Single Mom Bridget Moynahan Wouldn’t Change a Thing

07/19/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy SELF

Life as a single mom suits Bridget Moynahan just fine.

So says the actress in the August issue of SELF, explaining that she was always prepared to go the unconventional route.

“I never had the fantasy that I was going to get married and have three kids and live in a house with a white picket fence,” she insists.

“I couldn’t ask to be in a better place right now, and there were multiple things that made all this — having a beautiful son and work I’m proud of and supportive friends — come true.”

While Moynahan — mom to John Edward Thomas, 2½, with ex-boyfriend Tom Brady — is content to maintain the status quo, she says she wouldn’t choose to make Jack a big brother without a partner in the picture.

“While I’d love to have more children, I’m not sure I want another on my own,” she concedes. “One is portable; two are not.”

Noting that “being a mom, whether single or not, is not easy,” Moynahan, 39, says the media does young girls a disservice by presenting motherhood “as if it’s easy or painless.”

Quick to clarify that she’s not complaining, however, Moynahan remains grateful that Jack is “so well-adjusted” and that she hasn’t had to slow down since giving birth.

“Having a child didn’t hold me back from a career or a love life or traveling; it has enhanced my life,” she adds.

Her approach is rooted in positivity, which Moynahan says she relied on heavily in the wake of her split from Brady.

“It’s easy to bitch and to listen to your people bitch, so if someone going through a divorce asks me for advice, I say, ‘All the he said/she said stuff doesn’t matter. And your kid will pick up on that energy. Keep your kids the focus,'” she shares.

For now, Moynahan is looking forward to her upcoming television series — Blue Bloods, debuting this fall on CBS — and leading “a quiet life” with Jack, whom she hopes to raise “with a strong sense of self and integrity.”

“I don’t go out as much as I’d like because I don’t want my son to be involved in that,” she explains. “We do things privately, like reading Dr. Seuss, playing games and listening to music. That’s why you haven’t seen many photos of us. I don’t need to parade him around.”

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jessicad on

She is just awesome. My daughter is almost 3 and I also had to experience pregnancy alone, it was the most amazing and the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but I’m so much stronger and more confident in myself that I’ve ever been. I think she’s a great mother and has the right attitude about the he said/she said stuff and kids picking up on that, talking negatively about your ex will only hurt the children involved.

She looks so happy and gorgeous here!

Sage on

Oh Bridget I like you alot but the whole ” That’s why you haven’t seen many photos of us. I don’t need to parade him around.” Made me laugh of course we arent going to see as many pictures of you and John because you aren’t as famous as Tom and Gisele.

The pap’s are going to take more pictures when John is with them, because people are more interested Superbowl football winning football player and vctoria secret supermodel than a actress that is not really a house hold name.

Kathryn on

Sage, I completely disagree with you. She’s not just an actress, she’s the woman scorned & left alone with a child…the paps would rather get shots of that than some cheating football player (on and off the field, btw) and a girl who makes money off of being seen in her underwear a lot. I’m happy for Bridget anyway… she’s got that baby & doesn’t have to put up with the jerk that made it and all that child support that lets her not worry about working 🙂 Good job on that one Bridget 😉

Bugs on

Sage, even if Bridget is not as famous as Tom and Gisele, she could be parading her kid on a daily basis, just like we see many celebrities who are not necessarily Tom and Gisele. There are celebs who just can’t get enough of having the paps taking pictures of them and their kids, and Bridget is simply making the point that she won’t go to there.

Samantha on

Right on SAGE!! I live in Santa Monica and lately I have seen Gisele and Tom take their kid out and the PAPS SWARM them. They looked super annoyed and like they just want to be left alone. So Bridget is so annoying when she makes it like it is their fault.

And NO ONE cares about Bridget, the magazine people even needed to put Gisele’s and Tom’s name on the front page for people to buy a magazine with her on the cover….case in point!!!

Samantha on

Kathryn, ” she’s the woman scorned & left alone with a child”
Tom and Bridget were nearing the end of their relationship, she knew this, went off birth control and tried to trap him. They broke up and he fell in love with Gisele and then his ex announces she is pregnant…what should he have done?
Married Bridget (someone he does not love) for the baby, just so they can get divorced down the road? Or should he do what he did, provide support, emotionally and financially to the baby? Heck YES! Tom doesn’t love Bridget and it would have been worse for John to have two parents who hate each other and only got married for his sake, because it won’t last. People madly in love have a hard time staying married, let alone two people who have already broken up because they are not in love. So tell me how this woman is SCORNED??? She’s pathetic for getting pregnant purposely without the consent of the father.
And Kathryn your congratulating her for having a baby with a guy who can just give her money and not be a focal point in his life? That’s disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself. What if Bridget had waited, found a guy who loved her, and have a child because it was right for both of them? And then that kid would of two parents in love and under one roof, which is preferable to a broken home.

Sasha on

Bridget was the first celebrity I ever came across when I was working in a hotel.
I have to say I had to go out of my way to google her cause she was so obnoxiously rude. She made me feel like dirt and every one who worked in the hotel was always scared when she was coming around.
She is a horrible person in real life.

Annie on

She wouldn’t change a thing? Okay.

Michelle on

I care much more about Bridget than Tom and Gisele. Would much rather buy a mag with her on the cover. She is so much more than a pretty face, unlike the homewrecker Gisele.

