Constance Marie’s Blog: Body After Baby – The Real Deal

07/21/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy Constance Marie

Celebrity blogger Constance Marie has been with us for over two months now!

We hope you’re enjoying her posts as much as we are — if you’ve missed any of her past blogs, check them out here.

This week, the actress — who lives in California with her fiancé, yoga instructor Kent Katich, and their 17-month-old daughter, Luna Marie — gets real on the topic of body after baby.

Click below to read how she lost her pregnancy weight — and why she considers herself like “no different than the next gal.”

To all you readers, I know that I thank you every week — because I seriously do appreciate all your feedback — but this week I want to thank you even more for boosting my self-esteem on a topic that was so … well let’s just say, “odd.” Of course it would be my baby afraid of a shadow right? PS – loved the video clip!

This week, I want to sound off on the concept of getting your body back after having a baby. I KNOW, I know! This is the dreaded blog. EVERY DAY we see frickin’ pictures of beautiful models and celebrities staring out at us (Yes, I mean us!) on magazine covers everywhere touting how they walked the runway three months after having a baby. (Barf.) Or “Five easy steps to rock hard abs.” (Oy!) Or “Get your summer body in just three short weeks!” And blah, blah, blah, BLAH! It’s enough to drive a girl insane.

Well I am here to tell you the REAL DEAL! The truth — nuthin’ glossed over or retouched or lied about — I promise!

How long did it take me to get my body back after baby? Well, she is 17 months old and I am STILL workin’ on it! But I got it mostly back in a year. People may say, “What?! You look fabulous!” To you all, I say, “Thank you!” But you see, I live in an alternative universe. The HD universe where nothing short of fake perfection is appreciated and you’re 15 lbs. heavier on TV! And since I have had zero plastic surgery (No lie, I am like a frickin’ dinosaur in Los Angeles — rarely seen) every day gets a little more brutal!

FYI – I am no different than the next gal. I’m no stranger to weight issues. I’ve had cellulite since I was about nine years old. I have enjoyed the uber support of Spanx many times. My cups do not runneth over — I’m a fan of what I call the “holistic boob job” — padded bras have helped me out A LOT! (I pray that no one in the biz reads this!)

So having said all that, I am going to tell you the real secrets to getting your body back!

1) When you are pregnant and everyone says, “You look great! Eat what you want” and you think, “Ah freedom! Thank God I no longer have to hold my stomach in — I am eating for two, so yes I will have fries with that!”

My word of advice is: Drop that fry sista!

The sad truth? The easiest way to get your body back after baby is to not gain too much weight during your pregnancy! Sorry to say, it’s true. I told ya I was just gonna tell it like it is! I gained 40 lbs. — in Hollywood, that’s like 70. I only wanted to gain 30, but my butt had different ideas!

While you’re pregnant, I suggest that you eat like you regularly do. Yes you can eat a little more, but eat healthier for as long as you can. ‘Cause when those cravings kick in — and they will, especially at the end — GO FOR IT! You can splurge the last few weeks — you’ll feel like a blowfish anyway and food will be your only friend! By my calculations, if you ate well for most of your pregnancy, you can’t do that much damage in the last month! That’s what I did.

2) You gotta move as much as you can! Now for me during my pregnancy, I was so so sick in the beginning — like vomiting six times a day sick (Sadly, I do not exaggerate. It was so unglamorous!) — that the only thing I could do was walk when I felt up to it. When I finally stopped barfing, I walked even more. I promised myself that I had to at least do that!

Walking keeps your metabolism up — I mean it! It REALLY does! Plus, I started to feel better as the walk went on. And when Luna Marie was outta the oven, I kept on walking — every day! I just popped her into the stroller and off I went. I know, most people will say, “Walking? That seems like nothing. Shouldn’t I go to the gym?” Well, duh! Yes you should! But I live in the real world and we cannot always get there … so WALK darn it! Every day.

3) BREASTFEED! If you can swing it, this is an amazing way to get your body back ASAP! I mean when you start, you can actually feel your uterus contracting and shrinking, and I swear your thighs do too.

