baby is still rear facing you have lost your minds. In an accident her legs would snap like twigs. Keep your opinions to yourself until you have a real argument about a photo and the damage it is doing. In the event that you are completely incapable of that, really OBSERVE a picture before you get yourselves in a tizzy and look like an idiot on a popular blog.

Lorelai on

Hi Marisol

sorry the haters are all at it today! congratulations on your beautiful daughter Rain. I live in South America (I’m latin)and I watched you in 24, wonderful show! I am also a FT working mom, and it is not a walk down the park. I have a 3yr old girl and a 8 month old boy, it gets harder as the children grow! I am looking forward to reading your next blog. Mad props for working hard and getting the rocking body back! all the best!

Stephanie on

Wow…that is all I can really say. This poor mom is going to read all of these comments and just die that her cute picture was taken this way. Like others have said…CALM DOWN!!! Again wow ladies, so much for supportive women/mothers network.

Karen on

You and your daughter are gorgeous!! I look forward to reading your blog and reading your stories about your daughter! Busy momma!! I hear ya on the Target! LOL

HL on

I would like to address the rear facing issue. All of you who are against it are misinformed.

Car accidents are the #1 killer of children in the United States. A rear facing toddler is 75% less likely to die or have injuries in a crash. They are also 5 x safer.
PLEASE do your research before you state the 1 & 20 rule. It’s actually 2 & 30 now. My son will continue to rearfce until he’s at least 3 yrs old. In Sweden they rf until at least 4, and their child death rate in car accidents is close to 0%. CONVENIENCE DOES NOT TRUMP SAFETY!!!

A child’s skeleton does not calcify until at least 3. In an accident a toddler’s neck can stretch several inches in a crash. It only takes 1/4″ to snap.
There have been NO reported incindents of broken legs while rf. But many while ff. They can put their legs in many positions. Plus just “hanging” there while ff can make their legs fall asleep. I mean, is it comfortable for YOU to have no leg support while sitting? Plus, kids never sit with their legs straight out. They like being scrunched. Some car seats have more leg room then others.
I’d rather have a broken leg then a broken neck.

Plus, the side impact prtecting while rf is supperior. And they have seats that rf to 45# now.

Please check out these links before assuming the 1yr 20# law is actually safest, because it is NOT.

Visit to talk to real CPST technicians.

Look at this crash test. IT HAS BEEN PROVEN AGAIN AND AGAIN.

Please see Joel’s journey (an 18 mth old who broke his neck)

2 is the new 1

WHY rf is safest

Also, do not booster until at least 5 yrs old when they are mature enought to sit in position 100% of the time. And they have to be at least 4’9 and pass the 5 step test to just use a seatbelt.

When rf, straps should be at or below shoulders. ff should be at or just above. CHEST CLIP SHOULD BE AT ARMPIT LEVEL. Not over soft tissue! And this is all moot if the straps aren’t snug (where you can’t pinch any looseness) or if the car seat is inccorectly installed. Use the top tether while ff.

And make sure their is less than 1″ of movement at the beltbath.

And lastly. CAR SEATS EXPIRE!!!!!!!!!!

We must keep our kids as safe as possible. They have no voice.

T. on

honestly comments should be closed on this site people are so judgmental and rude. They also apparently think the readers of this blog are dumb and can not make parenting decisions on their own.

HL on

People LEGS aren’t the issue! What about your kid’s neck??? JEEZ. Do your research please.

Rizzy on

Kids’ legs are very flexible. They can comforatbly stay rear-facing even with bent legs. If you do your research instead of making assumptions, you would knnow that. And, even if their legs did break, the saying goes: “Broken leg, CAST it. Broken neck, casket.” Here’s is information that will answer all of the inevitable questions and myths (“what if you are rear-ended?” “won’t their legs break?”, etc.)

1 year AND 20lbs is a BARE Minimun for safety. Who wants the minimum for their kids? If you read the manual for your car seat, they ALL state that the best practice is to keep them rear-facing as long as possible.

crg on


svp on


I so enjoyed your blog and look forward to your posts and more pictures of your gorgeous daughter. I really hope that the comments at the beginning did not completely turn you off. I am really shocked by them.
Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

MamaA on

OMG! Stop freaking out you “bored out of your mind” mommies! It’s a PICTURE! Stop drawing conclusions as to what the situation is so you can have something to whine about. This is not a photo in CHILDREN’S SAFETY MANUAL, it’s just a photo of a kid! RELAX! I give a lot of props to Marisol for keeping her daughter close to her, unlike some other celebrities who hand it off to the nanny. It’s not like a mom is going to look at this and say, WOW, well if Marisol puts her kid like that, I WILL TOO! Jeeze, you you mommies due is yap yap yap. Go look after your kid.

wow on

Congrats on your lovely daughter and becoming a wonderful mother!
All your hard work – taking care of your child and getting your body back certainly paid off, you look amazing!
I hope to see more articles about your experiences as a working mom.
All the best to you and your family.

nlp on

WOW people! calm down, jeez…anyone who takes tips on how to strap their child in from a picture in a MAGAZINE should have them taken away. for cryin out loud people!! obviously its just a cute pic of her daughter playing around. its not a booster seat and you can clearly see the harness behind her and the strap in between her knees/feet (not to mention 22 months is PLENTY old enough to be front facing.)

all i can say is wow what a warm welcome you gave this poor girl. wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t blog again.

Love the Gates btw! And the Griswalds for that matter, lol…

Kate on

Wow, you people really need to have your eyes checked, the harness’s straps are NOT THERE, there are EMPTY SLOTS behind her. This is the carseat:

So she DOESN’T use it properly, she has her using the belt across. Regardless, it’s so funny to read all this madness, makes me wonder…

Marie on

@mamafor3 I could not imagine my daughter who at 3 years old was 3 feet tall and 40 lbs being rear facing. There is no way no matter how flexible she is that she would sit all crunched up. I agree car seat safety is EXTREMELY important but not all children are the same shape and size so not all children can be rear facing until ages 2 or 3. And to all the mothers out there who still have their 5 year old who weighs more than 40-45 lbs are you still using the LATCH because you are at that point supposed to switch it to the seat belt to secure in the car seat. Just making that point because with everone screaming about weights and heights no one has mentioned this fact.
It kills me how mothers tear each other apart instead of being supportive. ::shakes head::

nlp on

for the people who keep saying “bare minimum” – the child is 22 months not like 13 or 14!!! nor do we have any idea of her weight. wow calm down….

