Family Photo: Mark Wahlberg Joins the Walk of Fame!

07/30/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Michael Germana/Everett

He’s a star!

It was a family affair for Mark Wahlberg when the actor received a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame on Thursday.

Surrounded by his wife Rhea Durham and their four kids — Ella Rae, 6½, Michael, 4, Brendan Joseph, 22 months, and Grace Margaret, 6 months — Wahlberg was all smiles as he posed for pictures.

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Frazer Harrison/Getty
Tony DiMaio/Startraks

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kelsey on

Absolutely beautiful family! Gorgeous kids and parents! Mark is such a proud family man!

Cynthia on

Such a nice family picture.

Alyssa on

SUCH a good looking family!

Janna on

Sweet family photo!

JMO on

A beautiful family! I love Mark!!

Lisa on

These male celebrities have 4, 5, 6, 7 kids and everyone’s like awwww, how cute! But in real life if someone has more than 2 kids people always critisize the decision to have a large family. I’d hear it so much at work whenever any of our co-workers got pregnant again. “She’s pregnant again?!”, “Two is more than enough!” or “Stop having kids!” Mark Wahlberg just married his babies’momma too. He and the girlfriend were basically shacked up for years. He did it his way, didn’t seem to care about doing it the conventional way. Good for him.

Viv on

Such sweet photos! Brendan looks like Mark especially.

Tess on

Does Michael not have a middle name?

Marisela on

Lisa, that tends to be true. I don’t see how someone elses reproductive choices are anyone else’s business so when I hear of people making comments as such, it highlights how idiotic that person is. As long as each child is loved and cared for, it doesn’t make a difference.

Mark and Rhea have a beautiful family. I wish them nothing but the best for years to come.

Sky on

What a beautiful family. I love that picture of Mark & Brendan!

Hugo on

I agree with Lisa! It’s nice to see a larger family once in a while, in my workplace people act like it’s some sort of crime to have more than 2 kids.

meghan on

Tess, I’m pretty sure Michael does have a middle name, but it hasn’t been confirmed in the press by Mark and Rhea.

Luna on

It is so cute to see such a happy family. Those kids are adorable.

Lisa on

I was fortunate enough to attend Mark Wahlberg getting a star on the hollywood walk of fame. From getting out of the car they are such a normal family. The kids are adorable! They had no assistance Mark had Brendan and Rhea was carrying grace with michael and ella holding on to her. They were all so well behaved. Rhea and Mark were so calm around the paparazzi and you can tell it has impacted the kids because they were very calm and just walked past them. So cute!

Michelle on

What an absolutely adorable family! And I think you’re right–there is a bit of a double standard when it comes to men and women and having “lots” of kids. I love bigger families (which I know means different things to different people.) Obviously, they have the financial means to care for them, and while I don’t know them personally, of course, seem to be very loving parents.

Rye on

I personally think that people having the finances to “raise” babies doesn’t necessarily mean they should be popping out kids left and right. I honestly think that a lot of kids in bigger families tend to get neglected or wind up being raised by older siblings because the parents are so busy with the other children that they don’t ever get around to some of the younger ones. But, then again that is in the case of a family of like 6 or more kids. I think 3 is a nice perfect number for me….I don’t really quite understand how people can “afford” to raise more then that…but, if they can AND they have the love to give and the means to do it all without neglecting children, then more power to them. I just am not really a fan of the HUGE families. I think it’s insane! I don’t know how people do it!!

Bancie1031 on

AWE! I absolutely LOVE this family!!!! I can’t get enough of them ….. I think this is the first family photo we’ve seen of the Wahlbergs! Grace is gorgeous just like Ella, Michael and Brendan 😀 Mark is definitely a lucky man and Rhea is a lucky woman 😀

CelebBabyLover on

Tess- If I’m remembering correctly, Micheal’s middle name is rumored to be Robert. That being said, I wonder why they won’t confirm Micheal’s middle name, but were perfectly fine sharing the middle names of their other children?

That being said, I do believe this is the first time we’ve seen Miss Grace! She’s adorable, and looks like big sis Ella to me.

evie on

I have 2 children and that is enough for me. My sister in law has 5 children (under 5) and hopefully that is enought for her (she cant even handle the 5) but someone like Mark and Rhea who have 4 and look after them and enjoy them is a blessing in my books. I love this family

inez adhelynn paulina on

what a happy family
so proud of mark..:)

Jennie on

Beautiful family! I am glad they finally got married.

andilea on

People act like 4 kids is a lot to mark. Isn’t he one of eight? I personally think he should have as many as he wants.
They are all so beautiful.