This is mostly how I got my body back in the first few weeks. Luna Marie was attached to me like a little Hoover vacuum — she nursed all the time! I swear after a few weeks, my body was feelin’ pretty darn good, even though I had NO sleep. I was shocked! Breastfeeding is not only good for your baby, but has many health benefits for the momma too!

4) Wrap your waist! I thought this was BS, but I was desperate so I did it anyway. I wrapped my waist in a velcro body shaper one week after my cesarean. I used the Baboosh Tauts belly wrap and I wrapped it tight, tight, tight!

It helped to hold all those stomach muscles in and keep my organs in place after Luna Marie had pushed them all outta wack! I wore it for a little over a month — 40 days to be exact. I even slept in it! It was amazing how it sorta reminded my body how to get back to its original position. I swear by this thing and recommend it to everybody! It felt funny at first but after I got used to it — and saw that I could wrap it a little tighter almost every day — I was excited and just went for it.

5) Get thee to a gym! Whenever you can, alright?! I am committed to at least two times a week. When we get started, we wanna go crazy and often. But if you are anything like me, I can’t keep up that kind of rigorous schedule — I mean, I have a life! So I gotta come up with something reasonable — and SO SHOULD YOU! Otherwise you will burn out and get depressed and when we are depressed, what do we do? EAT!

Just set a goal that is R E A S O N A B L E! When you are at the gym — FOCUS! Set a time limit of only 45 minutes and don’t stop moving. Think ARMS, ABS and BUTT. If you hit those three, you will be all good!

6) Protect your back! Seriously this is SO important! Cause is it me or are these babies just getting heavier?! I do yoga religiously at least once a week, usually Mondays to unwind my back after a loooooong weekend of heavy baby lifting! It helps so so so much, and sets me up for the rest of the week. If you can get to a studio, GO! If not, you can check out my favorite DVD, Yogaletics, starring my man Kent Katich! It’s yoga for the real world and keeps my butt lifted and my back relaxed.

Courtesy Constance Marie

Finally, the truth? Doing all of this got me lookin’ pretty darn good but not quite back to my “TV series body”. I was still 8-10 lbs. heavier than my fighting weight. This is when I had to call in the big guns!

I heard about a food delivery service called The Fresh Diet and I thought, “Well, maybe?” I could at least try it and if it doesn’t work, I will try something else — maybe that scary Master Cleanse. Didn’t Beyoncé do that?

So online I went and signed up for just one week. I didn’t even know if I was gonna like it. But I did like the idea that I could go online and pick my own food! Remember? I am a control freak. The pictures looked good so how bad could it be, right?

I have to say, I was surprised — it was three meals a day plus two snacks. The food actually looked like food — and tasted like it too! Yummy. The best part is that every morning I would open my door and presto, there would be a little bag all prepped, just like some little diet fairy had dropped it off especially for me.

I just committed. I ate exactly what was in that bag, and only that. I thought, “I can do this for a week.” I also drank LOTS of water. The best part was that I didn’t have to think about what to make — I just opened the container and wolfed it down! I can be hard-core like that — but only for a short time.

Then after I had fed myself, I could spend my time steaming, chopping and puréeing Luna Marie’s food. I didn’t even have to think about me — I was taken care of by the diet fairy. After one week, I lost 4 lbs. I was shocked! How could that be? Well, I realized I had been feeding myself — and then eating little bits of Luna Marie’s food too!

Needless to say I was even more motivated. I signed up for two more weeks and at the end of it, I had lost 11 lbs.!

Then I went into my closet. The moment of truth had arrived — I needed to try on my pre-baby jeans.

I swear, it was if the heavens opened up, the clouds parted and I heard angels sing! THEY FIT! Not even an inhale and extra tug necessary! Momma was back to her original size!

At the end of all my work, I just needed that little extra push. I needed a lil’ help. If you do too, you can go to The Fresh Diet and type in the promo code CMARIE1 and they will give ya a discount! It can’t hurt to at least check it out right?

So there! Those are my secrets and tips. Oh! Wait, I forgot the last one.

After having a baby, there will inevitably be something on your body — a mark, a scar or some loose skin — that wasn’t there before. It can bum a girl out sometimes. When that happens, I remind myself that we are not made to be perfect. Nobody’s body is perfect! We MADE a human being for gosh sakes! Those should be badges of honor.