Karla on

I am going to assume that the car was turned off. She could be getting in or out of the car. You sound like a bunch of old busy bodies. And yes I am a grandma.

Kate on

Exactly, crg! I said the same thing when I saw it.

Rizzy on

“I could not imagine my daughter who at 3 years old was 3 feet tall and 40 lbs being rear facing.”

That’s good, because it would probably not be safe. Most seats have a rear-facing limit of 35-40lbs (some newer ones go to 45lbs). When people say to Rear-face as long as possible, they mean as long as the seat allows. You need to have 1 inch left from the top of your child’s head and the top of the seat and the child needs to be within the seat rear-facing weight-limit. If your kid has outgrown the rear-facing limit of your seat, you can’t keep them rear-facing. However, most kids can still be Rf-ing at age two.

Electra on

Some of you are really frightening people. Where do you live?? Because I’ve encountered many moms but none as judgmental as those that post here. You sound CRAZY. Completely raving mad. You can’t tell what as going on outside this photo and if you’re “encouraged” to belt your child in this way because of a photo you aren’t fit to have children.

JessMo on

You people are nuts! Don’t read the articles if all you can do is complain! Is this how you get enjoyment out of your day while your kids have nap time?

Amy on

Please ladies look again – the carseat is a 5 point harraness that converts to a booster when needed.

Mallory on

Marisol, please ignore all the jerks who feel the need to read far too much into one little photograph. Then again, you should probably explain yourself in your next blog so they can all CALM THE HECK DOWN. Welcome to CBB and thanks for a fun blog!

Geez louise, people. She is a mother and she does have a brain! The chances of her driving with Rain like that are SLIM and NONE. No mother would let her kid be in a car seat like that while a car is moving. Calm down and stop judging others because chances are you’re not perfect, either!!!

LP on

@ K and the other hysterical posters: Who are these stupid parents who think a picture on a celebrity blog equates “how to instructions” on child safety! It’s a family picture, not a picture on the car seat box.

JBH on

Sorry ladies new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics:

Infants who weigh 20 lb before 1 year of age should ride rear facing in a convertible seat or infant seat approved for higher weights until at least 1 year of age. If a car safety seat accommodates children rear facing to higher weights, for optimal protection, the child should remain rear facing until reaching the maximum weight for the car safety seat, as long as the top of the head is below the top of the seat back.

Brooke on

Wow people are so judgmental. I had to take a second look at this picture to see what all the fuss was about. It’s obviously a sweet, innocent picture that was taken intentionally. Rain is in no danger. No mother on here is perfect, so quit criticizing other people.
Marisol- Your daughter is adorable. Can’t wait to read your next blog. Don’t forget, you have nothing to prove to anyone on here.

Christie on

@Kate – thank you!! I thought I was going nuts NOT being able to see these straps everyone was talking about :)! Like I mentioned in my earlier post, my daughter has this seat and still uses the harness so I know what it looks like with them in.

I feel bad about my earlier post because I hate coming across like I am judging Marisol – I think the fact that a product I use was in a picture got me all excited :)! Marisol – you sound like you are enjoying motherhood – it is great even with all it’s chaos and craziness!! Congrats on getting that bikini body back – you look great!

Tess on

I’m with you Electra…this is frightening. They’re all trying to “out-mom” the other. It’s a cutesy photo of a little girl, not documentary photography.

Erin on

YAY Marisol! thank you for responding to all the chatter!!!

Lesley on

This is insane!! Odds are she was getting in or out of the car seat when the picture was taken! The number of times people have written, “Other mom’s will see it and then think its OK!?!” Give me a break, if someone is that easily misguided then they far bigger problems! It’s called personal responsibility. Any half decent mother read the instructions for their child’s car seat and would not see a picture and instantly stop buckling her child in. Pathetic! Truly pathetic!

JessicaC on

geez people, how condescending can you possibly be? Believe me, Im AWARE that a child’s neck is more important then their legs, so get off your soapboxes and acting like you’re “teaching the rest of us a lesson” When the kids legs just dont fit, then they just dont fit! There’s no way Im going to tie my kids legs up into a pretzel in order to cram them into a seat. I see the sanctimommies are out and rabid today.

Renae on

You can see over her shoulder that it is NOT being used as 5-point harness. It’s OBVIOUSLY being used in booster mode for a not even 2 year old. That’s illegal in most states. And unsafe and ignorant in EVERY state. Please please please protect your baby and either rear face her or at the very least put her in a 5-point harness!!!

JS on

I didn’t read the article or the blog, just noticed the car seat and the seat belt. My daughter is 23 pounds at 24 months, and uses the 5 point harness in the exact same car seat. Lets just be glad that we are talking about car seat safety. No one is perfect, and lets move on and check our kids seats to make sure they are being used the right way.

Renae on

For those thinking that rear facing is unsafe, THINK AGAIN! We were t-boned just 3 weeks ago and my 2.5 year old (27lb, 37inches tall) daughter was REAR FACING and took 99.9% of the impact (hit HER door) and guess what? She walked away without a scratch. Not a single injury whatsoever.

M on

I saw the picture and only thought how cute is that little baby. You all moms that believe are super moms maybe are commiting some mistakes too! Relax and stop being ridiculous.

jessicad on

Lesley I was thinking the same thing, I don’t get car seat instructions from a celebrity picture. I never would’ve noticed anything wrong with this picture because I come to this site for fun instead of trying to tear others down or make them feel stupid. I swear some of you just can’t wait to be the first one to find something wrong so you can feel better about yourselves as parents. Plus there are nicer ways to tell someone they may have their child buckled in wrong. I bet you guys are the type of Moms who loudly huff and puff and roll your eyes if a child starts screaming in the grocery store, instead of doing like Marisol mentioned and shoot a knowing smile.

donna on

Oh my gosh! Way to welcome a new blogger ladies. It is just a photo taken of her daughter “sitting” in her car seat. Geez. I don’t know why so many people had to jump all over her for not knowing how to “properly restrain her child” Has noone else ever taken a photo of their child playing in the car? I have one of my daughter when she was 18 months old sitting in the driver’s seat. I guess if I posted that picture I would get all kinds of comments about how I should not be letting her drive, and she should be in the back seat, Etc. Give it a rest!!

