Meet Tiffani Thiessen’s Daughter Harper Renn!

07/21/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Joe Buissink

Tiffani Thiessen hoped to use hypnobirthing to aid in the delivery of her first child, but was open to all options. Good thing, because 5-week-old daughter Harper Renn Smith had her own ideas when it came to her June 15 birth.

“First my water didn’t break; they had to do it for me. Then the baby wasn’t descending, because the cord was wrapped around her neck,” the White Collar star — who ultimately delivered via c-section after 30 hours of labor — tells PEOPLE.

“Once she was finally out, I didn’t even get to hold her before they whisked her away… The whole thing was very surreal.”

For more photos of the Thiessen-Smith family, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Charlotte Triggs and Ulrica Wihlborg

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klutzy_girl on

Awww! She’s so cute!

Marjorie on

Mother and Daughter are beautiful and perfect! I also love the name Harper.

ev on

Beautiful just like her mom πŸ™‚

Melissa on

Congratulations to Tiffani and her husband. Harper is gorgeous. What a beautiful family!

PS: Harper is the name of my favourite author; Harper Lee who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. Great choice of name!

Lesley on

She is beautiful!! Cute name too! =-)

Renee on

awww SO excited and happy for Tiffani! What a cutie pie. Been waiting for my favorite actress to be a mommy since I was a little kid. Congrats to the new happy family! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

Sadie on

Ohhh she is so beautiful. “Kelly Kapowski” has a baby! πŸ™‚ Tif Harper is beautiful – I mean just look at her mama! So sweet! I too love her name, not traditional but lovely.

canada girl on

Congrats, Harper is the name I picked for my child! her baby is so cute, I have always liked her

Guest2010 on

30 HOURS OF LABOR???? What doctor in their RIGHT mind puts a woman thru 30 hrs of labor before deciding to do a c-section.

Ashley on

Cute baby! Love the name Harper!

niman, israel on

mazal tov!!
i have my baby almost the same way as you, only thank go it didn’;t take 30 hours, everything went very fast.
my first baby boy, he is 10 month.

you have a beautiful baby, congrats and mazal tov!!

Christina on

Tiffani, your daughter is absolutely beautiful. You look naturally look happy with her!!! Congratulations!!!

Jennie on

Oh my Lord! she is so adorable!

melissa on

Her daughter is beautiful! so happy for her! ps: sadie, Tiffani played Valerie Malone. Yet, now Kelly and Valerie have babies! LOL

ae on

that a beautiful pic. 30 hours of labor . . .OMG!

Brandy A on

I remember when Tiffani was that size. Her family lived down the street from ours in SoCal. I dog-sat their collie, Brandy. No relation. πŸ˜‰

Heather on

She is so precious

dee on

Sadie is correct Melissa you must have never watched “Saved by the Bell” thats how Tiffani worked her way to stardom. The baby is Gorgeous she definitley has stardom written all over her!! Best of Luck and God Bless for unexpected Miracles!

Brooke on

When people want to go natural, there is no reason to do a c-section unless mom or baby is at risk. I had a natural 23 hour labor with my daughter and requested not to have any kind of intervention unless necessary. My daughter ended up being born in her bag of water because I didn’t want the doctor to break it. It was an amazing experience. Sorry natural didn’t work out for Tiffany, but I think all mothers agree no matter how your birth plan may change–once you hold that baby it is all worth it in the end. Congrats! πŸ™‚

Sandy L on

Congrats and what a cutie!

@melissa, sadie is referring to her character on “Saved by the Bell”!

crystal on

tiffani your a beautiful woman you have always have been and little harper is gorgeous like her mommy and handsome daddy i wish you the best of luck with your family….

Bridget on

I was in labor for over 24 hours before my dr. decided on a c- section. This was after my husband had a nice chat with the doctor.

ABC 123 on

he daughter is gouragous and i love her name!

Janna on

Guest2010…. Don’t you think it’s a little silly to second guess her medical team when you have no information other than “30 hours” to go by?

Grace on

Your baby looks so beautiful! Like mama like daughter : D love watching you on white collar!

Jenn on

She is a truly beautiful baby!!! Congrats to Tiffani and her husband on their wonderful bundle of joy!!!

Lorelai on

Congrats Tiffani! I’ve watched you since Saved by the Bell! you are so beautiful and Harper is so gorgeous, look at those lips!

Sadie on

@ Melissa – That’s right, she did play Valerie Malone.Yep Valerie has a baby too, lol!