To expect ourselves — or anyone else — to be perfect is not fair. We ultimately have to fall in love with the imperfections. And then we can teach that to the little girls of America, so they too will know there is NO perfect body and to give themselves a break!

Take good care of yourselves ladies — ’cause if you don’t, who will? 🙂

Courtesy Constance Marie

— Constance Marie

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Natalie on

Hi Constance! Yes, all very true! I love the points you made about the way your eat during pregnancy, I was a very healthy eater with her and I knew I didn’t want to be stuck with the extra weight! I breastfed my little girl until she was 11 1/2 months (a girl can get desperate to have her body back). after just 6 weeks of giving birth to her I actually ended up weighing less than before life after baby!! I was like Whoa! Btw the breastfeeding and remembering to eat yourself…you tend to lose most of the baby weight. Thank you again for the blog. As always Luna Marie is adorable!

sara on

i agree with your last tip! us women make babies and carry them for 10 months!!! stretch marks and that little pouch is a badge of honor for us and i cant believe people expect you to be flawless.. so ladies be proud of your post baby body lol

Mercedes on

Constance, I LOVE your blogs. I always look forward to what’s new with you and little Luna Marie. When I was pregnant with Maggie (2008/2009) I was scared to death of gaining weight. I was lucky that I was not sick during the first few weeks, all I wanted to do was sleep which didn’t leave too much time for extra eating. The other very strange thing was that during the first few weeks (it was summer) all I wanted to eat was salad with big delicious tomatoes, I ate more tomatoes that a normal person eats their whole life! Anyways, I ended up gaining 30 lb but that was with the help of my almost daily walk. I didn’t work out while pregnant but my hubby and I would walk for about 1:30 minutes, specially on the weekends. I’m pretty sure I “walked” Maggie out of me 🙂 Anyways, I agree with you on watching what you eat while pregnant and walking walking walking. I look forward to your next blog.

Carol Alaniz on

I wish I had known about wrapping my waist after my two C-Sections in the 80’s. I’m now 52 and have this huge pooch that I can’t get rid of, no matter what I do.

Anyway, I love your blog, Constance, even if I no longer have a little one to take care of. I love reading about your experiences and can relate to many of them.

lisa on

I love reading your posts! You are truly so inspiring and REAL with us and I love that. Being a mom is hard work, and getting our “old” bodies back is even harder. I appreciate you being real with us and giving us your tips and tricks. Thanks for a great read and keep them coming!

Idalia on

True, True and yes, true! Couldn’t agree more! Love your blogs! Look forward to them every week. =)

Laura on

Just read your last 2 blogs, back to back. Baby Luna being afraid of her shadow was a laugh riot. Brought back memories of my 4 kids and their fears.

Thank you for saying that the reality of being a mom is not having rock hard abs and losing the baby weight in 6 weeks and walking a runway. It’s not easy, and I’m sure those other ladies worked really hard to get to that place, but it’s also not the norm.

Keep up the wonderful blogs and God bless you and your beautiful family.

Sil on

OMG!!! Constance, you read my mind!!! I was just thinking about this on my way to work. I am almost 3 months pregnant and I was wondering which one of my friends could help me out with losing weight once my baby is born. I don’t need any more advice than the one you have given us. This is so helpful and informative. I love how honest and real you are!
Thank you so much!! I will print this out and keep it with me.

Lisa on

Finally, an honest woman!! I love your blogs.

Heather on

I had my second baby 8 weeks ago. I learned my lesson from the first time around (didn’t move at all, and gained 50 pounds), and went to the gym religiously (we’re lucky that we have excellent daycare at our gym!). I only put 30 pounds on this time. I dropped 20 quickly after my daughter was born, but I’ve got 10 to go, and I’ve gotta tell you, they’re not budging. I know, I know. She’s 8 weeks old, and it’s only 10 pounds. Heck, my pre-pregnancy jeans have fit me for weeks. But I’ve also got about another 100 pounds to lose after that. So this “last 10 pounds” is driving me nuts. My husband and I are starting The Master Cleanse on Saturday to see if we can’t jumpstart things. I think it’s kind of half crazy hokum, and half logicical. We’ll see how it goes. But thank you for this post. It’s nice to have someone in the spotlight actually admit that it’s not always easy to get back to your old self after having a baby!

