Helena Christensen ‘Not a Strict Parent’

07/31/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
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There aren’t many rules in the home Helena Christensen shares with son Mingus, 10, and fortunately for the supermodel, there has never needed to be.

“I’m not a strict parent,” she notes in a new interview with Babble. “Mingus hasn’t challenged me in that way — he hasn’t demanded something that I would find totally ridiculous.”

Allowing her son to partake in television and video games has worked to Christensen’s advantage.

“I haven’t deprived him,” she explains, “because kids usually overdo [those things] for a bit but then they get over it because it’s not enough stimulation anyway.”

In fact — when given the choice — Mingus will more often than not head for the great outdoors. “He wants to be out in nature all the time” according to Christensen, 41, who reveals that her son recently even found a snake in New York City. “He said, ‘We have to bring it home,'” Christensen recalls. “So I had to empty a water bottle, and in it went.”

“Then I took it to the pet store, and they identified it. It’s not a cobra, so we took it home and it’s now living in a big cage, and I have to buy grasshoppers every week,” she continues.

Her laid-back approach to parenting wasn’t always in place, and Christensen admits she “worried a lot” while pregnant with Mingus. “The responsibility is so heavy if you think about it,” she adds. “If you think too much about it, it drives you crazy.”

Instead, Christensen advises new moms to “just let it happen.”

“All [kids] really want is love and routine and a good night’s sleep and delicious food,” she says. “As long as [kids] feel they’re being loved, I think they can deal with anything.”

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Jacqui on

I particularly needed to read this today! Very positive!

simone on

I love her positive parenting, what a great mother

LaDonna on

I couldn’t agree more. I have used the same idea in raising my son. I was raised the same way and it turned out good, so I have been using most of that theory on my son and is now a wonderful, well adjusted 12 year old boy. He is smart and respectful, a really good boy. I am constantly proud of him and grows each day into an even more kind and generous young man. Sounds like Helena is doing a great job and should be very proud as well.

steph on

I use the same approach. My kids are now teenagers, and I have noticed that their friends who arent allowed to do alot of stuff sneak and do it anyways. The ones who are like my kids and the parents take the laid back approach to parenting dont have to sneak to do stuff. I dont judge parents but there is this one I know who thinks she has to raise her kids eating the best all the time, no tv in the house, no video games etc. shes the snotty type that thinks if parents arent like this then they dont really love their kids…lol That poor boy…lol. When he isnt around his momma he is wild as a bat…lol.


naughtycal on

Bravo, Helena. She seems like she gets it.

Mary on

I share the same style of parenting. It’s never my intention to ‘control’ my child to the point of damaging them. I also have a friend who won’t let her son play video games and he wants to soooo badly. She said he gets crazy when she tells him he can’t. Well, let him, I say. She asked if my son plays and I said yes. I told her he doesn’t get crazy about it because I let him do it and he eventually gets bored and goes on to something else. I’ve seen too much restriction cause problems.