Rachel Dratch’s Pregnancy Has a ‘Crazy Story’ Behind It

07/28/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Mike Coppola/FilmMagic

Leave it to Saturday Night Live alum Rachel Dratch to make pregnancy a hilarious experience.

“Oh my God, everything [about pregnancy has] been surprising. The most surprising thing is that I am pregnant. There’s a whole crazy story there. But that will come out in my book,” Dratch, 44, joked to PEOPLE Moms & Babies at last Wednesday’s Cinema Society screening of Get Low in N.Y.C.

When asked to divulge details, she demurred: “I’ve always been kind of private. So then I’m like, Why do I need to tell people? I would want to know but…”

As for the sex of the baby: “I do know, but I’ll keep it a mystery for now.”

When it comes to her mom-to-be diet, however, she’s an open book. “My only craving has been watermelon, which is kind of random,” said Dratch, who is due in September. Another side effect? Not being able to eat much at all!

“At the beginning, you can eat anything you want, but now I’m in the phase where you can’t eat anything. [I love going to restaurants] in New York, so this has cut into my number one hobby — I eat half a salad and I’m totally full. I feel like I’ve had gastric bypass!”

And while her hobbies may have changed, her friendships haven’t. Fellow SNL moms Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have even offered sage advice.

“They just say, ‘Don’t worry about two steps ahead … just focus on the day that you’re in.’ So I try not to get too far ahead of myself. Amy’s due with another one, so that’s been fun because we’ve been preggers buddies. We check in and compare symptoms.”

— Suzanne Zuckerman

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Kat on

Amazing!! She looks great for 7 months. I thought she was probably 4 or 5 months along.

meghan on

She really doesn’t look as far along as she is. I’m glad she and Amy are going through it together. And since Amy has already been pregnant once before, I imagine she has been a big help, giving Rachel an idea what to expect.

Mrs. R on

Watermelon’s not random! It’s packed with water, it’s sweet, and it has great vitamins! It’s like natural fruit kool-aid!
I was pregnant through 2 hot summers and both times I craved watermelon and grapes, and my doc said it was because my body wanted the sugar and water. My body apparently needed both badly in large amounts for the baby and to keep me from getting too tired all the time!
Much better to gorge on watermelon than candybars.

JMO on

Yeah she def. looks good for 7 mos preggo!

I think it’s a boy! And I hope Amy has a girl! Tina should have another too lol!

meghan on

Very true, Mrs. R! Maybe watermelon is something Rachel normally doesn’t eat often, so it’s strange for her to be craving it. But it does sound refreshing this time of year!

Suzi on

I just wonder, is she surprised that she finally got pregnant or, was it unplanned?

I just hope the “Crazy story” is about how she tried to get pregnant and not the surprise ending to a drunken comedy sketch with 3 strangers on a beach.

After all, a baby is a human being, not a prop.

Colleen on

Suzi, what the hell are you going on about? You’re making this woman sound like the lady of the night who got together for a SNL skit, and was bummed a pregnancy out of it. She has been w/her boyfriend for a number of years…and her “crazy story” might god forbid be a nice way of saying she doesnt want to totally share intimate details of her life and how she got pregnant, or maybe that she was shocked she conceived at 44 yrs. of age. Let the woman be.

Hea on

Colleen – You didn’t even sense the sarcasm with a play towards her profession?

Rachel on

Congrats to Rachel!! I am also preggers with my 1st child and also 7 months and everyone tells me, I am small. I am tired of hearing that, but after reading so much about pregnancy, it is normal not to show until towards the end. Since, our uteruses have not been stretched out. Anyways, I am very happy for Rachel!

Jen DC on

Her dress makes her look all boob, no baby! Ohhhh, good luck, Rachel Dratch and congrats.


First off ‘CONGRATULATIONS” to Ms. Dratch,and secondly women have been having babies for years,without the permissions of others,who her baby daddy is ,is her bizz,if and when she gets married is also her own bizz,she is not nor will she be the last women on earth to have a child out of wedlock,marriage is sooooooooooooo over rated,look at the divorce rates,high!

mae on

LOVE her and think she is so funny. Congrats to her on the baby; pregnancy and motherhood are truly amazing. As for her cravings, at least she can eat, I was nauseous the entire time I was pregnant and had to force feed just to get nutrients in. Glad she seems to be having a good pregnancy.

terry on

Someone I know recently saw her in a store and she was browsing through baby girl clothes…not that this means anything, could have been for anyone, but I say girl!!!

Pam on

I hope it’s a girl, if only because the women-run episode of SNL was freaking amazing and it’d be really cute to see her daughter, Tina’s daughter, Ana’s daughter, Molly’s daughter, and Maya’s daughters on the show doing an episode in 25 years…with Betty White, who’s immortal 😀

suzi on

Sorry about that. I thought about it more, and you’re right. I was just taking her “surprise” literally. I wish her and her baby the best.

Whomever, however, whatever. None of it matters, as long as she has a happy baby.:)

BTW, you said that she has had a boyfriend for a number of years. Since Rachel never mentioned him, do you know her or him personally? Have you met him?

CelebBabyLover on

Well, what do you know? I go on vacation for a month…..and I come back to find out that the people who insisted that Rachel was pregnant when that picture of her and Amy at that one event (I can’t remember the name at the moment) cropped up were right! Considering I was so insistent that it was probably just the cut of the dress, I’m a little embarassed right now!

MiB on

Well, considering her age, I for one am not surprised that she was surprised to know that she was pregnant. As I have said before, I know several women who have gotten pregnant naturally well into their 40’s, and several of them where surprised because they had been under the impression that you couldn’t get pregnant naturally in your 40’s (one of them had been trying to get pregnant since she got married at 25 and was completely taken aback when she found out that she was pregnant when she was 45 and her persistent stomach bug turned out to be morning sickness).

I wish her all the best with her pregnancy and delivery.

Jeff on

well, good thing she’s already got a couple watermelons in stock. Just waiting to be plucked. Full and succulent and huge. Huger boobs than normal to judging by that picture… I guess that makes them enormous. I could defffff help put em back to a normal size. and then watch em grow even larger. Ok, enough for one day. See you guys tommorow. Ugh her dirty oversized tits UGH god damn how did i not see them cumming before?