Bethenny Frankel’s Blog: The Delicate Balance of Work and Family

07/22/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

Our newest celebrity blogger Bethenny Frankel — best-selling author, creator of the Skinnygirl Margarita and star of both The Real Housewives of New York City and Bethenny Getting Married?is sharing the highs and lows of motherhood with us this month.

This week the reality star – who is mom to 10-week-old daughter Bryn Casey with husband Jason Hoppy – tells us about how she strikes the work/life balance, and why having a great “teammate” makes all the difference.

Brian Doben

Hey PEOPLE people!

One of the greatest challenges a woman can face is to balance work and family. I’m so fortunate because my office is at home. This means I dash out for meetings and appearances, but I can always run home to feed Bryn, pump breastmilk or get in a snuggle.

I’m also really lucky because Jason is an excellent partner and a truly devoted father. He comes from a place of “yes,” which makes him want to do as much as possible. In fact, he does equal — or more — than I do. I really chose the right teammate.

We have so much fun raising Bryn together and watching her change that it really brings us closer.

We have learned to put everything into the relationship so we get so much back. If he wants to play golf, I say yes. If I have an appearance, he comes with me. Rather than find reasons for things not to work, we make them work.

Overall, love distribution is the biggest challenge to me. Bryn, Jason and Cookie all need love — and somehow I feel like I’m the heart of the whole love operation.

I’m a strong force, so when I’m out of whack, the dynamic is as well. For me, sleep is the most important commodity. With it, I can manage everything.

Tell me: What’s your secret to balancing your work life and family life?

Make sure you follow me on Twitter @Bethenny, check out my site and tune into my new show on Bravo, Bethenny Getting Married? Thursdays at 10 p.m.

— Bethenny Frankel

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L on

Bethenny – I am so excited that you will be blogging here! I absolutely love your new show and am truly happy for you. Your daughter is beautiful and Jason seems so sweet. You deserve all these wonderful things that have come your way. Can’t wait to read and watch more!

Kelly on

I’m so happy for you (and I don’t even know you)! To see you go out and get everything that you’ve wanted – you’re such an inspiration! I’m married, no kids just yet, but I plan to be a working mom. Thanks for your insight and I wish you the best of luck with everything!

Jordan on

She’s so frickin adorable, almost makes me want to have a baby (almost!).

Katie on

You ROCK Bethenny. I totally agree about the ‘coming from a place of yes’ – when both people are focused on making the other happy, things operate much more smoothly.

MommyAnna on

Bethenny, your family is lovely. We have a 5 month old daughter who we just adore. My husband & I live thousands of miles from our families, so finding balance is a challenge without that support here. Since we both work, we are pretty worn out at the end of the day. Lately we don’t do many things alone as a couple, but that is a part of being parents I suppose. My goal is to make our alone time together special, and actually connect/listen to each other as much as possible. Hard to do, but so key to keeping our marriage healthy. We might need to go on a vacation (unfortunately St. Bart’s is probably not in our budget) in the next year & leave our precious girl with her grandparents! 😉

Bethany on

My husband and I have been together for 27 years, by the way – love your name :).

Our secret is to spend as much time together as possible. If he is watching something on tv I don’t want to watch, then I sit with him and read or knit. We both spend as much time with our son as possible and we are usually all three in the same room. The other key is laughter, we laugh all the time and act as sill and goofy as we want. Always be honest and try to compromise.

Love your daughter – she is beautiful.

Kate on


Being a working mom is the hardest balance. My husband is home with the kids two of the five days I’m at work. We “tag team” so I have to make sure our couple time still happens. The hardest lesson for me upon returning to work with my son is that I can’t be a great teacher, a great wife, and a great mom. So I took a part-time position the next year so that I could focus more on being a good mom and wife. I love teaching, but my family will always come first.
Keep up the great work! We love you and your show!

Jennifer on

My husband and I are also without outside support so it really does come down to the two of us. For me the key was realising that one of us needed to scale down our career ambitions, and when my husband got an amazing opportunity it was me that stepped down. I can get back to my career when my kids are grown and out of the house, but I can’t get back to raising them in 20 years time.

We still had our daughter in daycare, I’m a big believer in daycare, but instead of taking jobs that required me to travel or work late, I took jobs that were less interesting but stable and in line with the growing demands of my husband’s job.

