Ali Landry’s Daughter Estela Turns Three!

07/20/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Courtesy Bryan Randall

Happy birthday Estela Ines!

Ali Landry‘s little girl turned three earlier this month with a princess party hosted by the actress and husband Alejandro Monteverde at their daughter’s preschool (and attended by Snow White and Cinderella!).

Party favors included Mabel’s Labels’ Label Out Loud while mom and daughter were each gifted POSH Mommy jewelry engraved with Estela’s name and birthstone.

Click below for our chat with Ali about the party!

What can you tell us about the theme of Estela’s birthday party?

It was a princess party. Estela is into anything and everything princess right now! She wakes up in the morning and immediately puts on her “princess dress” and sparkly shoes. I tried telling her that she doesn’t have to wear a princess dress to be a princess and that she is a princess in her heart, but she’s having none of that right now! I finally decided to give in and just go with it. The result? Princess party.

We had it at her preschool. This year I decided to do everything myself and to keep it as simple as possible. She had a really wonderful party but it definitely wasn’t as over the top as it was last year. I decorated with big bunches of various pink balloons for impact, I bought pink tablecloths and found the most amazing piñata decorated with princesses and lots of ribbons. We had a jumpy castle and borrowed these beautiful pink carousel horses from a friend. We invited Snow White and Cinderella, but I told her that they would only come if she’s a really nice and kind little girl.

What was Estela’s favorite part of the party?

Her favorite thing was the party hats. She insisted that all of her friends wear party hats! When I told my creative Mom this, she got to work on a very special princess party hat and dress for Estela. When I saw what she created I was blown away — but not surprised because my mother is one of the most talented people I know! She’s the reason I started [my clothing line] Belle Parish.

Courtesy Bryan Randall

What is your family up to this summer?

Right now Estela is really enjoying having [Alejandro’s parents] in from Mexico. They are staying with us for three months and only speak Spanish, so with that said, she is having to practice her Spanish every day! She loves to sing and for me to read books to her.

Estela is a very blessed little girl and we want her to know that not all children are as fortunate as she is. She’s at an age that she can understand that, so as part of her birthday this year we are taking her to an orphanage in Mexico to bring gifts to all of the little girls there. We are trying to instill in her that one of the biggest and most wonderful gifts of all is giving back. We are so excited to do this as family and since all of our birthdays are in July, we thought that this was the perfect time to do it.

And what’s the latest with your own personal projects?

Belle Parish is doing wonderfully. Because of the success of our first collection, we’ve rebranded it and will be selling it year-round. We’ve added six new dresses to the collection that we will premiere at Fashion Week in September, and we’re also preparing to sell online in August.

As for me, I will be shooting a short film in August. I’m also in talks about a possible docudrama following me around as I go through the process of starting and growing a new business while balancing life as a mom and wife.

Courtesy Bryan Randall

— Reporting by GG Benitez

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Sitc on

And those were the Princesses??????? ICK!

jordan on

awwwweeee she just looks like a the princess of all princess’s. She is just so cute. Happy birthday Estela. Lol I thought Ali was a princess herself I thought she was Belle, I had to do a double take. Oh yeah Cinderella is pretty scray

Crystal on

That’s wonderful! Good to see Ali and Estella giving back! Beautiful party for a beautiful girl! Love them! 🙂

Barbi on

What a pretty little princess! Congratulations on your birthdays! Those are wonderful pictures.

Allison on

odd to have a party at the preschool on that grand scale, but it looks like a fun time. yeah, have to agree they hired really ugly princesses.

Tee on

Happy Birthday, Estela! What a fun looking party! I love the princess crowns that Ali’s mother made. Very creative!

Evangeline on

Aww, Estela looks so pretty! The dress and crown hat are lovely! I think it is just awesome of Ali to be encouraging her daughter to give back. Have to agree with some of the others on the Princesses, though…ick.

eva on

Sitc:what a shallow,dumb and vain reaction.I guess princesses are all about being perfect beauties ready for the runway and these regular looking women are just to disgusting to play the part.DISGUSTING!Normal looking people pretending to be beauties!Ick!My child’s head will explode if she doesn’t get supermodels to play the princesses in her party!

howrude on

Dang, those princesses could be her relatives dressed up for her party.

Anonymous on

they shouldnt go to mexico right now :/ the situation there is horrible

CarlaC on

@eva SECONDED!!! The only ugly thing about this is the comments from those vain, shallow women. God help your daughters ladies if those are the values you’ll be giving them by setting that kind of example!! Ugly indeed..

Natacha on


“Supermodel” doesn’t automatically equate to gorgeous. I don’t why everyone just assumes this. Most of them have sticks for legs and a little boy’s body, and are way too tall– their lankiness works on the runway, but in real life they look like beanpoles and most of their faces are eh. Have you ever seen ANTM? Most of them are fug. I’ve seen way more beautiful girls in daily life, with much better proportions, and prettier faces. Women in pageants are usually more beautiful, and a lot of the Playboy models are better looking.

t. on

@eva the problem is they look nothing like the princess they are playing!

Helene on

Very cute! I also like that she had the party at her preschool and did it herself! So nice to hear.

To call the princesses “ick, ugly, and scary” is just mean. What is that teaching children. That they have to be perfect and gorgeous to be considered a princess. Very sad.

Janna on

eva… You need to learn quickly that the VAST majority of posters on this site have beautiful faces, perfect skin, yet impossible-to-lose baby weight, feed their children only organic food grown in their own backyards, and have children that spoke five languages before they turned two.

The nasty, rude comments will never stop. It’s not really worth pointing it out to some of these posters. They are perfect and as such, it is their absolutely duty to point out everyone else’s shortcomings.


BeNice on

Someone said it…it’s a lost cause on this site to have the comments be polite. The ladies who are in character are earning money for their family, and young kids just love characters and parties. This is such a positive for a child to have a party with classmates. The whole school probably got to enjoy and it just was nice. Many blessings to the parents for what they are trying to instill in their little one! And yea for parents who go all out to cherish their children and celebrate their child’s birthdays!

D on

Oh, to have money!

gena landry on

Those girls are beautiful…and if you are ever lucky enough to see that one on the left (Elizabeth) in action – she’s like the “child whisperer”. I’ve seen them at several parties and worked at a place where she ran the children’s programs, which include dance classes, arts and crafts, face painting, and movie nights. She’s done several celebrity baby parties (including Jessica Alba), and the kids LOVE her! Here’s a link for more info:

Terri on

I wish I could get a better shot of Ali’s dress. I love yellow.

guest on

Estela is so pretty! what a special party-Ali has so much style-I saw a cribs episode from her first home and she just has the eye! her home was spectacular