Bethenny Frankel’s Blog: My Lessons Learned

07/29/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

Brian Doben

Thanks to Bethenny Frankel — best-selling author, creator of the Skinnygirl Margarita and star of both The Real Housewives of New York City and Bethenny Getting Married?for sharing the highs and lows of motherhood with us this month.

In her final blog for PEOPLE Moms & Babies, the reality star – who is mom to 11-week-old daughter Bryn Casey with husband Jason Hoppy – tells us what she’s learned in her first few months as a parent.

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Hey PEOPLE people!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about the daily moments in my life. Marriage and motherhood have been such incredible gifts that it has been so easy to share with you. Plus, I learn so much from your questions, comments and opinions and value every minute of it all.

Truthfully, Jason and I had absolutely no clue about what to do with our daughter Bryn when we brought her home. The baby nurse was a godsend because she really taught us everything we needed to know.

Every day there are new things to learn, but the “Dos and Don’ts” have changed since we were babies, i.e. putting a baby on their stomach and safety pins in diapers. Still, for all you new moms, here are a few lessons I did learn…

THE ESSENTIALS: At first Bryn’s nursery was bare, but little did I know that a baby could sleep in a shoebox if necessary. They do nothing but poop and sleep! So a bassinet was all we needed at first. (You don’t need a crib for several weeks.) Eventually, the nursery was all put together and is so beautiful (thanks to Bellini — they were so helpful!!).

The only essential thing a new parent needs is a place to change the baby’s diapers. We used a shelf to change her for a few weeks. Don’t stress on that.

BREASTFEEDING: Bryn now sleeps for 4-hour intervals (6 if we’re lucky), and I have been breastfeeding. That has been the greatest challenge and reward. It is something you don’t have to be extreme about and don’t need to be pressured about either. However, it’s very healthy and a gift that only you can give your baby. I would have regretted not doing it.

PETS: The idea of integrating our dog Cookie into Bryn’s life and vice versa was overwhelming and anxiety-producing even just to think about. I had a feeling Cookie would be good about it, and indeed she has been great. She has been so calm and gentle with Bryn. However, she has been hyper vigilant with everyone else though, which presents a new problem. It never ends does it?

All in all, I’ve never been happier. Jason and I love our little family and are grateful for that every day. It really made us the people we were meant to be yet didn’t know we could be.


— Bethenny Frankel

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joanne on

Thanks Bethenny for all your generosity with sharing about
becoming a mom…. All brand news for you this year, getting
married having baby…BUT IT’s ALL WORTH IT! I truly enjoy
your show…every week it’s a new adventure…love your whole
family, mother-in-law is precious….

God Bless you Bethenny and whole family!

Shannon/ on


Sounds like you and Jason (and Cookie) are naturally coming into your roles. I love the last line about becoming the people you were meant to be but didn’t know you could be…that’s a perfect way of putting it! And if Bryn ever becomes a big sister you’ll see the same thing for her as a sibling…I know my children are.

I write a parenting blog about natural, healthy family living ( Check it out if you want and feel free to email me any questions you have about anything you see or think about. I don’t know it all, but I’ve applied my type A personality to my family and research everything like a mad women!

Looking forward to your next installment!

Lola Monroe on

Hey Bethenny-
You are probably one of the funniest people I dont know…just hilarious. I love reading your blog & seeing how your journey into motherhood is to watch seeing where you were when your first started Real Housewives of NY…I really hope you do another season of this show, you and Jason compliment eachother so well..he is an absolute doll, as are your in-laws! Hopefully you will share more pictures of Bryn soon…best wishes!!

Dgish on

I wish you, Jason & Bryn a healthy & happy life (it’s sounds like you’re already there).

It has been interesting to watch the crazy comments from people judging you for having a baby nurse, etc. Those militant holier-than-thou mommies are pretty amusing (unintentionally). I hope you can toss all that aside, and know that most people are very happy for you and wish you only the best.


Byrn is just beautiful. You appear to be a fantastic Mom, good for you. I am so happy for you and Jason and I love your new show. I hope that you do another season, it pleases me to be able to learn what is new in your life every Thursday night. You are a great person inside and out, I can tell that by your relationship with Jason’s Mom. I don’t have a relationship with my Mother-in-law, she chose not to like me from the beginning, I was 25 and my husband was 23 at the time we got married, February 2, 2011 will be our 20 year anniversary. We had only known each other 6 months when we got married. She blames me for taking her son from her. She told everyone that I was bad news, that I was pressuring him to marry me, because I was pregnant, which I was not, our Son Brandon was not born until February 3 of the following year, he was born the day after our 1 year anniversary, she couldn’t admit she was wrong about me, so we have never had a relationship and never cross paths and she lives less than 10 miles from me. The only one suffering is my husband. He hasn’t had a relationship with his parents in almost 20 years. I am so happy for you and your relationship with Jason and his family, please treasure every little moment with them, Jason and Byrn, trust me they grow up in the blink of an eye. Embrace her, she will be 18 before you know it, I know, I am there today. Take care, and God Bless your precous family.

paulette on

Hi Bethenny,
What a wonderful turn your life has taken..I am old enough to be your Mom..You have a terrifc new family and please allow them access and entry into your life..It will only make your husband love you more..A daugher in law can be a daughter and your new ‘Mom” seems to think of you that way and doesn’t seem the type to interfer. Take each day with anticpation of joy and before you know it, you will have a son in love and a long time marriage…keep the emotions in check and produce wonderful thoughts..please stay away from the past..too toxic and you have too much now and in the future to exhault..good luck with all your is great..

Kelly S on

Love watching your show girl!!!! Soooo happy for you!!! Glad you are enjoying married life and motherhood!! Both are exceptional things:)

jennifer lassiter mama of 3 on

Bethany, I loved your blogs. You bring me back to when I had my first baby. How scary it all is. Worrying about it all cuz you have no clue what to expect. I’m so happy for you, and just remember you will get some sleep in the future, just not the near future! I have 3 boys myself. Good luck with everything, and I look forward to watching Brn born tonight!


Kimber Christian on

Bethenny –

You give me hope that someday I might find my prince charming and have a family. I’m starting over after a failed engagement at the age of 33 and I’m devestated. Seeing your journey to love, marriage and motherhood truly inspires me to keep hoping that it might happen for me too someday.

Thank you!

P.S. You’re the funniest person on TV! The line about your dress being so short if you had a tampon in the string would be showing almost made me pee my pants! 🙂

Ally on

Your show is so funny and a breath of fresh air. Being a parent can be healing, as I’m sure you are finding out. You can’t imagine how it changes you to love someone so much that you would do anything for them. Bryn is so fortunate to have you and Jason as parents. I really got anxious over the toxic bickering on the Housewives show towards you, so I am very happy that I got to see you in your family setting. Thankfully, all of you support and love each other! Jason’s parents are great.

