Spotted: Mark Paul Gosselaar’s Circus Cuties

07/19/2010 at 09:00 AM ET


Under the big top!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar poses with kids Michael Charles, 6½, and Ava Lorenn, 4, at a reception supporting The Sunshine Kids — a foundation that organizes outing for children with cancer — prior to Barnum’s FUNundrum, held Thursday in Los Angeles.

The actor, 36, recently announced that he and wife Lisa Ann Russell were splitting after 13 years of marriage.

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andilea on

Why do these celebrities continue to support the circus? Do they want to teach their children that it is ok to electrocute, beat, cut and starve baby elephants and other animals? It is disgusting to me. Shame on you Mark!!

jen on

how can anyone still support the circus?

Corrie on

Good grief, this blog is not about how terrible the circus is, it’s about celebrity kids! Could we keep to the subject instead of turning this into a rant about how cruel the circus is to animals, please?

Katie on

At least he’s out with his kids doing something. And not being a dead beat dad.

JMO on

yeah I hate the circus – will NEVER take my kids or let them go on a school trip!

His daughter must look like her mother bc his son is all him!! Cute kids. And Zach Morris still is hot 😀

Cortney on

Has anybody brought up that his daughters middle name is Lorenn and Tiffani just named her daughter Harper Renn where are they getting this name, anyone know?

Deeley on

Well, I take my kids to the circus. There are circuses that do not even use animals; my kids like seeing the acrobats and the tricks that the performers do. Just saying that not all circus’ exploit animals.

Electra on

How can anyone eat meat? How can anyone drive a car knowing what it does to the environment? How can anyone watch a show with a wild animal in it? How can anyone go to the zoo? How can anyone use paper or eat foreign fruits not local to their area? Ever buy BP gas? Shell? Exxon?

There are so many things that we all do that are bad and that impact animals its ridiculous. You guys act like taking your child to the circus is like visiting a nazi concentration camp for giggles. Get over yourself, PLEASE. Unless you’re a buddhist monk who has villagers sweep the streets before he walks, you’ve indirectly hurt an animal. So save it, really.

Electra on

Having said that- ha ha- his little girl is so cute and i love her little dress. Mark looks really unhappy tho, or more like stressed!

Mckinley on

Yeah how dare he take his kids to a reception that benefits CHILDREN WITH CANCER

Becky on

Amen Electra and McKinley! Amen! It’s getting very ridiculous!

Shannon on

Well Mark’s mother is Indonesian. Maybe his daughter looks like her grandma? Cute kids!

JMO on

I personally don’t like the exploitation of animals for the purpose of earning money.
Most animals at the zoo are not made to perform. And no I also don’t eat meat! Most people who don’t support the circus don’t support the abuse behind what goes on at the circus to make these animals perform each day!
I won’t speak for everyone else but that in itself is enough to make me say no to the circus and that’s my personal opinion and nobody else has to agree!!

coco on

i saw this picture and i thought how his daughter looks biracial but then i remember reading somewhere that mark was biracial himself, cherokee native american, i believe. anyone know?

Electra on

His mother is indonesian!

amandamay on

the little girl looks a lot like his (soon to be ex) wife! she is rather exotic looking (gorgeous!!)

Bancie1031 on

LMAO Michael had this same exact face in the last picture we seen of him! TOO CUTE!!! I’m truly loving it ❤ HE looks just like his dad …….
Ava looks so pretty, I love her long hair! She looks just like her mommy 😀 (which I'm guessing that a few of you must have never seen a picture of 😉 I'll try to post a link to one for you).
Mark-Paul is just as handsome as always! But he does look awfully stressed-out or something 😦
I heard they were going to do a SBTB reunion show but it's being held up by Tiffani …. anyone else hear this?

Electra – Very nicely said ……

Good for you Mark! Spending time with your kids, being a hands on dad and for including your children in a reception that benefits cancer patients that are around their ages.

Bancie1031 on

here is a link to Mark-Paul and Lisa

Hope it works