Gisele Responds to Breastfeeding Controversy: I’m Not Here to Judge

08/03/2010 at 06:00 PM ET

Gisele Bündchen is a strong believer in breastfeeding — but she’s clarifying some controversial comments she made to the U.K. version of Harper’s Bazaar about the practice.

On Tuesday Bündchen took to her Web site to respond to critics and moms who reacted angrily to her quotes.

“My intention in making a comment about the importance of breastfeeding has nothing to do with the law,” the supermodel wrote.

“Becoming a new mom has brought a lot of questions, I feel like I am in a constant search for answers on what might be the best for my child.”

In the magazine interview, Bündchen, 30, who welcomed baby Benjamin Rein with husband Tom Brady last December, said, “Some people here think they don’t have to breastfeed and I think, ‘Are you going to give chemical food to your child when they are so little?’ ”

But in her blog, Bündchen said she now regrets that her statement sounded so “black and white.”

“I am sure if I would just be sitting talking about my experiences with other mothers, we would just be sharing opinions. I understand that everyone has their own experience and opinions and I am not here to judge,” she writes.

“I believe that bringing a life into this world is the single most important thing a person can undertake, and it can also be the most challenging,” she adds. “I think as mothers we are all just trying our best.”

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Sue on

I see nothing wrong with what she said in the magazine. Anyone with a brain would know that she wasn’t being serious or insensitive about the law comment. She did not need to clarify. People just rush to conclusions without thinking things through and immediately start complaining and whining everytime somebody speaks their minds or something deemed “controversal”.

Electra on

Gisele shouldn’t have to explain herself to the inane people who are too overly sensitive to realize that her comments were an expression of her opinion and, she has a right to it. Famous people get criticized for every little thing and thats why we get overloaded with tons of sterile interviews that say nothing but generic crap.

georgia on

I still think these comments make me wanna just use formula! ugh.

Liza on

I knew she didn’t mean any malice which some were trying to make it seem.



Delaina on

We ARE all trying to do our very best, and I sincerely hope Giselle remembers that precious few things can be defined in only black & white terms the next time she chooses to open her pretty little trap.

Catca on


Rest assured, we understand you didn’t mean to sound so militant or judgmental, but were merely trying to say that breastfeeding is something you believe strongly in. There’s nothing wrong with that. And I think it is safe to say that you are a fabulous mom to little Benjamin who looks like he is a beautiful healthy little boy. Congrats!

Laura on

It’s obvious she feels strongly about the benefits of breastfeeding, and she’s entitled to her opinion. While breastfeeding supporters may not understand why mothers don’t at least try it, their strong feelings don’t make them bad people. Sometimes words come out wrong, and I have no doubt that Gisele is a wonderful person who does not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I’m glad she clarified the context behind her words.

Janine on

I don’t understand the controversy. What’s the big fuss again?

Over breast-feeding of all things? So she said she breast-fed for six months and thinks that other mothers should too.

Gisele isn’t the first or last celeb mom to say that…

Why did people take it so personally?

It must be a slow news week.

Melissa on

Not a well thought comment on Giselle’s end. Some of us did NOT have a choice whether to breast feed our child or not.

LJB on

Gisele is entitled to her opinion on breastfeeding. It’s important to her and there are many mothers out there who don’t understand why other mothers don’t at least try it. It should not spark any controversy. She has clarified the intentions behind her words, so people should stop being so defensive. For those with genuine reasons for not breastfeeding, I have no problem with that. For those who don’t breastfeed for selfish reasons, they probably just feel guilty.

JPM on

Actually I think Giselle was being very judgmental and insensitive with her comments. While I agree that breastfeeding is best and I think most mothers would agree, it doesn’t mean that it’s the right choice for everyone. By referring to formula as chemicals you imply that mothers are poisoning their babies, when in fact some women don’t have choice, like those who have battled breast cancer etc. This is not the first time she has come across as judgmental and I’d dare to say arrogant, very disappointing behavior for someone who could serve as a real role model for women!

Formula Feeding Mama! on

Hmm Ms. Bundchen, If you don’t judge formula feeding moms, then why did you say, “There should be a worldwide law … that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.” You HAVE no clue why some moms choose bottle over breast. Lets see here are some TOP reasons
1: Their milk NEVER comes in.. Hmmmm So a baby should starve, because he/she didn’t receive breast milk?
2: A mother needs medication for her health… So a baby is suppose to drink breast milk that contains a medication that can be harmful?
3: A mother might NOT have breasts to breast feed from.. What about women who have had a mastectomy, and can’t breast feed?
4: What about adoptive mothers who can’t breast feed? So she’s suppose to let her baby starve?

You really should THINK before you make comments about non-breast feeding moms!

kendrajoi on

She also said that it didn’t hurt when the gave birth. The woman is either lying or is not human.
I am pro-BF, but I am glad she is backpedaling. BF is not for everyone.

Anonymous on

I feel with her, we all are trying to find whats right for our kids. But some babies dont take to breastfeeding well. Mine takes both formula and breastmilk. She should really study the facts that yeah some take formula due to medical reasons such as low blood sugar and some babies dont take to breast at all. There is a study out there that shows that.

VannaPnk on

Fair enough, I thought her comments were fine. Its just her opinion, everyone has one…amoung other things. And since when have we become so sElf righteous as to attack her when I know everyone has said something they regret or didn’t mean in the context that it came about.

And meanings are always lost in text…

Mom of 2 on

She needs to keep her uneducated mouth shut! She does not know everyone’s situation.

Danielle on

Ahhh, another scholar giving their opinion about pressing issues. It’s funny that she would have such a moral highground attitude on this issue, when she struts around like a stripper in her underwear for all the world to see.

Mireille on

I agree with Gisele. Obviously some people have certain circumstances that do not allow them to breastfeed, but overall a woman should allow the benefits of breastfeeding to her child. Formula is nothing but a chemical and manmade compound and I dont believe that a small child’s digestive system should be exposed to it.

Jennifer on

Formula is Fabulous! It’s mother’s like you that put unnecessary pressure on motherhood. Now take you home wrecking ways else where!

Jodi on

Why do formula moms always get so defensive — medical science proves that breastfeeding is best. No everyone can do it or wants to but let’s not pretend that formula is every bit as good.

Dolly on

Sounds like her PR team intervened. She’s developed quite a pattern now of making statements that come off as harsh and judgmental. She is not a good representative of the natural parenting movement.

JenJen on

She just needs to shut her mouth. I’m so sick of celebrities telling the rest of the world what we need to do!

sky on

what happens when your baby is underweight and you have to supplement with formula. what does giselle say then???

JMO on

Well I for one am glad she took note that her comment seemed so “black and white.”
Of course all mothers just try to do their best (as is she). But no mother is perfect nor has one ever raised a perfect child! And how one feeds them (i.e. breast/formula) imho really is the least of my concern when it comes to my raising my child.
I just hope next time she’s asked a question she thinks about her answer before it goes to print!

Stayce on

I understand her comment about breast feeding, but please don’t forget us moms who would have loved to breast feed but just could not. I tried for 6 weeks to breast feed my son and in the end, I had to go to a supplement because I just could not produce enough milk for him. He was starving because my body could not produce enough milk. Doctors tried giving me meds to make more milk and everything…nothing worked! I feel guilty that I could not provide for him but he is now a healthy happy 6 year old with more of an appetite than any 6 yr old I know!

Amy on

I agree that breastfeeding is an important aspect for raising a child but everyone has their own reasons for not breastfeeding or in my case, not being able to breastfeed. I tried to breastfeed and attempted to for the first 3 days of my daughters life but no matter what I did or the doctor’s did, my milk would not come in and my daughter was starving. Since I live in a rural area, there wasn’t a place to obtain donated breast milk or to even buy it. I just could not provide my daughter with what she needed so I had to switch to formula. I am sure there are other reasons why people will not or can not breastfeed their babies. Please consider that what they do and what they want to do may be at odds but they might not have a choice.

toni on

I didn’t take what Giselle said personally. Everyone has an opinion. Yes, she could have said it differently. I don’t have children. Giselle is not the enemy.

Becka on

Gisele needs to eat a hamburger to keep her mouth closed. There’s nothing “wrong” with formula as there is nothing “wrong” with breastfeeding. I know plenty of incredibly intelligent, happy and successful people that never had an ounce of breastmilk. Get over yourself Gisele

Heather on

I don’t know why she backpeddled on her original comment…I think what she originally said was spot on. I’m sick and tired of the formula industry making more money than ever on this nation’s ongoing laziness with EVERYTHING. Other nations aren’t throwing their children on formula so readily, it’s only US, the fast food, fast everything nation!

Andrea on

If breastfeeding becomes a mandatory law in Canada: Please arrest me! Personally, I think it’s disgusting!

Jennifer on

Interesting… I am unable to breastfed because I have a heart condition that requires me to go back on heart medicine as soon as my baby is born. Unfortunately I have been off of my medicine the entire pregnancy and because of that have had limited activities as to not start any arrythmias. So according to her, because I will not breastfeed so that I can restart my medicine in order to ensure my child has a mother who is alive, I would be breaking the law. Celebs do not know everything. Nor are they smarter than everyone, so most of them should keep their mouths shut and if they express their freedom of speech do it in a classy way with words such as “in my opinion I think mother’s should try to breastfeed if it is appropriate”. Unfortunately for her, my cardiologist may possess a little more brain power than a mere supermodel.

Janelle on

Oh boy, another case of magazine interviews taken out of context. I’m sure she was just being candid and was relaxed and never meant to offend anyone. I do not envy celebrities!

Candy on

Everyone is entitled to their opinion! Hers just happens to be published.

Emily on

Yeah but isn’t the point, that she’s right?? Women can continue to hide behind the excuse that it’s a personal choice, but in reality, its just selfish… sorry if you get your feelings hurt hearing the truth. And of course there is the extremely small percentage of women that, for whatever reason, aren’t able to breastfeed, but that is an extremely small percentage. I find it telling that humans are the only mammels on the plantet that won’t nurse their young… what does that say about us as a specie? Nothing good.

Dawn on

Gisele should just shut her mouth. Not all new mothers can breast feed. My sister-in-law found out a week after the birth of her son that she had cancer. She had to have radiation etc. Is she a bad mother because she couldn’t breast feed?
And yes I believe having & raising children is important. But because I am physically unable to have children, does that mean nothing I do in my life is as important as you raising your child.
I don’t usually comment on these things. But this chick just needs to shut her trap.

Liz on

Gisele, I think the issue is that in the US women only get 3 months of maternity leave which makes it really hard to breastfeed for 6 months. You are also not taking into account the women who have had trouble breastfeeding due to latching issues, low supply etc.

While I am an advocate for breastfeeding (and am currently BFing my daughter) I would never make a sweeping comment like that. Get off your soapbox.

momof 3 on

sounds like she’s back peddling from her judgemental comments, I BFed 3 kids without a nanny, chef, housekeeper and all the things a 1st time mommy aka supermodel has at her disposal..I also worked PT, to all my non BFing mom friends, you do what is best for you and your family! DONE.

TamiSue on

It makes me angry that people say women who don’t breast feed are bath mothers. I couldn’t breast feed. I never got any milk in, and no one in the hospital would help and my baby starved for the first week of his life. Thank God he is now a strapping 25 year old boy, but because of the publicity of breast feeding I was made to feel bad about not giving my son a good start on life. And he grew up just fine, at 6’2 finished college and has a $70,000 a year job at 25. People should stay out of other peoples lives, no one knows why a mother is not breast feeding and they should not feel bad if they don’t. Mind your business. being a new mom is hard enough without all the others putting in their two cents. I’m sick of everyone telling new moms what’s best for their babies, a mother knows and they don’t

Jenna on

she’s right. breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your child. that said, someone women cant, some babies never latch on properly, etc. If there was a better alternative to formula it might be a better alternative. unfortunately the main ingredient in formula is sugar. Not exactly the best way to start your child off, especially with the obesity epidemic in this country

Juanita Jensen on

Gisele was just expressing her opinion. Some of the negative comments were just too harsh and judgemental.

