Angie Everhart’s Son Kayden Turns One!

07/29/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

Happy birthday Kayden Bobby Everhart! Angie Everhart‘s baby boy turned one with a splash, celebrating with family and friends at a pool party this past Saturday.

“I can’t believe it’s been a year already,” the actress and model, 40, tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies. “He’s grown so much and I wanted to create a party that would be carefree and fun. We threw a blue and white-themed pool party for him, where we had swimming, a bounce house and ball playing. We had everything outdoors.”

Kayden and Angie – Stephen Kenneston

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“Kayden’s favorite activity — and latest milestone — was the pool,” notes Everhart. “This was his first time underwater and he loved every minute of it!”

In the pool with dad Chad Stansbury as Angie looks on – Stephen Kenneston

“He really enjoyed the presents and his cake. We got a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting from Hansen’s Cakes in Los Angeles, and had it decorated with blue and white icing along with some cute ornaments,” she explains.

Proud parents Chad and Angie show off Kayden’s cake – Stephen Kenneston

What’s up next for Everhart? “I have a couple projects in the works but I am foremost enjoying being a mother,” she tells us. “It’s the best job in the world and I am loving every minute of it. In addition to being a mother, I love being a Nutrisystem spokesperson and inspiring women to get healthy and lose their baby weight. Now that my pregnancy weight is off, I feel like myself again and can only thank Nutrisystem for that.”

Kayden enjoying his pool party – Stephen Kenneston

All in all, the party was a success. “This was a great day and I wanted to celebrate this milestone in our lives with close family and friends,” Everhart notes. Mission accomplished!

Friends and family celebrate together – Stephen Kenneston

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lily on

Love this party! I’m not too familiar on who she is, but her family is adorable and I love that her son’s party wasn’t sponsored by all of these companies! So down to earth and perfect for a baby’s first birthday!

Tracie on

Excuse my ignorance, but why isn’t his surname Stansbury?

Jess from Ohio on

Aww, what a cute little party surrounded by friends and family. I haven’t seen a pic of Kayden since he was newborn, but boy is he a cutie! Angie seems to really be loving motherhood. Congrats to her!

Lorelei on

What a cute baby and beautiful mom. Love the idea of a party that is not over the top. The birthday boy looks happy and not overwhelmed. Love it.

Marilyn on

Kayden is very cute. Now we know who the father is, but isn’t she a single mother? It’s good that the father is in Kayden’s life if they aren’t together anymore. By the way Jess, Angie is from Akron, OH (I noticed you (and I), are from Ohio).

Martha on

Such a cute little boy! LOVE his name…it’s obvious he is deeply loved by his parents. No matter how much money people may have, love is the most important thing a child can have, and it looks like he SO has that. LOVE his party theme!!! Congrats to both parents! It definately looks like Angie is on cloud nine!

Danielle on

What a cutie. He’s already 1, boy time does fly. Was his dad always known? For some reason, I thought she didn’t say who his dad was.

jeepers on

Finally, a real and reasonable birthday party for a 1-year old. All those sponsored parties are so lame and impersonal. Out in the backyard with party hats and a normal looking cake. I love it.

jenny on

Gorgeous hair on Angie. Think it’s funny that she chose to release the group photos in which she is looking at the camera.

What’s that? Nutrisystem is where it’s at? Message received.

Seriously, though – gorgeous hair and cute kid.

michelle on


be nice! this is the only birthday party that has been totally NORMAL! It is obvious no one paid for this party just had a good ol’ fashioned party with friends. If she is a spokesperson for Nutri System then they are looking for opportunities to get her message out. totally ok, because thank goodness they did not write nutri system on the cake! and angie just looks gorgeous!

Lola Marie on

She definitely didn’t want to say who the dad was when she was pregnant & I think even said he wouldnt be in Kaydens life…maybe im completely wrong…cant remember..all I know is, she gave him her last name for a reason. Looks like a fun, reasonable party for the kids…her family is so cute by the way…Kayden…daddy..& mommy!!!

Annie on

I liked the party as well. I don’t really care for those sponsored parties either. I’m less inclined to be a customer of those who sponsor such over the top parties.