Sadie on

@ Janna – Why is it that every time you comment about someone’s comment its always negative? You always assume the worse, usually its my comments you’re after. I didn’t see anything wrong with what Guest2010 said.

Jaedyn on

She is adorable! Congratulations, TΓ­ffani!

Kathleen on


Jen on

Hey Melissa – Sadie is referring to Tiffani’s character on Saved by the Bell…not the character Kelly Taylor (played by Jennie Garth) on 90210.

Tiffani – Congratulations on your little one…what a beauty!

Sadie on

I think there is a bit of confusion here. Tiffani played “Kelly Kapowski” on “Saved by the Bell” and she played “Valeri Malone” on “Beverly Hills 90210”.

So we are all CORRECT! lol

Congrats Tiffani!

Lorie on

Too precious!

KJC on

I love the name Harper Renn. It is unique, but not crazy. Beautiful choice. I myself have considered the name Renn.

Karie on

So very precious πŸ™‚ Beautiful just like her mother!

ForeverMoore on

Sweet baby! I had pretty much the same experience as Tiffani, exactly one week earlier…I was in labor with my son for 16 hours, wasn’t dilating and ended up with a c-section. I was sad I didn’t hold him right away but he was there, healthy and with no complications so I was thrilled nonetheless. Congrats to her!

stacie on

Congrats! And yes, Harper IS a beautiful name! It’s the name of my 10 year old daughter. πŸ™‚ We thought we were picking something more obscure but it seems that more high profile people are discovering this beautiful name. Our Harper is strong, beautiful and amazing. She’s gone through 9 surgeries thus far and always keeps smiling. I’m sure Tiffani’s Harper will bring her as much joy as ours has.

TMillward on

30 Hours of labour is not bad, and yes doctors will let you go for awhile before they decide to do a c-section. They probably didn’t know about the cord, until they did the c-section. Case in point, I went 72 hours before they did a c-section. They did not find out, until my son was born, that he was posterior (face up, instead of face down). I only got to 3 cms.
I love the name Harper, she is beautiful just like her mom. Congrats Tiffani

Erin on

Such a beautiful little girl! I’m so happy she’s here and that everything worked out in the best interest of Tiffani and Harper! Every labor is different and if both mother and baby are in stable condition, and the mother wants to, there’s no reason to go ahead and do a c-section just because labor has gone over the 24hr mark (or however long the dr/hospital would like). In my case, my longest labor was 14hrs. With my last child (born in April) I went from 5cm dilated to delivered in 15 minutes. Before that, the labor was 8hrs long. All 4 of my births were unmedicated. Whatever works for the mom and baby in the particular circumstance. Here we’ve got proof of a healthy mom and healthy baby! At the end of the day, that is all that really matters.

Tee on

Oh, Harper is beautiful and Tiffani is glowing! I’m so sorry that her dream of a natural birth didn’t work out this time but I know she’s glad to have her babe in arms safely here.

amanda on

such a beautiful girl! any info on the adorable shirt she is wearing?

Wendy on

Congrats on the birth of your beautiful little girl! I love the name Harper! Our little girls almost share the same birthday, expect my “little” girl just turned 18.

Hannah on

She is adorable. Enjoy every moment of this age because they grow so fast….All the best.

ILuvPerfectParents on

Awww she is as beautiful as her mother.

Suzanne on


JMO on

I used to like the name Harper but now it’s like the new Lola!! Lisa Marie Presley, David Spade, Dave Grohl, all have new daughters named Harper too!

Tiffani looks great and the baby is adorable!

megan on

Awww : ) She’s the spitting image of Tiffani’s husband for sure

D on

I miss that cuddling stage.

Laura on

Look at that face! What a sweet baby! I wish them all the best. πŸ™‚

gianna on

aww harper is precious. I need to see more pics but in this one she looks like tiffani to me, same nose and mouth. Tiffani looks beautiful here, she looks younger than 36. I feel bad for her, she was over 2 weeks late and didn’t wanna get a c-section so she held out for a natural birth and ended up with a really long delivery and c-section in the end. Anyway glad the baby came out ok and looking forward to seeing more pics. I like tiffani’s facebook, she posts a lot and seems nice.

Barbi on

Beautiful baby and lovely picture. You also look radiant! Congratulations!

Christina on

Beautiful of picture of mom and daughter! πŸ™‚ Congrats, Tiffani from one new mom to another!

srk on

Ohh… That’s sooooooo PRECIOUS!!Glad that Tiffany finally became a great mother.. Congrats on Tiffany and her hubby to hv a sweet baby..

Lauren on

Congrats Tiffani! Your daughter is gorgeous & so are you! I loved her on 90210, she was my favorite character!