BrandiceBaby82 on

Oh my goodness give the girl a break. She is a supermodel, not a physician and anyone with common sense knows that she is referring to her beliefs towards her own child. Its called an opinion. She is NOT the global ambassador on ANYTHING other than looking good in a bikini. If you can’t or don’t want to breastfeed that’s your business, and Gisele’s opinion shouldn’t shake you as long as you and your child are healthy and happy.

Kim on

I wanted to breastfeed, but my children wouldn’t take my breast. So, was I suppose to let them starve?

Penelope on

I’m brazilian, but I think Gisele is so overrated. She should keep her mouth shut.

Shannon on

I am a mother of four and did breastfeed all of my children. However, I now think less of Gisele and actually have quite a distaste for her after her breasfeeding comments. Here in America, we still have certain freedoms and it is not for the government to do decide if we should bottle or breast feed our children. Kudos to celebrity moms like Jennifer Garner, who seems like such a great mom and instead of being judgmental, offers advice like “Just do what feels best for your family”. Having one child does NOT make Gisele the all knowing expert she thinks she is.

Amanda on

I agree with Gisele 100% that breastfeeding is best for a baby. However, this doesn’t mean that every woman has to breastfeed to give her child a good start in life. Some women can’t breastfeed and some women don’t want to – I think breastfeeding is a personal decision made by the mother and should never be forced upon anyone. Her original statements came off very judgmental and condescending towards mothers who formula feed, she should think about what she says before she says it. I know many women who wanted to breastfeed and couldn’t, and their children are happy, healthy, and loved.

Shari Harris on

Gisele had one child and thinks she has all the answers. She acts like she is the only woman in the world who has given birth. Bridget had a baby with someone else before you. When have you become a birthing and childrearing expert?

Anders on

I would have given her the benefit of the doubt anyways, but I’m glad she explained what she meant more. She seems like she really does care about her son and at the end of the day that’s the most important thing.

Grace on

Just because you had one child does not make you an expert on babies or breastfeeding. When you have 20 kids and all grown up, maybe…. just maybe you could say you are experienced enough to give advice.

Victoria on

Women should breast feed their young. Studies have shown that it is not only cheaper, but healthier for the child to have breast milk. In addition breast fed children tend to save their parents over 10 grand in food and medical costs as a result of breast feeding.

Melisa on

Oh everybody needs to quit being so touchy… she is a new mom. She wants the best for that baby. I was a mom of one kid once… I was a bit of an idealist… of course now that I have four, I don’t have time for idealism. Let her have a few more and she will see that craziness that is felt when you are rushing around trying to make everyone content, worrying about every scrape and fall, feeding/bathing/taking to extra-curriculars… she will realize that all that really matters is that they are raised happy, healthy, and contented…no matter what path taken to get there.

Marina on

“I am not here to judge,” she says.


Aimee on

I think its great Gisele said these things. A lot of mothers epically young mothers are choosing not to breast feed out of fear of the unknown, and because its easier to give a baby formula. The problem with new moms not wanting to breast feed is the baby misses out on some important nutrition. If anything Gisele should start a “blog” or whatever about the benefits of breastfeeding in order to spread awareness.

Chelsie on

You can’t really make that a law because some of us who wanted to breastfeed REALLY bad then when the time came turned out they didnt produce ANYTHING! Some women are just not made to breastfeed.

Mary on

She is gorgeous and right!
Why so much controversy? When Britney Spears stuff her kids with Cheetos and Doritos, then we got controversy material!
People are so jealous of Gisele…
Girl you rock and keep sharing the best of the answers you can find, so the smart moms will listen, not criticize.
Benjamin is wonderful, congrats.

Shannon on

lol her publicist must’ve had a talk with her!

Karen on

Moms are going to make these decisions for themselves. They really don’t care what a fashion model thinks.

Tracy on

Yay Gisele! You tell ’em. It should be law!

Emily on

A new law? What was she thinking?

jemms on

As someone who was unable to breastfeed becuz of medication I HAVE to take I feel she went overboard in her comments. I wish I could have breastfed but it was either give formula or let my children ingest my medication while breastfeeding.

Amanda on

She is so annoying. She always has something to say! It is an individual’s choice whether or not they want to breastfeed and is not anyone else’s place to judge.

Haleiwa on

Questions? And, judgments apparently. Her statement of relating formula to chemicals is the same as all those sancti-mommies screaming formula is poison at new mothers. Like she should get a medal for breast feeding for 6 months. What do you get if you do it for 12 months? 18? 24? So what is her baby getting now? Organic goat’s milk from a goat fed from her own grass grown from composting hers and Tom’s waste? I’m sure chemicals will not dare touch her baby’s lips. I can’t wait for her take on vaccinations and her negative implications that don’t jive with the way she’s taking care of her baby.

jessicad on

That was a nice try but in my opinion she can’t make what she said come off less rude.

Kimberly on

“bringing a life into this world is the single most important thing a person can undertake”

That’s insulting, not every woman lives life only to breed kids. Some women have higher aspirations than that, thank you.

Tracy on

Backpedal, backpedal……

lorraine on

I hate it when women cut each other down for decisions they make for their children (breast/bottle, cloth/disposable, pacifiers/not). All of us are trying to do the best for our kids and should support one another.

MommyOfE on

I agree that breastfeeding is VERY important and when I was pregnant with my son I was very anti-formula for as long as I could nurse. But when Ethan was born he had a very hard time latching on, I even cried in the hospital when I HAD to give him formula cause he just wasn’t eating. I ended up nursing for about 2 months before i started to dry up and wasn’t producing. It made me very very very sad (and made me feel like a failure) b/c I couldn’t nurse as long as I wanted…but Ethan has turned out just fine…he is now 16 months, never been on any kind of meds and is a very healthy toddler! I think every situation is different and to make a law that like wouldn’t fly!

KT on

Definitely not a black and white issue. But she does bring up a good point: If you have to bottle feed (and there’s nothing wrong with that) it’s probably not a bad idea to read the ingredients list like we would for any other sort of food. Knowing where your food comes from isn’t a bad idea no matter the age.

mumof4 on

Yup, another celeb. that opens their mouth before thinking!

JoAnn on

Make it a law that MAKES women breast feed, that is the craziest thing I have heard today. She is out of touch, way out.

DoWhatWorks on

I wanted desperately to breast feed but it took the doctors 6 hours to come help me. He wouldn’t latch. I had no milk. We tried for over a month and I was exhausted, discouraged, frustrated, and sad when we had to finally give up. And trust me, I had people CALLING me when the visiting nurse filed her report… my son was born in Berkeley, California, where you’d think it WAS law to breastfeed.

Not everyone can breast feed, for whatever reasons. I was made to feel like a failure, so this topic is very sensitive for me. I had to move on to formula. Either that or let him starve, which really was not an option.

Everyone, just know that all parents try to make the best decisions for their children. Just because they aren’t your decisions as well doesn’t make them wrong.

Sandy L on

Wow, her comments were pretty harsh! What about those mother’s that CAN’T breastfeed? I tried for weeks to breastfeed both my children and it just wasn’t happening. I had a very low supply and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it to go up. While I have no problems with breastfeeding, I do hate that people think babies were born to be breastfed. Um, no, babies were born to be loved. Period.

lily on

So happy she clarified! I kind of knew all along her response was not meant to be taken so black & white. Thank you Gisele for clearing this up!

Mari Mari Quite Contrary on

Nice follow-up clarification, because, yes, she is entitled to her opinion.

shalay on

So she came under fire for her comments, and then backtracked and said something completely different. Sounds like she needs to make up her mind. If you think all mothers should breastfeed, don’t contradict yourself by saying you’re not here to judge.

Sorry, she has rubbed me the wrong way for the past few months. From claiming to have had a painless childbirth, to claiming that Benjamin is already potty-trained, and now this… This woman doesn’t seem to understand what real mothers go through in the real world, and thus comes across as offensive in her statements. Beautiful family, ignorant person.

Rosanna on

I totally understand what Gisele was saying, I don’t know why people are so defensive and angry at her making her own opinion. I myself loved breastfeeding and i did it for 11 months. I recommend it and I wouldn’t go as far as making it a law but I would like to see some hospitals make the moms try it before they send them off. It is very rewarding and cost effective. I have cousins that didn’t even want to try it when I recommended it, I get irritated because why would you deny your baby that but its everyones own opinion on that and I respect it:)

tammy on

Why should she have to defend her statements. All mom’s should breastfeed so long as they aren’t on medications that would harm the baby. It is the only thing that’s 100% the safest thing for a baby. I’m sorry, but the ‘it’s too hard, it’s too time consuming, it’s too..blah blah blah’ is just a bunch of &^@$! Would you say ‘my child’s not worth it, my child isn’t deserving of the best, my child doesn’t mind starting life with a disadvantage’???

Chelsea on

It still hurts. I wanted nothing more than to breastfeed my son, but was unable after 2 weeks. Mrs. Bundchen doesn’t take events like that into account when making judgmental statements like that. Of course, when you have the help and money and support and staff she has, the posh thing to do absolutely breastfeed, sigh. Artsy Mommy

Biltry on

Good. Because some moms have to work. When leaving one’s baby at day care, formula is obviously better than not feeding the baby at all. Rich people might tend to forget that although everyone wants the best for their baby, not everyone can afford the best.

JB on

That’s fantastic for you Giselle but there are some people who tried it and could not produce enough milk for their children. Think before you speak brainiac

Andrea on

what about us moms who have children with birth defects which does not allow us to breastfeed? I pumped for 3 months straight just to give both my boys the best chance they could get. i dont get offended much by breastfeeding issues, but this one hit a nerve. She made a very bad choice by not choosing her words carefully.

anony12 on

The damage is already done. STFU Gisele.

Lisa on

Breast feeding is extremely important, but it is very easy for a very rich person who has nannies, cleaners and cooks to do it for 6 months or longer. Sometimes you just can’t do it for a long period of time because of the other activities you have.

KD on

It’s recommended by the Pediatricians and all other medical professionals. You SHOULD breast feed your child for the first 6 months. Of course, there are always extenuating circumstances in which a mother is physically unable to do so. But to not breastfeed just because she doesn’t feel like it is almost negligent. A healthy mother’s body tailors her breastmilk naturally to cater to the specific needs of her child, the appropriate volume, proportion of contents, and immunoglobulins for immune function. Formula just doesn’t do all that.

SadieA on

It’s good she recognized her comment sounded so black and white. I think she had good intentions. She just wants the best for every child, including her own. I really don’t think her comment was aimed at women who are physically unable, but those who can breastfeed and just choose not too. Either way, women have the right to decide how they want to raise their children. All you can do is hope they educate themselves and really make the best choice for their children.

Anali on

Breastfeeding is great but not all of us can do it. I wanted to breastfeed my baby girl but I had a really bad infection after giving birth and because of the medicines I was taking I was told not to breastfeed my baby. After 6 weeks my baby was used to formula and didn’t want my milk so I had no other choice but to continue with formula. I hope that I’m able to breastfeed my next baby. Like Gisele said, taht’s just her opinion

Bugs on

That’s more likely. She sounded more human this time.

