Tiffani Thiessen Gives Us a Sneak Peek at Harper’s Nursery

07/28/2010 at 10:00 AM ET

Before welcoming daughter Harper Renn on June 15, Tiffani Thiessen and husband Brady Smith spent weeks designing her nursery. Their biggest decision — the paint color.

“We originally wanted green because it’s one of our favorite colors and we’re not traditional blue or pink people,” the White Collar star tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies. After deciding on grayish floors, the couple chose a light lavender, which they “absolutely love.”

Joe Buissink

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Their other priority was making the room as eco-friendly as possible so Thiessen and Smith installed recycled floors and used VOC-free paint. “Even her ‘Harper’ name sign and play balls were made out of vintage fabric scraps,” she reveals.

But it’s the personal touches that the new parents cherish the most. Actor and artist Smith hand-painted the beautiful collage of birds on the wall. And the white tree and floral print crib bedding are from Thiessen’s new nursery décor collection, Petit Nest, which she and partner Lonni Paul plan to launch at the end of this year.

Joe Buissink

To complete the room’s “architecturally modern” theme, the actress chose the Penelope leather glider from Oilo, the eco-friendly Classic Crib from Oeuf and a clear plexiglass chandelier from Y Lighting.

She also selected Serena & Lily‘s Flokati rug, Curvee side table and Haitian Drum table.

Joe Buissink

And even though Harper’s not sleeping in her room full time — “she’s still in the bassinet next to our bed” — the 6-week-old loves to hang out in her crib to stare at her origami mobile and the pattern on her bumper, Thiessen says.

“Being that I married an artist, it was very important to me to include artistic touches that would inspire her as she grew up,” explains Thiessen.

While both mom and baby spend a lot of time in the nursery, it’s the connecting sun room (below) where Thiessen likes to go to nurse her daughter and “get a little fresh air.” With the help of modern furniture shop CB2 — the comfy sectional and stately coffee table are both from the company — the actress was able to create a truly serene environment.

Joe Buissink

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klutzy_girl on

The nursery is really pretty!

Romy on

love it, I love simple. it will be cute as she gets a bit older to add some pop with bright accents. love the sunroom

Allie-Rose on

I love it, there’s a very calm and soothing vibe to it

Elle on

That nursery is so beautiful and peaceful. Tiffani, Harper and Brady all look wonderful!

Philippa on

I don’t think I’d choose this style of nursery for myself, but I do absolutely adore the colour! Much nicer than the traditional pink in my opinion. And I love the fact that they’ve chosen eco-friendly materials 😀

Cecilia on

I love the soft colors and peaceful feel that both rooms have!

JW on

What a beautifel nursery, so sweet, calm, peacefull and simple! Nice color too

Jen DC on

Ooo, that last picture makes Harper look like a big girl for 6 weeks! Although there’s no telling when the photo was actually taken…

The room looks very soothing, but that flotaki rug is gonna take a beating!

JMO on

That’s a beautiful nursery! Love the colors!

Luna on

I love how chill and laid-back that room is aside from being gorgeous. I love Harper, she’s adorable. Love the name too.

Anna on

I absolutely love the nursery!

ll65 on

My what a pretty room. I love Serena & Lily baby bedding.

Kirsty on

That is gorgeous! I love the subtle colour.

Lissette on

Very pretty and I love that sun room! I want one!!

Inge on

I love this room, such a nice color. I hate all those kids rooms with bright colors and full of stuff. This is a nice relaxing room.

Mia on

I love purple-whether it’s dark/royal purple, bright purple, or lavender. If I ever have a daughter I plan to do purple…not pink-never been a pink fan!!

Sarah on

Love it!

A. on

LOVE her nursery, and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her name!!!!! What a beautiful family! 🙂

Sarah on

I love lavender bedrooms–so dreamy! I painted my daughter’s bedroom 8 yrs. ago in a lavender shade similar to Harper’s.

Sage on

Beutiful nursery, beautiful baby, and beautiful parents.