Lucy on

I think she’s a FANTASTIC mother for raising a son and doing it in privacy. She could be a bitter woman, because Tom left her to get involved with a model and have a child with her instead, but that doesn’t matter. Instead of bad mouthing him like a lot of women do their exes especially to humiliate, she’s humble about it. Sure she could harbor bad feelings, but she doesn’t use an entire article to put someone else down. She focuses solely on her child and its a good thing she doesn’t parade him around. Whether or not the paps SWARM Gisele & Tom, doesn’t matter. They could be more discrete, but they openly and quite frequently bring their youngest child out into public. Not saying they should leave it home with the nanny, but celebrities have plenty of resources to make sure that they aren’t bombarded as soon as they step out of the home. They could live somewhere a little more rural with more security if they wanted less publicity. And it still irks the hell out of me that Gisele tries to act like she’s Johns mother when his mother is still in his life and cares for him more than she will ever be able to. There’s a difference. A real mother’s love versus a pseudo mother’s love just doesn’t compare, because she didn’t carry him for nine months or give birth to him. There’s a different bond and a different love, but this isn’t about Gisele. This is about the fact that Bridget is an amazing mother.

Bugs on

Seriously what is the problem with some of you when reading about someone who simply wants to MOVE ON with her life and accepting her circumstances? If she said the opposite you would be saying that she’s a bitter crybaby or beating a dead horse. But no, she’s saying she’s happy with her life but that’s insulting for some of you.

With no doubt women’s worst enemies are women themselves.

Susan on

The ONLY reason I read about her is because Tom Brady is the father of her child. I also read she tricked him by going off BC. I have absolutely no respect for that. A man cannot tell if you are on or off BC. Yes, he could have protected himself too, but many men are very naive when it comes to that and they believe the woman. You cannot possibly tell me she is not jealous of Giselle and Tom. It must kill her to have to have the some spend time with Giselle. On the other hand, it did not seem like Tom was doing his fair share of physical contact with his son until Giselle came in the pic!!!

Bugs on

Samantha: pathetic your stupid judgement! How on earth do you know she got pregnant “purposely” without the “consent of the father”???? LOLOLOL, what’s next, she raped Tom Brady now? Oh poor Tom, he didn’t know that without a condom he could get her pregnant. Let’s give him some sex education classes. You’re a pathetic excuse of a woman yourself.

jen on

She sounds mad. she is definitely not over it…sad

Tracey on

Samantha, you said it better than I could. I get so frustrated when people slam Tom….Bridgette decided to keep the baby. Did Tom get an option on whether he wanted to be a father at all, let alone one with a woman he was no longer in relationship with? yes, birthcontrol is up to both involved, but when all is said and done, she chose to have the baby, so no one should feel sorry for her or call her a matre(or any other woman who finds herself in the same situatuion.)

Bugs on

Yeah Tracey, she probably should’ve had an abortion. *rolls eyes*

iluvperfectparents on

Jen, Sage & Tracey I agree with you, that being said “I honestly think I’d be somewhat bitter too. LOL

Liz on

You people need to get your facts straight. Tom didn’t leave Bridget for Gisele and he didn’t cheat. Tom and Bridget were already done by the time he met Gisele. Jeez!

ecl on

I’m sorry. I’m confused. Were any of you actually IN Bridget’s ovaries and know what happened? No?! Then how do you know if she did or didn’t go off birth control? And Lucy, really? It takes giving birth to really love a child? I’m sure many parents of adopted children would disagree with you. It also implies that a father’s love isn’t as good as a mother’s love.

Samantha on

says the media does young girls a disservice by presenting motherhood “as if it’s easy or painless.” YET making single parenthood out to be the ideal and not changing anything IS a service? Let’s be honest it’s better to have two parents together, than being a single parent. So why the “I wouldn’t change a thing” Why not, “Yes I wish things were different, but we make the best of what we have”

Candie on

Wow, it’s amazing to me that so many of you who don’t know these people at all can make such ridiculous comments. This reply is for Samantha… you’re a judgmental idiot. It’s nice that you know these people so well and that you have been in Briget’s head and know exactly why she made her choices. As a single mom who is happily divorced, I am absolutely comfortable with my situation. While I certainly didn’t get married to become a divorce statistic, it is what it is. My children are living a happy life and are fine. Samantha, since you seem to have all the answers of life as a fairy tale, let the world and marriage counselors in on your secret, so you can put an end to the “broken homes.”

Prima on

You people are funny. Everyone says all this because they were obviously there in the relationship with these people, right? No one knows what really happened except the couple at hand. IMO, Bridget is way better looking anyways.

Samantha on

They could be more discrete, but they openly and quite frequently bring their youngest child out into public.

Wait how the heck do you know they could things differently to not have the paps swarm them? I am there and I see it too. And I think it’s GREAT they take their kid out into public. Should he NOT go to the doctors? Or to the park? (all things they have been photographed doing) They have NOT however been photographed taking him to dumb hollywood kid crap. So I think your comment has no grounds.

danielle on

team bridget-all the way! much better looking than giselle. classy lady to boot.

Erin on

Samantha, Susan and Tracey – You could be the new decades Charlie’s Angels! The fact that you KNOW that Bridget went off birth control to trick him into having a baby with her is nothing short of amazing! Really, you guys are awesome! Samantha, calling a stranger pathetic? Cool! Susan, admitting you care about a person you don’t like only because you like her ex so much AND excusing his role in protecting himself from unwanted pregnancy? Super! Tracey, reminding us that Tom had no choice whether Jack made it to the planet or not is courageous. Kudos! You guys are so, so great. (I hope you have jobs that don’t require critical thinking, which would include raising kids, by the way. And Tracey, it’s “martyr”, as in – that’s what I risk making you by way of my post.)

LizP on

You guys are so pathetic. Do you know those people personally? You make all those assumptions about their lives and decisions, because you ‘read’ about it. Yes it must be true because it was on the internet/mag/paper.

jessicad on

To the women saying Bridget went off her birth control and tried to trap him, please stop. It’s so disrespectful to accuse a woman of doing such a horrible thing, so you read it online and that makes it true? I was accused of doing the same thing by people I didn’t even know, people who made my pregnancy a living hell with hateful and pointless drama. Most women would NEVER do that, and until you’re in a situation where people are saying things like that about you, you have no idea how much it hurts.