Anonymous on

What she said is right. Women should breastfeed if they can. Our society is a bottle feeding culture. There needs to be a whole cultural shift to allow women to feel like breastfeeding is the way to go. I hate when celebrity mothers make comments on something and then there’s a huge backlash. They are entitled to their opinions and people are asking them what their opinions are. If she had said bottlefeed your baby there would have been a whole other backlash. Just read it…if it’s not for you then let it go!

Roswi on

Dear Ms. Bundchen,

Your naivety with regard to this issue is astounding. It must be wonderful to be one of those new mothers who has everything fall into place so easily. As someone who has seen many of her friends struggle with breast feeding – due to a number of issues, I am truly amazed that you could be so insensitive to the plight of other Mums who are not as fortunate as you.

I suggest that until you have finished having all of your children you keep your cruel and insensitive opinions to yourself. Who knows you may not be as lucky with you next child. I would also ask you to remember that many women don’t have the luxury of a chef, personal trainer and such to get their bodies back after pregnancy, whether you like it or not, you are extremely lucky. You may be a mother but your ideals on what is most important in life – like getting you body back – leave a lot to be desired.

Take a long hard look at yourself and spend some time with mothers who have desperately wanted to breast feed but couldn’t. You may actually feel some sympathy.

Debi on

Breastfeeding is the very best for your baby! If able to I believe that every Mom should breastfeed for at least a year. Obviously if a Mom has a medical condition or any condition which would be contraindicated, she should not feel guilty about not being able to breastfeed.There are breastmilk banks available but they are very costly.

Jill on

Gisele, seems to think that she is the only woman to ever have a baby- get over yourself girl! Breast-feeding is an OPTION, it’s not for everyone and it wasn’t for me. Just as I support a mother’s right to breastfeed I also support the right not to. I have two grown healthy children who were never sick as small children. We are close and bonded and guess what I didn’t have to stick them on my breast to achieve that. Good luck to you Gisele, don’t overthink the mothering thing, just do what feels right to you and don’t judge the rest of us. My children are 20 and 24 so I think I had the wrap on this mommy thing long before you came along to read me my rights.

JR on

Yet again, Gisele needs to be quiet… Some moms don’t have the option but to “give chemical food to your child when they are so little” or they starve to death. Not everyone has a sufficient supply of milk adequate to feed their baby. In addition, what about adoptive parents? Everytime Gisele opens her mouth on this subject, she becomes more ignorant. As if her first comments were not rediculous enough, she has to dig a bigger hole… Get a clue Gisele and realize that just because you are a new mom and have made the choices that you have made, does not make you mother of year OR knowledgeable enough to judge the rest of the world.

Chantal on

Gisele, I always thought highly of you until these comments

sky on

foot in mouth, how do we cure it, with this selfcentered, stuckup woman.

Feggie on

I agree with her! So many women are too self involved to put in the sacrifice of time breastfeeding takes. Would we feed our kittens or puppies cows milk…NO….they are nourished by their mothers. Why should baby humans have any less. Women who say they can’t breastfeed often won’t go through the pain and adjustment. Until formula was invented babies would die if they weren’t feed by their mom or a a “wet nurse”….

JMH on

I am sick of hearing her…GO AWAY…I myself did breastfeed for 6+ months via Commercial Grade Pump due to a premature infant; however, that doesn’t make me better or worse than someone that breastfeeds for a year or someone that doesn’t produce enough milk and has to supplement with formula or use formula entirely. Why do celebrities feel we want their opinions, just as she said before about pregnant women gaining too much weight by eating garbage? Again…some of us don’t have the luxury of personal trainers and chefs at our disposal or perhaps (like myself) we ended up on bed rest, so eating a lot (while on bed rest) actually added weight to my child before she was born…THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

k on

there’s a reason she gets paid to stand there in underwear and not speak.

Bonnie on

Good lord. Celebrities just aren’t allowed opinions anymore. Who cares if people disagree? Don’t rescind! That just makes you sound wishy washy, and if you have something you feel strongly about, who cares? It’s not like you said something horribly offensive. Besides, women who CAN breastfeed who have no physical problems doing so, ABSOLUTELY SHOULD! It’s what nature intended and there are more reasons to do it than there can possibly be excuses not to. (To clarify, I absolutely understand the situations where it is physically not a possibility: diseases that can be passed through breast milk, adoptive parents, etc. I’m talking the average ideal situation where the mother just decides not to.) I think anyone considering formula instead of breastfeeding should really do a lot of research before making that decision.

Suzanne M. on

I love it when someone with minimal experience makes comments on what is best for everyone like they are experts. She should wait until she is on her fourth child to make comments like that

Jennifer on

Contrary to what most breastfeeding advocates like to believe, there are many mothers who simply cannot breastfeed. They shouldn’t feel ashamed about providing their children with a perfectly acceptable alternative. Too many moms think that if they can do it everyone else can, and should. Many mothers who can’t breastfeed already feel like failures without people like Gisele spouting off.

Jessica on

Well, it’s the truth. Breastfeeding is best. But as a breastfeeding mom of 14 months let me tell you it was hard as hell!!!!!! I just had to keep reminding myself it was so good for him. I am attempting to wean my son now. I’ll kind of miss it in a way, but boy I’m not looking forward to doing it again with my second baby.

Sharon on

Yeah, Gisele, whatever. You are always saying controversial things and then saying that’s not what you meant. Just keep your rich, supermodel mouth closed and you won’t have any problems. No one wants your advice anyway!

Kira on

Ever since she had her son, Gisele has seemed even more stuck up than before. Like she is the only one in the world who has ever given birth, or breast fed a child. Give me a break.

Amy on

It is easy for a someone to say you should breastfeed your child but not all Mother are even capable of doing it even if they wanted to. I didn’t make enough milk so I had 2 options feed my baby “chemical” food or let him starve. I obviously chose not to let him starve!! Baby formula is not chemical food, it has all the vitamins and stuff that is needed for a child. My son is just fine, has rarely been sick in his whole life and he is almost 10.

livia on

ok,i´m not a mother and i don´t know how does it feels for one to hear and try to understand what gisele was tring to say,but she is just being a new mom,think they can hols the world,at least the ones i know…i´m a big fan of her,she is not a bad person that i´m sure,so of course she was not judging the mothers that aren´t able to breastfeed,she just said it the wrong way,like as if she was talking with a friend in a informal talking.Anyway i love her and i´m just sad that people will use this forever to judje her in another topics,i can see it alraedy.Baby Ben is the most adorable little thing^^sorry for the bad english.

Jessica on

People always want a reason to make something out of nothing. It’s an opinion, that’s the beauty of it, that doesn’t mean it’s yours. It means it belong to the person saying it, and you might just share it.

I think breastfeeding is an amazing thing that can bring you and your baby so much closer and it gives you that mommy/baby bonding time. But i also know how painful it can be, especially when baby isn’t latching right. Having a baby is so much joy, but so much physical pain in its own and you have to be a strong person to be able to go through the added pain of breastfeeding. It took me over a month to overcome the intense pain of it, but i’m glad i did.

Maria Singian on

I think u should just keep your experience and comment to yourself since you are not the first female to give birth. You cannot be giving any advices since this is your first child and there are so many moms in the world who are more experience than you.

Heather on

Way to backpedal….

Kat on

She seems to get hit with foot in mouth often. Hopefully she’ll try better next time.

Laura on

And yet… she still doesn’t acknowledge that some people just literally CAN’T breastfeed despite wanting to. No apology to them. It’s good that she said she thinks everyone is just trying their best, but I think that’s just her PR agent talking. Listening to her get up on her high horse since she’s become pregnant has made me loathe her.

Gisele on

I totally agree with Gisele!
breastfeeding is really important and health for babies, and yeah mothers should breastfeed their babies for four/six months and then introduce new food.
The most important is that they grow healthy and happy.

Brenda on

I think she should keep her mouth shut and stick to looking pretty. Everything she says, she turns around and retracts…she should just stop talking altogether.

Kari on

I totally agree with Giseles initial comment, My son is now 11 months and I still nurse him. Mom make up too many excuses and personally none are good enough. I went to school and worked full time and only had milk come in in one breast and I still fed my very hungry son with one breast! If I could do it, everyone can do it. It’s just another part of the american trend of what’s EASIEST for them. Not about putting the baby first. If you want what’s best for your baby, BREAST IS BEST!!!

drea on

She is always saying something stupid. Might be ok looking (dont really see it myself) but nothing is upstairs. Maybe make less dramatic comments on how you feel the world should be ran…

iluvperfectparents on

He is soooooo cute.

Leslie on

I think that the choice to breastfeed is a personal decision that a mother needs to make. If a woman decides not to breastfeed then that is her decision. There is formula out there for a reason, not everyone can breastfeed. Also formula would not be sold if it was not healthy for the child. Both my kids so far started on formula at 4 weeks old, i breastfeed the first 3 weeks and i plan on doing that again for my little boy arriving in october. I don’t think anyone should be downed for giving their baby formula.

Formula works fine on

Gisele has overstepped her bounds here. She has been a mother for all of 5 minutes, and she’s suddenly a world expert. Yes, there are numerous benefits to breastfeeding, for both baby and mother. That is not disputed. There are also many drawbacks. Quite often there are medical, social, or personal reasons why a mother chooses to bottle feed–and she should not be made to feel badly because of it, especially be a multi-millionaire who likely has a small army of assistants at her beck and call. What comes easy to some can be very, very difficult for others–whether it be due to low milk supply, the baby not gaining appropriate amounts of weight, logistical issues due to caring for other children or work demands, etc, etc. And once your infant turns into a child, no one ever cares again whether or not they were breastfed. It will not help them get into honors classes or make varsity (though having Tom Brady for a father will!!).

Julie on

People need to calm down. I applaud mothers who can nurse. I wanted to but I only lasted 5 weeks. I did not produce. My baby was starving and I was miserable. Once I started formula, my baby flourished. To each his own- do what you can to be the best mother you can be!!

Sadie on

Is that supposed to be an apology to all the women who simply cant breastfeed???

Knew there was a reason I didn’t like her . . . and I breast fed mine!

Cause I guess all those women who don’t breastfeed easily decided to feed chemicals to their children.

Sorry nothing in this article sounds like she is sorry for her original shared views.

christin on

Cut the women some slack- people. We are all entitled to our opinons…I also happen to agree with her!

faith on

I absolutely agree with her. Most reasons I’ve heard for women choosing not to breastfeed seem selfish. Because they do not like the sensation, for preserving the beauty of their body, etc. Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful, natural wonders of life. It’s all about nurturing your baby, eating healthy for yourself but also for your baby to pass off nutrients, etc. Understandably some women are malnourished in poorer parts of the world and they can’t afford to lose their own nutrients, and there are other reasons why a woman may not be physically able to do it. But if you are healthy, why not? It’s a personal choice, but think about all of the benefits you can give to your baby and sacrifice whatever you can for the health of your child. It’s also a great time to bond with the baby. After all, that’s usually the definition of a good mother, self-sacrificing.

Caullie on

I breastfead each of my daughters for over a year. It was the best thing I could have done for my kids. However, I do realize that for some women it would not be practical to do so. Breast milk is the best food for babies…it is how nature intended things to be…why fool with Mother Nature? No formula company can even come close to copying what I gave to my daughters.

Annie on

I would have loved to breastfeed my twins for 6 months, but this overprivledged woman feels that she should make me feel bad because I was not able to. May we all have 2 hours a day to work out and have the life she does. Sad, that she feels that she needs to open her mouth and make us feel poorly about ourselves. I am sure she wants a private life unless there is something “she” wants to tell the world!

mindy on

Gisele, good for you for being such a strong advocate for breastfeedding. Don’t apologize for being vocal about supporting an important health practice that is recommended by every pediatric authority and health organization.