Nicole on

Marky Mark sure has grown up!!! What a gorgeous family! (But I still can’t help but think of him dropping his pants at a concert I saw in high school!!)

xxx on

As long as the kids are loved, taken care of… does it really matter how many children a couple can have? Sure, more than 6 is probably a different story, but i honestly don’t understand why having 3 children instead of 2 could be any different.

Joy on

Awww, such a gorgeous family! Mark seems like one of the few, TRUE family men left in Hollywood. 🙂 His kids are adorable and that oldest daughter of his is a beautiful little girl. 🙂

Tee on

Rye- My sister and her husband have five little girls, ranging in age from nine years old to ten months old. While it’s not always easy to make sure each of them get the individual time and attention they need, it is doable. I live about two and a half hours away from them and often take all the girls for a week. (We homeschool.) I had them this week- just returned them today!- and it was a lot of fun. While I do depend on the nine year old and eight year old to watch the baby while I take a shower, I take care not to depend on them to help “raise” their younger sisters. Each of the girls is such a blessing for our family and I can’t imagine life without them.

Please don’t misunderstand me. Every family should give serious thought to the kind of lifestyle they want and that includes how many children they have. Our family does not believe in any form of birth control, so we are open to as many children as the Lord blesses us with. (I say “we” and “us” because we have a “village to raise a child” mindset.) But that’s right for us, not necessarily for everyone else. It’s a very personal decision and I find your comment to be very wise. Taking finances and one on one time into account is important.

Mark and Rhea have such a lovely family! I’m glad all of their children were there to celebrate Daddy’s success!

Bancie1031 on

CelebBabyLover – you think Grace looks like Ella ….. ummm I personally think she looks more like Michael …… doesn’t really matter … I think all 4 of his children are gorgeous! But your right Michael’s middle name is Robert …. I could have swore that Mark said that on some late night talk show while promoting one of his movies …. but I’m only 99% sure of that ….. idk … and I agree I don’t understand why they will confirm the other children’s full names but not Michaels …. Doesn’t make sense ……

Come on people 4 children aren’t a lot …… seriously come on …. who cares how many children Mark and Rhea decide to have …. they BOTH are very hands on parents and they seem to love their children more than anything and they can AFFORD to have as many children as they please.

IMHO – I hope they have more 😀 Good for them 😀
And as always I LOVE THIS FAMILY! 😀

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Evie I couldn’t agree more! Two’s enough for us also. Small unit, but have happy healthy kids who are good little pals and it only two also helps their mum’s sanity, LOL.

If they can afford it and handle it, more power to them….Lovely looking family and nice to finally see a pic of little Grace.

CMS on

I don’t think that the decision to have lots of kids should be motivated so much by personal finances, but rather by the potential impact of a growing population on our Earth.

I have one beautiful son, and we would absolutely love to have another one, but I balk at the fact that the planet is becoming a more unstable and more dangerous place every day. I fear that lots-o-babies is fun and everything, but not good for the world and not necessarily good for this next generation that we’re giving birth to. It hurts my heart to think that my son may have to deal with the consequences of limited resources, political instabilities and worse over his lifetime.

I hope that my fears are unfounded, but it seems better to take these things into account rather than to just keep having babies because they are so cute. People act like having kids is such a noble and unselfish act, but in some ways, it’s the complete opposite. I think it’s more responsible to limit the number of your progeny, as tempting as it is to have more and more and more…

Bancie1031 on

I actually can see Grace in Ella, Michael and Brendan …. The Wahlberg (Marks 😀 ) kids do resemble 😀

Warren on

I am very happy for him. He deserves it and has worked hard to get to the top. He has come a long way and it is nice to see him have a beautiful wife and a loving family. Keep up the good work, Mark. Congratultions on your Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is well deserved.

Brooklyn on

What great pictures, their kids are all very cute! And I love Ella’s dress!

MiB on

How many children is enough is individual and varies widely from person to person, my mother is one of five, one of my aunts would have loved to have a fouth child, while another of them thought one was plenty enough. As long as you can take care of them, financially and mentally (i.e. both give them food and love) I don’t really see a problem with having many children. In the s.k. western world the death rate is actually higher than the birth rate.

aj on

Such beautiful children, but that last pic just melts my heart!