Angie on

Wow, I didn’t know there was a chance of ‘expectant mothers’ visiting the People website in order to learn how to buckle in their children.

Stop pitching fits over a harmless picture.

Welcome, Marisol. You look great; your baby is adorable; and I found your blog funny! Keep it up and don’t you mind the Stepford Wives mommies on here.

Laissez les bon temps rouler! Enjoy LA!

Allison on

Marisol, Even though the manual says you CAN use the seat as a booster with the car’s seat belt beginning at 30 lbs, doesn’t mean it is the best option. In fact, it is the most dangerous option for your child. At her age, please put the harness back into the seat and secure her forward facing with a 5 point harness until 40 lbs. I left my kids rear-facing until 2 yrs old, I think even longer for my daughter. But if you are doing it forward facing, at least use the 5 point harness. My daughter is 6 and is still in a 5 point harness. There are seats that are 5 point harnesses until 80 lbs now.

Diane on

Ok, Look harder at the picture. The Right side is by the dorr/wall of the car. Inless she has some fancy car, they are not using the cars seat belt to restrain the child. it looks to me like the babay is on the way in or out of the seat….. Ya know before she’s buckled in or after the buckles were undone. Lord…. If only put that much focus on their OWN children!!!!

Erin on

everyone needs to go to the bottom of Marisols blog and read her updated posting. After that, for the love of all that is good in this earth, PLEASE STOP passing judgement. She HAS addressed your concerns. MOVE ON.

Mamma Mamma on

Oh my God! You women that are INCORRECTLY whining that Rain is “not in the right car seat, not buckled up correctly, not facing the right way” need to get a life and get your health and safety information CORRECT before you try and accuse a person of inaccuracies! The child is obviously not buckled because the car is NOT moving, the car seat is CLEARLY facing the CORRECT way, and she is absolutely in the correct car seat. Some people are beyond clueless.It is embarrassing that these women are fellow “mothers”.

Penny on

Marisol, Your daughter is adorable! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her little outfit. Thanks for the blog post and welcome to CBB!!

And to all the crazies on here – I’m the mom of a 12 month old and I was really looking forward to moving her forward-facing, but every doctor we have seen and even the hospital have urged us to look into the American Academy of Pediatrics and keep our little girl rear-facing until TWO. It USED to be one and 20 pounds but more and more people are suggesting longer. No need to go ape crazy, you can all look it up yourself!

Suzanne on

Well if nothing else this post help stir up some attention to car seat safety. And by looking at the comments it made it pretty clear that while most people wouldn’t take car seat safety cues by looking at a celebrity photo, lots of people don’t know what the most current guidelines are and the issues related to car seat safety. So without criticizing anyone, here are the facts.

1) The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children ride rear facing until at least two years and preferably as long as they meet the guidelines for the car seat (generally 35 pounds and some height limit).

2) They also suggest that children remain in a 5 point harness as long as possible, up to the weight limit allowed by the car seat. You can get a car seat that allow this up to at least 85 pounds.

3) A child who is forward facing is 60% more likely to be severely injured in an accident and to sustain an injury to their head or neck. A child who is forward facing sustains most of the impact in a collision to their head and neck. A rear facing child does not because the car seat cradles their head. These types of injuries in forward facing children in a collision include severed spinal cord and paralysis, if the child is lucky enough to survive.

4) There is not a documented case of severe injury to a child (broken hips, legs) from being in a rear facing car seat beyond the age of 1. Even so, a broken leg is far easier to deal with than a severed spinal cord.

5) Yes there are children who have severe motion sickness or for some reason cannot ride rear facing, there are always exceptions. But if your child is forward facing simply because it’s easier for you or because they want a better view, understand the consequences should you be involved in an accident and weigh whether it’s worth it.

meghan on

I wouldn’t blame poor Marisol one bit if she never wanted to blog here again. Her response to your judgemental carping was far too kind. As far as is the harness in or not, anyone who can see anything past Rain’s shoulders must have Xray eyes, because her back is blocking the slots completely. I trust that Marisol does the research on what is best for her daughter and that is ALL that matters.

-D- on

I was reading the comments and I kept noticing that it said that other mothers will see how the child is strapped in and do it that way too.

1. Perhaps she wasn’t in transit, because that is a pretty clear picture to be moving.

2. If a mother can’t make a decision for herself without seeing what a celebrity is doing first, if they are that stupid then they have bigger problems than worrying about a car seat picture.

Lizz on

That baby should still be in a 5 point harness carseat at 22 months, not a booster seat.

Please people. It is not a soapbox. Get educated about carseat safety. Just because it is legal to turn around your child at 1 year and 20 pounds, it is safest to be rearfacing. Watch videos of crash test dummies. Rear-face to the proper limits.

Romy on

it was nice of you to respond, but I would still consider your car seat options. We have my 5.5yo in the same seat, but using the 5 point harness still. we chose this after someone directed me to youtube videos of the difference between using the seatbelt compared to the 5pt harness. We also left our 2nd child rear facing until 2yo due to watching youtube crash test videos. of course it’s up to you, but something to consider. I didn’t read any of the other comments, just wanted to give my thoughts to you. and you look great in your bikini!

Kate on

@meghan and the rest: read Marisol’s update up above. She’s using belt, NOT harness which is just wrong for such small child. It’s really amazing to me that people are saying otherwise and defending her.

Pam on

At 22 months old she should be using the 5 point harness. I have this seat and I can tell when the straps are in it for the 5 point harness. They’re not. That’s a seatbelt under her arm. Most states have laws that require a child under 4 and 40lbs to be in a 5 point harness. The Nautilus is a great seat, when used properly. I’d hate to see a story on here where this mom is blogging about losing her child, or having a child that is disabled because of improper use of a car seat.
People/Celebrity Baby Blog needs to let parents know that this is not the right way to use this seat for a child of 22 months. Doesn’t matter if the car was in motion or not. Seat is still being used wrong. Let people know, use a disclaimer or something.

