1 Trend, 3 Ways: Fun Pacifiers for Baby!

08/04/2010 at 02:00 PM ET

From snuggly security blankets to cuddly stuffed animals, Hollywood tots sure do love their comfort items. But lately, it’s soothing pacifiers that are high on their list.

We’ve recently spotted cuties including Hank Baskett IV, Seraphina Affleck (she has The First Years Soothie) and Tabitha Broderick out and about with their binkies.

Fame; Anderson/Vila/bauer-griffin; Gonzalo Monte/ Meet The Famous

From the outrageous (think lots of bling) to the practical, there’s lots of fun pacifiers on the market.

Check out our picks — for every budget — below!

Courtesy of The Corner Stork


Talk about over the top! Adorned with hundreds of crystals, Aristobrat‘s Luxurious Crystal Pacifier ($175) is for parents with deep pockets.

Available in silver, pink or blue, this is one drool-worthy — literally — pacifier.

Courtesy of Elodie Details


Looking for a bit of peace? Try the Little Wings of Tomorrow Pacifier ($39) from Elodie Details. Made of high-quality silicone, it sports an oh-so cute dove and olive branch design.

Courtesy of Amazon

Bargain Buy

NUK’s Silicon Animal Face Pacifiers ($5 for two) are fun and adorable. The BPA-free collection also includes a lovable frog.

Make sure to also check out MAM‘s Silicone Air Pacifier ($6 for two). Created with the help of pediatricians and parents, they’re designed to increase air circulation around the mouth for less skin irritation.

— Anya Leon

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Erika on

Who would spend $175 on a pacifier? It’s going in the childs mouth! I even think that the $39 one is outrageous. The 2 for $5 is cute and a good price. I don’t have children yet but I would never consider spending so much on a pacifier, that could easily get lost.

shannon on

I think the $175 pacifier is meant to be more of a gift item to celebrate the child’s birth or a cultural/religious milestone like a baptism or bris. It isn’t intended to be used at all.

Penny on

Can you imagine the baby throwing this on the floor and you walk away not realizing it and trying to find it later? Any of us that have had kids know that babies love to throw things on the floor so mommy will pick it up, just so they can do it again. It’s a fun game, lol. But NOT AT 175.00

dlock on

I know Theresa from the real housewives of new jersey, had one for her daughter on the last episode for her baptism. I thought was a real waste of money. I have a few pacifiers I bought one that said “my mom rocks”, and one that they gave me at the hospital, and a couple more that I got for free when I signed up for my baby registry at Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby. I couldn’t imagine spending more than $5 for something that might get lost or thrown around.

Caroline on

I think the people buying a $175 pacifier have millions in their bank account so I don’t think they’d mind very much if their child loses it! For them $175.00 is change money!

Manal on

isnt the one on Seraphina given in the hospital when the baby is born?…

JMO on

yeah Seraphina looks to have the Soothe pacifiers that hospitals now give out. They usually send you home with like 4 of them! No need to spend money on them!! My niece has the animal one’s but she much rather have her thumb. They’re affordable. I am sure $175 is change to some but still a waste. When we live in a bad economic times like we do now it would be shameful to spend that money on a plug when you could donate it to charity!! I mean do as you will w/ the money but seriously ur baby is just looking for comfort and does not care about the cost! That is merely for the parents sake only!

Michelle S. on

You can get a 4 pack of BPA free pacifiers at Walgreens for $4.00.

Shaunie on

For pacifiers that are actually meant to be used… you can find generic pacifiers BPA free & in the same style for WAY less than $39. A pretty design like a dove on it, would not justify the price tag (for me anyway)! I would probably go with the bargain buy even if I were rich!

I have spent $20 (for a pack of 2) for Natursutten Pacifiers (that M.I.A.’s son Ikhyd has been seen with). But unlike the other high price pacifiers these ones have benefits the make them worth their price (these other pacifiers are standard pacifiers, w/ a pretty design)! That $20 price tag would probably be my limit.


Bethan on

I like all three sets of pacifiers; the first, I would DEFINITELY only buy as a Christening present, and only for a close friend or relative. Only way, I would never buy it to be used. More as a keepsake, or an heirloom. The second on is way too expensive, as it’s more for casual use. I love the third set though, VERY cute and value for money 🙂

Extra thought: Those are three of the most gorgeous kids I’ve ever seen! Little Hank, I just want one NOW! 🙂

T. on

HOW!?! is $39 the Affordable option??????

Nan on

My daughter has the same pacifier as Tabitha; Avent. Their 4.99 for a two pack.

TC on



They are a tad more expensive than normal ones at 13 bucks a piece but they are wonderful for a baby that needs a pacifier to soothe themselves but can’t keep in in their mouths (like in the car, or swing) It’s also wonderful because we’ve had it for 9 months and we haven’t lost it yet….that’s got to be a tract record, who keeps the same pacifier for 9 months? Most last a week around here.

Amber on

I can’t see buying a pacifier as an heirloom or keepsake for one thing the rubber (or whatever) goes funny after a while. There are far better ways to spend $175 on than buying a pacifier. Just a waste of money. Theresa bought it I rest my case.

$39 is still too much. Gerber, Avent and playtex make great ones and at their prices I can afford to get ones to match their outfits

Ruthella on

My daughter received a Dior dummy for her Christening, and I was thrilled! She never used it though, it’s more of an ornament. It won’t have been as expensive as the crystal one, but still too good to risk losing in Tesco 😀

Kimi on

The first one is not only expensive, but I don’t see how it could be safe. Those crystals could easily come loose and be a choking hazard! Even jewelry quality settings lose stones on occasion…

Erin on

My daughter is extremely picky about her pacifiers. They gave her a MAM in the hospital and she refuses any others. I was a tad bummed because MAMs aren’t particularly the cutest. In fact just a bit ago, as I was putting her down for her nap, I realized her “paci” (as my husband and I call it) was nowhere to be found. That is never a good thing haha. I would not, and could not, spend 175 on a pacifier because A. that is just plain ridiculous and B. my daughter wouldn’t even use it.

Hayley on

I find the absolute best soothers are the gum drop. It is the exact nipple that are on the bottles in the hospital. If you order them online, they are cheaper. I got the value pack which includes 7 and with shipping it was only $17. They are very durable. Most stores sell them for $4. They are a must have.