Regardless of why they broke up I think Tom should have been more respectful to the ex girlfriend carrying his child and not dated at least until after the birth, a decent man would have waited. I think Bridget can do way better anyway, he always has this “vacant” look on his face and she seems too smart for him.

Frustrated on

I think it’s pretty sad that there are so many negative comments on here. Here is this great, strong, positive woman who is obviously happy with her life and so many of you are bashing her. WHY??? Who is she hurting? Nobody! That’s so awesome that she’s happy and positive and it sounds like she’s having a great time in her life right now. All of you negative people need to just go away and concentrate on your own lives. Some people are so quick to judge, and even worse you are judging someone who you don’t even know! Try looking at your own life and seeing how “perfect” you are before bashing someone else!

lizzielui on

I personally have no idea if and when Bridget went off birth control while she was still involved with Tom. However, I do know both Tom and Bridget and they were 100% NOT a couple by the time Tom started dating Gisele and when he found out Bridget was pregnant. The relationship was over and even before that had been on the rocks for a while. In fact, Tom had gone on a few dates with someone else (Was in their presence with my own two eyes) after he and Bridget broke up and before he met Gisele, although it amounted to nothing serious. Overall, I really wish people would let the circumstances surrounding the demise of this relationship and subsequent pairing with Gisele go once and for all. Tom and Bridget were never married, there were no infidelities involved on either side so what is the point of keeping all of this going. I think it is great that Bridget has seemingly moved on (although I do notice the little digs she gets in here and there with the way she words things) and I’m happy that she is back working again. It seems all three parties have come to a happy medium for the sake of John so what is the point on harping on pains of the past?

Lorus on

I know someone who got pregnant while on the pill AND using condoms! Things happen for a reason and I’m glad Bridget sees this and has moved on with her life. She seems like a great mother.

Natasha on

I’m brazilian and I really don’t like Gisele. On the other hand I think Bridget is simply wonderful and I wish her and John the best.

Tracey on

Bugs….actually she could have made any number of choices…adoption or yes, abortion, since that is OUR right as woman in this counrty. My point is SHE made the choice, as the woman, Tom did not. Since she chose to keep the child , she made the choice for him. So for all those who judge him and whether he a father to his son, we only know what we see in the magazines..maybe he, and other men out there, did not want to be father.

L on

I read this article if you want to call it that at Wal-Mart.

It’s a complete slam at Gisele Bundchen. She’s mentioned throughout the article.

I thought Self Magazine was about health and fitness. I guess not.

There was only one paragraph devoted to Bridget’s fitness and health. What she said about protein and eating with John.

Before nearly every question the author mentions Gisele.

Ex: The author states: John is photographed with Gisele, Ben, and Tom more than he is with Bridget.

Then Bridget’s rant about the paps.

Ex: The author states: Gisele had a water birth.

Then Bridget’s rant about the Hollywood moms.

The fact that the article is titled Gisele, Tom, and Me on the cover should have told everyone what it would be about.

The author says in her opening paragraph:

It played out like a soap opera. Tom and Bridget dated for 3 years. They split in 2006. Tom and Gisele were seen in Paris months later. Bridget announced her pregnancy. John Edward Thomas Moynahan was born in August 2007.

Did Bridget try to trap Tom? Was Tom cheating? Did Bridget give John the JET initials to piss of New England Patriot Tom Brady?

That was the opening paragraph.

I mean this was in a HEALTH magazine.

I expect this from Star or US Weekly.

*Anyone trying to claim that Bridget wasn’t taking shots Gisele needs to read the article.* She’s mentioned throughout this interview.*

Jne on

She says she is being positive and getting on with her life, yet she continues to make little digs about Tom and Giselle. Tom had broken up with her, and then they found out she was pregnant, he (and Giselle) have been actively involved in the child’s life, so credit to them!

iluvperfectparents on

Oh please everyone has their right to their opinions. I honestly think she is at least a little bit bitter, she has jabbed here & there and rightfully so. It does seem like they are at least cordial and great at co-parenting.
In this interview she says “I never had the fantasy that I was going to get married and have three kids and live in a house with a white picket fence,” she insists.
She must have changed her mind after conceiving because she definitely did an interview two months before her pregnancy announcement and when asked “where does she see herself in five years”, her reply was “Definitely marriage and kids.” While his reply to that question was, “Playing football”. Tom obviously wasn’t the right man for her & I hope she meets someone that loves & cherishes her & her son. I wish THEM ALL the best of luck.

Electra on

Iluvperfectparents- I was thinking the exact same thing! I remember her specifically saying that she’d never imagined her life would turn out this way(something like that) and that she’d wanted to do it the traditional catholic way.

While her star has faded over the past few years, I don’t understand all the hate towards bridget. Its okay to like Gisele and not turn Bridget into some kind of villain.

JMO on

Erin *applaud*

It’s always funny when people claim to have one’s personal life all figured out!

That being said I don’t know who this chick is and don’t really care. Even more so I could give two you know what about Tom and Gisele.
I think the magazine like the person above pointed out was purposely asking questions about Tom and Gisele. This Bridgette girl could of declined to answer but she didn’t. So oh well. Neither party wins in this one because your damned if you do and damned if you don’t!!


Amelia on

Why would anyone listen to advice from someone who told Harper’s Bazaar she didn’t know how she became pregnant at 35?

Seriously. Bridget is either dumb as a box of rocks or thinks the general public is.

I wonder why people tap dance around the pink elephant in this room? Take the celebrity angle and Gisele out of the picture and what do we have?

