Lily Allen Is Pregnant

08/05/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
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Lily Allen has new reason to “Smile” – she and her boyfriend are to become parents, PEOPLE has confirmed.

“Lily Allen and Sam Cooper are very happy to confirm that Lily is expecting their first child,” her rep said in a statement to PEOPLE.

“Lily’s professional commitments will carry on as normal, including a scheduled performance at the Big Chill this weekend.”

The British singer, 25, and Cooper, 32, her boyfriend of one year (he’s the owner of an upscale building company), have been letting friends and family in on their joy.

Allen told Britain’s Sun on Thursday that she is “delighted.”

All told, this is a momentous month for Allen. She is also set to unveil her new clothing line, Lucy In Disguise, with her sister Sarah Owen at the Vintage Goodwood Festival on Aug. 13.

The baby news comes more than 2½ years after she suffered a miscarriage.

In May, Allen told a British radio show that having children “is ultimately my main goal in life and more of a priority than flying around the world jumping up and down on stage singing songs.”

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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to her! I really, really hope everything goes well this time!

Dana on

Congrats to Lily and her boyfriend.
I hope everything goes well.

Minami86 on

Congrats Lily! I agree klutzy_girl. Although I never heard any of Lily’s music, I did hear about her miscarriage on a British news site. For anyone to lose a baby is heartbreaking & I hope everything goes well!

S on

I hope this baby sticks.

J on

I’m sure Lily does too, S. Wow…

jes on

although i don’t really agree w/ having babies so soon into a relationship, i am happy for her. she has made it quite clear she would like to be a mommy. i’m sure she’s taking every precaution to be the healthiest, happiest she can be. she seems to have made changes in her life from her party girl past. congrats!

Kristin on

@Jes- Yes, it is true that having a baby that early in a relationship is hard, but it is still workable. I found out I was pregnant 3 months into a relationship which was obviously a huge surprise considering all precautions were taken as well. Anyway, here we are, married with a four year old and as happy as can be! Granted, that first year was hard dealing with the pregnancy and still getting to know each other but if both are willing to work with each other, it can be just as successful as a couple who has been together for a long time prior to baby. I wish Lily many sticky vibes and I’m happy she is pregnant again. It seems like her miscarriage took a huge toll on her emotionally when it happened and I hope all goes smoothly this time!

Ruthella on

I knew she was pregnant! She’s been dropping hints in the media/on Twitter for a while. Let’s hope she’s ready to grow up a whole lot more once the baby arrives, it does seem like she’s made a good start by cutting down smoking etc 🙂

Honey on

Aww Congrats to Lilly, she definitely has wanted to be pregnant & raise a family for sometime now. Glad she has gotten her life together & found happiness…best of luck to her for a healthy and happy pregnancy!!

RachelfromBoston on

I knew it! ;D Congrats to them!!
I love Lily, her music is so much fun. She’s said she’s dreamed about being a mom since forever, I’m so happy for her ❤

JMO on

Cool. I kinda like her. She’s blunt a lot of the times but then again sometimes I can be too!!

jessicad on

Congrats to them!! I know she really wanted a child and I hope all goes well this time:)

Bren on

Sticky baby dust!!! I hope she doesn’t have to go through another miscarriage. I went through one and it was so devastating. I really hope this one sticks!!!! Good luck Lily.

Lacey on

I read this last night in the British papers. I’m am so happy for her! From the recent pictures of her, she has quite the bump, so I think its safe to say this baby is stuck. Congratulation, Lily and Cooper!

B.J. on

Best of luck to Lily and her boyfriend. Love her music, she’s honest and real.

D on

I too believe in marriage before baby, but those are my values. Lily was pregnant a long time ago, and lost the baby. Even though she is not married, I truly hope that this turns out to be a healthy pregnancy for her.

Electra on

Hope this works out. I like Lily!

Mallory on

D, thank you for being kind despite your beliefs. Because the way I see it, just because you believe in marriage before baby, that doesn’t mean everyone else has to, too. It bugs me when people get SO angry about a healthy person (as in no drugs, etc.) who has dreamed of being a mom for so long getting pregnant.

