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07/28/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy Constance Marie

Celebrity blogger Constance Marie has been with us for over two months now!

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This week, the actress — who lives in California with her fiancé, yoga instructor Kent Katich, and their 17-month-old daughter, Luna Marie — shares how she was defeated by an especially disgusting diaper.

Click below to read about the poop pandemonium happening in their household!

Topic this week – Poopology! Oh boy. Oh yes! I am gonna go there. Of course I had yet another first experience this week, and I would love to share it with all of you.

As you know I am not one to shy away from delicate topics, and I like to speak … well, let’s just say freely. So in keeping with that tradition — HERE WE GO!

As moms we’re used to the yuckies in life, right? Like it or not, we have come to learn there is a certain amount of yuck smooshed into all the yummy love of our children. We have embraced it! (To the best of our ability…)

We have become — dare I say — connoisseurs of the poop experience! We’re “professors of poo” or better yet, “poopologists!” Not because we necessarily want to be, but because when your baby is sick and the doctor looks you in the face and asks you to describe the frequency and consistency … Um, yeah — ya gotta be specific.

I always think, why don’t they just do a poop line up? Like a police line up but with flash cards! And no smell. Lord knows we don’t need smell-a-vision! Then we could just point instead. Right?

Anywho, sad to say we know the average time, consistency and size of our child’s poop! We can analyze each one. Seriously, sometimes at our house it’s like an episode of CSI … but I guess it would be called CPI (Certified Poop Investigation) instead!

Kent and I analyze which foods agree with her and which don’t — let’s just say Indian food doesn’t. 😉

Luna Marie pre-dinner – Courtesy Constance Marie

For Luna Marie, I know the time of day and since she is a vegetarian, she’s usually like clockwork! Thank God. I have heard horrible stories of constipation in babies but my lil’ miss never has that issue. Every morning and several times a day, I see it in her eyes — that little “Uh-oh” look. Something’s going down! A couple grunts and BAM! It’s over. A little diaper change and voilà! No problemo!

Until the other day.

Luna Marie had an awesome “regular” day, until the evening. Which is fine, no biggie, we do not obsess. Dinner goes smoothly, she does her usually 20-30 laps while I chase her around the island in the kitchen, bathtime is a breeze and then night night!

But this time, Luna Marie had problems going to sleep. Sometimes she has a wet diaper (or two!) that needs to be changed, especially if she has a lot of water with dinner. So after going into her room twice to change her, she finally falls asleep. Whew! Mission accomplished!

Cut to 9:30 p.m. I’m working at the computer and I hear that familiar cry. I think to myself, “Man! Another pee?!” Geez! Is my work never done?

As per my routine, I go in and get ready to change her, but it’s really dark in her room — especially since I was just staring at the brightly lit computer screen! So I squint and try to focus, open her diaper … and then I freeze and sniff. Wait, did I smell something? Sniff again … Crap — pun intended — I smell something! My mind says, “OH NO! She didn’t! Did she?”

Just as my eyes get used to the dark, I see her hands move toward the diaper area. Oh no! I fight like a WWE wrestler to grab them and hold her still, at the same time leaning out verrrry slowly and turning on the light. Think of the game Twister — that’s what I looked like.

Click goes the light and I see every mom’s worst nightmare: I’m holding her two hands, covered in poop. My hand is also covered in it. The diaper has been kicked out from under and there is what looks like a softball-size BALL OF POOP lying on Luna Marie’s tummy!

I think, “How did this happen?! I am supposed to have this down by now!” I say, “Crap! Where do I start?” I have no hands left — how can this get any worse?

Well, I guess Luna Marie thought the expression on my face was hilarious. She starts laughing, wiggling and rolls to the side. OMG! In slow motion the ball of poop rolls off her tummy, bounces onto the changing table, then bounces again, arching through the air to plop on the floor with a splat, barely missing my foot!