Ashty on

Thanks for blogging Bethenny – I love to read what you have to say. You are so insightful, honest, and funny! Way to go on breastfeeding! Now all you need is Cesar the Dog Whisperer to pop over and you’ll be set!

lawyerjen on

Bethenny- Best on everything! I wouldn’t worry about Cookie! She just has a new precious person to guard. We have a bulldog who did the exact same thing when my son came home- she was great with the baby but really wary of everyone else (except my husband and I). It wears off- once she gets used to the new “routine” and new person in her house, she will calm down. My son is now 15 months and I have to say seeing him with our bulldog is heart melting- very few things go together as well as dogs and babies!


Julie on

You and Jason seem like you are doing a wonderful job raising little Bryn (I love this picture of the two of you – Bryn is SO cute!). I agree with you that newborns don’t really need much in terms of materials things; however, I found that a baby swing was AWESOME in terms of getting my son to calm down and go to sleep especially when he cried a lot or seemed collicky. My daughter, on the other hand, was a lot calmer, so she didn’t need it, but again, it was a godsend for my son. So, if you are ever struggling to calm Bryn down, I would try the baby swing.

IvyMike on

I am bummed this is your last blog. I have enjoyed watching Bryn grow. I hope you’ll continue to share photos of her with us. Best of luck!

patty on

bethenny, i always told my girls that wanting to be a good parent was the most important thing. as long as the babies know they are loved and cared for and their needs are met, they are good to go. i am so proud of you and the wonderful mother you have become. it has been great to watch you evolve into this. i love your show, i think jason is a great guy and his parents love you just like a daughter you can just tell. great in-laws make a world of difference. i look forward to watching the show every week. some of your sayings just crack me up. take care…p.s. bryn is a doll baby!!

Erin on

I’m sure you are a wonderful mother. You crack me and my sister up every week on Bethenny Getting Married? Bryn is lucky to have such a fun and loving mother. I wish all the best to you, Jason, and Bryn!

birkenmomy on

It sounds like you’ve unlocked the key to new mommyhood – that you do figure it all out eventually and just need to find your own groove. Cnngratulations – it gets better and better.

Sarah on

Cookie is a classic. Thanks for sharing Bethenny! See you tonight (on the television screen that is.)

Tess on

I hope you know that this is the easy part. Changing diapers, breast feeding and surviving on 2 hours of sleep for a year will seem like a cake walk when this child turns 15. Just sayin!!!!

Priscilla on

Hi Bethenny, I love reading your blogs. I look forward to your show every week. You look radiant as a mom, well you always looked beautiful but I guess when you have a baby everything just changes and you look fabulous! My hubby & I are planning to start a family and reading your blogs helps me. I’m so glad that everything worked out for you and you seem to have motherhood in control. You inspire me and I love you & your show just everything.


Anne on

You have come such a long way, Bethenny, from a single woman having a though time in the NY dating scene to an author, wife and mother. It sure hasn’t been easy and I’m glad you showed us that if you’re prepared to work hard you can have everything you want.

Congratulations to you and Jason

miranda on

cool beans hope you keep on sharing with us! love to watch you and your family are a wonderful woman and an inspiration to us mothers who were all scared of motherhood. thanks and best of luck! tell jason he is such a wonderful father and that baby will have him wrapped around his little finger so be! muah!

jessicad on

I loved the show last week, you and Jason are hilarious together and seem to be great parents already!

I’m so jealous of your baby nurse:) I was lucky enough to have my Mother with me the first few weeks though, I would’ve gone crazy without her. I know you don’t have that relationship with your Mother so it’s good that you had someone there to help in those first few weeks, which can be scary. Don’t worry about the negative comments!

heather on

Bethenny, i absolutly love your show! Im pregnant myself and watching your on tv made me feel like i could relate to someone. you and jason make a great couple and your daughter is adorable. congrats! and i hope theres more seasons to come

Nyah on


Thanks for being truly a breath of fresh air to watch on TV. You have given us the high’s and low’s in all aspects and life and I thank you for that. Thanks for being so down to earth and witty! I am truly happy for your new family and I wish you all of the best! I hope that you consider having a spinoff on your reality TV show because you have made my Thursday evenings quite enjoyable.

Again.. you rock.. Bless you and your’s xoxoxoxox!!!!

Anonymous on

I love the way you included Cookie as part of the family, just keep loving Cookie and Bryn and they will be best friends………

Lola on

Nursing was one the biggest challenges for me. That’s why when I heard JOy from the view be sort of rude to you about, it made me mad.
Nursing is easy for some women but hard for others.

Jeanine on

Congrats to you all… deserve it beyond words…..!!

Marilyn on

Hi Bethenny,

The best advice I can give anyone whose a newbie is to make sure Bryn is put on her back when you lay her down and get rid of all the fluffy stuff in and around her bassinet and crib. New born babies, especially premies are prone to SIDS. I had a dear friend who lost a child this way. I don’t mean to scare you, but I tell this to all my friends. I think you and Jason will do great as parents. What a joy Bryn will bring to your lives and you to hers.

Bobbi on

Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us! I enjoy your show SO MUCH!!! You are hilarious. I am so happy for you that you found Jason and he came with an awesome set of parents. And now baby Bryn…she is so precious. It is such a relief to not see all the drama of housewives. Your show is what these shows should be about….daily lives….not the constant bickering, back stabbing, gossip and craziness. I hope that you continue with your show and drop doing housewives. You don’t need that aggravation. Keep the happy, supportive, upbeat people in your lives. I won’t be watching Housewives anymore but I would absolutely be watching your show if it continues.

AnonymousMouse on

While it is nice that People tries to have so many “celebrity” bloggers, I wish they would just focus on the bloggers that really add value to the site. For example Constance Marie, AMAZING!!!!! Her blogs really demonstrate her interest in sharing her experiences, her wealth of knowledge, and her lack of fear of “oversharing”! meanwhile, blogs like this one from Bethany I skim over wondering why they even bothered to post this. MORE CONSTANCE MARIE PLEASE!!!!!

Tiffany Hoyle on

Hi Bethany…… I must say that you have done very well for yourself. I was not a fan at first but I am truly a fan now of you an your adorable family…:) Keep up the good work and take care.

Amber on

Thanks so much for sharing your life with us, you have come such a long way and you are an inspiration to so many people who have given up on finding happiness. You are truly one of the funniest people on TV, I loved the sponge bob comment you made about Danielle on WWHL, I was rolling on the floor laughing. I look forward to your blogs every week, as do many other Bethenny fans. You have such a beautiful family, love the pic of you and Bryn, can’t wait to see more, hope you have another season on Bravo. Enjoy your wonderful Mrs.Hoppy….you deserve it!

Been There Done That on

Hi Bethenny and Jason:

You know being a first time mother and father, can be frightening
and scary. Receiving any help from others is always appreciated
because those first few months can be overwhelming. All of this
help gives one a chance to catch your breath from the new
responsibilities in caring for the newborn.

The best part begins when all this wonderful help disappears as
their lives must also go on. This is when reality comes into play.
You are on you own, but not to worry, by now one has learned
that the baby will not break and you know that without your help
the baby will be in trouble. So, dig in and bear whatever comes
your way. The baby has simple, requirements – either hungary orwet.