Barb on

Beautiful, just like her mom! Congratulations…

mytwoboysMN on

Beautiful…both baby and mommy. Congrats!

Jamie on

She is just as beautiful as her mother. Congratulations!!!

Lori A on

Congrats to Tiffani and her Husband. Beautiful Baby!

cheyanne on

cute so cute

Jenn on

Awww! She’s so sweet. I love her little outfit! And from this pic I think she definitely resembles Brady so far.

Ann on

What a beautiful little girl!

Gigi on

Harper is a beautiful name…different without being weird. She’s gorgeous just like her mother.

Erin on

My daughter was born a week before Tiffani’s & we named her Harper Amelia, after Harper Lee. To Kill A Mockingbird is my favorite book : ) Harper Renn is beautiful.

Judy on

This is one of the most beautiful mom/daughter pictures I have ever seen. What a blessing!

amsjll on

So happy for her!
At the person who said “what doctor in their right mind puts a woman through 30 hours of labor”, I went through 28. 20 natural, 8 with an epi, and then the baby came out just fine. I was thrilled for it because I literally jogged out of the hosp 24 hours later. And second baby was beyond easy, 7 hours and 90% pain free, another jog out of the hosp the next morning. Tiffani had a complication with the cord being around the neck, that warrants a c-sect. But otherwise, if mom and baby are fine, let it be. Her doc did his/her job in trying to avoid surgery.

Sarah on

Aww she’s so cute! Her daughter is 9 days younger than my son. Great month/yr to be born! πŸ˜‰ Congrats!!

k on


Kim on

She is such a beautiful baby!!!

K on

That baby looks a lot like my first born, who is now 18! Harper is a great name. I saw Tiffani and her husband Brady on a wedding special a few years back and they seemed very sweet and loving. The baby seems to have a great couple for parents! 30 hours of labor, OY! Eleven with with my first, 9 with my second “posterior” hard birth and no epidurals for either! I feel lucky! Best wishes to the family.

tillie on

what a beautiful baby, just like her mother

Marcia on

So happy for Tiffani! I am looking forward to read more about her & Harper in my PEOPLE magazine, out on Friday in the mail. I have always liked Tiffani. Her movies are always shown on either LIFETIME or LIFETIME MOVIE NETWORK.

J on

She is so cute! Tiffani looks so serene and happy in this photo. D

ducky on

Beautiful baby girl!!! I know you will have the best time ever with her! She is just gorgeous, just like you!!! congratulations.

Janna on

Sadie, You must not follow my comments that well if that’s really what you think.

And in this case, I don’t have to *assume* anything. I commented that another anonymous know-it-all on the internet thinks they know better than this woman’s doctor. That’s dumb. I commented on it.

Sorry if that offends your sensibilities. No, I take that back. I’m not sorry at all.

Anh Chu on

Congrats!!!How beautiful the baby is. Just like you. I love to see you since “Save By The Bell” and 90210. My daughter was name after you. Such a beautiful name.

kristin on

harper is just as beautiful as her mama. i too just recently had a c-section but it was recommended by my doc because my first son was a c-section. babies are so perfect when they come out that way and yours is absoulutely beautiful.

Helene on

Beautiful little girl and a a beautiful first picture of mom and daughter. I loved her on Saved by the Bell and 90210!

Guest2010 and Dorothy,
The Dr isn’t going to put the child or baby in harm’s way. They know when it is time to do the csection. And there is no exact time of when you are suppose to switch to a csection. My mom was in labor with me for well over 30 hours and so was my sister. My sister was in labor for 50 hours when she had her baby. And he is as perfect as they come!

Victoria on

Gorgeous baby….

tammy on

I love the name Harper. But paired with Renn is a bit too much for me. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the main character of “to kill a mockingbird” (by harper lee) named Wren? She must really like the book, and I can see why, it is very good!

bellamama12 on

@ amanda- Harper’s shirt/top is from baby gap.

mochababe73 on

That is a beautiful picture.