It’s fine to want a career, but both parents can’t be out of the house 18 hours a day and travelling 3-5 days a week. One of you has to take a sidestep on the ladder for a while, and support the other. If it had been me that got the great opportunity my husband would have been the one who took a backseat for a while.

Ellea on

I like Bethenny but why does she even bother to blog?? Kourtney K and Constance Maries are way more insightful than Bethenny. It’s like when you really have nothing to say in a conversation so you just ask the other person a question. Lame. I’m really disappointed with her blog series :-/

Katie on

Bethenny, I love you, your family (although Cookie scares me, ha) and your blogs! I’m so happy for you all!

Larissa on


I am not a mother (yet), but I am a law student with a fiance. In the future, we would love to have the family, dogs, and resulting chaos, but I always had concerns about sacrificing either family time or the joy of a fulfilling legal career. Watching you, however,has been such an inspiration to me because it proves that with compromise, awareness of your priorities, and a little humor, nothing in life is off the table.

I look forward to your show every week and I think you are a remarkable woman and role model to women–moms, wives, or neither. I wish you and your adorable family the very best.

Marilynn on

OMG!!! Bryn is growing sooo fast….Much love to all!

Tara on

I hear you, finding a balance is tough. For me, being a military wife makes it challenging to find balance, as I am often on my own for months at a time. Sleep keeps me sane and able to find that balance but also time for myself is key. I find that if I don’t make sure to take the time for myself, whether to exercise, get a sitter and go out for lunch or a movie, or just take time away from my girls to read a book for an hour, I get burned out fast. I am not great at following my own advice 🙂 but I try to make sure I take time for myself to keep my spirits up!

So happy for you and Jason, Bryn is a beautiful blessing. My husband, a tough Navy sailor, is hooked on your show with me, you make us laugh and bring us together on thursday nights, when he is home. He just loves your show, as do I!

Susan on


I am so happy for you, Jason, and Bryn. I was older when I met my husband and, like you, I had given up on marriage. It is a blessing to find that person to spend you life with and being older really does make you appreciate it so much more. My husband and I would have never liked each other if we had met in our younger days. I wish you and “your family” all the best!


Jeanine on

Congrats to you and your wonderful new family. It is refreshing to have such a honest person in the spot light. Your family is beautiful…..and Jason was right….you have YOUR family god. God bless all of you….you deserve the best!

Renate on

Please stop blogging. Your posts have absolutly no insight or value.

Jen on


You are the mommy and mommies are always the heart of the operation!It always works so much better when you have a wonderful partner. My husband was amazing when we had our daughter and always did the night time feedings because he was more a night person and was so great. I think you balance family, work and cookie amazingly!!!!

Lorelei on

Beautiful family Bethenny! We’ve been married 17 years with three kids and our secret is the comfort level and respect we’ve always had for and with each other. He is my “old shoe”. Also we are a couple, but we never gave up who we are. I didn’t “become something” just to please him and vice versa. Some people focus so much on the children they take the marriage for granted. Take care of each other, love your child (of course) and everything else will fall into place.

ABC 123 on

little bryn is getting so big! she is so cute!

Bella on

Bethany, You give me hope! I am slightly neurotic but i have a good heart and so much to give. You found a wonderful man. It makes me believe that there is an equally wonderful man out there for me, who will love me, despite my hurts and fears and “slip ups”. I am so happy for you! And I thank you! For being you! And helping me see that it can all work out!

Annette on

Hey Girlfriend( I feel like you’re like one my Girlfriends!!)
There’s a saying:”If Mamma ain’t happy, nobody is happy!!”. Yes, you do hold the family together. A mother is very influential to her husband and children.. You have a major role now but you are very capable!! What I do for keeping it together, is I wake up before everyone else and have a prayer time with God. I ask him to take my day and make it His. It’s amazing when you do this. Your day falls into His hands and when it seems to get out of control, amazingly, you have peace, even when it’s whacky!!
Love your post and keep up the great job(s) you are doing:)

Annette in S.A.