Rach on

What a gorgeous simple room ! It would be pretty easy to recreate this ! I love it, because its def a room she can grow in, while keeping her nursery decor !

Jennifer Randolph on

I absolutely love the simplicity and color scheme of the nursery! By far one of the most adorable celebrity nursery’s I have seen! Baby Harper is precious too!

Julie on

The nursery is beautiful, but as someone who has done research on early childhood, babies appear to crave bright colors and shapes, not pastels. In other words, babies seem to learn better and their eyes develop more when exposed to more vibrant shapes and colors. For example, my children loved looking at their mobiles from Tiny Love which were in black, white, red, yellow, blue. A lot of parents don’t like them because they think they are kind of busy looking, but my kids loved it. Harper apparently likes her crib though, so perhaps this is a moot point!

iluvperfectparents on

I love this it’s simple yet beautiful and peaceful looking.

Brooklyn on

What a beautiful room! I love the colours and decor! And what a beautiful baby girl too!

Katie on

That nursery is so gorgeous! I love the sunroom as well. Wow!

Kat_momof3 on

that is just the most beautiful nursery I’ve seen in a long time… I love the soft colors and the theme can really grow with her as she does… it makes me want to go hang out and sleep in there.

sara on

very pretty nursery. i like their outdoor furniture too, i think it’s from cb2(i love that place).

Donna on

Sure, its beautiful now, when the baby can only see a few feet clearly, but it is going to be terribly boring for a baby once she is in there full time and only has the lavendar, white and not much else to look at. The bedding should have animals or patterns in bright colors, along with pictures on the walls. She will soon find that if she wants a baby who is stimulated and learning, this room isn’t going to last very long. Baby nurseries aren’t supposed to be a decorators dream, they are supposed to be for the baby who will live and learn and grow in it. And what a name that little girl is going to have to put up with once she hits school age, nothing feminine about it.

Ashley on

Donna- It sounds like you have tacky taste. Good thing that isn’t your nursery and your baby to name!

Jennifer on

Are you having a bad day Donna? Why so judgmental?

I think it is beautiful. So very calming. I prefer a nursery that is more of a “blank canvas”. It allows you to made additions and adjustments as baby grows and develops it’s own interests. Personally I think too much of a bold theme has it’s own set of possible problems. What if your baby could careless about Pooh or trains…

jessicad on

I LOVE this room!!! They look so incredibly peaceful, and I would definitely want to curl up and take a nap in that room!

Purple/lavender has been a great compromise for me, I’m such a tomboy and didn’t like so much pink when my daughter was born, but I also didn’t like people thinking she was a boy, so purple it was:) It’s now her favorite color.

Jill on

I LOVE the room. Everything about it is beautiful. The sunroom looks so relaxing.

Donna, why SHOULD she have those things? Where and what did you get your degree that tells us what SHOULD be done? I don’t know any baby that is in their room “full time.” Most babies I know are only in their cribs to sleep. Maybe to play in their room, but I don’t know about full time. Who is to say she doesn’t have animals and bright colors elsewhere. A lot of people don’t have their baby spending all of their time in the bed. I like the name Harper. How do you feel about your name?

Amber on

Beautiful nursery! And I’m excited to read that she and Lonni (who designed their gorgeous guest bedroom on last year’s Design Star) are designing a collection together!

Cathy Carey on

That is a beautiful nursery, peaceful and serene. Such a nice change from most of the WAY overdone Hollywood nursery.

Katie on

This is gorgeous! I went more for the calm and peaceful vibe in our nursery as well–leave the stimulating colors for the toys and books! A bedroom should be a place to relax!

Margaret on

It’s beautiful….BUT…recommendations regarding preventing SIDS include no bumper pad or pillow in the crib!!

NW Mama on

Katie put it the best leave the bold bright colors for books and toys.
Love this color and feel this nursery gives.

Kit on

Donna, get up on the wrong side of the bed today? Miss your caffiene fix? JEALOUS somebody has a BEAUTIFUL baby and nursery???