Taking one day at a time and enjoying each day because so
many changes take place daily. You have to stop and enjoy the
moment because it truly passes much too quickly.

You will both do fine and little Bryn will flourish no matter who
comes to her aid. She will love you even if you make a mistake.

Lots of hugs and keep your chins up high because we know
you will both have smiles on you faces.

Signed: Been There Done That

Annette on

Whoo Hoo!!! You are breastfeeding, this is wonderful. It’s trying at first but so rewarding for you and for Bryn. Many women cannot do it but those who can should breastfeed. Your bond with Bryn will be amazing. I’m so so “Hoppy” for all of you. Love on your man, Bethany, he seems like a terrific guy. You are Blessed in every way!!!

laura on

“It is something you don’t have to be extreme about and don’t need to be pressured about either.”

Thank you!! I love your approach to breastfeeding. It was SUCH a challenge for me and all the guilt and crazy ideas about it people throw at new moms only made it worse. if the breast lobby could just chill out, they’d be making so many moms and babies lives so much easier. It was a great gift to my daughter, and it would have been an even greater gift if it weren’t tainted by all the pressure and judgment.

PS, what happened on the View?

Kelly on

Thanks so much for your blog, Bethenny! I love reading about your journey into marriage and motherhood, and watching your television show as well! You are truly a breath of fresh air and I wish you nothing but the best!

Jami on

I have been so mesmerized by your journey into motherhood “later in life.” I am a mother of 2 now pregnant again at 34 and feeling like it’s my first time being pregnant. Sharing this experience with you has been eye opening and has helped me feel not so alone. Plus you are a fellow Scorpio and I have laughed with you through some moments most others would not find quite so amusing. You are an inspiration. Thanks so much for opening your life to the world.

Kylie on

When I first got my dog I read and watched episodes of The Dog Whisperer. He has some really interesting and useful techniques that may help you with your puppy. You could even give him a call and talk to him about the behavioral issues you might be having. If anything take a look at his show and check out his books. CONGRATS on your success in Life, Work, and Motherhood!

Cassandra on

So happy to see such a beautiful happy little family!! May God continue blessing you all!

Kristin on

I must say that children are amazing, and forever change our lives. It is incredible to me that these tiny little beings can have such a wonderful impact on us as parents!! I have 4 wonderful kids… ages 9, 8, 6, and 5! They are a blast and the reason I am who I am today!!

Congratulations Bethenny and Jason!

Lorraine on

Bethenny you have made me laugh and I have also cried watching you – God Bless you and Jason (who seems like a GEM) on your baby girl……TOO CUTE~

Kymiah on

Hello Bethenny,
I love your new show! You were soooo funny throughout it all!
“Pick up in aisle 9” in the casino, I laughed so hard! Even when you were in labor, well it got more difficult and not so funny after a while. Oh.. I remember it well, even though my son is now 26. I’m glad you decided to breast feed, it is the greatest gift and head start you could give Bryn. It is very hard at first toughening up those nipples, I used to almost go through the roof the first few weeks, but after that it is the closet most precious time you will ever share with her, so take note now as time flies so fast you won’t believe it.
I am so glad you found Jason, what a calm, sweet man and is so caring towards you, someone who had a past that taught you trusting and loving wasn’t always such a good thing.
I wish You, Jason and Bryn all the best and take as many video’s and pic’s as you can as I said it goes by so fast!
Luv & Huggz…..Kymiah ❤ ❤ <3.

Jill on

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I can relate as I have a beautiful 19 month old little girl Zoey, who I am so in love with. She is going through her fits and changes, which is interesting to see and not take to heart. You deserve to have such a great life and family. You will be the best mom.

Ps. I also breast fed and thrilled I did not give up. Zoey seemed to be healthier from nursing.


Heather Hamiton on

From the very first Houswives show you were always my favorite, so real and uncensored. You are a great inspiration to me and lots of other women. I just turned 37 years old July 18th and have no children yet but I do want one very badly. I to have met the man of my dreams and just watching you with your new husband and baby Bryn I know that I shouldn’t have a problem starting a family now. Thank you for making me and my husband laugh and for being you…:)

melanie on

bethenny, the issues with Cookie are typical for any animal no matter the breed. Dogs are pack-oriented and Cookie considers your family her pack and that includes lil Bryn. She is hyper around everyone else because she is protecting Bryn and is likely uncomfortable with all the activity when the baby is around. It was likely a similar situation when you were pregnant. Cookie was likely more territorial of you than normal because she could sense that you were pregnant. Have no worries Cookie will become calmer around people when she learns that they are there to embrace baby Bryn and not hurt her.

Deborah on

Hi Bethenny….

Isn’t mommy hood just wonderful? Enjoy your little peanut every day because they grow up so fast. It’s hard to believe my peanut is a 33 year old woman with a 6 1/2 year old peanut of her own. I thought being a mom was great, but gramma is the greatest thing of all. Hopefully, you don’t have to worry about being gramma for many, many years to come.

I just love your new show. You are so open and welcoming of total strangers into your lives. I enjoy watching RHONY but I love BGM because you seem so much more calm away from all the drama. Big hugs to you, Jason, Bryn and even Cookie…… ya girl.

Betsy on

Glad things are going well with you and baby Bryn!! Love your show. Jason, his family, Cookie, Julie, Max, etc.–I’ll miss you all when the the series is through. I hope there will be a season two–you are like a breath of fresh air, and your sense of humor is awesome!!

Don’t worry about any negative comments–it’s probaby Jill under another fake name!! 🙂

me doyle on

What a beautiful pic…you are a natural!! congrats and all the best to you Jason and Bryn

Roxanne on

Hi Bethenny,

Congrats on you new baby girl, Bryn! I have been following you since watching Real Housewives, and I am huge fan! Please continue being the terrific person you are today! You are a real inspiration to many, and I thank you for allowing many into your personal and private life:)

Hope to meet you someday?


Aeneid13 on

Bethany, our births (not the babies’) are about four days apart. Go for the second one! It will complete your family. For about three years, after my first, who is almost five, my husband and I wanted no more children. We now also have one year old and our family is complete. Don’t cheat Bryn from a sibling and yourselves of doubling your joy. It’s a smooth transition with the second child. SO MUCH EASIER even in how you relate to your first. You’re more relaxed.


Milagro on

Your blog is such a beautiful expression of becoming a wife and mother. Thank you for sharing, I have enjoyed all you and Jason have shared with us all, it has been a true pleasure watching your show and how you’ve made us laugh and cry. I love your free spirit and how down to earth you are. I’m so happy for you and your sweet family. Thanks again and God bless.

Peggi on

God bless you and your family. Your show is thee best hour on TV-even the repeats!!!! Sit back and enjoy your daughter.
Always remember, they are only young for a short while. You will turn around and they will be in school. It all goes so fast. Enjoy!!!!!!