lois on

my daughter Amy Elizabeth… was due to be born, august 30/31st 1985…. she was 11 days late lol. She was born september 11 1985. My doctor also had to break my water… they said, it wont be long now, and Amy will be here. I had more contractions , and they came and whisked me into delivery, got my feet in the stirrups, My doctor took his position between my legs, and Amy was nowhere to be seen, she wasnt even in the birth canal. My doctor said something about emergency forceps delivery, and I paniced. It took 4 nurses to hold me down, there was no time for anesthesia. The doctor just numbed my groin area before cutting me from one hole to the next. I felt the forceps being inserted. and I felt the pain from that first pull, I had never experienced that kind of pain. I passed out, and when I awoke , my doctor was holding Amy up for me to see. Luckily my doctor specialized in diffcult deliveries. Amy only had a small pink mark on either side of head where my doctor had pulled her out with the forceps. She was almost 2 ft long, weighing in at almost 9 pounds, and her head measured 13 inches and her shoulders 14 1/2. Today doctors opt for C section over forceps because of all the contraversy over injury to the baby with forceps. My daughter will be 25 this year, and is married to wonderful intelligent man. Congragulations Tiffany. There is no guide book on parenting when your baby is born….. Just give her lots of love and the skills she will need to make it in this world. She will be fine, allow your relationship with her to grow and evolve. and even though distance may devide you one day….. you will always be close in all the ways that matter………………… πŸ™‚

stephanie on

she is so precious and gorgeous!

mbraif on

I mean no disrespect. I, too, think Harper is a lovely name. It seems to me, though, that it is an “in” name right now. Eddie Vedder named his most recent daughter “Harper.” I’m pretty sure I’ve read of at least one other “celebrity” choosing that name recently. Once a lovely name gets out there, everyone starts to use it. How else did we get so many Madisons, Wyatts, Joshuas, and Caitlins?

Shannon on

She is so cute, i’m happy for you and your husband.

Christina on

Congrats on the beautiful baby girl! I myself had a baby girl in October who joined her 2 older brothers they are 7 years old and 5 years old. I love the name Harper Renn. I wish you, your husband and baby Harper many years of happiness as well as a sibling for Harper… well maybe πŸ˜‰

Brenda Lucero on

Congrats to Tiffani! Harper is soooo gorgeous….just like her mama! God bless you, your husband and your new precious angel!

Natalie on

I absolutely adore the baby’s name. It has a very classic, yet unique feel to it which I find incredibly beautiful. And oh my gosh she is as cute as a button! Congrats new parents! I wish you guys all the happiness in the world with your new baby! Enjoy her because she will grow up lightning fast!

Kim on

What a cute and precious baby girl! I am so happy for Tiffani and her husband.

Haley on

What a beautfil girl! And I am loving her outfit!

Kim on

What a cute and precious baby girl. I am so happy for Tiffani and her family.

Racha on

Paul Simon’s son is named Harper, but he hasn’t been a baby in a long time.

Wren? Don’t you mean Scout?

Kim on

What a cute and precious baby girl. I am so happy for Tiffani and her husband.

Diva on

Beautiful baby!!!! Just like her proud mom!

Roary on

Both her and her baby are gorgeous! Congrats! πŸ™‚

SAR on

What a beautiful baby! So cherubic.

Tiffani is obviously on cloud nine. She may not have gotten to hold her baby immediately after her birth, but she’s been making up for it since then.

Jaycee on

Congrats Tiffany! Your baby is beautiful! Don’t worry about how your baby was born. All that matters is that you & your baby are healthy! I’ve had 3 babies…1 c-section, 1 vaginal ( VBAC), 1 c-section…I’ll take the C-section anyday!!!!
All the “natural, no drug mamas” need to get off their high horse…it doesnt make you a better mom because you had a birth in the water without drugs or any birth without drugs. Its not a contest…its birthing babies the best & safest way we can….good luck Tiffany!!

Bancie1031 on

Awe! Tiffani and Harper are both gorgeous! I’m glad we get to meet Harper ….. I love her name as well πŸ˜€

Cate on

Yeah I’d take the C-section any day too! I had 21 hours labor for my first and boy was I exhausted! Had the c-section 2nd time arounc (baby was breech), baby born within 30mins and I was out of recovery in 2 hours.

twinmom on

What a beautiful baby! I also have a Harper – she is going to be 2 in a couple of weeks. I chose the name because of Harper Lee – I thought it was unique without being weird and I loved “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Recently I saw in Parent’s Magazine that Harper will be in the top ten names in this decade. I wasn’t happy. I guess you just have to think that you used a great name before it was THE name. When my daughter was born, people looked at me funny when I told them her name, now people say what a great name it is. I just hope it doesn’t become too popular!

Lisa on

God, what a gorgeous baby.

Brooke on

Harper is a beautiful girl, just like her mummy.

Stacy on

What a beautiful baby πŸ™‚ Congratulations on your baby girl Tiffani!!!

Simona on

She’s beautiful!!

