Gisele Bündchen: Secrets of a Pregnant Supermodel

08/03/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy Harper’s Bazaar UK

No woman likes to see a supermodel reclaim her world-famous figure just six weeks after giving birth, modeling the latest looks with nary a tummy bulge. But lucky for all the mere mortals out there, Gisele Bündchen is sharing her secrets.

Bündchen and her husband Tom Brady welcomed their son Benjamin Rein just seven months ago, and the model, 30, says she owes her body to three things: kung fu, meditation and breastfeeding.

She says she practiced kung fu two weeks before giving birth, yoga three times a week throughout her pregnancy, and meditated every day.

“It prepared me mentally and physically,” Bündchen tells the UK version of Harper’s Bazaar in their September issue, on newsstands Aug. 5.

“It’s called ‘labour,’ not ‘holiday’ for a reason, and I knew that. You want to go into the most intense physical experience of your life unprepared? That doesn’t make any sense to me. I wasn’t expecting someone else to get the baby out of me.”

Nor did she expect a hospital room to give birth.

“Not for one second did it cross my mind that I was not going to have my baby at home,” she tells the magazine. “I am not the first person to give birth naturally. Billions of other women have come before me and have done this — so why can’t I do it?”

She’s also not the first woman to advocate breastfeeding — though she may be the founding pioneer for nursing-by-law.

“I think there should be a worldwide law . . . that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months,” says Bündchen. “Some people here think they don’t have to breastfeed and I think, ‘Are you going to give chemical food to your child when they are so little?'”

Additionally, there are the physical bonuses. “I think breastfeeding really helped me [keep my figure],” she says.

If that doesn’t help get her bill signed into law, nothing will!

— Rennie Dyball

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125 on

This woman needs to get real. There’s really nothing endearing about her.

toptop on

I don’t know if it’s a matter of a language issue…but something about this woman rubs me the wrong way. Every time I read a quote of hers I like her less and less.

Nonetheless, congrats for the natural birth, being able to breasfeed and having such a great body before and after the birth.

stephanie on

I wasn’t a fan of her before, but now i have more respect giselle.

Jilliane on

well… this comment will start a sh*t storm…
but i still love her and everyone is entitled to thier own opinion. Maybe she has never known anyone who just couldn’t breast feed because of many different legit reasons.

Jacqui on

It would be easy to resent Gisele for some of her comments, but ultimately I find her inspiring. The one thing I don’t understand is women attributing getting their figures back by breastfeeding. Everyone is different, certainly, and for me breastfeeding kept a few pounds on me. The thing that got me back into shape was taking boot camp classes at the gym five days a week!

I’m sure she’s not serious about there being a breastfeeding law – surely she’s just trying to emphasize her point – can you imagine?

Christy on

Not everyone can breastfeed. I am one of those women. I tried and tried, but nothing. So I think that’s kinda prejudice against women who physically can not do it. Nor would my body allow me to have a baby naturally. I had an emergency c-section with my first. And I tried natural the 2nd time and it didn’t happen for me, another c-section.

Allie-Rose on

I never was a fan of Gisele as a model, and I don’t know the context of those quotes, but I find all her latest comments (her pregnancy being a breeze, her labour that “wasn’t painful, not even a little bit,” and breastfeeding helping her get back in shape) to be very inconsiderate to other women who aren’t as fortunate as her.

KC on

Sometimes mothers WANT to breastfeed and simply CAN’T. I don’t think some people understand that when everything just goes perfectly for them . . .

Dina on

I agree 100% with everything Gisele said in this interview. First of all she is from a remote town in Brazil were home births are common. Secondly as she said “Billions” of women all over the world have home birth and some even natural births. Just because you live in this country with all the privileges, don’t for one second think that you are the norm in the world.
Secondly, the issue of breastfeeding, while i know some women might find it hard to breastfeed, but if you can, you should. being a mother is a huge responsibility and i am sometimes disappointed in the amount of “trust” some women put in others making decisions for their child. (e.g i was so grossed out whenever i see a mother stocking her cart with g erber foods, that have been on the shelf before your baby was even born, and that’s the food you think its wise to feed then with? seriously?)
Any one that takes some time to do a little research will agree with all that she has said. I know that some might resent it, but look to yourself.
Enough with women talking about pregnancy and birth and raising a child as such a challenge. Yes, it is a challenge but it is also an incredible gift to be cherished and appreciated and that is the attitude that should always come first before the other talk of sacrifice and all the other side effects of children

Dina on

@Allie-Rose Not inconsiderate. No one will even criticize a woman with a difficult birth if she told her story.
So please do not criticize a woman that had a easy birth as she prepared her body for it mind you….everyday for 9 months, eat healthy and exercise. this preps also go back to your lifestyle in general. people should take life lessons form her instead to judge. she is sharing to inpsire.
it is an inspiration to women hoping to be mothers like myself, that i can have this option as opposed to another horror story about labor.

mmh on

I am a huge breastfeeding advocate too. I am also, however, medically unable to nurse. People who don’t seem to understand this rub me the wrong way. There are soooo many reasons why nursing doesn’t work out. Trust me, I found out the hard way… =(

T on

As I said in the comments on another post, I find her comments in this interview to be quite ignorant and insensitive. Yes, breastfeeding is ideal. However, there are many women and babies for that matter who cannot for a variety of reasons. As the mother of a premature baby who was on a ventilator and then feeding tubes, I know of that which I speak. Oh, I’m sure she had caveats, “I didn’t mean women who can’t” or “I didn’t mean this or that,” but it’s still a sweeping generalization that is ill-thought out.
As far as the comment about mothers being “unprepared” and her “preparation” making her childbirth easy…until she has been in every other woman’s shoes for delivery she should reserve her pompous judgment. Again, for the birth of my premature son I could have “prepared” all I wanted and still wouldn’t have been ready for what I had to experience!

sortacrunchymom on

Cracks me up when women who have one infant think they are parenting experts and know just how every other mother should parent their children.

ForeverMoore on

I just had my son in June and being able to breast feed him was very important to me, yet I was also concerned that it may not work out for whatever reason (you never know!), but I was soooo happy to be blessed with the ability to feed my child in that way and experience it….Giselle always strikes me as a know-it-all but like someone said before maybe it’s a language barrier situation.

Allie-Rose on

@Dina – good for you if you find Gisele to be such an inspiration, and good for her if her pregnancy, labour and everything around it is so wonderful. But she makes it sound like her situation is the norm when it’s not.
If she wants to inspire, then, in my opinion, should realise that she’s more fortunate than the average woman and she should change her phrasing, because right there, with her breastfeeding comment, she definitely sounds judgemental of other women who don’t breastfeed (which, let it be reminded, is a personal choice – forcing someone to do something with their bodies that they don’t want to would go against peoples’ right to do what they want with their bodies). And believe me, I am pro-breastfeeding as well, but some women just CAN NOT and suggesting, even jokingly, to have a worldwide law making breastfeeding compulsory IS inconsiderate to all those women who wish they breastfed but can not.

Jennifer on

Another mom who doesn’t understand why everyone else doesn’t have it just like she does.

I hope for her sake that she doesn’t have to experience what it’s like to not be able to have a natural birth or not be able to breastfeed in the future, but if she does have to go through it then maybe she’ll gain a bit more compassion for the rest of us. Until then maybe she should keep her unenlightened comments to herself.

Razzt on

Never in my life have I posted on something like this before…but boy did she compel me to do so. All I can say is I do not like her or her comments. She really needs to THINK before she makes stupid remarks.

Lorelei on

You can prepare your body all you want but you can’t always determine how your babies birth goes. And it is the babies birth, not yours. Some women have very complicated labors and deliveries and it is not their fault. She makes it sound as if you prepare things will go flawlessly – not true.

merry on

nothing like mandating that women have to breastfeed, how is this ANY different from outlawing it? choice means choice people, no matter which method/side you choose.

Ashley on

I wanted nothing more in this world to breastfeed, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. Maybe Gisele should have said that everyone should “try”, which I do agree with IF THEY CAN. Not everyone can and it’s not easy. I had very little milk and my baby was losing so much weight that the doctors told me I had to give him formula. He also was screaming all of the time b/c of stomach issues even though I tried to eat very carefully. I beat myself up over this for a month to the point where I wasn’t enjoying my baby so I stopped trying. I am very glad I did. My son is happy and healthy. Gisele has had one baby for a few months and she is no expert. I find her to be very know it all and she needs to quit doing interviews.

kko on

She really needs to have respect for those who are unable to breastfeed. She acts as if we don’t love our children as much as her because of how we had to feed them. By the way is she up all night with her child or does the nanny get to bond with her child while she is getting her beauty rest!

Barbara on

I don’t think Gisele was targeting women who are physically unable to breastfeed. I think she was addressing those who choose not to breastfeed because it’s inconvenient, or it’s messy, or it doesn’t fit in with what they want to do. I felt she was expressing one should put the baby’s needs above one’s own, IF one has the choice and the ability.

Kristi on

A law mandating breast feeding?? What about the women who can’t breast feed because of complications? What about preemies who can not due to their health? Women like this that never think outside of their own “BUBBLE” make the stigma of breastfeeding vs not still exist. We should be accepting of all mothers breast feeding or not. There are women out there that cry daily because of complications that their child couldn’t breast feed. That stigma needs to go away.

theshortcake on

hooray for home birth and breastfeeding!!!!!!

Jill on

Give me a break. Glad to know that Giselle’s world is so black and white. I tried desperately to breastfeed but never was able to produce milk. Is this “expert” Giselle suggesting that maybe my child should be taken from me because I couldn’t produce milk? Celebrities and their worlds sometimes just slay me. Hello??? Reality check maybe?

laura on

Why stop at six months, Gisele? Make it 12 months, at least. And put some force behind your law. Let’s take these babies from their moms. And lock the moms up. I don’t know why I read this stuff. Gisele sounds really impressed with herself and incredibly insufferable and ignorant. Breastfeeding is great, why not just leave it at that? Or find ways to support women who are able to breastfeed? Here is a better idea. How about a law against stupid celebrities.

jodyjoe on

I think the language she used was to emphasize her point, I am sure that she is not for women going to jail for not breastfeeding. I think that yes, a portion of women can’t for various reasons. HOWEVER, the majority of bottle-fed babies are a 100% choice, some women think it’s gross, inconvenient and just flat out want their husband to do feedings as well. One woman told me she would never do it b/c her breasts belonged to her husband-these are the idiots to which she is speaking.

angelica on

natural birth: women do it every day, and women die doing it every day, even in developed countries. read up G.

kudos to Giselle for having the time and the money to do yoga, meditation and kung fu every day.

Elisea on

She’s just a pretty face that needs to keep her big fat mouth shut. Some of us CAN’T breastfeed. Sure, it’d be great to be able to bf. It’d be great to have our figures back in 6 weeks, but HELLO HONEY, join the real world! You know, the one where you have to sit behind a desk for 8-10 hours a day so you can’t exercise with your personal trainer. Try eating lean cuisines because they’re fast and easy instead of relying on your personal chef. Some of us aren’t as privileged as the rich. She should stick to modeling and stop giving parenting advice. It’s not like she knows what it’s like in the real world anyway!!!

Anonymous on

I don’t have to breast feed. Can you believe that I have a healthy 7 year old who was a formula fed baby?!!!! AND I am certain my babe is much cuter that hers~!

Anonymous on

While breastfeeding and feeding your baby homemade babyfood is great, some women only get 6 weeks off of work after having a baby. How do you work 40+ hours a week and breastfeed your baby and or pump. It’s not always easy to work fulltime. People need to stop judging other mothers.

Mari32 on

Oh geez…I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and sincerely hope there was a language barrier. The breast feeding comment is just so ignorant it’s laughable. Not every mother is able to, medically, mentally or physically, able to breastfeed. You do what is best for you and the baby given your circumstances.

Emily on

Ok, in the interest of full disclosure, I breastfed my son for 12 months (till he wouldn’t nurse anymore bc I was pregnant) and my daughter for 13 months. I am a huge advocate of breastfeeding and truly do believe it what is best for baby.

BUT in no way do I think it’s my business to tell other women what they should do. Even if they don’t have a medical issue, they just don’t want to breastfeed, it’s not my business or anyone’s business (and certainly not the government’s) to tell someone else how to parent.

valerie on

i didn’t breastfeed both my babies, because it was a personal choice. Both my kids are healthy! People who says you’re not a good mother because you don’t breastfeed deserve some kicks in the ass. I do not jugde women who breastfeed so why will they judge me ???

Kellie on

Some women physically can’t breastfeed. Some babies refuse to latch, sometimes for some reason or another the mother doesn’t produce enough milk or any milk at all. This woman needs to get a clue. Just because something may have come so naturally to you, doesn’t make you special! Yes lets make it a law that women have to breastfeed, while we are at it lets make a law that women have to be back in “Gisele” shape six weeks after having their babies as well. There isn’t enough pressure on new mothers as there is, right? Get and clue Gisele, and while you’re at it, shut your mouth as well!!

CC on

This woman is ignorant and arrogant. If she thinks breastfeeding should be a law, then she indirectly is also advocating spreading HIV which can be passed through breastmilk to an infant from an HIV+ mother. This is sound science. Those who suffer from severe chemically influenced depression also do better if they can sleep at night and have someone bottlefeed an infant at night (which can be breast milk)instead of direct breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is not for everyone and millions of HIV+ women around the world who don’t breastfeed are helping to keep their babies healthy. New mothers around the world experience enough guilt, shame and pressure without having this nitwit preach on about something she clearly doesn’t understand well enough. Stop making it worse for new mothers!

Elisa on

she’s not talking about the women that want and can’t breastfeed… let’s face, there are some women that can do it and don’t because it’s not that easy…some women go straight to the bottle because it’s easier…most of you may know cases like that….

ProudMom on

Christy-I pretty much have the same story. My son’s heart rate was dropping & in order to keep him alive I had to have an emergency c-section. I went to breastfeeding classes the whole time I was pregnant & when I had my son my body wouldn’t produce enough milk. I did everything I could but nothing worked. I’m tired of Gisele & other people going on and on about how important it is to breastfeed. I know that it’s important, that’s common sense but I wasn’t able to and reading crap like that makes me feel even worse that I couldn’t.

Amanda on

Does she realize that a)breastfeeding should happen for TWELVE months and b)there are many moms (including me) who had reasons they physically couldn’t breastfeed. Mine was because of surgery I had years ago and no matter how hard I tried I just didn’t produce.
Just stick to standing around in your underwear as a profession and having your nanny take care of your baby. The rest of us will continue to take care of our children the best way we can.

Ellea on

Obviously she’s not saying that women with malfunctioning breasts should breastfeed because they can’t. DUH. She’s saying if a woman can and everything is okay then she should. I don’t see how we can disagree. Breast milk is better than formula and baby should be given the best that parents can provide. Gisele is a new mom but, she is also a celebrity. The benefits of breast-feeding are really ignored in the states and I know many women who can are just opposed to it because its uncommon and frowned upon.

This is an interview. I’m pretty sure that any interview she will give for the rest of her famous life will include something about her child. Its not her fault and its not necessarily that she thinks she an expert.

It seems a little hypocritical that some of you fawn over new moms like bethenny frankel(with a several week old baby) and Constance Marie with a kid thats barely two years old but, you can criticize this woman for sharing an experience.

Sarah on

Hmmm? She sounds like a pompus know it all. Hope she never gets put on bed rest for a difficult pregnancy, hope she never has to have an emergency c-section, hope she never has a baby who is lactose intolerant and is literally not able to digest her breastmilk (i.e. Josie Duggar) Worldwide law that mothers have to breastfeed their babies for at least 6 months? Seriously? So a mother who has to formula feed for whatever reason is automatically a bad mother? I was not able to nurse my daughter for as long as I wanted to and I am far from a bad mother.
I love how some people have their first child and all of a sudden they’re experts on parenting and everyone should do it their way. Ugh.

Haleiwa on

Here comes another sancti-mommy who thinks she invented breast-feeding and natural child birth. I wonder what her earth mother manual says about passing off the kid to a nanny to work out for 4 hours a day and being an underweight, malnourished model. How about your worry about your baby Giselle and allow other women to worry about their babies.

X2D2 on

Does this woman know that AIDS passes to a child through her infected mothers milk? Maybe not an issue here so much, but in Africa it is a problem. I do not understand these new mothers that give birth like they are the only ones that have ever had a baby and suddenly know what is best for the rest of the world. How incredibly naive.

Caroline on

She needs to SHUT UP! She has no idea how privileged and lucky she is.

miche on

Wonder what she thinks they should do to “punish” those mothers who break her breastfeeding law…?

Ridiculous (and while I did breastfeed my children, I understand every mother has a right to choose what is best for her and her child together)

Julianna on

In Brazil, some states already have laws saying women can stay at home six months after their baby is born to nurse him or her. It’s called extended maternity leave.
Also, experts say breastfeeding for the first six months is best for both baby and mother, since breastmilk has all the nutrients the child needs in this first, most delicate time of their life. So, yay Gisele for championing this cause!

Diana on

Would that we could all have enough free time to go to yoga classes 3 times a week and meditate daily….Obviously she is living a life that is not typical of the majority of women. She is financially able to take time off and not work and I’m sure she has housekeepers/assistants, etc. to take care of things for her. I was able to breastfeed my babies but not exclusively as I did not produce enough milk. I thank God that there are products, so called “chemicals”, out there that can safely be given to babies. My girls are perfectly healthy and thriving. I find her remarks a little flippant and insensitive. Can it be that she is that bitchy in real life??

Emmy on

I’ve never liked Gisele, and I like her even less now. We don’t need her encouragement to breast feed, that’s what we see a doctor for, you know, those ones that help us give birth even though she seems to think we should just man up and do it at home? Her attitude is disgusting to me. High and mighty. I have a 9 month old and I breastfed for the first 6 weeks that I was home on maternity leave and bought a pump to continue giving her breast milk even after work resumed. Unfortunately, my daughter wasn’t gaining weight like she needed to so I had to supplement with formula. So does this make me a poor excuse for a mother Gisele? I seem to think if she had another baby and things weren’t so “perfect” for her, she might change her tune. If a doctor tells you “your baby has it’s cord around it’s neck and we have to get him/her out immediately” are you going to tell them “no” because you are this amazing mother that wants to do things naturally? Somehow, I doubt it. And also for the record, I had my daughter in the hospital and I’m certainly glad I did. She was covered in meconium, she had her cord wrapped around her neck AND she got stuck in the birth canal.

sun4thesoul on

@Dina — how was it that @Allie-Rose was criticizing? That is HURT not CRITICISM. When will women stop judging each other and respect and appreciate each other for what we all bring to the birthing process. I have a unicornuate uterus and attempting to give birth naturally would have killed both myself and my son. However ignorant opinionated women constantly remark about my birth experience without knowing I nearly died giving birth. Oh she did kung fu? Whoooha! I had an emergency c-section without an epidural! Her remarks are nasty & mean-spirited! And hurtful. So apparently if I don’t pass my baby into a bathtub and breastfeed I must not love my child. It should be a “law” because, obviously, I otherwise am too stupid to know what’s right for me and my child? I am so glad the professional model is around to tell me how to raise my child! And how to give birth!

Erica on

I would have loved to breastfeed if I would have been able. Sorry- wanna lock me up? That is ridiculous.

JohnARose on

Not only is breastfeeding the best for your child, but the U.S would save millions/billions of dollars is women would breastfeed for the first 6 months. So many women give up in the beginning. Breastfeeding is a natural process that every women and baby are capable of doing.

D on

She needs to mind her own business about breast feeding. Some circumstances do not allow it nor does every woman want to or have the ability to breast feed.

Lyoness on

I’m not married nor do I have children but I’m going to chalk her comments up to a language barrier. It doesn’t matter how you give birth (natural or C-section) all that matters is that you have a beautiful baby at the end of the day.

Also to her weight loss… Isn’t she age 27 and nearly 6 feet tall? So her pregnancy weight is going to look different compared to someone who is age 38 and 5’2″. Not everyone is going to have the “perfect baby bump”. Remember it took Salma Hayek (petite) a good minute to lose her baby weight. Salma was also on Oprah saying that the breastfeeding helping her lose weight was not so true in her case. Some women can’t breastfeed for health reasons so let’s just pretend her comment about a law was made up. At the end of the day Giselle has a lifestyle/career where her looks and body are her asset. Take her comments with a grain of salt and just do what you and your doctor deem medically important for the health of you and your baby!!

