Rachel Dratch Doesn’t ‘Have the Guts’ to Go Name Crazy

07/21/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImage

Due in September with her first child, Rachel Dratch is learning to walk — and eat! — for two.

“I feel pretty good, except for this heat,” the former SNL actress, 44, tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies at The Extra Man premiere. “It’s hard to walk around. Other than that, I’m feeling pretty normal.”

So normal, in fact, that Dratch admits even her cravings have been anything but exciting.

“I’ve just been having watermelon cravings, nothing unhealthy, weird … bizarro,” she reveals, adding that she is “trying” to drink as much water as possible to stay hydrated.

And when it comes to the name game, Dratch — who is keeping the identity of baby’s businessman father under wraps, explaining that she’s “going the Padma route” — plans to give her child a traditional name, despite her desire to wander down the unbeaten path!

“I haven’t settled. I have a funny one in mind, but I don’t have the guts to do it,” she laughs. “I’ll probably go with something a little bit more normal.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Jeffrey Slonim

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Brooke on

I would bet my house that she was inseminated.

Shawna on

Brooke – why?

lulu on

@brooke …lol

meghan on

Congrats to Rachel. I think she’s just awesome!!!

JMO on

LOL Brooke. Who knows you could be right?!

Heidi K. on

Brooke — Duh. Pregnancy usually DOES happen as a result of insemination. Perhaps you meant artificial insemination?? In which case, why even go there, what difference does it make to you?

Erin on

Brooke, I can’t tell who’s a bigger b***h. You for saying the first unnecessary, insulting thing. Or you’re fellow mean girls, lulu and JMO. It’s one thing to get into an intelligent discussion. It’s another to be catty about a woman whom you don’t know. I hope you three don’t have kids.

Kimber Christian on

Who cares how she got pregnant? It’s a blessing and none of our business!

NikNak on

oh shut up Heidi K. If her comment bothered you, ignore it.

nan on

why would insemination, artificial or however be implied when the article states that she is..”keeping the identity of baby’s businessman father under wraps.” that makes it sound as if she knows him. either way….so what? good for her!

Elisabeth on

totally agree with Kimber (pretty name btw) I am happy for her and I don’t feel it’s any business of mine either.

Hea on

Erin – What an evil thing to say “I hope you three don’t have kids”. :-/ So what if she was artificially inseminated? It makes sense since she’s quite old for having her first child naturally.

Erin on

Hea, you didn’t get my gist. Or you don’t care. The three I mentioned were “evil” in being mean about a woman they don’t know possibly having been artificially inseminated. I would hope a mom would be above such idiocy. If you think it’s funny to be trolling around the internet making fun of someone you don’t know then I sure hope you’re not a parent. A parent should have better things to do. (Mine are in bed, what’s Brooke’s excuse?) Actually, so should anyone above the age of, say, twelve.

SadieA on

Oh shut up NikNak, if Heidi K’s comment bothered you, ignore it. This is fun! We can go around and around in our circle of hypocrisy…

Janice Pielert on

Stop blasting Rachel. She is one of the most hilarious actresses I have ever seen on SNL. I was a mother later in life (35 and 40)and feel that it is her own personal business about how she got pregnant and from whom. I, like her, also craved watermelon with my second son. I could have eaten it 24/7. Have a healthy, happy baby, Rachel. Her or she is going to be one luck child to have you for a mother!

cris on

Did this blog really just turn into woman telling each other to ‘shut up?’

crg on

Well, it is kind of telling when she says “I haven’t settled.””I’ll probably go with…” rather than “We”.

ILuvPerfectParents on

Awww Congrats to Rachel, I craved watermelon too with my youngest son.

Anonymous on

Congrats. I had two sons one at 41 and one at 43.People think I am 30 and my kids make look even younger. Babies make everyday happy.