Steph on

Great blog—thank you for sharing! Very well said. 🙂

Sandy Girl on

Hi Constance,

You crack me up, girlfriend! The way you type things, I can just picture them coming out of your mouth!!! Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your blog. I love your advise, I love your tips and I just really love your honesty. My baby girl is 9 months old and she is the light of my life too. I have to say that what you said about badges of honor just made me tear up, and you are so right! Thank you so much for your blog! I love it! And I loved you as Angie, my husband and I still watch you every night on Nick at Night!

kay on

Another great blog, Constance. You are an inspiration to all women! Thank you for all the tips. Luna Marie is so precious! Thank you for sharing your life with us.

BC on

I want to applaud you for what you wrote in this blog. You were very realistic and gave great advice. As a mom of 3 who has been through all those emotions several years ago, reading what you wrote would have been very encouraging to me when I was in that phase where I wasn’t very happy with my body. Thank you for being a TRUE role model! (and for supporting and encouraging breastfeeding)

Holly on

Sometimes you really *CAN’T* go back. And sometimes, that needs to be fine. Taking care of yourself and being healthy are great goals to have, but trying to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans isn’t always a realistic goal. I understand being in Hollywood is a different story, because everything is so appearance-oriented. But the reality of pregnancy changing a woman’s shape completely…well, that needs to be explored, appreciated, and loved. 🙂

Deserae on

My friends and I always say stretch marks, etc. are just a road map to Motherhood. It is so refreshing to read a blog by a woman who is REAL! I adore reading about your experiences and hope that you continue blogging for a long time! :0)

Lis on

I have a question…

My baby was born 5 months ago via c-section. I still have about 5 pounds to lose (gained 40), but I definitely have the dredded “pouch”. I wish I would have wrapped my belly RIGHT after my son was born…but anyway, my question is, would I be wasting my money by purchasing this belly wrap since I’m already 5 months out? Or will it still work??? If anyone knows, I’d LOVE the feedback! Thanks!

And great blog, BTW! Luna Marie is a doll!



I am so enjoying your blog. My daughter is 26mos.old, but I find your blog very refreshing. Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy life to share with us the adventures you are having being a Mom. It’s so nice to see an actress be real.
I hope Luna continues to love her shadow.
Best to you and your family.
Thank you so much for keeping it real.

EPS on

Ah! This article makes me so happy. My husband and I are thinking of starting our family and the vain question in my mind, is what about post baby body? but your honesty makes me realize that “those badges of honor” are all worth it!
thank you!

JessicaC on

checked out the fresh diet website, everything looks really good, but I just can’t digest the $1400 for 31 days price! thats a little ridiculous to pay for one month because really, how much can you lose in 31 days? 10 pounds? is 10 pounds worth $1400?! anything more than that’s probably muscle and water weight…weight watchers is waaaaayyy cheaper and I average about a 10 lb per month loss.

Kimberly on

Constance, thank you so much for this blog. I am by no means back to my pre-baby body, but your last tip is what resonated with me the most. You have given me a new outlook, thank you! I had my first baby back in February, and she had quite the dramatic entry into the world. I labored to 10 in 6 hours (really fast!), completely unmedicated. Then her heart rate dropped down to 70 bpm and stayed there. They crashed us, and I had to have an emergency C-section (her short cord was tight around her neck). They put me completely under for the procedure because I hadn’t had any pain meds. When I woke up, they told me that I had a little girl (two ultrasounds had told us she was going to be a boy!), and that they had cut her face. When they were cutting me open (I have an 8 inch scar), they also put a 2.5 inch slice into her cheek. Every day I see my scar and hers, and they have been painful reminders of what happened that night. I am just so grateful that she made it through, and I am so blessed to have her. I’m going to start looking at both of our scars as badges of honor – we made it through despite everything that happened!