Maria on

Congrats I wish you the best. My baby just turned one and I love being a first time mommy its AWESOME. Enjoy it both of you. πŸ™‚

Becky on

Beautiful baby and a beautiful name..Congrats to the family..

kbcoltfan on

Congratulations!! What a beautiful baby girl!

Jennifer Pepitone on

She is so cute. Congratulations Tiffani! Enjoy every minute of it.

sugar on

Harper may very well be THE prettiest up and coming celebrity baby. Seriously, she is beautiful. Congrats Tiffany and hubby!

Amy on

Beautiful baby, and love the name! Also had an experience like that….my 1st baby was posterior, 42 hrs of intense back labor, then a C-section! My 2nd was also posterior, 32 hrs of back labor, but then did a VBAC! =)

Melissa the NY'er on

She is just beautiful! Congratulations!! Tiffani’s birthing experience sounds so much like mine except my water did break, but I never had contractions. I spent 8 hours walking, cleaning the house, & moving around to try & get things going. I finally agreed to go to the hospital & they started Pitocin. I got to 10cm & fully dilated & I pushed for 2 hours but she would not descend. They gave me the option of pushing for another hour or having a c/s so I agreed to the c/s as much as I didn’t want it. I just knew in my heart that it wasn’t going to happen. I also had a fever & was exhausted. So 13 hours after starting Pit & 22 hours after my water broke, my daughter Alexandra was born via c/s. The cord was around her neck as well & she was sunny side up so it seems like she wouldn’t have come down on her own 😦 Hopefully I can go for a VBAC when we have #2! I’m sorry that you didn’t get to have the birth you’d hoped for, Tiffani. Most importantly, she arrived safe & sound & both mommy & baby are doing well! She is just gorgeous!!

Kristy on

Tiffani- growing up, i watched you on sbtb…still love that shwo to this day. congrats on the beautiful baby! beautiful just like her mother! congrats!!

Mel on

Beautiful baby girl! Very happy it all worked out. Long labors can be exhausting but as long as the baby is not in distress there is no reason not to give labor a fair chance as long as mom is up for it. They cannot force her to have a c/s. Im guessing at 42 weeks she was probably induced and it may seem like 30 hrs when 18-24 of that could have been spent ripening the cervix. We do not know the details. In the end both are healthy and they had a good outcome and that is all that matters. I have had patients stall at 4cm for 12-18 hrs then suddenly they are complete and deliver very quickly. Doctors want a safe out come even if they have to wait it out or do a c/s.

Mom2Four on

Water does NOT “have to break” to give birth. And the cord is wrapped around the neck quite often, this is not a life-or-death matter. Surgeons have no business delivering babies.

The baby is beautiful, and they are fortunate that they survived this major surgery. Hopefully the next time she will get a midwife and have her baby at home, where doctors won’t cause her to have so many complications and she can have a quick, much safer delivery!


LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

Awww, she’s adorable!!!!!!!!!!! I loved Tiffani on Saved by the Bell and I’m sure she’s a great mom!!!!!!!! She’s soooooooo lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheri on

Congrats…I named my daughter Harper 16 years ago….yep..after Harper Lee…my favorite author too.

Happy Mom on

Irresponsible comment by Mom2Four

Ann Casey on

There is nothing wrong with having a c-section. I get so tired of women acting like if you had a c-section, you didn’t really “give birth” My son was born via c-section and I gave birth to him and he is healthy and smart. I don’t know what happens to women when they get pregnant and have a baby, they become complete know-it-alls about everything to do with giving birth and babies. So annoying!

AnnCasey on

Happy Mom – I could not agree more – irresponsible comment. That is the “natural birth” know-it-alls. Every woman’s experience is different and you didn’t “fail” at giving birth because you needed a c-section and it is not the doctor’s fault if you need one. Get educated Mom2Four. What would you do if your baby’s heartrate dropped and he was in danger?? not have a c-section because it’s not “in” and “natural”??? That is how babies die.

sgv on

“Hopefully the next time she will get a midwife and have her baby at home, where doctors won’t cause her to have so many complications and she can have a quick, much safer delivery!”

WHAT!?! i can’t believe how IGNORANT and, as someone posted before, irresponsible people can be sometimes…wow.

Congratulations to Tiffani! i was a huge fan of saved by the bell πŸ™‚

Megan on

Congratulations! Your experience sounds a bit like mine when my husband and I welcomed Malayna into our family in February. I was also induced and labored for 19 hours. Thank goodness for the epidural, thats all I’m saying! πŸ™‚ Malayna also had the cord wrapped around her neck and once I delivered c-section, she was wisked away. I didn’t get to hold her right away either.
To see her now at 5 months, its crazy to think she had a rough start. Blessings to you and yours at this exciting time in your life! God has such a hand on you, your husband & Harper!