Danni on

As a college student who is currently studying early childhood ed and dev. I can tell you that having a busy print and bright colors is not always the best thing for a baby. yes when a baby is in their crib they are absorbing everything, but they also need to be relaxing and calming as to not overwhelm the child no matter how old they are. as they get older you want to help your baby learn and develop as much as you can out of their crib, and let them sleep and relax in their crib.

Dunn on

It’s a beautiful Nursery and can easily “grow” with the child. (And very easy to copy, if you’re on a budget!) Alot of comments about bright colours needed and living in a nursery full-time…..bright colours can be over-stimulating and I don’t know a baby that does more than sleep in their nursery. My son spent his waking hours in the rest of the house, with us.

Kate on

I love how everybody knows EXACTLY what she’s doing wrong. @@ I had a bumper on my daughters crib for the whole time we used it and used pastels. We didn’t have animals on the wall and I don’t believe there were many pictures. Well, now she’s 6 and speaks three languages and is doing just fine. 😉

I’m not a fan of purple, but that’s a beautiful nursery for a darling little girl.

katie on

stunning rooms, stunning parents, stunning baby. that’s all I have to say.

me on

Aside from the tree in the first picture. Just a little bulky loooking. I think its simple and calming.

Jennifer Chew on

It’s a nice nursery for the baby, but I don’t understand why these “celebrity” parents want to spend that much money for the baby’s room. Trust me when I say this, but this kid isn’t going to remember what the room looks like when it gets older. I think that the money that is spent on the room should be spent on the kid’s college fund. Trust me, they are going to need it.

My brother just had his first child about 2 weeks ago, and he is already started a college fund for his daughter. Because he knew how expensive college is going to be when his kid reaches that age.

Julie on

Does anyone know where this bedding came from?

Megan on

Beautiful nursery for a beautiful baby and a beautiful family. It is a calm space that is feminine and sweet. How lovely to have Daddy’s personal artist touch! Love the eco-friendly aspect to things too. Color can always be added if they choose, it is gorgeous! Love her name too, very sweet. Congrats!!!!

mw on

Love the room, it’s my fav color. Such a beautiful family.

Kathy J on

Absolutely beautiful room! You can see the love in the photos and it is awesome 🙂

ABC 123 on

that is one gouragous room. i love th trees and the birds and how they are positioned by her crib. the picture of all 3 of them is abolsutely breath taking.

ABC 123 on

i meant to add that she looks really big in te last picture and is a beautiful baby girl.

Erin on

This is simply the most beautifully designed nusery I have ever seen. I love it.

deedee on

careful of the ropes on the shades. too close and the baby can grasp them and potentially choke herself. that is, when she’s old enough to stand in the crib.

Mel on

BEAUTIFUL, wish it was my bedroom!!

Sara on

Love the nursery and love that she’s partnering up with Lonni on a new line! Lonni did a great job on Designstar last year.

Amanda on

It’s a beautiful nursery. I’m not a pink fan myself so I’ve always said that if I have a girl her room would be either mint or lavender. I’m not a big fan of the style of crib, but if they like it then that’s great!

I also LOVE the name! Harper is a name that has run in my family for generations! It was orginially a last name and it eventually turned into a first name to keep the name alive in my family when there were no males left to carry it on. Never in my life have I heard someone tell one of my family members who has the name (only women are named Harper in my family) that the name is ugly or unfeminine. In fact they always say that it’s beautiful! (Donna you’re completely off base!)

Beth on

What a gorgeous nursery, cute, cute baby girl and Tiffany , you have never looked so beautiful as you do now.

Nichole on

I am so jealous:) Simple yet beautiful. Very sweet and cozy. Donna, I am sure the design will change as the baby grows.

CAB on

Congrats to Tiffani and her beautiful family! Harper is a beautiful baby! As for Donna, I went to school with girls named Harper and it was always a pretty name. I think it is very pretty and I have always thought it had a musical type name.