Courtney on

Sleep. Date nights. Wine and a hot bath. And knowing that the house will NEVER be as clean as it was pre-baby, and being ok with that!

abbaaries on

Hi Bethany …Yes striking a balance between work and home is a huge thing . Like u rightly said …having a partner who can extend that helping hand and make things work harmoniously is what matters. Like Jason for you , i wudnt have been able to take care of my premee baby without my husband . We are lucky to have them. Kudos !
good luck with everything Betheny,


I am so very happy for all of you. Just give that little one as many kisses as possible each day! My girls are 19 (away now at college) and 16. Boy the time sure does fly – so make each moment count. They certainly become the reason you breath.

Jill on

Hi Bethanny,
I am a new fan…love your show. You are finding out that the mother is truly the “heart ” of the family. It is an awesome responsibilty but so rewarding. You sound like you are on the right track and your little family is beautiful. Congratulations!

janeaustenrocks on

Does Jason really change her diapers?

Rosie on

Love your show and your very dry sense of humor- little concerned first that you might be like the other ‘housewifes’. But when you said you are happy with a ‘normal’ man with ‘normal’ salary – figured you had it together. Beautiful little girl!!

Kari90 on

You’re just great. Everything takes time to adjust to and I think you’re doing a fabulous job. You’ve been blessed and the world can truly see how happy you are. You deserve it!

MShears on

Balance is the key to a happy well adjusted family. As the Mother, I have to be balanced ( love, attention,sleep, health, work etc). It is a daily task and I don’t hit the mark everyday, but I try. I’m married for 22 years and have three awesome kids, so it seems to be working. Good Luck Bethenny : )

Donna on

Jennifer said “My husband and I are also without outside support so it really does come down to the two of us.”
Just what the heck does that mean? Shouldn’t everyone strive to be self sufficient? Who else do think should be supporting you, the government/taxpayers, your parents?

Kim Capobianco on

Bethenny, you have to forgive yourself to let some things go- don’t try to make every detail perfect-remember to enjoy every moment and find humor in little and big things. When my daughter had her first baby, I remember she was so worried that she didn’t know how to do everything- but I told her that she already knew how to do the most important thing and that was to love her new baby with all of her heart. I can see that in you too. I wish you all well.

Cari on

I was wondering how you came up with her name Bryn Casey?

And I think balancing motherhood and work is VERY hard. I have a 15 year old boy and a 6 year old boy and that is hard enough with work, being a mom, sport events and a wife too. Plus keeping up on all the house hold duties…..

PS: I love your show…. you are just honest and that is a GREAT quality……. 🙂

Brandi on

First of all, I love you. You are so freakin’ hilarious and real. You and Jason together are a force of nature. You really balance each other. I have 2 boys (3 if you count my hubby :)) and a full time job. I think the way to balance it is to not think too much. I think we as women tend to put so much pressure on ourselves to be the best – the best wife, mother, employee, etc. The thing is – is it is what it is. You put your mom hat on at home, your job hat on at work and you schedule in date nights with the hubby. The trick is where is your “me” time? If you have a great partner then they will always help you accomplish that and I know you do in Jason. Congrats to both of you. I am so happy you.

Laura on

This blog is much better Bethenny!

Sleep is big for me, as is time spent one on one with my husband without the kids, “me” time and striking a balance between marriage, parenthood, work and the rest of my life. It’s all about the ying and the yang for me. But I find if I put my whole heart into my kids and my marriage, the rest falls into place.

Another Mom on

I have found that there is no place of balance. Something/one always needs more of you at any given time. The trick is to then ‘right’ things again by picking another something/one next time to give more… The net of things is balance even if at any one point in time you have none. Good luck to you!!

Sarah on

Bethenny –
Your show is amazing to watch! I ALWAYS have to tune in every Thursday night. You are probably the most honest person on TV right now & believe me, that’s a good thing! The way you are raising your baby is inspiring to everyone. Keep up the amazing work! Jason is a very lucky man but I think you’re very lucky to have such a kind, funny, and smart person to be with. I love love love your show & I always look forward to reading your blogs.

Lori on

Bethenny you are an inspiration to all mothers. Thank you for your insightful, hilarious one-liners. I love, love, love your show!

Priscilla on

Bethenny, I am soooo happy for you and Jason! Your daughter Bryn is an angel.I love your show so much that I just can’t wait for Thursday’s. You have really inspired me to do more. Keep blooging here i look forward to that.

Congrats and god bless.

