Angie Harmon on Raising ‘Strong Southern Women’

07/17/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
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With her return to the small screen in TNT’s new series Rizzoli & Isles, Angie Harmon has much to celebrate.

The former Law & Order star, 37, says that there’s still at least one reason not to, however, for her commitment to the show means her family will stay in California longer than she would like.

“We just had another baby, and I’ve got three little girls now,” Harmon — married since 2001 to former football player Jason Sehorntells the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

“So my husband and I were going to move out of Los Angeles and go somewhere in the South, where I can raise some strong Southern women with morals, ethics and values.”

Adding that she can “save retirement for another day,” Harmon insists that a change of address is a matter of when, not if.

“Once we finish shooting this first season, sometime in August, we’re definitely going to move, for the kids,” she says.

Rizzoli & Isles is based on the popular book series by Tess Gerritsen, and while Harmon “wasn’t familiar with them” beforehand she had three very good reasons not to be in daughters Finley Faith, 7½, Avery Grace, 5, and Emery Hope, 18 months.

“I don’t have the time to curl up on my couch with a good book,” she laments.

“Now that the baby is walking, I’ve got the three kids running around like crazy. All my off time is spent with them. That being said, now I’ve read all of the books. How I managed to do that, while shooting, I have no idea,” she adds.

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Jennifer on

I just love her…
And before anyone jumps on her… not just people from the South can raise kids with morals, ethics, or values. She is just taking pride in her family traditions.

-A Southern Mom

mommy of 2 girls on

her daughters names are so cute! Love Angie is she so pretty, inside and out!

Amber on

I find it interesting that she thinks that her kids won’t have ethics, morals, or values if they grow up in L.A. or any place that isn’t southern, it seems…

Michelle on

Maybe it’s becasue we share a birthday, but I have always loved her so much! And I am digging the new show.

Megan on

Wow, so it would appear that she believes that growing up in California leads to a lack of morals and ethics? All of my mother’s family is from California and they are the most moral, ethical, religious people I know. I’ve lived all over the world and I’m a very ethical and moral person. I didn’t live in the south until I was in the military, and then I was stationed in GA– and there are a TON of immoral, ethical criminals and drug dealers and pimps there. So she’s delusional. I’ve lost all respect for her for saying that.

Fineparent on

You can raise your children however you like, where ever you live. Just as many broken people live in the south as do in California. It is about the home. The culture you build. Strong women are being raised all over the country!

Maria on

Perhaps she’ll also raise uneducated, brainwashed bible freaks who grow up to be fat, teenage mothers.

Before anyone jumps on me for saying this… The South has the highest high school drop-out rate, obesity rate, and teenage mother rate…and southern people also tend to be more religious than the rest of the country.

Dave on

Knowing Angie’s political beliefs, “morals, ethics and values” probably means Bible-thumping, gay-bashing, and a holier-than-thou ultra-judgmental mindset. I hope her daughters don’t end up like that.

Jen DC on

Having grown up in the South, my experience wasn’t what she’s hoping for. As long as her girls conform outwardly to what other Southerners expect, they should be fine. But as a tomboy, I was deemed a lesbian from 12 years old on because I didn’t like dresses, let alone the Laura Ashley-style flowered, puff-sleeved monstrosities my sister loved; I didn’t hesitate to voice my opinion in a roomful of adults, including men, meaning I wasn’t shy about showing how smart I was; nor did I choose to spend that much time in the kitchen with the other women-folk, learning all that good Southern cooking. And then I cut off my hair, which is heresy.

Maybe the South has changed in the last 20 years, but I don’t really think so. Then again, Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn are politically conservative and Caucasian (which DOES make a difference), so maybe they don’t find as much wrong with the South as I did. I knew from the time I was 6 years old that I couldn’t live there and never have since I had the opportunity to leave in the early ’90s.

Alexis on

People are so quick to judge on here, geez. Angie said on The View that she loves L.A., she just doesn’t want to raise her girls there. She was raised in the south, and her girls were born in Texas so it’s really not that suprising that that’s where she’d choose to put down her own family roots. Also, she’s not the first star to say she prefers southern life to L.A. Catherine Bell cited similar reasons for setting up a permanent family residence in South Carolina after joining “Army Wives”.