Pregancy used to be the last safe place where women weren’t bothered and these damn self-righteous starlets and models took that away too!!


So she is OK with giving “chemical” food to her kid at 7 months then? I mean, why is 6 months the magic number? And women who are drug addicts or that take medications that can seep through into their breast milk should obviously not breastfeed. And billions of women, millions, not billions honey. Der.

Tara on

ok I never post anything when I read articles but this aggravated me so much I had to! First of all Gisele who are you to tell ANYONE if they should breastfeed or not! That is a personal choice to be made by all mothers on an individual basis! Formula is not CHEMICALS! If it was a chemical do you think billions of children would be fed and prosper on it everyday NOOOO! Reading this article only solidified that you are a very ignorent woman who should keep her mouth shut. The last time you opened your mouth you said childbirth doesnt hurt at all LOL! Yea ok we know your superwoman oh wait no your a SUPERMODEL. Get it right and stop posting your rediculous thoughts about life online!

Rachelle on

I have 2 kids. The first one was born in an emergency C-section and I almost died. I gave birth totally expecting to breastfeed and didn’t even have bottles or formula in my house. So when my body didn’t produce milk because I was on so much medication, my baby girl basically starved for the first 2 weeks of her life b/c lactation consultants kept telling me “you have what she needs”! I finally listened to my own common sense and gave her formula in a bottle…the first time she had it, she drank 11 oz! My 2nd child, a boy, came out sucking on the doctor’s fingers and rooting around for a breast right then and there! He latched on for 45 minutes straight just a few minutes after birth and was solely breastfed for 10 months. My point is that not all babies are wired for breastfeeding, and maybe Gisele will understand that when she has a child who refuses the breast. Congrats to her for having a wonderful first birth, but every birth and every child is different, and to suggest a breastfeeding law is quite uninformed on her part!

Anonymous on

If we all had her money we could afford to kung fu and attend yoga. Also, if formula is so bad then why do they sell it. I am so sick of women making fun of other women for their parenting choices. She should count her blessings and lets hope she doesn’t get pregnant again. If so, she may realize that every pregnancy is different and she may not be as fortunate the 2nd time around.

Janielle on

I agree with everything she said!! EVERYTHNG! Women go thru their entire pregnancy being super careful and not even taking a tylenol for a headache…then they go to a hospital to have their babies and are pumped FULL of all kinds of medications that are BAD for babies and YES including an epidural! They tell you it doesn’t harm the baby but then when the baby isn’t as responsive as it’s supposed to be after birth they say “oh it’s the epidural…it should wear off soon” wth?? I didn’t give birth at home but I was at a maternity center with midwives and I gave birth naturally without drugs! I KNEW it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park but again it’s called “labor” not “vacation” and no it didn’t hurt giving birth…the contractions are intense that’s it! I’m sorry for people who didn’t have wonderful birth stories and fantastic pregnancies but you can’t get all hot and bothered because other people did have good experiences!! And I know that some mom can’t physically breastfeed because of HIV or their milk just never comes down…but it bother’s me when mom’s who CAN breastfeed don’t. It’s their life and their child but why wouldn’t you want the best for the new life you just brought to the world?

Stacy on

Many woman choose not to breastfeed for many reasons. Some don’t wish too some can’t for various reasons. Some woman have diseases that they through birth have not passed onto their child, but they still cannot breastfeed because of it. Some woman don’t produce enough milk or don’t get enough nourishment to produce enough for thier child. Some can’t because of physical issues such as people who have had thier breasts removed because of cancer. Giselle should stop and think before she speaks on an issue she obviously doesn’t have enough knowledge on!

Lynette on

I may be wrong in stating this but every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, every child is different…to assume that your experience is like others (or that your own experience will be the same if you decide to have multiple kids) is highly presumptuous.

Anonymous on

I used to like this woman, but then I read another interview where she stated her baby was potty trained at 6 months. That is absolutely ridiculous, anyone that has potty trained a child knows this is not true.

momma2one on

If I was forced to breastfeed by law, my baby would have starved. My milk just never came in and nobody knows why. I wanted to… I couldn’t… I cried for weeks and felt like a failure. No, I didn’t want to put “chemicals” into my baby but I had no choice.

Fritz Freema on

Hey I am a mother of two and which I had both by c-section and I had wish I could have had them normal. I agree that sometimes you can’t control the way your body does when it comes to having babies. I so much wanted to have both my kids normal and brestfeed them but I had to have a c-section the first time and my doctor recommended me to have my second the same. As far as breastfeeding I tried with my first one and I got upset when I couldn’t, my bloodpressure was up and I wasn’t producing enough milk so you make do with you can do and enjoy being a mother. Just becuase I didn’t have “normal” births and couldn’t brestfeed doesn’t mean that I am a terrible person or as a matter of fact a terrible woman or mother.

Mary on

Am I the only one wishing that Mrs Supermodel has a difficult second pregnancy? LOL I don’t mean anything wrong with her or the baby, just maybe not as “perfect.” As a mother who has given birth 5 times, all in the hospital, I would like to add that every single birth is different and these mothers with one child that make blanket statements drive me nuts. She should be thankful for an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth, and be thankful that her body and baby respond to breastfeeding. Not everyone’s does!

Romy on

she’s like JLo, they should keep their mouths shut more often. a baby will be jus fine with formula. sure brest milk is better, but a baby will be fine without it, and there is no reason to make moms feel bad with such a blanket statememnt. so is she still bf’ing? or did she stop at 6 mo and that’s why her new law says bf until 6mo?

Teresa on

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to do kung fu, yoga & meditation as frequently as she did before the birth. Some of us have to work full-time and/or care for other kids.

Anonymous on

Must be nice to be so perfect. I attempted nursing with both of my kids and dried up after 2 weeks. My son wouldn’t even take to it well. He screamed so much. This woman irritates the crap out of me with her “law” and her getting back to her perfect body so quick. If I were paid that much money to look perfect I would have done it too and no I’m not jealous of her so any haters out there need to shut it before starting. I don’t find her attractive and what I see is just an arrogant woman who has good genes boasting about it so the rest of us who have struggled after our babies (and yes I’m back in shape) feel bad that we didn’t do it quicker. Blah blah blah.

Klo on

Get real lady…I cannot stand the comments that come out of her mouth anymore. She has given birth to one child and now all of sudden she is an expert mother. Glad she is embracing motherhood….but your choices do no reflect everyone’s opinion.

AA on

It would be cool if it was all women’s job to work out all the time…but in the real world, those of us who work full time real people jobs and have multiple children have to suffer through a little extra flab. Quit bragging about having the perfect body when working out is your job.

Becki on

Isn’t it wonderful when everything goes oh-so-right and it’s all perfect and you immediately become the expert on all babies and all mothers? What a wonderful, terrific feeling to know you are so perfect and the rest of the world is so impossibly ignorant. I would like to see what would have happened in her perfect world if she had a baby with a giant hole in her heart who could not breastfeed because she didn’t have enough energy to latch; who could only take 2 ounces from a bottle at a time when she was nearly 3 months old. Those are the babies who would die if breastfeeding was mandatory. Thank God I live in a world where my baby was able to get supplemental formula to get her through that period and on her way to becoming the beautiful, vibrant 6-year old she is now.

Niki on

Something about her just hits me wrong. I for one was not able to breastfeed due to a blood pressure problem caused by a traumatic delivery which would have killed me if attempted at home. And not every woman is lucky enough to have the time or money to afford the luxary of taking kung fu yoga and meditating all day. She needs to realise she is very blessed and not be so critical of others.

Carli on

Sure, breastfeeding is best for a newborn baby, but it’s not always possible. And every woman’s pregnancy and labor might not go as perfectly as Gisele’s and a home birth is not an option. There have probably been billions of women before her that could have benefited from a hospital room.

The only thing she said that I agree with is keeping in shape during a pregnancy. Labor and childbirth is a physically demanding act and staying fit won’t be making the process more difficult.

Heather on

Wow, it seems giving birth has suddenly made Giselle an expert on baby care, labor and delivery, and nutrition. She reminds me of those women who never have any interest in children until they have one of their own and then they act like they invented babies. Why do magazines keep reporting what she says? She’s a glorified clothes hanger, not an expert in anything.

Kat on

This is a woman in need of a good press agent. Her comments always come off making her sound awful and selfish. In the past it was claiming that, while her step-son wasn’t born to him, he belonged to her. When the relationship with the mother of that child is tense, all you sound like is a jerk. Now with the ‘breast feeding law’, when she should count herself lucky that breast feeding is an option for her and her son. There are many woman that wish they could breast feed, but do not have the luck for it to work for them. Make them beat themselves up even more, because this ‘failure’ should be illegal. I intend to breast feed my soon to be born child, but refuse to have someone whose credentials are ‘being born beautiful’ to condemn me if it is not an option.

Mallory on

I usually like Gisele, save for her comments about Jack, but I, like others, am irritated by her comments about breastfeeding. My sister gave birth 5 months ago, and she was all set to breastfeed. Bought nursing pads, shirts that opened in the front, etc. Hadn’t bought an ounce of formula or bottles. But the day after she gave birth, while she was still in the hospital, she found out that she couldn’t nurse because of some medicines she takes. Those could be harmful to my nephew if she did nurse. So obviously, she did the best thing for her son. How some people can’t see that sometimes nursing just can’t happen bugs me so badly.

annie on

This article is deliberately written to make women sound shallow and catty. The first sentence sets a tone that no author who purports to be supporting or encouraging of women should ever use.

Erin on

I would like to see how she would manage breastfeeding twins.

Darla on

Um, mandatory breast feeding? I guess she doesn’t know how insulting she sounds. Not all women CAN breastfeed, and I’m sure many feel guilt over that. It’s a shame Gisele doesn’t take that sort of thing into consideration before opening her MOUTH. What works for her might not work for EVERYONE. Don’t stress, Moms who don’t/can’t breastfeed. Nobody is judging you. Don’t judge yourselves harshly. It’s okay – do the best YOU can do for your kids.

Lyoness on

@ Julianna – Based on your comment about the 6 month extended maternity leave in Brazil, I understand where this comes from and I’m changing my opinion about a language barrier and just assume she isn’t culturally competent. I think many women would love to live in a country like Brazil or European contries where extended maternity leave is the norm and pregnancy is seen as a positive and not some negative sickness.

rie on

I wonder if she had a baby nurse? You know, someone to basically help out with everything. I too would be able to have home-made babyfood, breastfeed for six months, work out several hours a day, etc if I had a paid helper. These celebrities crack me up. I think they forget that some people HAVE to return to work fairly quickly and don’t have paid staff. I don’t dispute what she is saying, that some things are naturally better for your child. But you know what, my child benefits from me working, hence paying a mortgage, food on the table, saving for college.

rose on

Breastfeeding should nit be a law. Way to make all the women that can’t feel guilty. I wanted to but because of medical reasons had to go on meds right away so I couldn’t breastfeed.

sarah on

This coming from a woman who no doubt has several nannies on the payroll to take care of her child. Get real hunny, yes you are privileged enough to make money but posing for magazines which allows you to have a better life than the everyday person. You have no idea what it’s like to balance a 40 hour work week (or more!) with family and other responsibilities. You have hired help to raise your child. Go breastfeeding if you are able, but don’t be so ridiculous as to make it a law. What are you going to do, pay the police to make house checks every 2 hours in the town? will it be a fine for the first time they catch you not breastfeeding? second offense = mommy jail?

I think when you are in the public eye you need to be extra careful with how you word your answers in interviews. Because it was very insensitive to imply that everyone should breastfeed when there are women who can’t. Does that make them a bad parent? No it doesn’t, because regardless of their ability to breastfeed they are still feeding their child. Formula feed babies are just as healthy and developmentally on track as breastfeed babies.

Come down to it, she’s really no better than any other woman. She struts around in underwear for a paycheck.


To all those women who are mad at what Gisele had to say that’s your problem. Until you american women stop making excuses and do something about it, then you are always going to have that mindset of I can’t. I’m a mother of 2 beautiful and healthy kids and it was one of the most experiences in my life. With the creation of modern day technology, lot of women had choosen the easiest way of child-birth and as the result they have become lazier. I come from a country here u people consider third-world country but I must say, 99% of all children born there are breast-feed and nature birth is highly encourage. The moment I went in to have my first child, I was already five centimeters dialeted and the nurse said to me we need to give you an epidural because the baby heart rate keeps shifting every time u move because of the labor-pain and you need to rest. I said to her, labor pain is not easy but I donot want any epidural. She was so harsh with me because I was not listening to her request. So she went and got couple of nurses to also convince me that the baby heart rate was unstable and that I needed to relax and the epidural will help me. My boyfriend and I finally agree to their request and right after the administering of the epidural less than 30minutes, I was ready to have the baby. I WAS MAD BECAUSE I DID NOT GET TO EXPERIENCE THE GIFT OF NATURAL CHILD-BIRTH AND THAT EPIDURAL WAS A HUGE MISTAKE. I HAD SEVERE BACK PAIN AND WAS UNABLE TO WEAR HIGH HEELS FOR MORE THAN 2YEARS. I HAD TO GET MUSCLE RELAXERS INJECTION TO HELP WITH THE PAIN. FOR MY SECOND CHILD, I WENT NATURAL AND THAT WAS THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE. I CHOSE A DIFFERENT FACILITY AND MY DOCTOR WAS FROM EUROPE AND WITH HER ENCOURAGEMENT, I WAS ABLE TO DO IT. NO ONE SAID, IT’S EASY BUT IT’S ALL A MENTAL THING. IT’S NOTHING LIKE TRYING. MY SON WAS DIFFICULT TO BREAST-FEEDING BUT AFTER COUPLE OF SESSION WITH A LACTATION CONSULTANT AND FEW TRICKS AND POSITION, I WAS ABLE TO BREAST FEED. I HEARD LOT OF WOMEN SAYING, I DONOT WANT MY BREAST TO SHAG DUE TO BREAST FEEDING. THAT WAS ONE OF THE MOST DISGUSTING THINGS I HAVE EVER HEARD. YOUR CHILD’S HEALTH/LIFE OR YOUR VANITY.

Karen on

It is none of Gisele’s business how I gave birth, how I feed my children, and how I look post-baby. Of course she is entitiled to her opinion but it is people like her that make many insecure people doubt their choices!
Kudos to her for having a wonderful experience. But not everyone is as fortunate as she is. Every mother makes a choice and does the best she can do for her child and it is not up to a super model who has many advantages to comment on the rest of the world!

Moore on

I really doubt she’s trying to dictate your life, your birth and whatever else so why take the interview personally? That is her opinion on breastfeeding, her birth and her body none of which is uncommon (natural birth, back to your shape quickly, breastfeeding a while). If she were actually trying to make it a law to breastfeed then I could see fussing over it but its her opinion (though I have heard of exclusive breastfeeding for at least 6 months). Even then as a law I’m sure it wouldn’t be enforced in certain situations.

Tara Finlay on

Its great she was able to find inner power to have a natural birth and have the money, time to go and pay for kung fu lessons, yoga (which isn’t cheap) and meditate all freakin day long! In no way do the average mother have the time or the money to spend on that. So kudos to Giselle for telling us how she did it. Great for her. When I get lucky and win the lottery i will definitely go it her way. By the way breatsfeeding is a woman’s choice and whether its right or wrong, I know this is still America and we get to chose what we can or can’t do with our bodies.

Liam's Mom on

I’m glad for Gisele that she feels her hard work contributed to a birth and motherhood that she enjoys. I too had my first baby recently and had a wonderful experience both with the birth and with breastfeeding. I gained a healthy amount of weight and lost it all with no problem and am back to 120lbs. However, while I took good care of myself during my pregnancy, I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have had the experiences I had. I was pregnant alongside one of my best friends who did yoga weekly during her pregnancy and I had a far easier birth than she did. Even for me, to listen to Gisele constantly boasting (for this is what it sounds like, whatever her intentions) is annoying and insensitive in the extreme. Hopefully she’s got it all out of her system, and her self-important and ignorant sermons won’t make all the mothers-to-be out there feel inadequate.

norma on

This woman is just irking me more and more. First the comment about women letting themselves becoming ‘garbage disposals’ while they’re pregnant and now this. Where does she get off?! We’re sorry we can’t all afford private in home health care. We’re sorry we’re not all built to breast feed. We’re sorry we aren’t all as gorgeous and perfect as you! Geesh.

dee on

I tried to breastfeed my first and the doctors refused to let me put her on formula even when she ended up in the emergency room. She dropped a pound and another doctor finally said give that baby formula. Sometimes a women just can’t breastfeed and can you imagine what legal crap would happen if that was law! Gisele needs to realize not everyone has the perfect world and all the money in the world to support it.

J on

My mom didn’t breast feed me. You know why? I was allergic to breast milk. So would she condemn her for that? Just rediculous.

LB on

Every mother should make the decision that is right for her when it comes to feeding her child. Whether it is breastmilk or formula, what really matters is showing your child that you love them every single day.

AT on

I never liked her, but I like her even less. A nursing/breastfeedding law????? Are you for real? Some women have physical ailments that prevent that from breastfeeding, some babies need to gain weight faster than breast milk can provide, some women feel uncomfortable breastfeeding, etc. etc. there are a million reasons why that is absurd!!! She speaks as though she were the first and only woman ever to give birth and breastfeed…. When she has had 10 kids and has gone through pregnancy and labor 10 different ways than maybe she can speak, but for now with just one she really needs to settle down. And quite honestly, who the hell would start Kung Fu 3 days before labor????

Annie on

I love it when Gisele gives yet another interview about what a breeze her labor and delivery was, how she breastfed with nary an issue from the moment the child came out, and how the baby was potty-trained by the age of 6 months. It makes all us mere mortals feel so good about ourselves! And, really, isn’t this old news by now? I think the mags keep asking her to repeat herself and printing it because they know it gets up the nose of women everywhere.

It took me two solid weeks with both my children to get the breastfeeding thing down. Both times it was literally the day I said to my husband, “this isn’t working, we’re going to have to bottle-feed,” that the baby and I finally got it together and figured out what we were doing. After that it was a piece of cake and I nursed successfully for a year. I thought breastfeeding would be a breeze with my second child because I’d done it before, but nooooo. It took just as long for baby and I to get it together and it was a full two weeks of confused hell before he was successfully nursing.

I will agree about one thing, though. Nursing does help the baby fat fall off.

Syuda on

Kudos to you Gisele… You’re the “Greatest Mommy Ever”… (barf)

Angie on

Every comment this woman makes just irritates me so. She thinks she know so much. Obviously having money and advantages over most women made pregnancy and childbirth very “easy” for her. If I had a personal chef, trainer, and millions of dollars, I would look just like I did before two pregnancies. She needs to come down from her high horse and realize what life is like for us normal women. As for the breast feeding issue, it should be a woman’s right to choose. I did not with either of my children, and they are extremely healthy. Maybe next time around for her will not be so easy, then she will see….

michelle on

A worldwide law on breastfeeding..really?. My advice for her is to really think hard before she opens her mouth again.

My road to everywhere. on

Good for you Gisele for sharing your story. I can’t believe so many people are being very critical of you for just sharing your birthing story and opinions. I love hearing anyone and everyone’s pregnancy and birthing stories of how they were strong enough to bring a beautiful baby into the world. It’s quite obvious that anyone would understand including Gisele that if you cant breastfeed you cant breastfeed and if you had an easy pregnancy or not… its ok to share all kinds of stories. And she wasn’t saying she was going to try and get a law implemented she was saying she thinks there should be one.

I never knew that all you people criticizing her are so perfect to be that judgmental.

my_opinion on

So because I couldn’t breastfeed my child (not by choice) and HAD to rely on formula to feed him…I should be punished by the law? Give me a freakin break. We can’t even enforce celebrities who assault their wives, drunk driving & drugs so who the heck is going to enforce this. Grab a brain or did you nurse that out of you too.

hm on

If could all afford trainers and chefs, we could all prepare our bodies for child birth.
And you know what? Billions of women do natural child birth, and a lot of those women and their children die.
So Gisele can just go ahead and sell her body. That’s fine. One of these days, she will face old age and grief and the judgment of others. And she will grow up.

cate on

Jesus, get a grip. She doesn’t mean those women who are unable to breasfeed, just those who don’t want to for whatever reason. Anyway, if this was someone like Jennifer Garner, everybody would be praising her because she’s such a good mommy and knows what’s best for her baby. But since these gals just have to constantly hate on Gisele… why? is it because she’s pretty? because she has a good-looking husband? because she had a positive experience with motherhood so far? stop acting like 5th graders. the venom spewed towards her is just unnatural. She didn’t say anything that atrocious. All this hate just leads me to believe that more than just a number of posters are jealous of her. (*prepares herself for the flood of angry women screeching that they’re not*)

valerie on

she should just keep her mouth shut and stop judging people!

rose on

She is completely irresponsible and should think about other mothers before she makes a comment like “it should be a law that everyone breastfeeds there baby for 6 months”. I have been fortunate and was able to breastfeed, but there are many people that are not as lucky. And what about women that have to go back to work…pumping is not easy when you actually have to work 9 to 5.