I love Harper’s nursey!It is so beautiful! I love the purple color! While I am not having a child soon, I am like Tiffani and her husband, I am not traditional in terms of pink and blue. I think purple is beautiful and it is a color Harper can grow up with! I don’t see anything wrong with her room being having calm colors instead of bright colors. When my sister was born, my parents did not put bright colors on the wall ( I believe it was white) or have animal prints. We did have some cute animal pictures and pillows and her toys were a bright color. Personally, I think that Tiffani and her husband know exactly what they are doing.

Plus, I love how Brady put in the artistic touches! That will just make her room special as Harper grows up! Just think, her daddy wanted to give her something special and add to her room! Plus, the tree and birds can easily be adapted as Harper grows up! She can add, take away, “dress” it up, etc! Actually my neighbors did something similar for their son, whom I baby sat when he was born. His dad painted a very cute tree with monkeys on it with some other animals liek girraffes. It was personal and very sweet dad wanted to do it for him!

I love the sun room! I want it so bad! The family seems so down to earth and happy! Love it! Congrats guys!

Rye on

that nursery is fabulous! Love, Love, Love it!!! 🙂

DeeDee on

I love the subtle colors too but also agree that babies need lOTS OF BRIGHT COLORS for stimulation—how about a “playroom” for baby to hang out after naps and feedings?

tracy on

I like the 3-D tree, but I don’t like that it actually sticks out like a coat rack. Just my opinion, and it doesn’t really matter.

Marilyn on

LOVE it, except for the cord on the blind – that is a big hazard.

bobbie on

Room is gorgeous! However, hopefully she doesn’t leave the pillow in the crib!

patty on

The nursery and sunroom are really pretty. Love the modern style and tasteful decor. I also love that they’ve departed from the traditional, cookie cutter, matchy-matchy nursery decor, but still kept the sweet innocence of a baby’s room!!

Terri on

Beautiful room. I love all shades of purple. I hope to use that color in my own daughter’s nursery one day. We all have different tastes. No need to call other tacky for their preference.

Katie N on

I just think it is irresponsible to publish photos of bumpers and a pillow in the crib! The room is gorgeous and I’m all for the eco-friendliness. Let’s just keep it SIDs friendly.

lauren on

very lovely nursery

Dee on

@Kate – sure you used bumper pads and your daughter turned out wonderfully, but that’s no reason to discredit the fact that it is recommended by the AAP (www.aap.org/healthychildren/08winter/HC-winter08-ask.pdf – 2008-01-30) that you NOT use bumper pads for the safety of your child. By the same token, many people can say that they put their baby to sleep on their tummies and they turned out fine, but it does increase the risk of SIDS, so why do it at all? The last thing you want as a parent is to become one of the statistics, so why take the risk?

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

It’s so pretty! Harper is adorable and they r lucky parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

k martin on

I saw Harper’s room done on HGTV’s Design Star last season.

baiton on

Very beautiful room. I’m not worried about the pillow & bumper pads as she said baby is in their room still so she isn’t sleeping there yet. I’m hoping she removes them if and when Harper moves into her digs full-time.

And yeah to nursing Harper- great job mama 🙂

Sue on

The nursery is lovely, but PLEASE remove that pillow from the crib. Babies do not need pillows and have been known to suffocate from them.

OCMom on

Complete with bumpers and a pillow in the crib…the absolute worst thing a parent can do, putting the baby at risk for SIDS. It is sad that new parents and even experienced parents will look at this article and think “wow, she uses them, so they must be safe!” Breathable bumpers should be the only kind of bumpers allowed, and nothing in the crib (no bumpers, pillows soft stuffed animals, etc). The only thing you should put in the crib is the baby!

Ceebs on

To Julie (who asked about the bedding): Per the article, “And the…floral print crib bedding [is] from Thiessen’s new nursery décor collection, Petite Nest, which she and partner Lonni Paul plan to launch at the end of this year.” I love the bedding ! I’ve been looking for a cherry blossom print that wasn’t on a pink background, and this is perfect !