Allie-Rose on

Kayden’s so cute! I love how, in the last picture, he’s the only one not looking at the camera 🙂

As for the “daddy issue,” Angie said Kayden’s father was “a close friend” and she planned on raising Kayden as a single parent. That should explain why Chad is mentioned as Kayden’s dad and why Kayden’s last name is Everhart

T. on

It’s nice to see a family party not a sponsored event


Cute! Looks kind of like my guy’s birthday party. Some cake, some balloons and some friends with paper hats on. Finally – not some ridiculous over the top paid for party that has nothing to do with the baby whose birthday it is!

Amber on

Allie Rose-Not that it matters but that’s not exactly true. Chad and Angie dated and something not so great happened (it’s on the internet but it’s old news and not exactly positive news so I won’t say what it is here) after that they separated but got back together in October when they conceived Kayden.

Alot of moms who aren’t married to the father give their children the mother’s last name instead of the fathers. Which is kind of a good thing since sometimes the fathers tend to disappear from their child’s life.

Luna on

Aw what a cute party and Kayden is adorable. If Angie decided to give Kayden her last name, that’s her business. Personally, if I knew the father and I weren’t going to be a couple, I’d give the baby my last name too. It may be selfish, but I feel that if I carry the baby, I want my name attached. However, I probably would have hyphenated. Either way, that party is great and I’m sure Kayden will feel the love of both of his parents in his life.

Allie-Rose on

Amber – thanks. I’m not familiar with Angie Everhart so I didn’t know the story behind it. I remembered she’d been featured on here before and did a search, so I was referring to this article,,20292976,00.html

Juliana on

Lovely family!

Amber on

Allie Rose- Not a problem. I think I read that article too. I think from what some outlets have said back then she was trying to make herself look single (I don’t think they are seeing each other anymore perhaps) for some show she was going to be on. I still haven’t seen anything about that show so I think it didn’t happen. At any rate he has two parents who love him and that’s all that matters.

Jill on

What a cutie pie!!! He is so adorable. Angie is beautiful. I liked her on the Ex Wives Club. Cheesy show, but she was great and so down to earth. I didn’t know much about her until then.

I am surprised he doesn’t have the dad’s last name. I assumed the dad was not part of his life. The only people I have met who have their mom’s last name, don’t have their dad’s in their lives.

Mavs2980 on

Love these pics, thanks for sharing with us Angie. It is so refreshing to see a “normal” party on here. If I had a child, this is the type of party I would have for my little guy. Backyard, cake, some balloons, and my friends and family having a good time.

A Grandma on

What a BEAUTIFUL MOM, HANDSOME DAD AND KUTE KAYDEN. Looks like a very simple, enjoyable party where the emphasis was on KAYDEN and close family and friends! Great job Mom and Dad in giving your child a happy 1st year birthday party memory!!! May he have many memorable memories. It looks like a happy bunch who were there to make Kayden’s day special.

Louise on

Kayden, you are so cute and and adorable and it’s only obvious you will be extremely handsome! After looking at these pictures it seems you will grow up very well grounded with such happy faces all around you. May your career flourish Angie, both as an actress and as a mother! The Lord blessed you with a happy and healthy child and looking at the pictures a great supportive group of family and friends. Enjoy and treasure each and every day.

robinepowell on

Love the bib he’s wearing. I actually saw a dollar plus store around here (Quebec, Canada), that sells them and plan to buy them for some of my cousins’ kids, for their first birthday. 😉

Janie on

Kayden is adorable and Angie is absolutely gorgeous!

Brooklyn on

Kayden is super cute and Angie is as gorgeous as ever!

Melissa on

Nice to see a party for a child be a true party for a child. So many of these people make productions out of everything…had to have this had to have that, only invite these people. It obviously shows that true friends are more important to her than a photo op! Well done. This is so much more interesting to me than the full scale productions of other celebrities.

AW on

Beautiful family!

Anonymous on

Kayden is absolutely adorable! Angie is still gorgeous as ever…I love that this party was for family and friends…celebrities go all out to make a big gala out of a birthday when its really not necessary…i think someone asked why Kayden’s last name isn’t Stansbury…i think i read a reading somewhere online that the father and angie are just friends nothing romantic romantic but you know how the media is *shrugs*

robinepowell on

The bib he’s wearing is similar, but not exact. The ones I’ve seen don’t say “1st” on them, but then that are identical.

Does anyone know manufactures these bibs? The bibs I’ve seen only say “Tootsie Wear” and I can’t get very far Googling that name.