Just4Fun on

Good for her that it was all such a breeze. The “average” woman would LOVE to have time & money for yoga, meditation, etc during her pregnancy…too bad it’s not possible for most. Breastfeeding is best for both mother and baby, however, as many have already mentioned, it’s not always an option for several different reasons. She’s also blessed to have had a healthy baby.

KT on

It’s nice for all of you women who were able to breastfeed your babies – just because some women don’t, doesn’t mean they didn’t want to or didn’t try. It’s so frustrating how judgemental others are on a subject that is intensely personal and emotionally charged, particularly for those of us who may not have been able to succeed in something we really wanted to do.

Summer819 on

I am a breastfeeding mother, but would not chastise someone for not being able to or choosing not to breastfeed. Is it a good thing to do for your child? Absolutely, but it’s a very personal decision. It sounds as if she is saying everyone should be doing what she is or they are not a good parent – that I have a serious problem with. Not everything works for everyone.

I’m sorry, but I have a hard time reading an interview from someone who was blessed with a “perfect” body and most likely has a ton of time to perfect any flaws she might possibly have. While most women strive to look and feel their best, it is not realistic to expect your average woman to look like this. Good for her that she is happy with her life, but not everyone strives to become this picture of the ideal woman.

PH on

While I don’t think Gisele was aiming to upset anyone with her comments, her words come across as hurtful to those who desired to breastfeed, but had breastfeeding experiences less smooth and successful as hers. I believe that she meant that all women should try to bf and to do so for as long as they can (advice any pediatrician would give). I never produced much milk and finally went dry around 4 months post-partum. The decision to go on formula was hard but necessary. All women should act in the best interest of their babies and for themselves and if that means bf until they go off to college for some, great. If that means Similac at 2 months for others, that’s great too. Don’t let the opinion of one change how you feel/felt about those early months with your baby. Whatever you chose/choose will be fine. And if you ever have any questions regarding those choices, consult your pediatrician. Not Harper’s Bazaar.

Erin on

Gisele doesn’t have a “language barrier problem”. She meant what she said. She’s an arrogant dolt who thinks her opinion is superior to we inferiors. I’ve had it with reading about her. From now on, I’ll take a pass.

SusiQ on

Ah, yes, another highly-trained (???) model who feels the world is entitled to her opinion. So she’s had a baby; a lot of women have but that doesn’t qualify her to be an expert.


When I had my son I had every intention of breastfeeding him, but for some reason he wouldn’t latch on and it wasn’t cause I didn’t try. It just didn’t happen, I had a rude nurse who made me feel like crap cause it wasn’t happening and I was totally exhausted my nipples were so raw from trying that they were literally bleeding! I was in extreme pain and because she wasn’t letting me give my son formula he wasn’t able to pee not even a thimble full of urine…. After literally trying for 3 days in the hospital where i had to sleep on an air mattress my husband and I , getting absolutely no sleep the whole time in the hospital which was 6days… I had to finally yell at her and say I want my son to have formula cause I didn’t want anything to happen to him he wasn’t peeing…… and because of that he ended up getting an infection which I went through hell with cause of that STUPID NURSE!!!!! It’s nice if you can breastfeed, but if a woman can’t don’t make her feel any less of a good mom to her child…. you can still be a very caring mommy even if you have to give your baby formula!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sometimes it just can’t be done and it’s not cause of a lack of effort or love…………

rosemcom on

What about those women (like me) who are physically unable to breastfeed? The breats are there, but the plumbing doesn’t work. Four children, four failed attempts at breastfeeding (I just don’t produce milk). Mandatory breastfeeding? Give me a break.

tx mommy on

It ticks me off that she thinks she can make judgments about others that she knows NOTHING about! I planned on breastfeeding my son, but my body did not allow it & my son never took to it. I loved having the freedom of my husband bond with our son during a feeding. Even though he was bottle fed, he is perfectly healthy and has been since he was born. Unlike her, my husband and I have real jobs that don’t allow us to bring our child to work. The flexibility she has doesn’t apply to every person. Get real!

Heidi on

How nice that everything went so perfectly for her. However, she shows no consideration for the women who had complications during pregnancy and were prohibited from exercising or are also on medication making it so breastfeeding could not be an option

Mama on

I too think breastfeeding is best! However, I was unable to breastfeed either of my daughters because of insufficient milk supply! She needs to shutup about making breastfeeding mandatory law for new mothers! Seriously! Not everyone is able to do it! Her statements clearly show her arrogance and ignorance!

Brooke Jones on

Considering that she is married to my favorite NFL quarterback, I should dislike her. I wouldn’t have the courage for natural childbirth so I think she is awesome for that alone.

sky on

Sky, I’m not a mother but I find this women’s comments about motherhood, brestfeeding and parenting in general to be not only insensative but also irresponsible. I’m a sure there are these young teenage girls that lookup to her and admire her and she seems to be making parenthood into this fairytale fantasy that it is not. The average woman does not have a painfree pregnancy. The average woman does not do two weeks of KungFu two weeks before giving birth and then snaps back into her pre-pregnancy jeans. How can magazine keep printing this woman’s irresponsible dibble. The more she opens her mouth the more unintelligent she sounds. Gisele, do us all a favour and still to describing pretty panties.

Jess on

Everyone reads the same words and they interpret things differently. What I took from the article is that she thinks every woman should at least try to breast feed. If you can’t do it, then you do what you have to do to feed your baby, but mothers milk is still best.

I couldn’t keep up with the production for my son so I gave up… I took the easy way out. If her baby weighed 11 lbs 10 oz at birth like mine did, her labor might have hurt as bad as mine did. You forget the pain when you see your baby, but it doesn’t mean you didn’t experience it.

eli on

Ladies don’t get your panties into a bunch alot of jealous women out there,huh? She seems real enough . It is her job to maintain her figure she is merely explaining how she kept her figure 20 min to maintain your figure while pregnant is not farfetched.Furthermore when a women nurses her uterus contracts most ignorant woment dont know that. Those women that say that a baby will be fine receiving fornmula are bunch of vain women who would rather look good then sacrifice that vanity to their babies health now and in the future, excluding of course the ones who obviously have physiological issues . I had a preemie and as soon as he could drink from the bottle he was having my own milk expressed every 2 hrs. Grow up ladies stop hating b/c you aren’t Giselle.

Brooke Jones on

Guess what? When her child is old enough to understand what she is talking about, he will feel loved. I never want my children to think about how much pain they caused me. I will always want them to feel like a blessing.

E on

I think what sounds judging in Gisele’s comments is that she does not at all acknowledge that other women may have different experiences. I am fairly certain that her “natural home birth” included some of the top medical professionals standing by in case anything went wrong. Yes, lots of women all over the world give birth naturally and without any help, but lots of those also die in childbirth. Having a doctor helping you, doesn’t mean you are unnecessarily privileged, but often that can be a life saver. That being said, this woman is one of many who gave birth, and her profession is looking pretty — why exactly is everybody listening to her for advice? The people giving advice here should be doctors, nurses, nutritionists, trainers, etc. Not a model, who just happens to be female and have given birth.


This woman has a baby and now thinks she’s an expert…. everytime she does a interview she puts her big foot in her mouth… just look pretty for the camera and keep quite best advice I can give you!!!


this woman has no right to make that comment who does she think she is,everyones situation is different and it is completely rediculous to categorise like that!!!i was critically ill after my son and could not have breastfed although i had no intention to tbh and never with my second.both my boys slept all night and are healthy and thriving.just because she is famous she thinks she has the right to make such a rediculous statement i mean who is she??????

JBH on

I’m not a fan of her’s and I try not to take offense to her opinions, she’s just out of touch.

Kimberly on

I wanted to have a natural labor and delivery for my baby, and I also wanted to breastfeed. My baby almost died during labor, and I had to have an emergency C-section. I also breastfed until my daughter’s acid reflux was so bad that I had to bottle feed her with rice cereal mixed in. I pumped every 3 hours, and it got to the point where I was only getting 2 ounces total each time (after pumping for 45 minutes). It just wasn’t working.

I would have sacrificed almost anything to have a natural labor and delivery and have the ability to nurse my daughter – but my daughter’s life and health were not sacrifices that I am willing to make.

Shame on anyone who condemns a woman for not being able to do things “naturally.” It’s not that we aren’t willing, we aren’t able. The guilt is practically unbearable as it is, we don’t need other women making us feel worse. We are supposed to support each other, not tear each other down.

Kathy on

riiiiiiiiight. I’m sure your big bank account, personal trainers, cooks and nanny had nothing to do with your quick weight loss.

Get real……

Instead of taking the opportunity to become a famous advocate of breasfeeding, you just sound like an @ss.

By the way, saying formula contains ‘chemicals’ is an extrememly inappropriate, uneducated comment.

Brandy on

I think the big issue is her arrogance. I am lucky that I am able to nurse for as long as I want because my employer allows me to pump when I need to. Some people do not have jobs/employers that allow this. And many women really have to work, especially in this economy. So should those women not have children if they can’t breastfeed? We do not all have jobs where we can dictate our schedules and she seems to be out of touch with most women’s realities. A simple “I understand that my life is very different and I am very privileged” would have gone a long way.

jamie on

FYI Gisele…the reason breastfeeding isn’t a law is because some women CAN’T due to medical reasons or can’t produce enough milk…Please tell me you did know this???? Read a book!

A on

You know most of you are thinking it, so I’ll just say it out loud for those of us secretly hoping.

It’s mean but I sincerely hope that her next pregnancy isn’t so “easy” so she can get a taste of the other side.

Pogue Mahone on

I’d read before where she bragged labour wasn’t even painful. I personally think she’s “full of it” and really should just keep her trap shut; she’s so arrogant and unbelievable and turns people off.

Leigh on

I cannot stand when models/celebrities make comments and associate them with every woman in the world. Not everyone has the time, money and genes like you G. Try being pregnant, working 40 hours a week, coming home to a 2 year old, making dinner, doing chores, getting woken up by your 2 year old in the middle of the night and wake up at 5 am the next day to start all over again. Relate your quotes to yourself and no one else. If I made millions because I flaunted my body for men, I would be able to meditate, work out 5 hours a day and have someone cook, clean and shop for me. Please save your comments for the ladies in your industry. And tell them to eat once in a while.

Dianne on

I have to say, I always enjoy reading about the celebrity world and how they deal with life. They always claim to be “regular” people. Some times it is enlightening and other times, such as this, it is insulting and aggravating. Gisele has absolutely no clue about the real world nor should she insult our intelligence and pretend that she does. She is so ignorant, arrogant and self absorbed to pass such an opinion off as far as breast feeding. Every woman that has tried or actually been successful knows how difficult it can be for both mother and child. I breast feed 2 of my 3 children. My 3rd nearly died because he couldn’t latch on and get enough nutrition. Good for her that she did it but do not belittle any mother out there who can’t. Is she forgetting that some children are adopted or abandoned and don’t have that option? Are they going to have a law that puts them in special schools and homes because they were fed “chemicals?” She needs consult with her publicist before opening up her mouth again. At this point, it sounds like myself and many others have lost complete respect for her. UGH!

amy on

I dont think that she is thinking clearly…I have had 3 kids and not one could i breatfeed, so would I go to jail becuase i could not follow “her” law

whatever on

What if the baby is breech and stuck in her pelvis and she needed an emergency c-section. What then? Would she have forced the at home birth on herself and her baby and risked both their lives or would she have ran to the ER?

In rural parts of the world, it is normal to give births at home but it is also normal to lose mother’s lives and lose babies. So in many rural parts of the world, women get pregnant often to off-set that. But the great Gisele is not talking about that.

What about stretch marks? How come only super models and actress don’t have any stretch marks. Is it normal women’s fault that they get stretch marks during pregnancies? And she said women treat their bodies like garbage disposals once they get pregnant. If regular women have maids and cooks to cook healthy, nutritious food in time all day(for all 3 meals a day), they would not be in a situation to eat unhealthy food.

What is with Gwenyth Palthrow and Gisele? They act like they moved to earth from heaven or something.

Dee on

I hope the all these woman who just “couldn’t” breastfeed got professional help from a Lactation Consultant” before they gave up. In nature there are few woman who can not breastfeed, few conditions or medications with which you cannot breastfeed. Most of the time it is the medical process of birth and the first hours of the newborn not being with their mother, that “messes up” breastfeeding. Woman who choose not to BF, love their children, they just are not educated, or close their minds to education on how good it is for them not only short term, but also long term as adults.

Suzi on

Every time this woman opens her mouth I dislike her more. How dare she think she can dictate to all women how we should raise our children. All women need is more regulations dictating what we can do with our own bodies. Whether I chose to breastfeed or not is my choice and there is nothing wrong with choosing not to do it. Not one child in my family has been breastfeed in the last 30 years and guess what? We are all happy and healthy adults.

Ellen on

My milk didn’t come for 5 days and I was so upset that I couldn’t breastfeed. But my mother-in-law, a pediatric nurse for over 30 years, said ‘the best scientists in the world come up with these formulas, there is no shame in using them’
Gisele needs to think before she speaks. Normal everyday mothers don’t have the support system and free time she has. I like her less and less with each article I read about her.

Krissa on

EVERY single statement she has made since giving birth has annoyed me.
And no – it’s not jealousy. I gave birth to 3 children naturally, breastfed them each for about 15months and live in Canada where we get 1 year maternity leave.
(And I got my figure back in a relatively short period of time)
She just seems so self righteous now. No longer a fan of hers.

Erin on

If I had the ability (money) and time to take kung fu and yoga I would but sadly I’m just a regular person making ends meet. That’s what bugs me about these celebrity advise articles, the things they are able to do with time/money/help the rest of us aren’t. I did what I could to prepair and when I went into labor all that flew out the window. Not only was he early but also really fast (got to hospital at 6 AM he was born at 11 AM). Nothing could have prepaired me for that. Most of the stories I heard is your first takes FOREVER. Just proves everybody as well as their experiences are different.

Angeline on

Oh PLEASE…she’s had a baby all of 8 months…of course she knows it ALL!!!!

She’s entitled to her opinion and to share her experiences but she’s a model not a doctor or expert…take the comments for what they are. I share the opinion that her comments are a bit insensitive and annoying but I don’t take her very seriously anyway.

Crystal on

Gisele never bothered me before but after this interview I now CAN’T STAND HER!!! “Breastfeeding should be a law???” Is she crazy???? Some women don’t want to breastfeed and that is their prerogative but other’s like uhhhh I don’t know Christina Applegate maybe who had a double mastectomy physically can’t. She has got to be the world’s stupidest woman! I support any woman who choses to have a child and feed/raise/birth THEIR child any way they want. I agree with one of the other posters. Her sense of entitlement and “pat myself on the back syndrome” is worthless! Ugh!

anonymous on

Gisele put the following comment on her blog about this subject:

My intention when making the comment about the importance of breastfeeding has nothing to do with the law, but with my passion for children. Becoming mother brought me many questions , I am in constant search for answers of what is best for my son. It is unfortunate that interviews, sometimes things may seem so vague . I’m sure if you were sitting , talking about my experiences with other mothers, we would just sharing opinions. I understand that everyone has their own experiences and opinions. I’m not here to judge them. I think that bringing a life into this world is the most important commitment a person can take and can be as challenging as well. I think that as mothers we are always trying to give our best.

Hayley on

How many times do I have to read Gisele’s opinion on her body, breastfeeding, and natural childbirth? So over it! I just had a healthy and beautiful baby boy in March; I delivered my child in a hospital with the help of an epidural and it was the best decision I could have made. Yes, I think it’s amazing that there are women out there who can have a vaginal delivery without medication; however, you are just as much of a strong woman whether you deliver your child vaginally or by c-section with medication. Yes, I agree that “breast is best,” but some women cannot nurse for 6 months, let alone 3 months. I nursed for one month, and while I wish I could have nursed longer, my child was not gaining the way he should so I started him on formula. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. He is healthy, happy, and growing and that is all that matters to me.

Angie on

@jodyjoe: Do you have any statics to back that up? You have absolutely no idea if the majority of women who don’t breastfeed are doing it by choice or because they can’t.

Noelle on

It’s sad to see so many angry comments. Isn’t it better to share experiences? The model and each one here has a mind and life of their own.

JG on

Can’t wait to see this woman served some good ol’humble pie.

Patty on

Please don’t feel hurt by her comments. She has not experienced life like most others. She does not have a medical degree, and she does not live in the real world. As mothers we need to not be so hard on ourselves. I was not able to breastfeed because I could not produce the milk. My son is a very healthy 9 year old. We must try to not feel guilt for something we do not have power over.

Angie on

The wording of this article is appalling – and I’m not just referring to Gisele’s comments, but also to the way this website worded the beginning of this article, “No woman likes to see a supermodel . . . ” Excuse me Mom&Babies, but I’m not sure why you’re implying that all of your readers are just sitting around all day hoping that supermodels will get fat, but some of us are too busy enjoying our own lives to sit around wishing bad things on others. Way to be condescending towards your readers.

Denise on

This headline made me pause, the tone of judgement she passes on others is outstanding. I breastfed one of children for 6 months, but my second had allergic reactions to the foods I was eathing so I had to switch him to soy formula for his health. As a public figure she should think before she speaks as such judgemental words can be hurtful.

Beth on

The ignorance of this woman is beyond unbelievable. I’m all for breastfeeding. Nursed one for 16 months and another for 8 but always used formula as well. She essentially has said that those of us who choose to use formula (oh, sorry “chemical food”) are poisoning our kids. Does she completely disregard the fact that some woman cannot produce breastmilk? Excuse me, I had to take a break while typing this to prepare some chemical food for my 1 year old. I actually used to like her and now not so much. She needs to stick to looking pretty and leave the law making to people with some common sense.

Megan on

Stop dictating to other moms how to care for their children. Who do you think you are? You’re a MODEL not a doctor. Just because you’ve given birth, like millions of other women, you are not suddenly a leading authority on parenting. Stop forcing your ideas on other women and judging people for how they’ve chosen to parent. You are ridiculous.

A on

Come on, why do all the negative nancys out there start to complain about the breastfeeding comment. Why are you assuming she is saying its a must for everyone? Obviously, there is always an exception, like say those who physically can’t? Its probably aimed more at those mothers who don’t like the idea of breastfeeding. You do know there are such women out there don’t you??? I know of several women who asked their doctors for medication to dry up their milk. Really read into it people. I don’t think anyone is hating on those physically unable. As for the labor part, you know I had a wonderful pregnancy, I was active. I took care of myself. So when I went into labor it wasn’t as bad as I assumed it would be. It is possible you know.

SarahMama on

I hate when people make sweeping statements about what other people should and should not do. As a mom who desperately wanted to breastfeed, but couldn’t due to my child’s extensive food allergies, her comments just make me shake my head. Truly ignorant. If you want to give birth at home, fine – do it! If breastfeeding works for you – do it! But don’t tell me what I should or should not do! She can pound sand. And I agree with the others, not sure what makes her an authority or role model – in my mind she is the furthest thing.

D on

Good for you Giselle, happy you are so perfect and can’t understand why everyone can’t be just like you! The comments about bf’ing are just idiotic, she may want to also add a 4th reason for why she got her body back into shape in 6 weeks, genetics (a 5th would probably be a nanny, I have 5 mo twins and I’m sure I’d have my body back in shape if I had someone to watch them for a few hours a day)!! I always thought I’d exercise throughout my whole pregnancy and I was put on bedrest for 7 weeks before giving birth to my two miracles, who spent 7 weeks in the NICU. Not everyone has such an easy experience and not every pregnancy is the same.
Also, I breastfed for 4 months, so is there some kind of work release program or community service for this infraction?
I’m also pretty sure there are some women out there who’d give anything to have their baby in a hospital and don’t have that luxury, I’m sure the women/babies who died in childbirth would have liked that option.