Gina on

Beautiful, just like her mother.

erin on

@Mom2four – you don’t seem to know that much about having babies. Here are some facts for you: sometimes, C-sections ARE necessary, and they are performed by obstetricians; having the cord wrapped around a babies neck CAN BE a life or death situation; and the final fact: my cousin had twins 4 years ago- the first one came along fine, the second had his cord around his neck. My cousin opted to continue with her natural birth plan, assuming (as you do) that it was not life or death. By the time the second baby was delivered,the cord had been wrapped around his neck for so long that the blood supply to his head had been cut off and he was brain-dead. He died four days later.

Please don’t spread your conspiracy theories in public forums.

Tisha on

I was in labor for almost 30 hours before I had a C Section. And they only did it because my son’s heart rate was dropping. They try to avoid the surgery if it looks like you can deliver naturally. But Congrats to Tiffani they are both gorgeous!!!!

Sage on

I gave birth to my baby natural and am a BIG natural birth supporter. That being said @Mom2four you are crazy. The cord wrapped around the neck is not dangerous?? WHAT. There are many many cases where if not for surgeons and C-sections many mommies and babies wouldn’t make it. So to point the finger at someone else because they don’t agree with your methods is simply Garabage. I for one am happy you are not in the medical field because I believe you would in danger so many lives.

Booyah on

Just to add, your water absolutely does not NEED to break during labor. I had a relatively fast labor and they broke mine right before delivery (which is usually hospital policy to detect any meconium). The ole “cord being wrapped around the neck” is a classic label on births that end in c/s although it’s common for the cord to do so. It’s kind of the go-to comment that OBs make in the delivery room when it really may not have been a factor at all. Unless there is an abnormality, such as a short cord, or a knotted cord, it usually has enough length to allow for a vag delivery even if nuchal. During a relatively reasonable delivery (not hella long) it can usually withstand pressure long enough for safe delivery. It’s very rare when a baby dies from a nuchal cord. More than likely, when a baby is not descending, there’s a malposition involved. Perhaps she wasn’t moving around or walking which helps, or had an injury that caused an asymmetrical uterus… who knows.

Of course the picture is so adorable, and it makes my ovaries twitch! I can’t wait to hold my 2nd like that! And I love her name, I think it’s classy and beautiful.

Shirley on

OMG – Sure glad things turned okay for you and the baby. BTW – Harper is simply beautiful!!!!

Marie on

@Mom2four – Tell that to the 18 year old girl in a village in Ethiopia or Nepal who has been in labor for 2 days but has NO OPTIONS because there are no doctors. I can’t imagine she wouldn’t want to have access to a trained health care provider who can do a c-section if thats the only way to save her or her baby’s life. So many women around the world die everyday because their ONLY option is a home birth. When they survive, they show up at a hospital miles away carrying a baby thats no longer alive. Then they live with fistulas because of the long labor. The maternal and neonatal maternity rate in this country is extremely low. Not saying there is anything wrong with home or natural births when everything in low risk cases but we have come a long way and we are LUCKY to at least have options.

Renee on

for people that were wondering I am going to guess and say that Harper’s middle name Renn is after Tiffani’s mom who’s name is Robyn. It’s also my nickname which made me really excited since I am her biggest fan. πŸ™‚

Tonya Sankus on

Congratulations, she is beautiful.

my2emeralds on

What a beautiful little girl!!! Congrats!!

A applaud her DR for not rushing to a c/s, and only doing so once medically necessary…not too many dr’s give the woman a chance these days.

jessicad on

Both of them are so beautiful, Tiffani looks beyond happy and so peaceful:)

I miss my 3 year old daughter being this small, it goes by so fast:(

JMO on

My cousin was 10 days late. The doctors had to induce her. 26 hours later the baby had not progressed passed 4 cm. He was just too big to come down. So she had to end up having a c-section! I felt bad for her that she did all that and ended up with a c-section anyways. She of course didn’t want it and has no plans for future children but says she’d take the c-section any day now knowing what she knows now! I think people always have a birth plan in mind and it doesn’t always work out. I was watching an episode of Baby Story and the women wanted a all natural water birth with her mid-wife. Not even 2 hours into labor and she’s screaming for an epidural. They kept trying to hold her off but she wasn’t having any of it. So I think the lesson here for women is not to have your expectations for a “perfect” delivery set in your head. The most important is that the baby comes out healthy and both mom and baby are fine. In the end nobody really cares how she/he gets here. And just bc you want to do it one way doesn’t mean you were a failure. Your baby just has other plans and you can get them back later for it πŸ˜‰

heather on

get over yourself, seriously mom2four. I also went through a very long labor and in the end I had a c section and my beautiful son was born. When you are staring at a screen that shows fetal distress and dropping heart rate and a team of doctors rush in your room then see if you feel the same. Its scary and I didnt care how my little angel was born so long as he was okay.

