Liev Schreiber: Actors Make Amazing Parents

07/24/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Saleem Elatab-AhmadElatab/Splash News Online

Actors Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts have learned that even the best laid plans can go awry.

When the couple realized that their youngest son Samuel Kai, 19 months, was too little to go on a planned vacation with friends, Watts was the first to suggest Schreiber go on ahead while she stayed behind with the boys, including older son Sasha, who turns 3 on Sunday.

“We were afraid that Kai was too young, so she was just really sweet and said, ‘Go dive. Go do this with your friends,'” the Salt actor, 42, reveals in an interview with New York.

However, it wasn’t long before the separation from his sons got the best of Schreiber. “Nai sent [a picture of Sasha in an astronaut helmet] to me when I was on the boat because I just missed him so much,” he recalls.

Fortunately the family of four will soon be spending time together as Watts films her latest movie The Impossible in Spain and Thailand. Before they head overseas, the Watts-Schreibers are soaking up their time in New York City — and, according to the proud papa, looking adorable while doing so!

“We stick the kids in little seats on the bikes with helmets,” Schreiber, who has tattooed the names of his sons on his arms, says. “It’s very cute. We’re a very cute family.”

And despite their hectic schedules and long hours away from home, Schreiber jokes that when it comes to good parents, actors are at the top of the list. “The two of us can play longer than either of them,” he explains.

But who is better when it comes to role playing with the boys? Watts wins that honor, he admits.

“Naomi is probably the best little kid that I’ve ever seen. She understands that to play with kids you have to get into the game,” he muses.

“You’ve got to fly a dinosaur around the house for a while and give the dinosaur a voice so Sasha can talk to you with his dinosaur and the two dinosaurs get to sit down, have lunch, maybe meet a dragon, and if you’re really lucky, maybe a lady bug will come along.”

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

how sweet<3 liev is a sexy dad

stacy on

???? That makes no sense?

meghan on

I’m not sure what you mean, Stacy. Liev and Naomi seem like fun parents. I think he’s saying that actors have a theatrical nature, which allows them to get down to their children’s level and have a lot of fun and imagination during playtime. At least, that’s how I see it.

tink1217 on

that has gotta be some of the sweetest daddy talk I have ever heard…I love Liev even more now.

Crystal on

Liev seems like such a good dad. He clearly adores his sons and fatherhood. It’s cute that he calls Naomi Nai.

jessicad on

This is so adorable, Naomi is a very lucky woman!

evie on

WOW i cant believe how alike those boys are. I have two boys and they look nothing alike (they have the same dad) i think they both look like Naomi

Silly Mama on

I truly hope that the rumors of them having problems are just that – rumors.

Mel on

I love the bond he has with Sasha. He sounds like he is really devoted not only to his boys, but also to their mother, which is a beautiful thing. They’re just a lovely family.

torgster on

I love this family. Was soooo happy when Naomi got together with Liev because she seemed so sad when Heath dummped her. In interview at the time she said it was the age difference – she really wanted commitment and to start a family and he said he wasn’t ready. Meanwhile he moved on to Michelle and bingo she’s pregnant in no time and he was acting all thrilled. How shabby – I never liked him after that.

Erin on

They seem like completely normal parents to me. No awards for just being a dad.

Jen DC on

Ohhh, so cute it makes me cringe! I wonder when the boys’ hair color is gonna change, and what it’ll change to…

justpep on

not true…marlon brando, michael douglas, barbara eden, woody allen, ryan o’neil and the list goes on…

Georgina on

“We’re a very cute family” not many people can say that and get away with it. I totally agree though.

sarah on

Am I the only one that thinks Liev and Naomi as well as everyone else seems to favor Sasha? It seems like they are always talking about Sasha and never Kai. I don’t think you can say it’s because Kai doesn’t have a personality yet, he’s over the age of one, so of course he does.

Deeley on

To the people criticising him saying that actors make great parents; it’s blatantly obvious that he’s saying that actors can use their ‘skills’ to get even more involved when playing with the kids. Not because he doesn’t use a nanny etc. They use their acting abilities to fully get into the make believe roles that kids love.

Cute article, both boys are absolutely adorable.

lizzielui on

For everyone who is criticizing Liev here, never once in the article does he actually say, “Actors make good parents.” That phrase was penned by the writer based on the story the Liev tells; It is NOT a quote from Liev. Furthermore, even if he had said it so what? It’s not like he is condemning parents who aren’t actors. Sheesh.

Tina on

Excuse me, Liev? Well you may be surprised to find out that we non-thespians make good parents/playmates also. So it’s not a career thing but a personality thing. I’m a little surprised at such a stupid revelation from Liev. It kills me the way celebrities also think they are the only ones privy to the joys and amazements of parenthood.

Colleen on

Guess what Liev? I don’t have a career w/ acting…but if u r going to give Naomi props for being a more creative/long-acting dinosaur, u should try “slumming” it like the rest of us boring people/parents. And yes, he is insulting reg. parents w/the comments. Why is he being Daddy Knighted when what he is doing is what he is SUPPOSED TO BE DOING? My husband busts his hump and is out of the house 13hrs. as a elevator constructor and he comes home and engages w/ our son the entire night till our son falls asleep…that’s a great parent. If he was so heartbroken to leave his boys and needed pictures constantly sent, DON’T go on a leisurely vacation w/ u’r friends…it wasnt a mandated work trip.

meghan on

Colleen, Tina…Wow, way to take some very general comments far too personally! You do realize that the majority of the celebrities are simply commenting on their experiences with parenthood, they are not criticizing or taking potshots at you hyper defensive ‘real parents’. If you need to perceive a personal attack upon yourselves within comments that are obviously intended as praise for his partner, maybe you need therapy. If your so bitter that a wealthy man dare go on vacation and miss his child enough that his wife sent a picture to his phone, grow the hell up. And while your at it, look into something called critical thinking. You might find yourself able to follow something more complex than reality TV.

meghan on

And while you’re at it, try brushing up on your grade school english. The headline is not in quotes, which means Liev did not actually say it. Nor does he say anything to the effect that actors are better within the article. “People” put those words in his mouth.