A 35-year old woman who has been dating a man for 3 years who says a couple of months before they split and had conceived their child that she has a 5 year plan to be married with lots of children while her boyfriend wants to focus on her career and goes on the record stating he won’t get married until he retires from his career. A boyfriend who made $30 million back to back the past 2 years.

Uh Oh! Then they break up 2-3 months later presumably because he doesn’t want to get married at least not to her and she does.

Then 2-3 months later she “finds” herself pregnant.

If these were regular, everyday people what would you say happened here?

As a 29-year old woman I know that at the end of the day I am responsible for my body and life.

It’s IRRESPONSIBLE for a 35-year old woman to engage in unprotected sex with her boyfriend of 3 years, and “find” herself pregnant. (Bridget’s words)

Where is her personal responsibility and accountability for engaging in unprotected sex?

It’s your body and life on the line here. You play Russian Roulette with your body, then be prepared to deal with the consequences.

Life is all about individual choices.

You don’t won’t be a single mother- Take your pill, diaphragm, or insist that your man put on a condom.

Your Body, Your Life, Your Responsibility.

So don’t come out with Life Without Daddy, Heartbroken and Pregnant, Hands Off My Kid, Gisele/Tom/Me stories that do nothing other than illustrate what your continuous need to be a passive aggressive and bitter baby mama who lives in the past and can’t accept her present and future.

L on


Bridget told Harper’s Bazaar and Self Magazine that she dated throughout her pregnancy.

So does that mean Bridget isn’t a decent woman as Tom Brady isn’t a decent man for dating through his ex’s pregnancy?

If not, then there is a double standard.

If two people are no longer in a relationship, then they are free to date others. It’s also none of their business what their ex as in EXcluded is doing. That’s how life goes. It doesn’t matter when the ex moved on. It could be a 1 week later or 10 minutes later.

We’re talking about consenting adults. One party was already in another relationship and the other party was open to dating men while pregnant.

Were Bridget and Tom suppose to sit back, put their lives on hold, and not see if they could find someone to marry since they obviously weren’t getting married themselves?

If Bridget is as great as you allege she is why did you have to bring TB’s looks into the discussion? Looks are subjective and have nothing to do with the success of a relationship.

Jenn on

Erin…hilarious and right on!

Tracey, if he didn’t want to be a father he shouldn’t have had sex or he could have used a condom (although not 100%). Period. So he DID have a choice.

LJ on

I love Bridget!! We are definitely watching Ramona and Beezus at my house!!

Who cares about Gisele & Tom?? I don’t- so I don’t comment or read anything about them on the internet.

If your not a fan of Bridget’s DO NOT READ, DO NOT COMMENT- direct your anger/rage elsewhere…. (Cough, cough, Amelia)

All the best Bridget & Jack.. One gorgeous family!

Jenn on


Magazines articles like this are edited. We don’t know what Bridget was asked or not asked and in what context. The comments you see as “digs” toward Gisele may have been the only things she said like that, and she could have talked about fitness and her son’s nutrition a lot more, and it was edited out. You don’t know, I don’t know.

Of course the writer is going to write about the relationship drama, it sells more magazines.

Bugs on

My God so much rage over a person saying she’s happy with her life. Seriously screw you people.

Bugs on

Amelia i wouldn’t like to have you as a mom. So it’s her fault and nothing but her fault. Tom Brady is the poor boy who was victim of an “evil” plan. My goodness, men probably love you. *rolls eyes*

She has a baby, and she’s moving on as much as it hurts you.

DD on

wow, lots of nasty comments on this thread. sad.

nosoupforyou on

Lol, Samantha, unless you live in Bridget’s medicine cabinet, you have no clue on when she went off birth control or if they were using something and John was conceived anyway.

LJ on

I saw on the Today Show she looked stunning!!!

wish her and her beautiful son all the best…

L on

Bugs and LJ- Amelia has a right to express her opinion just like anyone else on this board.

If you don’t agree with it, then that’s your problem.

People need to agree to disagree.

If people feel the need to call out specific posters because you don’t like their responses, then maybe you need to step away from the computer because it’s not that serious.

Celebrity boards are a free for all. If you don’t like the responses too bad.

As for the responses….People aren’t PC, positive, etc. that happens on this board with all celebs. No one is immune.

Bridget, Tom, and Gisele are polarizing people.

I too read the interview and it was littered w/ Gisele this and that. Normally I buy Shape, Fitness, Self, and these health magazines for fitness not US Weekly crap.

I expected Bridget to talk about her fitness regime, but she was lashing out at Gisele and Tom. There was no exercise advice, specifics about what she eats, etc.

Also Bridget is saying the same thing she said 2 years ago. “I want a husband and family, Jack and I do this and that, etc.”

Based upon that article nothing has changed for Bridget so there was really no point in her even saying anything at all.

It doesn’t say much for Bridget that she is so concerned with what Gisele and Gisele & Tom are or aren’t doing with their lives and parenthood.

Good Luck with that I say…

Sage on

I just feel like Bridget takes low shots at Tom and Gisele and I don’t like that. I fell like she is the Jennifer Aniston when it comes to the whole Brad thing, I wish interviewers would drop it.

Bugs on

Well L, your opinion is just one of many. That’s how you see it. No one knows what the real truth is or what’s going on there, you can only claim but no more than that.

cammie on

So much controversy, now I have to go read this whole magazine article for myself to decide for myself. I have to admit, I had no idea who Bridget was before reading CBB. Actually no idea who Tom Brady was either, as I am not into sports. The only one I am familiar with is Giselle, from VS. From reading all the articles on here, and of course I am sure they are just PARTS of what Bridget has said, and possibly out of context, it does seem in every article like Bridget is a passively agressively angry towards Tom and Giselle. OF COURSE, I don’t know them, just stating it *seems* that way to me from what i have read on here. I really do wish her well, and hope she finds happiness and love and the two siblings will be able to be in each others’ lives .