Romy on

to ‘JessicaC’ and anyone else who mentioned baby’s legs getting too long rear facing–that is not an issue. Much better for baby to have broken legs in a crash than a broken neck. Broken legs are much more easily repaired, while a broken neck you may lose your child. you can see it in crash test videos. I have seen kids sit rear facing until 3yo with no issues. People in other countries often do this because it is normal there and safer.

Eileen on

So the poster who said “a 2 year old rear facing? NOO.”

Before you bash, read about it some.

My son was rear facing until THREE years old. My 7 year old is still in a 5-point harness.

“It is strongly recommended that all children stay rear-facing beyond the minimum requirements of 1 year and 20 lbs”

Nan on

I already commented above about my child’s severe carsickness, and how we had to turn her early. However, had this not happened, we were planning to keep her rear facing until two years old. I knew it was safer, but for us, it was trickier. Our Dr. actually recommended flipping it at six months, but I was appalled by that suggestions. It wasn’t until she started to lose her stomach contents on five minute rides, that we realized we couldn’t do it anymore. She had other digestive issues, too, so the extreme vomiting was a pretty big deal when combined with her other issues. I was so scared all the time until she turned one, and still worry all the time about car accidents. I don’t drive, due to severe anxiety around driving, so she is only in a car twice a week for very short trips, which helps relieve somebody my stress. All this to say, if your child doesn’t have a medical reason to be flipped early, I wouldn’t risk it, but that’s just me. Same goes for going from harness to seatbelt earlier then needed.

marcy on

Just saying Hi and how awesome you are! Thanks for keeping it real and showing others that you to are human. I actually got a lot of really good information from your blog and am going to do things a bit differently. My baby boy Eric was born on Christmas Day 2008. If I have to run errands, I always planned around his nap schedule or everyone else and have been putting myself last.

I had to deliver our 2nd baby boy early because he did not have a heartbeat. I felt broken. I now have extra weight AND no BABY and people keep congratulating me on my pregnancy. I can not be the person that crawls inside and hides because my 19 month old needs me but believe me, I would.

My child heals my heart and lights my life with his gentle touch or his sweet kisses. I am developing my own Organic Line “The Sweetest Kisses”, with clothes, lotions, shampoos, sunscreen, bug spray and all the good stuff for him so I can keep him as happy as he makes me 🙂 It is kindof like what you said…..get the baby squared away, then it is OUR TIME.

I really appreciate that you raise up other mommies and just allow people see that you struggle just as much as the next person. Big hugs and lot of Love!

Paulina on

It’s very sad that people do not do proper research when it comes to their children’s safety. A nearly 2 yr. old is NOT ready to be in a booster for many reasons, including the fact that it’s ILLEGAL. In countries like Sweden, children RF up to 4 or 5 yrs. old because it’s the SAFEST way for them to ride.

Please, please, please google why it’s safe to RF as long as possible and what can happen when a child is in a booster/seat belt too early.

Nicole Carlson on

I’m a Child Passenger Safety Technician AND Instructor.

This photograph is propagating potentially dangerous information, and it’s unfortunate that people in the media do not take more responsibility when posting photographs such as this. Car crashes are the #1 cause of death among children in the United States. Not only should a 22 month old not be using a carseat in booster mode (even if this photo is only staged), they should STILL be rear-facing. The current recommendation is that children rear-face until AT LEAST 2 years of age, and with seats available that allow for rear-facing to 45lbs they can really rear-face until schoolage. The Graco Nautilus may well be a great seat, but it is an inappropriate choice for a 22 month old child. Period. Most children are not ready for a booster until at least age 5 or 6.

You can’t replace your children. Keep them safe.

Alison on

Rain is FAR to young to be using that seat as a booster with the seat belt and yes, she should still be rear-facing (according to the American Academy of Pediatrics toddlers should rear face for a MINIMUM of 2 years- that whole 1 yr and 20 lbs is an OBSOLETE recommendation). Rain needs to at least be back into the 5 pt harness.

toni on

I think that this blog has changed for the worse. I can’t remember someone being attack like this. The internet makes it possible for people to write nasty comments anonymously. Things you would never say to a person face. If I was Marisol this would be my last blog.

Nicole on

I have this car seat, and there is no way the harness is properly threaded. I can see the harness slots, and there is no harness coming out of it. So it’s either in booster mode (using the vehicle seatbelt to restrain) or you have the belt seriously misrouted.

Lola on

Did you people freaking out over the seat ever stop to think for one minute that this was a photoshoot??? I work with magazines and your so called candid shots are staged. You have alot to learn before you condemn people. You push out a kid or two and think your know it alls.
How about welcoming Marisol instead.

HL on


Marisol, she needs to have the harness put back in her Nautilus ASAP! One, you’re breaking the law, two, she would submarine in even a small crash and be killed. Please think of her safety!

This is Belle’s gift, a 3 yr old who died in a booster.

Catherine on

Hmmm, read the “update” she doesn’t clarify whether or not her daughter is in the harness or belt (I can’t see the harness coming out of the slots?) and her bolding of the “30-100lbs) seems to imply that it is being used as a belt positioning booster.

Many states have laws requiring children to be harnessed to 4 and regardless of the law it’ s really not the safest option to have a not-even-two year old in a booster. I agree, this is an awesome seat, make the most of it by using it to the limits (or at least a little closer to them!)

Al on

She mentioned that the car was not in motion when she took the pic. But doesn’t anyone realize that even if she isn’t driving, or anyone one else out there who does this, that someone else driving can still hit your car and the child can still be hurt. The problem with the picture is she is using the seatbelt, not the harmess for a child so young, may even be illegal. No the harness is NOT installed, you can plainly see it has been removed.