Sandra E SBBG on

Hi Bethenny, Bryn and Jason:

You all are sucha delight to watch..Bethenny, you have been my fav Housewife since the series started, and now with your new life and new show – it’s great.
I feel like you are my daughter, and Jason my son-in-law and Bryn – the only grandbaby I will ever have. My daughter chooses no9t to taklk to me..and that is OK – it’s her choice and her life.
I am a 67 YO disabled senior, who has been on my own since I left my husband in 1971 for the abuse he tortured me with.
My children, who stayed with him, never forgave I said – that is their choice.
So I have adopted you as my family – I really have none.
The defination of “Family” is a relationship..and I have none with the children I gave life to. My parents, aunts, uncles are all I have no “Family” – the 3 of you are my “Family” now!
I look forward to your show each week and catch the re-runs all the time. I get something different from each re-run..and they are far from boring. You 3 are what I always hoped for, but never got.

As far as your baby-nurse goes..I had one for all 3 kids, for almost 4 months at each delivery…you see I had Toxemia, or Pre-Eclampsia, with each pregnancy and the dr did not think either of us would live. Fortunately, we did, and each time was like a special miracle times two for me. This is something my children do not even know about or care about or appreciate. maybe if they watched your delivery they might understand the true meaning of giving birth. You are actually giving life…

Keep up the great job you are doing with all your endeavors, and best of luck.

I am so glad you are on TV and in magazines..I love watching the developments..
Bethenny, you are a special woman, who is lucky to have everything you wished for in life. This is so special – enjoy each minute and do not let what people say get to you..especialy some of the other Housewives of NY. They are really miserable women..if you watch closely..not one of them has found what you have..true happiness just being yourself – and a jewel-of-a-husband and a precious new life that the 2 of you created, who has the best of the two of you, to share it with…
I love you for having the courage of your convictions.

I hope you are not too busy to read this..It is meant for the 3 of you..
Best of luck and if you would like to write to me..crabapp [AT]peoplepc DOT] com..I would love it.
Best wishes for your brand new life..and lots of love.


So what are your fav baby goods? What makes life a little easier?
A favorite stroller? (We are looking at the UppaBaby vs Orbit)
Have you tried the Miracle Blanket swaddle? I hears is amazing!

Thanks so much

Nancy Shafer on

Just brings tears to my eyes !! My twins, b/g are 19 yrs old now…time flies by!! Seems like yesterday they were little like Bryn !! Have empty nest syndrome, but I do have my miniature beagle, Tamra & am acquiring a new yorkie mix puppy next wk! Will be a challenge introducing Tamra to my puppy, Chelsea!! Can’t wait !! (just lost my Mom, who was 87, Easter Sunday) Best Wishes to the three if you !!

Bryn Huhta on

Hi Bethenny!

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your show and reading about your new family! You are truly an inspiration! And you have always been my favorite housewife on the show! 🙂 I hope to someday meet you!
P.S. I love your name is so rare to find another Bryn!

Love, Bryn

Susan Rakay on

We learned about our adopted daughter just four weeks before she was born! Two of those four weeks were spend working around the clock to deal with all the necessary paperwork, attorneys, social workers, and everything else. The other two weeks were spent in a hotel room across the country waiting for her birth. It wasn’t until we flew home with her when she was 15 days old that we had time to deal with the fact she didn’t yet have a room (or a bassinet) to sleep in!! She had been sleeping in a pack ‘n’ play in our hotel, and since we needed it til the last night, we shipped it home via UPS the morning of our flight. Obviously we arrived before it did. You make do. Thanks to some friends that came to the rescue, she didn’t have to sleep in a shoe box that night… but she came pretty close! And we changed her diapers on a changing pad on our bed for a long time. Piece of cake. Whatev.

LOVE YOU BETHENNY!!! You’re my favorite housewife, and I steal your one liners all the time!

Sheila Estrem on

Bethany, Jason, Bryn, and Cookie, you are a wonderful family and so funny!! Love ya!! Bethany, I wish I could be your mother…I already love you and appreciate your humor and honesty so much. If you ever need a new nanny I would take the job in a heartbeat! Have another baby, please…..Bryn would love to have a brother or sister someday. God Bless you all from Swedish lady in MN. Jason you are perfect!!! Love seeing such a cute couple and how gently you handle change..Love your folks too!!!!Your mom is a doll…..Wish I new you all!

Caroly on

Beautiful little girl…like her Mommy! You are the perfect example of showing the world you can do it all, if you want it bad enough. Sometimes we have to go through a lot just to get where we need to be. Who’s the underdog now?

Julie on

Hey Bethany,
I will be your mom….You are precious and I love EVERYTHING about you. I love your zest for life and you will be and already are a wonderful mother, and jason, well he is precious. I love your attitude about everything and I will be getting some of your books. I have already lost 51lbs, but I want your receipes and inspriation in reading them to help lift me when I am down. I can’t help laugh and cry with you. Your a hoot!!!!
Love from a TEXAS FAN


Carolyn on

Love your new show! You’re a perfect example for the world to see, because you’ve proven you can have it all if you want it bad enough! Bryn is a beautiful little girl just like her Mommy! Who’s the underdog now?

Amber on


Sounds like motherhood suits you well. I wanted to share with you that I also had a baby girl this year. Brynn Elyse was brought into this world Feb 25, 2010. I had a huge smile on my face when I saw what you had named your daughter. I was wondering if you had a hard time choosing a middle name for Bryn? I had a hard time finding a name that went well with Bryn(n). Looking forward to reading more 🙂

ashley on

LOVE bethenny! her commentary, sense of humor, randomness – its all refreshingly hysterical – wish her, hubby and baby the best!

Monica on

Congratulations Bethenny on having your dreams come true. You have your own family now, mazel! Have a wonderful life.

anastacia on

Bethenny-I enjoy your show so much-you’re both funny and inspirational! Congratulations on your wedding and your beautiful new daughter.

Ellea on

Your blog was horrible, a barren freshman english major could’ve given more insight. Goodbye and bring on the next celebrity blogger.

bonnie rickard on

i think you are truly awesome. i think you are an exeptionally honest, in control, forthright person. i think you will be an awesome woman and will be an extrordinary parent. And so will your husband. all the best.

meghan on

I’m sad to see that this is your last blog entry. I’ve really enjoyed it. Thank you!

NectarIris on

Hi Bethenny,

I just caught the rerun of last week’s episode of BGM & I had to pause it because I almost started to cry recalling the birth of my first-born. Jason and you are going to be great parents – no doubt. Trust your bond, your parental instincts. No book published can teach you that. You’ve been given the most precious gift. Enjoy every moment. Love watching your show. God bless you & yours. Congrats on all your success.

Roslyn G on

Bethenny, thank you for allowing us into your life and sharing your wonderful experiences with us. I can not tell you how much I enjoy your show, your books, your blog and your interviews (you were excellent on the View). I admire you and feel that you are truly a woman that others can look up to and strive to be a strong woman with goals. Bryn’s nursery furniture is beautiful, when I saw that mobile at Bellini’s I was so hoping that you would change your mind about the accessories in the babies room once you knew what the babies sex was. It is a beautiful nursery for a beautiful baby.