There! That is how it could get worse! (Note to self: Never EVER ask yourself that question again.)

Luna Marie post-dinner – Courtesy Constance Marie

So there I stand. My next move? I’m not sure. Actually, I have no clue. But wait … Ah ha! I remember — KENT IS HOME!

I firmly hold Luna Marie’s hands and make sure not to move my foot. I gingerly lean over to the baby monitor camera, and yell in the sweetest, most loving voice possible, “HHHEEEELLLLPPPPP!!! I need help!”

To understand the monumental event that this was, just know that I pride myself on being able to handle it all. I am a first-born, type A, bossy control freak. Remember?! Of course I think I can handle it all. Most moms just do. We have to! Oftentimes we have no back up. The buck stops with us. But this time, I had to admit that I needed help. I am Constance Marie and yes — this diaper ambushed and defeated me.

To you my friends: here’s hoping you never meet a diaper like the one that got me! 😉

— Constance Marie

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Sarah on

So true Constance…us Moms have all been there. There will be more accidents in the future–out of nowhere that doesn’t make sense at all. Recently, my 9 yr. old went to bed extremely exhausted without going #2 that day. I went to check on her a few hours later to pull the covers up when, all of a sudden I heard a grunt. That’s right, the unmistakable grunt of a #2 coming out. OMG, well I couldn’t do anything fast enough and since she was wearing underwear, I started panicking. Lo and behold, she went right into her underwear. It was awful. I woke up my husband and get him to help me. I wasn’t doing this alone. So he was my bleary-eyed assistant. Poor thing, I had to wake her up and gingerly take off her underwear and clean the area completely and put a new pair on. She had no idea she did that; it’s never happened before. After about a 30 minute clean up and throw away of that underwear…all was well. Maybe next time I’ll tell you about my son’s 7x a day explosive ones…but not now. Rest assured…poop happens. 🙂

Jen DC on

OMG, yes. YES. Why, WHY must you touch it?!? Or put your foot in it, or roll over so it coats your hip, baby? Why can’t you just be cooperative and lie still while I deal with this “book” (that’s what we called them in our house, because his little butt cheeks usually flattened the poop and it had a “binder” effect from the butt crack)? And how – since you’re a vegetarian – does it stink so much? And IS THAT CORN?

Yeah, I’ve put the kid under the faucet so many times after one of these that it’s not even funny. Just crank on the warm water, try to get the shirt off without smearing poop on the kid’s face or in his hair and just letting water stream over him while he complains and grips the side of the tub as if I’m trying to drown him. And then he gets to get re-lotioned, re-dressed, and re-put to bed. While I get to deal with poop everywhere. Thank you, Proctor & Gamble (or whoever) for anti-bacterial wipes.

JMO on

“I say “Crap! Where do I start?”

haha, no pun intended, right?! Luna’s expression is more like yeah I got her this time!! Just wait until she discovers she can paint her walls with it….yep, lots of fun!!

Luna on

The worst ever for me was when both of my twins were in the same crib. One pooped and it got all over not one but both babies. It was the nastiest thing, but it hasn’t happened again because that very next day, we got seperate cribs for each girl. Poop happens, but why must it?

Melisa on

OMG Constance… have had that experience with all of my boys. I am so over poop. I cannot wait until the 8 month old is potty trained… he is the last one. The worst is when you go in to the room and BAM the smell of sickly poop… you know the good Rotovirus stench that makes you fall backwards into a coma. Trying to clean up that mess is terrible made even worse because it is almost a waterfall. Then of course the bath that follows. I don’t know about you but, mine are quite the little balls of energy so when baths are done and convincing them to sleep is HARD. Love your blog!!!

Amanda on

I’ve had some unfriendly diapers (think poop from neck to ankle!) but never softball size.. I can’t imagine! Glad it turned out ok ;p You’ve got a cutie!