Brenda on


It’s great that you responded to the readers’ comments regarding your car seat usage, but I hope that you will research the issue further. Ideally, a 22 month old would still be rear-facing (you can view Joel’s Journey on YouTube to see why), but at the very least, a 22 months old need to be in a 5 point harness, which fortunately your Graco Nautilus has. She won’t be ready to use the Nautilus as a highback booster until she is at least 4 years old, but closer to 5 or 6 years old is actually when most kids have the ability to always stay in position in a booster seat (you can view Belle’s Gift on YouTube about the dangers of young children in booster seats). Please research the issue (hopefully, you will decide to buy a new convertible car seat to rear-face her after you have researched extended rear-facing), and I hope that you will at least put the 5 point harness back into the Nautilus to use. The information at NHTSA is out of date if it is not encourage parents to rear-face until at least 2 years old, but by the term “forward-facing” NHTSA means a seat with a 5 point harness, not a booster seat.

Rachel on

I too was appauled when I read that Marisol’s baby was 22 months and was not in the harnessed seat. I do understand that Marisol responded and quoted the manual as saying 30 lbs… BUT… why in the world would you buy a seat that has a harness up to SIXTY FIVE pounds and take the harness out at 30???? WHY? The whole point of the Nautilus carseat is to extend harnessing as long as possible. That’s why so many companies are making higher weight limits for harnessing. What else would be the point.

The longer a child can be harnessed the safer they will be.

And she even quotes the NHTSA as saying around 4 years and 40 lbs… her daughter is nowhere close to either. Period.

And it matters not that they weren’t driving while the picture was taken. If the child has the seat belt on improperly (under the armpit as many children will do because the shoulder strap is uncomfortable) then it’s likely she’ll do that while the car is driving without the driver noticing.

Please Marisol, for your daughter’s safety put the harness back on that seat!

A on

I’m far more annoyed by the comments than the photo. 🙂 From where I stand, bashing moms and calling them judgmental and worse, is being extremely judgmental, especially when making the worst possible assumption about their intentions. Many people who care about and are educated about car seat safety do so because they care about children, not to judge anyone. They volunteer, taking their own time to help others with their car seats and often have to hold their tongue in very difficult situations where the person has their 22 month old in a booster.

The main concern is whether this seat is being used in booster or harness mode. Where are people seeing the harness? I don’t see it in either harness slot visible on the right. If it is in the lower slot and I don’t see it, then it is probably below her shoulder level and needs to be moved up. The reason people are suggesting rear facing is that we know at the age of 13-23 months it is 5X safer. The research has been done and the AAP has issued the recommendation to rear face toddlers. While rear facing as long as we want may not always be possible (I personally had to turn one of my children forward facing at 22 months), that does not change the fact that it is best practice. There are a lot of myths out there about leg room and comfort and the irrational fear of broken legs that is not supported by data.

My 2 year old is over 3 feet tall and she loves rear facing, has no trouble fitting her legs (no pretzels required), and she’s not even in a particularly deep seat. I know if this is a new thing to you, it may be hard to imagine, but if you saw it in real life, it would not match that picture in your head. 🙂 But the big issue here was the concern over a 22 month old being in a booster and I have seen no evidence to dispute that. Sometimes when people sound like they are criticizing it is only because they care. Car crashes are still the leading killer of children.

Finally, it is silly to think that anyone would get their car seat information from a photo on a celebrity blog. It is ridiculous. Yet, have you ever talked to other people about car seat safety? Look at some of the information in these very comments. A lot of people know very little on the topic (to be fair, it is not common knowledge and a topic you have to work to learn about) and as sad and ridiculous as it sounds, based on my experience, I believe it could happen.

We are all trying to be good moms, none of us is perfect, but we can help each other by sharing the knowledge each of us has. Speaking up to help protect a child from their leading killer does not make a mom perfect, nor does it make them a judgmental monster.

CPSTKay on

I am a CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician). And while your dd is adorable, and you are rocking that bikini…your precious angel, is not as protected as she could be. It is now recommended that children rear face as long as possible for optimal protection. Just because a seat is rated for 30lbs to use in booster mode, does not mean that it is intended for a 30lbs 22mo old baby. Children that age, should remain rear facing. They are significantly more protected then in a forward facing seat. I urge you to do some research. Just google ‘internal decapitation’. It should be enough to convince any parent to rear face their child.

Just remember, being mother means always learning. Always looking for what is best for our children. Even when that means accepting something is different from what we know to be true. We all want what is best for our kids. Forward facing a 22mo old child (be it in a booster or harness) is simply not ‘best’.

Jen S on

Marisol, your baby should still be rear-facing! There is what’s legal and what’s safest! It’s appears she is using the Graco Nautilus as a seat-belted booster, not a five-point harness. This isn’t a parenting skills difference, it’s a matter of protecting our most precious-gifts, our children!

Being a celebrity doesn’t make one a parenting expert (cough, cough, Gisele Buchen.) I couldn’t even read the blog, all I saw was the picture. Take the advice of many of the wise ladies above me and put that baby in the correct carseat! (if you don’t want to do rear-facing, get her back in a 5 pt harness!)

ctl on


I can see that you’ve read many of the readers’ posts and have written your own addendum to address their concerns. I hate to say it, but your additional notes sounded a little defensive and angry.

Using a 5-point harness is definitely safer, as many readers have pointed out in a variety of ways. It’s true that the chances of your daughter getting seriously hurt or killed are pretty slim, fortunately, so I can understand why lots of readers are getting angry at the fact that dozens of posters are “getting on your case about it.” But, look at it this way — why take that chance? Does using the 5-point harness cause so much more hassle or take up too much time when getting her in? I can’t think of any good reasons why you shouldn’t use the 5-pt restraints, given that this car seat offers that configuration…

P.S. All the posters who are lambasting people for incorrectly assuming that Marisol is using the lap belt, not the 5-pointer, should re-read Marisol’s own words above, where she emphasizes the weight requirement for using a lap belt. And then you should eat your words! 🙂

(And yes, rear-facing is safer, too, but Rain is almost 2 so it may not matter that much at this point…)

mommytoane on

Ok perhaps I’m blind, but I don’t see where it says what seatbelt she was using, other than that she was NOT DRIVING, and that it converts in time. NOT DRIVING people. Srsly, go stand in front of a mirror people. Say “I am not perfect, I make choices right for my family and I will not judge those who make different choices than I do.” Trust me. It helps ladies.
Marisol, ty for such a wonderful blog post and for your response. 🙂 Your little Rain is a doll.