Roslyn G on

Thank you Bethenny for allowing us to come into your life. You are an amazing woman and you are truly an inspiration. I love your show, your books, your DVD and every show that I see you on. Bryn is a beautiful baby and I am thrilled for all of you.

Joanna H on

I remember an episode on real housewives when you said that if you didn’t have a baby you would adopt because you didn’t think you would be getting married,now look at you.Your a wife and a mother in a matter of weeks.Congrats and good luck,you so deserve it.

Jessica on

Bethenny, you are so incredibly inspiring. You are such a strong person and I just LOVE your show! looking foreward to more! thanks for sharing!
P.s. Your daughter is GORGEOUS! GOOD WORK! 😉

lisa on

Love you Bethenny! You deserve every ounce of your happiness. Jason is a special man and a keeper. As for parenting i think you will do a great job.I am the mother of two girls, 19 and 15
and everyone had great advice, but i found what ever my inner voice was saying to me was usually right. So go with your gut, it is usually right…Last thing enjoy this ride because it will be the best one you ever experience.

Ashley on

You make me so happy / pee my pants laughing when I watch your show. You have inspired me to be myself in all situations. Your are real and it’s so refreshing. I can’t get enough. This is the first time I have been genuinely happy for a stranger.



Pamela Andews on

not sure if you get this note but here goes, you had my heart when I first saw you on Martha’s Apprentice, and only watched housewives because of you…Thank you so much for sharing your wedding and most importantly the birth of your beauti…ful baby girl, You are a wonderful person and are and will be the best momma, to Bryn. I look forward to watching you grow in this new life your in..
Take this ride with your hands high in the air….it’s going to be wonderful, Blessings to you and your Family

Gina on

Hey Bethany – I so much enjoyed your show – not just because I love your personality and think you are a riot, but because your entire motherhood experience reminds me so much of my own…my daughter was also a preemie (4.5 weeks early), my water broke just like you, she was born at Lenox Hill in NY (I am a native NYer, but live in MD now), she also attended her own baby shower, AND her entire nursery was from Bellini which was, of course, empty for her arrival!! So many happy memories were relived watching your experience with Bryn. My daughter is now 17, preparing for college, planning on going pre-med and we are very close. I wish you as much success with your little angel as I have had with mine. Also, let Jason know that GIRLS do play basketball! 🙂 She has several schools looking at her to play ball for them. She also has a little brother who plays football, so he still has a chance. Many blessings to you and your family.

Nancy on

I’m so glad that you figured out how to put Bryn in the car seat but MOMMY & DADDY NEED TO PUT THEIR SEATBELTS ON AS WELL!

sandra frankel on

I love your show! I am so “hoppy” for you with your beautiful new family!! I am happy that you had the chance to experience pregnancy, birth and motherhood. I got started late too.( had my baby when I was 41 !) got married the same year…etc. !
I have good women friends who never met the right man.. or waited too long and couldn’t concieve. I feel very blessed !
and you are too !!!
I am very proud of you for making the effort and committment to breastfeed Bryn ! Now that you are in the pubic eye- you are a roll model and will encourage alot of mothers to do the same. It is surprising how many moms don’t bother and I think it is a shame.
You are soooo right that a baby will sleep anywhere.
The whole “baby-room thing” is more for the parents than the baby. In fact, I was pressured to buy a crib…we NEVER used it. It was so much easier to have baby in bed and breastfeed. Finally, just got sick of it taking up space and put it out in the alley where is disappeared in 20 minutes.
I encourage you to look into the issue of vaccination. The childhood vaccination program is excessive and I know many doctors (MDs) who do not go along with it.
Go to….great books, great articles…really good site. The drug co. are very influencial in medicine.
Most doctors and parents don’t do the research. The truth is- improved hygene and nutrition caused the dramatic drop in disease PRIOR to vaccination. but the time-frame was close.
Please look into this- even if you choose not to go public on this matter…which is your right…and sensible.
I love babies…they are so perfect and precious and vulnerable. I am on their side and try to educate parents…because it is a matter ofconscience for me.
love to you, Bryn, Jason, and Cookie. (ruff !)

Jamie on

Bethenny, I so much enjoy your new show. Would much rather watch you, Jason, and Bryn than any other reality show out there! You are so real, sensitive, and loving. Jason and Bryn have totally changed your life. They have melted your heart. They have touched, softened, and help heal your broken heart and it is so obvious. You are a chnaged person and it is evident in all that shows now. I believe we are seeing the real Bethenny…open and out there and learning to love as never before and able to accept love back without a guard up. And it is feeling good! Your happiness is all about you, so obvious. I am so happy for you…you totally make me cry. I can relate to your cry…I did the same after the C-Section birth of my one and only son! Every time I looked at him or touched him…my heart was overwhelmed with love I couldn’t describe. I’m not sure how you feel about God…but I want to tell you that the love you feel for Bryn and the words that can never begin to describe it…is just a glimpse of what God feels for you. Not just you but Bryn and Jason, too. HE blessed you with a beautiful, healthy baby and a wondeful, loving husband..cherish every moment. Enjoy your new found happiness and love Bethenny….you so totally deserve it! If you ever come to St. Louis…I would love to meet you and give you a big hug for hanging in there!

Ree* on

Love your show Bethenney, you are so refreshingly funny compared to the stuff on TV these days. Started watching you on HW of NYC & got hooked & wanted to follow your life when you got your own show. The wedding was fairytale-like & now beautiful baby Bryn is precious. Jason seems to be a wonderful caring person, husband & father.he’s a keeper & your whole new family is very special. You can see the love on the screen. It is a happy upbeat show & I am hooked & looking forward to the new episodes. I will follow your blog too. Keep making us laugh & having a wonderful life & career, so we can watch along w/ you. Can’t wait to try your Skinny Margarita’s….Come to Freehold, NJ to sell it at our huge Sam’s Club!! Looking forward to meeting you someday!

Allie on

Dear Bethenny,

Congratulations to you and Jason. I love that you’ve been generous enough to share your life with all of us. Bryn is SUCH s BEAUTIFUL BABY!!! But I know that’s not news to you.

I feel so incredibly happy for both of you!! With all the sadness you and Jason have experienced, I really believe that God made little Bryn to fill your hearts with the joy you deserve.

My grandmother used to tell me that God sent me on June 18, because that was the day her mother died and he didn’t want her to be sad anymore.

Don’t doubt yourselves. You are wonderful parents and have a great support system.

Kiss that beautiful Bryn for me!



I love your show and u are an amazing woman, Enjoy every day of mother hood she will bring u a ton of joy . I have three teenage girls who still make me smile and they are the most amazing part of my life. May your little one bring you much happiness always…you will be an amazing mom always…

Dawn H on

Bethenny, I just watched the episode when you and Jason bring the baby home. I nearly wet my pants laughing – especially when you were trying to get her footprints. It felt good to laugh so hard, the perfect medicine! Keep ’em coming. Parenthood is full of good humor.