Rose Bernstein on

Marie you are so inspiring. I have personally been on the fresh diet since giving birth to my youngest son early this year, and I must say that I am so impressed with the quality I think I am going to stick with it indefinitely. My husband occasionally has a few bites and he loves it every time too. One thing for sure he loves is how lean it’s keeping me

mae on

LOVE your blogs Constance! Thanks for being upfront and honest about how hard it is to get your body back after baby. My twins are 8 mos old and I’m still struggling to get rid of the last 10lbs or so. Nursing has definitely helped and I also have found that walking daily with the girls has helped. I also used a belly wrap post delivery for about 4-6wks. I hated wearing it but it felt good to have the support in my midsection after having the babies. All in all you’re dead on with how tough it is but you look great post baby and as you said it is so important not to obsess about it and learn to love the body we have. I find that particularly important now that I am the mom of two girls. I want them to have a healthy body image and I realize that starts with me feeling good about myself, however I look.

ss on

with both my pregnancies i lost 10 lbs the first 2 months cuz i was so natious i could barely eat and then gained exactly 32 lbs. so gained 42 lbs from the time i got pregnant till i gavs birth. my daughter was 10 lbs and 22 1/2 inches and my son was 9 lbs and 8 oz and 22 1/2 inches. so both my kids were big babies and 2 weeks after both pregnancies i weighed about 5 lbs less than i did before i got pregnant without breast feeding or doing anything. dont hate me! i am here to warn you soon to be moms that i was lucky but what happened after that was not so good! i was a stay at home mom and after my daughter was born and i lost all the weight immediately, and then gained 100 lbs. and went back to work 4 years later and lost about 70 lbs. then when my son was born 3 1/2 years ago, i quit my job and gained 50 lbs staying home again and became diabetic. being a stay at home mom isnt easy! make sure you put yourself first and get some exercise and eat healthy so your here for your kids!!!

Luz on

Thank you Constance!
I am currently pregnant with my 1st (13 wks) and have been having a hell of a time with the morning sickness. This last Sunday was spent all day throwing up…not fun at all.
But I do agree that working out and walking have helped tons! I usually go everyday after work, this was my routine before pregnancy.
AND definitely eating healthy is a MUST!
Thank you for your amazing blog, I love reading it each week and keeping notes of what to expect when I give birth.

Jeanette on

Constance this was a wonderful blog to read as I am pregnant with baby # 3 and still have yet to get back to pre-baby body from baby #1! Just the kind of motivation I need to remind myself that it is still possible. I wanted to add a little something from personal experience. I breastfed my first child for 3 months, and my second for 5 months…. I GAINED weight! But there was a reason….. it wasn’t because I stuffed my face, in fact it was the complete opposite. I was so focused on baby and breastfeeding that I wasn’t eating enough myself which led to my body holding onto what I was eating so that I could produce what my baby needed. Don’t fall into this trap mommies. Make sure you are taking care of yourself and eating what you NEED to eat. Can’t take care of baby if we aren’t taking care of ourselves. Thanks for the great info Constance and God bless your little ray of sunshine, she is truly a vision just like mommy =o)
Take care mommies!

Sara on

I look forward to your blogs every week, they are such a funny, real view on parenthood! I also wish I had known to wrap my belly, especially after I had my twins. It definitely is discouraging to see the extra skin, but when I look at them, it is all worth it. I still wish I had done it though, lol!!!

I have a personal question for you – I was wondering if you are going to have any more children? I know you went through quite a struggle to have adorable Luna Marie. You seem to enjoy being a mother so much, it really does show.

Thanks for the posts, you really are a talented writer! I am a fan!

Still Life in Southeast Asia on

Constance Marie, you never fail to amaze me. Thanks again for an honest and funny post. Although I am still pondering kids (just turned 33 and the pressure’s on), you have given me so much helpful information, especially on conceiving, baby health, and momma health. You are the BEST!

Jesse on

CM, I love your blog. Keep telling it like it is! After my second, I lost the weight, but my body never quite snapped back to it’s “original” shape. Clothes just didn’t fit right. It’s a constant struggle, between wanting to be what you *think* you’re supposed to look like, and being what mother nature has made you.
And next time I pick up those fries, I’ll hear you shout in my head, “Drop that fry, sista!”