Yessir on

That’s what she should have said in the first place…thank you to the person who wrote it for her.

Anonymous on

The “chemicals”, which you refer to formula as, saved my son! He has multiple food allergies and his little body could only handle hypoallergenic formula. You sound like an unintelligent-judgemental fool! Mothers should be supporting one another, not bringing each other down. Learn to think before you speak!

JJ on

I can see her point. But sometimes in my son’s case when there are digestive problems, special formula was the only route. I nursed him until they found the problem though.

Belle on

This chick is so annoying! She has a baby and suddenly thinks she is an authority on everything! First she tells the world that she did not feel a thing with child birth (yeah right!) and now judges people if they do not breastfeed.

Moore on

I thought her comments were tamer than a lot of what I’ve read in response here and elsewhere. It’s just an opinion on one end of the spectrum. Nothing to get too worked up over.

Liz on

The only people criticizing Gisele’s comments, are the SELFISH ones. They are the ones that say “NOBODY” is going to tell me what to do with my body. Forget about the research that shows it’s the very best for our baby to breastfeed them. These women could care less. It’s ALL ABOUT THEM. Good for you Gisele. Don’t apologize for anything to people who mean nothing.

kristan on

who is she to say that it is wrong to bottle feed. some women can’t breastfeed for a multitude of reasons. maybe she should keep her comments about how people should feed their children to herself. i guess it is just another “celebrity” running their mouths and trying to dictate how everyone else should live. go figure.

Erika on

While I think breastfeeding is the best option, sometimes it is not possible for a mother to breastfeed her child. I can see how this comment would be offensive to mothers who can’t breastfeed their children or for single fathers who obviously can’t either. It’s her decision to choose what’s best for her child, not to choose what’s best for everyone else’s child, so I do think that comment came off very judgemental towards mothers who can’t breastfeed. But I think it’s appropriate for her to be apologizing and I’m sure it wasn’t intended to come off the way it did.

Happy Mom on

I respect that Gisele has her opinions – I agree 100% that breast is best… If you can- I for one completely wanted and tried for weeks to breastfeed my son and my body could not produce enough and I had to switch to formula- Gisele needs to just add in the if u can part because many new moms would feel horribly guilty if they took what she says too literally- Obviously she is meaning her comments as in general and its probably directed more to the women who simply choose not to breastfeed for no good reason- but at the end of the day this really shouldn’t be controversial since the last time I checked I listened to my body and my doctor not some model talking about her own experience and yes this would have been a better convo left for her and her other mom friends

Woman0405 on

I did both. I do have to say, I preferred the formula to breastfeeding. And guess what, both of my kids are beautiful & healthy. That is all that matters to me.

Erin on

I think it is okay to make bold statements about breastfeeding. We should not be apologizing for promoting the benefits of breastfeeding but rather putting all our strength, public health dollars and hearts into supporting each other to breastfeed our babies. Too many people feel isolated and alone and feel judged and cut off by expectations about doing “what’s best” but we are not meant to go through this alone. Breastfeeding should not be isolating and if is, it less likely to be successful. We should remember that formula feeding does not come without risks and breastfeeding has so many benefits.

Happy Mom on

Gisele is allowed to have her opinion- she is like most new moms who voice there opinions as if they have years of experience- as the mother of a 6 year old and yes just one I have come to understand that at the end of the day everything is personal choice- u can do ur research and decide for yourself wether it be breastfeeding or vacines – at the end of the day you will get no parade whichever u choose and no one but you and ur child will care what u chose- there is too much pressure on new moms as in and as women we need to stop judging eachother as mothers-

soph on

The fact that there was even a “controversy” is ridiculous. I didn’t take her remarks as judgmental at all. It was her opinions, her thoughts, her feelings. The readers leaving the vitriolic comments — some even went as far as saying they HOPED Gisele would have a difficult future pregnancy, my god — shows how oversensitive and defensive some of the mothers posting here are. And that clearly isn’t Gisele’s fault.

Ashley on

Sometimes parents don’t have a choice on whether or not they can breastfeed their children. I breastfed my daughter for 3 months but didn’t produce enough milk for her past then. My eldest son was only breastfed for 9 days, I developed a very bad infection from silcon nursing pads that I passed to my son. And my youngest I breastfed for 5 months only to find out that he was alleric to it after I took him to a slew of drs to find out why he kept throwing up. Gisele should think before she speaks. She’s been a mother for 7 months, she should quit acting like an authority.

Nikki on

I love how people who are famous always try to push their opinions on everyone and think that just because they have the celeb status what they say goes. not all mothers can breast feed weather they are sick, don’t make enough milk, or it is just to hard on them because to some people it is very painful. I nursed my son until i had to go back to my low paying min wage job which rich people know nothing about and i couldn’t pump as wally world doesn’t care if you are dying they expect you to work and sometimes you don’t get breaks there. I wish all those rich people would get off their soap boxes and stop spouting their opinions to everyone because we don’t want your advice since you are not in our shoes and probably never will be

Amy on

Nothing bothers me more than these self-righteous breast-feeding mothers! When my daughter was born, I attempted to breastfeed, but she just wouldn’t latch on, so as a matter of survival, she had to be fed formula. As for all this talk of breast milk providing the baby with great immunization against illnesses, I beg to differ. My daughter was, and is, very rarely ill, and has grown up to be a great eater and a healthy young woman. Two of my sister’s children were breast-fed and are constantly battling illness after illness. So please do not judge me for not breastfeeding, and I won’t judge you for breastfeeding until your child has teeth and is old enough to ask for it!

SAR on

I’m glad she clarified her comments, but perhaps she should have thought about said comments before uttering them. Yes, comments can be taken out of context, but hers weren’t. They were, however, insensitive and ill-chosen.

And I’m not buying into the “She meant mothers who COULD breastfeed, but CHOOSE not to” defense. So what if she did? It is none of her business who chooses to breastfeed and who doesn’t, or what their reasons are. Some women, like a couple of friends of mine, found breastfeeding so painful that they could not do it.

Then she compounded the insensitivity by sneering about “feeding children chemicals.” Pardon me, Gisele, but many of us were fed those “chemicals” and are just fine and dandy. And what should our mothers have done instead? Let us starve?

As the saying goes, better to keep silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt. Maybe Gisele will be a bit more judicious about what she says from now on.

By the way, her baby is beautiful and congratulations to her and Tom Brady.

Lauren on

Through her comments about feeling like Jack is hers, loving her home birth, calling Ben “my beloved” and saying that for her, there was no name except that, I defended Gisele against those who attacked her, because to me it looked like nothing more than mere jealousy. After her Harper’s Bazaar interview, I can defend her no more. Her statements were so outrageously black and white (not to mention uneducated-what of the countless infants who would die, whether through transmission of AIDS or being born prematurely, if they were forced to be fed breast milk?) and condescending (anyone with a brain knows breast is best. Referring to formula as “chemicals” is rude and not necessary) that she gets no pat on the back from me, and my opinion of her has really sunk.

The sad part is that as nutso as her comments are, I’m sure there are women out there who would back her 100%. The former editor of this blog would purposefully fill the blog with pro breastfeeding propaganda constantly, blatantly admitting that she was doing so despite the fact that such posts often had nothing to do with celebrity children, and since leaving CBB has become even more rabid on the subject. I have no doubt that she thinks Gisele’s comments are just swell. Thankfully most of the world doesn’t.

Erin on

She should not have said that. Not sure how she didn’t think people would get angry or take it the way it was said. Some women can’t breastfed or it just didn’t work for them. Not a smooth remark at all.

Jo on

Her comments, out of context or not, are insensitive and hurtful. At 33 I had a bilateral (double) mastectomy. I had an additional 5 surgeries and 8 rounds of chemotherapy to battle a highly invasive form of breast cancer. My blessed, beautiful and HEALTHY baby boy was born 15 months after my last round of chemo. I did not have the choice to breastfeed him. He is now a thriving 5 year old who takes on the world every single day. Apparently, I am now a criminal. Being as blessed as we were, go ahead and lock me up! And, by the way, her comments about weight loss, please. I managed to take care of my self, eat right and exercise, and was back in my size 0 – 2 clothes without breastfeeding. I wish she would have thought before being so insensitive and insulting.

kit on

Well, at least she realises that now.

Cpin on

While I am not a huge Gisele fan, I can understand where she is coming from. I have four children, ages 21 – 6, whom I love dearly. With the birth of each one I have questioned myself as to if what I am doing is right. With my first child my milk did not come in, which concerned me. With my second, I could have fed a village! All we want to do as moms is what’s best for our children, and there isn’t a guide book for that. Also, she is correct that a written statement can come across as so black and white versus sitting down and having a chat with friends. As the say goes, “when you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones”.

Shannon on

Perhaps she should be a little more sensitive to those mothers who would love to breastfeed but can’t, such as myself.

Anonymous on

As a new mother I agree that you want to provide your child with the best start possible, but it is EXTREMELY close minded to believe that breastfeeding can be mandatory for everyone. I’m sure if I had the wealth and entourage of nannies and maids that these celebrities do, I would probably have all the time in the world to breastfeed too Gisele!

Archie on

That doesn’t sound like much of an apology and seems more like a PR cover. I just don’t think she gets it. I’m not saying that not breastfeeding is the way to go, but some women simply can’t because of health reasons (not lactating, having autoimmune diseases like lupus, medications, etc.), cultural reasons (some cultures believe that only the husband is allowed to see a woman’s breasts and that breasts are to sexual for babies), or personal reasons. Also, some babies can’t digest breast milk properly and can have colic – which is very painful. So yeah – this “chemical food” might be better for them. For the most part, no matter if children are breast or bottle fed, they turn out to be fairly healthy. I applaud her dovotion to her child, but she shouldn’t be using her celebrity to endorse something that she can’t understand both sides of.

Erin on

So…what happens to those who adopt and choose to give a child a life through love instead of biological means? This woman has said the most ridiculous things over and over again.

Amanda on

I’m glad breastfeeding came so easy for her. For some mothers, formula feeding is the safest way because of a medical condition or medication they are taking. If she was knowledgeable in this topic, she would understand that sometimes medication goes through the breastmilk placing the baby at risk. If a mother is in this situation and she chooses formula over breastfeeding, she is making the best, most healthy choice for her and the baby. Gisele, do some research before making such a uninformed statement.

Lola Marie1 on

I would hate for every word out of my mouth to be picked apart and taken out of contexts…

kitty on

Totally agree with her. A hundred years or so ago there was no formula. So guess what women did?? Otherwise, we would not be here.

Teri on

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, hers is that women should breast feed. Why the need to make everything so controversial? People make mistakes and say things that maybe come out the wrong way all the time, but because she is a famous supermodel everyone feels the need to make it an enormous deal. Get over it!

Pam on

I dont know why some people would be slamming her declarations. I actually agree with her 100%. I also agree that breatfeeding your child should be mandatory. I mean, ofcourse women are gonna do whatever they feel like doing, some dont do it cause they dont wanna get their boobs saggy or cause they have implants, ect. But your child is more important than anything and if it benefits of breast milk are huge. It helps the child health, future teeth, helps their grows, increase ther intelligence, develop their brain and created a bigger bobd between child and mom. There should be more mom like Giselle who feel the same way,

Melissa on

I could not with my children due to milk never coming in. I am a bad mother for this? I had to feed my child formula, there was no option. Then there are mothers who have to go right back to work after having children and cannot. Are they aslo terrible mothers for supportingt thier families? Most people are not supermodels and their husbands are not NFL players. She OBVIOUSLY does not live in the real world so her opinions are not of the actual normal working and living lives of every day people. She lives in la la land. Not to mention, this coming from a woman who shacked up with a man who had a pregnant very recent ex girlfriend…not much of a role model to start with.

