Magnificent Baby: Adorable Snap-Free Baby Clothing

07/21/2010 at 10:00 AM ET

Courtesy of Magnificent Baby

Even the most dexterous hands have a hard time operating the snaps on baby clothing.

So imagine what happens during a midnight diaper change with just a few winks of sleep.

Can someone say messy diaper change?

Just in time, Magnificent Baby has come up with a terrific solution.

Instead of annoying snaps, each style comes with hidden magnetic closures.

But that’s not all we love about this new line.

Everything is made of 100 percent pima cotton and features cute farm-friendly prints (sheep, puppies, cows, flowers, ladybugs).

Our favorites: The Little Farm Burrito Onesie ($28), which also comes in pink for girls, and the Little Farm Bib ($12).

Shop the full collection at

— Nancy Horn

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Mrs. R on

THIS IS AWESOME! Magnificent Baby makes great clothes, and these look terrific! What a genius idea!

Except that they only make them for babies, not toddlers.
My year old little dude is already in 18 month sizes, so I’m SOL!

but I’ll keep it in mind for friends with little ones.

Lorus on

Snap onesies were the only thing that would keep my toddler from taking off her diaper in the middle of the night. I love this idea for newborns/infants but I don’t think I’d use them past that stage.

Lindsay on

I don’t want to be a total dork but I’d be a little concerned about putting magnets so close to my baby’s body.

Molly on

Lindsay, why be concerned about magnets being close to their body? Magnetic therapy has been used for hundreds (possibly thousands!) of years to help improve chronic pain, circulation, and aid in healing on a cellular level. I’d be more worried about magnets being close to my credit card than my child. 🙂

Jen on

Magnets can kill your baby if swallowed. It’s only a matter of time before these things are recalled. Also, wouldn’t it be really uncomfortable to sleep on hard little metal discs?

Magnificent Baby on

Magnificent Baby’s magnetic fasteners are safely sewn into our outfits and inaccessible to infants or their siblings. We know all about the hazards of children swallowing magnets and have taken precautions to prevent any swallowing accidents. The magnetic fasteners are stitched into our clothes between several layers of fabric and, per our safety tests, would take serious tampering to remove. An infant would not be able to get one out to swallow it, let alone swallow a pair of magnets.

In addition, several studies have concluded that there are no adverse (or beneficial) affects on human health or cellular growth from interactions with magnets or magnetic fields – like the magnets on your fridge or like our fasteners, which make it possible to quickly dress or undress your baby! Please feel free to check us out at store near you or visit for more information.

Judge on

I think I will wait and see before I buy magnetic clothing for my child. After a few washes, nobody can garantee that those magnets won’t come loose. How does it work in a washing mashine or dryer? Won’t these clothes stick to the sides potentially causing a fire hazard?

Nikki on

I found out about Magnificent Baby by accident several weeks ago, placed an order for several sets on a whim, and really truly love them. I have no problems in the washer or the dryer at all. The magnets are not big at all and are stitched into the clothing very well, I contacted them about other prints and they are already ahead of me and I told them to call me so I can place another order for me and a few of my other moms.

Giedre on

Yeah, and I can see an older brother or sister messing around with a pair of scissors one day, finding the magnets and eating them. It’s just a really bad idea. We all know kids get into stuff they shouldn’t, and this is definitely something I wouldn’t bother to put in my house. I have enough worries as it is without adding to them.

kara on

really really bad idea! sorry my son always chews on his jammies.. one more thing to worry about!

kara on

maybe velcro would be better!

Sue on

If you’re letting your kid play with scissors unattended, you have bigger problems then the magnets. I purchased a few outfits and LOVE them. Makes night changings so much easier. The line is only for babies so no infant will be chewing on them. My personal recommendation is to see the line first and then decide for yourself.

to: kara, judge, giedre on

If you child is playing with scissors and eating their clothing I wouldnt take your advice anyway. Dont you have better things to do like teach them wrong from right then to critique an ADORABLE and safe idea that Magnificent Baby has created?

This is a LAYETTE line has been proven through testing to be safe and secure, or else it would not be on the market. I CANT WAIT TO BUY THE FULL COLLECTION!! AND WHERE CAN I SEE SPRING IMAGES!!?


Andrea on

What an idea!! I love this. I wish it was thought about many years ago but I am glad someone had the idea to produce this much needed alternative. I ordered as gifts already.

-To the negligent (scissors) mom. You are right as you said, “I have enough worries…” you need to worry about who is watching your infant while you are not there and whilst they are cutting up your child’s clothing. Lord knows what else you are negligent about.