Brianna on

I think that maybe the problem with what she’s saying isn’t the South itself (because I know a lot of people who grew up in the South who don’t have a “Bible-thumping, gay-bashing, and holier-than-thou ultra-judgmental mindset”). I know some people who were born in the South who love it but aren’t particularly religious or conservative or racist which are really just stereotypes when it all comes down to it. HOWEVER, I think that this is how Angie Harmon sees the South, not because it is that way but because of the things she says (like implying that there are more ethics, values, and morals in the South than in any other place). If you want to raise your kids with ethics, values, and morals, good for you, and you can do it no matter where you live.

Georgina on

That is one of the most condecending statements I have ever heard! Im not even from the south, or the US for that matter, but saying a PLACE is going to make you kids ethical and give them values is just plain weird. I mean, in its self, obviously no one taught this woman manners.

Tabatha on

I have only ever lived in the south and pride myself on the morals, ethics, and values that myparents gave me growing up as a child and young adult. I am not a bible-thumping religious person even though I did attend a private Catholic University. I pride myself on being a good person who is not out to see what they can get from others. I believe in hard work and ambition to acheive what I want in life. I love my family traditions of sunday evening dinners and holidays always spent together. If those are values and ethics to be frown upon then this is a sad day.

Jayme on

For the record, calling Southern people nasty things while trying to say your area is moral and nice is so hypocritical. As a southern atheist with a lesbian mother I am first to admit that alot of stuff down here does suck but not all of us are ‘fat teenage’ moms. Grow up.

Sally on

I respect her and her husband’s decision to move the family out of CA. Let’s face it, L.A. is extremely liberal– a person can tell just driving on the freeways! (uhh, hello Spearmint Rhino billboards?

Me on

She is obviously making a statement about how she was raised. I can’t believe how judgmental, harsh and mean the people on this board can be. But then, I’ve always noticed that people who yell the loudest about someone else being intolerant, are usually the least tolerant.

Micheley on

I don’t see what the big deal is. Im from the West Coast and I take no offense to this. Even Reese Witherspoon has talked about instilling southern values in her children. Yes you can do that in LA, but some people just feel more comfortable raising their children in the same enviornment that they were raised.
I moved my kids out of the city and into a smaller community because I thought it’d be better for them. And whether people like to admit it or not, LA can be a toxic town (so can other cities but its toxcisity is more publicized) I wouldn’t raise my kids in LA if you paid me a million bucks so leave her alone.

meghan on

I saw her on The View and she was even more condescending when this topic was brought up. She said she had to get her girls out of LA so they wouldn’t grow up to be strippers. Life in LA has afforded her a very lucrative career. It’s incredibly ignorant to say that her girls are doomed unless they are raised in the South. It’s not about Southern pride, it’s her thinking one place is better than another, when character and ethics are instilled by the parents, not the state you live in.

JM on

Jen DC your comment is very interesting… because it points out what grates on me when people make comments like she made. i assumed that things were more like you described them – where, as long as you conform, and have a nice middle name like Grace, Hope or Faith, people will accept you. (the middle name thing i say tongue in cheek, in case that wasn’t clear, but you get my point).

it is strange for her to think that in the south her girls will grow up with better values and ethics. by the same token one could argue that growing up in a city, in a more cosmopolitan and less insular environment than the south, could make you more tolerant of different people and cultures, more streetwise and confident and individual.

i know the many places in the US very well for various reasons i won’t bore you with, but even though i am not raising my kids there, i know that if i was, my first choice probably wouldn’t be one of the southern more conservative religious states. i’d choose somewhere like NYC or LA so that my kids get an idea of what the world is really like – made up of all different kinds of people.

her comment just seems very narrow-minded and ignorant.

Daniella on

I personally don’t know too much about Angie’s values or her family’s, so I’m not going to comment or judge her. However, as someone who grew up in New England but goes to college in the South, I can attest to there not being a huge difference in morals/values/ethics overall between the regions. I am not a particularly religious person myself, so I found the new atmosphere in a southern college to be interesting, but also very hypocritical too. Yes, I do know a lot of people here at school who practice what they preach or are very accepting of others who are different, but I also know a lot of people who definitely do not practice what they preach or accept others who are different. The fact that I’ve had some other kids say that I am “immoral” because I do not go to church, but then they completely go against what they preach the next night at a party says something. Ironically, I find myself to be one of the most “moral” people I know, even though I’m what some here at school would call a “northern Yankee”.

