Celebs Love Taga’s All-In-One Bike and Stroller

08/04/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy of Taga

Whether they’re tooling around the neighborhood or taking a spin in the park, celebrity parents including Matthew McConaughey, Kelly Rutherford and Dean McDermott love to put their tots front and center with the new Taga ($1,495).

Not only is it a great ride, but it converts from a bike to a stroller in a breeze. There are no additional tools or parts required — all you need is baby, some helmets and your determination!

The price tag may be steep, but it’s in line with other high-end bike carriers that do double duty. But unlike the others, the Taga stroller actually looks — and performs — like a stroller, comfortably seating children ranging in age from 6 months to 6-years.

There’s even an add-on seat for a younger sibling, as well as a carseat adapter for infants. Other baby-safe features include a five-point harness, head cushion and front safety bar, while the sturdy alloy frame, Shimano gear system, front, rear and parking brakes and fully sealed chain guards help keep you moving.

Ready to hit the road? Go to Tagabikes.com to shop.

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Sam on

LOVE that idea and as usual both Levi and Liam are the cutest little boys! BUT, I’m going to start this off – where are the helmets (other then little Liam), where are the helmets?? Good examples for parents to show by wearing their helmet and insisting their children do too.

Alice on

I love this thing. It loks amazing!! And more comfy for the kid than a plastic seat on a bike.

A helmet for the kid is good extra protection but on the adult it’s unneccesary, the Taga has 3 wheels it’s pretty stable.

JMO on

I don’t think they need a helmet. It’s no different then them being pushed in the stroller by someone walking!! That’s an awesome concept at a hefty price tag! Wish I was rich enough to afford one of those!

meghan on

It looks pretty stable to me. I think under the circumstances, helmets are optional. Of course, there is nothing wrong with taking the precaution.

DJ on

I hardly doubt they are making hairpin turns and reaching high speeds.

CMS on

Helmet — ha! I was laughing pretty hard at the photo of Matthew and Levi because it looks like Matthew is holding an open coffee mug full of hot liquids right over Levi’s little head while he uses the other hand to steer the bike.

To his credit, Levi’s head is partly covered by the sun-shade attachment. πŸ™‚


Good heavens, my first car cost half that price! Nice but seems very expensive.

T. on

Soon children will be expected to wear helmets at all time! lol

Anna on

It seems very inconvenient. Way too big to be comfortable and with that price would you dare park it? Also when it rains the fabric of the seat will get wet and ruined.

It looks more like something you would use if you were handicapped.

Mrs. R on

The first time I saw one of these on this site, I immediately went to the website and got more info. I WAS IN LOVE!

until I saw the cost. As much as I want one and would use it every day, I cannot justify the cost.

Maybe in a few years they’ll come out with their pared down version for less, but by then both my kids will probably be riding their own bikes.

Sam on

JMO – there is a difference. They are on the road riding a bike, not on a sidewalk or pathway pushing a stroller. The difference is that they are sharing their space with vehicles.

DJ – maybe the aren’t but cars coming around a corner could be. They’re on the road!

I didn’t know it was a three wheeler though. That does make it some slower, but it’s still on the road.

amy on

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can ride a bike faster than I walk (or run) so this bike is not the same as riding in a stroller for these boys. Not to mention, they’re probably riding on roads, where they easily could get hit by cars. I can’t believe the comments here ridiculing the suggestion that these people should be wearing a helmet. The way I see it, what responsible parent would not put a helmet on their kids riding in one of these?

Sam on

‘amy’ YUP! πŸ™‚

Ethan, Aly, James, Sully and Stellan's Mama on

I saw it. I wanted it. I saw the price tag. Hahaha, I thought again. Wow, that’s a heck of a lot of money, I bought my first car for less than that.

Michelle on

While this is definitely one of the most ezpensive items we have bought for our daughter, is if worth every cent! We all love our Saturday morning rides and I personally feel much safer taking her out in the Taga than a regular bike seat… and it really is as easy as they say to convert πŸ™‚

Ethan, Aly, James, Sully and Stellan's Mama on

Hi Michelle. I take it that you’ve bought one… is it possible to get a twin carrier or do you have to get two separate ones?

Thank you πŸ˜€

Jill on

When I first saw this I thought…hmmm…do the kids really need helmets?

So before making a comment about it, I looked it up on Tagas website and it stated:

“The makers of Taga urge you to use a bicycle helmet for yourself and your child when riding Taga. In some countries, it is required by law. It is the parent’s responsibility to be familiar with and follow the law in the country where you ride.”

So, if they are in CA, then Levi should have a helmet on. Adults are not required to wear helmets, so there is no example to set.

brannon on

Love this and it is definitely slower than regular bike riding. I will admit – neither my husband nor my children wear helmets on this (though they do when they are on their own little bikes) but we also only use it casually on a bike trail that leads to our beach – not amidst traffic. Regardless, once again, parents choice. Looks to me like casual morning stroll and they could just as easily be pushing them in strollers or walking on the side of the road. Very cute pics.

brannon on

Forgot to mention … sort of an updated version of the Danish Trio bike which runs you about 2200 so this is a much more affordable option. There is another one too but I don’t know much about it?

Sam on

‘Jill’, of course there is an example to set. There are no ‘laws’ to make people be polite, patient and kind but that IS an example to set for our children. There is no law about eating vegetables, fruit, grains, instead of candy, cake and greasy hamburgers, but we try to eat well to set an example for our children. Those are just a few examples we can and should set for our children. It doesn’t have to be a ‘law’ to be a good example for our children to follow. “Lead by example” is a good quote.

kristina on

That’s a pretty big investment for a limited time item. Most kiddo’s are riding on their own pretty well by 4 or 5….so unless you plan to buy with your first kid and use it for the next ones also….and you didn’t have a car. (living by bike) This would be worth the price. The bike part and stroller part will be worthless after kids are grown. I still like our Chariot. It coverts to stroller easy and you can buy a good bike for yourself you can use long after you sell the chariot on craigslist. Besides…I don’t know about you, but the clam that the child seat “looks” like a stroller is false. It looks like a funky wheelchair. So I wouldn’t use it as a stroller on its own anyway.