Jackie on

I’m lucky like you – I found my right partner who’s always next to me, if not a step ahead clearing the way but I still get down and overwhelmed, like today. So my theme song today is ‘we want da funk’ or as I have retitled and reworded it to – ‘get outa dat funk’ So I guess my advice is humor which you seem to have in spades.

The only other practical thing I have learned to do to balance my life is to just let the phone go to voicemail once in a while when I’m busy doing something frivolous like having dinner with my husband. I have elderly parents (yes, I know I’m lucky to have them and they are wonderful and wonderfully funny) but I’ve learned that I can wait to hear about which particular hole of theirs is still hurting them for the fifth time, so I let the phone go to voicemail, finish what I’m doing and wait until I’m sitting comfortably with no other distractions before I return the call. The outcome really turns out best for both of us.

shelley on

I was the matron of honor at my neice’s wedding, and right before she was to walk down the aisle, in her huge vera wang gown, she had to make a “doody”. I held up her dress and wondered if there was anything more humiliating. When I saw your show about your wedding day, I was hyterical! I relate to your party planner!! You will figure it all out..and make mistakes as we all do..good luck

patty on

I hope you dont use that trash mouth around your child. I cant believe the trash that came out of your mouth and Jason mouth. If I was that wedding planning I would have told you to take that wedding and put it where the sun dont shine. If I was people that you deal with, after watching your show. You are very unprofessional and have a dirty mouth.

meghan on

Bethenny, you have such a beautiful family! I’m really enjoying your blog posts. I keep hearing criticism that you aren’t offering anything of value or insight, but I must respectfully disagree. Sometime the most important thing is realizing that the things you are going through as a new parent are being experienced by many other new moms. It means to know that other people understand. Thank you! Keep blogging!

Kim on

I am a fan of your family, and I am so “HOPPY” that great things have come your way. In the past I made many mistakes on that balancing act. Focusing mainly on the baby is expected right now and no one should fault you for that. Remember, the best example of a healthy family you can create for Bryn is a healthy marriage. It’s hard to do at times, but putting the marriage first, even ahead of your children at time is the key. Maybe right now have 1 or 2 date nights a month. Even if it is after she is in bed. I know you need rest, but make time to connect. Don’t make that time about Bryn, make it about the two of you.
It’s easy to wake up and 7 years have gone by, all of a sudden there is a huge disconnect and can’t figure out why .You have focused on everything ahead of your husband (not intentionally)but you have baby, job, dog, and you let the grown up who can help themselves come last. Just put Jason first (and he should you and maybe, you will not go down the path many of us have. I know you want Bryn to have what you say you didn’t. I support Team Hoppy! Your fan! Kim

Dgish on

That’s a beautiful photograph of the three of you!

LOVE you show, but one thing makes me nervous: Seeing how Cookie bites at people makes me worry about Bryn. I’m sure you’ve worried about this yourself. What have you done to acclimate Cookie to the baby?

Toni on

Take a nap when she does..:) Leave everything and get a power nap 🙂 take care

Allison on

Donna..i think that poster meant that since no family lives near them, they have limited opportunities to have date night, alone time with hubby, due to lack of babysitter. Personally, I’ve never hired a sitter, I’ve only left my kids with my mother. So, if I lived thousands of miles from relatives, I’d likely not do a date night either. I didn’t see anyone say they wanted taxpayers to pay their bills.

Great blog post Bethenny! Bryn is so cute.

Angie on

Hey Bethenny! :o)

First of all, SUPER excited for you! My husband thinks I’m a freak because, YES I CRIED when I watched you get married. After watching you on Housewives of NY and now your own show, reaching the highest level of happiness was truly emotional for all your fans and viewers. We will be visiting NY next year and I said to my husband, “lets go see my friend Bethenny!” You totally seem like one of my girls, laughing one minute and crying the next because of all the different directions life pulls you in. Keep up the good work, you deserve it all.

One word of advice, lots of what I call “Mommy/Daddy Time”… time alone. No kids. You and your hubby need to reconnect, no cell phones, no computers, no kids = no interruptions. You will be recharged and ready to take on the world, very important. We have 4 children and it works wonders for us.

Wishing you the best.

debbie on

Love your show, as a mom and wife of four, you make it work by carving out time for everyone, including yourself and you two as a couple. It feels selfish when I/we go – going to work out, bookclub, or girls night out – but I come home refreshed and with a grateful spirit.