Lyn on

Opinions are like noses. For the most part, EVERYONE has one! I’m not bashing her for the breastfeeding thing, but I DO wonder if People Magazine would’ve done a feature snippet on her if she’d GAINED 50 pounds since giving birth.

Maybe she does or does not have a nanny. Maybe she does or does not have good genes. We may never know. One thing IS for certain though. She isn’t really judging; just making her opinion known.

Betsy on

You know, life can be a hard teacher. I hope that Giselle has similar stories with all of her other childbirths and nursings in the future so she can remain adamant that her actions were responsible for all the success she had having a “painless” childbirth and easy nursing experience.

I did everything she did when I was pregnant, ate well, swam 1 mile a day and did yoga. My water broke 5 weeks early and despite attempting a natural childbirth, I ended up having a c section for my safety and the safety of my child. Since he was born so early, he had a difficult time latching. We worked with several lactation consultants and finally were able to get him to nurse, but it was anything but easy.

Be careful what you preach to others, like I said, life can be a hard teacher!

Rachel on

Glad breastfeeding went so easy for her, but wasnt that way for me and for tons of other mom’s too. For her to say there should be a law is outrageous! Its personal choice. Both my babies were bottle fed, my first got sick for the first time at 18 months, my second is now 6 months and still hasnt ever been sick, whereas my sister in law has 3 kids that were breastfed and her kids were always getting sick since 2-3 months old. Not to say breastfeeding causes that, but to say that bottle fed babies are just as healthy!

Jodi on

Why are celebrities even allowed to speak without a script in front of them??? There should be a law!

E on

Some people also adopt, like me. Can’t really breastfeed either. Insensitive.

Beth on

To “A” a few posts above, the issue isn’t whether the mother chooses to breastfeed or physically can’t. The issue is whose business is it to dictate how a baby is nourished? If a woman doesn’t feel comfortable breastfeeding no one on this planet should make her feel less of a mother for that choice. Should we now outlaw letting cry it out for those people who use that method or mandate that women sleep with their babies for a certain amount of time? Get real.

Elizabeth on

I wish all us mothers would just stop putting each other down for how differently we all do things. I think we should advocate for a mom to mom law that says we can’t put down mothers who don’t breastfeed or don’t stay home. We love our children and I tried to breastfeed and my son wasn’t sucking enough and was in the NICU for a week. I bottle fed him breast milk for 10 weeks before going back to work. Why would this make me a bad mother? I love him and care for him and think about him constantly. I just wish we would support each other and stop with the negativity, I think motherhood can be hard enough without the pressure from others who do things differently.

Anonymous on

Seriously, Americans need to stop taking everything so personal and just take comments for what they are, personal opinions of an individual.

K.W. on

She is proof that some people should just sit there quietly and look pretty.

Lina on

Such nasty women…shame on you. She is astute, intelligent and a caring natural mom. She makes all of you hateful girls look silly. I agree with everything she says, and God bless her for saying it out…every child should have the chance to be chemical free, born safe and nurtured well.

Angelika on

She’s a model and has to bring absolutely no intelligence or education to her job. Apparently, this is true in other aspects of her life as well.

Anonymous on

She’s a model, not a brain surgeon. Would you expect anything less than an ignorant quote from her?

Vanna on

I am a mother of 2, whose paycheck is very much needed in my household. I would work a couple 10 -12 hour days with no break or lunch hour. How the hell could I breastfeed with no time to pump on my workdays? Tell my employer it’s the law to provide that for me while she laughs and finds my replacement? To those that breastfeed….. kudos to you. But, DO NOT judge OR expect that others who do not breastfeed because not all of us mothers have the convenience or money to do so. If I had Gisele’s money and schedule, I could SURELY breastfeed!

Alana on

She’s a boob. Pun intended.

Jacqui on

The anger, jealousy, bitterness and resentment of the majority of the comments here is astonishing. Maybe if you were not so full of hatred and envy, your lives would improve and you too could say positive things and be happy for others. Break out of your miserable cycles!

Nina on

I think it’s disgusting when I see mothers who can breast feed shove a bottle in a newborns mouth.You know the ones who don’t want to breast feed because it may ruin their breasts.Unless you are on medications,anti-depressants etc I think you should breast feed.I agree with Giselle their should be a law forcing all self obsorbed,let me have a baby because it’s the thing to do types to breast feed for six months.Their I said it.

shatch on

Ellea: Malfunctioning breasts? Are you kidding me? Do you realize how insensitive that is?

Dina on

Everything Gisele has said about motherhood and pregnancy is correct.
1, you are not supposed to eat everything because you are pregnant, you are supposed to eat differently, healthier.
2, If you can stand to go without the pain medications you should because its better for your baby.
3, If you can breastfeed then you should. YES, you should. obivously not a law, but not doing so is a disservice to your child. Not breastfeeding doesn’t mean your child is not as healthy, but in all it is still a disservice to them.
4, If this was a horror story everyone will be happy. I’m sorry if your experience was bad but others should be free to celebrate their good experiences without people bringing up horror stories as a reason to criticise.
5, It might be harder to be super woman and work and cook healthy organic meals for your child, its harder but better and having money doesn’t have anything to do with it. its a state of mind. and those that use her having money as a excuse are just giving themselves a way out
6, She is not anorexic, i am so sick of people insulting genetically slim women for being thin. I remember not so long ago when some of you swore that nicole richie could not carry a baby to full term, that her babies will have health issues, Well, she has successfully had 2 NATURAL births as well.
7, Finally in my opinion most of the comments here are full of hurt and envy. Obviously, she is not referring to women that have diseases like HIV or women that can’t. and she explained on her website that using the word “law” comes from passion not that it should be an actual law.

BostonMom on

Really? A law? And when the breastfeeding police arrive at my house will I have to whip out my boobs to show them that I can BF? I guess if I had the money like she does to do everything she wants to do maybe I’d think about it too. I’m not saying you shouldn’t BF (of course not) but I don’t think that somebody who is already in a position to make women feel bad about themselves say something that will make them feel even worrse. Use your powers for good – not evil!

Dina on

Reading his i have to agree that American women can be clueless and take everything too seriously.
As someone said above she shares to inspire.
YOU LADIES ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

i like her but i want to ask what about the women who cant produce breastmilk? i know somone who couldn’t breast fed with both of her kids, cause she couldn’t produce breastmilk!

Anonymous on

Her comment regarding breastfeeding is insulting to adoptive parents!

Bethenny Fan on

Hello…’s just HER opinion and she’s entitled to it!

Courtney on

I’m happy that her labor was so wonderful and that breastfeeding worked for her.. .but making it a law? Get real !!!Some of us didn’t have the greatest labors and COULDN’T breastfeed because of medications that we had to take that would hurt or babies. I don’t care what breastfeeding law that wold have been in place there is no way I was going to breastfeed my child.

Anonymous on

Oh please, people. I’m sure she isn’t trying to insult all of you. The breastfeeding comment was most likely directed at women who choose not to, not those who cannot. I’d be willing to bet that the ones most fired up over it have two year olds but are carrying “baby weight”. Stop hating! She said nothing wrong. You should excercise while pregnant. You should watch your diet. Some of you have let yourselves go and then want to take it out on everyone else. Even if you have a personal trainer, YOU have to do the work. If you have a chef you still have free will to eat what you want when no one’s looking. Losing weight takes discipline, period! At the end of the day, a lot of the hate is based on the fact that her body is SICK. So for those of you who are bitching about not having time and all the other excuses…where are your husbands??? It takes two to make a baby and it takes two to take care of one. If you can’t get an hour to yourself every day then you may need to look at YOUR life, not Gisele’s. Not trying to be a bitch but seriously, some of you need to get a life.

madison on

Maybe I’m the only person who feels this way, but I could honestly care less what Giselle has to say about birthing or breastfeeding or any other such topic. She is a model! The only thing she has subject matter expertise in is looking good in front of a camera! She is a public figure so there are going to be interviews. But what she says isn’t worth getting upset over, they are her opinions only.

Renee on

I agree with the super model. I just had my 3rd child at 42 yrs.old on July 5th,2010. I lost all my weight that I gained and it’s only been 29 days. It starts with how you take care of your body and how you feel about yourself, not everyone feels bad about themselves. what you eat and how you take care of yourself is important makes you or breaks you. I’m always reading the ugly comments that women have towards this woman. take care of yourself and don’t get in relationships were people abuse you and you might feel good about yourself also.

Mira on

Gisele is inspiring indeed. Especially, because she’s not afraid to be so blunt. She happens to be right about everything and I’m glad she’s so “in your face” with her opinions. Might change a few minds.

Mary on

This being the internet, how does anyone know where the comments originated? Interesting that in her comments, Ms. B only criticized Americans herself. Mostly, I am against the mommy police that frequently judge others on this blog. That being said, maybe Gisele should be more sensitive about what she thinks is the norm. It is “her” norm and should probably state it that way. She may also have a language problem as well, but this is not the first time she has done this. She has access to first class health care, a schedule that she chooses as to when she works, where she works and with whom she works, a personal trainer, excellent help with her house and child, excellent food and all that it takes to hopefully raise a healthy child.

Many mothers and fathers are trying to do the best they can on sometimes limited funds, limited health care, limited maternity leave, with other children and no nanny. She has every right to her opinion, but she should just be more careful how she states it.

nadya on

Wow. I think its safe to say that those who cannot breastfeed are not those who Giselle is talking to when it comes to being law. Common sense just tells me that she is talking to the mothers that can and wont breast feed, and you know your out there. In fact I know a few women that wont do it cause of politics and simply cause it grosses them out. Shes beautiful and young, don’t be hatin. For those who are jumping all over her, shhhh, listen, maybe you’ll learn something instead of going through life always talking and thinking you know everything.

Lauren on

I can’t believe I took the time to read this article.

I had an emergency C-Section….my baby and I would have never made it if we had tried a homebirth.

My second child is so severely lactose intolerant and had such a variety of allergy and gut issues that he was forced to come off Breastmilk at 3 weeks.

This woman is completely ridiculous.

anonymous on

I commend her for knowing what she wants and going for it, however, not every mother is lucky enough to be able to produce enough milk to be able to breastfeed her child. I also have to say that a home birth is not for everyone. During the birth of my daughter is had something called shoulder dystocia and was stuck in the birth canal. The doctor had to break her arm to get her out and she was at Children’s Hospital because she was basically blue by the time she was born. Had I given birth to her at home my husband and I do not believe that she would have lived or she would have had brain damage. I just have a problem with stars or anyone making blanket statements about all mothers should or should not do!!

A on

Truly unbelievable how ignorant she is by making these comments on birth and breatsfeeding. I had an emergency c-section and also wasn’t able to breastfeed even though I tried, 12 times a day, pumping in between. There are many medical conditions that prevent women from being able to breastfeed, who doesn’t realize that? Her comments are so insulting and hurtful but more than that she shows that there is no brain behind that beautiful face. If there is its narrow-minded and uneducated.

Lisa on

Don’t like her – maybe some women have health issues and can’t breast feed. Who is she?!?

Anonymous on

She really rubs me the wrong way. Everytime I see a quote from her since she has given birth she makes it out like she is some sort of expert on the subject. The way she speaks on the subject, makes it seem like she is better than everyone else….it really frustrates me. Get your head out of the clouds, not everyone has the lifestyle you do, some of us are hard working mothers and don’t have the same opportunities that you do. Stop trying to act like you have a medical license and quit telling people how they should raise there children. I have 3 boys that I brestfed for well over 6 months but I’m not trying to go around telling everyone else what is best for there babies. Everyone lives in a different set of circumstances and it just isn’t possible for everyone to be as “perfect” as you!

Jen on

How insensitive of her to think that what works for her should be made into law! It’s hard enough not feeling guilty when you are unable to breastfeed your baby!

Claudia on

I like her comments. And she advocates breastfeeding. Her comment is to women who CHOOSE not to do it, not for those who CANNOT do it.
Give her a break people…..She is telling what worked for her, not saying she wasnt lucky or whatever…..
Some people just like to read too much into things just to have the pleasure to criticize others….

Ellea on

I’m commenting again because I’m shocked at the delirious comments being made. Not every celebrity is disconnected from reality. Just because you have something doesn’t mean that you’re unaware that the average person does not. Also, there is no reason that her statement should be taken literally, perhaps she was using the statement to highlight how important she feels it is. Even if she did mean it literally, don’t you logical people think that she means any mother ABLE to breastfeed should? If you’re child is allergic or something is wrong with milk production, it doesn’t mean starvation is the alternative. I would like to know how Gisele’s comment are any different from a doctor? Or the pediatric association?

She does Kung Fu. So what? Walking and meditation are free. And unless you work 7 days week we all have some kind of free time. Nothing is impossible if you make it a priority.There seems to be a lot of envy in these posts. Heck! I envy the girl too, her life appears pretty sweet! Some of y’all need to reign yourselves in because you sound loco taking her comments so personally. It’s going beyond reason. And why are some of you pretending to know her schedule? Yes, she’s a successful fashion model[now] but they live very busy lives. They don’t get paid to do nothing.

MDMom on

She’s comes off so self-righteous and completely arrogant. I am really irritated by her comments in this article. I cannot believe she would go as far to say that “breast-feeding should be an international law.” Some mom’s just can’t produce enough breastmilk to support their infant! As was in my case. My son’s a healthy, happy, and intelligent 3 yr. old boy and according to his pediatrician; receiving the colostrum is more crucial than anything else because of the antibodies. She seriously needs to stick with modeling and nothing else.

Tabatha on

It must be easy to stay in shape while pregnant since she is paid to stay in shape and has countless hours to spend working out and can afford nutrionists to prepare meals for her… She needs to realize that women living in the real world working 40 plus hours and taking care of house and family dont have the luxuary to spend all day working out and having their meals prepared for them.

ashley on

seriously a breastfeeding LAW!? Give me a break! Does she not realize that some women physically CANNOT breast feed!? I had no milk at all, and my son was physically unable to latch on… what would we do?! Starve him?

Felicia on

I love reading People but am starting to get tired of a new article about her and her amazing childbirth every few weeks. It does seem insensitive to all the women that had a less than perfect experience.

JB on

A breastfeeding law….is she serious??? These people need to get a life and stop policing the world. I breastfed my children but it is my choice….I think there should be a law that prohibits stupid people from talking….good grief.

Felicia on

I’m not okay w/ the “breastfeeding needs to be a law” comment. I tried w/ everything I had to breastfeed my son and it didn’t happen b/c he lost too much weight. So I broke the “law” because my body failed to produce enough milk for my child??? Lets think about those women who tried but couldn’t before we make a comment like that.

Deanie on

Mandating breastfeeding sounds a bit Talibanesque, but I understand the sentiment. When my daughter was born 20 years ago, I was adamant about breastfeeding her. Unfortunately, after several days of breast milk only, my daughter’s weight declined from her birth weight of 6 pounds, 7 ounces, to 6 pounds, 5 ounces. The pediatrician, stating the obvious, noted that my daughter’s weight was supposed to increase, not decrease. The pediatrician then suggested I supplement breast milk with formula, and that’s what I did. As a result, my daughter’s weight increased, leading to a healthy babyhood. Sometimes doing what’s best for our child means we have to adjust our own strict ways of thinking.

Pgita on

Why should we care what Gisele thinks? She’s not a doctor, she’s a model. And she’s paid to stand there, look pretty, and keep her mouth shut!

Lila on

Meh. To me she has always seemed snide and arrogant so this article is not a surprise. She has made her living on the fact that she has an amazing body, not an amazing brain.

Ruth on

Good for her. Judging from the nasty comments, I’m sure it pisses off a lot of women that she is right, perhaps not about making it a law, but about breastfeeding being best. Say what you want her, she’s obviously not lazy. I too worked out and did yoga during both my pregnancies and then breastfed 7 months with my first and 14 months with my second, who was born at home. Both my daughters were a very healthy 8 lbs and I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans within a week after giving birth. Even more importantly, neither of my kids have ever had so much as an ear infection or any other illness that would require a separate trip to the doctor. The only time they have ever seen their pediatrician is at well-visit check-ups, something I attribute directly to having breastfed. (And they both have plenty of contact with other kids at school & daycare.) I’m sure there are legitimate reasons for women not to breastfeed, but the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of women who don’t CHOOSE not to, particularly celebrities who are used to having everything, including childcare, done for them. I find it refreshing.

J.A. on

Guess what Gisele – we’re all happy for you that breastfeeding worked out for you, but guess what it isn’t your right to tell me I’m wrong for mothering my child differently! For some women it doesn’t work, some are medically unable and some just decide not to, does that make us less of a mother? Less of a good parent? Does it mean we love our children less or want something other than the ABSOLUTE best for them!? NO, it means that life isn’t always peachy and sometimes we have to ADAPT to what gets thrown our way. But it isn’t fair for you to judge me for something that is NONE of your business. I’ve never posted a comment on this site before but if I could I’d send this letter directly to her perfect judgemental butt myself.

Dee on

If you are going to require me to breastfeed will you also pay me my salary while I am doing so? My last job didnt even give us paid maternity leave. We had to save up our paid time off and use that. My best friend only had a week and a half.
Some of us actually have to work for a living and are not able to take off six months.

Crystal on

American Women???? Get real. Foreigners need to get a life or stop reading “American” posts. Sure “People” has magazines in other languages but it’s an American site for American people. If you don’t like us “Americans” get to ready something in your own country!

Julie on

I agree with 100% of what Giselle is saying, especially with regards to breastfeeding. Neither my son (who is almost 5) nor my daughter (who is 2) has EVER been on antibiotics and when they have gotten sick, it has been very slight. I give almost all the credit to breastfeeding and I breastfed them both until they were almost 2. HOWEVER, I am hoping Giselle’s comments were taken out of context or there was some language barrier going on, because I know there are people who cannot breastfeed no matter how hard they try. That’s why there used to be wet nurses to help. On the other hand, from what I have seen, there are too many women who give up way too fast on breastfeeding, and in my opinion, don’t try hard enough. For those mothers and for those who don’t try to breastfeed at all, I think that is a crime.

Brandy1921 on

I love Gisele. If more women followed this advice we’d have a healthier society. And as far as her being “self righteous,” she was asked questions and she answered them honestly and forthright. People are just jealous that a Supermodel can have beauty and intelligence. If people really understood the benefits of breastfeeding they wouldn’t be so quick to judge her comments.

Roberta on

I would love to see a world one day when women stop feeling judged by other women and take it for what it is. This was her experience and I don’t think it’s THAT uncommon to have a normal birth experience. Of course, we can’t all walk around laying out caveats for every single last exception to the rule! Don’t women use enough words as it is!! For pete sake! Chill Out!

She’s not judging anyone. You are judging yourselves and taking it out on her because it’s easier to be angry at an outspoken celebrity than to except that life didn’t go easy for you, but it’s okay. So, you didn’t get the ideal birth experience. Hopefully it all worked out for the best and you and your family is stronger for the experience you did have.

WE as women should not tear each other done and WE as women should be easier on ourselves. Hugs to you all for being strong women.

C on

I had to be induced as body just wasn’t working to get him out. On top of that, after trying to breast feed, my body wasn’t producing enough to keep him nourished. I had a very healthy pregnancy. So now am I supposed to feel guilty on both counts? I am glad she has such a wonderful experience, but I think this woman should keep her opinions to herself, and until she has a chance to walk in the shoes of a woman who has had a difficult labor or someone who cannot or who CHOOSES not to breastfeed, then she can share her infinite wisdom. Go back to your pampered lifestyle please.

galnj on

I’m not sure how many women in America or anywhere have the time for mediation, yoga, and kung fu. Personnally, I had to work full time until the day I gave birth, in a labor that took so long before they decided to do a c-section that I got blood clots in my pelvis that went to my lungs, which made me so sick that despite all efforts I had to supplement breastfeeding with formula because my daughter was losing weight for her first 2 weeks. Giselle would be a lot more endearing if she was introspective enough to understand that her fabulous genes have carried her a long way into a wonderful, money-making opportunity. Making blanket, condescending statements about home-birthing, breastfeeding, etc is inappropriate for a model.

mmh on

It’s amazing to me how many women commenting here had the same problem as I did — not producing ANY milk (or very, very little milk). Funny, because statistics say only 1 to 2 percent of women have this problem. I wish lactation consultants, nursing books and others would admit this actually happens more frequently so new moms can be more prepared. I was DEVASTATED when my son absolutely refused to nurse because I had no milk. My lactation consultant told me I had to stop trying because he was losing too much weight fighting it. I had NO idea this could happen, even with reading up on breastfeeding, etc., before his birth. My second son did latch on and “nursed” for a couple of months until a big growth spurt. It was mostly for comfort though — we had to start supplementing the third day…

B on

My thing is that her message of breastfeeding is a good one. However, it just comes off as judgemental. Maybe it is her opinion and people shouldn’t be so fired up about it but it would have come off a whole lot better to say something like “I love breastfeeding and wish that every woman who can and is willing, would breastfeed. However, I understand that some women cannot for whatever their reason and that’s okay too.” She’s just coming off as condeming anyone who can’t. Just because a woman doesn’t want to nurse doesn’t mean she is a bad mom. I don’t think her comment is in your face and the women who are holding her up as a martyre for breastfeeding are being a bit absurd as well. She is a model who made a comment that was probably well intended but came out poorly. My hunch is she didn’t have world domination in mind when she made it. Let’s live and let live. P.S. to all you women who praise your mothering skills because your baby has never once been sick ONLY because your breastfed, you don’t have the market cornered so get off your high horse. My kids were both formula and breastfed and neither have been on antibiotics either. All 4 of the kids in my family were completely formula fed and are all healthy people.