To deedee and Marilyn (who commented on the blind cords): The crib IS too close the the window to be safe, as baby will eventually be able to reach the cords. However, I do see that they have the tie-offs mounted so the cords can be wrapped up and out of the way (as is recommended by safety experts if you do have blinds). However, the baby will still be able to pull on the curtains if the crib stays close to the windows, and could pull them (and the rod) down on herself.

Not criticizing, but hopefully if people read these posts, they will be able to use her nursery ideas, but with a few extra safety measures.

I’m sure the pillow is for looks (and the photoshoot to make use of it – what good advertising ! LOL), and it isn’t used when the baby is really in there – at least I hope not ! (PS: I hate “decorative pillows” for ALL beds !)

As far as crib bumpers go – If you can afford a brand new crib and mattress, there should not be a “need” for them (PP was correct, experts say they increase the risk of SIDS. FYI: “My kids used bumpers and didn’t die” is not a valid argument. That’s like saying “I don’t use a seatbelt, and I’m still alive.” Facts back up the claims, not one persons’ experience.)

But as I’ve seen with many parents, cribs and mattresses are passed down (some cribs, like mine, were hand-made). And mattresses do not fit perfectly in older and hand-made cribs, leaving a gap around the mattress. I think some parents use the bumper to help fill that gap, thinking they are making baby safer. Sometimes we just don’t think about things from a safety perspective when they initially seem to make sense. And sadly not everyone can afford that lovely $800 crib, and they just “make do.” I wish crib mattresses came in variable dimensions to prevent that issue !

hannah on

Studies have shown that light coloured rooms promote feelings of calmness and serenity, which is important for babies to sleep! If it is too bright and busy it can over-stimulate their minds and cause distress.
My 9mo is only ever in his room to sleep and spends the rest of the time in family rooms playing with us and his siblings so I dont agree with some of the comments about the baby spending all their time in that room!
I’m sure Harper will have plenty of toys to play with in bright colours and bright story books read to her so I’m sure she wont suffer due to lack of bright colours!
As for her name, I love it. It was on our list of baby names should our little man have been a girl.

kalice on

Well it is beautiful. But it is not great for stimulation. All of the white cracks me up. She is in for a BIG surprise. Babies pee, poop, and puke. Some babies puke A LOT. What fun cleaning all of that white. But, she is young and rich, she won’t be cleaning it anyway.

Elisabeth on

When I was expecting my son before we found out the sex, we had long planned to use lavender as the color for the room. Course since he was a boy we planned a plane theme with Khaki color for the walls. Sadly though he never got to see his nursery, I had placental abruption and he was born prematurely and passed away minutes before he was born.

Please don’t let that get you down. We were blessed to have him for how ever brief a time. We tried for over 3 years for him and are so glad to know that pregnancy is possible for us.

Coco on

Yawn….this room is boring. I’ve seen plenty of soothing, calm nurseries that aren’t so washed out. There is nothing that stands out – except that God-awful tree. Blech.

Marky on

Gorgeous nursery! Nurseries are for the parents for the most part and they should do them however they please. As the child gets older, the room will reflect the child’s interests and favorite colors and all the things that stimulate the child. As a nursery, it should be whatever mom and dad want–it’s the last time they’ll get to choose! LOL

Kelli on

I have a daughter named Harper! Love the room. Seems very peaceful.

Katy75 on

Once again People magazine has shown a baby in an unsafe sleep environment- this time with the pillow under the baby’s head. Although they may claim”artistic license”, this is a disservice to babies and parents. Ech year, over 2000 babies die in unsafe sleep conditions. Suffocation. Babies should be placed on their backs, in a crib, free of loose blBkets, pillows, quilts, stud fed animals and sleep positioners. Even bumper pads are questionable.

PG on

First of all-congratulations to the NEW parents and thier beatiful baby..the nursery is very simple yet so breath-taking. I absolutely love the colors and the decor. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there is no reason for anyone, DONNA, to attack them or destroy their happiness by posting negative comments! Am I sensing some jealousy here? Hollywood or not-they are just like us, two ordinary people that try to live their lives and enjoy their little girl, who by the way is very beatiful, looks very happy and content! CONGRATS again!