Sandy on

Harper what a great name. Love Tiffany and Harper.

miyuki on

Guest 2010 It wasn’t uncommon for women to go past 30 hours and deliver vaginally. People are so quick to section because they think it’s easier, and drs are quick because they are afraid of litigious (and often uneduated) people. I went 66 hrs before getting a csection and that was because I didn’t dilate past 6cm. However people want to birth is their business but just because a dr doesn’t slice open a slow labor doesn’t mean he/she is incompetent.

jody on

Just for the record, having the cord around the neck BY ITSELF doesn’t warrant a c-section. About 20% of babies have the cord wrapped around their neck at least once. A friend of mine’s baby had the cord wrapped 3 times around the neck and once under an arm, and was born vaginally. Baby just had a really long cord! If the cord is wrapped TIGHTLY around the baby’s neck, then we may have a problem because the cord could be so short it keeps baby from coming out or it could have a knot in it that cuts off baby’s blood supply. Remember, babies don’t breathe through their lungs until after they’re born. All their oxygen comes through the umbilical cord, so if there’s a tight knot in the cord, baby’s being suffocated.

Taylor on

Omg what a pretty baby and a beautiful name love the name

Danielle on

She is so cute. She is as beautiful as her mom. She is being held in her proud mom’s arms close to her heart where all the love is stored.

Congrats on the little blessing Tiffani!

Stephanie on

I hate to say it, but I bet half the moms that just commmented on the ignorance of Mom2Four’s comment are actually the ones that are uneducated about labor/birth. The U.S. actually has one of the highest neonatal/maternal death rates of ALL developed countries. There are an extreme amount of unnecessary c-sections happening. The WHO states the rate should not be higher than around 10% and yet the average is around 30%.

Most midwives have an average of about 5-10% for c-sections. There are many reasons why doctors do unnecessary c-sections and most of them dont have to do with the health of the baby or the mother. However there is definitely some situations that require a c-section.

There are many interesting books and research studies done on birth showing how interventions during labor can greatly increase the need for other interventions and the end result oftens ends up being a c-sections. Some of those are as simple as being induced, or receiving an epidural.

I chose to have a homebirth with my first child and it was an extremely educated decision. Midwives where I live are way better trained to deliver a baby than your average doctor. I had a wonderful labor/birth and my next babies will be delivered at home as well.

I STRONGLY encourage any current pregnant women to read up some books on natural labor and to watch “The Business of Being Born”

MiB on

Harper Renn is such a beautiful baby, and I wish the whole family the best for the future.

I just wanted to add that the parallel with women labouring for a long time in Ethiopia and Nepal is a bad one. First of all because these women are often far away from any kind of qualified help (midwives are highly qualified) and labour under unsanitary circumstances. Secondly because fistulas are not generally plainly caused due to long labours but rather due to female circumsicion in combination with long and complicated labours (which are in turn caused by the circumsicion), so while the circumsiced woman in Ethiopia would probably suffer from that complication due to a long labour, the woman in Nepal most probably wouldn’t, since she is not circumsiced. Long labours are generally fine unless the child or mother is in distress. A friend of mine was actually in labour for three days before she gave birth, she wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t had a checkup with her midwife who told her. The midwifr also told her to go home until the contractions where 5 minutes apart or her water broke, once that happened, three days after the visit to the midwife, she was basically in and out of hospital in less than 7 hours (she had her baby within 20 minutes of arriving to the hospital and only had to stay the minimum time since the labour had gone so smoothly, her bleeding was under control. the baby had a clear bill of health and feeding was established).

gianna on

yesterday night tiffani appeared on the george lopez talk show, she looked so happy and was so friendly, really nice. she looked great too, had black dress and high heels. before the guest come out to george stage, they show them backstage and tiffani showed little harper. what a beauty, she has blue eyes and tiffani’s nose, really pretty baby. Can’t wait to see the rest of the baby pics, she’s one of my new favorite celebrity moms.

Maria on

She’s adorable, congrats.

Danielle on

Such a beautiful baby girl! Harper is also a very pretty and unique name. Love it! Congrats to her beautiful mother!

elizabethdebassige on

Congratulations on the birth of your first child Tiffani Thiessen. I just finished seeing the picture of you holding a beautiful precious bundle of joy!