Lorelai on

OMG I am laughing so hard!! we’ve all had our momments. Picture this: Saturday noon, my husband, my toddler girl and my 8 month old boy and I are heading to an event hosted by my husband’s company (like a family day kind of thing). Baby boy starts to grunt on our way there. I think to myself “ok no biggie, I’ll change him once we are there”. As I take him out of his car seat I see his poop has come out of his diaper and it is on his tummy, under his onesie, it got in his jeans, socks, and jacket (is cold here right now). Thank God I had packed another outfit just in case, but I was sweating cleaning this baby up! we were out in the woods so no quick bath or anything. I had to wipe him down lol. Poop momments you never forget!

Bridget on

Oh, Constance, you have no idea on how much I understand you. My son is almost 2(on Tuesday!) and there have been many mornings that I wake up to, “Eeewww, Mama, eeewww.” I go into his room and find his hand down his pants. This all started about 6 months ago, so now for bed time he wears onesies.

Love your blogs!

Meg on

Oh, boy, do I have a story for you. We were stationed in Germany and I had my daughter in May of 2000. My husband was out in the field for about a month or so and I decided to go to the Commissary with a friend of mine. I got a sub sandwich to take home for dinner since it was just the two of us and she wasn’t really eating all of the “big people” food yet. I felt very bad that night and woke up even more sickly the next day. I decided after battling the nausea and what not that I had a case of food poinsoning. Well, my little sweetie fell asleep for her nap on a huge floor pillow that we had gotten for her to hang out in the living room on. I dozed off too being quite tired from the events I had been going through the prior evening and better part of the day. I awoke to my precious little girl’s poopy hand in my face. While I was asleep she had woken up and decided it was a good idea to remove the diaper completely and spread her contribution to EVERYTHING in the living room, from the nice new floor pillow, to the couch, the TV, herself and last but not least the dog. Poor puppy, I don’t think she saw that one coming. So as sick as I was I had to gather myself up and clean and disinfect every inch of my poop filled living room on hands and knees, while battling the worst case of food poisoning I have ever had in my life. And the best part was that my husband was in the field and wasn’t there to see the masterpiece! Good luck Constance, I love your blog!

Molly on

Oh,Constance, how true that really is 😉 I’m a mother to 18 month old triplets(2 boys, 1 girl) and let’s just say we’ve had our FAIR share of those!

Your blogs are great and such an inspiration to read! It’s also nice to get a little laugh now and again 😉

P.S. Luna Marie is SUCH a cutie!

yes on

haha…good story. But you cannot feed “Adult Indian food” to a baby. It is like feeding Cheese Burgers or Hot Chicken Wings to a baby. I know you are joking but did you ever think of that? Baby Indian food is vegetarian and extremely healthy.

Kate on

Constance, just wanted to tell you that I love your blogs so much! You can tell how warm, genuine, and kind-hearted you are, and I know you will have an incredible relationship with your daughter forever.

Rosalie on

Just yesterday I was walking by the pack and play we keep in the living room for to change our 7 month old’s diapers and for him to play in during the day. I keep our house on the dark side because I suffer from migraines, and I saw one of my 4-year-old’s small Lincoln Logs on the changing station part of the pack and play. So I went over to pick it up, and surprise, surprise, NOT a Lincoln Log. I may never know how that rolled out of the diaper unnoticed, but I KNOW I’ll never pick anything up without more careful inspection again!

Jeanette on

Oh Constance, where does a mommy begin on the poop topic!?!?! SHall I begin with bringing my first born home for the hospital and as I am changing her, holding her tiny little newborn legs up she lets out a nice shart that splatters all over my clothes, her changing table and the wall (what a welcome to parenthood, lol), or the time I walk into my year and a half year olds room to find that he, his crib, sheets, bumpers and all are full of the stinkiest poop ever (all with the biggest how-can-you-be-mad-at-this-adorable-face-grin on his face), or last week when said year and a half year old decided to pull off his diaper (his new favorite hobby), squat and poop on the floor??