Enjoy that sweetheart (Brynn-ha) the days go slow and the years fly by.

BTW, I am told skinnygirl distribution was sold and not available. Been trying to buy 🙂

Emily on

Bethenny you look beautiful!!

jessicad on

The hardest thing for me was letting go the guilt. I had to go back to school when my daughter was around 8 months, I was gone 10 hours a day 4 days a week and it absolutely killed me to be away from her. My best friend was kind enough to keep her since she has a son the same age and it gave me so much comfort knowing she was with someone I consider family. Now that I’m finished with school and she’s almost 3 it’s a little easier. Kids love to be with family and friends and we spend so much time together during the week so I think its good for her to get away too. I’m learning that I can still have a life outside of my daughter to go to work and have hobbies that don’t include her and not feel guilty. It’s still MY life too! It makes me happy to be out on my own one day or night each month and it makes me a more relaxed Mama:)

Someone also mentioned letting some things go, I agree with that. The dishes don’t have to be washed and the laundry can wait sometimes, it’s an adjustment if you’re a control freak but once you redefine your idea of everything being “perfect” you can relax a little:)

Looking forward to the show tonight, I cried at the previews and just love watching birth stories!

Becky on

I LOVE Bethenny so much! I record Bethenny Getting Married? every week and sometimes watch it a few times. I was so excited to see she is blogging but I honestly have to say I am a little disappointed too. I still enjoy reading her blog and I understand the baby is still small so she doesn’t have a lot of experience to share with us but the blogs so far just seem like she is trying to just meet the quota and jot something down. There are no funny stories or examples. Also, all of the pictures so far are from the People photo shoot from when she was on the cover. Every week she asks us questions, but I just honestly feel like she isn’t even reading the comments. The other celebrity bloggers will usually address a comment or two and a lot of times a comment from one of us will strike up the topic for the week (like Kourtney’s blog topic this week). Anyways, not trying to be negative and I still love Bethenny and still enjoy reading what she says, but I just crave the personal stories she can share with specific examples/details with her natural whitty humor that we all love her for and of course, with at home recent pics. And I would love for her to address a comment or two to show that she is taking the time and cares about what we have to say. I know she is super busy, but don’t sign on to blog if you don’t take the time to read what we have to say….especially if you ask us questions.

Roslyn G on

I am so thrilled that you are blogging here. I have both of your books and your Yoga DVD. I am excited about your 3rd book coming out.

I love your show and hope that you will be on a second season. This is the best show on Bravo.

Babydoc on

For those who say the blogs are uninspired… As an obstetrician, I often find the one thing that keeps my patient’s from sinking into the lows of post partum depression is knowing that others are struggling just like they are. The transition to new motherood can be overwhelming. I even started support groups for the new Moms just so they can sit around and talk out their frustrations. Some new mother, somewhere is reading this blog and thinking ” Hey, this is normalI’m not so bad afterall”

Gaia and Priam's mom on

I agree with ellea and becky, her posts come off very generic with no effort. These lack humor and insight(two things she’s usually full of) I watched nyc housewives and bethenny getting married? As the series goes on I’m getting more alarmed by how Bethenny is turning herself into a product, her family included. I just wonder how and if she plans on having Bryn on any future series? Hopefully her next blog will be better than these last two and maybe she’ll actually look at the responses.

Andrea Brailsford on


Babies are truly a blessing. You and Jason are blessed to have such a beautiful healthy baby girl.

I think the key to balancing work life and family is to always take a moment for yourself so you don’t lose your mind. My children are thirteen months apart. My son was the 13 month old when I gave birth to my daughter. I am a single parent who had to balance it all. I was a Soldier in the army. I was up throughout the night with my daughter, woke up at 430am to get them ready for daycare,have them in daycare by 530am, be at physical training(PT) by 600am to 700am come home take a shower, take a power nap and be at work from 9 to 5, pick the babies up, have dinner, give baths, put them to bed, wash and make bottles and be in bed by 9pm. I admit that it was tough and I cried, but I learned that to keep myself from going insane, I simply would come home from work and just sit with the babies for about 30 minutes just to catch my breath. I also had a wonderful support system from my family and my co-workers.

Today, my kids are 5 and 4. Things have gotten to be easier because they can do a little more for themselves, but it can still be rough at times. I just take a deep breathe and push foward.