It’s not the region that teaches morals, values & ethics, but the parents & family who do that. Parents can raise children with strong values, morals & ethics in any region of the country.

SadieA on

For everyone talking about Bible-thumping and gay bashing, she’s from the Dallas area. She isn’t talking about moving to the deep south, she’s talking about moving to the suburbs of Dallas. Not quite the place you’re all making it out to be. Los Angeles has a reputation of being plastic and superficial, whether that is correct or not, I think that is what she wants to get away from.

jessicad on

We could go back and forth all day with the stereotypes no matter where you live, so can we please not be rude and bash the south? I’m in Alabama and most of us are educated, friendly, and have morals, just like most of the rest of the world. I don’t think she meant any harm with her comment.

I’ve always loved her and think she’s so gorgeous. I hope to have a house full of girls too, how fun!

Tee on

I’m from the deep south and while I understand that some people get offended by the “southern morals” concept, I really don’t think Angie meant to insult anybody that doesn’t live in the south! It’s just a common expression, that’s all. It bothers me that people are so judgemental of comments like this, not realizing that their judgement is just as unfair and/or hypocritical. Finley, Avery and Emery will grow up to be respectable woman wherever they are raised, so long as their parents teach them proper behavior.

SadieA on

Also, her husband is a Californian, born and raised. Californians shouldn’t be so offended by what she said, she wasn’t talking about the entire state, just Los Angeles.

CAB on

I understand why many people are upset with and think Angie Harmon is dissing L.A. but she is not the only one who prefers to live and raise her children in the South. As Alexis said, Catherine Bell has also stated she prefers to raise her kids in South as opposed to L.A. Why is Angie Harmon any different? Why is she mean and condescending? Is it because she is a vocal Republican? I know that she is from the Dallas area and the article even says that is where she wants to move to. She is not talking about to the Deep South(which is where I am from), as for the ones on the board who think Republican and conservative means Bible thumping and gay bashing, don’t put all of us into the zealot category. I am both and I fully believe in gay rights…but that is for another time.

I am from the South, I am from Louisiana and I cannot imagine raising my children anywhere else. For me, that is the impression I get from Angie Harmon. She was born and raised in Texas and that is where she wants to raise her kids, in the same area she was raised with, at least IMO that is the impression I got. I have never been to LA so I cannot judge. I have no idea what it is like but it has the reputation for being very superficial, obsessed with looks and people having to look a certain way. How is that different from some posters experience in the South? LA doesn’t expect outward conformity? You can’t tell me that with a straightface and not be lying.

I do agree that you can raise your children with morals, ethics and values anywhere but in Angie’s case I think that for her the best place for her to raise her kids with those qualities is to raise them where she was raised. I think that is what she meant. She wants a more quiet life, than maybe what LA offers?

That said, I still LOVE Angie Harmon. I loved her Law & Order and I love her new show! I think she is wonderful, with a good strong head on her shoulders!

JulieA on

Oh, get over yourselves! LA is an amoral armpit of a town, and Angie knows it because she (and I!) has lived there…how many of YOU can say that? Not many, I’m sure. Her kids stand a better chance of growing up with respectable values anywhere but LA! You GO, Angie! If your kids grow up to be like you and your husband, they’ll be just fine!

Cassandra on

Since everyone jumped down her throat, I’d like to make the clear distinction between the South and, well, everywhere else.

In the South, its slower paced, even in big cities, its calmer. And I’ve lived all over the states. Truthfully, its also because of how people raise their kids here. You’ll see more kids that actually listen to their parents, then anywhere else. Not to say that there is a lot more, but there is a little bit. And its about comfort. She was raised in the South and thats how she wants her kids to be raised. You can’t really argue with her for doing that.

Maria on

@ Jayme

“For the record, calling Southern people nasty things while trying to say your area is moral and nice is so hypocritical. As a southern atheist with a lesbian mother I am first to admit that alot of stuff down here does suck but not all of us are ‘fat teenage’ moms. Grow up.”