Deb on

So.. squeezing a kid out your crotch is more important than curing cancer? Ending a war? Fighting genocide and child exploitation? Trying to bring about world peace? Ending hunger? Housing the homeless?

Way to keep the world in perspective.

Carrie on

If there were a worldwide law against stupid people having babies, Gisele wouldn’t have to worry about breast feeding at all!

Crystal on

I think it’s really respectable that Gisele wrote a response to our thoughts on her thoughts on motherhood, breastfeeding, etc. I have a lot more respect for her now. I wish her all the luck with raising John and Benjamin!

Lyndsay on

Good job Gisele…I too am a breastfeeding mama and think it’s the best thing for my baby. I know that it’s not for everyone and that’s okay, but it’s nice to hear a celebrity talk about breastfeeding in a good light. It’s a lot of work and it seems like some celebrities don’t want to take the time and when you are a celebrity you have a lot of influence. Here’s to giving our babies the very best!

Anonymous on

Very disappointing article to read.

“Some people think they don’t have to breastfeed”
Of course they think that. They DON’T have to.

I certainly am not disputing that breastfeeding is best, heck I still breastfeed my 14 month old, but hey, lets be fair… A law? Little bit over the top I’d say.

Melie on

Brazilian woman are just better than everyone else. Haha. Really? Come on with all the hating. I think she was just making a statement that if you can breastfeed, then you should choose to breastfeed rather than use the chemical feed.

Krista on

I like how she says “I’m not here to judge” and yet her comments were totally judgemental. She needs to think before she makes anymore comments about other people’s abilities to make decisions about parenting their own children

Andie on

I know that she was trying to make awareness about the importance of breastfeeding but she really should think about the fact that not all women are as lucky as she is. Just because a woman does not breastfeed her child does not mean that she does not want to…. I am a mother of 2 and I tried to breastfeed both of my children because I know the importance of it for the baby. But I was not able to because I never produced enough milk.

Allie-Rose on

Hence the importance of thinking before speaking, Gisele, because you certainly offended a whole lot of people

tania on

Oh brother, i guess she cant have a personal opinion without starting a national riot. And by the way, i agree with her 100% shes totally right.

jojoxo on

She’s right!

Mary on

I tried so hard to breast feed. I did not produce milk…I am so tired of society making me feel like a bad mother for not being able to do it. How insensitive of her…oh well though, when you make 33 million a year you can say whatever the hell you want.

Alex on

I’m willing to concede English is not her first language and perhaps she tripped over her phrasing. But somehow, I don’t really buy that. That was not an apology and I don’t even think she intended it to be. She is another celebrity who thinks their fame makes them an authority. It doesn’t. Stop it now. Gisele has a beautiful son, she should stop sitting in judgment on other people and let them raise their beautiful sons and beautiful daughters the way they see fit.

Boo on

The biggest thing about this is that she needs to realize sometimes people are too sick after a birth to breastfeed. To lump everyone together is showing how out of touch with real life she is…

jamie on

It is still a ignorant comment…what about mothers that adopt? Ummm…they can’t breastfeed. No wonder people don’t know you for your mind.

Dianna on

“I think as mothers we are all just trying our best…” except I am far better than anyone else at doing it, that’s all I’m trying to say. And did I mention I’m a supermodel?

Annie on

Whatever Gisele I used to like you but not after that comment and I don’t think you’re really redeeming yourself now either. You were being all high and mighty talking smack about bottle feeding mothers and now you’re trying to back paddle. You’re probably just in your own little celebrity world and not integrated into society very well.

Tara on

Wow! Considering who she is and what she does for a living, I expected her to be much more superficial … I’m impressed.

Susan Guy on

I applaud new mom Giselle Bundchen for taking
a public stand in support of breastfeeding. She is young,
glamourous and in a position to promote the healthiest,
easiet, and cheapest way to feed an infant. She should
not apologize for a thing she has said. The worst thing
that ever happened to third world countries was the
abandonment of breastfeeding for formula. In this
country breastfeeding is the best way to feed if at all

Tonia on

She needs to also understand that not every mother is able to breastfeed as some mothers cannot produce the milk the baby needs and does not produce enough milk for the baby to grow and be healthy. It is not always a mother’s choice on whether or not she can breastfeed.

Tonia on

She should not judge other mothers! Some mothers honestly do not produce the milk needed to keep a baby healthy and growing. It is not a matter of whether or not they want to breastfeed. It is a matter of making sure your baby gets the nutrients they need whether by breastfeeding or formula!

Vee on

I agree with Gisele, at least regarding her breast feeding comment. What is so different about what she said and what Le Leche or the American Assoc of Pediatrics has to say. Breastfeeding is the best way to nurish your child. Some may have unique situations, but that does not change the fact that breast milk is designed specifically for your baby and formula doesn’t even come close filling that order. If you can’t or choose not to breast feed, that’s your choice. But again, it does not change the facts! I think she was just trying to stress her point when she mentioned it should be law.

Amanda on

Wow, she really needs someone to write the crap for her to say so that she doesn’t have to go back and resind what she said and do the, “what I really meant was…”. Just enjoy the kid and stop the public opinoins, they never turn out well 🙂

Lila on

She can retract all she wants, but I still don’t care for her. Never have, never will.

kathy on

She needs to mind her own buisness and just worry about her kid and how she raises him!!! Not how everyone else does it
I formula fed my son and he now almost 4 healthy, happy and just adorble the lack of breastmilk didn’t phase him
Who does she think she is?

Shan on

You know – I think it is very funny that when her first comments came out, people jumped on her SOOO fast about how she is an idiot, selfish, etc. Disclaimer here – I’m not a mother, nor am I a huge Giselle supporter OR hater…. I just read these things for information. I do believe that breastfeeding is one of the most important things a woman can do for her children IF SHE CAN….

I just find the hypocricy on this website sad sometimes because everyone jumped all over her for something that if they didn’t take it so literally, they would have probably agreed with her, and now that she has made that clarification, NOBODY, has been like, oh I’m sorry, I overreacted to.

urbanadventurertales on

Guessing they are closing the comments on this one? Giselle needs to keep her mouth shut!

ezpeze on

she needs to keep her mouth shut.

stephaie on

Cute little boy and Tom Brady first son is also adorable

Sandra on

Breastfeeding your baby is the most natural thing to do. If a woman is physically able to then she should. There are many options for working moms to give their baby breast milk when they are not available for that one on one feeding. Gisele just really annoys me, so I take her comments with a grain of salt.

Jennifer on

I agree that breastfeeding is important, and everybody should at least give it a shot. Unless of course the mom has a viral disease like HIV, or is on medication where it’d be not safe to nurse.

Mary on

It’s a very passionate role you take when you have (especially) your first baby and the preference to breastfeed. I totally understand her and sorry she had a backlash. Seems you can’t say anything today without at least one person getting angry. I felt the same as her, formula is nothing but a formula of crap made in a factory. Formula companies glaze over that fact with fuzzy warm commercials. They make it seem as though your baby is getting everything they need but the truth is there are HUNDREDS of componants in breastmilk that can not be duplicated in a factory. Think about it and do a little research before surrendering to formula.

izzy on

YOU jealous, bitter, oversensitive, angry women should be the one to shut up. She didn’t say anything wrong. Get a life and be nice to each other. I feel sorry for YOUR kids.

Mary on

To the Formula Feeding Mama:

Ha! Every mother gets milk in after giving birth!! It’s a misconception and an easy excuse to say that not all moms get milk. A lot of new moms think their milk doesn’t come in because it takes a few days for it to come in, the new mother gives up and formula feeds.

Also, adoptive mothers can breastfeed. Anyone can breastfeed at any time. They just need to use a breastpump for stimulation and then get the baby to latch and milk will come in.


izzy on

What does she have to apologize for? Lots of people feel the same way as she does. She’s advocating breasfeeding, which is a good thing. It’s not like she said babies should be drowned after they’re born, geez.

loren on

Gisele’s opinion about BF should not be that important. This is her first child, why would anyone even care what she thinks? It says a lot about women responding to her. Every thing she says is a big deal, Why? She is a model with little experience about children, child birth (she’s only had 1 baby). Ignore her opinions , especially if you don’t like her. She is a first time mom, who will find out soon enough she doesn’t know everything like we all eventually do. A lot of first time moms are like that :-). I like Gisele and her baby is handsome. Her opinion on maternity and BF is just that the opinion of a new mom with little experience. Stop taking what celebrities say and do as an example.

Angie on

@izzy: I cannot believe that you’re lecturing other women to “be nice to one another,” while you’re telling other people to shut up and calling them jealous and bitter. It’s ironic that you’re coming across sounding like one of the meanest women in this comments section and yet you seem to think you have some moral high-ground to stand on in order to lecture others. Before you lecture all of us about being nice, go look in the mirror and adjust your own attitude.

sun on

the aap and every medical establishment says babies that aren’t breastfed are more likely to die. Its a law to use carseats. im a safe driver and i hate car seats. but statistically its safer. in the realworld people just arent breastfeeding and its not people that are like giselle. its obese, slow, uneducated people who are feeding cheap formula as an appetizer for a life of monutain dew and mcdonalds. and they are having way more kids then i am. ill stop at two because i am still nursing my 2 year old in accordance with the WHO and it is a very hard job. if i made it easy on myself i might like to populate the world with more. giselle should be commended. maybe some of these breeders might look up to her and try to breastfeed. and as for people being unable to, their uterus works, they can push their stroller all around the fairgrounds and eat funnelcake; but modified sweatglands releasing a milk in response to naturally occuring hormones is too hard? im tired of feeling like im the only mom around that breastfeeds!!!!!

Anna on

People just like to over react. Nowhere did she say you should let your child starve if your milk doesn’t come in, or that you should pass on HIV. Does she have to name every exeption?? Obviously she meant “if you are able to you should” and I agree.

Also, why is her word worth less because she ony has one child? So how many children do you need to have before you are a real mother allowed to have an opinion on these issues?

lola on

I’m glad to see many people agree with Gisele! Breastfeeding IS better than formula. And I’m tired of people getting offended when someone states an opinion that’s not their own.

ally on

If you wanted to BF but couldn’t you DO AGREE WITH HER!
You think that BF is the best thing for your child, period.

Her point was for those mothers who thinks that formula is the same as BF

Who read something more is wrong.

mommyofone on

My husband and I recently adopted a baby boy so it goes without saying that I could not breast-feed him. However, truth be told, I never had any desire to breast feed even when I thought I would give birth to a child. Having said all that, I feel like people should get to have an opinion. That was her opinion. I am against the way everyone who is offended feels they have the right to demand an apology from her. Think about all the things you say aloud or to yourself. Celebrities have the unfortunate advantage of having everything they say printed. People, get over yourselves, quit being so overly sensitive about everything that is said. Life it too short to be demanding apologies every time you get your feelings hurt. That is all I would do all day.

Lala on

i think every one is so up in arms because she made a pretty broad comment on a very sensitive issue. i did both breast and formula. i was a formula baby and i am fine. some women don’t want to breastfeed and that is fine. i never thought i would! i thought it was absolutely disgusting! and i don’t understand women who breastfeed way after the baby is one! it has no nutritional value and its creepy! if a baby can tell mama i’m hungry get the boob out of his mouth!! but i tried it and i was fine! my son on the other hand had a different plan. he needed special formula to help him gain weight. he had a digestion problem and would spit up all my hard work. but i also had the time to breastfeed. i did not work during the pregnancy or for the first 2 yrs of my sons life. we all take different paths in life and making broad statements is going to start controversy. i’m glad she did clarify. best of luck with her and her son. i guess we all learned that breastfeeding is a hot button topic! and maybe our own personal feeling about it should kept to ourselves??