The key to parenting is to enjoy the moments and always take time for yourselves. Just to regroup. Sometimes we as parents can lose ourselves in the midst of raising our children. I am sure you and Jason will be just fine. (I watch your show faithfully every Thursday…LOVE IT!!!) Take care and enjoy parenting. It can be frustrating sometimes when you feel like you should know everything, but it is a wonderful experience I would never trade.

Stephanie on

Her baby is only 10 weeks old, they are raising her together? They haven’t even gotten over the biggest hurdles yet. They are still in wedded bliss and baby bliss. Hope it lasts, but can’t take advice or read about someone juggling work/family balance when she has a baby nurse, personal assistants, many other people behind the scene and a ton of money. They aren’t doing this just the two of them, try being a real working mother in the real world, not reality world.

Tracy on

To answer your question, don’t overschedule. Make sure you leave some blocks of time completely free and open every week, which I know is hard to do, but it’s the only way. Time with your family goes by so fast and only seems to go by faster the older they get.

Let go of any perfectionist tendencies as soon as possible. I used to be a lot like you and having kids nearly drove me crazy until I learned to say, “Good enough.” There’s also more than one way to do something. As moms we tend to think our way is the best/right way, but it’s not always true. Delegate and then let go.

As long as you and Jason can find the humor in life together when it gets challenging, you’ll weather life’s storms. My husband and I have a very similar relationship to yours. We constantly thank each other for the little, mundane things we do to keep our family running and that appreciation goes a long way to keeping our energy up to do everything we need to do.

Someone wisely said that we women can have it all, just not all at once. You might have to make some sacrifices, but if you follow your heart you probably won’t regret them.

Thanks for being so down-to-earth and funny on your shows. You always crack me up.

Momma in TN on

I have truly enjoyed watching your new show, I enjoy that there is someone out there willing to be themselves, no holds barred 🙂 You have a lovely family, after seeing you on housewives, it seems like this is a much healthier atmosphere. That show became almost toxic and just full of superficial crap. You’re a smart girl to let go of “friends” that do nothing but bring you heartache. Once someone shows that type of malicious behavior, to me they’ve shown their true colors and now that you’re a mom you have bigger and far better things on your horizon. Congrats on your new little cutie pie, soak it up, they get big way too fast!

Anita on

I am so happy for you! Last night’s (7/22/10) episode of “Bethenny Getting Married” was so touching; I laughed and cried at the same time after you discovered your water broke! You and Jason are so great together and I can tell you love each other completely and unconditionally. Bryn is lucky to have some lovely parents 🙂

LT on

Bethenny, Your show last night was my favorite hour of reality TV ever! Everything was so honest and heartfelt and I truly am so happy for you and Jason on the birth of Bryn!

Sharon Fink on

I am truly so happy for Bethany and Jason. He was worth waiting for. The baby is just beautiful. Just want you to know that I am a young 62 year old grandmother of 7 and have wonderful experience if you need help. My home is child ready at all times. Best of luck and remember what a blessing she is even in those teenage years. Love you, a very loyal fan.
Grandma Sharon

PAM on

I am so happy for the Hoppy family!..I enjoy watching you and Jason..all the people you surround your selves with are all so loving..You guys will have so many people in the wings waiting to help with Bryn..Jason I had a daughter that was killed in an accident about 10 years ago and when you and Jason added his brother into the wedding tears came to my eyes!…You have so many things coming to you,I can’t wait to see all the new exciting things that will happen…

Gina on


Don’t listen to any negative comments posted here. You are doing a great job and many are watching you grow and move forard in your career and with your family! Great job!

Kylee on


I am so happy for you! You will create the family you didn’t have with Jason. It was so sweet the way he said ‘We might have another one, no?’ as you were trying to get out the door and to the hospital. I hope you will consider having another one or adopting. Siblings are so wonderful (as Jason can tell you).

Rye on

Bethenney & Jason, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the show!!! I had never watched any of the housewife shows but I stumbled across an episode one day while folding laundry and my attention was sucked in as that horrible, ignorant KELLY berated and talked down to you. Ever since I have been a fan of you and was so impressed at how well you handled that situation! VERY classy and mature (SO UNLIKE THE HOUSEWIVES OF JERSEY which I got addicted to when watching your show) and I just think you are hysterical!! You and Jason are the cutest couple!!!