Did I say ALL southern people are like that? DID I? In fact, I didn’t say ANYTHING about southern people. I just made a sarcastic comment showing how ignorant Angie Harmon is. She obviously has some preconceived ideas about CA, so I’m just mentioning some typical preconceived ideas about the south.
However, statistics prove that the south really is the fattest, poorest, and most uneducated area out of the country. You can’t argue with facts…Research it yourself. So I didn’t insult anyone.

JMO on

Wow people really do like to pick apart peoples comments!

I could careless about her statement. I guess as someone that was born and raised in the east coast probably one reason I don’t care. Even if I did live in the south or LA I still wouldn’t care. I don’t take much of what people say to heart. When you know yourself and you know your own values it really doesn’t matter what others think about it.

Kat on

Wow…so critical over one little sentence.

It’s no one’s business where she wants to raise her girls, but given the kind of trouble young celebrity girls (Brittney, Lindsay, Nicole, Paris etc. just to name a few) have a tendency to get into in Hollywood, can anyone really blame her for not wanting to raise her girls in that environment? What would you all say if she stayed in LA and her girls turned out just like the ones all over the news today, with the DUI’s,drugs and massive self esteem and diet/body issues from living in LA? If I had kid’s while living in Hollywood, I wouldn’t want them to grow up in that kind of environment.

If she doesn’t move now while they are young, there is a good CHANCE her girls could (COULD, NOT WILL)turn out just like the other entitled and spoiled starlets, and you’d all be calling Angie a bad mom for NOT teaching her daughters respect, morals, integrity etc. I think she’s smart to keep her daughters out of the public eye as much as she can, and if she has to move to do that, and go back to her roots, that’s her RIGHT as a parent.

So maybe you all should just relax and live your lives and focus on your own families instead of make snide and rude comments about how someone else wants to raise their kids. By the way, I’m not from the south, or California, so I’m not bias, just stating my opinion.

Erin on

I’d rather raise my girls in the South because they’ll have a better chance at being moral, ethical and having the right values. In the meantime, however, I’m going to risk all that to make HUGE bucks in Hollywood. But don’t call me a hypocrite! (Just an imagined idea of what must be going on in this woman’s head.)

Fine, Angie, you’re not a fan of LA, our liberal bent or the way we apparently corrupt the rest of the country with our radical ideas. I wouldn’t mind if you moved back to Texas. I like your work, but it’d be one less car on the 405 freeway for me to deal with every day. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. And she said it in a shitty way.

Brianna on

I am actually a huge Angie Harmon fan too (loved her on Law and Order and I like her new show too); I just think that sometimes she says things that might sound good to her but she doesn’t really think about how they’ll be percieved. I think it’s great to her to want to raise her girls with good ethics, morals, and values, and I think her comment was probably more about the way she was raised, which just happened to be in the South, than the actually demographics; she just didn’t explain that very clearly. Her wanting to raise her kids out of Hollywood isn’t neccessarily a bad thing; most celebrities would do that if they had the chance, to keep their kids out of the public eye and not to introduce them to the whole media frenzy that is Hollywood; living in the South (or really anywhere outside of LA) is probably a lot more peaceful and a better place for kids to grow up. That being said, you can raise kids with good morals, ethics, and values anywhere; it just might be a bit more challenging in some places than in others.

Sage on

First off what doesn’t her being a republican have to do with anything she said because librals would never want their kids to have morals? I hope she engraves the teachings of the bible in her parenting just to piss some of you off more. People like you make me laugh because you like to think you’re so accepting of everyone when you really aren’t.

Minami86 on

I agree with Erin, she said it the wrong way. If she prefers the South to LA, it’s perfectly fine! But to say LA is bad or immoral will offend tons of people. I’m a New Yorker living out of state & I want to move back home & have a family because I fiercely love where I grew up & 99% of my friends & family are up there. I wouldnt put down any other place because I love my home. A PLACE does not make you have morals, ethics & values. Your parents do that.

I like Angie on Law & Order but I’m not a fan of hers really & it has alot to do with how she says things. I wont disrespect her though.

Ryo on

Maria, I love how you resorted to throwing around insults and generalizations to try and prove Angie Harmon is somehow ignorant. I don’t agree with her views on a lot of things – most things, actually – but that just makes you look bad, not her, because you did the same thing she did. “Don’t like LA? Yeah well the South is full of fat bigots!” Way to generalize and be hypocritical.