Electra on

Am I the only person in the world who is unbothered by stretch marks? I got them from muscle gain in high school(swiming/volleyball) and from going from 5’4 to 5’11 in a year. I thought they were just part of puberty and pregnancy. I still rock my bikini come summer(heyyy).

that shape of a mother website is rocking my world right now.

Momma in TN on

Great to finally read someone tell it like it is. I pride myself on that, often times I worry I may scare someone out of having children, but I know as a woman, I feel better equipped to deal with whatever I have to when knowing the whole story on the front end. Your little girl is absolutely beautiful and indeed all us moms should wear our scars, marks and gray hairs with pride, we’ve earned every single one!

Sarah on

Constance–I am the same age as you (just a month older); I only wish I could look as great as you. I’ve had 2 kids, and gained about 30-35 lbs. for each. I am still working on losing the baby weight–12 and 9 years after the birth of my kids. Kudos to you for exercising and eating right!! You look fabulous just the way you are!! 🙂

Elizabeth on

Great blog today! I agree, breastfeeding is the way to go. My daughter is 11 months old and we are still going strong. I’m 5 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight!

S. Wallace on

I don’t usually comment but I must say I look forward to your blog every week. You really seem to put such great effort into it and I have so enjoyed reading evry one. Thank you for “keeping it real” and for being such a delightful blogger… :~)

Dawn S on

Love your blog! As a mom of two boys, 13 and 6, I’m now in the middle of my 30s and my body’s changing even more than it did when during pregnancy and post! When I was 22, I could just think about losing a pound or two and it would melt off. Now, at 36, it takes real effort to stay in my jeans-and I’ve learned it’s NOT all about weight! I also learned after having my 2nd son at 30, it wasn’t all going to fall off and land in the right places like it did at 22. 9 months up, 9 months down became my motto. Breastfeeding certainly helped, but healthy eating and consistent exercise during and after the pregnancy was the ONLY way to get back to body.
Thanks for your honesty and straight talk. It’s wonderful to have a realistic mommy out there who didn’t come home from the hospital in your pre-pregger jeans.

Gloria on

I’ve always given the credit to my crazy dog for helping me lose the weight! I had to walk him at least twice a day, every day, right up to when I gave birth. All that walking (at least an hour per day) kept me from gaining excess weight and kept my joints/back from aching. After delievering my son, I was back to walking the dog about a week later, and carrying the baby in a sling to burn some extra calories. Walking is great! Of course now my dog is older and lazy, so I have to motivate myself to get out there. 🙂

Josie on

My favorite People celeb blogger….very funny!

Sarah on

I have to admit, this upbeat and motivating blog really made me inspired to feel good about my body. I haven’t had children yet, and the idea of putting on a lot of extra weight during pregnancy (as well as the post-delivery slim down) has always been a little daunting. It’s great to hear a very open pontification on getting your body back after a baby. Thank you Constance!

Angie on

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! And these tips are fantastic! I’m pregnant now and it is a chore to ‘walk’ down here in Miami in this heat but at least the food part I can sorta keep under control! Thanks again for keeping it real!

stephanie on

First let me say I love reading your blogs-they are so dead on & I can relate to them. I was just talking to a friend of mine about how she was able to get motivated after having her son. My son is almost 4 months old & I’ve been back @ work for a little over a month now & I’m still trying to find ways to get myself motivated to get back to my pre-baby weight. If you have any suggestions on how to get motivated when it comes to working out I would love to hear them.

Tara on

Thank you so much for this post! My daughter will turn 2 next month and I’m finally almost back to my prepregnancy weight. It’s not as easy as all the models and magazines make it out to be. I was one of the unlucky ones who didn’t lose any weight while breastfeeding. I still nursed for a year, but after I weaned, I hit Weight Watchers like a madwoman. Now, I’m almost there! I truly appreciate reading about your honest, healthy weight loss.

Blessing on

Love your blog! I don’t have any kids nor am I planning to anytime soon, but to have some idea about what to do when it happens is great. Youre fab!