Bryn is adorable and I wish you guys all the best in raising her. Warmest wishes being sent your way right now. Please enjoy every second you have with her. Time flies. Cherish every moment!!!!

Ignore the ignorant comments on the board from the haters. They can go suck it.

Love you guys!!

Margaret on

I just love your show, I don’t miss a single episode! Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl. I have 2 girls and it is the best!

amandamay on

i like bethenny and her show, but i agree, i’m not super excited by her blogs yet – i’m not a “hater” i just think these blogs aren’t actually saying anything. they just ask the readers a question. i think they’d be better if she included some personal stories or experiences about raising bryn/her marriage etc. yes, i agree with “babydoc” – it’s great to have blogs to read that you can relate to and make you feel “not alone” but there’s nothing here to relate to – nothing personal is said.

Marti Moran on

Love your show, your sense of humor, the hilarious home video at the hospital and the touching endearing moments as well. I remember the days well of a newborn and the need to schedule sleep. Everything you say and write is authentic and really hits home and brings up so many emotions and tears, good and bad. My friends at work who tune in also love your candidness. If any of your fifty or so business endeavors needs a replacement, you should really do stand-up! Seriously. Enjoy these precious moments as suddenly they are little no more and off to college, in a blink. Jason is super, love his mom and how she and his dad love you! You are beyond blessed.Bryn is that love that was missing in your life. I think you get that. Shalom.

Electra on


That was spoken JUST like Teresa from real housewives of NJ. She’d be proud,.

Anonymous on

I love how u named baby Brynn after Jason brother! You have such a great family! I love the show! 🙂

Jacque on

I’ve watched since the 1st episode of NYC. You have always been my favorite because your a real person & you tell it like it is. My husband also mocks me for crying every time I watch your show!
God has sent you 2 amazing gifts in Jason & Bryn. Jason loves you “just as you are” & centers you when you need it.(priceless gift) & both Jason and Bryn will help you build the family you lost. Not to mention & I’m sure you know this by now,show you a love that knows no bounds. The rest will take care of itself & doesn’t really matter in the long run (laundry, groceries, dishes, etc…)

Sharon Fink on

Bethany….You and Json should be so proud of your relationship and the beautiful baby that you brought into this world with love and committment.I have written before and I am a very experienced mother of four and grandmother of seven. Just slow down, smell the flowers, keep your priorities in order and most of all get rest when you can, except help and don’t be hard on yourself. Motherhood takes stime and you will grow everyday with your beautiful baby and handsome husband.

All the best with love,
Grandma Sharon

KimP on

Welcome to the club! I had 3 little boys in four years – talk about crazy busy! Being a mom is not easy as I’m sure you’re learning. You have to accept the fact that you are indeed the “heart” of the family and that you are really important. You are going to have good days and bad days but life goes on and you keep on going. Sometimes everything isn’t perfect but you just look at that little face that needs you so much and you get through. Just be what you always wanted your mother to be. You are going to freak out and cry and question but that’s part of the whole experience. We are not perfect. You are going to screw up. Just try to be the person who sees their little face in the morning and is the last to see them at night. Good luck. You are doing the most important job you will ever do in your life right now…

Rye on

LOL @ Electra!!! Maybe my Italian roots were coming through strong via the message! Oh my gosh! How funny! I feel like I need to rip someones weave out now!

Allison on

Glad to hear she is nursing – I hope that’s what she means by feeding her daughter? I got nervous when I saw her baby being bottle feed in the hospital during a preview of her show…

L.L. on

Hi Bethenny,
I hope you get a chance to read this. I just want to say that I love watching your show. I never watched the housewives but I have been watching you on your new show and LOVE IT!

You make me laugh and I think it’s wonderful how ambitious and hard working you are. You are an inspiration!

I am a 23 year old wife and still working on my career. It feels good to know (after watching you do it) that I can be a wife, have a family, and still be successful in my personal life.

God bless you in everything you do. I’d love to read a biography of you (hint hint) or maybe a self help book.

Robboe on

My son was born five weeks early. My water broke at three in the morning. There were no contractions, so I was induced. Let me tell you – that is the worst. I was in hard labor for 23 hours. At the start of the 24th hour, I told the nurses and the doctor that I was no longer going to breathe. I, top, screamed to get the baby out-now! Even if it came through my nostrils.