Haleiwa on

Tom and Bridgette made a baby. If Tom was finished with Bridgette he should have kept his penis in his pants and got to stepping. I’m so sick of this mentality of “she trapped him”, especially coming from women. HE wasn’t raped, coerced, drugged, tied up nor did he slip and his chocolate fell into Bridgette’s peanut butter. And, here’s a concept to men like Tom who are apparently stupid and need to led around like whittle puppies…you still use a condom whether she’s on the pill, diaphragm, IUD, patch, Uvaring or whatever. The NFL even gives out a video to players about protecting their life, sperm, and wallet. Nope. Tom figured he’d still get him a piece even though he was already playing the field. I bet he thought he was man nailing Bridgette and Giselle at the same time. No. A real man makes a clean break when he’s no longer interested in a then long term girlfriend. Not use her for sex.

lila on

I think she sounds bitter and that never got over the situation she placed herself in. Her son is adorable though.

hanna on

Wouldn’t change a thing? I don’t believe that for a second! She probably thought he would run back to her when she found out she was pregnant, and he didn’t: bohooo.

Liz on

Haleiwa – you are clearly very naive about men. Most men do not take a long break after a breakup. They move onto the next much faster then most women, who too often have extra-long pity parties with their girlfriends. So if that’s your idea of a “real man” then I’m sorry to say you’re not going to find many men like that in this world.

Haleiwa on

Who said anything about Tom taking a break? Tom could screw the world and all of Tiger Wood’s women if he wanted after breaking up with Bridgette. My issue is with the assessment that he was done with Bridgette, or they were in the process of breaking up, or they were having problems, blah, blah, blah and then she trapped him. Whatevs. Tom at any point, during the, “the were having problems” phase, could have stopped having sex with Bridgette. Or, he could have put a hat over his jimmy, since he already had one foot out the door.

Haleiwa on

Also, Liz you don’t know anything about me so don’t make assessments about what I know about men. Critique the post and not the person posting.

Di on

I love Bridget Moynahan’s attitude. Contrary to what some people may think, she is not sitting at home crying her eyes out wondering what life could have been with Tom and has moved on her life focusing on her child and career. I assumed she would be doing press in the lead up to her new show.

As far as any references to Gisele, I have no doubt that any references to Tom or his wife was done by the magazine in an attempt to sensationalize the story so that they can sell more copies just like when Jen Aniston said Angelina was “uncool” and of course that quote was taken out of context and put on the cover. Just like Jen Aniston, it is the media who keeps perpetuating the “Poor Bridget” story trying to play up the love triangle.

I know people would take her remarks regarding the paps as a dig against Gisele. If Bridget wanted press she could get it. She could take her baby to Robertson Blvd., do a tell a interview with ET or shop around a reality tv show but she did not do it.

In my opinion, there is nothing Bridget could say that could even come close to ridiculous and insensitive comments Gisele made against Bridget and about John being her son or “100%” hers which is crazy since Bridget has primary physical custody of her little boy. She did not even refer to Bridget by name but only as “some woman who gave birth to John”. Bridget maintained a dignified silence in the midst of that controversy; I would not have been as gracious.

Bridget personifes class, grace and elegance. Tom and Gisele not so much.

torgster on

Bridget “wouldn’t choose to make John a big brother blah blah blah”? He already IS, to Benjamin! Yet another pathetic dig at Gisele.

meghan on

Ummm…torgster, whoever wrote the piece said that, not Bridget. You’ll notice it’s not in quotes.

Peggy on

The negative posts are from the Brady/Bundchen Brazilian fans. They are young unmarried girls who know nothing about Bridget. They post under many different names to make it look like there is alot of negativity towards Bridget. They post with authority when they know nothing. Maybe they will grow up someday!!!!

sherryangel on

hey ya’ll. so glad so many of ya’ll were in the bedroom with bridget and tom. all those intimate secrets that you were privy to. glad you could clue us in on the “plan” to trap tom..would’nt it be something if she dumped him…unheard of right…oh yeah he’s pretty ,but my goodness he sounds like a moron…do you think there is a reason that he doesn’t speak on those little endorsement deals? anyway,happy for you bridget, so what if you have to ride those coat tails for a little spot light…after all old gisele grabbed up your kid every time a camera appeared…phonies all round….

ecl on

Torgster – it looks as though those are the words of the person who wrote the article, not Bridget. All she said is that SHE, HERSELF, did not want to have another baby without a partner.

zoe on

@torgster – that isn’t a direct quote from Bridget – so most likely the magazine is making this dig/error and not Bridget who just says that she doesn’t want more kids w/o a partner

Christy on

Really the relationship between these three is private and saying as none of us live with them we really don’t know the ins and outs. I don’t know any of them personally so don’t see myself as on a ‘team’ for either and its kinda sad others feel they have to take the side of people they dont even know. However there are some digs at Tom and Gisele in the article we can’t be sure that it isn’t just the media twisting things. Why can’t people just be happy that Jack has 3 adults in his life who love, adore and support him?

PS. I wonder if Bridget got engaged tomorrow and was seen with her new man carrying her baby boy would that man receive the same criticism that Gisele receives? I sincerely doubt it

Mari on

She wouldn’t choose to make her son a big brother? Well, bad news for her that he already is. No matter how she stresses out her single-motherhood. Her son HAS a father and from his side he is already a big brother.

cmk on

seriously? it’s not parading yout children around just taking them to the grocery store or being in public in general. Some people just actually enjoy having their children with them. Is that so hard to understand? Not everyone can just leave their kids at home with a nanny or a sitter while they run their errands, or have people do things for them. I take my 3 kids with me everywhere, and I don’t “parade them around.”