Anonymous on

Wow! She realized what she said came off as offensive and clarifies her comments and some of you are still attacking her. There really was no reason for anyone to take her comments so personally anyway. Does anyone here truly believe that she thinks that there should be a law making BF mandatory? Or that she thinks that women who want to but can’t BF their children are horrible mothers? Come on people, she over exaggerated to make her point. Some of you are even taking offense to her saying “I believe that bringing a life into this world is the single most important thing a person can undertake, and it can also be the most challenging,”. Really?? So now she must be attacking women who can’t have children or don’t want children? Some of the posters in here are either overly sensitive or just plain bitter because quite a few of the comments made bashing her are just at ridiculous as her comments to Harper’s Bazaar.

Alice on

Tbh she was right. Formula is the next best thing to breast milk but the key word is next. It was made for these moms who have no choice because they cannot breastfeed.
Why not give your kids the best you can? I guess the moms who don’t want to breastfeed are the same who choose to have c-sections because a birth is “disgusting”.

Haleiwa on

She is like other pro breast-feeding harpies make a lot of assumptions. If a woman doesn’t breast-feed she must be lazy, didn’t try hard enough, is not educated enough, ignorant, giving their baby poison or chemicals, didn’t consult la leche, blah, blah, blah. I believe most women don’t have a problem with the “breast is best” banner. What I have a problem with is the delivery, venom, and aggressiveness of the breast feeding brigade. They hear 1 or 2 women say, I don’t want to breast feed because my breast will sag and they pin this thinking on every woman who made a different choice in nourishing their baby. If she’s happy with her choices, why does she need to bring other women into her comment. You breast fed. Great. Talk about that. Why does she need to qualify it by bringing up other women giving their baby chemicals?

babyboopie on

I breastfed my son but I bottle-fed my daughter because I was on medication due to health problems and so I couldn’t breastfeed her although it was physically possible to do so, and so Gisele really should have chosen her words more carefully.
However, I wonder, if John was breastfed or bottle-fed? I wonder what his stepmother thinks of that?

Erin on

Believe me, her PR rep got on the phone with her and told her to clarify. When you’re a brand like she is, you can’t alienate your base. It’s the oldest trick in the industry I work in. She pays someone to sell her in the most efficient, profitable, tamest ways. And whoever she’s is paying for that service should be canned. Her interviews about children have offended too many people now and rendered her rep merely a damage control artist. She should stick to modeling before that industry kicks her out and nobody cares about her as a brand anymore.

Sage on

I love her so much. Honest this comments aren’t really going to hurt her at all. I mean she is the world’s highest paid super model, married to a famous athlete, and has a baby that people will want to see.

Now, although I see what Giesel was saying I can also get where people are offended. First off women can have pain free births, if some of you would so research you could see that.

Secondly women do care about what she says if no there wouldn’t be so many comments in this read. Due to this you are giving all the attention and publicity that many celebs want. Third are you all really going to stop bottlefeeding your babies after a Giesel interview? Also are you that dull to think that a law would pass when we know there are conditions that prevent women from breastfeeding.

The thing is there is always going to be a fight when it comes to breastfeeding. The reason is some women may not view it as important, can’t do it, or feel as failures. Until people get over those issues fights beyween mother’s will continue.

Tyannah on

Unfortunately, intelligence can’t be bought, even if you are very rich.
Bu the way, the fact that she is a “supermodel”, married to a “famous athlete” does not impress me at all. She is just like anyone like us…
In fact I prefer being myself. She was only able to get money with her look…. Reading her and hearing her make me believe that she was lucky to be born pretty, because stupid as she is she would not have been able to get a high degree, or any kind of degree.
Hope soon nobody will care about her anymore!

Kristine on

I think she was totally taken out of context and simply expressing her strong belief in breastfeeding. I would have preferred her not to back pedal and stand up for herself. She’s entitled to her opinion as much as anyone else and shouldn’t have to apologize for it.

I tend to agree with what she’s saying. A lot of people use formula because they can and it’s easier. We can thank the formula companies for this one. The truth is in nature itself, only humans have the option of not nursing their young. If you are medically able to nurse, you should. Even before formula was developed babies were supplemented, with milk, at wet nurse, with something. Playing the ‘what should I do let my child starve?’ card is ridiculous.

Fact is fact, breast is best.

Jennifer on

Wow. What a narrow minded comment from Gisele. Maybe the real lesson in becoming a mother is to “not judge.” And to be supportive of one another. My 16 mo. old son had a milk-protein intolerance and had to go on specialized formula so he would not have blood in his stool. He is a thriving, smart, active and precious boy…who drank formula. Guess I am a real bad mom for giving him Neocate formula…and wanting his poor little tummy to stop hurting from all the cramping. I am just real tired of the judgements.

MVG on

I do believe that everyone (even celebrities, public figures, etc) are entitled to their opinion and are free to do what they feel is best for their families, however, I took her comments to imply that women who do not / cannot breastfeed are simply ignorant of breastfeeding’s value. This is completely untrue as there are many, many women (myself included) whose vision of parenthood turned out very differently than they imagined. 6 weeks before her due date my daughter had to be delivered by emergency c-section due to me having pre-eclampia. My blood pressure had spiked so high the doctors thought I was going to start having seizures or possibly a stroke. Did I plan on having a c-section rather than a “natural” birth? No. Was it the best alternative for myself and my child? Yes. My daughter was in the NICU for 2 weeks following her birth during which time I pumped religiously to the point that it was practically all I did. I hardly left the house maybe only once or twice otherwise I was pumping and delivering milk to her. Despite this, due to her size and prematurity, she was never able to latch on and once my milk supply started plummeting we had to resign ourselves to formula. Was this what I planned? No. Did it end up being the best decision for myself and my child. Yes. So I guess my point is that this mother-shaming has to stop. Everyone needs to start promoting the idea that what is right for them may not be right for everyone else and let that be that. A good parent is one who makes the best possible choices for themselves and their child. Good parents come in all shapes, sizes and forms!

sara on

I think most of those who don’t see any harm in Gisele’s comments have never been mothers…any new mother who might have encountered a problem trying to breast-feed her baby, any new mother who had to go back to work in a couple of weeks after the childbirth (like I did) but still wanted to breast-feed, would be sensitive to those comments…i am sure she is not a mean person, but because she is a celebrity she should be aware of what she says and consider how it may come across…

JChicago on

While I’m not a fan of her comments – or many of her comments on motherhood since she’s had her own child – I feel like people who are in real outrage of what she has to say just need to remember one thing. She’s a model. She’s not an expert in anything. It’s unfortunate that celebrity allows people with so little formal education to make very public statements about every issue under the sun and that we take anything these people say so seriously. If you support her comments, fine. If you don’t, then don’t buy her issue or just chuck it in recycling when you’re done. That’s really all she’s worth anyway.

Heather on

Someone wanted to know why mothers that formula feed their children get defensive… I will tell you why I personally get defensive. Before my son was born, I knew I would breastfeed. It wasn’t an option. I didn’t even so much as buy the first bottle. Breastfeeding was the ONLY option when it came to feeding an infant. When he was born, his sugar was extremely low. I tried to nurse and we were having a hard time getting him to latch on. The doctors insisted he take a bottle. That was the end for me. As much as I tried to nurse, he refused. He would cry and cry because he was hungry, but would literally nurse for 30 seconds and push his way off. I worked with lactation consultants to remedy this, but nothing worked. After several weeks, my milk dried up and formula was the only option. I felt like a failure. I felt like I was the worst mother in the world. I tried so hard and in the end, I couldn’t provide the most important part of my child’s diet. I thought I was putting him at a disadvantage. The reality of it is this: You CAN have a normal, happy, healthly, intelligent baby, even if you provide your baby with formula. My son will soon be three and he has NEVER been on an antibiotic in his life. As a matter of fact, I can count on one hand the number of times he has been sick. He is incredibly intelligent and exceeds each and ever milestone. Not only that, but we have the same bond any breastfeeding mother has with her child. So for a celebrity, who has more money and resources at their disposal than the average joe, to tell mothers (me included) the “right” way to live, of course I am going to get defensive. I struggled with my own parenting abilities when I wasn’t able to breastfeed, so I do not need this supermodel bringing that back up and attacking them as well.

Terri on

Upon reading her thoughts I never once thought that she really meant it should be an actual law, just that she was veyr enthusiastic about breastfeeding. Good for her. If you’re gonna be gung-ho about something it’s not a bad thing to be excited about.

Dianna on

Everyone IS entitled to their own opinion… unfortunately, her opinion is that other people who have the opinion that they’d rather not breastfeed their child should be forced BY LAW to do it? In other words, her opinion is that other people’s opinion should be against the law.

I breastfed my two children for 8 mo and 5 mo respectively and would liked to have gone longer but it was a giant PAIN IN THE A** while trying to work and take care of another child.

I’m sure she’ll be just as annoying when she pops out another child.

Katie on

OK Gisele,
Let’s make it a law that all mothers breastfeed for six months. Let’s also make it a law that when a mom is a multimillionaire who doesn’t need to work ever again, she should stay home and raise her child instead of hanging out at the gym, going to red carpet events, doing modeling shoots, and giving interviews to anyone who will listen. Other than breatfeeding your child, do you ever see him?

A mom who breastfed 3 of her 4 children and realizes that we all are free to chose what’s best for our families.

Bethan on

Yes, most mothers do prefer breastfeeding their children. I never wanted to breastfeed my son; MY personal choice. I didn’t and still don’t feel like a bad mother. It was something that I wasn’t totally confident with. I spoke with my doctor about the feelings I was having, and he told me that I shouldn’t force myself to do something I didn’t want to do. Now, my nine year old is a happy, healthy child. With my second child, my six year old daughter, I decided to try expressing breast milk as an alternative, and discovered that I just didn’t make enough milk anyway. I’m not ashamed that all four of my babies were formula fed, and as healthy as the other kids in their class. I don’t like being told that I should be made to change my views by law.

Jura on

I don’t agree with her statement but also don’t think it was a statement of malice either. Working in the OB/GYN world, breast feeding is not always an option. Too many times I personally saw new mothers driven to tears not only by friends/family around them but doctors trying to bully them into breast feeding. There is stigma of inadequacy if they physically could not breast feed or the baby cannot or will not latch. Personal opinions of a celebrity (who may or may not be well informed on the subject they are speaking of) should not always be printed, nor should the public always take them at face value.

Kim on

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but she needs to be educated before she speaks. Some women can’t breastfeed for medical reasons. I’m one of them. And my son turned out perfect. There’s not one thing I would change about him.

Gisele, definitely do what’s best for your son. But think before speaking.

Stella Bella on

Man, nobody cuts Gisele any slack, despite the fact that she is not giving the interview in her native language.

DD on

When Gisele is a few years older, she’ll learn to be less self-righteous.

The vast majority of women breastfeed. Those who don’t have a compelling reason not to. Why do we need to keep beating a dead horse?