Lee on

She rubs me the wrong way too. She’s very condescending and not very bright or informed. Up to 5% of women in the entire world are not able to breastfeed. Many more women in underdeveloped countries lack the nutrition to sustain their own bodies and need to rely on supplements to feed their children. But we’re supposed to make it a law that women should breastfeed? This woman needs to educate herself before speaking!

TMP on

There are so many defensive “I can’t breastfeed” people out there. Doctors will say that a VERY small percentage of the population cannot breastfeed. I have had women tell me that they didn’t have milk (it takes sometimes 4 days to come in!! it’s not instant!) or the baby wouldn’t latch (they have to learn!) or many other excuses for not trying hard. It’s not easy for everyone – I had one who refused to latch for 4 days and one with tongue tie that made it extremely painful, but it was what was best. If you children had an infection and refused the medicine, would you just let it go because it was too hard?

I get that it can’t be mandatory, but it should be required to TRY with doctor supervision. I think that formula should be a prescription only!

mmh on

For all you women who are defending her saying “Of course she doesn’t mean those of you who can’t breastfeed medically” — maybe she isn’t, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still HURT to hear someone make a blanket statement like that. I would give anything to produce milk for my kids and being reminded that I have “failed” them by some self-righteous super”mom” makes me sad and angry… It shouldn’t, I know, but you have no idea the disappointment of not being able to nurse your child until you’ve experienced it…

anne on

Typical new mother, hopefully she will relax a bit after a while.

Not all women can breastfeed and there is always a chance of something going seriously wrong when you have a home birth – what if you need an emergency c-section ?

Everyone is different. I bf. myself, but suggesting this as law is just stupid.
A lot of children has been formula feed and are perfectly healthy.

Natalia on

To ” A”
Hello, I would like to know how you stayed active and how you took care of yourself while you were pregnant? If you have a minute i would love to read some more about your advices. Thank You.

HeatherR on

I didn’t like her before and I definitely don’t like her now! I really disliked how she paraded Bridget Monyahans son around and called him her own. Now that she has her own child she thinks she is a child expert. What works for one parent might not work for everyone else for MANY reasons. And we shouldn’t have to explain ourselves or our reasons, either! It is no one’s business if I breastfeed or not and why. Period!

B on

There are some very silly women on here. I’ll let you take your own inventory.

Redhead on

Probably not the most graceful and thoughtful thing to say. She may have served herself better had she acknowledged her good fortune at being able to fulfill her wish to breastfeed.

Has she ever heard of adoption? When my Asian son was 6 months old; my husband and I, who are both non-Asian, were at a weekend party. A man with a 10 month old, very slightly built son came up to me. He grabbed my son’s beautiful chunky arm and held it next to his son’s thin arm. Then he let me know that the reason my son’s arm was so fat compared to his son’s very nice and slim arm was because his son was breastfed and my son wasn’t. This was probably one of the 10 dumbest things someone ever said to me.

My formul-fed son is now 5. He’s handsome, sfunny, smart, and healthy. I couldn;t ask for more.

Natalia on


Jenny on

I don’t agree with her breastfeeding comment or the comment about natural birth. I had an emergency c-section due to high blood pressure so some women don’t have a choice in the situation but that doesn’t make them any less of a woman. Also I didn’t produce milk so I can’t breastfeed my newborn son. I give him Organic formula instead doesn’t make me any less of a mother. It’s great she had such a good pregnancy and can breastfeed but not every woman is handed those cards.

Juli on

While I do congratulate Gisele on the birth of her beautiful son,I do feel that there is no wrong or right way to give birth. We all wish that we could be such pioneer women and bring forth life with little effort but life doesn’t work that way.. As long as mom and baby are healthy than it was a good birthing experience. Women shouldn’t judge each other we should encourage each other.

Jenny on

I think that people should have the choice to breastfeed, its a personal decision. I personally didnt breastfeed either of my kids because I wasnt able to, and they turned out just fine and they are perfectly healthy and happy and we have a strong bond like any woman that breastfeeds.

SB on

Yes, statistically breastfeeding is better for the baby, no arguing there but if you can’t or decide not too for personal reasons than that should be your choice and no one should judge unless they have walked in your shoes and lived your life. Millions of babies grow up to be very healthy w/out breastfeeding. Let’s not forget genetics also comes into play. Women who do natural births, no epidural and breastfeed for a year can still have a child with challenges, etc. Like another post said, every situation is different, every child, every mother is different. This is a sensitive topic and Giselle was very fortunate with her experience but perhaps should stay away from blanket statements regarding this issue, at least in the media?

deb on

what about women who know they have to go back to work in 6 weeks? or have other children? or a husband who travels for his job? all of those for me! i also do not have a football star husband or a modeling career. i live in the real world and bottle feeding was the right choice for me!

S on

It is so unfortunate that in today’s society that we attribute fame to intelligence! I must have missed the part when she acquired her medical degree. I am a mother of two who was medically unable to breastfeed, so I should be punished by this? Thank goodness there are alternatives that have resulted in healthy and thriving children. Woman have and should continue to have the right to choose how they want to support their child’s development. Gisele needs to speak to what she knows – how to take a picture.

Jen from Cincy on

Judge much? This chick is completely out of touch with reality.

And I love these people who want to force a woman to breastfeed, but when it comes to abortion, say “It’s a woman’s choice!”


Ada on

She is right about everything. Good for her.

Obviously, she is referring to women who have the ability to breastfeed but choose not to – use your heads. If you can’t do it, then so be it… No one would judge you for that.

And no, you don’t need money or a personal trainer to eat healthy and be active during your pregnancy. It’s called NOT BEING LAZY. Yeah, I said it. Quit yapping because you gained 70 lbs and haven’t lost it yet. Try walking 20 mins a day and laying off the fast food.

She is having a wonderful experience with motherhood, and all I see here is a whole lot of jealousy. Grow up, all of you.

B on

As in life and in pregnancy, those that are most prepared usually prevail, maybe not always, but usually. It’s called discipline. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. So maybe we don’t all have access to personal chefs or trainers like Gisele, but take a mile walk around your neighborhood, buy a yoga DVD, whatever. Plan your meals ahead of time. Make it work for you and your lifestyle! She made a good point, that it’s called labor not holiday. Your heart rate will increase during it. I don’t have to tell anyone who’s been there, done it. The stronger your heart, the better you fare. You don’t build a strong heart chomping on chips watching the latest season of the Bachelor. Granted, even the most prepared may face unforeseen obstacles.

RE: Breastfeeding. I did it and I’m quite proud of myself for making it work and pulling it off for 17 months! I wasn’t sure how I would do it, especially with my thyroid issues, but I did my homework to make sure, again, that I was prepared. I took breastfeeding courses, read the literature, visited LaLeche League website, met with a lactation consultant after my child’s birth. I strongly believe going at it head on with no research or prep would have caused me to give up much easier. It didn’t come easy for me either. My child didn’t want to latch on, but we kept at it and weeks later it finally became natural for the both of us.

Also, for the record, it’s either a vaginal birth or c-section. I hear people commonly refer to vaginal births as natural. A vaginal birth is only natural if no drugs are taken.

I support Gisele and her quest. Maybe a law is a bit extreme, but I see so many women, particularly those on aid from the government, who automatically go to formula. The statistics say it’s usually older and educated women who choose to breastfeed. This is usually the same group who can afford formula, but instead choose nursing because they understand the benefits for baby and mom.

In addition, Gisele stressed 6 months, because usually at this point, an infant is introduced to baby food, so they are able to obtain their nutrition from another source. While it’s great to continue, 6 months is optimal.

Also, let’s not all hate the supermodel who took care of herself during her pregnancy. If she wanted to relax a bit on her meals and skip exercise during the 9 months, she could have, but she didn’t. Pregnancy is not an excuse to gorge at meal time and in between.

Wake up, America! It’s about priorities. Don’t ridicule the mothers who return to their shape, whether they be celebrity or not. Its no accident that skinny people are skinny! They make the same choices you do, but they usually choose the healthier route, to exercise, to eat right.

(Obviously, there are special cases and exceptions to all. This is not addressed to those special cases.)

Realistic on

Normal people have real, full-time jobs that may sometimes prevent them from being able to breastfeed their child(ren). While I’m a strong advocate for breastfeeding myself, I think making it a law would be silly. Not everyone has the privilege of having a million dollar professional athlete husband/boyfriend and an easy, hardly-any-stress career as a supermodel.


This just shows her naivete.

Rebecca on

I agree with Giselle that breastfeeding is extremely important although the law comment is likely a an ill-conceived and slightly offensive attempt to draw attention to the breastfeeding issue. Instead of stating women should be forced to breastfeed for six month by law, instead there needs to be a maternity leave protection law that is much stronger than the pathetic one we have today (that most women cannot even qualify for.) This would certainly promote breastfeeding if women were not forced so quickly to switch to working mommy-mode (and usually formula) before breastfeeding can even be successfully established.
US women are often forced back to work six weeks (or sooner!) after giving birth or face losing their health benefits and jobs. Working full-time and breastfeeding exclusively is extremely stressful and near impossible for most women. I exclusively breastfed my babies for a year, but I was lucky and only worked part-time so I was able to spend more time with my babies than of my coworkers, which is not the case for most US women. I would fully support a law giving women at least 6 month maternity leave with benefits protection if they are breastfeeding (obviously which must be certified by a physician so people do not take advantage). In the long run it would save money for our country because breastfeeding keeps the baby healthier than their formula fed counterpart (this is an evidenced based statement). It would encourage women to try harder to establish breastfeeding before giving up. Yes, some women cannot breastfeed but in my opinion many women just seem to think it is too difficult so they give up and supplement or completely switch to formula.
I would like to hear what others think or if anyone else has ideas.

JMO on

hmm and I think their should be a law that says all parents must take parenting classes before having children. Better yet anyone who is financially unstable shouldn’t have children!! UGH PLEASE!! This women talks out of her ass. Yes it’s her opinion but sorry breastfeeding just doesn’t fair well with every new mom!! And millions of babies thrive and survive just fine being formula fed.

Jen on

Giselle is crazy and I can’t believe someone would publish this article.

BF is a choice. An option. Just the same as FF. Maybe she should visit a NICU and see why some babies MUST be FF. It isn’t always an option.

I think she should go back to being seen and NOT heard.

Lyna on

Come on, people, stop being so mean. I think she meant that there should be a Law “GRANTING” women a 6-month extended maternity leave to BF their babies, get it? Some countries do have that law – some European ones and the country where she comes from – Brazil. The government pays for that, it is a woman’s right. Stop being SO critical and SO judgemental. I am not really a fan of Giselle, but when I read the article, I thought – The hags will have a go at her, that’s for sure!!

Sandy on

Dina, I think you need to focus a little more on how you raise your own children rather than judging other moms for what they are feeding their children. (If you even have kids) I hear you and Gisele on the importance of breastfeeding, I breastfed both of my children, but don’t rag on moms feeding Gerber products to their kids or dictate how long a mother should breastfeed. There are dozens of studies that show the breat milk is the healthiest and most nourishing in the first 6 weeks after the baby is born. Perhaps you’re the one that needs to do a little research.
I don’t mean to be caddy but your email was more about being judgemental towards other moms rather than voicing an opinion about this article. Perhaps you should wait until you have a child to comment on articles such as these.

kelli on

I could not breastfeed my child when he was born because he was too premature to understand how to latch on. I did not purposly feed my child “chemical food” because of selfish reasons, although if someone does not want to breastfeed, that is their choice! There is no worse sound in the world then hearing your newborns stomach grouling because he is starving! What an ignorant thing to say..your opinion or not!

LisaS on

I’m scrolling down through the comments here and I have to say, I can’t believe some of the comments coming from grown women here. I am no fan of Gisele’s but it’s a pity we can’t just be happy for the woman because she’s beautiful, healthy, had a wonderful pregnancy and birth, and is clearly loving motherhood and wants (or was asked) to share her experience with the readers of Bazaar.

Gisele is entitled to her own opinions, and I see nothing she said in the article that warranted some of the things said about her here or wishing her ill. There is no reason why anyone should be taking anything she said so personally or get so defensive about it. Her comment about a law on breastfeeding was probably a bit over the top but she is clearly passionate about it, and I doubt she meant it literally.

Gisele being judgmental? Oh please. Look at some of the comments on this very board about her. What a lot of the women have posted here says a lot more about them than anything Gisele has said in any interview that might be seen as negative.

mcrek on

I choose to bottle feed both my children and haven’t felt guilty about it for one second. I am an educated woman and I knew at the time I was making the best decision for both my children and myself. And I had epidurals, they were wonderful! 😉

C Schweigman on

She forgets the fact that not every woman CAN breastfeed. She comes across to me as shallow and short-sighted, not a role model to follow at all.

JMO on

I am one of those people that do NOT plan on breastfeeding. No desire. Sorry. Not there. And you can preach to me all you want that when your baby gets here you’ll change your mind…uh nope. Sorry. You want to breast feed your kid. Great. Leave me be!!
I wasn’t breastfed. My brother wasn’t. None of my cousin were. Nephews. Nieces. Etc. All bottle/formula fed kids!
We’re all HEALTHY and FINE!! In fact none of us have allergies or get sick very often. Funny how all the research says that breastfed babies are healthier. My one cousin chose to breastfeed and her kid is ALWAYS sick!! I’m sure it’s better for you child (bc the reseachers say). And totally a lot cheaper! But sorry I guess I’m selfish. I want to be able to hand my baby off to daddy here and there for feedings and don’t really care to have a child attached to my boob every hour on the hour! I don’t care so much about the saggy breast that come with nursing for I have no breast to begin with!! I don’t know I think it’s more selfish to bring a child into the world and not have any money to care for it. Or to bring a child into a broken home. It shouldn’t matter how a child is fed as long as he/she is fed!!
And although I’d love to give birth naturally….do I think I’m going to put myself through unnecessary pain when I know I have the opportunity to relieve it with pain medication. Uh probably not!! Once again selfish mommy here! I say bring on the meds. If they’re created to help us women get through labor then shoot me up!! My poor unborn child. I just feel so sorry for him/her.

SAR on

It’s a good thing Gisele is (society’s idea of) beautiful, because she certainly couldn’t have gotten so successful based on her brain power, or her consideration for the feelings of others.

Every time she opens her mouth, she comes across as an arrogant know-it-all. She has one child. One. And she’s healthy and in her 20s. Yet she’s bragging about her easy birth and breastfeeding like she’s some expert and all women can be as fortunate as she.

Yeah, she prepared for the birth and whatnot, but a lot of women do, and they still have very difficult and painful births. My mother, for instance, when she had me. And she could not breastfeed me because she was very ill following my birth. Yet, somehow the so-called “chemicals” she fed me instead did not harm me.

Maybe if one of Gisele’s subsequent pregnancies culminates in a very difficult, painful birth, she’ll get a clue.

Noelle on

I guess she doesn’t realize that not everyone can successfully breastfeed for so many reasons…even medical!!! Being told that your health is more important!!! But even being told that we risk it because that is what we are told is best for our babies. My baby is still doing amazing!!! Maybe she needs to do a little more research…or learn about other people’s experiences!!!

Lyna on

SAR, beware of the LAW – the LAW of Karma…ill-wish her, and perhaps it will come back to bite you right on the face…

soph on

Why are there so many comments stating that the majority of women don’t have the “time and money” like Gisele to do things like yoga and meditation? You don’t need large amounts of T&M to do these things! If this is what you’re complaining about, you must have a guilty conscience about how lazy you really are. Anyone can set aside a small amount of time in their day to meditate or do a little yoga and you don’t have to be a rich supermodel, so give me a break, y’all.

Sounds like a lot of you really DO need to try meditating once in awhile. It would calm you down…

Julie on

I’m sick of women using work as an excuse to not breastfeed – that to me seems LAZY! I not only have a job, but one that forces me to travel and bring my breast pump. It is VERY hard, but worth it! I once was delayed at an airport for 6 hours, and my pump battery died so I couldn’t find an outlet or place to pump in the airport. So, a bunch of flight attendants took me to a vacant gate, stood around me for privacy and I pumped! It was HARD, but to breastfeed my two children for two years was worth it – they are beyond healthy and smart and I contribute a lot of it to breastfeeding. Finally, for those who will probably call me a “martyr” for working so hard at breastfeeding – I am far from it – I have a great job, great husband, and a great life – just because you work hard at something doesn’t mean it’s bad!

Suzanne on

I read an article about the movie Babies and the mother in Namibia signed on to do the movie because it meant she would be able to give birth in a hospital. It’s interesting that women in first world countries with access to excellent medical care and low infant mortality rates and low rates of women dying in childbirth use the argument that “women everywhere give birth at home alone” as some great justification. When conversely, a woman who lives in a place like Namibia where women do have their babies at home and alone sees babies die on a regular basis, wants nothing more than to have her baby in a hospital.

Erin on

JMO – hi again! I totally agree with you. Human beings manage just fine, breast fed or not. It is a very personal choice and one women should support other women on. One could make the argument that raising a kid in LA is tantamount to harming them, what with the air quality. Has Gisele thought about that? Because from the moment a child is born they’re exposed to chemicals, bacteria and viruses that are by her definition not best for the child. When you say something is a cut and dried issue you end up looking like a fool when you realize just bringing them into the world is harmful! She’s lovely looking. But she’s no sage.

Tracy on

I think you are all getting what she is saying, all wrong! She is not criticizing the women who can’t breastfeed, it’s the ones who can, but choose not to for vain reasons! I completely agree that it is wrong to put those chemicals/hormones/pesticides into a child’s body at such an early age, but if you physically cannot breastfeed, then I guess you have no other option. Of course she has all the money in the world to spend on help and such, but that does not mean she is not human. She comes from a different culture, one that we Americans know nothing about because we are so caught up in the American lifestyle, we neglect to see that there are other ways to live. Don’t knock the girl for wanting a better life for her child than the spoiled rotten brats that are coming up in society today!

Lex on

Guess there will never be another adoption if Gisele’s law passes. Too bad for the children who would love to have homes to grow up in but can’t because their potential mothers couldn’t breastfeed them.

Think before you speak!

SAR on

Lyna, I didn’t “wish” anything on her. I merely offered a hypothetical scenario. And I do not want or plan to have children myself. If I do decide to have a child, it will be through adoption or being a foster parent.

veronika on

Here are a few of my rules that I think should be made law:

I think that we should make it illegal for women to get nannies, they need to take care of the baby 100% of the time by themselves.

Also, women need to prepare all baby food (after 6 months of course) by themselves, this includes actually going to the grocery store to get it.

Women should not work at all until the child is school age.

Women should not be allowed to only have one child, if pregnancy and childbirth and breastfeeding are easy they must have more, ever 3 years or so.

Women must be positive role models for male children, this includes not appearing nearly nude in situations that are designed purely for anonymous male visual stimulation.

Bite me Gisele. I homebirth, breastfeed for at least 18 months, exercise and I don’t treat my body as a garbage disposal (all true) so now I get to make a few rules for you.

Lyna on

SAR, good for the world you are not planning on getting pregnant…as for being a foster parent, I hope you grow up first and become less judgemental and critical…

Erin on

Lyna, I know what your job should be. The ombudsman for Perez Hilton’s site. You’re a piece of…work.