Romy on

I agree, Bridget was never a victim here. Tom didn’t really do much wrong. He took responsibility for the baby but still wanted to go ahead with the break-up. Yo ureally shouldn’t just get married because there is a baby on the way if it’s not the right thing to do. Her last comment about not parading around, please get over yourself. Tom and Giselle are followed because people are more interested in them. I think Bridget should go out all she wants and live her life.

Vida on

Reading these posts just makes me sad. So much criticism when no one knows the true story. Bridget seems like a strong woman and is enjoying her life. She loves her son and keeps him as protected as she can from the media spotlight. I wish her and John all the best for the future.
@ Lucy – Are you kidding me with the pseudo mother’s love reference? Just because you carry a child for nine months does not qualify anyone to be a parent. The love of a mother, whether they are biological, adopted or stand-in, can be just as “real” as any love a parent has for a child. There does not have to be a difference, birthing a child does not make it any better. As a foster parent, I raised babies that had stronger bonds with me than they ever did with their birth parent. The child naturally bonded and developed “real” feelings for the woman that cared for them and loved them like their own. Gisele is John’s step-mother and a figure in his life. While John is in her care at least she takes initiative to want to be involved and care for him.

Peggy on

The negative comments towards Bridget are being posted by the Brady/Bundchen Brazilian fans. These fans are young girls who have adored Gisele since they were kids. They post under many different name to make it look like Bridget is getting alot of negativity. In their minds Gisele can do no wrong and Bridget can do no right. So Team Bridget just ignore the negative posts.

Patty on

Bridget Moynahan made it very well known to anyone who would listen to her during the 3 years she and Tom Brady were together, that she very much wanted to be married and have children. Tom, on the other hand, let it be known that that was something he was not looking for at that particular point in his life. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Ms. Moynahan got pregnant on purpose and if it was in her thinking that by doing so she might get her man to come back, she isn’t the first woman who tried and failed with that tactic. Having said all that, Jack is a beautiful child who is obviously very much loved by his mother, father, and stepmother, and they seem to all be working together to do what is best for Jack, which, at this point, is to grow up in two loving, happy households!

Haleiwa on

Bridgette “got pregnant on purpose”. Loves it. Because we all know a woman can spontaneously get pregnant all by herself by any man she wants to just thinking about it. As a matter of fact she held Tom down and forced him to have sex with her without a condom. Tom is an idiot savant who’s only good at playing football. How does he function as a grown man considering he is incapable of putting on condom eventhough he doesn’t want any children or marriage with Bridgette. NFL should really have Tom’s I.Q. level tested. I’d be worried having someone that incapable on my payroll.

becki on

Oh pleaazeeee, Gisele was interested in Tom Brady the moment she saw him, she wanted him. Someone told Gisele he was taken, so she said, “he might as well be gay to me” something along those terms. I am sure the moment Tom Brady heared that Gisele was interested in him, bingo he dropped Bridget Moynaham like a hot potato! He didn’t seem to care that Bridget announced that she was pregnant, it didn’t matter to him.He wasn’t even there when Bridget gave birth to his son. I am sure the football players were teasing Tom to go after the Victoria Secret supermodel instead. And thats what Tom did! Bridget had every right to be upset, but through time, it healed her heart and she simply moved on.

RL on

All the comments are so entertaining! So much more then the actual article. Thanks everyone.

Angi on

Considering all the really judgmental comments here I have a couple reminders.

Romans 2:1 Therefore you have no excuse, everyone of you who passes judgment, for in that which you judge another, you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things.

Matthew 7:3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

mmh on

I used to be self righteous too. Then my husband asked me for a seperation right after our last child was born. Not exactly what I had in mind for me, for our kids, for my family… I found out that sometimes, you have to let go of your dreams and do what’s best for your child(ren). Bridget is just making the best of a tough situation. You cannot make someone stay if they don’t want to. Even if you think it would be the “right thing” to do… You can’t control someone else’s actions. You cannot change what life gives you, you can only change the way you react to it. It’s painful, it’s not ideal, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world…

ILuvPerfectParents on

There aren’t that many negative comments. I don’t understand why he is made out to be a bad guy for moving on without the mother of his then (child-to-be) before even knowing about the pregnancy. It is a fact that Bridget told Harper’s Bazaar magazine, “that she was heartbroken and then to top it off, found out she was pregnant”. Clearly they BOTH acknowledged the relationship was over before THEY knew about the pregnancy. What should he have done? Got back with her for the SOLE sake of their child? When was it okay for him to be able to be seen in public with Giselle? A month later? After Bridget’s pregnancy? A year later? I don’t think she tried to trap him with her pregnancy either.

She wasn’t a fling, friends with benefits, or a one night stand to Tom. She invested 3 years of time, memories, love etc… Just because a relationship ends sometimes the love just doesn’t go away as quick as turning on and off a light switch. Who wouldn’t be hurt that here you are pregnant by someone you were in a relationship for three years with and now you are single and essentially having to go through the pregnancy alone & deal with co parenting afterward. Then a little over a year later the father to your child is married and expecting a baby, he will be there for that pregnancy and raise his other child in a two-parent home with the mother and father. She’s human, I would have/would definitely be hurt.

Nobody is saying she is sitting around hoping Tom will come back, laying around crying over memories, or uses their photos as dart boards but IMO she can say how happy and moved on she is everyday but her ACTIONS *WORDS* says other wise. IMO You will be able to tell when she has truly moved on, because she will be able to talk about him/them without any jabs. She could have said, “I don’t want to be asked any questions about Tom and I” before the interview or “Tom and I had a 3 year relationship that ended, I have no regrets, we have a beautiful son from it. I’ve closed the door on that chapter of my life, it’s the past and I am focusing on the present and future with my son and myself”. I do wish her luck though, that door closing is probably a blessing in disguise.

Sage on

@ Lee, Why do I care? Just like you care by posting your comments on here, I’ve have an opinion on the topic. Also I never once mentioned I knew how Bridget felt.