Hea on

Erin – I just don’t find the question hurtful. I’m not a troll, I just fail to see any embarrassment and so on when it comes to women who’ve been artificially inseminated and I don’t think it’s wrong for people to be asking about it. It’s none of their business, true, but it’s OK to ask. Having your first child naturally at 44 is quite amazing for a lot of women.

DJ on

Hea, In my opinion, it is not okay to ask someone a question so personal. It is not mine, nor anyone else’s business whether or not someone was artificially inseminated.

This blog has lost its integrity since Danielle and the girls at CBB stopped running it.

clairaclair on

DJ – i completely agree, this blog is nothing like it used to be when Danielle and everyone at CBB ran it. I miss the good old times 🙂

meghan on

I completely agree with every word you said, DJ and Erin. I have a bad feeling that this AI talk is because they think Rachel is not pretty and would need to resort to artificial means to be a mother, which is absurd. I think she’s adorable, personally.

I adore Rachel. The Betty White ep this season where Tina, Amy, Maya, Molly and Rachel returned made it very obvious to me that the show was at it’s best when Tina was running the writing room. Not only did she give the women the chance to shine, she created sketches with a beginning, middle and end that didn’t drag on and trail off with no real ending like they do now. Why does Rachel not have her own show? I’d watch anything with her in it!

Erin on

Hea, for the last time I’ll spell it out. When you write “LOL” responding to the very first comment, you’re certainly not on the up and up. Oh, I so sincerely wonder if Rachel was a.i., and I only ask because I’m curious and not at all making fun of a(n) (apparently,maybe) single forty four year old. B.S.!! The three ladies I mentioned were being catty. I have made the mistake of trying to be civil on this blog because I remember the old CBB days when there were written and unwritten rules about what you said. I really need to understand that this blog is like every other blog. I need to move on from it, because it’s become a dumping ground for bitchy, nasty, stupid people. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be missed!

Meagan on

I am very happy for her! I think what most is trying to say is that the girl Brooke said “I bet my house she was inseminated” and the other two felt it was funny. It’s ok to ask if someone has been but dont say I bet my house on it. That’s just rude and uncalled for. U have no idea what she may or may not have done. Just for someone to automatically assume and come out with a comment such as that is really uncalled for. Some women are very touchy on the subject because no one knows what the situation of getting pregnant may or may not have been.

Hea on

Erin – I didn’t write LOL and you don’t have to “spell it out”. I get your point but I don’t quite agree. I understand you but I don’t quite agree with you.

DJ – I don’t really agree and nobody asked her in personal either.

@ cris on

Did this blog really just turn into woman telling each other to ‘shut up?’

“Just” –?

No, it’s been like that for quite a while. Maybe you are just noticing. It is not like it used to be around here.

dfs on

Erin, I think the cattiest comment on here was your b***h comment.

dfs on

“I have a bad feeling that this AI talk is because they think Rachel is not pretty and would need to resort to artificial means to be a mother, which is absurd.”

Why in the WORLD would you assume people think she used AI because she isn’t pretty??? Don’t you think they’re more likely to think she used AI because she’s 44, unmarried, and stated that she was going the Padma route?

YOU are the only one who insinuated she wasn’t pretty.

JMO on

hmm I can’t speak for the other ladies.

My “lol” was directed at Brooke for saying she’d put up her house that she was inseminated!
I did not “lol” because I thought Rachel wasn’t decent enough to find a man and get pregnant the natural way!! Geez nice for grown ladies to ASSume things and put words into peoples postings!!
I too happen to like Rachel. Watched her on SNL for years. If she was inseminated that doesn’t bother me one bit. Based on her age and the fact that she didn’t name a father could very well mean she was! Either way a baby is a blessing no matter how it gets here.