Allie on

@ Dina…..Dina, you’re not even a mother, how can you even have an opinion? Just because you read parenting books or articles doesn’t make you an expert. For those of you mothers out there LIKE MYSELF, who actually know what their talking about I too find the things she said in the interview disgusting and judgemental. For those of you who are not mothers and try to act like they know what they’re talking about when the don’t, go get a life!

Bugs on

If Gisele’s “law” passes, many women if Africa will go to jail, and that would be just the beginning. Like we need more stupid laws. We can do just fine without your perfect, heavenly “lighting” Gisele. Thank you.

Somebody needs to memo this woman and tell her about what life really is outside of her apparently perfect and painless world she lives in.

Sue on

I think women in general need to quit being so damn sensitive about everything. I say this as a woman myself. Quotes are often taken out of context. And I doubt she was being serious about the “law”. Gimme a break, people.


I really liked Giselle, but the comment about making a law to make woman breast feed is ridiculous and saying that people would rather put chemicals in thier babies. I have had two kids and both times i attempted to breast feed my babies, but it just wasn’t happening and it was heartbreaking that I couldn’t give my babies the milk they deserved. She doesn’t understand that not all woman can breastfeed. We arent all lucky enough to be able to breastfeed.

Carmen on

She didn’t say anything about Mother’s who CAN NOT breastfeed their babies, she was talking about Mother’s who WILL NOT breastfeed their babies. Of course there are reasons why one could not breastfeed and that is fully understandable but I can not understand why a Mother would CHOOSE to not breastfeed their baby.

Kitty on

I agree with her 100%. For those women who physically are able to, they absolutely should breastfeed. Plain and simple. I struggled for months breastfeeding but I never gave up because it is natural and the best nutrition for the child. I had supply issues, latch issues, food allergy issues, etc. you name it! I sacrificed myself for my child’s nutrition. Those that give up just because it’s not convenient and because it’s hard are not putting their child first. I’m sorry if it offends but it’s true.

Now, having said that, those that are medically unable to (mastectomy, cancer, illness etc.) have no other choice but to formula-feed. In those instances, formula is the only option. But the majority of women are able to breastfeed but don’t because of inconvenience. I believe her comments were directed towards those women.

M on

I do believe women can breastfeed if they REALLY tried. You pushed your baby out when you thought you couldn’t, so the same goes for breastfeeding. You just have to buckle down and do it. Some women have no trouble breastfeeding, but it is not easy for most women in the beginning. I had a difficult time because my breasts were so painfully sensitive, but I stuck with the breastfeeding until my breasts got used to it. I applied a lot of lansinoh which helped greatly. I tried pumping, but it was uncomfortable, painful at times, and I just couldn’t relax enough to get a good flow. Breastfeeding every couple of hours is what worked for me. I produced enough milk because I ate healthy (lots of protein, grains, fruits, veggies, water, milk and natural juices) and rested! My husband helped me a lot around the house, but I also got help the first few weeks from family and friends to take care of my household. Oh, I am grateful to say that I breastfed my son until he was almost three and a half. He is a very smart and healthy little boy.

Emily on

And I hope she gains a million pounds and is unable to breastfeed the next time around, just to give her some perspective. 🙂

Delaina on

I just want to say thank you to Giselle for informing me that I am a failure for having a placental abruption and having to resort to an emergency c-section and also a failure for not being able to breastfeed my child. Thanks – so nice to know I’m better of childless and dead…
To those who say “she obviously didn’t mean mothers who CAN’T” – please reread the quote – that’s NOT what she said.
Stand there and look pretty Giselle. I’ll take my advice from actual, ya know, EXPERTS, thank you very much!

Electra on

I want to start out by saying that many women *really* can’t breastfeed. But there is a prevalence of women in the states( where I’m from) who simply decline the option out of vanity or other selfish reasons but also because of inadequate education. There was an episode of Teen Mom(a certain demographic i know) where dr. drew asked all the girls if they breast fed. Not a single one of them had out of about 11 girls. If you can’t breast feed, I don’t see where the insult lies in Gisele’s comment. Her “law” clearly wouldn’t pertain to you as your child would die. If you simply didn’t want to for reasons that can be simplified into selfishness, it’s not her problem. Everyone wants to be mommy of the year but opting out of breast feeding seems pretty selfish to me.

What’s wrong with saying the word malfunctioning? A woman’s breasts have a purpose and if you can’t breastfeed then they’re malfunctioning. They’re failing. If you kidneys didn’t work what would you say?? This sensitivity stuff is driving me mad!

Kristen on

I made the choice to bottle feed both of my children & I’m not ashamed to admit it nor do I feel like less of a mother for it. The posters that have commented that we’re lazy or selfish for making that decision are no less ignorant & judgemental than dilusional Gisele. Myself & 3 siblings were all bottle fed dating back 46 years ago with the eldest. Miraculously all 4 of us have survived this long without any serious illnesses, wow! Listen, whether it’s due to medical, physical, or mental issues- the bottom line is that this is AMERICA in the year 2010 & women have the right to choose! We’re supposed to support our fellow woman, not berate her for choosing to do things differently.

carly on

I didn’t take her as being judgmental at all.. she seems more inspiring than anything to me! Just as Carmen put it, she is talking about mothers that WILL NOT breastfeed, not those that can’t. I find it nice to hear stories about births that are easy, she prepared for it and it worked for her! I know someone who after having 2 excrutiating labors, prepared herself as Giselle did for her third and said it was pain free. It shows that as women, we actually have some control over our bodies and the experience of childbirth. She’s only speaking about choices, and telling about the ones she made.

Angie on

It’s kind of amusing to me that there seems to be one person on her posting under multiple names about how “LAZY” other Mom’s are. It’s clear that your posts are all written by the same person. So why don’t you stop being LAZY on the computer and go do some of that yoga and meditating your lecturing the rest of us about.

Lyna on

Erin, you are just a piece….of ignorance.I have a job and I get a good salary. I hope you do, too.

Moore on

To those who have mentioned adoption as a reason for not breastfeeding, you may want to look that up. When I was looking into adopting my child, I did in fact have the option to breastfeed. That takes prep and work but it is doable and is done regularly by adoptive moms. Your complaint about her being “insensitive”, and “there’ll never be another adoption” is misguided if you are in fact talking about not being able to breastfeed for any reason other than medical. Go look it up. If you don’t want to breastfeed, fine, but you are not incapable of doing so because you’re an adoptive mom. Same goes with being active. It’s not that you can’t, its are you willing to work at it yourself?

Diana on

What does it matter if a woman delivers in a hospital or at home, with drugs or without? I’m a labor and delivery nurse, while I wouldn’t opt for a home birth, I understand why some prefer it.

In the end, all that matters is a healthy baby, healthy mother.

Janine on

I don’t see what Gisele said that was so wrong about breast-feeding. Other celebs have commented on breast-feeding or not breast-feeding. Why all the vitrol over an innocous comment?

Marina on

“Secrets of a pregnant supermodel?” How about “Blatherings of an ignorant dingbat?”

No wonder she’s paid to be photographed and not to speak.

Perhaps Giselle can take a break from photo shoots and spa treatments to visit developing countries where women and babies still die in childbirth because they don’t have access to MEDICAL CARE as in HOSPITALS, not giving birth in their bathtub.

And she needs to do her research – the U.S. ranks down there with Zimbabwe for maternal benefits, including not requiring maternity leave or workplace breastfeeding rooms. If she doesn’t like it, she can go back to Brazil where no one will miss her.

Liza on

Seriously some of you need to stop being so sensitive about everything.Do you honestly think there will be a law requiring women to breastfeed, when we know that some can’t.

Maybe it’s due because some of you are feeling insecure. I am a mother and I could not breastfeed. But I am not offended or feel judge by her comments. It’s her opinion and I know my circumstance, so there is no need to get your nursing bra’s in a bunch.

K on

In most cases breast feeding is best, but not in all and when it comes down to it, it is MY choice how I feed my children from birth on and not anyone else’s. My children were all breastfed for at least 2 months, but only one for six because of physical issues for myself or the child. I also worked full time and yes, fed the kids Gerber food. I also don’t feed them all gluten-free, organic rabbit food now. And those are all my choices as a parent. Gisele’s comments came across as rude, insensitive and as an advocate for a world where governments decide every aspect of our lives. I am so happy that she had a home birth and puts off bad birthing experiences as being unprepared. If I had had a home birth with my last three, either myself or my children would have died and I am sure she would have said I was “unprepared.” NO, I had high-risk complicated pregnancies.

HRo on

Gisele sounds completely ridiculous and uneducated. Many women cannot breast feed and they do not have to resort to chemicals to feed their children.

KE on

Way to go Giselle! It is totally crazy that some women take offense to her being pro breastfeeding. I mean seriously, I breastfed both my boys for over a year (still breastfeeding my 14 month old in fact!) and can easily admit that at times it was not easy, but as a dietitian I knew it was best (something the American Academy of Pediatrics also says) and so I persevered. The actual number of women who cannot physically breastfeed successfully is smaller than one would think, and for those women I feel truly sorry for as while breastfeeding is tough at times, there is absolutely no replacement for the bonding you and your child receive from it. And for those other women who are offended because they just couldn’t do it, uh, maybe it’s that you wouldn’t allow yourselves the inconvenience of it because it didn’t fit into your lifestyle or whatever! I mean, I sympathize with you if you had to return to work, but I have known too many successful, working, breastmilk-pumping moms for that to be a very valid excuse.

Haleiwa on

What I can’t stand about her comments is why bring other women into it? Speak from your own point of view about breast feeding and giving birth in a bathtub and stop trying to qualify it and compare it to other women and their choices in a quest for validation and superiority.

Panthers4 on

What upset me most about this article is the fact that this woman wants “breastfeeding to be a law”. You have got to be kidding me. Yes, breastfeeding is best for your baby. However, it is not for everyone.

I wanted to breastfeed my children but I was unable to. I could not produce enough milk to nourish my children. Never once did I feel bad for giving my children formula. I did my research on what formula would be best for my children and do not regret my decision one bit. To tell a woman that they HAVE to breastfeed is irresponsible. Let the individual mother decide and keep your nose out of my business!!!!!

emily on

Breastfeeding is what mothers are meant to do…HELLO that’s why we have breasts in the first place. Sure, it’s not easy and it takes time, dedication and commitment, but you should be ready and willing to give these things if you’re having a baby anyway! Too many mothers give up becuase they “can’t”, and that’s almost always a cop-out. Yes, you can! But you just won’t because it’s easier to stick a bottle in the kids’ mouth and be done with it. It was a HUGE challenge for me too, but I successfully breastfed my two babies until they were 12 months…She may not have said it the right way, but I applaude Gisele for telling the truth even thought some people might not like to hear it.

Shaya on

Yay for Gisele! This comment tops all of the other moronic comments she has said, language barrier or not.

Lauren on

She is very out of touch with the working woman, single mother who is not a celebrity or someone bringing in a 6 digit paycheck. Many of us do not have the luxury of breatst feeding our babies as much as we would love to. Job demands, financial insecurities, etc….all play into this decision. Good luck Giselle and please spread your wealth so we can all have our babies and raise them as you would.

JMO on

Carmen. It’s simple. Some people just don’t have that desire! I personally don’t. My cousin was adament on breastfeeding before she found out she was pregnant. She then admitted to me that she had something to prove to herself and her family that she could do it. In our family everyone was like, “what? Your breastfeeding, are you nuts!” lol – it’s just how we we’re all raised!! It doesn’t make us bad people! And it doesn’t make our children grow up to be unhealthy. There is so much in this world to worry about. Now a days you can catch cancer from just about anything! Am I going to run around worrying about it. Nope gonna live my life and hope for the best!

D on

To the best of my knowledge I WAS physically able to breast feed and chose not to. My children are 6 and 9 and have NEVER been sick other than a slight cold. I love those kids more than life and they are kissed on and hugged on and told how loved they are every single day. I myself was not breastfed and am 42 years old and have never spent the night in a hospital other than to have my children, my husband on the other hand was breastfed until 9 months and has more allergies than I can count including asthma so bad we can’t have a dog for the fact he will not be able to breath. I am soooo tired of judgmental people, I don’t comment or form opinions about those who do breastfeed, including my friends who’s children are sick CONSTANTLY. I just wish people would do wants best for them and keep their opinions to themselves unless asked!

Aimee on

Um…since when does formula have chemicals in it??? Whether a mother feeds her baby formula by choice OR NOT is not anybody’s business. Yes breast feeding is better but it is not that much better that it makes that much of a difference. You try and pick out of a line up of children or even adults which were breast fed and which were bottle fed and you won’t be able to tell the difference trust me. I tried to feed my 2 year old for 9 days. He would not latch on and my milk supply was getting less and less as a result. I was so stressed out that I couldn’t feed my son (who was loosing a lot of weight)I was so depressed I wasn’t even showering and I was vomitting from the stress when I knew that soon it was going to be his feeding time because I knew what was going to happen, he was going to scream for an hour and be distressed because he was hungry until I would have to give him a bottle. Eventually at 9 days I gave it up entirely and he thrived. This time with my 4 week old I *shock horror* CHOSE not to breast feed and he too is thriving. Yes I probably could have tried and things would have been different this time blah blah blah. Just the thought of going through that again gives me goose bumps. Don’t you dare tell me I don’t care for love my sons any less than what you do because I bottle feed. I would throw myself in front of a bus for either one of them any day of the week just as you would.

Leanne on

Gee, Giselle….I am so sorry that I required an emergency c section to bring my 10# 10 oz 23″ child into the world….should I have labored at home and died along with my child to do what “hundreds of thousands” do naturally – die giving birth? Would that make me less of a failure?
What you have failed to admit was that you live within a mile of the most prestigious woman’s hospital in the world, Brigham and Women’s, and that at the first sign of a problem you would have been rushed there. Poor Tom Brady….now I know why his focus has left the football field!

Marija on

Were I live we get 9 months paid maternity leave so I do get a little agitated with women who can but choose not to breastfeed. With that said, I am soooo sick of Gisele’s statements! My son is also 7 months old and I gave birth two weeks after she did and I was in shape after 8 weeks myself. However does ANYONE REMEMBER what she looked like when she was 9 months pregnant???? I mean seriously I was showing more bump than her at 3 months, and I am dead serious, I was HUGE. Even doctors thought I was having multiples and I managed to get back into shape really quickly and not because I did something about it except breastfeed and have the luck – major luck that my body snapped back so quickly. I am fully aware that most women aren’t so lucky and to be honest I never though I would be either.

I still breastfeed and it was a big mess for the first two months! I wanted to give up every day. I had an emergency C-section after a 15 hr labor because the baby wasn’t dropping into the birth canal and his heart rate started falling. Turned out, he was so wrapped with the cord that he would have never made it out alive. So imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t gone to the hospital and tried being earthy home birth mom.

Maybe she should talk to Cristy Tarlington about her recent documentary about home births in Africa and deaths as a result of!

After my surgery there were complications and I was put on medication that wouldn’t let me breastfeed. For 10 days I pumped day and night to make sure I have enough and not lose my milk supply. Then it hurt like hell for almost two months and I dreaded nursing and I can’t blame any mother for giving up I sure am proud of myself for managing to stick to it – but boy was a bitchy to be around at that time.

So Gisele, come down from the clouds and talk to some other moms and try to understand that we are all different and shut your mouth while at it. Also try working out it the third trimester when you are as huge as if you are carrying triplets – not so possible really!

Veronica on

A six month mandatory breastfeeding law? Yeah Gisele, I will get right on that as soon as I don’t have to work fifty hours a week to support my family. Most people don’t have the luxury to stay home with their child to do so.

lotus20 on

Don’t hate. She’s right. Women think that once they’re pregnant they can let themselves go, stop working out, and eat whatever they want. It should be the absolute OPPOSITE. You need to be in the BEST shape of your life, taking more care with what you eat. Then you can’t complain when you’ve gained 70 pounds and can’t deliver your baby ’cause you have no ab tone.

jessica on

i agree with those on here that say there is something amiss with this woman. i, too, tried desperately to nurse my baby, only to discover i was starving him. i HAD to formula feed starting at three months. does this mean i should be punished legally in addition to the mental and emotional punishment i had already endured? makes me wonder if she would change her views about breast feeding if she struggles with the next child.

Mary on

Gisele should choose her words carefully…not all women can breastfeed! A strong supporter of breastfeeding, our third child ended up in the Cardiac ICU at Boston Children’s Hospital. I was not allowed to nurse, very upsetting to have your new baby in the hospital but even more upsetting not being able to nurse. Perhaps, “all moms who can, should nurse” would be a better word choice.

Anonymous on

I wouldn’t of loved anything more than to breastfeed my children but my milk was just water~ I tried with both of my children~ but I don’t see the purpose of starving my babies just so they can breastfeed

Tricia on

Holy Toledo! did Gisele blow it, or what? Personally, her comments about childbirth being “pain-free” were mind-bending . . . I liked Carol Burnett’s better, when she likened the pain to “taking your bottom lip and pulling it up over your head . . .”

I had a c-section (“failure”), but was a master breast-feeder (“success”) . . . who cares? All that matters is that our kids are happy and healthy . . . this isn’t a contest, and there is no “my way or the highway”. When a person comes out with such extreme comments as Gisele’s, the best thing to do is IGNORE . . . and do what’s best for YOU.

Eva on

breastfeeding is a choice and should always remain a choice. To make it a law is absurd. Some women can’t, some women need to supplment, and some women choose not to. Formula is not harmful, lady.

Tracy on

Not all women have it that easy. Some people on here say that she is only addressing the women who choose to give their babies formula, but by her saying, “Are you going to give chemical food to your child when they are so little?” hurts mothers who are not able to produce milk, because, yes, although not always by choice we may have to give our babies “chemical food”. Many mothers already feel inadequate and have an immense guilt when not breastfeeding and ignorant comments like this should solicit criticism. I commend her for breastfeeding and idealy every woman would, but stating that there should be a “law” is not only stupid but is very hurtful. I think her intentions were to support breastfeeding but at the same time she is criticizing the women who, by choice or not by choice, give their babies formula. As a celebrity, in a magazine interview, she should think before speaking on such an extremely personal issue. We’re not all born super models, we all can’t have easy, uncomplicated, naturual childbirth, and just as some women have easy childbirth and others go though misery we all can’t breastfeed easily and going to the extreme that there should be a “law” is so ignorant. Shame, shame.

felicia on

Really,you think there should be a law about breastfeeding your child????Who in the world do you think you are???? Last time I checked baby formula was not RAT POISON!! And just because you breast feed doesn’t make you a great mom, and just because you bottle feed doesn’t make you a bad mom! Don’t judge others because they chose or coudln’t breastfeed.Perhaps Gisele should go back to her native land to try to get that law enacted!!

Xenu on


Sure, Giselle—for your salary, I’ll take time off and luxuriate in breastfeeding my infant.

Get real. This woman is 100% out of touch with life for average, working-class women.

cynthia on

this woman is an inconsiderate big mouth. i think she is WAY too skinny (my husband thinks she looks like a skeleton) promoting an unhealthy body image for most girls. women are supposed to be softer, curvier! i have 2 children, the first i didn’t breast feed (i freaked out) and the second i did! i was more relaxed the second time around :). i can relate to women who do either, and would condemn neither. it’s a personal choice. and who cares how the baby comes out, as long as it comes out!!!

K on

The best thing my nurse ever said… “childbirth in itself is ‘natural’ no matter what manner you need to deliver your baby.” It helped so much when having to deal with the guilt trips that the self-appointed “supermoms” tried to lay.

Roberta on

I reiterate:

I would love to see a world one day when women stop feeling judged by other women and take it for what it is. This was her experience and I don’t think it’s THAT uncommon to have a normal birth experience. Of course, we can’t all walk around laying out caveats for every single last exception to the rule! Don’t women use enough words as it is!! For pete sake! Chill Out!

She’s not judging anyone. You are judging yourselves and taking it out on her because it’s easier to be angry at an outspoken celebrity than to except that life didn’t go easy for you, but it’s okay. So, you didn’t get the ideal birth experience. Hopefully it all worked out for the best and you and your family is stronger for the experience you did have.

WE as women should not tear each other down and WE as women should be easier on ourselves. Hugs to you all for being strong women.

anon on

I have read the majority of the comments. And, how sad are we as a country where we don’t support women in learning how to BF. The WHO recommends a minimum, a minimum, of two years for optimum health. And…

Mamas, if you “couldn’t” BF the human race would not exist.