I brought up the fact that these three resemeble the whole Jennifer/Brad/Angelina mess where it is constantly brought up because it will make it more juicy for the readers. Again tell me where my personal attact was in that statment?

I gave my opinion that if the part when Bridget said she doesn’t parade her son arround was a little shot at Tom and Gisele it wasn’t their fault.These two are more famous and they are a celeb couple so they are going to attract more paps. So hence more pics. Again where was I assuming I knew how she felt? I even said that I like Briget and have nothing against her. Next if you can read better that would be much appreciated.

Mira on

I think it’s kind of funny that in the only big movie this chick has been in– Serendipity– she plays a girl who’s desperate to get married, but gets dumped because the guy doesn’t love her. Life imitating art.

dfs on

Becki, your post is filled with only assumptions and imaginings (or at least from what I could understand amidst all of the grammatical errors).

missy on

So she hides her kid in the house because she doesn’t want people to take pictures of him? I seriously doubt the paps are going to be all over her if she went out

Annie on


Are you joking? So anyone who questions the constant reference to Tom/Gisele must be a young girl, who loves Tom and Gisele? What a juvenile statement. I am well past the teenage years, married, and a professional woman, who thinks that Bridget would be best served by making no comments about Tom/Gisele. Obviously, she would prefer to have a partner, but she is making do with her current situation. But, there’s no need for her to pretend like her life is perfect when it’s not, or like having a partner to help you raise your child is not the ideal situation. Catty snips at Gisele, provoked or unprovoked, only make her appear as if she has not moved on after three years.

As for the circumstances of their split, and to Haleiwa’s remarks in particular, you all do realize that human gestation is nearly 10 months. Therefore, he could have slept w/ her near the end of the relationship (protected or unprotected), broken up w/ her, and moved on to someone else all within those first few weeks of pregnancy. She did not announce her pregnancy until after he had been dating Gisele for a few weeks.

Robyn on

uh…Jack is already a big brother…

Romy on

Peggy just needed to clarify I am NOT a Giselle or Tom Brady fan. I really don’t care about them either, I just find celeb info entertaining.

Peggy on


A professional woman would not have the need or especially the time to rehash gossip that is almost four years old.

meghan on

Annie, Nowhere does she say her life is perfect. She’s looking at the positives and seems to be in a good place. My mother did not choose single motherhood and her life was far from perfect, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had a good life and it doesn’t mean that she was not happy. I don’t hear any sniping from anyone but the armchair experts who are trying to read between the lines of every quote.

Robyn, Yes, John is indeed a big brother. Bridget does not say he is not. The person who wrote the article worded it that way. Maybe they aeren’t thinking, maybe they wanted to rile up people who don’t take the time to read the articles they are criticizing. But the comment about making Jack a big brother was not a quote from Bridget. Unless you think she’s so bitter that she somehow got the writer to make a dig at her ex for her.

You people really need to get over it. Bridget, Tom and Giselle all have.

Peggy on

People who find “celeb info entertaining” just read it and move on. They do not have a need to comment one way or another.

Amanda on

Why do they call her a single mother when that child clearly has a father that has him just as much. Maybe she should be called a unmarried mother instead! I’m sure baby daddy Tom pays her a lot of money for being a “single” mom.

joyce on

This thread is funny couple of things
1>Bridget cheated on her boyfriend (a hollywood producer that is also from Western MA, as is she) to be with Tom Brady.
2>She had her son on the cover of a magazine in her underwear, but doesn’t like parading him out in front of a camera.
3>She doesn’t sell magazines, if you like her or not, Gisele does. What does that mean, she will be hounded by the paps, unless Bridget is calling them they will not care where she is. That’s how it works people, if there is interest there will be pictures, so short of staying home 24/7 Gisele and Tom will be photographed. I’m sure most of you that are rationale human beings will agree it’s not likely a person will stay sane sitting in their home 24/7.
4>And she makes it seem like single motherhood is very hard, which obviously it is, but you also don’t think she has a nanny to help her out? The father of her child i’m sure is paying her a hefty sum each month in support so she’s not the typical “single mother” who has to struggle. Yes emotionally I will give her that, but come on, she will have help whenever she needs it. She can’t relate to the typical single mother who has to kill herself to make ends meet.
5>She and Tom were broken up, he was in Europe at the time her publicist made the announcement that she was pregnant with his child. She didn’t have the decency to tell him privately he found out with the rest of the world, so he was supposed to do what? Drop his new girlfriend and end his relationship b/c that bomb was dropped on him?
6>And to the previous poster that said she worked for a hotel and that Bridget was not a nice person, I’ve heard that from friends of mine that did also hang out with Tom and Bridget in Boston who said she was not a nice person.

Put her on a pedestal all you want, reality is a nice person doesn’t go about insinuating in public these types of things about her childs father unless she is still mad. A person taking the high road would deflect questions about them or say My son has parents who love him and is surrounded by people who love and care for him.

Peggy on

DeCe posts the same s*** on every web site, just like Joyce!!

Liz on

I can’t help but laugh at all the “Bridget is much classier then Tom and Gisele” comments. I’m sorry but Bridget is classy? Since when? Wasn’t she the one who posed on the cover of that tacky gossip rag, OK!, with the title “Life Without Daddy”? Wasn’t it her friends who were making snide remarks about Gisele and Tom in People Weekly when she was pregnant? A classy person would never do such a thing. And the fact that Bridget did makes her no more classy then Tom or Gisele. She’s definitely had her fair share of classless moments.

joyce on

Lee I don’t hate her at all actually, i just dislike how all those that defend her don’t think of the things she has done that makes her not really the model angel they all want her to be. I could care less about her one way or the other.