Andrea on

Thanks for sharing! I too look forward to your blog every week. I went down to pre-pregnancy size 7 days after giving birth to my first son and was so shocked but very pleased. Needless to say I was even more shocked that after the birth of my second son, things didn’t happen quite so quickly and it took almost 6 months! One thing I will say though is that even though I’m my pre-pregnancy weight, my body has changed and I love it! I finally have a defined waist and some hips!

lisa on

thanks Constance, you know how to keep it real! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!

Embee on

Just wanted to weigh in with another positive term for those changes in our bodies brought by bearing our children: BABY TROPHIES!

I was fortunate that my yoga and walking helped me bounce back size-wise from the pregnancy, but I retain the linea negra. At first I hated it (of course that stuck around – it was my most dreaded pregnancy symptom) but I decided to view it positively and now I OWN that sucker. I like to think it helps to shade my abs into a better six pack… 🙂

Dora on

Hi Constance! I have never written you but I look forward to reading your blog every week! I have a beautiful 2 yr old son, he’s our first and by first I mean Marcos is our first child, the first nephew, the first grandson on BOTH sides of our family!!..Needless to say its very hard because EVERYONE wants him and I hate to share..and of course to make it easier both families are not the best of friends..I was wondering if you and your fiance experience that with Luna Marie? And if you do how do you handle birthdays, holidays..or just special events? I love your blogs keep it up!! Maybe you should write a book?..I would buy it… thanks! Dora Herrera

Karla on

Hey Constance thanks so much for those tips & words of encouragement! I haven’t had babies or married yet but I’ve always had questions/doubts about certain things, especially the weight. Unfortunately I already have stretch marks on my stomach & body due to gaining & dropping pound constantly throught the year & what you said about loving your body as it is-is very true. I’ve always felt bad about my body but I’m working on losing weight soon! I love all the work you’ve done & hope to see you back in TV soon. I send you & Luna Marie a big hug from Hidalgo, TX (South TX), God bless you!

Kristina on

Wow – $350 for a week of diet meals? I’d be skinny too – because I’d be dead! My husband would kill me!


@ Lis-
I don’t know if the belly wrap works 5mo out, but I would suggest suggest wrapping yourself in saran wrap before going for a walk, working out, etc. An old personal trainer recommended it to me and it never fails to help me lose weight. Be prepared when you take it off to be dripping in sweat, lol!!

Ama on


this is my first time writing to you but i always look forward to reading your blogs. i dont have a baby yet but its something i look forward to in the future. reading your blogs gives me an idea of what to expect and how to deal with it. i love this blog more because am struggling with my weight now and wondering how to keep it in check while pregnant and after pregnancy.

so thanks for sharing and about the tummy wrap. its really helpful, in this part of the world, they use a piece of cloth or wrap and its tied tightly for the new mother. i’ve seen it work miracle.

Luna is very blessed to have a mother like u and she is just to die for. take care and all the best.

Candy on

Hi Constance! Thanks so much for your blog on post baby weight. I have a 2yr old and while I did pretty well in taking the weight off in the beginning, it’s starting to come back for some reason unknown to me. 🙂 haha
Anyway, I appreciate you being brutally honest with us. I will definitely use your tips!!

Congrats on your new baby, she is absolutely beautiful!!


Marina on

I really like your blog, and your child is adorable. Good luck!

Gianina on


Thank you so much for even covering this topic! I had a baby almost a year ago and at first, the weight was coming off pretty easily. I was breasfeeding plus I had started going to the gym so I was making progress. Then about 4 months after having my baby, I had to return to my office job. I drive 50 minutes into work, sit at my desk for 9 hours and then drive 50 minutes back home. I went from exercising and breastfeeding everyday to just sitting at my desk all day. Needless to say, I’ve put the weight I’d lost back on PLUS then some! I’ve been feeling really bummed out lately (especially since its summer too)but after reading your blog and your tips, I feel inspired and motivated again to lose the weight! I can do this!!! And you’re right! None of us are perfect. I’ve now got a few stretch marks here and there but they were all worth it for my beautiful little girl!!! 🙂 Thank you so much Constance! And congratulations on your beautiful little one! Continued Blessings to you and your family!

