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Alice on

It’s refreshing to see an article trying to see the real impact of Twilight on baby names after everyone going “ooh Jacob and Isabella are top baby names, it’s because of Twilight!” when they already were before. I love most of the names in Twilight so I’m not surprised they’re rising fast. They’re just pretty names that people were reminded of when they read the books / saw the movies.
That said I feel for those 17 little Renesmees out there!! Haha.

Estela on

I feel bad for those poor children who have to go by the name Renesme. I bet they’re going to grow up hating Twilight.

mamabear on

i’m embarrassed to be named isabella now. i’ve actually been asked if i changed my name because of twilight. i’m like um…no, i’ve been named isabella for 23 years. we’re not all twifreaks.

maggie on

how do you even say “Renesme” without getting your tongue tied? imagine all the alices, bellas, jacobs, etc. asking their parents “how did you come up with my name?”, what will they say “oh mommy and daddy loved the twilight books and movies so that’s how your name is ____.” i do however love the name Tabitha.

Henny on

In 9th grade child development, I named my egg baby Cullen. I loved the name and still do. If my husband and I have a boy, that will be his name. Oh well to pop culture. BTW, Im 32….9th grade was a long time ago, lol.

kmb on

poor, poor children. “yes, honey, you were named after a fictional vampire.”
i’m not entirely convinced that some of these twilight freaks realize they’re reading/watching fiction.

CC on

While these names are from the “Twilight Books”, there not new names….

I think what appeals to most people, is that the names are nice classic names…

Even if you don’t care for the “Twilight Books” you can still enjoy the names

Lorus on

kmb – I completely agree. I don’t get the adult woman craze over these characters. Like how a person has been “alive” for over 100 years and never found a woman to love yet stumbles upon a 16yo twit who looks like she’s constantly smelling a bad fart and voila, love at first sight!

Luna on

I have to be honest, I read Twilight and the entire series and I loved it. However, there is no way in heck I’m naming my children Renesmee. And there’s a movie mocking the Twilight films coming out. Better be sure I’m going to see it. Twilight is good entertainment, but some people need to calm down and realize it’s not a cult.

JM on

i don’t really get this. in my opinion the twilight books are AT BEST for 14 year-old girls. anyone older than that and reading them should be embarrassed to be doing so. so either there are too many teenagers having babies – hence the twilight naming trend, or there are a lot of adult with a thing for books that are for kids and young teens…. very strange. being named after a shakespeare, dickens or austen character is one thing, but after a twilight character? i mean, are there parents out there naming their kids after the animorphs characters?

dee on

I read the books after seeing the horrible first film, hoping that it couldn’t be as bad as the movie. It was better, but barely. It read like crappy juvenile fanfiction which I guess is the appeal to the target demographic. The heroine cannot function without two possessive and emotionally manipulative guys around to make her happy? Really?! Not to mention the grammatic errors, and the authors inability to open a thesaurus. I can’t get the sentence, “He was even more handsomer than I remembered.” out of my head. Unfortunately I think we have to endure atleast two and a half more years of this mess.

V on

Latest statistics in Sweden show that about 15 children are named Twilight. Actually Twilight, as a first name. Now that has to be worse than being called any of the other names that in fact already were well-known and common names.

maggie on

i wonder if the dads are alright with naming their kids after twilight (mostly because housewives and teenage girls read the books/watch the movies more than guys)? why on earth would anyone name their children after a crappy book/movie about a moody teenage girl who can’t live without her vampire boyfriend but is also in love with a shirtless werewolf, and in the end she marries the vampire and has a baby at what 18-19? oh yeah i want to name my daughter after her. eventually the twilight fad will fade, but all of those parents are going to regret naming their kids after that, and all of those kids are going to end up hating twilight & will wish that they would have a name that didn’t invole vampires and werewolves.

marina on

I’m 21 and I’m in the processes of reading the books, I think that the books are fine, they aren’t great by any mean, but they aren’t as horrible as I first thought it was. I seriously don’t understand what is the whole hip about it, the girl is an idiot who cannot have a life outside get boyfriend, the boy is creepy, obsessive, possessive and likes to tell her what to do, and they call him romantic!
At least most of the names are nice (with the exception of Renesmees)

Anne Marie on

I prefer names from Harry Potter myself 🙂

Chelsea on

I’m in the target age group for Twilight and I honestly don’t get what the big deal about it is. Stephenie Meyer is, to be perfectly blunt, a thesaurus rapist, and the characters are so unlikeable. Why on earth would grown women choose to read something so juvenile and then force their obsession onto their children? I actually used to like some of the names, but now, I can’t imagine using them for my children because they’d be tied to some ridiculous pop culture craze that fans are way too obsessed over.

Niki on

I have some friends who’s last name is Cullen. He went to pick up his daughter at school and a group of girls just about flipped when he mentioned his last name. Seriously, these girls asked for his autograph! And then were obsessed that he is a doctor. I guess that is what the dad is in the books? I don’t know, I don’t read it. And I have 4 friends who had Bellas this year. All 4 said “Oh I’ve loved it for years!” when in actuality every single one of them picked it out after reading the books. Lame. My children are not going to be named after some ridiculous book. Well, I guess that is an incorrect statement, my daughter is Harper, after Harper Lee, but that is the extent of my craziness with names! And I don’t think To Kill A Mockingbird is ridiculous! 🙂

Luna on

I’m going to comment again, because my comment read like I was a teenage girl. The books were an easy read, and not unenjoyable. They were beach reads, which is where I did read them. They’re very aimed at love sick teenagers, experiencing first loves, first heartbreaks, and first kisses. They aren’t aimed at adults. I felt pretty ridiculous reading them, but as I said, they’re just sweet books. They’re the kind that, though horribly unrealistic, are about love. And who doesn’t love love? So, in that respect, they are cute books. Bella can be intolerable at times, but they’re good teen novels, and easy reads for adults. And the name Isabella, and in fact most of the names from Twilight, have existed for years. Yes the spike can be acredited to the books, but if someone names their child Edward or Isabella, it doesn’t necessarily indicate a Twilight fan.

miss jessica on

I dispise the twilight books and movies, I have been planning on naming my daughter Isabella since I was younger, it was my great grandmother’s name..Now I am rethinking that because of the twi-hards.