Mira on

Well said, Stephanie. I have nothing to add.

Except, of course, congrats to Tiffani and her hubby!

ILuvPerfectParents on

I get you & Mom2Four’s point. I know that there are Dr.’s who probably do unwarranted C-sections,
cords wrapped around babies necks are not uncommon nor do they ALL require C-sections.
The thing is we have know clue what Tiffany’s case was, her cord could have been in a tight knot,
or compressed and causing the baby’s heart-rate to decline with out it going back up.

You yourself said “that the % of C-sections for midwives are between 5-10%”; therefore in SOME cases
surgeons(OB/GYN’s) are very much needed. Tiffany’s reason for a C-section could have been in the 5-10% of
why midwives use that alternative. So it’s not fair to automatically assume that her Dr. gave her an unwarranted
C-section nor that if she had had her baby at home with a midwife that she would not have required a C-section.

Either way it goes both are needed and the baby is here healthy and safe!

Madi on

Harper is such a beautiful baby! Just one look at Tiffani and you can tell she is completely in love Harper. I wish nothing but the best for her and her husband on their gift precious gift from God.

R on

I’m not commenting on Tiffani’s birth circumstances, about which I have no information (it’s none of my business anyway) but what Stephanie said is simply irrefutable fact.

Actually, I’m surprised there is so much ignorance about this on a baby/parent website. I assumed that most Americans are alarmed by the C-section crisis being experienced in the US. Read up people. Your maternal mortality rate is amongst the worst in the world.

Moomie on

She is an absolutely beautiful baby. And I LOVE the name Harper. Congrats Tiffani!

joe Buissink on

Dang!!! That was a fun shoot. I love you guys πŸ™‚ Let’s do it again real soon. Smooches on you Tiff. On you as well Brady, and a big smooch on Harper.

Nan on

With 2 great looking parents, How could Harper not be a gorgeous baby! Congrats to you both on great creation! You both have truly been blessed!

Maria on

Beautiful pic of mom and baby, Congratulations !! Born on same day as my little one(now one year old!) God bless and all the best to the new parents, enjoy every moment.

Janice on

Congrats on your new baby girl. She is absolutely beautiful.

FC on

If Harper isn’t just this little ball of sweetness. She’s beautiful. πŸ™‚

Congrats to you and your husband, Tiffany!

Dianna on

This has got to be one of the most beautiful mother and daughter picture’s I have ever seen!Congrad’s to you and your husband on a job well done!Best to you and your’s for the future.

Marianne on

Soo cute….

tanya on

what can i say girlfriend your baby is beutiful just a little bundle of joy congradulations to you and yours!

CelebBabyLover on

What a beautiful little girl! Now, as for the debate about C-sections and whether the cord being wrapped around the baby’s neck means a C-section in neccesary: I won’t go into the whole C-section in general debate, because that has been hased and re-hased so many times.

However, I WILL say that I definitely understand where the people saying that a cord around the neck isn’t always a minor thing are coming from.

I have a cousin who is living proof of that. His mother went a month past her due date (before you go, “What the *&#* were her doctors thinking?!”, this was back in the 1960s- this cousin I’m talking about is one of my 2nd cousins-, when they didn’t know nearly as much as we do now about the ins and outs of a healthy pregnancy and delivery.). She eventually gave birth to him vaginally…..But when he came out, the cord was wrapped so tightly around him that it was starting to necrose (meaning the tissue was dying….which, granted, was probably also partially due to the fact that my great aunt went a month past her due date).

Somehow he defied the odds and survived…..But because he hadn’t been getting nutrients or oxygen properly (due to the cord being wrapped so tight around his neck) for who knows how long, he has severe mental retardation and his lungs don’t function properly. Had the doctors realized that about the cord and intervened sooner and/or delivered him via C-section when my great aunt went into labor (which, given the lack of ultrasounds and such at the time, I realize they probably honestly couldn’t have), my cousin would probably not have the health problems and challanges that he does today.

K on

It doesnt matter how a woman gives birth rather it be vaginally or by c-section they still give birth. Seems that some women think you have to give birth naturally without any drugs to be a “real woman” Please. If you have a c- section the recovery time is actually longer than a vaginal birth. Whatever needs to be done the doctors know what they are doing. Why would anybody in their right mind go natural why do you think god invented pain medications. We use medication for pain all the time. Pain for headaches,migraines,cramps,toothache etc.. you name it. I think I made my point.