LOL, don’t know where to begin, or where it will end, but poop surely does happen! LOL, they’re just lucky they’re cute. If that happened to my hubby no matter how much I love him, he’d be on his own with that mess! LOL

Love your blogs! God bless your little princess!

kim on

it was nap time and my one- and two year-old sons were quiet. when i peeked in to check on them, lo and behold, the entire room was smeared in poop. my two-year old had climbed out of his crib and into his brother’s, and they were both covered in poop. it had dried – did you know it dries as hard as cement? it was on the crib rails. on the sheets. on the wall. on the carpet. stuck in toy cars. wiped on stuffed animals. finger-painted on the furniture. and i had to face it alone. both kids were whisked to the tub, toys thrown out into the yard, and i shut the door to their room for my husband to deal with…

Amy on

Cute story….. just watch what photos you submit with your blog because that photo could definitely be something else!!! I was a little worried there.

Shaunie on

I have no kids myself…. but having babysat plenty and having a large age gap between myself and my youngest siblings (and cousins), I’ve dealt with my share of poop!

I specifically remember the time my youngest sister was around a year old. It was summer vacation so I was home from school, and my mother had to go to work and asked if I would watch her just for today b/c my sister wasn’t feeling well and she didn’t take her to daycare. The part my mother left out was that when she said “your sister isn’t feeling well” she meant she had DIARRHEA!!!

After the third “diaper explosion”, and scrubbing the couch, the floor, the rug, and washing sheets…I collected all her toys dumped them in the bathroom, and sat her in the [empty] bathtub and that is where we stayed and played the rest of the day! LOL

Alexa on

I LOVE your blog, Constance!!!
I read every week, quite faithfully.
I would love to hear about your choice for
Luna Marie to be a vegetarian??
I don’t know if you’ve covered that topic
yet, but it would be wonderful if you haven’t!
I don’t have any children (yet!) but I’ve always
been interested in vegetarianism from infancy
since my family struggles with being overweight
and, being one of the lucky few who was not given the
“overweight gene”, I would like my children to be free
of that struggle….
Thank you for the wonderful insight you give us every week!!!

Constance Kay on

As a grandmother I could revel you with tombs of “poop” stories, however the most unforgettable moment of Motherhood I will never forget is the evening I had an uneasy feeling, so I went in to check on my daughter in her crib. She had rolled onto her stomache so I went to turn her over and she was covered head to toe in BLOOD! I started screaming for my husband, he grabbed her up and we realized she was okay. She had a nose bleed, but to this day I think of the horror my life could have been had my instincts as a mother not led me to check on her.

Jane on

How about poop in the bathtub with a 2yr old and a 6yr old screaming hysterically! Thank god it only happened once.

Deep Purple on

I just have to say, I’m one of those unfortunate women who never had children. But, I love to come here and read the blogs and the responses. I’m sitting here today crying so hard from laughter!! This is like a fantastic comedy! Someone should compile all of these stories and put them in a book! You are all a riot and I wish you much luck and joy with your children. Believe it or not, I wish I could have even experienced this phase of raising babies. Oh well…

Marina on

you could talk to my mother about poop stories! It seems that she once went to my sister room to find her and all the walls cover in poop, and my sister was so proud about her ‘art’. And once they told me that I try to eat my own poop when I was very little O_o

Deep Purple on

Alexa – I don’t think there is such a thing as the “overweight gene” and being a vegetarian does NOT keep anyone from becoming overweight! Overeating anything will make you overweight! Please go and get educated.

Christine on

I agree with Deep Purple. There is no such thing as the overweight gene! Some people in the same family can just make better food choices than others. I like the saying “Obesity runs in my family. Everyone is overweight…including the dog!”
People who spend lots of time together (AKA family members) are more likely to have the same eating habits (AKA fastfood, lots of meat, chips, soda, snacking, drinking…) People just blame it on genetics to make themselves feel better!