Kris on

Hi Bethenny,
No wonder people like you so much. THere is something big to be said of someone so honest come good or bad that in the end you are liked and trusted two very important qualities.

Anyway please please be so careful with how you lay your daughter in bed. There are so so many toddlers walking around today with the back of their heads FLAT and miss-shaped because of not alternating which side they sleep on ..Some heads are so warped they have to wear corrective helmets. Ok thats sounds funny but nothing could be worse than having to make an active toddler wear a helmet all day.
And nursing is tricky and confusing especially when you are working on 2 hrs sleep but I give you lots of credit for sticking to it!!
God Bless you all,

Mr. Google on

Good luck Bethenny,

I saw the episode of her wedding and it was the funniest reality show I have seen thus far. I still can’t believe she actually peed in a trash can with her wedding dress on. And some how, she stayed classy.

Joe on

Title for you new book: I’D NEVER CHANGED A DIAPER!

You and Jason knew nothing about babies. With your great sense of humor, keep a journal and write a book someday about your experiences: What you two dummies (meant in the kindest of terms) learned while preparing for and surviving the first year of parenthood.

And make sure you include that you two nearly became the very first “street parents of NYC” when you couldn’t release the seat from the car. Without your cell phone and the nurse, you might still be there. Did either of you think about removing Bryn from the seat? That was hysterical!

Cherish your family AND your sense of humor.

linda sullivan on

Bethanney …god Bless the 3 of you ………This will definately change your life forever …..for the better !!!!!

Vicki R. on

Watching your show, reading your blog…makes my heart sing.
God Bless.

Anonymous on

Bethenny I am a true Bethenny Frankel lover. I have bought all your books, watched every YouTube cooking segment that you have done, and of course share your skinny girl margaritas with everyone I know. Keeping giving us what we love, more bethenny. I wish you would take over for one of the women on the view.

Jaci on

My friend lost her mother to a tragic motorcycle accident when she was 21, worse still it was just 2 weeks before my friends wedding day. Her mother and she were very close. I’m much older, my daughter is now 16 – I’ve worried about something happening to me and my daughter not knowing things I would have taught her. I know you understand just what I’m talking about after not having your mother around when you were giving birth.

I’d like to share with you a couple things I’ve made sure my daughter knows already, just in case I might not be around to pass on the information later. Maybe these are tips you’ve not heard yet.

Peppermint in a bottle of baby water does wonders to sooth a babies upset tummy. You can use the little red and white candies but since you are big on organic you may not want that, you can use the raw herb as well – just shake it up real well until you can taste the peppermint in the water. I have to say the candies are strongest and work best if you can brave it.

A little sweet oil warmed up (SLIGHTLY) and put in the ear with some cotton, really helps an ear ache.

Try your best to take care of things without anti-biotics. They aren’t needed as often as they are prescribed. Let her little body try to learn to fight off things on it’s own so she wont have a tolerance to anti-biotics when they are really needed.

For a fever. Try popsicles – what kid doesn’t love a popsicle. Just remember “Italian Ice for labor and fever” lol. If it’s bad and you NEED to get it down , you can give both tylenol and motrin at once. They are different drugs. I always avoid that as much as I can, but when they need it they need it right.

Anyway maybe someone has told you this stuff, maybe they haven’t. It’s worth telling you again.

I really from the bottom of my heart wish you and your family (cookie, Bryn, Jason, Julie and Max) all the best in the world. Maybe you have every happiness due to a mother daughter relationship and also to a family.

Oh and tiny P.S. give Jason a break every once in a while about the publicity and who his mom can call. Try to remember that their family is “normal” and they didn’t all sign up for this. Let them stay “normal” – screw the paparazzi!

Jenny I. on

Your reality show is a breath of fresh air Bethenny! Congrats to you and Jason (and Cookie too!). What a journey you have taken and in the end you are blessed with a beautiful baby girl, loving husband and all the happiness you deserve.


Laura on

Betthanny, Watching you with your new family every eposide of Housewives, makes me feel like I am part of your family too, and Having lost my one and only child, I understand your un-conditonal love for Bryn. I am so happy for you and Jason. Remember, your past does not dictate your future…You have free will, and with the love and support of your family and God, anything can be accomplished. God Bless.

Haley on


I love watching the shows your in and fallowing you on facebook. It’s been so great because I’m currently pregnant with my 3rd and I’m 26, and watch you go through the ups and downs of pregnancy have been so helpful because you don’t bullcrap it. Your straight about how it is, and even though this is my third baby, sometimes it’s easy to feel alone on the way I feel and the fears and crazy stuff my body does. I love how you call it how you see it and it all works out! 🙂


OMG Bethenny, you and Jason are such a beautiful and funny couple. The little episode when you guys were comming home from the hospital and couldn’t figure out how to take out the car seat, was a riot. When you said that she would have to live in the car….I lost it. What a fantastic sense of humor.
Your in laws are so NON JEWISH (NO OFFENSE, GLORIA, JILL’S MOM), down to earth amd sincere that I wish that they could adopt me. Do you realize, how, probably every one who was watching the episode when you told Jason’s mom, about having a girl and that you guys named her BRYN? I am still crying, honestly. I am at my desk, y with tears running down my face. I lost a sister when I was 13 and she was only 5. She was killed by a car. My mom never got over it. Anyway, my daughter Jennifer who is 39 and my grandaughter Alexis who is 15, look just like my sister, who mind you, was beautiful. This comment mitgh be irrevelant, but my point is that it seems my sister came back in my children. Am I making any sense???? YOU HAVE THE BEST MOTHER IN LAW IN THE WORLD NOT TO MENTION THAT HASON LOOKS JUST LIKE HER. THE BAY IS AS PRECIOUS, AS THEY COME. GOD BLESS YOUS ALL, INCLUDING HIS PARENTS.
All and all, you now have the GREATEST life ever. Your life is better than all of the HOUSEWIVES FRANCHISE LADIES, PUT TOGETHER.

Missy on

Bethenny you are such a beautiful family. May you have health and happiness throughout your life… By the way, LOVE YOUR SHOW. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!

Chelsea on

Bethenny, you and your new family are such an inspiration! Most people have this idea when they are younger that they are going to get married at a certain age and have a certain number of children, and you waited for the right moment and as we can all see, it has turned out wonderful!!! I truly love watching your show and seeing how you and Jason and Bryn are. I hope you continue it and I hope you have a long and happy life with your new family!! I give you my best wishes!!!

