Expectant Alicia Keys Seals Marriage with a Kiss

08/02/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

No over-the-top festivities for Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz – just family and close friends as the couple tied the knot in a private ceremony Saturday in a private home on the Mediterranean Sea. The expectant bride wore a Grecian-inspired Vera Wang dress and carried a bouquet of purple calla lilies. The singer-songwriter and her producer husband will welcome their first child together later this year.

Stephanie Pistel

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jordan on

awwwwweeee beautiful…It looks like a picture from a magazine. Congrates to them 🙂

Brianne on

Shotgun wedding!

meghan on

Nice flowers.

Bb on

Wow, that the setting looks amazing. Alicia looks beautiful, best of luck to them both.

mamabear on

getting married while pregnant and wearing a white dress is tacky!

sara on

she looks beautiful!

Ashley on

Shotgun Weddings = my biggest pet peeve ever.

špela on

now that are some amazing colours of the background, so pretty!

Tamara on

Brianne, that seems a little unnecessary…

congrats to them! she looks gorgeous!

brannon on


CB on

Guess his divorce was final! lol

Shannon on

I love Alicia keys…but I think this is going to be a big mistake. Why would you want to get married to a man whose ink hasn’t even dried on his first divorce papers. If he cheat on hs wife, he will cheat on you…so be careful. But congrats!

Rye on

She looks beautiful. Still disappointed in her choice of husband though just based on his past relationship history.

Terri on

Alicia looks beautiful.

Electra on

lol it looks like one of those sears studio photos. the backdrop is so pretty it doesn’t even look real.

K on

Absolutely beautiful picture! I want to go in the water. 😀

Tippy on

she looks amazing! beautiful setting! I wish her luck!

kmb on

why not wait until after the child is born, when she’s not a pregnant bride? i just don’t understand the rush, people already know she got pregnant pre-marriage, so why not just wait?

Crystal on

Alicia looks ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! OMG! She looks AMAZING!!!

hayley on

jeeez she can’t win, every one moanin about kids being born with out married parents are now moaning she got married pregnant…..well i am sure she was thinking about you all and keeping you happy when she got married….not lol

i think she looks stunning, pregnant or not that is just wonderful and i am sure they are both thriled. I wish them nothing but the best xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Allie-Rose on

Gorgeous picture. I love her dress too

Lorus on

Anonymous – How many women are actually virgins on their wedding day? Is it tacky for them to be wearing white as well?
I actually got pregnant while planning my wedding. We found out 6 weeks after picking our date (which was only 5 months later). Luckily I hadn’t purchased my dress yet!

Paige on

I think she looks stunning and the pregnancy glow only makes her look even more gorgeous. So to Anonymous and everyone else that had snide comments why don’t you just keep them to yourself?! It’s not only mean but, just plain rude to say stuff like that. Congrats to Alicia!

cc on

Some of you negative people should not make statements until you know what occured in his last marriage. If you have a video or a recording of what went on please play it. I do not understand why you jealous people cannot just accept their marriage and just say “Congrats and good luck in the future”.

C on

Wow I really have to shake my head at the comments people make! Yes shes already pregnant and yes his previous divorce just became final. And sure it may not be the best setup to marry so soon after but this is THEIR situation, not yours. Im sure she knows what she’s getting herself into. Theyve been together 2 yrs so nothing is shotgun about it. Bottom line is THEY are doing whats best for THEIR family and ITS NOBODY’S BUSINESS! With that out the way, she looks beautiful and congrats to their new life together.

Vanessa on

Gawjus…but what’s the deal with the tan lines?

Callen on

COOL IT. bethenny frankel did the same thing and so did many more celebs, I dont hear anyone else complaining about other celebs getting married while pregnant.

Julie on

C and Callen are so right! If Alicia didn’t think she was making the right choice by being with him, she wouldn’t have gotten engaged, then married and pregnant. It’s her choice when to get married, and I don’t think the wedding’s all that “shotgun”, and she’s allowed to wear whatever color she wants. Come on people – other celebrities did it too, and just because of her husband’s record she’s being scandalized? I wish them nothing but the best, and I’m sure they’ll have an absolutely adorable baby.

Honey on

Get off your high horses people…your not GOD…you know only what the media protrays..which 75% of time time is lies about these people. Cant we be a little more positive & uplift women…sheesh…

Anyways, Alicia…you look absolutely stunning…wish you & Kaseem nothing but the best…Congrats honey!!!

Haleiwa on

They make a very striking couple.

allison on

Alicia is a beautiful bride, just glowing! People can opin about Alicia life all they want, it wont change a damn thing. Its HER life, if she is happy and in love with Swizz, more power to her.

Liza on

Lorus-there are a fair amount of women who ae virgins on the wedding day. But I do agree that brides can wear whatever dress they want.

Concerning Alicia, I’ve heard the rumors and the thing is there maybe some grain of truth to them.That is one of the reasons I’ve lost so much respect for Alicia. But in the end people make their own choices and it’s not my life, so I can live with it.I may not agree with how things unfolded but I hope in the end all the parties can live with their choices.

Victoria-Jane on

Oh my days, such negative comments for a happy occasion. So what if she’s pregnant, so what if he’s divorced – not everyone will marry a singleton and the older you get the more unlikely you’ll be marrying a virgin bride or groom. She looks radiant, she looks in love, she’s creating a family unit for her child and its her business. I mean what is the world coming to, what ever will happen if Celine Dion marries an older man or heaven forbid Ricky Martin become a father because i’m sure the world will stop spinning! Get over it and say something nice or nothing at all!

Haleiwa on

Wasn’t wearing white a sign that the bride’s parents were wealthy and not because the bride was a virgin? Either way, the symbol of the white dress, whether to signal wealth or purity, is simply the construct of an oppressive patriarchal society which has no place in present time. Brides should feel free to wear whatever color fits their wedding day. Alicia looks beautiful and happy and I hope her wedding was everything she’d imagined it to be.

melissa on

omg i love her she looks absolutely stunning that picture is gorgeous and i cant wait to see their baby which i”m sure will be adorable!! congratulations alicia brush off the haters!!

MissMissy on

Haleiwa is right–the white dress being a symbol of “purity” is not its intended meaning. While it’s true that the color white can arbitrarily be used to signify purity, the white dress for a wedding (a relatively recent phenomenon in modern society) was more a symbol that parents had enough wealth to provide their daughter with an easily-sullied (dirt-showing), non-multi-wear dress. A show of wealth was the ability to buy clothing for the special occasion that was not absolutely practical.

And dude, it’s 2010.
Traditions can have value and meaning, but they’re not an absolute, and new traditions can always be created.

meg on

Hate to tell you all but some of the favorite celeb moms on here were pregnant when they got married and no one ever says anything negative about them! Case in point: Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow. Give Alicia a break. She looks gorgeous!

CheeChee on

They look very happy and I am happy for them. She looks beautiful, there is always more than one side to a story. And all everyone is hearing is Mashonda’s side. And the bad thing about it is you do not even know her. Alicia does not owe and explanation to anyone it is her business. No one can take your husband it was destroyed before Alicia I gurantee you.

liz on

hi, a white wedding dress is both a symbol of purity and a sign of wealth. the purity part resonates with me. you can purchase an inexpensive simple white dress. white has always been a symbol of purity. god and his angels are always pictured in white, while satan and his demons are usually depicted in red or black. queen victoria married in a white wedding gown in 1840. at the time, and even before, it symbolized purity, innocence, cleanliness, virginity and while everyone has the right to decide for themselves, i do believe that some traditions should never change.