Anne on

This made me think back to the time my sweet, adorable son needed to have his diaper changed. I removed his dirty diaper, put a clean cloth over him so he wouldn’t pee on me, and was just getting ready to put a clean diaper on when he suddenly grunted and a loooooonnnnggggg, thick, yet watery, stream of pooh came flying out of this sweet little boy and just COVERED his closet door!!! This closet door was approximately 5 feet from his dressing table!!!!! All I could say was, “WOW, just WOW!!!!” 🙂

JAM on

My husband and I have a baby boy who will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. When he was 4 days old, I had to resort to pumping because we were having breastfeeding problems. Our washing machine had also just broke, which is SO not ideal for a couple with a newborn. So we were waiting for the repair man in the morning, I was pumping away (both breasts), and my husband was beginning to change our screaming baby. I hear, “Oh ****!” and turn around to see poop go flying across the room and land on our coffee table. The baby is still crying (loudly), my husband is baffled as to what to attend to (continue changing baby or clean up), I’m still hooked up to the pump, and (of course) the doorbell rings (it’s the repair man)! Needless to say, it was definitely a “welcome-to-parenthood” moment that we just had to laugh about!

dawn on

“HHHEEEELLLLPPPPP!!! I need help!” awww, this is something you will say many times over, even if there is not another adult in the house 🙂 just wait till one or two ‘baby ruth’s’ start a floating in the bathtub. in my case i bathe 2 at a time. my 3 & almost 2 yr old together. but when one decides it’s a good time to relieve herself, all i can say is GROSS doesn’t cover it! it never fails that one picks up a piece and smashes it into the faucet, between her fingers, etc…what? & yes i am paying attention & ever present, but trust me when you have 2 in the water & are 6 months pregnant, they move way faster than you do!! anyway, poops away & good luck with the many more adventures on that journey :0)

Luna on

I commented earlier but felt the need to follow up. When my twins were two, I got pregnant with my fourth child. I had my son (5) and my two daughters (2 1/2) in the tub and I was five months pregnant. My husband was working late and I was on my own. So all three are in the tub and one of my twins says, “Momma, I no feel good.” Being beyond tired and a little frustrated that hubby wasn’t home, I told her I’d get her medicine when she got out. All of the sudden, she makes this horrible noise. Vomit in the tub and on her sister and brother, diarrhea all over and the entire bathroom a mess. It was the absolute worst messy moment of my parenting career.

Raquel on

Constance- It only gets “better” from now on!
A “nicholism” to share: It was the day after Christmas and my Nicholas was 4-5 years old and had diarrhea. Well after being on the potty all morning I strip him down to give him a bath. Bending down to get the bubble bath from under the sink, as I shut the door a huge wave of liquid poo comes shooting at me, just missing my face but my long hair was not so lucky. I yell out “Nicholas! Get on the potty!” as I see his naked behind run away from me and the bathroom. After chasing him back to the bathroom I asked him why he didn’t jump on the potty if he had to go again. He told me he was just trying to fart on me. I told him that doesn’t work too well when you have diarrhea. LOL!
Gotta love the kiddies!

Nina on

Oh what we do for our beloved babies…Constance you are absolutely right, as mother we become experts on vomit, pee, and of course POOP. Every hour of the day there is at least one child who has thrown up, had an accident, or pooped their pants. If its not all over them, its on the floor, or more commonly MOMMY. Sometimes, we get particularly lucky and its on all three! I do not own once piece of clothing that has not been peed, pooped, or thrown up on. Let’s face it, there is no such thing as wearing clean clothes for more than five minutes. I have had many very similar experiences with my three daughters. (Yes, I said three daughters! a complete hen house! and the serendipitous part being that I am also one of three sisters :] ALL GIRLS, ALL THE TIME). My middle daughter is going through a “wonderful phase” where she refuses to wear any underwear. Yep, no underwear…none whatsoever! COMPLETELY COMMANDO! Anyway I digress, my daughter ran to the bathroom right after breakfast like she usually does to go potty and when she came back I soon discovered that she did pee pee and poopy, which I would not discover until much later. Right before we left the house I absentmindedly picked up my daughter to put her in her car seat. I was really in a rush, come one we’re moms we’re ALWAYS in a rush, and after I dropped the kids off at school I was about to walk into a meeting when I looked down to discover that there were pee and poop stains all across the right side of my rib cage! Thankfully every other mother in the office just smiled and didn’t even need to ask questions. When I finally solved the rubix cube I realized that the combination of my daughter not wearing underwear, not thoroughly wiping, and then me holding her equals me being covered in pee and poop. Ahh, the trials and tribulations of motherhood…

