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08/03/2010 at 12:00 PM ET

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Erika on

Baby Josie is beautiful and nothing short of a miracle. I am so happy to hear that she is doing so well. However, if I were them I would not plan on having anymore children. Baby Josie was lucky, and I’m sure they feel that what they went through was worth it, however, next time the outcome may not be the same if this happens again. Something could easily go very wrong with either mom or baby and it wouldn’t be fair to put the family through that again, she is a mother of 19 kids, and it would be terrible if something were to happen to her.
That being said, I respect their views and lifestyle choices. I just disagree with being open to another child after what happened the first time.

Lorus on

“When we look at Josie … how we went through the challenge we did, we would do it again.”

Uhhh, what about what the baby had to go through? All the pain and suffering. What happened with Josie be a sign saying not to have anymore children.

emma on

I completely agree Erika! Yes Josie is healthy so it was all worth it etc but I wouldn’t tempt fate that it would all turn out so well next time, or the time after that or the time after that. They still have a heck of a lot of children to raise and home school.
I respect their choices too. I also read their book which was really interesting.

h on

Oh my gosh, i want to teach those Duggars a lesson. They’ve been selfish ever since they welcomed their 4th or 5th child, but now they are even more selfish. Their lifestyle is just RIDICULOUS. Sure mom is “able” to have 19 children, but it’s not even like Michelle or Jim Bob are raising those kids. The eldest children are the ones doing all the good work. Would it be fair to give them one more baby to take care of??? Plus, since they talking about God so much, they should take it as a sign: IF YOUR BABY WAS BORN 3 MONTHS PREMATURELY AND WAS SICK ON AN ON FOR THE FIRST 8 MONTHS OF HER LIFE, IT PROBABLY MEANS THAT YOUR SHOULD STOP HAVING MORE CHILDREN, AND TRY AND MAKE UP FOR THE 19 OTHERS YOU ALREADY HAVE.

Electra on

I agree with the sentiments of everyone above me. Josie has a perforated colon! She’s only 10lbs at 8months, and honestly it looks like she’s not out of the clear or her health problems(but i’m no doctor she just looks sickly). They don’t parent their children. I find everything wrong with this “family” even tho they seem like nice people.

Amber on

I agree Erika. In fact since it happened last time there’s an even greater chance of it happening again.

Electra, they do parent their children they buy the food put a roof over their heads and clothes on their backs some parents have nannies do they not parent their kids? they take them out in small groups and do make time for them. When I was little I had times when I’d help with my younger brothers and sisters and I loved it. Since you don’t know them it’s not your place to judge. She had a problem with her bowel but that’s common in premmies. Yeah she’s 11lbs at 8 months but that’s to be expected micro preemies tend to catch up with their peers by age 3. Doctors also take into account micro preemie’s adjusted age (the age they’d be if born full term) her due date was March 18th, and she’s not that far off of what a 4-5 month old would weigh. That’s how doctors judge their progress.

Ethan, Aly, James, Sully and Stellan's Mama on

I have nothing against the Duggars having so make kids. I kinda see them as an inspiration; I have five little terrors and get questionable looks from the five I have. I just hope the kids get plenty of attention from Mum and Dad. I have to make sure I spend special time with my elder two (who are 6 y/o and 4 y/o), being a mother to an 11 m/o and two 5 w/o).

Also, personally, I would see this as a “sign” to stop having babies. I wouldn’t want to risk another childs health, especially after what happened with Josie.