Lorraine on

Hi Constance,
I absolutely love your blogs and look forward to reading them! You are so informative and honest…it is like a breath of fresh air.

I was wondering how you went about choosing your belly wrap. I know there are many different kinds out there and I don’t want to have to buy each one to know what works? Did the Baboosh wrap work well under clothes? I heard that the velcro part may come apart easily and looks lumpy under clothes.

Thanks again for all the honesty and advice! you rock!!

Happy Mom on

Love your blog, even though my twins are looking at colleges! Thanks for your honesty.

Doraelia on

Hi! Constance,
Well I Enjoy reading your baby blogs 🙂 Even though my Husband and I dont have any Kids right now,but we are sure thinkin about it, well anyways I take your blogs as ADVICE! So thanks.You give me some comfort, and something to look forward to when we do have a baby. 🙂

Meli on

I wish I would’ve heard all of this before my first baby. It has been a struggle to get back to my ideal weight. I know now that next time I will not eat everything in sight. Thanks for all the tips. Next time! 🙂

Danielle on

Always love reading your blogs. You have such wonderful and TRUE thing’s to say. Also you have one of the cutest little girl’s I’ve ever seen!

Yolanda Ortiz on

I love your blog!!! and how you are real with us “non hollywood moms”.. It is refreshing to know that we are all in the same boat. Even you who has been in the spotlight for years. You look amazing and your daughter Luna is beautiful.. Love the name by the way!! I am pregant now and so afraid to gain too much weight but you are right, Common sense says(you) that eating healthy and exercising will keep the numbers low!! Love your tips every week. I go online just to see what your advise is this week.. You should have your own show!!! I would soo watch:)

miranda on

omg loved your blog! my daughter is 6 months old and she and i are eating like were both pregnant!lol but today is the start of my diet..i think i have been lazy long enough and need to drop the 30lbs ive gained! i will follow your tips and wish me luck! you truly have the best blogs ever! your sense of humor and your gracious heart shines right through your blogs! again thank you for letting us in YOUR life.To miss luna…you truly have the best mommy ever!
till next time!

Steph on

Have to agree wholeheartedly with this post! People keep saying to me “Eat what you want!” But I tell them right away that I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking. Of course I eat the odd bad thing for me, but I’ve always been one to give in to the odd craving before I was pregnant. I’m trying really hard to just eat the way I was before — lots of fruits and veggies and sticking with my regime of yoga and belly bootcamp and so far so good. Hopefully it will all be worth it in the end!

Thanks for your posts — I always look forward to reading them!

Melissa on

Hi! I love your blog! You’re the real deal and I as a mother of 3, I fully appreciate your honesty! I have accepted that I will never be a size 6 again, but I am happy with my size 10! I have 3 beautiful reasons why I don’t mind! Besides, I will never get back to the “old me” because I AM NOT the “old me” I am now a mother and that has changed me forever! SO, it’s easy to accept being “the now me” because I am just that! Thanks for telling the real side of life! And btw, you are beautiful! We are real women and we are busy and have lives. You hit the nail on the head, you go girl!

new mama on

Well, I had a c section 4 months ago and right now I am still 30 lbs over my original pre pregnancy weight! And I was pretty fit before I got pregnant. For me the real deal is:
-Healing from a c section takes a LONG time and I still feel weak there
– Breastfeeding- those who say bf makes you skinny? I guess it would if you don’t eat tons to supplement it! For me, I breastfeed – and I get so hungry for big heavy meals a lot.
So I eat them because then I feel like I have rich abundant milk.
If I didn’t eat tons I would feel hungry. so it cancels it out.
_exercise- sometimes I can’t excersise as much as I want to w- the baby.
I would like to lose more weight but it is too early in my baby’s life for me to lessen the support I get from big meals rightnow.
Luckily my husband still finds me beautiful. Iknow I will get fit again but maybe not too soon.

Julie on

I too wish I would’ve heard all of this before my first baby. It has been a real struggle to get back to my pre-pregnancy size. I found a discount code, “RM10” for 10% of Tauts if anyone decides to try that out. I haven’t got mine yet but I’m going to give it a shot.