K.W. on

Beautiful room and Harper was on our short list for our daughter – love name! (we went w/ Emerson instead) Really hope she just left the pillow and bumper in the crib for the pictures though – they’re a huge “no” as they increase the SIDS risk.

Montse on

Beautiful!! Inspire me!!

rathnawjoe on

I really like the picture of them three-a tender moment….
and the nursery I love it and only wish my kids were so privileged…. anyways… many congrats just the same.


that is so adorable and such a comforting baby room. Such great style. They are a gorgeous family.

JennyLove on

Ladies, calm down. It’s a photo shoot. It is not an accurate representation of Tiffani and Brady’s intelligence, parenting style, or anything else you have attributed to it. It’s a Hollywod photoshoot. If you wand parenting advice and safety tips, read a PARENTING magazine or book. People is a celebrity magazine, not a Consumer Reports or anything of the sort. Take it for what it is – a human interest story.

Congrats Tiffani and Brady! Harper is gorgeous!

Sandra on

Simple, yet elegant 🙂

Melissa the NY'er on

Beautiful! It has a very soothing, peaceful vibe. I love spending time in my daughter’s room. It just calms me right away. I think this would be my favorite room in the house. I’d never leave lol.

Val on

I agree with JennyLove. This is a photoshoot. In reading the article you see that they are advertising her bedding line so they will throw the matching pillow in there and keep the entire set together. Everybody will have their opinions but be sensible. And most likely, since they seem to be concerned about thins such as being eco-friendly, they most likely hired a child safety expert to come out and give the them know how to make a safe environment for their child.

Dianne on

I am sure these new parents are aware of the recommendations for preventing SIDS. They probably used a pillow in the crib to prop up Harper’s head for the photo…

-Jennie on

Beautiful couple, beautiful little girl, and much deserved! Congratulations to you both.

Anita on

I, too agree with Jennylove, it’s a photo shoot. So calm down everyone. Like most people I am sure they read books like most parents-to-be on parenting before she was born and learned the to do’s and not to do’s. So let them bask in the joy of their baby daughter who has a beautiful name.

Beautiful nursery, beautiful baby girl, beautiful family.

Lori on

Beautiful Nursery and Family!

Solange on

What a gorgeous nursery and family!! (Sidebar: Tiffani and her husband do not need the help of know it alls in the commentary section to figure out their daughters well fare. Dont quit your day jobs!)

Denise on

To Donna..

Wow, you are an authority on everything from baby names to nursey decor. I cannot image what a self rightous, self serving, stick up the *** you must be in real life.

Dawn on

It’s very pretty, but I’m not sure they’re being as eco-friendly as they think. They did choose a chair covered in cow skin…

Mary on

LOVE IT!!! wow – amazing and beautiful!!!!

Sage on

The room is pretty, people need to remember that we all have different taste. If I saw pictures of some of your nursery’s I would say some were ugly and tacky.

Also I don’t think it’s irresponsible of them to have the pillow in the picture. These people don’t owe you anthing. I would hope that soon to be parent’s would educate themselves, instead of taking all their parenting advice from a people magazine cover shoot.

TC on

Dawn did you click the link for the chair?

This is what it says: Oilo’s collection of gliders embraces style, comfort, and sophistication, making it the perfect glider for your nursery. Made in the USA from water repellent and stain resistant faux leather, the glider features customizable piping colors. Other features include a unique parallel rocking motion and a tall back for maximum comfort. Coordinating pouf footrests are available as well.

Faux means fake 🙂 It’s not real leather

Ashley on

I LOVE IT!! It’s gorgeous.

jb on

No one has said this yet, but as a mom of 3 I had to laugh a bit at the beautiful white couch in the sun room…. picturing it not QUITE so white after a few dozen spit ups, throw ups, and accidental diaper blow outs (all babies have them!) as they are trying to relax and get some air…. Yes, she has the money to get it cleaned, but it seems rather… nonfunctional, given everything else they have shown us. It IS all gorgeous though!