Erin on

JMO, perhaps I was wrong. Maybe you didn’t mean to come off the way it sounded to me and a few other folks on this site. I’m sorry I jumped on you. I should’ve asked you to clarify first. The old “rules” of CBB used to be – if you write something you wouldn’t say to the face of the person you’re talking about, don’t say it on the blog. Those were the old days. After some recent postings here (particularly the recent fury over Bridget Moynihan and her “trapping” someone into fatherhood) I have given up hope for this being a civil site. Then I went against my own sentiment and called someone a b***h. So much for taking my own words to heart. Still, the site has gone to hell. People going off about matters they don’t know/need not know about. If Brooke was just being a sweet-hearted gal saying aloud that she’d bet hundreds of thousands of dollars that Rachel was a.i. (having nothing to do with her not being a glamourous movie star or wandering around pregnant in a fancy maxi dress) then I have egg on my face. Again. But I do sincerely apologize to you. Sorry.

JMO on

Erin it’s quite alright.

I have been a CBB reader for years. Back when it was started by Danielle! It was a nice little cival place (and quiet too).
I don’t find it wrong for people to post their opinions or for folks to disagree but I will agree that since it moved to People.com it’s been out of control. This is one reason why I never read blogs like Perez Hilton or Just Jared. Because it’s all mean spirited.
I think the only thing we can do is just enjoy the pics and postings and try not to get caught up in the drama. I have a feeling things are not going to change around here so the only thing we can do is rise above it or just stop visiting.

Erin on

JMO, 🙂

If you ever find me back here again, acting a fool, please call me out. I could use it from time to time!

Sylvia on

I actually find PerezHilton more toned down than CBB nowadays :-D.

Kimberli on

This is supposed to be a nice site, looking at mums to be and babies, but some of you have turned it into a hate fest & need to realise that your personal views need to stay personal!

JMO on

Erin, you got it! lol 😀

Sylvia, really? I haven’t ventured there lately. Maybe I should give it a whirl. Although it’s moe of Perez’s comments that bother me then the people who visit!

Terri on

I don’t think it’s telling at all that she said “I” and not “we”. My mom was very much with my dad through all three of her pregnancies and he had no input or interest in choosing names. Some men just don’t care.

Anna on

@Erin: Seriously? Did you just say that you were being civil. Because I didn’t see any civility from you. I saw you calling another person a b**ch and the telling three people you hoped they didn’t have kids. Your comments have been the least civil I’ve seen on this blog in a long time.

Sylvia on

Well, I tend to ignore what Perez says if it is disgusting. (Believe me there’s been one or two things on there where he’s gone too far, and I’m about as sarcastic as a college student can get) However, he does support a lot of budding music artists that I admire so I give him props for that.

As for this site,
I feel like there’s barely any empathetic people on the site nowadays which is sort of depressing :*-( At least on Perez, people sometimes pay one another compliments (though rarely) I still read this site because I find most of the actual articles to be really optimistic. But most of the comments are like looming dark clouds on a previously gorgeous day.

Sylvia on

yeah. . .it has been like that for a long time now.
This normally happens during every article with more than 30 comments:
-Someone says something that is very controversial about the article.
-Another someone gets annoyed and types a heated comment back
-Suddenly, nearly everybody commenting on the article starts shooting flames at one another and at the celebrity that the article focus on.
*This goes on for around 10-20 posts*
-ocassionally there’s some good, sweet natured comments in the batch.
-And then the commenting stops on a neutral comment.
It’s been like this for months.

Mary on

I think Rachel SHOULD admit that she was AI’d if she was. It’s empowering! Lets let these guys know, we don’t need them, just their sperm. If Rachel was AI’d, she would know almost everything about the doner so, she could describe him as a ” business man”

Funny that Rachel to follow Padma. Her baby’s father was never revield-until Adam Bell, the father took Padma to court to demand more face time with the baby.

Rachel, SHOW SOME BALLS! Let us know how it happend!

renee on

eh, i don’t care enough to read more than three of the dramatic/ argumentative comments… buuut all i wanted to say about her is that she’s super hilarious, acts like a normal human being, and i predict she’s having a boy! Good Luck, Rachel!!!