irasema on

i really like your blogs,but i’m still waiting for you to write about luna marie being a vegetarian you said on one of your blogs you would tell us about that. my three yr. old is a picky eater no meat, chicken, but she loves tofu so i was wondering how your luna marie gets all her nutrients what type of food you give her, maybe i can get some help with my girl on what other foods to give her and at the same time get all the benefits.

Candice on

Even though my *babies* are 14, 10, 7 and 4 years old, I still love reading your blog! With four, I have become a poop master if I may say so myself. 🙂 When my 7 year old was around 5, we were waiting in the car to pick up my then middle schooler. Getting a good spot in the pick up line is a combination of timing and luck..I was already in line and was not getting out! (Big bad mommy mistake!) My then 5yr old starts whinning that he has to go poop. I tell him he has to wait…which he does..for a moment. He begins to wail..I am beginning to feel the fear that I may have to leave and lose my place in line, not that I was about to have a poopy mess! He screams “It’s coming out, it’s coming out!” Because my four year old was then a baby, I had diapers and wipes, but nothing for a kindergartener! I run to the back seat, where he is now going in his pants. I sit for a minute wondering what in the world was I going to do. I take off his shoes, pull his shorts down and with precision only a mom has, remove his underpants without any poop escaping. (He is a healthy eater, so this is REALLY impressive!) I dump the underpants in those diaper throw away bags, clean him up, pull his shorts on and buckle him back in. I now have a portable potty in the back of the car! Crazy!! Enjoy your beautiful Luna..thanks for the laughs! xo

ss on

i will never forget my poop moment with my son. he was about 4-6 months old when i went to change him. i was sitting on the couch and i laid him on the huge ottoman infront of me and took off his wet diaper. i went to put a clean diaper on him and he sharted (a wet fart) all over my shirt, hair and face. i was home alone and could not believe this cute little adorable thing had just did this to me. i think i was in shock at first. i changed and told my husband and 18 year old daughter what had happened when they got home and they were laughing at me. we still talk about it and our son is 3 1/2. lol besides this, ever since i was pregnant my sense of smell is extremely sensitive. my husband says i have a super wiffer. lol. i could smell our sons poopy diapers the second he pooped even if i was in a another room. its crazy, but true!!! i can smell anything!!! and its not always a good thing!!! lol

Abby on

I don’t have kids, but I am bookmarking this page for life as a reminder that my desire to one day be a mom includes this.

Nylah on

One very busy and hectic day, I put my daughter, who was 1 at the time, down for a nap – and took one myself. I woke up to my son yelling, “Mommy, what’s on Janalyn’s door?” I run to her door, which has frosted glass, and looked at it. There was this concoction of brown and blue paste smeared on her door. This was the age that she was taking things and hiding them in her diaper, so I knew the blue was her brother’s toothpaste. I open her door, she was in the process of trying to put the toothpaste container back in to her diaper…and I was hit by the nastiest smell I’ve ever smelled in my entire life. It was the minty combination of the toothpaste and her poop! She had covered her bed, sheets, pillow, herself, floor, books, toys – everything. It was disgusting. After that, we had to do diaper inspections before she went into her room.

