Ne-Yo ‘Terrified’ About Impending Fatherhood

08/02/2010 at 08:00 AM ET

He may perform for thousands of fans with ease, but when it comes to impending fatherhood, Ne-Yo admits the thought has him a wee bit on edge.

“I’m terrified; I’m gonna be all the way honest,” the Grammy-winning star, who is expecting his first child with girlfriend Monyetta Shaw in January, tells CNN.

“I’ve never seen myself as a father. I knew eventually I would get married and have kids and all of that stuff.”

And despite his wealthy lifestyle, Ne-Yo also promises he will teach his future child “the value of a dollar.”

But for now, the singer-songwriter, 30, is shaking in his boots.

Ne-Yo, who plans to release his fourth album Libra Scale Sept. 21, also shot down engagement and marriage rumors.

“Let’s clear that up,” he says. “I’m not engaged; I’m not to be married.”

— Tiffany McGee

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Persona on

So the kid he raised for 3 years doesn’t count? OK.

Bethan on

Well, he’s obviously chosen to leave the child’s life. It’s a personal decision and I’m sure that more than meets the eye is involved.

Anyway, congratulations!

Sarah M. on

The choice to leave the other child’s life was taken away from him. It was a child that he thought was his with an ex-girlfriend, but the boy wasn’t really his. When they split he tried to maintain contact with him, but the ex cut off all contact, apparently.

He seems quite excited, albeit scared, about the coming addition. 🙂

Persona on

He was raising a son that was not his, which he stated he was aware of before he claimed the child, and then became famous and distance himself to avoid killer child support payments.

Persona on

Making a statement like “I’ve never seen myself as a father” when you were raising a child is RIDICULOUS.

Bethan on

No offence, but nobody could expect him to raise a child that isn’t his. Especially if the story about his ex severing contact is true. Maybe he wants to erase his painful past and start afresh?

We don’t know the truth behind the whole story. Only when you do can you start judging.

Persona on

If you were cut out of child’s life, you still could see yourself as a father since you played that role before. You’re missing my point, which is not that he is or is not a part of the child’s life now, but that he was a part of child’s life. He was a father to a child. Yet, suddenly he doesn’t know how to do the role and has never expected such a role?

How Hollywood.

CelebBabyLover on

Persona- But maybe he DIDN’T really see himself as a father before?

CelebBabyLover on

persona- Also, from what other posters have said, it sounds like he DIDN’T distance himself from that child, but that his ex-girlfriend, for whatever reason, cut him out of the child’s life.

cc on

Do any of you people that make negative statements know what actually happened in his past relationship. Do you think it is really possible the mother would not let him continue seeing the child out of spite because all of us as women know we have a tendancy to be really nasty when there is a breakup.

Persona on

What does him not being able to see the child have to do with the fact that I’m not clearly stating he has obviously played the role of father BEFORE? He has (had) a (nonbiological) son that was named after him and was a part of that child’s life.

NOW, he comments that he never envisioned himself as a father, when he PLAYED that role for a period of time.

It’s like getting married, having it annulled, and getting married again and pretending it’s your first marriage ever. Whatever!

Persona on

And, another point, if you PLAYED the role of father, you don’t easily forget for the sake of a soundbite.

“I’m exciting about being a father” would suffice. Much better and more accurate than “I’ve NEVER seen myself as a father.”

Jen DC on

I gotta say, I’m with Persona on this one. Regardless of the circumstances of the separation, he was that kid’s Dad from the time he was born until the break-up and separation. Unless he is saying he never saw himself as someone’s biological father, his statement is either disingenuous or weird.

That said, congratulations – here’s to a health baby!

Erin on

That 3-year-old is NOT HIS. There was a paternity test involved and it wasn’t his. He’s been well-known for over 3 years. I’m in radio, I heard it all, we know the reps and the real story behind it. Everything I’ve heard about him has been positive. He seems like a really good guy and I wish him nothing but the best in life!

There’s always someone getting the facts mixed up and judging people. I wouldn’t do any interviews if I were in the limelight. This is why.

CelebBabyLover on

Persona- What you said is true, but it’s also true that this is his first biological child. It’s possible that he meant that he’s never seen himself as a parent to a biological child.

CelebBabyLover on

It could also be that Ne-Yo never really felt like he was a father to that boy. Like other posters have said, there’s probably a lot more to the situation than meets the eye. We know what he’s said….but what we don’t know is how he was feeling deeping down during his time with that child and after his ex servered contact between him and that child.

For example, maybe he WANTED to play the role of father in that boy’s life, but even when they were together, the boy’s mother made him feel (whether it was intentional on her part or not) like he wasn’t welcome to play that role and would never be that child’s true father.