Marisela on

As was mentioned, I’m sure if most of you posted pictures of your children’s nurseries, some people would love them while others would think they’re down right ugly.

That’s the beauty of individuality. If everyone did everything the same, the world would be an extremely boring place. Besides, whatever would people do without making nasty comments berating someone else’s tastes?

As for the safety of the room, it’s a photoshoot. Notice how every item in the nursery is prim and proper. What are the odds it looks this way at 3 AM when Harper has just been changed, fed, and is getting rocked back to sleep? Highly unlikely. Please don’t think Tiffani or her husband are fools. I’m sure they know what’s best for their child. They certainly don’t need other parents who are no better than them, harping on what they’re doing wrong.

California Surfer on

Whoa Julie, you totally made a really good point! I totally think that the young dudes and dudettes of the world would rather look at cool colors and wouldn’t this be better for those rods and cones in the eyes?

Sue on

Babies should not have pillows in their cribs!! Any extra bedding, toys, stuffed animals, ect., increases the chance of crib death (SIDS). Otherwise–a beautiful, artistic nursey.

behappy on

I absolutely love the nursery and sun room!! For those of you that think kids need bright colors in their room, you are wrong. I am a preschool teacher and have studied many early chilhood classes and the first thing they teach you is that a child’s room, even classroom, should not have colors like red, yellow, or blue in them. Those colors are very bright and distracting and will normally make a child hyper or distressed and instead they need a calming room so they can relax, concentrate, and be peaceful. A very soft green is actually highly recommended. However, it is up to the parents and their likes and in all honesty, I don’t think there is a right or wrong because every child is different and every parent has their own views. I can not believe how many people are soo negative and seem soo jealous!! This is people magazine guys not a parenting magazine and they are just trying to show off their beautiful baby and nursery that they worked soo hard on. Both parents used their artistic abilities in that room and Tiffani has a baby line coming out so they took advantage of the article to show off what her line will consist of and nothing more. She even said harper does not sleep in there yet, so everybody needs to back off. This is a positive thing and if you can’t be happy for others, then do not click on these articles because there is enough negative and critical people out there that it is not necessary to be that way in such a wonderful time in a person’s life!! Enjoy life and RELAX!!

brannon on

Beautiful nursery (love that it’s not pink!) but amused by the comments about it being so much white…wouldn’t you clean up the spit, fingerprints, etc. on any color? Most of the furniture in my house is white or light and just as easy to clean as darks. Its like people who wont dress their kids in white…you can wash white clothes too 🙂 In fact, you can even use bleach. My son’s whites are some of his best maintained clothes. Anyway, beautiful baby and lovely family. The name seems to perfectly suit their style. Love it.

just me on

The rooms are beautiful, but first time moms might not see the rooms like an experienced parent would. From a child-proofing standpoint, I wouldn’t recommend the delicate table under the nursury window (baby can pull that over when learning to stand up) and the sharp cornered table in the sun room made me cringe. My sons both had sooooo many bruises on their foreheads when they were learning to walk. It only takes a second for them to lose their balance and they seem to attract corners to their head like magnets. For new parents that are decorating, I love oversize ottomans as tables.

Tammy on

The room is very pretty. but I question the pillow and bumper pads inside the crib. im pretty sure your not supposed to have either one in a babies crib. the baby could roll over and suffocate.

CelebBabyLover on

Tammy- I’m guessing the bumper and pillow were just for the photshoot. 🙂

MiB on

I too am amused bu the comments about the white in the room? I have always found white very easy to clean since you can actually see the dirt getting cleaned off, and white textiles are very easy to care for as well! Ar for light colours versus bright colours for infants. Light colours are better for bedrooms and such, where the aim is to sleep (I have seen way to many infatns having trouble relaxing due to overstimulation through bright colours) and relaxing is what a bedroom is about. Keep the bright colours in toys and books and clothes and let the bedroom be calm.