And please, LA has a reputation. I should know; I grew up there. California as a whole is known for being fake and not a good place to raise kids – it’s not exactly true, because my parents raised me there and I turned out fine, but many actresses and actors note that once they have kids, they move out of LA because they feel it’s not a good place for them to raise their children. Angie grew up in the south, it’s no surprise she’d choose to raise her children there over somewhere like LA, especially since her view of her childhood is a positive one.

Elle on

Love you Angie!

Your family is lovely and I wish you guys all the best :o)

JC on

It doesn’t matter where you raise your kids it is HOW. She can’t just make a move to a southern state and think her children will suddenly grow up perfect.

Aimee on

Maybe Angie has looked around her and sees young women with serious issues, like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and other “celebutants” and doesn’t want her girls to be in the kind of environment that could have a negative impact on her girls. Yes, drugs, alcohol, etc., are everywhere, but it seems that kids who grow up in Hollywood feel entitled to anything they want; also, they have more than enough resources and access to things that could have damaging effects.

It’s AMAZING how quickly people want to run out and bash someone. Why can’t we all just leave each other to live our own lives without having to butt in or making nasty comments?

Kat on

I live in the south, and if you want to raise kids who hate anyone who isn’t a white evangelical Republican, this is the place to do it.

soph on

Oh please. Dallas is just as superficial and image-conscious as L.A. It IS the L.A. of the South. You make me laugh, Angie.

Electra on

Saying south is so general. Florida? Mississippi? Tennessee? Georgia? Texas? All of these Souther States are quite different . I don’t find her comment offensive. All the regions of the U.S have a pervading “personality” that are hyped up in the eyes of people who aren’t from there. I’m from the North-east and theres this idea that girls from NYC are super smart, clever and fashionable. That we’re man-eaters and career driven. Is this true? I would say in comparison to women I have met elsewhere this might be a little more true, but these types of woman are everywhere. Are all southern woman polite dainty prudes who are all on the hunt for a husband? No, but in some places in the south that is certainly the culture.

plus ask yourself when was the last time this woman actually LIVED in the south? When I lived in the suburbs i said i would never raise a child there because the city was far more cultured. Oh yeah the city is a whole lot dirtier, more expensive and seedy too! Moving away from your home makes you very nostalgic and forgetful

Crystal on

I like Angie Harmon’s WORK. Her political views………..another story!!! Lol! That being said I understand what she is trying to say. She wants to raise Southern women. The morals, ethics and values comment comes from the parents instead of the environment. I do think that people probably jumped on her because of how she worded her interview (and her being a staunch Republican)! 🙂

Des on

I am a californian too and honestly I do sometimes worry about raising a daughter here. There is a A LOT of fake and vain here. I dont want my daughter to grow up into a Heidi Montag and if that is what she is surrounded with…….

Though I was born in CA too and that is so not me so obviously it is how you are raised and now WHERE you are raised.

I do love the west coast. We visit the south sometimes and I am sure it’s great too but I always like coming home. 🙂

SadieA on

Maria, where were you raised? You’re very charming!

Elisabeth on

Reese Witherspoon has said something like this before… shouldn’t we go jump on her behind, too?

Whatever. I wouldn’t want to raise my kids in Los Angeles, either.

To each their own.

adri76 on

Wow as someone who did grow up in L.A I am insulted by her comment. I have morals, values and ethics just like many women I grew up with. Her holier than thou attitude really angers me.

Anonymous on

I have 3 girls and live in the south so I could see why Angie would want to. I don’t see anything wrong with what she said but I’m white,republican and live in the south so that must be the only reason,right?

Janet on

Where you raise your child doesn’t guarantee a better upbringing. Morals, ethics etc are instilled by a Parent or one that is nurturing the child. There are bad people who would influence a child Everywhere.Although when you have the means like Angie and her husband do to live outside of the drugs,thugs etc and provide private educations and a luxury home to live in. How are the thugs ,drug etc going to get to their precious babes.Get real, there are just as many uneducated , momma’s with multiple kids daddy’s in just about any town you visit. In the south it is the norm to mate by the time you are 12 and to be a grandmom by the age of 35.
Yeah, great up bringing those southern folks have but of course we aren’t talking about Ms fancy pants’ family.. No they will be on an estate somewhere with everyone else doing for them just like the slaves did in history so then they can spend the time with their holy named babes providing them the rich lifestyle they deserve.. Ha ha!