Kat_momof3 on

the info on rearfacing vs. forward facing is now outdated… here is the current info from the american academy of pediatrics –

It is best for children to ride rear-facing as long as possible to the highest weight and height allowed by the manufacturer of their convertible seat. When they have outgrown the seat rear-facing, they should use a forward-facing seat with a full harness as long as they fit.

mandy on

please do some research and make that pretty little girl safe…poor poor baby.

BTW my car has 3 little RFers ages 4, 18 mo and 3 mo. They are safest because I researched and learned what was better for my child. You learn and do better…that’s all you can do!

crg on

Okay, well either I’m blind or there is NO HARNESS in that seat, or she has made a mistake by placing the harness sooo low that we can’t see it. If a baby is forward facing the harness needs to be in slots above shoulder level.

Marisol, thank you for posting the car seat information, but are you using a lap belt or the harness? If the harness, then why isn’t it visible? I don’t see it.

crg on

Maybe the fact that she just highlighted 30-100 pounds means that her daughter is over 30 pounds and therefore she has her in a lap belt. If this is the case then, yes, technically she can use it like that, but I don’t know anybody who would do it, especially with a child of that age.

The issue is

NOT that she’s forward facing
NOT that she’s not belted improperly in this photo (because the car is not moving)

The issue IS that she is obviously using a seat belt, and even if she is using it properly when the car is in motion, having a child under 2 in a seat belt is dangerous, in my opinion.

Notice in her “reply” that she didn’t state one way or the other whether she is is using the belt or a harness, only stated guidelines. I don’t mean to attack her, I just think she’s not outright admitting to putting her daughter in a belt vs. using the harness- and if her daughter is over 30 lbs., then that is her, and her husband’s, choice.

I have a suspicion that she might switch her back to that harness now, though!

Dina on

That seat is absolutely and completely unsuitable for a child that age. Legally a child can face forward at 20# and 1 year. HOWEVER, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the CPSC have ammended their recommendations to RF within the limits of the seat. Now clearly there are no rear facing limits to that seat. It is for a 5 year old not a not even 2 year old.

Given that it is legal, and the child is clearly over 20#, it is still ridiculous that the child is not in a 5 point harness.

And Marisol, just because there are minimums, and the child meets the minimums, doesn’t mean that it is acceptible. Do you aim to always do the minimum for your child? It doesn’t seem that way? Do you aim to give them the minimum acceptible nutrition? THe minimum amount of love and snuggling? NO. Why do that for their safety?

Woohoo, so it is a minimum accepted value. Are you proud of yourself for conforming to the minimums. Will that console you if heaven forbid something happens to your child? 30-100# is a huge gap. There are seats that rear face to 40# for heavens sake. Why don’t you go for the maximums instead?

According to the AAP a high back booster is for a “school aged child” who has outgrown their convertible. Note it does’t say met the minimum requirements.

This is their requirements for toddlers/preschoolers: “It is best for children to ride rear-facing as long as possible to the highest weight and height allowed by the manufacturer of their convertible seat. When they have outgrown the seat rear-facing, they should use a forward-facing seat with a full harness as long as they fit. ”
Here is the link to the site:

By the way the NHTSA site also says that the minimum age for a booster seat is age 4, not 22 months.

And when they say that the child SHOULD be switched to forward facing after outgrowing their infant seats, it doesn’t mean you get a free pass to skip a good convertible.

I am sorely dissapointed in CBB for portraying such horrible child car safety, and for anyone suggesting that doing the bare minimum is in any way acceptible in child care.

Mary on

All I can say is: Broken legs? Cast it. Broken Neck? Casket to all the people worrying about broken legs, rear facing children RARELY have leg damage anyway , but isn’t broken legs better than having your child severely damaged because you decided to go by the bare minimums? See Joel’s Journey, he was forward facing at 18 months and 33 lbs , which is above the bare minimum of 1 year AND 20 lbs. He suffered internal decapitation and he’s had multiple surgeries to correct his spine and neck over the past two years. Does ANYONE really want to risk their child like that? He was in a harness even, so that’s likely why he’s not in a casket. If this person really cares about her daughter she’d keep her in her harness. In an accident this child will have force on her neck . Not only will she have internal decapitation but due to the lack of harness she will eject from the seat . Death is inevitable.

I hope even if this was just for pictures, that no one takes how she uses her seat as an example, or else there will be a lot of small children fatalities.

CPST mom to 5 on

I would like to tell you that I really liked your blogand I have five kids so I have had plenty my share of grocerey store moments.

I am a Child Passneger Safety Technician. I wanted to let not just you know but every one know that a childs legs are not uncomfortable when Rear Facing watch your children when they are playing on the floor just observe them you will notice that they often have their legs bent. Have you ever said to your self “how do they do that,it must hurt” ” I couldn’t that” it is because their bones have not ossified yet.

The reason it is recommended to stary Rear Facing to thee limits of the seat is because their spine also is not ossified and in a crash when their head is being violently thrown forward it seperatestheir vetabrae and pulls the sckull off the spine insuch a crash the spinal cord can also snap. Now I am sure none of us here would shake our toddlers but the same thing happens to their brains , the brain is slammed into the sckull causing brain injury. All of these injuries can be fatal and in alot of time are.

In a Rear Facing seat their heads are cradles within the seat and instead of the forces pulling the head, it is spread through out the shell of the seat and through their bum to the top of their head, this gives them a 500% greater chance of of walking away from the crash unharmed.

please watch this video

On a more personal note my yougest is 22mo and rea facing very comfortably, so it my 3yr 4mo she has never complained.

My 4yr 9mo is rear facing and booster training the other day we were out all day and she had to use the booster about 3/4 into the day she was crying that her back and legs hurt and wanted to get back in her Rear Facing seat.
Now I am not saying that you have to rear face as long as my kids do this is just to show you that they are not uncomfortable.

I did like the blog and I hope that none of this makes you change your mind about writing blogs.
And I dont know why but it is true that when people see a photo of misuse they then think it is ok. I must admit that is an addorable photo, but I would just like to reccomend that in the future if you have another photo that cute with car seat misuse in it the you just put a note under it that is noticably stating it is misuse and you are not driving.