HL on

Wow. This is certainly a touchy subject. I agree that some women truly are unable to breast feed. However it is a small percentage, I know about a dozen women that all claimed they had no milk, or baby wouldn’t latch, excuse after excuse. Even in these posts almost every third post a woman claims it was IMPOSSIBLE to nurse their child. I feel women give up too easily. If there was no other means, I am sure over half of these women would have been able to make it work out. And that is my opinion!

meghan on

And you would be wrong HL.

jj on

I was curious if she was serious or not but then thought it was ridiculous that someone would actually think that. So I figured she was just being silly. I strongly feel that breastfeeding should be considered. However, I have a very good friend who tried everything possible to be successful at breastfeeding and it just wasn’t possible. No excuses for her b/c I was there and it didn’t happen. I breastfed successfully for a year and I wouldn’t change it. It was VERY challenging and time consuming but I know it was what was best for my child. However, if you just can’t you can’t. As long as you try and weigh ALL the options that’s all that matters. Every mother knows what’s best for their child!

Sue on

Jeez! You people still aren’t done whining yet? I for one, don’t need to be a mother to understand how difficult it is. I’ve seen my own mother go through it. With that said, I never found her comments insensitive or offensive. She has a right to her opinion, and it was not meant to be taken literally.

This woman just gets so much hate for what kind of career she has. And yes, don’t try to tell me you’re not jealous. Many of these comments here reek of pure jealousy. So before you guys start harping down her back for being judgemental and ignorant, perhaps you should all look at yourselves in the mirror first.

Sharon on

As a woman who is currently breastfeeding I obviously think breast is best, but believe each individual should choose how they want to feed their child.

That being said, some of the comments in this discussion are ridiculous.

” I do hate that people think babies were born to be breastfed” ….um….what else were they born to do???

And someone also commented that formula wouldn’t be sold if it wasn’t healthy???? Really?? Because only healthy things are sold in stores such as chips, soda, chocolate and so on…come on!

Kristine on

HL – Agreed
I gave up breastfeeding, after struggling for months, going through mastitis, etc, then after pumping so long (because of the mastitis) my son got used to the bottle. While I would have continued to pump, I really didn’t have enough of a supply.

With my next son, I simply got tired and gave up. And yes I still feel guilty, for both. Don’t get my wrong, they’re wonderful, happy, healthy kids and I know that I’m a good mom. But I should have continued and I think more doctors, nurses, etc, should help mother’s choose what’s best, not what’s easiest.

Why, because if I didn’t have an easy alternate, I would have pushed through it.

LisaS on

Beautiful, beautiful baby. That face–and that expression! lol–is too precious!

Gisele’s one incredibly lucky woman, and I’m not talking about her looks, money, job, etc., but her baby. Her son looks absolutely delicious. I just want to pick him up, cuddle him, and squeeze him tight, and I never think that about strangers’ babies, no matter how cute they are.

Erika on

I just want to know how it is her business how someone else feeds their baby? How is it ANYONE’s business how someone else feeds their baby? The only times someone else’s parenting techniques are your business are cases of abuse and neglect and formula feeding is NEITHER of those, nor is it comparable.

Erika on

Oh and I forgot to add in my post- I don’t even have kids yet. I just feel that the way people feed their baby is nobody else’s business.

Amber on

Giselle’s right so what’s all the fuss about?
If you’ve got breasts that lactate then you should use them. End of story.
IT GOES WITH SAYING due to the fact it’s completely OBVIOUS that if you have an infant and your breasts aren’t lactating or if your baby can’t get enough milk out then you are going to use other means to feed your child.

Is anyone really bitter and stupid enough to regard Gisele’s comments on the NATURAL way to feed one’s offspring as a message to let your children starve if breastfeeding is impossible?

I sincerely hope not, but by the look of some comments here, there are a few out there.

abbey on

I feel sorry for Giselle that she’s on a world stage when she says things like this. Most parents simply incur the wrath of their mother’s group or social set, but she’s got the whole world on her back. It took me some years to keep my trap shut about parenting differences and evidently she’ll learn the hard way to do the same.

I agree with her though, breast is best, but so is a happy, healthy mum and there are lots of circumstances where the mental and physical well-being of the mum cannot sustain breastfeeding.

We should support those mums and encourage others who are opting out at the first sign of difficulty, to persevere.

Meghan on

It’s fine if she wants to promote breastfeeding but don’t put down formula or the mothers who use it. That’s where she was judgemental.

I breastfed my oldest for a year but couldn’t BF my second due to mastitis and an abcess that developed and took 6 months to go away. Until you are hospitalized because your breast is infected and hurts like hell when touched slightly, shut your trap!

Yes BF is best but it doesn’t happen for everyone. I mourned the fact that I couldn’t BF my second like I BF my first and the last thing I like to read is ignorant people judging formula feeding moms.

jammaj on

I think it’s obvious that Gisele meant that if you’re ABLE to breastfeed, you should. Of course there are a host of variables that will prevent breastfeeding or make it not the best option for your child, and I am quite sure that she realizes this. However, I know a young woman who recently had a baby and simply decided not to breastfeed. She decided before even trying that the formula route would be “easier.” I believe that it is women such as this, who do not even attempt to feed their children through breastfeeding without justifiable reason, that Gisele is referring to.

her on

HAPPY WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK to all the mothers out there who do breastfeed.
I also think that everyone should have to at least try to breastfeed. I work 4/5 days a week and have 3 children i BF my second daughter until she was 15 mths by pumping my 3rd is almost 4 weeks and i had to give her formula for a day because she was jaundice, i cried because i was so scared that she would not nurse after getting the bottle so early.
the formula they make these days are great for our children but nothing is better than what we are ment to give them OUR MIlK

denise on

I have no idea if I’d been able, I just didn’t want to. And it proven that it’s not healthy for Mum & Baby’s relationship if you’re forced to breastfeed. In my opinion she’s just ridiculous. Let every Mum do what’s best for her. A relaxed Mum is a better Mum than a tired and annoyed one.
For me it was a decision NOT TO BF I am proud of as I know other Mums who hate to breastfeed but were forced by people like Giselle. Some are really unhappy. Why should I breastfeed? I wasn’t breastfed, I have no allergies, a strong relationship to my Mum, my baby has a close relationship with his Daddy who also fed him from the first day, I am a happy and relaxed Mum. Also I can’t understand the argument about losing weight, I am one size smaller than before the baby (after 4 months after giving birth) while my breastfeeding friends mostly are still 2 or more sizes bigger than before and that more that half a year after giving birth.
I wish every Mum who wants to breastfeed that she’s able to. But I also expect respect for my decision as I support breastfeeding Mums as well.

Sara on

Well according to Gisele, I have successfully passed the good mother test for bf my baby and I tell you all what- never again. My weight plummeted, I developed anemia, I looked like a ghost most of the time, and all this to be told when my baby was 4 months old that “she wasn’t getting enough food”, and that it would be better to supplement anyway.

Do what’s best for yourself and for the baby and ignore everyone else.

Koren on

What aggravates me about Giselle’s comment is that since she became a mom, she now thinks she is an expert on everything mommy. While a completely agree that breastfeeding is best for a child, saying that it should be a law is idiotic. Many women are unable to breastfeed for a variety of different reasons (and despite another posters comment, those reasons aren’t all selfish ones). Should those mothers be punished because they were unable to breastfeed? Formula is not as good as breastmilk but it gave my son the nurishment he needed to grow into a strong, healthy little boy when I was unable to provide enough milk to sustain him. Her opinion is her opinion and while she is entitled, she needs to stop sounding so self righteous about it.

Erin on

I’m so fed up of Giselle’s ‘comments’. Everytime she opens her mouth it causes controversy, usually because she hasn’t got a clue what she’s talking about. My suggestion would be that she just does her job e.g. shuts her mouth and smiles for the camera. We’re not interested in Super Mum’s opinion!

mel on

I think the issue with her post, as well as many of the ignorant supporting comments on this board, is that Giselle is outright stating that formula is “bad” for our children. As a mother who had no other option, it is insulting and hurtful to hear that I am giving my child something that is bad for her. It is highly likely that the majority of food that is fed to Giselle’s, as well as other parents on this board’s, children has chemicals in it. We do the best we can to take care of our children and help them thrive, and anyone that insinuates I am not doing so, because of formula, comes off as not only uneducated, but lacking class and empathy.

Cynthia on

Boy I wonder what the Octo Mom thought about her comment? Yeah, we all know that breast milk is the best for our children. But when you only have one baby at a time, it’s easy for people to make judgement calls.

Sue on

Oh my god people the comments were just her opinion. That’s right – HER OPINION. She can have it and is allowed to say it. You don’t have to take it so seriously. So go ahead and keep parenting the way you want. Your parenting shouldn’t be affected by Gisele’s comments nor should they offend you. If they offend you that much then there’s obviously something wrong – and it’s not Gisele who’s at fault. Get on with your lives and stop obsessing over the things celebrities say.

Ethan, Aly, James, Sully and Stellan's Mama on

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I respect everyone’s opinion. However, I have five healthy, happy children and I didn’t breastfeed any of them. Not because I couldn’t, but by choice. I just wasn’t comfortable with breastfeeding. With my first, Ethan, I honestly tried. I had friends who were due with me and just before, and when their babies arrived, they told me how much of a beautiful and magical experience it was for Mum and Baby. So, with Ethan, I tried to breastfeed. And I hated every minutes of it. I forced myself to continue, feeling pressured by my friends. I became tired and depressed, my breasts were painful and it was a horrible time for me. I stopped breastfeeding when Ethan was three months old, and haven’t gone back since. It didn’t work out for me. I’ve had people call me a bad mother because none of my children were breastfed, and I’ve learnt to ignore their comments.

People say that I’m selfish for denying my children the best start in life, simply to make myself feel better. I still think my children are happier with a mother who can enjoy feeding time with them and not be repulsed by it.

Paula on

I couldn’t agree more, Sue.
It’s funny how people in this blog simply don’t like Gisele. She can’t express her opinion, people will always find a way to criticize.
I think a lot of people here see her as the reason things didn’t work out between Bridget and Tom and took Bridget’s side. Also, it seems a lot of people envy her.
BTW, it looks pretty obvious to me that the law thing was just a joke or a way to express that she feels BF is extremely important. She’s not saying that if you can’t, for medical reasons, bf your child, or have a natural birth, than your a bad mom. But here in Brazil, and I suppose also there in the US, a lot of women are choosing c-sections or not breastfeed for convenience. And on this point, there are tons of researches that show that these are not the best options for the babies. So, the way I see it, it’s a public health subject.
However, we live in a society that is always looking for the easiest way, which often doesn’t mean the best way.

Paula on

Oh, and it is kind of funny how a lot of people here say that she should not jugde other moms, when I see in this website a lot of comments such as “isn’t him too old to use a pacifier?” or “should’t she be walking?”. The way I see it, everybody judges, so why can’t Gisele do the same?

wow on

Giselle has every right to express her opinion, just as you can express yours. It was a general statement, not a mandate. Get off your high horses people. None of you are perfect. People need to stop holding celebs or people that are in the public eye to these astronomical standards. I took her comment to be geared towards those who refuse to breastfeed without even trying or who do not have extenuating circumstances that prevent them from breastfeeding.

wow on

So, in effect, what many of you are saying is that because she is a model, she shouldn’t have an opinion. She should be a role model, but shut up when we don’t agree with what she says. She’s not telling you to sell your child into the sex trade or beat your kids or not put sunscreen on them.

krista on

a lot of women seem to take breastfeeding for granted. not every woman is able to breastfeed. some babies don’t latch on, some mothers nipples are too large, some mothers can’t produce milk, and sometimes even pumping won’t work. while i agree that breastfeeding may very well be best for babies, people need to remember that it can be very hurtful for women who were unable to breastfeed to hear or read comments like this. a lot of women who were unable to breastfeed feel like they are failures as mothers. they feel that their bodies were unable to do something they were designed to do. as if having a newborn baby isn’t hard enough, add any kind postpartum along with feelings of failure and you have the recipe for making on depressed, unhappy mother.

again, i am not saying that she was wrong to say what she did, and that she may very well be right, breastfeeding may be best. but the women who were and are lucky enough to be able to breastfeed need to remember that it is not that easy for everyone.