Ruth Pichardo Torres on

OMG!!! I remember those days very well and thank you for writing about them becuase even though to others it might sound awful but to me brings back memeories of my children that are 17 yrs old and 12 yrs old so I have no babies anymore. I love that you are enjoying every second of your baby girl. Disfrutala por que no se quedan pequenos por mucho tiempo.

Brookie on

Constance, I LOVE your blog! It cracks me up every week. You have a real flare for writing and being able to connect with all us mommies out here! I’ll nevr forget bringing my sweet baby girl home from the hospital, laying her down on her brand new changing table, lifting those little newborn feet, and getting assaulted by a powerful stream of breastfeeding poop! I was stunned- I didn’t know what to do- just screamed! Where do I start?!?!?! Luckily, my husband came running in to help me. As she’s gotten older, I still wonder sometimes how someone so small and so sweet produces so much poop!! Ahh, the joys of motherhood!

Jennifer on

OMG Constance…you are making me nostalgic for those days. My youngest starts full day (1st grade) school in one month! Anyway, a few years back, I went to check on my 2 year old little girl after nap time. I opened her bedroom door to find her out of her bed on the floor with no pants or diaper on. She looks up at me with the biggest smile & she says “tortillas”! I am looking around the room because of that familiar smell. It then hits me like a ton of bricks…she was “rolling dough balls” to make tortillas like we do together sometimes…except she had made her own “dough”! It was all over her hands and I found 5 little “tortilla balls” around the room…perfect little balls of poop. She kept saying “tortillas” while clapping her hands. She was so proud of herself. I even closed the door for a quick second to gather my thoughts. (I was hoping when I reopened the door, everything would be back to normal.) I think of that day every time I make my homemade tortillas!!
-Jennifer in Chicago


Thanks for the laugh Constance!!! I think I can top it though. I watch an 18 mos old girl, and one day she decided it would be fun to not only “finger paint” with her poop but to eat and snort it. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever experienced in all my years of child care. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any back up, and let’s just say the clean up was hilarious.

Alexa on

Deep Purple-
As a possible genetics major, I would know, and have done enough research, that studies prove
that there IS a pre-disposition to being overweight. Although it is not a total genetically inherited trait, it
has been proven that one gene at least partially influences
And PLEASE…..go get educated?? I’m still in high school,
and believe me, becoming “educated” is something I excell at everyday. The words “overweight gene” were in quotations for a reason. Maybe you should be educated in English, grammar, and punctuation.

Jennifer on

HAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa, I can’t stop laughing. The first time this happened to me, my daughter was a year and a half and it happened much like you described above only I didn’t have anyone home with me.

The 2nd time it happened I walked into her room and she was covered from head to toe, her crib railings were covered and the walls had cute (had it not been poo) little hand prints all over the place. Instead of freaking out, I ran downstairs and grabbed the video camera. Oh yes, I grabbed the video camera. lol

The 3rd time if happened she was with the babysitter. There was no 4th time because I found another way to use duct tape (on her diapers of course) 🙂

Melissa on

Ugh, my little one was sick a while ago with a head cold and tummy trouble, I went to change his wet diaper, and all of a sudden, he decided to poop AND SNEEZE at the same time, I swear poop hit the opposite wall, ugh, NASTY! The work of a mommy is never done…..

Sharon on

When my twins were about 2 yrs old, I went to get them from their nap and as I approached their door all I heard was giggling. When I opened the door, I found out the reason…they were having a poop fight. Both of them had gone #2 and were merrily throwing it across the room at each other! Thank goodness my mother in-law happened to come over and was able to lend me a much needed hand!!

AJ on

TWO words – DUCT TAPE. You are the only one who can get the diaper off. And no, putting the diaper on backwards doesn’t work. Such is the life of a mom and now Grandjoy that you can laugh now but I don’t think I could laugh with that poor soul Meg and the puppy. So Happy Pooping and FIRM poop ❤