I think Tom Brady is an idiot as well, i’d say things about him too if there were things he stated in public to actually comment on.

Peggy first post on any website, been out of the country for a few months and didn’t have access to websites.

Michelle on

Ugh, the women on this board have become so digusting and nasty. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Lee on

@Liz and Joyce, Both of you can keep commenting because I enjoy laughing at your ignorance

Tee on

You know what? John is one lucky little boy. He has a mother, a father and a step-mother that all obviously love him dearly. What a blessing, seeing as how there are so many children in the world that don’t have even just one parent to love them!

As for the ongoing debate, I’m not getting involved except to say that I do NOT think you have to give birth to a child in order to have a “mother’s” love for them.

Terri on

I swear every Tom Brady/Gisele/Bridget Moynahan post just deteriorates into the most ridiculous arguments.

Jennifer on

Wow – I can’t believe women are saying she trapped Tom Brady and got pregnant on purpose! That is just sad! Are you Bridget? Do you know 100% that is got pregnant on purpose? I hate that excuse – look just because a woman gets pregnant doesnt mean she did it on purpose! Hello – I got pregnant on birth control – it happens! Some people here are just cruel!

Jennifer on

I think she is a great mom – she is parading around town showing off her love child. She is a great mom and her son is lucky to have her! Wow some people are really jealous of her!

joyce on

Point out my ignorance.

Nicole on

Wow I can’t believe some of these comments. Women are so horrible to other women. I think its funny that so many people on here talk like they know these people; she trapped him, went of birth control etc. Tom was trapped. Did Tom tell you that? probably not! Gossip mags are just that GOSSIP! The article was all positive so I don’t understand all the hate for this woman. If you don’t like a person, here is an idea…Don’t read their article.

L on

This is a woman who:

-Announced her pregnancy to Page Six (tabloid)

-Moved to LA, and waved and smiled at paps as they took her photos while pregnant

-Put her son on the cover of OK Magazine with the title Life Without Daddy

-Had a story in Harper’s Bazaar titled Heartbroken and Pregnant

-Had a story in People Magazine called Hands Off My Kid

Bridget has no business talking about Gisele or how any celebrity raises their child.

Bridget is just jealous and bitter that Gisele has the life she wanted with Tom. That’s why she obsesses over Gisele.

For all her talk of marriage and children Bridget could have had that had she not cheated on her fiancee’ and left him for Tom. The grass obviously wasn’t greener on the other side.

Let this be a lesson ladies- Always follow the 2-year rule. If he hasn’t proposed by then, it won’t happen.

meghan on

-Put her son on the cover of OK Magazine with the title Life Without Daddy

-Had a story in Harper’s Bazaar titled Heartbroken and Pregnant

-Had a story in People Magazine called Hands Off My Kid

I did not realize Bridget was a magazine editor, who titles the articles in which she is the subject. What a multi-talented woman she is!

I’m sorry, but I don’t hear a woman obsessing over the woman her ex married. I hear a bunch of apparent mind readers who show themselves to be so ignorant they shouldn’t be allowed to use the internet. I’m not a fan of Bridget. I just am getting very tired of these women who state their farfetched opinions as fact and insist that things were said that were not. Grow up the hell up.

Peggy on

Repeat of my yesterday’s post since all of the same ridiculous things are being posted.

The negative posts are from the Brady/Bundchen Brazilian fans. They are young unmarried girls who know nothing about Bridget. They post under many different names to make it look like there is alot of negativity towards Bridget. They post with authority when they know nothing. Maybe they will grow up someday!!!!

People cannot handle that Bridget has moved on and is doing fine.

Kitty on

The saddest part of all the negative comments is that these women are probably mothers themselves. Wow, glad you’re not my friend.

Annie on

“Repeat of my yesterday’s post since all of the same ridiculous things are being posted.

The negative posts are from the Brady/Bundchen Brazilian fans. They are young unmarried girls who know nothing about Bridget. They post under many different names to make it look like there is alot of negativity towards Bridget. They post with authority when they know nothing. Maybe they will grow up someday!!!!

People cannot handle that Bridget has moved on and is doing fine.”

So, posting negative comments about posters is appropriate, and the mature route. I’m starting to seriously wonder, who is young and juvenile in these posts.

Annie on


A professional woman would not have the need or especially the time to rehash gossip that is almost four years old.”

A professional woman (by professional, I mean lawyer, doctor, etc.) on her lunch break could. I could try to make remarks about judgments about your profession/age by your grammar, but I will reserve judgment.

Liz on

Peggy –

If you are going to be making assumptions about Bridget haters then I will make the same about Tom/Gisele haters. They are all middle-aged, lonely divorced women who are bitter over the fact that Tom “left Bridget for Gisele” (or whatever other garbage they’ve been reading) and should have stayed with Bridget because of the baby. This bitterness is due to what happened in their own lives.

So you see how dumb it is when you make assumptions like the one you just made?

Lily on

Is it just me or does this article give you some negative vibe?
I don’t hate Bridget- I actually like her as an actor, but for some reason I feel she is trying to make everyone believe she is happy when she is not….

Liz on

Lily –

I totally see what you mean. It’s like Angelina Jolie. Angie is always bragging about how perfect her family and relationship with Brad are. It’s like she’s trying too hard to make it seem that way even though it may not be.

Becky on

Some of these comments are cruel. Tom was there for John’s birth, I heard it on national tv, he missed practice to be in LA for the birth. Bridget is still bitter if you can believe the written comments. I just saw her on and she seemed proud of her son and the only thing she said about Tom was that he and she were both athletic parents, but they didn’t push John into anything. Gisele seems in the pictures over these three years to be loving to John. I would love to see a picture of Tom with both of his sons, one on each knee. I am a Gramma, big sports fan, have kept up with Tom’s career because he was our Quarterback, here in Michigan.