JO on

B, love your show; love watching your relationship with J grow along with Bryn. I have loved all the Housewives shows but yours is the best; funny, loving and best of all – NO DRAMA!!!

lmg on

Bethany, i love BGM?…so very much…I have gotten a lot of my friends to catch it on Demand and now we are like the orphans in “Oliver” …we want more , please sir ?? More episodes please!
I hate TV now… I only watch good reality shows and now Im sick of American Idol and Dancing w/the Stars. [one shud use the word ‘Stars” lightly..OK??!>>
I only love the all Housewives franchise [xcept the O.C }and you and Jason on the Bethany Show.Im african american , with a lot of jewish friends, so tell ‘hater’ Jill Zarin they say she embarrased them and sets jewish women back 60 years… with her antics on Housewives. Baby Bryn is cute as she can be. I dont want you to crash and burn ,, but I wud love to see another season or three of the Bethenay show

mk on

Bethenney, Be prepared when your child is a 16 years old and you realize she has your mothers personality. That is what happened to me. I swore I would never have the relationship that I had with my mother with one of my children. My son and I go at five minutes after were in a room together. Talk to your therapist about this get some insights on fare arguing and be prepared for the uncinderella ending. mk

DD on

Bethenny~ I have loved watching your new show BGM? I have over identified with your situation and find myself reliving my life four years ago. (Working full time, pregnant at my wedding and then on a honeymoon with ever increasing baby belly!) I am so happy for you, so much has changed for you in the last year. Motherhood is the best gift ever! I can’t wait to see more 🙂

Also … breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for Bryn, but remember even though ‘they’ say a woman doesn’t usually conceive during breastfeeding. One can. I found myself pregnant with a six month old baby.


Patty on

Just a few suggestions with child care. Don’t stick your fingers in the soft spots of the head. Feed them, love them. You will figure it out. We were MORTIFIED when we brought our 4lb. 10oz. baby boy home….we caught on fast! I said the hell with this breast feeding thing. Went 2 mos and quit. I needed sleep! There aren’t any laws or rules. They need parents that love them.

Diba/ on

Hi Bethenny!
Congrats to you on both your marriage and your new baby! Thanks for writing this blog; it is so helpful for new moms. As a NICU nurse, I have seen the anxieties new parents have when it’s time to leave the hospital. Although it’s a rough week that first week home (I call it “survival week”), parents get into a groove and find their rhythm. And it seems like you have found your rhythm :-)!

I commend all of you celebrities who breastfeed! By doing so and sharing this information to your readers, you influence so many new moms who may be on the fence. You are absolutely right…breastfeeding is both rewarding and challenging. But the benefits to both baby and mama can’t be matched! So kudos to you, Bethenny!

I own a website and provide information to parents to help them prepare and care for their infant (especially helpful for those that don’t have a baby nurse). I am also on Twitter @Babies411, facebook (I share tons of interesting info…you should check us out) and have many instructional videos on YouTube. My goal is to educate parents to empower them to feel confident in the parental decisions they make.

I love your show and looking forward to another season! Keep up the great work and many blessings to you and your new family!

polly on

bethenny – you are absolutely the most wonderful young woman, mother and of course wife to fabulous jason in the entire world of reality entertainment you and jason and now baby bryn are truly a treat to get to know via the show – and it’s obvious that you deserve all of the joy you are now experiencing.

good luck to you bethenny – you are an amazing and outstanding human being.

Marilyn Skadra on

You have a beautiful little girl and a beautiful family you all are now. Many many blessings.

mykidsmom of 5 on

As I was watching your show (for the 3rd time-I missed parts!) I couldn’t help but to look at my own husband and laugh, cry and realize we survived! Jason and you are were we were 19 years ago with our first daughter. I waited to get married until she was 6 months old- ok truth be told, we were engaged and had deposits on everything when that test strip showed two lines!!
I nursed 5 babies, loved it! Diapers, baby food, wipes, “Oh my God what did you do (okay still saying that) and now we are looking at cars, college, dating….this is when you hug your little one and enjoy!
Cookie will be fine. She will learn to calm down but in the meantime she is protecting Bryn the way she protected you. Cookie will need to learn again that you are in charge- she will- and all will be fine. Our dog loved our youngest and even got mad at her brothers!
Many blessing…one more?? Sorry, but GO Jason:)

Anika on

Watching “Bethenny Getting Married” I was struck by how incredibly loving Jason is with you and Bryn. He seems like such a devoted husband and father. Hang on to that one! 😉

Linda on

Bethany – I absolutely love watching your show. I laugh and smile so much during every episode. I’m so happy you for you that you have found this life and family. They are all wonderful. It is inspirational watching you with Jason and your baby. Your relationship with Jason is one I hope to have with someone one day. I’m in my early 40’s so you also have given me hope that one day you CAN have it all even if it’s all shoved into the last minutes! for now I’ll live vivariously through you:) And I love that your relationship is full of laughter. You all make me laugh.

But I must confess, my fav family member is Cookie! She could have her very own show! Truly! She is a stitch! She cracks me up. And as a huge animal lover I just love the way you and Jason love Cookie:) I think my doxie Ziggy would be a great partner for her;))) He’s pretty laid back and would let her have her way:)

Thank you for sharing your life and journey with us. It gives some of us hope and all of us great entertainment.

I wish you every happiness always.


anne on

I never do the blogging thing but wanted to briefly comment….yes, reality tv is what it is, but that said…your relationship with your parents hits close to home for me and as a newlywed thinking babies in the near future, i love that you’re giving Bryn the life and the love you should have had — and I’m so glad that you’re bringing to light the reality that you can make life what you want, regardless of where you came from….so, thank you!

Jessica on

Bethenny ~ If I were your little sis, I’d love to tell you how very proud I am of the woman you’ve become.

Watching you with your daughter is so heart warming and endearing. Im going to be a first time mother here very soon. I hope I have that same instant bond you did with precious Bryn.

I hope we get to see more of you on HW of NY or on your journey thru motherhood.

Best of luck and wishes for You,Jason and baby Bryn… and Cookie

jenny on

I am glad to see you did not get rid of Cookie like so many new parents unfortunately do. However, I was wondering why you have not sent her to a serious trainer so that she stops barking, chasing people and nipping at people? I could never have a dog that would upset visitors to my home like that. I mean after all what is the point of having a beautiful penthouse in NY if your visitors are scared to come to your home and are not comfortable while they are there? There are some excellent trainers that will actually train your dog to stop these destructive behaviors. I love you and your show and wish you and Jason nothing but the best!!

Erin on

Why is it every picture I see her in with be it her daughter or whomever, she’s never looking at them (always the camera)? It just bugs me a little. I know photo shoots are what they are but like I said it bugs me a little.

M. Ray on

Bethenny, I love watching your show. It is by far my favorite
show to watch. I don’t know if I’ll ever watch housewives of
NYC again. I am so happy for you and your family and Jason is
such a great husband to you. I wish you so much happiness and
I would love to see you have a second baby.

Terry B Gardner on

It’s been great watching you. Jason was so right, you softened the minute the baby was born. You will have to toughen back up later, though. I know, I am the mother of 2 teens!

Lori on


I really love your new show a lot more than the Housewives, because it’s positive.

