Look Better Naked: Easy-to-Follow Tips for Moms!

07/18/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy of Rodale

“Stop hating your naked form and start appreciating it,” says Women’s Health editor Michele Promaulayko.

“When you feel good about your body, you come across as more attractive. At the end of the day, sexy is a state of mind.”

So goes the advice in her new book, Look Better Naked (Rodale, $17), a guide to easy healthful eating and exercise that should be on every mom’s bookshelf.

Promaulayko carefully outlines a six-week plan that she says is totally doable, even for busy new mamas on the go.

“The best part about the Look Better Naked plan is that it doesn’t require a big investment of time,” she tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies.

“The workouts take just about 20 minutes, four times a week.” And if you can’t leave baby to hit the gym? “Replacing a metabolic workout with a fast-paced walk while pushing a stroller will still burn a bunch of calories,” she says.

Courtesy of Rodale

Promaulayko also recommends a list of 20 “powerfoods,” like chicken, whole-grain pasta and low-fat cheese, which will make you look and feel better — and satisfy your family, too.

Her detailed eating plan also offers kid-friendly options. “My favorites are the breakfast pizza, turkey guacamole sandwich and shrimp kebabs,” she shares.

Though the plan is designed to boost health and confidence, it can still be a daunting. So Promaulayko has advice that will blast 5 lbs. in an instant.

“Simply stand up straight!” she says. “Poor posture puts your abdominal muscles to sleep. It’s an even bigger issue for women who’ve had children, since pregnancy can stretch ab muscles.”

By standing (and sitting) tall, women will instead “challenge” their abs to hold their whole body upright.

More importantly, “just think of all the amazing things your body can do,” Promaulayko says. “It literally carries you through life, provides you with physical pleasure and births little human beings.” That’s reason enough to take good care of it!

Kate Hogan

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Annie on

But wouldn’t being naked lead to more sex that would lead to more children, which obviously leads to not looking good naked??

yikes on

Well, if i looked like she does naked, I’d be walking around naked. They forgot to add: Get a personal trainer, and personal Chef and a whole entourage of baby sitters to the “Look Better Naked Plan”.

Mary on

Loving your naked body is good in the bedroom. Being fully dressed and modest(I know this must sound old fashion) in public is good for everyone else

stacy on

I would look almost like that naked, except I have about 100 stretch marks on my belly, so, i need a great remedy for that =-)

ctl on

Actually, it’s pretty dang easy to look great naked with the help of a little air-brushing and Photoshop.

Maria on

@ stacy

I used to have horrible stretch marks too, but now they are completely gone. I tried sooo many things to get rid of them over the years and wasted hundreds of dollars on creams, but nothing worked! However, I then discovered something that actually works. I bought a derma roller and used it once a month for 6 months, I applied MSM cream and Shea Butter with Vitamin E oil every day for 6 months, and I took MSM, Vitamin E, and Zinc supplements orally. (Zinc deficiency can lead to stretch marks and scarring, its been proven that people who eat a diet rich in Zinc are less likely to get stretch marks during pregnancy.)

Please try this! After I got rid of my stretch marks, I was so excited and wanted to tell the world. It just makes me sad to see stretch marks affecting so many women and their confidence. Good luck!

Allie-Rose on

I love Heidi, but how to you want regular women to feel good about themselves when you put one of the world’s top models on the book’s cover?

April on

Heidi Klum? That’s not Heidi Klum.

Sophie on

I have this book and it’s the biggest waste of money ever! I have a 16 month old daughter and this program is still not doable for me. The only people who have the time and money to do this stuff are single women. Do not buy this book!!!