Lola on

I love it! It’s cute and appropriate for a baby, but not so babyish that they’ll have to do a complete makeover of it when she gets older. If they switched out the furniture, it wouldn’t even look like a baby’s room! It’s cute, but also really classy.

Lola on

Oh, and about the bumper–in the article it says that Harper “likes to hang out in her crib to stare at the pattern on her bumper”, so I’m guessing it’s not just for the photo shoot.

Michelle on

It cracks me up the people freaking out over the safety of the room…like they are the only ones who know the truth and feel compelled to impart their wisdom on the hollywood elite. Please!!! This nursery was obviously styled for a photoshoot. Relax.

It’s very lovely!

John on

I love the Ferrick Mason fabric on Harper’s crib! So fab.

Margo on

What’s eco-friendly about a 50% wool, 50% acryl rug?

sky on

nice room that her baby can grow into. remember folks this room is staged for the photo shoot. i highly doubt that tiffany would leave a pillow in the crib. great positive vibe from the room. i remember her guest room designed on hgtv’s design star too. very eco-friendly too. the woman has good taste!

Christina Adams on

Congratulations Tiffany and Brady from your old neighbors in Houston, the Adams’. Beautiful room, beautiful baby!! We miss our old home in Texas and nice neighbors!

Chris on

Very tasteful nursery. Great pictures!

umma on

I thought it was OK to have a bumper until the baby could roll over?

Ashley on

The Nursery is Very Beautiful & the baby to.

Kim on

I love the nursery. It’s very warm and down to earth.

Melissa@sosweetstationery.com on

I love the simplicity and the lavender color of this baby nursery. It looks so relaxing and calming. Harper is one lucky little lady.

Liz on

That is a BEAUTIFUL nursery. Love everything about it. Esp. the hand painted birds and tree.

jade on

I am writing this from Australia and I ALWAYS wonder how come I see celebs in mags showing off their nursery complete with a bumper and/or pillows in their baby’s cots?! I have NEVER seen any of my family/friends etc using those as everyone knows its a big SIDS risk factor. We have a day that raises funds for SIDS research & awareness called Red Nose Day.I have often wondered if America has this same awareness of SIDS or if maybe celebs just think it won’t happen to them?

Cassandra on

I love Harper’s Nursery it is Beutiful I LOVE it!!! I think Tiffani and Brady made a Beutiful Nursery for Harper between the Beutiful Art, the Paint color,and the Eco-Friendly Goal (That was certainly met)!!! Harper is TRUELY as Pretty as the Bedroom!!! I think she is very lucky to have parents that love her enough to spend weeks on her Nursery and gave her a Nursery as Beutiful as the angels above us!!!!! I hope they live happily ever after for years to come(They truely Deserve it)!!!

mollie on

You guys think that the pillow and bumpers are just for the photoshoot but you wouldnt believe how many people actually really use them (after all, they see others using them all the time, on this site or magazines) and have no idea how dangerous they are ! The celebs shouldnt be promoting using them

Shelby on

Love that restful lavender color! I think it’s perfect for an infant for now, because she needs to sleep as much as possible, and too many different colors could confuse her at such a young age. As she grows, Tiffany and Brady can introduce more color into Harper’s world. Very elegant and appropriate, I think.

denise on

Joe Buissink’s photography in this article is amazing!

Sandy on

Love the nursery and sunroom so nice and bright love the colors. I have watched every movie that you have appeared in. Love your work keep it going. Congrats to you and your handsome husband does he have a brother?

God Bless You and Yours

Deirdre on

It is imperative that the baby bumper and pillow be removed as they are unsafe for babies. As beautiful as this room is, it is a terrible example for parents. Design should be useful as well as attractive, but most of all it should be safe!

Tracie on

I love the tree! Where can I find it? I’m expecting a baby girl in July and this room is gorgeous!

Sandra Nelson on

Can you please share the paint brand and color?