Enoy your bloging

XmasEve on

Ms. Nichols, thank you for honestly stating that in order to lose enough weight after a baby to rock a bikini, it requires more than just giving up cookies, but also being hungry once in awhile! Society perpetuates a myth that it’s easy to look so slim, when for most women it requires serious effort.

Your daughter is adorable and your picture of her is obviously in fun. I will not comment further on the picture other than to share that all of my older children happily rearfaced until past age 4 when they were above their carseats maximum weight for rearfacing, and now they are all entering various elementary school grades and still harnessed in the car.

I’m proud of the job I’m doing as a mother, as I’m sure you are as well. I’m looking forward to your next blog post.

Abbers on

My 32 lb 4 year old is still rear facing, as is my 24 lb 22 month old. My 50 lb 7 year old is still in a 5-point harness. Call me overbearing or overprotective, that’s fine with me. I know my kids are safe. I have no problem educating other people on the importance of learning about car seat safety. Some of the comments here are unfortunately ignorant, it just goes to show how much education still needs to be done to keep our children safe.

Please harness that baby, she is much too young to be belted.

Natalie on

Hi, I do have to say wonderful choice for a car seat. I have one for my now 5 year old 44 pound son. Yes he is still harnessed and I will not have it any other way. I do see where the cars belt is being used and not the original harness. I would still keep her rear facing till she is at least 35-40 pounds. I so do wish I had that option when my son was littler. For all of you that think a child at one year of age is safe forward facing you are so wrong. Check out Joel’s Journey at It will change your mind forever. My now 14 year old was with his dad when they were hit head on while driving a 78 suburban when he was just 5. My son was not in a booster seat but they both survived. The law’s are changing.

Sherry on

I’d just like to say a few things. First off, your daughter is adorable, seriously adorable!

Our youngest daughter (she’s 16 months) uses an amber necklace, I swear by it. She’s always been a very happy little girl.

And about the car seat safety, our oldest daughter (just turned 4 in June) is in a Nautilus and it’s a wonderful seat! Though she is still harnessed in (41 inches and 39 pounds), why not use it to the 65 pound harness limit they can? And our 16 month old is still rear facing in a convertible seat. We could turn her around, but she’s so much safer rear facing. Atleast until she’s 2, maybe longer.

Tana on

I don’t see one thing rude about pointing out an obvious safety issue. No one is bashing Ms. Nichols at all! Many, MANY loving parents make the error of placing their children in seats that are not the best fit for their weight or age. The stats clearly show that RF is safest.

No 22 month old is mature enough to use a belt positioning booster seat, a 5 point harness is a must. Oh, for the record, my 23 month old TALL toddler is very comfortable rear facing. No squished legs and he will remain RF until at least 3 as long as he remains within the weight/height limits for the seat.

The point of bringing this topic to light is what has already been stated. Some may see this picture and think it’s just fine to place their own 22 month old in a booster. It’s not and I’d love to see one good reason to do so.

Erika on

Sorry I don’t see the harness and that looks like the seatbelt going across her belly. Your kiddo is super UNSAFE!! A 22 month old should ideally be rear facing but at the very least harnessed. Just think of it this way, if you’re driving and slam on your brakes, what would happen?

Eva on

I really hope she actually goes back and reads her manual b/c her information is only partially correct. This is taken directly from the manual.
Your child must meet ALL requirements:
• Weight: 30 to 100 lbs
(mass between 13.6 and 45 kg)
• Height: 38 to 57 inches
(96 and 145 cm) in height
• approximately 3-10 years of age
• the shoulder belt MUST lie across child’s
shoulder as shown and the lap portion of the
belt is positioned low on the child’s hips.
• Child’s ears are BELOW top of booster seat.
If tops of ears are above top of seat, child is too
large for booster seat.
Quite obviously her daughter does NOT meet all of the requirements so she should not be using it as a belt positioning booster. She needs to be at least 3 years of age to use it as such.

CPST mom of a RFing 2 year old on

The fact that the car is not in motion doesn’t matter. It is clear the seat is being used as a booster, not as a 5 point harness. Because you can see the harness slots up the one side and there is no harness coming out of them. A not yet 2 year old is MUCH too young to be in a booster.

She should be in a 5 point harness at the very least. Until AT LEAST 4 years old and 40 lbs. To be even safer, she could still be rear facing. It is recommended children remain rear facing for as long as possible (so to the limits of the seat). This little one could easily still be rear facing in many different convertible seats.

Candice on

The Nautilus also has AGE requirements. The High Back Booster Mode requires a MINIMUM of 3yrs AND 30lbs.

Also there are seats that rear face to anywhere from 30-45lbs, which is much safer.

Even if it were safe for her to be in a booster (which it absolutely is NOT safe), the seat isn’t adjusted properly.
Please go back & read the manual again. Then google “extended rear facing” & “seatbelt syndrome”.

Jen on

Marisol!!! I love your blog!!!!! Great advice!! You know that we all grew up with no car seats at all-I would ignore all the stupid comments on the car seat. Rain is so beautiful!!! What a beautiful shot!!!

Katy on

Wow, calm down ppl!! If you look closely at the picture you can see where the straps are at for the 5 point harness!! If you don’t know Marisol personally there is no need for you to bash her for taking a picture of her adorable little girl while not even driving!!

I think it is cool that she took time out of her day to do a blog for everyone to read. Everyone bashing her is just going to make her think twice before doing it again. I was at the same place today that she took Rain to for an outing to have fun and she made sure that she was safe around all those people! What makes you think she wouldn’t want her child to be safe in her own car?!

Leave her alone and let her live, remember, she is just a normal person like everyone else but just happens to be on a TV show. She is an actress that was nice enough to let her child be seen by the public eye when she didn’t have to.

Brianna on

WOW you are all such whiny, bitchy babies. You ALL think you are so right and are so quick to jump on Marisol. I bet each one of you would freak out if anyone told you the same kind of crap you are spewing. OH! Quick! everyone post 3,000 comments on a blog because you will definitely save a child’s life by doing so! You all assume based on a picture, that could have been posed, no one even thought to consider the car wasn’t moving, or she was unbuckled about to get out when the picture was taken. So annoying. These blogs would be so much better without comments from moms. Giving you all an open forum just encourages you. You type of moms are the most annoying people in the world and give normal, happy moms a bad name. Worry about your child’s safety and leave the rest of us alone. Go take care of YOUR OWN kids.