It really is as simple as that. Every mom, except those with HIV can and is able to BF, with the right support (even moms who adopt). Do you think that your pediatrician knows how to help you BF? Seriously, MAMAS you and your babies deserve better than this! Doctors diagnose illness. period. they do not parent your children or help you feed with love and respect. Your doctor gets $$$ when they accept formula in their office.

In addition, the childhood obesity rate has TRIPLED since the introduction of formula en masse. WAKE UP FOLKS>

Also, we in the us have the highest rate of maternal and infant death related to birth in the developed world. There is a direct correlation with cesareans, our diet etc. There are decades of research in this subject if anyone cares to read it.

One commentor said it, I will only repeat it: we need to take a hard look at ourselves. we shouldn’t have children to fill some void in our lives or to answer the biological call. Children require total selflessness and time. Our babies and our future rely on us mama’s to do that. really, if this is the state of overall ignorance that our children live in the us, then we are cetainly in for a grim future.

Mary on

Guys, first of all, Giselle is not a native English speaker, so she´s often misunderstood. Second, we only see quotes from the interview, we don´t know where it fits. And also guys, she´s freaking joking! She just believes it is important to breastfeed, that´s all. I´m Brazilian too, and there, moms are strongly encouraged to exclusively breastfeed their babies for at least six months. And yes, unfortunately not everyone can, for different reasons. But I´m sure she didn´t mean to slap these women in the face. She just expresses herself badly.

SAR on

@ Lyna
So you’ve decided that I’d be a bad mother based on a single comment I made about a model’s ill-chosen words? Wow. And you have the nerve to actually call ME judgmental and critical. I could call you the same thing, and also add a “hypo” to the “critical.”

bee on

That’s incredibly offensive to the thousands of women who are not able to breastfeed for some reason or another. I was dx with cancer during my pregnancy and my baby survived off of “toxic chemical formula” because it was better than the deadly chemo milk I was producing. How you feed your baby is nobody else’s business. Sheesh! give me a break. I, for one, am grateful that science was able to come up with a healthy option for my baby.

brazilian on

The women who are offended by Giselle’s comments need to just calm down. I mean, come one, you really think she actually wants a law about breastfeeding? It’s a form of expression, a figure of speech; she expresses herself in a forceful and brutally honest and slightly exaggerated manner that is typically Brazilian! (And I’m living here in Brazil, so believe me, I know plenty of women who talk like her.) It’s nothing to get offended by.

brazilian on

Women, just chill out. She’s just using colorful figures of speech, and the way the talks is typical of many Brazilians! (And I’m living here, so I know plenty of women who talk the same way.) It’s nothing to get offended by. Exaggerated figures of speech, bold declarations…who cares? It’s not like she actually thinks there should be a law. Geez.

Melie on

I told my doctor before I went into labor, “No matter how much I ask for a shot, do not give me a shot” I had an 11 lb baby in 4 hours, drug free. I worked out every day. I swam, I walked and I did pregnancy aerobics once my morning sickness was gone. I still gained 68 lbs. I think a lot of the way your body handles it could be genetics. She is long and lean, so she probably will remain long and lean. I was fitting in my cloths within 3 weeks. I breastfed my daughter for as long as possible until I dried up, which was at 4 months. I truly think to each their own. If you want to have a natural birth, go for it. That was the right choice for me and my baby. If you want to breast feed, fantastic. Your babies health will thank you for it. I do believe all the chemicals and crap we feed our kids has a lot to do with all the health issues our kids have today. Kids are sicker with allergies than ever before. It is an epidemic. There has to be a reason for it. Again to each their own. If you want to feed your kids fast food every day. Don’t complain about your medical bills and how sick they are.

K M on

This woman is so annoying! The more she opens her mouth, the less I like her.

NotAMom on

Just a quick note from someone who is not a mom, but knows from experience that this is true: Giselle isn’t living in the “real” world, so her breastfeeding law should be taken with a grain of salt. Want to know the real scoop on how she can work on her post-baby figure before even giving birth? Easy, she hires people like me to clean her house(s); buy and cook the groceries; pick-up drycleaning; collect, sort, wash, dry iron and put away the laundry, etc. Yep, I’m a former professional domestic — nanny, major domo and butler — who does all of the “normal American mom” work so that the likes of Giselle — who I love as a model, BTW — has time to make-up impossible, crazy laws and hold up a standard of post-baby fitness to everyday mothers who don’t have the domestic resources to achieve it.

Linda on

So let me get this straight. She gave birth at home and it was pain free. She was modelling 6 weeks later and now she tells us that we should breast feed “by law” for 6 months. How full of shit is she.

Linda on

Further to my recent comment. Is Gisele any different to any of those mothers out there who try and convince everyone that they are somehow better than the rest of us? It smacks of desperation. I bet we will be hearing about her post natal depression a few years from now. She seem to be trying to convince herself and everyone else that everything is perfect. I am not buying what she is selling.

yaya on

I feel that her comments were very naive…she’s had one baby and she’s an expert? I have two children…one was breastfed and one was not. There was no special reason why I did either…my decisions were based upon what my life was like after each birth.

Her statements just prove how inexperienced she is at parenting. As she gets older (and wiser) she will learn to accept other people’s decisions for what they are…decisions that are not hers to make!

renae on

JMO,you are hilarious. I don’t have any kids yet but when I do your plan sounds just fine to me. No “I, mother earth” mumbo jumbo for me, pass me the epidural.

Malone on

huh. What do you know… I did not do kung fu, nor did I do yoga, nor did I meditate and MY BABY STILL CAME OUT.

Malone on

To all the breastfeeding loonies: it’s not that hard. You are not curing cancer. You are releasing a bodily fluid from your body. Get off your soapbox. WTF are you going to feed your kids after you breast feed for 9 years? Yep, that’s right. That orange macaroni and cheese from a box. Get over yourselves. You are not working magic. You are feeding a baby in the same way that women did for centuries before bottles and formula came around. You are doing something the old-fashioned way, not some new found great way that you invented with your amazing connection to mother earth and all things natural. Geesh.

Shelby on

All women are different! This article struck me as completely ignorant. Do not listen to this woman. There is no way to make sure you have a delivery like hers. You can prepare and be healthy throughout your pregnancy and still have complications. I am disgusted when a first time mother, (any first time mother), has the nerve to tell other women how they should live their lives or care for their children, unborn or after delivery. I really hope that people have the sense to know that Giselle is talking out her butt. And as far as breastfeeding goes; if you can then great, if you can’t, for whatever reason, just know that it does not mean you love your child less. Love is what children ultimatly need. Feed them however you can and love them. That is all any newborn needs. Well, that and a clean tushy. And for anyone who reads this comment, please whatever you do, don’t listen to the know it all who has had one very fortunate experience and now thinks she has the right to advise the rest of us. First time moms are just that, first time moms. When she pulls of her little magic act two or three times, I may give her a little more credit. But you know what they say, lightning never strikes twice in the same place.

Malone on

You know what? I am gorgeous. I probably could have been a supermodel if I had pursued it. I have a hot husband & we are rich. I don’t have to work. I have always been naturally thin. I had a great body even while pregnant. I got whistled at (twice!) the day before I gave birth. My childbirth was super easy & my kid was born on the second push after a 30 minute labor. I did not get drugs, not even an aspirin. I had my great body back almost immediately…less than 4wks. I breastfed & it was super easy. No attachment issues/fed like a champ from the first moment we tried. So, as you can see my comments are not from jealousy. I don’t see why she thinks her experience is so spectacular. I had the same experience & I just consider it life not some superhuman thing I pulled off and should be celebrated for. Big deal, Giselle. People give birth every day. You are not the only one to do it well so stop patting yourself on the back so much, you might break a nail.

Malone on

Yes, it’s her opinion and she’s entitled to it. But on the same note, these are our opinions and we are entitled to them. Or is she the only one entitled to expressing an opinion publicly?

Zenaida on

It was hard for me to breastfeed after I had my baby. I was very painful from my c-section. I lost my baby fat from working out and watching what I eat. In my opinion, women should not be force to breastfeed their baby if they can’t period and breastfeeding become a law? Non-sense! This is AMERICA!

DEE on

lol at that article what she said, unbelieveable statement.


I lost my weight within 8 weeks faster. Its just part of my genetic. I do walk a lot lot lot during my pregnancy. Everyone is different. I am wondering what her aunt or mother or sister or whoever in her family have same shape body???? Think about this for a while.

I remembered other article she said no pain during birthing. i do not believe this woman any second because she did not explain how she birth her son from begining to end. SORRY, i do not believe her story at all.

I just had natural birthing my son. I did have pain like hell i mean ten times more than regualr cramp. It was not fun. I do not beleieve her saying that she did not have pain with birthing her son. If she does not feel the pain then she must have some pain reliever medicines such as demerol or epidural to relieve some pain or she has c section. .

who saw whole things what she went through during birthing and post pregnancy

mj on

What did people do before they could bottle feed? Did all the babies die that couldn’t be breastfed? Did they all have wet nurses?

Joanna on

Another example of a celebrity who doesn’t think before opening their mouth. Yes she may have been quoted out of context, but as a celebrity in the public eye, maybe she should think of how things could be twisted before opening her mouth.

Faye on

I don’t find Gisele Bundchen offensive; I just think she’s laughable and more than a bit arrogant. She suffers from “I’m a super-mom -itis,” a condition in which someone has their first child and, despite having no medical or health background or knowledge, and no experience with children, they are suddenly the ultimate expert on everything to do with childbirth and children. I used to be friends with someone like that — she’d been a hard-living druggie previously, but she had a baby and suddenly she knew better than everyone.

As someone who had her first child this year, I tried to breastfeed but I just couldn’t, and because I had a diffult, potentially dangerous childbirth, I had to have a C-section. Baby and I are both doing fine despite that! And as for the “billions” of women who give birth at home, there are also billions of women who live in parts of the world where they don’t have access to hospitals or medical care, resulting in maternal infection and a high infant mortality rate. Thank God we don’t live in places like that! Gisele is just a silly woman. I don’t take offense because I don’t take her seriously, and I don’t think anyone else should either.

Anna on

Some people have to work a full time job, go to school full time, take care of other children right up until it is time to give birth. Most moms to be don’t have time to do long Yoga sessions or Kung Fu with a master everyday. They also don’t have personal chefs and personal shoppers to prepare lots of yummy healthy things to eat. Get real, this woman has nothing to add to pregnancy experiences of the majority of the world.

M-dot on

I’m so surprised at how many angry, bitter, and jealous women there are on here! I love that Giselle has been sharing her pregnancy, birthing, and new parenting experience w us. I’ve found it very encouraging and empowering, as I am in my 8th month, have rec’d all my prenatal care via a birthing center, and plan to waterbirth w midwife all natural…and yes I plan to breastfeed/pump as well. I believe natural is BEST, and I make no apologies about that. However, we are all aware that things can happen preventing us from being able to provide what’s best…but if I’m for whatever reason unable to have the birthing exp I’d like or can’t breastfeed, I’m certainly not going to be mad at Giselle and the women who were able to.

nina on

Give Giselle a break. She is a mother. I have two kids and I did the same thing. Sure I am not a super model, or have a all star qb hubby. But mine is a superstar to me. Plus he encouraged me to breast feed. I have to be honest, I didn’t want to. I loved every wonderful second of it. My second son couldnd’t take my milk. He was lactose, he had some food issues and all. But we got 5 months out of him before I had to go on formula. I cried the whole time. It is a matter of choice. But Let Giselle have her day. Love her or hate her she is trying to do whats right and give bablies a better chance.

Jill on

Three thoughts:

1. She is very tall. So am I. The first thing the labor and delivery nurse said to me was, “Oh good, you’re tall, this will be much easier.” It’s true – because we are bigger, there is more room in our longer torsos (easier to push), our hips are “wider” (yes she has very slim hips, but still all women’s hips become a little wider to allow for the birth), and we can eat more per day and burn more calories per day just because there is more of us (longer muscles). Think of all the famous people whose bodies “bounced back”, most were tall and thin to begin with; the others worked very hard. Not to say that the physical preparation didn’t help a great deal, I am sure it did, but if you are long and lean to begin with, it is easier.

2. She has a more European attitude re birth and breastfeeding which we could all learn from – your body knows what to do, just let it do it. They also do not use pregnancy as an excuse to eat anything and everything.

3. Yes, breastfeeding sometimes doesn’t work. She obviously doesn’t know this, and doesn’t realize that it is a VERY sensitive subject for women who were unable to feed their children for whatever reason. Even the best lactation consultants can’t always get things going, and pumping does not ensure a limitless supply. This was her ignorance and I am sure that she is getting an education about it now.

Susanne on

If it was only so easy to have a baby nurse and the funds to make life as easy as possible. Some people really want to breastfeed and its just not in the best interest of the child, for instance not enough supply… That happened to me. I called specialists and consultants and no help. My baby is healthy and amazing and formula fed. So UP yours Gisele!

Kate on

Bite me Gisele…I chose not to breastfeed! To each to own.

Ann on

I think it is possible there is some cultural difference in communication here, but she does come off sounding pretty pompous and judgemental. Just because you have experienced something once (childbirth, breast feeding) doesn’t make you are an expert on it nor on the experiences of other people. Everyone is different and experience things differently. Not everyone has her metabolism nor her genetics etc etc. Also not everyone’s job is to watch their weight and looks. If someone is paying you to be slim and trim and you can afford trainers , cooks, and advisors etc then I’m sure it is a bit easier to regain your figure. Particularly if your job depends on it.

Ann on

Another thing is that even if she didn’t mean to include people that Cannot breastfeed, she had to surely have realized that those that cannot breastfeed had to give their baby all these “bad chemicals” at an early age. Surely as a mother she would realize that those mothers probably wish they could have avoided giving those “bad chemicals” to their baby and already feel bad about it (which they definitely shouldn’t) and don’t need some model making sweeping statements that surely would still touch on this sensitive topic. Not to mention basically implying that women who don’t do a natural birth are wimps and those that don’t regain their figure immediately must have been lazy unlike her who is so very perfect.

Sal on

@Dina, first of all, you are clearly not very smart and don’t know how to use quotes. Hopefully if you haven’t already you don’t reproduce, ever. Secondly, I’m certain that those jars of baby food women are stocking their carts with have to pass food standards and haven’t been sitting there for a century. Where do you shop for your food? Please read a book and stop being so ignorant, it’s really sad.

Elise on

I’m on the fence about her comments, as I think a lot of it comes from inexperience and a lot from the barrier of being from another country. I’m pro-breastfeeding, pro-naturalbirth, pretty much everything she said in the article. However, I also know from the other side those things DON’T and CAN’T always happen. I was in labor for almost 10 hours with no medication and was rushed to have an emergency c-section because my son was in danger. Funny thing is, I WAS completely healthy, fit, took awesome care of myself, prepared myself mentally and physically, everything she said she did. I think that the main thing to consider here is that a lot of people don’t see outside of their own bubble to other possibilities and get lost in their own structure. What is right for her isn’t right for everyone OBVIOUSLY, however, I don’t think anyone should condemn her for what she says, inconsiderate or not. That just seems self-defeating. I don’t agree with the people who stuff their kids full of sugar, but I don’t condemn because I know my kids are fed healthy and always will be. We can’t help what others think, do, feel, or how they act. We can only help ourselves. Some women can’t do natural childbirth (BEEN THERE), some women can’t breastfeed (I’m lucky that I could), and some people don’t know how to state their purposes without hurting other people’s feelings (GISELE apparently), that doesn’t make person any better than the other.

a funny thing on

Here is a funny thing. If you are able to breastfeed your child you should for their health long term (whole life benefits, less illness, lower obesity risk)and for yours. However formula can be an option if:
A. You are on medication that taints your milk.
B. You are physically unable to produce milk (rare but happens).
C. You have adopted your goregeous new baby to love.

However!! I know mamas who had tramatic births and still breastfed. There is this think called a Breast Pump that help you feed your baby breastmilk if they won’t/can’t latch or are NICU babies (bm proven to help baby grow/recover better). I know mamas that have pumped exclusively for their kids for a full year just to provide them breastmilk. Oh and if you don’t make enough milk but you are making some, then suppliment! It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Why is it this or that. Mom’s have enough guilt. Keep in mind that some doctors will push formula a little to quickly (pushed like pharmasuticals). The big thing to remember is that your breasts swell during pregnancy, they will never be the same, breastfeeding or not. A good bra can help that silluete.

I had a cesarian, delayed milk and went back to work full time when DD was 3 month and exclusively breastfed for 6 months, continued breastmilk and solids for a full year, introduced whole milk at 12 months and continued breastfeeding till 18 months when she quit on her own. Not everything we did in the 70s was good for us ant he China tainted formula travesty scared me silly. My sister (7 yrs older) was a formula baby I was not. Overall my health is better than hers so I see it. her three boys are exclusively breast fed with some formula supplimentation starting at 8 months due to demand. But still she bfs. it can be done people and Gisele or whoever else is entitled to an opinion on the matter. if you don’t like it, don’t read the article and tick yourself off!

matte on

Giselle: It must be nice for you that you have the lifestyle & money to enable you to practice yoga, kung fu and meditation every day!
However, in the real world most women work….and sometimes more than one job and then have children to go home and take care of. So doing any of the things you describe would just be a dream for most REAL women!
And most women don’t have the luxury of breasfeeding as they have to go back to work immediately right after giving birth to make a living!
So just because you are FORTUNATE ENOUGH to do all that you describe….doesn’t give you the right to look down on other women who wish they could…but can’t!
You have really lost touch with reality!!!!

Melissa the NY'er on

@ Kristi re: not being able to breastfeed. I couldn’t agree more. I wasn’t able to BF despite pumping until my nipples were raw, trying foods to help stimulate production, consulting lactation consultants, & wearing all sorts of contraptions on my breasts. I pumped what I could & would try to alternate between that & formula & my daughter would always seem to vomit my milk while she tolerated the formula better. Do people really have any idea how that would feel? When I would look at the labels on the formula & start sobbing when I’d read about how breast milk is best, etc. I was overwhelmed with guilt & inadequacy that I couldn’t provide my daughter with food & I felt like something was wrong with me because I couldn’t do that. I had a difficult birth where my water broke & I never contracted. I had to be given Pitocin to start contractions & my daughter never descended so I pushed for over 2 hours with zero progress. I developed a fever & I had to have an emergency c/s. The cord was around my daughter’s neck which is why she was unable to descend. She spent 4 days in the NICU. I’m sorry, but no amount of meditation would have made her come out of me without surgery. Another thing that consumed me with guilt. I am hoping to have a VBAC with our 2nd but I also know that anything is possible & things can go wrong. I am just happy & blessed to have a beautiful, smart, healthy 16 month old daughter & quite frankly she’s doing just as well or better than other children who didn’t have formula or born via c/s. It’s unfortunate that instead of supporting women as mothers & what they have to go through to get there, there are some who force them into these narrow definitions of what a healthy birth is or what our parenting decisions should be.

Tiffany on

When I look at the kids in school it’s so obvious which ones have been breast fed and which ones were not. Yeah, right. Breastfeeding is great-if you can do it!
I wish pro-breastfeeders would remember that there is more to parenting than shoving your breast in a child’s mouth. I really don’t understand the mania behind breastfeeding. It’s something you just do and it doesn’t elevate you to goddess-like status. Being a goddess entails keeping your child safe, educating your child, good nutrition beyond that first year, etc. and not lording that over other women.
United States is full of fat people. Get off your high horses and feed your kid decently after that first year. Why aren’t there raging debates about fat kids???!!! That seems more relevant than boob vs. bottle.
Oh, and (gasp!)I’ve feed all three of my kids Gerber foods and they are remarkably healthy!

EVE on

She only become a mother 8 months ago it doesn’t mean make her a experts on BREASTFEEDING. In the real world most women has to work right after giving birth or health issues. I don’t against breastfeed but it should be up to individuals

Tracy on

Gisele is mother earth and oh so healthy. What about the years that Gisele smoked prior to having a baby? Talk about pumping your body full of toxic chemicals…this woman has no idea how her comments can be misconstrued or hurtful and should indeed stick to modeling lingerie.

Ellie on

Gisele is full of crap. I love how these celebrities always come out claiming they didn’t do this or that. Women were not born yesterday. Every woman’s body changes before and after birth. That’s just a reality. Breast feeding is a CHOICE. Some women do it, others chose not to. Just like getting pregnant is a CHOICE. Some women WANT babies, others DON’T. I breast fed one of my children, but didn’t breast feed with ALL of them, because each pregnancy was different.