I took three months off from teaching. I found a wonderful day care near the school. So when he was three months old, I dropped him off. I felt guilty for a long time until I realized how happy he was.

I knew I could not be a stay at home mom. I’d have pitchers pre-mixed martinis in the fridge.

The biggest hurdle was sleep. My son did not nap, nor did he require sleep. He would be up at two in the morning, wanting to play. I had to learn to tune his crying out. Eventually he slept, but even to this day he requires little sleep.

Balancing work and motherhood is difficult, but it just seems to work itself out. You have to do what is right for you- regardless of what others say. If you are happy, the baby will be happy.

My son is now 29 and married himself. But I still give him the guilt about the 23 hours of labor.

Cathy GStaff on

SHE has a LIVE IN NANNY/NURSE!! How tough can this be to raise Byrn? She also has two attendants (of sorts)……..Remember the guy that bought the bassinet and UNDIES? How about a reality show where she and hubby actually do it all without all the assistance?

Melissa the NY'er on

My daughter is 16 months & I work full time too. My husband works 2 jobs & isn’t home a lot. I’m still trying to find balance! I always feel like I’m leaving something out whether that be time with my husband, time with my daughter, household duties, or me time. My daughter has only slept through the night for about 1 month out of the last 16 so unfortunately sleep tends to be the last thing on my list. Oh well..someday, right? I hope that you can find that balance because it is very important. I feel like no matter how many times someone tells me to relax or that I can’t get it all done, it only fuels the fire. I’m waiting to come from a place of zen! haha

Melissa the NY'er on

@ Allison (7/28) Are you freaking kidding? Would giving a baby a bottle in the hospital (or ever) be the most terrible thing? Some people aren’t able to nurse (even after help from lactation consultants) & believe me, if it’s not a choice you’ve voluntarily made, there is an overwhelming amount of guilt. I still feel guilty & my daughter is now 16 months old. For the first few months, every time I’d look at a bottle of formula & read that breast milk is preferred, I would burst into tears. Even if someone chooses to give their baby formula, it is THEIR decision for THEIR child. Perhaps you should be more sensitive before making a comment like that. And for what it’s worth, I believe I have read that Bethenny does breast feed. So happy now?

Val on


I am not pregnant yet; but I love how clueless you were about the whole thing and when you broke down to the woman asking what the “chocolate pancakes” where all about I was dying because I’d totally be asking if I’d be shitting myself too! You have a beautiful family and just know that everyone loves you, and try to take it easy. The amount of stuff on your plate stresses me out just THINKING about it.

Keep it up chicky! Throwin back some skinny girls tonite for THIRSTY THURSDAY with the ladies in your honor 🙂

Diana G. on

Thank you for allowing us to peek into your life. You really get it! I mean, who wakes up in the morning with lip gloss on? Your witty sense of humor is appreciated and very entertaining. I love how you balance being stunning and classy yet are grounded and down to earth. You are full of so much drive and energy that others need to run to keep up with you. When you found Jason you won the Lottery. What a gem! He balances you kiddo. We are happy so many good things have come your way. You’ve earned them. Keep it coming and we’ll keep wachting!

May on

I was so worried that Cookie was going to be a problem, but when I got my son (who will be 40), we plunked him down on the floor (he was 14 months old), with the basset puppy and the large older dog, it was sink or swim. They had never been in the company of babies. Everything was fine.

Very happy for you and Jason. Bryn was born on my birthday.

I hope you three have a wonderful life and I’m very happy that you have fantastic in-laws. Treasure them. My ex-DIL and I are exceptionally close. She is my daughter.

Georgetta on

Dear Bethany,
I watch your show & I would like to say that I am very proud of you & wish you all the success that you can hold.♥
I am 61 yrs old & think I would be someone who could work for you as a personal assistant. You need someone older who really cares & has raised children.♥ I am from New York but moved here 32 yrs ago to raise my sons, who are all grown & now I am at that empty nest place…so I could take good care of you. My husband can put together a crib…lol..he can fix anything, so you would get two for one.♥
I visit often b/c my son lives in Brooklyn. I would love to move back to New York b/c I do miss it…the energy.♥
I would love to have an interview with you.