Mini Travel Style: Angelina Jolie’s Seriously Chic Jetsetters

07/27/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

Angelina Jolie and her fashionable brood — Maddox, 8½, Zahara, 5½, Pax, 6½, and Shiloh, 4 — made quite an appearance while arriving in Japan on Monday for the premiere of Salt. Walking hand and hand with their Gerard Darel-clad mom, each tot managed to show off their very individual style.

Maddox looked tough, but cute in a mohawk, white tank and black slacks while Pax dressed things up in a tan linen suit accessorized with a classic hat and dangling aviators. And Zahara chose a girlie all-white shirt and shorts combo topped with a bright yellow cardi while the more tomboyish Shiloh opted for a preppy polo and khakis.

We know how much the actress loves to shop for her kids, so it’s no wonder they’re so well-dressed. And we give her credit for letting each one really embrace their own unique look. Our only question is how much luggage does this group travel with?

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hoj on

beautiful family

Bethan on

You can tell she has a movie coming out…

Cute kids though.

ana on

Yes, you can tell that she has a movie coming out, because she is promoting it in Japan. If she didn’t have it, she would not be in the middle of Tokyo airport. I wonder what are other parents promoting when they are photographed in the airports? Doesn’t matter, they are not Angelina so they are not judged constantly as she is.

sat on


ezpeze on

ana she’s an actress….she puts herself out there to be judged thats life in dollywood.

…the only time you see her kids are when her or brad have movies coming out…

Denise on

Is it sunny in the airport? What is with the sunglasses?

Jen DC on

(a) We’re not *entitled* to see her children, regardless of the status of her or Brad’s movie making.

(b) Since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are actors, we can’t know definitively whether the kids are moveable props or not since one or the other of them is usually filming somewhere or on the way to promoting something. When they are not promoting something, there’s no real reason for the paparazzi to follow them, right? I mean, are you suggesting that we get entrée into their day-to-day lives, like see them at home, making pancakes and watching movies in bed?

There’s simply no pleasing you.

Marina on

you see them more often when they got a movie coming out because they travel a lot more promoting and all that stuff.

Bethan on

Nope, am not being bitter. It’s just this is the fourth (?) article this week and I was making a statement.

Kim on

Great seeing the kids there had been no pics since they left Venice. Look forward to seeing the twins too. I’m sure Bethan is tired of seeing ( AJ’s Salt costar)Liev’s boys too since they have been featured 3-4 times in the past week on this site.

Pinkis on

Shiloh is so tall for her age.

Bethan on

Why do we need to see four or five different articles of the same family? Over a week? I wouldn’t mind, but the articles seem to be repeating the same thing anyway.

Once in a while is cute, twice is OK but more than that is tiresome. For all celebrity couples and kids, not just the Jolie-Pitt’s.

Bethan on

No offense, Lee, but this is a comments section. To post comments, which is what I’m doing. Freedom of speech is something you obviously need to get used to. I can say what I want.

The truth is, four articles about the same old thing is too much. That’s what I think, and that’s what I’m going to comment.

Bethan on

Oh and if you suspect I’m trolling, no need to tell me twice about it.

I’m stating my opinion. Something I have every right to do. You don’t agree with my opinion, scroll past it.

Bethan on

Lee, Bethan has every right to say what she thinks. Just as you do.

Jill on

“Lee, Bethan has every right to say what she thinks. Just as you do.”

Bethan, trying to defend yourself and pretending to be someone else? Funny.

JM on

er Bethan, now it really looks like you’re trolling. pretending to be someone else and forgetting to change your name? weird…

Elisabeth on

@ezpeze actually we usually see the kids more when they’re filming, not promoting. When she was filming in Venice we saw the kids nearly every day, whereas we’ve seen them only twice over this promotional trip, and the twins zilch. It really depends on the city they’re in more than anything else, and they only really go to Japan while promoting.

@Denise it’s not sunny in the airport but they walked in from the outside where, presumably, it was sunny.

@Bethan if there have been multiple posts, blame CBB not the Jolie-Pitts, because this one is just the same picture but with different content, this time on what they’re wearing.

Terri on

I love how all the kids dress so differently. You can really see their personality.

Bancie1031 on

See this is what I was talking about in a previous post …. we’re seeing SOME of them but not the whole family ….. we’re missing Brad, Knox and Vivienne.

Angelina, Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh all look great 😀 I love how all 4 kids have a different style about them 😀 I can see each of their personalities showing 😀 I actually love this family and enjoy seeing pictures of them 😀

MiB on

Bethan, I think you are on the wrong site, if you don’t want to see celebrities with their families or read about them talking about their families, then don’t go to cbb 🙂