MiB on

I think that this picture, although very, very cute, is also disturbing. Having been in a couple of accidents, several in cars that were only going around the block at very slow speed, I have always been a stickler for car seat safety (I won’t drive a car if not every passenger is as properly belted as possible). Then about ten years ago I stopped to help at a car accident, a frontal crash between two cars. In each car there was a child of approximately two years old, one of them was rear facing and was perfectly fine when we picked him out even though this was the most damaged of the cars (they had to cut his father out), the other child was was forward facing in a five point harness and was dead when we found him. Since then I have not been able to keep my mouth shut when I see people turning their children too soon, or not restraining them properly in their seats.

Please Marisol, the safest way for Rain to ride is rear facing, but if that isn’t possible, she should at least be in the 5-point harness since the seat has one. The risk that you will be in a car crash is thankfully relatively small, but if you were to be in one the risks for Rain will be so much greater if she is in the 3 point seat belt as compared to if she were to be in a 5 point harness, or even better, rear facing.

I do understand that there are situations where there are no options, I recently had to wait 30 minutes for a taxi with a car seat for my 3 year old nephew (I had called and asked for a taxi with a car seat) and when it came, it only had a backless booster. The only option would have been to wait for half an hour for the next bus in to town, and then take the two subways home from the bus stop, as it was late at night and he was already getting tired and cranky, this was not really possible (I wouldn’t have been able to carry both him and the luggage), we took the taxi with the booster seat. But you do have an option, you can use the 5 point harness to strap her in. Please do at least that for your child. Never go by the minimum for car seat safety unless you have no other option.

Just a mom on

So disappointed in the response from Ms. Nichols. The information she is relying on is outdated at best, bare minimums.

I am disappointed in CBB for not posting the complete NHTSA guidelines, which if Ms. Nichols had consulted she would see that it is actually “Infants – from birth to at least 1 year old and at least 20 pounds” Note the usage of the words “AT LEAST”

It is obvious Ms. Nichols is using her daughter’s seat incorrectly, as the harness slots behind Rain do not contain the actual harness and the vehicle seat belt is across her belly and under her arm. Apparently Ms. Nichols also failed to consult the NHTSA guideline for Booster usage, as she would have noted it is “Children – from about age 4 to at least age 8” Note the AGE requirement here.

I hope Ms. Nichols will heed some of the warnings in this thread and actually consult a CPST to go over child seat safety, installation and use.

Carrie B on

Give it a rest people. If other moms are looking at pictures of celebrities on the internet to find out how to correctly use a car seat, they have much bigger issues. This was a personal family photo, not an advertisment. Yes, hopefully she uses the seat correctly and hopefully this picture just leads to the wrong impression. But gah, some of you people have no idea how to be tactful about something!

Molly on

You all need to CALM THE HELL DOWN. This is not ANYONE else’s place to judge how she raises her daughter. You may not know the whole story or the specifications of her in the car seat.

Don’t be so damn quick to judge her. You all are acting like you’re “perfect” mothers and everything you do is 100% correct.

kate on

why all the vitriol over a two year old either getting in or out of her car seat? the picture wasn’t taken when the car was in movement. also if you have a child that age, you would know they love to take the straps off. my goodness, it’s an in-the-moment snapshot not a PSA for car safety.

Mommy to 4 on

Ladies, take the stick out of your butt and stop judging! You should not be looking to celebrity moms for safety (or legal) information regarding your precious babies. Just take it for what it is meant to be, interesting points of view from other mothers who happen to have a more interesting occupation than most. Marisol, cute baby girl and you look awesome!

meghan on

Why should CBB post NHTSA guidelines at all? This is a celebrity blog for god sake. No one should rely on it for childcare information. I realize there are actresses blogging their experiences now, but that’s all it is, THEIR experiences.

I do think it’s important to keep up with the current safety laws, but things constantly change. It wasn’t so long ago that there weren’t even seats available for children over two or three. There was a time when there weren’t bike helmet laws, there weren’t life jacket regulatuions and somehow we all managed to make it to adulthood. Our parents traveled in cars that didn’t even have SEATBELTS and yet they grew up and produced the next generation.

Also sometimes a parent has no choice but to adapt to their child’s needs; if the child is going to scream bloody murder for two hours or spew vomit in a rear facing seat, maybe all you can do is turn it around.

Is not enough for helicopter parents to smother their own kids in panic and anxiety, now we have to hover over the children of total strangers.

toni on

Looks like Marisol Nicols isn’t going to be blogging, any more not that I blame her. You can’t blame her, seeing the warm welcome she received.

She is – she’s blogging on a bi-weekly basis, so her next one will be Aug. 19.

– Moms & Babies Staff


First off your daughter is beautiful..she looks like she has a free spirit and is silly…
Dont pay anymind to the negativity and ignorance..people tend to react to what they see initially without knowing any truth behind it…Im pretty sure Rain is buckled in correctly EVERYTIME she gets in the car with you and her dad..I wouldnt pay anymind to what people say and I hope you CONTINUE TO POST
God Bless

Shannon on


She is adorable and I for one did not give the picture a second thought! I assumed you weren’t driving when you took it and kids wiggle out the second the car stops. I know that from experience. Don’t for a second think they can’t figure out how the clasps work, people.

Also, kudos to you for handling the comments the way you did with the informative comment instead of anger or defensiveness! It shows you have great character. 🙂

Chels on

I think the anger over this photo is ridiculous. I highly doubt that any mother who sees this picture is going to be encouraged to use improper car seat and positioning. If that mother is concerned for the well being of her child she will do the proper research to see what is legal and the most safe. I’m sure all you “experts” on child safety didn’t automatically know what to do when you became mothers and did some research yourself. If there are women who chose to decide what’s best for their children based on a picture then maybe they don’t deserve to be mothers in the first place.

Marisol, don’t let these woman get to you. I’m positive you are a wonderful mother and feel that your daughter’s safety is top priority.

These women obviously have no lives and have nothing better to do than to challenge other people’s parenting skills. They are just jealous because you are writing the blog not them.