Emily on

As a mother who tried to breastfeed and couldn’t, I felt some guilt for a while. However, I have seen how wonderfully healthy my child is and now that she’s eating regular food, she (thankfully!) loves fruits and veggies. I don’t feel like she’s any worse off for being formula-fed.

With that sad, even as a formula-feeding mother, I was not really offended by Gisele’s comment. I think we are all just too quick to judge others. I never thought she seriously wanted a law to be created telling mothers how to nourish their children. Calm down, folks. Gisele is a great mommy!

Beth on

Those of us who are overly-sensitive to her comments may have reason to be. As someone who tried so hard to breastfeed my son and who ultimately had to bottle feed, I feel guilty enough as it is that I was unable to provide what nature intended. I don’t need some over-zealous supermodel judging me. I already did that enough.

sam smith on

I understand that she has the right to her opinion as does everyone else, but i dont think its just non breastfeeding mothers who find her statements odd. I breastfed all 3 of my children which was great for me. One of my closest friends, tried breastfeeding 1 of her 3 children. She was so uncomfortable with it, that after several weeks she gave up and bottlefed and bottlefed her other 2 children. breastfeeding is not for everyone. If moms uncomfortable, I truely believe that the baby isnt going to be comfortable, which in turn isnt healthy for their relationship. She found that she was much more comfortable, her baby was happier and her husband could also join in with the feedings.Bottlefeeding isnt always about medical issues or selfiness, sometimes its also about bonding. My friend still feels she didnt bond with that child as well as her other two. By the way, it was her middle child that she tried breastfeeding, so it wasnt that she was nervous about being a new mother or something like that.

mznjaye on

Breast is not best….. BREAST MILK is best.. It makes no difference if the BREAST MILK comes from a tit or a bottle. Breast milk is BETTER than formula. Formula was created for a reason…. TO MIMIC BREAST MILK for mothers who could not produce it. Once it was available…then it took off as an ALTERNATIVE. Once that happened DOCTORS petitioned to make it as nutritious as possible since women began using it as an ALTERNATIVE to BREAST MILK. WHy BOTTLES are even in the convo is stupid. You can pump and put the BREAST MILK in a bottle. KNOW your FACTS about formula. MY grandmother told me that they would use CARNATION milk if babies could not get breast milk. CARNATION MILK?? I said… What she said was… YOU HAVE TO FEED THE BABY SOMETHING!! SO why are u arguing that. COMPAIGN against negligent moms that feed their babies NOTHING!! Have a nice day!

sam on

Ethans mom has an excellant point and I agree with her 100%. I breastfed all my children, but not everyones comfortable with it and if mamas not comfortable how can that be good for baby? Its not selfiness and no ones denying that breast milk is nutrionally better, but the act of breastfeeding itself is not always best for mother or baby.

Anonymous on

I agree breastfeeding is very important for the health of your baby, but what about those who are unable to breastfeed. For example – a couple who has adopted a baby are unable to do so. I think people just need to remember there are exceptions. It is important not to alienate woman who would love to breastfeed their baby but are unable too.

sam on

I would also like to point out that breastmilk also contains what the mother eats, so just like when you were pregnant no drinking, no smoking etc. So on that note remember that if mother isnt taking precautions to make sure that her diet is completely healthy, then her milk may not always be healthy. I always had breastmilk in the freezer so that if i did choose to have a drink with friends i would feed my baby the milk from the freezer for a period of time instead of nursing them, I know not all mothers think that. Some just feel that “breast is best” regardless of what the mother has eaten or drank. My children would also get gassy if i ate something that didnt agree with them. Thats really not fun either.

Ethan, Aly, James, Sully and Stellan's Mama on

Thank you Sam! That actually means a lot to me.

I did what I did for my reasons. I’m not against breastfeeding in the slightest. I just like to think that I’m being the best Mum to my kids that I possibly could be. I believe in letting mothers be mothers, not preaching to women how to be mothers.

Anna on

I think the comment was taken out of context. She was not serious about it becoming a law, she was just trying to re enforce how important it is to breast feed. I believe that she was just trying to say that every mother who is physically capable of breast feeding should and I agree with her. It is proven that babies who are breast fed live longer and are more healthier, so if you can, why would you not?

Been There Mommy on

I beat myself up for FOREVER when I ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks just a few days after my son’s birth – and, on heavy medications for another month and recuperating from illness and surgery, missed the window to breastfeed him. I tried pumping and supplementing with formula, but every week, there was less and less milk coming out, until I finally gave up around 3 months. I felt so guilty and depressed about it. And other nosy mom’s made me feel even worse about myself and my being a good mother – never underestimate the ability of a woman to tear another woman down, and kick her a few times while she’s at it. However, my first child was consistently in the 80-90th % for weight and was, and still is, as healthy as a little horse. When my 2nd child was born in February, I was determined to breastfeed, and am still doing so. But guess what? It’s pretty overrated. My breastfed baby had jaundice that wouldn’t go away and slow weight gain, then a bad bout of RSV, two other bugs, and ear infections. At his 4 month check-up, he was in the 25th % for weight, dipping down to the 10th % at subsequent weight checks 2 and 4 weeks later. This is despite the fact that I nurse him every 3-4 hours, even now – how’s that for model of health? So many harpies make out like it’s the best, most bonding experience there is, but you know what – I was just as bonded with my first child – if anything, giving a bottle made it easier to snuggle, kiss, and cuddle than with my breastfed baby – AND my husband was much more bonded with our first as he was able to have a hands-on role in a major aspect of a young baby’s life, rather than how things have been the 2nd go around. Several years after I started this journey, and now with perspective on BOTH sides, I regret that I wasted so much time being so hard on myself for reasons which are just not that important – and taking too much to heart, the hurtful and insensitive comments so many women on this board make, for example, or the morally clueless like Gisele. They have no idea why someone would be so “defensive” or “sensitive” or “hurt” because they’ve been BLESSED not to have gone through your particular set of circumstances, and are so insecure about themselves, it makes them feel better to tout what they think is their superiority. You love your baby, and you are a WONDERFUL mother who is providing the very best she has to give to a dear, dear child – THAT is what’s most important – not how they’re fed, diapered, soothed, etc…someone else had it right – do what is best not only for your family, but for YOU!

Mandy on

I think Gisele makes a good argument, and I agree with her FOR MYSELF when I become a mother. Though her statement SOUNDED black and white, I’m sure she is understanding of those that require formula due to physical needs, medications, and complications. In no way did she judge anyone. Everyone knows that most mothers have the very best in mind for their children. Only people that feel guilty could get so defensive 😉

Lisa on

What really bothered me with her statement was that it was judgemental to those that didn’t breastfeed. When I was born my mother breastfed for a short period of time. She then became very ill and had to take mediciation in order to save her life. When she no longer needed to take the medication she attempted to try to breastfeed me again but it just didn’t work. Gisele needs to realize that sometimes its a matter of life and death and that all mothers are not able to breastfeed.

Nani on

The issue I have with Gisele’s comment is that it blames the mothers for not breastfeeding their babies. There are a lot of other factors that make women unable to breastfeed, such as lack of support from partners and employers and lack of education or help (breastfeeding is not as easy for all women). Research shows over and over again that breastmilk is THE BEST possible food for a baby in the first few months of life. In an ideal world, employers would respect a woman’s right to BF and there would be a support system such as affordable breast pumps or paid-for lactation consultants to help out in case nursing is not going well. Perhaps a law is what is needed to guarantee all of this happens…

Lilo on

I’ve had 2 kids, the 1st was breastfed for 9 months and the second for 6 weeks, due to a medical issue. Both are fine now and the second one actually has less heath issues. I think both ways are fine.

Angela on

Breastfeeding is the best and preferred option, if possible. In that case, wouldn’t it be nice, for those of us who have found difficulty keeping up breastfeeding because of working full-time, if rather than a law mandating breastfeeding there was a law mandating SUPPORTIVE WORK ENVIRONMENTS — no excuses!!! Isn’t it about time more women had more than two weeks vacation time off for childbirth? If that! And more paid time off for those of us who can’t afford to take the full 12 weeks unpaid under FMLA. What about allowed time and privacy for pumping, or daycares located at work sites so mothers can take breatfeeding breaks?? This shouldn’t be a luxury! It should be for all moms for their health and that of their children! I think that FORCING employers under the law to realize the long-term benefits of supporting breastfeeding women should be the fight we take on!

Thanks, Giselle, for bringing this topic to the forefront. We get that your intentions were good.

Allie on

People getting upset over this comment is ridiculous. She didn’t say it with malice or intent to hurt the feelings of mom’s who didn’t or can’t breastfeed. I have formula fed my children and exclusively breast-fed my youngest so I have been on both sides of the fence. Everyone has the right to chose, she felt strongly about it, like most passionate news mom’s are, and people twisted the intent of her innocent comment. Jeez, leave her alone already.

Cristina on

I agree, shw just wanted to say that breatfeed is so importante, and some women dont realize that. Of course is not easy to all women, but most of the american womans dont even have help, dont have any idea the how breastefeed can be great and NOT painfull. She didnt mean that have to have a law about it.

Cris, Doula and mom of Sophia, 3 years old ( that never drinked formula).

Giulia on

Gisele is AEWSOME, stop saying bad thinks about her, and respect what she believes its best for her son. If you all want give formula to your child, then do it.

Lisa on

everyone that is so offended probably just feel guilty, and to the girl that said its “disgusting to breatfeed”– WOW, than I guess pregnancy and healthy children are disgusting. Everyone just needs to calm down, it is her opinion and obviously she didnt mean “if you arent capable of breastfeeding you are a monster!” Use alittle common sense!And I am sick of people saying the didnt produce milk the first few days and their baby was just going to die. How do you think the human race thrived before formula?? In the beginning you have to breatfeed constantly, the get through the colostrum and help your milk come in. I know it is hard but my children were work it. Dont say you gave up after trying for a day or 2…. if you had ever picked up a book or researched it you would know you have a good solid 2 weeks of hard work to be successful. People are so naive.

Caroline on

@ Lisa….” everyone that is so offended probably just feel guilty” Yeah I am guilty that I had a mastectamy and was unable to feed my child when I DID want to breast feed. Wow you must have a heart of stone . So formula feeding mothers are over sensitive ? Well when some one verbally attacks breastfeeding you sure got defensive there to did you not? Are formula feeding mothers not entitled to defend themselves? Formula fed babies ARE HEALTHY to. How would you like it if we told breast feeding mothers THEY ARE JUST BEING OVERLY SENSITIVE when they are protesting a store for not allowing them to exspose themselves in public to breast feed. See it’s attitudes like your’s that’ makes people not respect breast feeding mothers. Some women do not EVER produce breast milk to nurse a Doctor a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL had told me that. Just because it worked for you DOES NOT MEAN IT WORKS FOR EVERY women …don’t you get that? Get over your Ego trip and realize NOT EVERY WOMEN is going to be like you and be able to do what you did, so get over your self honey, you need a reality check.

christina Tortis on

Don’t listen to people. it’s none of their business. It’ a personal decision. You are very right from your perspective. Tell them to take a long walk off a short peer!!!! It is between you and tom with regards to breast feeding and your decision is the only one that counts