I was surprised that neither you or Jason read any books prior to the birth, but then we saw that the baby nurse clued you in to everything, even the beer! LOL

BTW, not many people know that it takes nine months of breastfeeding to develop a baby’s visual acuity to it’s highest level.

Anyway, I do love the show and you and Jason make a wonderful couple. I think you are already great parents. Congrats.

gina on


You are so fantastic. I am so happy that you have found bliss in your life! Bryant couldn’t be more adorable and Jason rocks. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. You are a wonderful person and an awesome role model.

Much love——Gina

gail on

Bethany….as I’ve been following you I am so impressed at what you’ve done, I had a terrible marriage of 25 years and finally got out of the verbal abuse 4 years ago. I wanted to be a model, and make something of myself. but here I am at 55 struggling to survive on my own. Your story makes me smile everytime I see your show, I watched your wedding and birth evertime its been on. I hope that you 2 will beat the odds, you are an incredible couple, the love you have for each other for Brenn and for….just gives me hope even at my age that something great can still happen to me. No matter what,, Never give up on the incredible family you have, you have been an inspiration to sooo many people. I had a similar past, and it makes me cry that I didn’t try harder. I wish I could meet you…Your are so beautiful, funny, smart and blessed to have made it!!! Congratulations to you both.

Shannon on

Hi Bethenny! Me and several friends are all due this summer. We have been watching your show religiously and love it. Do you have any tips for what to pack for the hospital (or any tips in general)? Also, what were you drinking on the morning you went into labor? Thanks!

sky on


you seem like a very relaxed and smart mom. i love watching your bravo show and bummed the season is ending. i look forward to another season and more updated pictures of bryn. enjoy every minute of motherhood, it does go by fast…before you know it you will be sitting across from your daughter having a conversation.

Regina on


I love the good honest energy of your show. I am so happy for you,Jason and baby Bryn. Cookie is a such an adorable dog, wow what fun you guys are to watch.

I love the way Jason loves you for who you are. It is really very sexy, he is one hot guy! It doesn’t get any better than that!

I think it is very cool that you have kept Ramona and Alex in your life. I hope to see more of them in your new show to come.

It really is a breath of fresh air to have you on the air!

Your sense of humor is more than entertaining to me….i get you, I totally do!

Alecia on

Where can skinny girl tee shirts be purchased? And I am thrilled you are so happy. Much deserved!

Eugenia Lee on

Hi Bethenny. I have been a true fan of yours since way back when you did The Apprentice. Now that you have become a mother also, I am reaching out to you on a subject that isn’t upbeat nor will it be witty. It is a very serious issue. Teen suicide. It has been quit the topic for Gay suicide, but no one is talking about the rest of the teens who commit suicide for other reasons. My son was barely 14 when he choose to take his young life. He was a bright, funny, popular, sweet kid. Untill someone started a horrible rumor about him. From that day on he was beaten up several times. Lost friends. horribly teased. Nothing any of us could do to silent the rumor, kids are very cruel. I am writing to you as a furture mother of a teen.
The stats of teen suicide are stagering and shocking. I am trying to bring awareness and education into the schools. There are no schools here in Klamath Falls, or. that has any kind of education about the epidimic of teen suicide. There are children as young as eight years old that are taking thier own lives! What kind of nation are we to keep ignoring this. How many is enough to get the schools attention?
If you have any ideas or suggestions that could help me get the word into our schools, please write to me. If we can save a another child or parent from it happening to them everything is worth it.

clazzywoman on

Bethany! Love all shows you are on! I DVR yours and any one I know you will be on… such as talk shows, etc. Altho, I dont always love the things you say or do.

First of all, Be good to JASON! He is one of a kind and so are his parents! I know this coz I had the same kind of family. (Unfortunately both my parents have since passed away and not a day goes by when they don’t come to my mind). I spoke with my Mom every day and saw them weekly… but I always lived nearby.

In Jason’s case, give him one of the most important things you can give him, aside from Bryn…(who by the way looks like Jason exactly) and take quality time away to allow his parents to enjoy their grandchild and watch the difference it will make, not only in your relationship with Jason but the one Bryn will have with her grandparents… her “Blood” relatives!

I was once married to a “Jason”. We both were very independent but my husband loved me deeply and I got married late in life, (early 40s) so I was used to my space and not answering to anyone but me… I took his love, respect and devotion for me for granted… and in the end after 7 years, he had enough and left.

I, like you, didn’t listen well and he couldn’t finish a complete sentence w/o my constantly interrupting him. If I was quiet as he spoke, it was coz I was thinking of the next thing I was going to say… instead of putting on my listening ears and give him that kind of RESPECT! He was doctorate in his field of entertainment and had contacts internationally so he wasn’t a boring guy but I knew he loved me and it was always about me!

I, like you, took his easy goingness, kindness and patience, even tho I had ENORMOUS love and respect for him, for weakness and even though he didn’t need to be the control freak that I was, it still quietly hurt his male ego. He was/is my soul mate and I have never gotten over him! Don’t make those mistakes, Bethany! No amount of money will replace the void you will feel when he is gone. No one can predict it, if and when he may have enough. Not even him. We didn’t think it could! But it happened!

He has since remarried but neither of us has gotten over the other but LOVE isnt enuff. BUILD the love NOW… with blocks of RESPECT AND LOVING HIS FAMILY, so that the life you share isnt always about BETHANY and money and what rocks in your world!

Give your in-laws the love and respect too, that you give Julie and Gina… allow them to love you and be grandparents. Allow Bryn to have those memories. They can not be replaced by anyone else! They are a warm and loving family that Jason came from and why he is who he is! Thank them for that, Bethany! Thank them for JASON!

I used to talk to my Mom every day on the phone and see my parents weekly… of course, they lived nearby. They have since passed away but what they gave me will never be forgotten and IS greatly missed. I miss them so much so dont take that away from Jason and the gift of his family that he can share and has given you. He is worth it… you all are!

As far as your adopted family, Julie is sweet, kind and a dedicated worker. I see your bond! Gina, not so sure yet! (I do wish she would wash her hair) I don’t see, in her, what you do… The trust factor is still questionable there and yet for some reason, u r allowing her to do as she pleases and when. I think it’s her dirty mouth that you connect with… which isn’t attractive in any way on her. She looks dirty and unappealing. I think you were way too hard on Max, he is a young and sweet kid (like JASON said) and his behavior with the “condom” thing was nothing short of what comes out of your mouth. Set the boundaries before you use it against him but Julie should have been kept out of it 2. Nick is but due to his sloppier look (unlike Max) u will probably go easy on him.. u held that against Max too. He was a good looking kid, but u chose to see him as arrogant! Altho, he was just getting his feet wet, I do agree he wasn’t a good fit due to his unassertiveness; having to be told what, when and how to do things. He wasn’t a self starter or initiator nor very creative. He will grow and mature once he finds his niche! By the way, I did not like Jill Z. She was a wreck and in complete denial that she was obsessed and jealous of you! I’m sure more so now than ever! Love your family, Bethany! God Bless!!

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