Congrats to Lily! I can’t imagine what it is like to have a miscarriage, and so I hope and pray that she has a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby. Congrats to her boyfriend, as well. 🙂

ecl on

I don’t care it people get married or not before they have children, but I do think people rush into having babies together. It is really hard in a solid relationship where you know the person well. I can only imagine what it would be like so early into a relationship when you are just getting to know someone. I think that sometimes people are so focused on the idea of being a mom that they don’t focus on the reality of it and therefore, don’t plan well.

Luna on

Congratulations Lily and Sam! I know disappointed, sad, and upset Lily was when she suffered her miscarriage, so I pray that this one goes well. Stay baby, stay!

Chelsea on

Congratulations to Lily and Sam! 🙂 I love her music and I hope she has a healthy pregnancy. After what she went through, I hope the baby sticks. I know how badly she has wanted to be a mom. Again, congrats!

Brie on

I say congrats to her hope it brings her all the hope in the world! @jes I found out i was pregnant after only 3 months of being with my now husband for three years and we have the most amazing relationship! As for her not being married oh well that’s her choice! I dint like people who look down on others for there choice to do this! I wasn’t married and I got lots of looks and things said about me and it’s just mean!

iluvperfectparents on

Awww congrats to them. My husband and I got pregnant too after 3 months, we were both so young and we have been together almost two decades. He is the most amazing husband and father in the world, my best friend.

jeepers on

I wish Lily the best…

But I do wonder why so many celebrities get pregnant out of wedlock? I realize that not everyone feels that they need to be married to have children, but so many of these celebrities DO GET MARRIED after conceiving (Gweneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Heidi Klum and Seal, Alicia Keyes, and on and on). So it seems apparent that marriage must be important to them. I realize that accidental pregnanies occur, but accidents don’t occur in the frequency in which Hollywood gets pregnant.

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats to Lily! I, too, hope that this baby will stick. I also hope, for her sake, that she waited until she was past the three month “safety mark” before announcing the news to the public (and, going by Lacey’s comment, it would appear that she did).

I know last time she announced the news really early on (she never said how far along she was when she announced, but at the time of the announcement, her rep said it was very, very early on in the pregnancy or something along those lines)…….and because of that, unfourtnately, when she miscarried, she had to deal with telling the entire world she’d lost the baby on top of everything else!

I’d hate for that to happen to her again!

millefleur on

So happy for Lily! Had a miscarriage around the same time as hers and felt for her. Wish her all the best!

Miina on

All the best

Lou x on

I am so happy for her and her man, she really deserves some happiness after a fairly turbulent few years.
I really like Lily,i know she’s upset a few people along the years but she seems a decent person, not to mention a brilliant performer!
Also cant wait to see her pregnancy fashion,so far what i’ve seen her wearing is lovely. She seems to be showing already, so wouldnt be surprised if she is closer to 4/5 months gone already, despite what some papers are reporting! either way i guess time will tell, and i cant wait to see baby Cooper-Allen!

Sydney on

First of all, congrats Lily and Sam! I wish you all the best.


Has it ever occurred to you that marriage is important to these people and that family and children are too, but they don’t necessarily believe it has to happen in that order?

Marriage is not only a religious state but a civil one, and it is only the religious who insist on marriage coming before children. These people may believe in the civil union of two people, or simply get married because if either person died it would make things a lot simpler for inheritance etc.

I too, want to get married and have children one day, the order in which they happen is of no concern.

Annika on

Congrats! I love her music and her outspoken personality. I think she’s a very intelligent, caring person who will make a great mother.

Mikaela on

I would think that You hardly know Lily at all lol, so why judge her? And I too became pregnant just 3 months into my relationship with my boyfriend, it was weird celebrating our anniversary days before our daughter was born, but you know something? We are in the best relationship & I couldn’t ask for more, we’ve grown together as parents and he is my best friend!

Rye on

i am so happy for her! i have loved lily since her son alfie came out!!! she funny and i love her songs! congrats, i hope everything goes smoothly with the pregnancy and i hope her and her husband and baby have a happy life together:)

CelebBabyLover on

Rye- Lily isn’t married. Per the post, the baby’s father is her boyfriend. 🙂 Also, did you mean “Her song Alfie”?

CelebBabyLover on

They’ve been together for a year. That doesn’t sound like hardly knowing each other to me! And so what if they don’t want to get married! Marriage isn’t for everyone!

CelebBabyLover on

Sydney- Beautifully written! To each his/her own!