Celebrities always come out claiming that everything is so “peachy and roses” when we ALL know that’s the the real TRUTH. Gisele is telling a story she wants everyone to buy into. Just like ALL the beauty products these celebrities CLAIM does this or that to stop the aging process. Give me a freaking break!! NOTHING stops the aging process NOTHING!!! That’s just a marketing gimmick fantasy that women buy into.

Ashley on

Giselle, you’re pretty. Your pregnancy was soooo easy. Your figure snapped back. You breastfeed. You’re just going to be a doting mother, aren’t ya?

Some women CAN’T breastfeed. I don’t think it should be mandatory either. Just because you feel a certain way, doesn’t mean crap.

When you find some respect for other women, who aren’t the same as you, maybe I’ll respect you. But until pigs fly, I think you’re rubbish.

lorib on

She’s just talking about her experience and sees that…….I think every first time mom is guilty of the same. Please moms out there, she’s not the only one, myself included. I don’t think she once said women who can’t breastfeed or naturally birth are not great moms too, c’mon!
I always find it funny, just to use my own experience,that I only breastfed my kids because they never took a bottle that I always felt alone and the odd-man out because no one around me ever breastfed their kids. But then all I hear is how us breastfeeders condemn all non breastfeeders. I never met a woman that breastfed as long as I did and my experience is it seems rare these days to meet someone who doesn’t use formula! Personally I don’t care whatever you do as we help nourish our children the best way, every parent, every day but I feel like a dodo bird when it came to my experience.

Ava on

I agree that breastfeeding is important, but some people have difficulty doing it. I just had my first child 2 months ago, and if I were solely breastfeeding, the poor thing would be starving to death. I’ve been seeing a lactation consultant twice a week since he was born, drinking mother’s milk tea, pumping, breastfeeding, every TWO hours even at night, even though I’m already back at work, but nothing is happening. Some people just can’t. Don’t tell us we HAVE to do it.

larkwoodgirl on

If she is going to speak about this, then she has the responsibility to educate herself first. She is ignorant. She cannot judge others solely by her on experience. The idea that because she did this or that it would be best for everyone is just ludicrous. My son stayed in intensive care for five months after he was born. Breast feeding was out of the question. If any law should be passed, it should be to prevent overindulged, self righteous prima donnas from spewing their ridiculuous judgement on others.

Leslee on

I have given birth at home, more than once, and breastfed. That said, I think this woman does a serious disservice to breastfeeding, whether it be by lost in translation issues, leading questions by the interviewer or just plain ignorance.

I would not want to be the baby of a woman that was forced by law to breastfeed, or even mandated to by extreme social pressure. Breast milk is best but your mother is not a slave. There are advantages to using what nature intended for human babies but it’s never worth degrading women into human dairy cows.

Btw, this woman has made a career of keeping a great modeling figure, I don’t consider it amazing she would snap back into shape, it’s expected and likely. Hopefully, she will go back to looking good and not saying so much.

JLH on

What about women who simply can’t for their jobs? I have wonderful friend who is an amazing mother. She waits tables and stopping to pump milk while she’s at work so she can feed her baby isn’t an option. Her baby is quite healthy and well loved. Gisele makes it sound like anyone who doesn’t breastfeed isn’t a good mother. The fact is that 1 it’s a choice and 2- for a myriad of reasons one may not make that choice. She needs to stick with looking pretty for the camera and not making sweeping statements in the media about something she’s been familiar with for 6 months.

gg on

blah blah blah
i agree with Roberta…..ladies give it a rest. dont worry about what she says. Run your “own” race. lead your way to happiness.

do you actually think a law would be passed for that…..we have bigger things in this world to worry about.

SuperMom on

Never like her…..her comments reflect her character!

Delaina on

“Every mom, except those with HIV can and is able to BF, with the right support (even moms who adopt).”
Seriously, anon? ONLY HIV positive mothers can’t breastfeed? Wow…lemme go back and read the warnings and indications on the IV drug I take every 6 weeks for my Crohn’s disease. Yep, there it is, black and white – THIS DRUG WOULD FREAKING KILL MY CHILD if I was breastfeeding him while taking this drug!
Lemme go ahead and put him up for adoption because it’s obviously better (according to you) for him to be breastfed than have a mother who is, ya know, ALIVE but can’t breastfeed him.
Get your head out of the clouds. There are medications that keep some people alive that require us to not breastfeed our children. I wouldn’t give up one second of being a mother to my happy and healthy children just because I have a disease I have no control over.

Rosanna on

The more comments I read about Gisele, the more I detest her!
Really, she has one child and she’s an expert? Puleeze Gisele,
take your perfect body and your stupid comments and stuff it!

Katelyn on

Giselle, grab a brain. I find her less and less attractive everyday. Her personality has made me lose all respect for her. Some Moms are physically unable to breast feed.. other Moms are forced to go back to work to support their family.

Leslee on

The more comments I read, the more compassion I feel for so many women.

I am not sure if I have seen any other comments from this woman but it sounds like she is misunderstood, her comments taken out of context, lost in translation or just plain arrogantly offensive on a regular basis.

Breastfeeding is more than working hard to get to the goal of a fully breastfed baby, there are so many issues at hand. Babies are blessed with having a wonderful alternative if it’s needed and if a mother truly would resent having to breastfeed. It’s not the end of the world if a woman chooses not to. Humans are designed to thrive under so many conditions that it is not critical, they don’t die off like kittens that are given replacement milk as newborns, they do very well.

Encourage other women to breastfeed in a gentle way, not guerrilla tactics of demanding they do, then support them in the best way you can. Bring a nursing mom a dinner for her and her family, give her a gift she can really use like housecleaning service for even a couple of hours, pick up and drop off a few loads of laundry or pick up older kids from school etc.

You can bet in her “hometown” that women are not left adrift to try and do everything themselves and probably have a wonderful cast of grandmothers and aunties to help.

Louise on

I really want to love Giselle, but every time I read an article about her she comes across as such an arrogant know it all. I think we should pass a law that makes it illegal for this woman to speak. Her self righteousness is far more toxic than baby milk.

not a mom on

Ok I’m not a mom, but I can’t understand the criticism here. If you can’t breastfeed or give birth naturally, who cares. If you can, who cares? This is just another stupid article from a celebrity who thinks she knows everything and gives her opinion on something. You don’t have to read this or agree with it at all. It’s just an opinion. It’s not like she’s attacking anyone, she is just giving her opinion on being a mom. Basically, you have to have some super genes to be a super model. She’s definitely gotten her body back quicker than most people, but she’s just that lucky. Insert obvious joke here about how she’s missing a few IQ points to have those genes.

jessica on

oh yea gisele? well at least my hubby doesn’t have hair like justin bieber. so THERE!!! *sticking tongue out*

Jamie on

There is nothing wrong with NOT breastfeeding your child. I breastfed my first one, but was unable to breastfeed my second. They are 12 and 14 now, and are both extremely healthy.
I also want to say that Gisele is wrong in another way too. Some of you have commented that “maybe she just meant this for women who CAN breatfeed, but CHOOSE not to.” There’s NOTHING wrong with that!
If you just don’t want to breastfeed your baby, then don’t. Your baby would be the one to suffer if you breastfeed but don’t really want to.

Lita on

There’s something interesting about Giselle, and before some of you jump the gun here, i think Giselle has the right idea (but making it into a law? Giselle, let’s not push the boundaries…)

Anyways, for those who are unable to breastfeed, I need those mothers to think out there for a second, because birth and breastfeeding are the reminders that as human beings we are CERTAINLY NOT ABOVE NATURE’S DESIGN.

On that note, it makes sense that Giselle should have backed off because their are some women that cannot breast feed due to a hormonal issue, in which oxytocin and prolactin are needed for breast feeding to occur

If it’s not a hormonal issue, then it should be a personal choice, to which we must question this greatly.

But here’s one thing to think about and it’s a question I’m putting out there but, but for the women who cannot produce milk there might be a reason and it’s not the mother’s or infant’s fault (unless the mother did drugs then it is her fault)

Like most animals (and reminder: we too play a role in nature’s design) when they are separated from their mother, their mother cannot distinguish their own anymore.

So, with that thought, I hope this can give reasons to why some women can’t breast feed, it’s a chemical and hormonal thing. If there’s any interference, that alone in itself can alter breast feeding habits.

Becky on

I bet Gisele’s kids will never have a tantrum in a store either! Oh wait, someone probably does her shopping for the most part, and if she does do some shopping, the baby is home with the nanny. Celebrities live so far outside the realm of reality that they shouldn’t offer advice to those of us in the real world.

Lita on

Other than that

Giselle, EVERYTHING IS CHEMICAL AND HORMONAL LACED. But overall, natural is better than its synthetically based counterparts. Why? Because our body is familiar with what we know, or what’s written in our DNA. Breast feeding continues what the placenta has done in nurturing the baby in the womb.

That’s pretty much it.

Otherwise, there’s nothing really wrong using the formula.

Breast feeding is a personal choice, and there should have been things to consider, but to women who do have the ability to breast feed, probably should. Overall, it’s not just for nourishment, but it’s more time spent bonding with your baby in the most special and primal way.

I am pro-breast feeding, but there are other options like a pump, or if people choose to, type in La Leche League. I don’t believe in controlling a woman’s decision to what she does post pregnancy, but I believe in considerations to made

I’m not a mother, but I know that I’ll be planning on what I want to do.

Overall, Gissele wants women to really take control of their own pregnancy (instead of leaving it up to doctors and machines; there’s a reason why OB/GYN’s have a damn high malpractice suit) but it came out wrong.

That’s about all I can say on the topic, there’s more, but it would go off topic.

Nat on

I’m tired to read comments about how they don’t have money for yoga and kung Fu… please… gym memberships aren’t just for the riches.

You can even workout at home, you don’t need a machine to squat and doing lunges. You don’t need money to be active and take care of yourself even for 10 minutes.

pollovic on

What a dumb comment to make. I know so many wonderful mothers who could not breastfeed for one reason or another. These women constantly have to hear stupid comments about how bad they are for using formula instead of food. Oh this woman has a ton of $$$$! Must be nice to have all the help and time you need to get back in shape. I do not understand how others are inspired by this woman. I had no opinion of her before but now I cannot stand her and her critical attitude.

lauren on

Although I applaud her for “preparing” herself beforehand, I take issue with her idea of a ‘breastfeeding law’. Not all women can breastfeed, and not all can do it for 6 months. Wait until you had kid number 2 who puts you back into the hospital with mastitis after a month of being home, and you end up losing the milk. Generalizations are not a good idea. If a woman can breastfeed, it would be best – but not the law.

Amy on

I agree with Gisele whole-heartedly. She obviously did not mean the VERY FEW that are physically unable to breastfeed — she means the “working” moms, the selfish moms, the ignorant moms, who give their babies chemicals (formula) as she states. She is correct, in that, a baby needs its mother’s breast, not a sterile bottle and nipple. Way to go Gisele!

And as for the natural home birth — the United States is 27th (yes, TWENTY SEVENTH) in infant mortality in the world, to include third world countries. They way we treat pregnancy and birth, as a medical emergency, is why we are so poor on that list AND have a over 30% ceasarean rate. If women would give birth naturally and not be SCARED FOR THEIR LIVES, as doctors teach them to be, then we wouldn’t have all the problems with birth that we do. But this stems from years and years of white male supremacy and dominance that they knew better than midwives, and we, as WOMEN, must take back both our births and our RIGHT and HONOR to breastfeed.

Kellie on

Here’s a shocker-not everyone who can breastfeed wants to. I produced enough milk after both my children’s deliveries to feed an army of babies and I am a stay at home mom. But in both cases I chose to bottle feed- why? because I didn’t want to breastfeed. It was the best decision ever and I don’t regret it for one second-I have two healthy beautiful children.

We as women and mothers need to come together and support each other-not tear each other down and judge. Pregnancy, birth and raising children is hard enough without all the judgement.

Jen on

Gisele, will you send me some money so when I get pregnant I can do kung fu, yoga, and meditate? Those things are expensive, and many people cannot afford them. Think before you speak lady…

I think some people made comments about Bethanny and Constance writing blogs… neither of them have been critical of others and said this is what should happen and how it should be done… They’ve been saying what worked for them! Constance has even given examples of things that aren’t uber expensive and given sites moms can get deals from…

guest on

I think it should be a law that this woman can not do anymore interviews!!

Anthropology, anyone? on

Sorry if this is inflammatory:
If women continue to use artificial means to conceive; we continue to pollute; we pump ourselves full of artificial food, etc., there will be more unhealthy moms and dangerous births.
I nearly lost four friends in one year to high-risk pregnancies with emergency c-sections. NOT ONE of them could breast feed. ONE of my friends had a healthy diet whilst pregnant; did yoga, walked, and delivered at home, with a midwife. Her child is healthy- my friend is healthy, and breast feeding was EASY.
You cannot tell me there is no connection.
Darwin is telling us something- if we ignore it as a world and as individual women who deserve to be healthy and to have healthy children, we need to be more vigilant and do research, eat orgo food, get exercise, stay away from plastic food, keep our weight healthy, etc. Even then, terrible things can happen, but they happen less often. Even 50 years ago many of us would have lost our children- or our own lives. Childbirth is STILL the leading cause of death in women in the world. Let’s look at Natural Selection- if you can’t conceive- adopt. Don’t take the risk to bring ill children into the world- don’t risk 2 lives! Give yourselves the gift of health- and to your babies!
I can’t speak for Giselle- but I get her point. She’s no diplomat- but her viewpoint is not lost on me, either. Reproductive sovereignty is more than a choice to carry or not; to breast feed or not- it’s a bigger picture. Put it in perspective.

Courtney on

How can any average women out there find this inspiring? Hello… average women with or with out children don’t have the time to go to Kung Fu or Meditate as often as she does. We all have jobs. Average people jobs that prevent us from having the time and in this economy (thanks Obama) the funds to be able to do this. As an average working mom, Its hard to find time to do anything for myself. All my time is dedicated to my family and household. And any free time is going to be spent with my family doing family things enjoying what I have now. And as much as people throw stay at home moms under the bus they have it just as hard cause they are on call 24/7/365. So before you find this article inspiring think about the time, money, and help that she has and the average mom does not. I personally sacrafice what ever and when ever so that my babies can have every thing that they need.
The only women out there that I find inspiring are the every day average mom. Working hard to make a living and sacraficing to provide for a family and enjoying the love and happiness they get from there families.

And as for the breastfeeding I wont even go there. If you want to do it great!, If you can’t thank god there are great alternatives, if you don’t want to then that is your choice cause that is your child.

kate on

I was lucky enough to be one of these Mums who could breastfeed and I ended up breastfeeding for 9 months for one and at the other end of the spectrum for 20 months for my second – the comments I got about that!! This was one part a personal choice but two parts the ability to breastfeed and my children are very healthy but I can’t determine if it was the breastfeeding or the genetics of my husband and me. I saw family and friends of mine try but could not start or continue for one reason or another and I would never, ever think of making ridiculous, insensitive comments like Gisele just made, some mothers just do not want to breastfeed but for everyone of them, there is one who wants to and can’t. To add fuel to the fire, some mothers do need someone to get the baby out for them because c-sections are needed for medical reasons. Wow, the mother of one and she thinks she is the expert for all, although, I would be too if I had her and Tom’s money to pay for help….

sara on

“So many women give up in the beginning. Breastfeeding is a natural process that every women and baby are capable of doing”….really? if i was not fortunate enough to be able to afford a lactation consultant, i would have most likely given up on breastfeeding since it was not working after 5 weeks of trying, crying and tears…i agree with those who suggest that if she really cared about other mothers breastfeeding their babies, she would do whatever she can to support other new mothers…like setting up designated spaces so that women who need to pump at work can find a private place to do that; or helping women who need really good pumps to purchase or rent very expensive machines; and so forth…..

AJ on

Whether by choice or inability, every woman has the right to decide what to do or not do with her own body and her own child. It is not our place to judge others.

Julia on

There’s definitely a language issue. The bigger issue is that people love to hate on Gisele.

tre6tre on

Hats off! After breastfeeding 3 kids – I have a 7 mo old who currently is fat and happy – I am a huge advocate. So many women (specifically American women) give up right away. They don’t even give it a chance – we wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for someone breast feeding some ancestor along the way! I don’t need to sell it – health, economic, etc. benefit are boundless. Unfortunately, there is such a stigma about breasts in this country. They serve a utilitarian purpose and we seem to have a real problem with that. It’s Breastfeeding month, too Making it law is a little extreme, but it is so ok to just accept the “I couldn’t do it” excuse. Try. Get support.

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she is entitled to her view

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Giselle is admirable! People are just criticizing her because they feel bad about themselves – their inability to have a natural birth or inability to breastfeed. You shouldn’t feel bad though! She is not saying that you are less of a mother for going the unnatural route, but rather she is advocating women in general (if they have the ability to and means to) to try breastfeeding or try natural homebirth! Our American society is sooo obsessed with having medical doctors intervene with everything and prescribe all sorts of medications to relieve pain, but if we just realize that women for centuries have been having natural births… it will just be more accepting and more common. This also includes breastfeeding – breastfeeding was accepted and common back then, but since hollywood has sexualized breasts and made them more sexual than feeding sources, people shun breastfeeding in public, etc., when it should just be considered natural and beautiful. Giselle isn’t attacking those who can’t breastfeed or have natural births, she is simply trying to open everyone’s eyes to the beauty of going back to what we were naturally created to do.

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formula contains ‘chemicals’ and that’s the truth

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Well, I chose not to breastfeed. Not because I wasn’t able to, but because it was a choice that I felt I had to make. Give my children a tetchy, irritable mother who was physically repulsed by breastfeeding or give them a much more relaxed environment and a happy mama with a bottle. I’ve never looked back, not for once second, and regretted my decision. My children are happy, smart, funny and loving and they were all formula fed.

She may have meant it as a joke, but she comes across as condescending. And I don’t like being told how to raise my kids. My choice, my husbands choice, not anybody elses.

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I don’t think she ever told anyone how to raise their children.

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I commend Gisele, and am saddened that her message was drowned out by the outcries of “She’s a supermodel; what does she know about raising children?”, “Not everyone can breastfeed”, and “It’s a personal choice”. The essence of her message is that a) human milk is the best food for our babies and b) if there are barriers for why infants are not getting breastmilk, then we need to look at that. It’s the ultimate green, it’s the ultimate money-saver, it’s the ultimate health protectant.

My guess is part of the problem is that the breast has become over-sexualized – as in the days of Chinese foot binding where the funtion of a body part was sacrificed for sexual fetish. Please let us be beyond that.

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I don’t have a problem with Gisele, I simply feel that personal choice is very important. After all, everyone handles motherhood differently,and who’s to say a mother who doesn’t breastfeed is any less of a mother for choosing not to? One could breastfeed and still neglect their child in other ways. Like she said, its called “labor” for a reason, and after that, I think we’ve all earned the right to make our own choices governing our bodies.

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I don’t want to breastfeed. I don’t have a problem with Gisele, I simply believe that personal choice is very important. After all, who’s to say that a woman who chooses not to breastfeed is any less of a mother than one who did? One could breastfeed and still neglect their child in other ways. Like she said, its called “labor” for a reason, and after that, i think we’ve all earned the right to make our own decisions governing our bodies.

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This woman just NEEDS to just shut-up! Every time she opens her mouth, she sounds more and more ridiculous! I don’t even think like some people that there is a language barrier. I just think that she is pompus, privilged, arrogant and ignorant of a “normal” working class mother.If I see a magazine with her on the cover, I don’t even pick it up anymore…enough of her nonsense. I wonder is she did not have millions and millions of dollars what her stand on the soapbox would be then?? Maybe is she had to work 40++ hours a week, behind a desk, at a low wage, her take on things would be different. I am writing this with a lot of emotion, so no comments on mis-spelled words…please

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Girls, wise up!!
There’s obviously no “language barrier” there and she just expressed her opinion!!!!
Nothing wrong with that! I am brazilian and for us its absolutely weird to CHOOSE not to breastfeed like a lot of woman do in US and UK.
Im sure she meant didnt mean no harm to women that legitimately cannot bbreastfeed!
Stop being paranoid and do whatever u want with your life! Her opinion shouldnt bother so much!
I would NEVER have a home birth or birth without epidural.. NEVER, but still admire those who manage!