JessicaC on

well, i spent a few years of my childhood in north carolina, and then moved to pennsylvania. There IS a difference. in the area in Pa where we are, people are lazy, kids are extremely disrespectful. I go to the mall with a double stroller and people literally just let the door slam in your face. I much prefer the south, and Im trying to convince my husband to move there. So yeah, it does have a lot to do with place…I dont want my kids going to school and picking up the bad habits from the rotten kids around here with lazy parents. And yes, I do know they’re rotten because I live across the street from the 3 &4 grade school, and have to deal with the teachers throwing their garbage in my yard and listening to litle children curse all day…

Brittany on

“So my husband and I were going to move out of Los Angeles and go somewhere in the South, where I can raise some strong Southern women with morals, ethics and values.”

I found the part where she said she wanted to move to the South and where she wants to raise strong Southern women with morals, ethics and values. I’m still trying to find where she said anything negative about any other part of the country.

It’s just amazing how a mother talks about wanting to raise good kids and all people can do is read the article and try to find where she might possibly be trying to attack someone else. Why do people have to spend so much time looking for something negative when it’s not even there??

Also, why would you comment on a post complaining about someone bashing LA and then go on to bash the South? If she said even one of the things about LA in the article that all the negative commenters said about the South, you people might have something to complain about.

Amber on

I am from the South myself- born and raised in Georgia. I do know of some Bible-thumping, hate-spewing individuals, but I just avoid them. Of course, I know of some Bible-thumping, hate-spewing individuals from places OTHER than the South as well.

To each their own. It doesn’t matter where she raises her daughters, it’s how. She will teach them what she wants to no matter if they live in the South, the North, or the moon.


Anonymous on

This is simply a celebrity not wanting to raise her girls in the public eye so why wouldn’t she move to her former home to provide the “best” upbringing (best being away from paparazzi, extreme levels of wealt, etc.). Jeez. Everyone gets so uptight. Maybe she just wants them to grow up in a normal world like she did. You all are just too sensitive

fuzibuni on

As a third generation los angelino, I will attest to the sad state of affairs in my hometown. When my parents and grandparents grew up here it was a very different place. Unfortunately things have gone downhill in a major way.

And while i still deeply love Los Angeles, I also have major hesitations about raising a family here. I don’t blame Angie Harmon in the slightest for wanting to take her daughters elsewhere.

Los Angeles is probably where you want to live if you’re an actor, movie producer, or plastic surgeon. But for raising healthy, well adjusted kids? Not so much. Maybe if we eliminated all the air pollution, over crowding, corruption and soul sucking that occurs here on a daily basis, and I might consider it.

HeatherR on

I was born in CA and later moved to the South as a teenager. Both places are great for different reasons and both have a lot to offer. With that said, I prefer the south 😉 I agree that life is a little more traditional here in the South. Growing up in CA, we didn’t have “Fall Festivals”, “Christmas Tree Lightings”, etc and all of those activities that I look forward to every year. CA is also a little more fast paced.

I think this is just a matter of preference and obviously you can raise your children to have morals and values no matter where you live.

Angi on

I think she wants her children to have the kind of upbringing she had. Nothing wrong with that.

Mary on

She has every right to want to raise her children in the south. But morals and ethics come from the home, not the location. There are many dreadful, unhealthy and dirty places in the south, just like the midwest, northeast and west. Teen pregnancy, drug use and all else is also present in the south. I grew up in LA and it is not all Paris Hilton silliness, that is the press and tabloids. I never saw a movie star except on a film lot. I went to college and worked for a living and consider myself very moral and ethical. That came from my parents. I also lived in the south and it is not all sweet magnolias and pretty hats. There is pollution, prejudice and other not so lovely things, just as there is anywhere in the US. She does not necessarily state anything negative about California, but she sure does infer it.

JMO on

Jessica C. – Not sure what part of PA you are from. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia myself. I live in a nice area with very nice people. However are there rude, lazy individuals that you come across when out and about? Of course! But isn’t that basically anywhere you go? You can’t win them all for goodness sakes!! I can find just as many disrespectful, lazy, useless people in other cities and states just as I will find in my own!! I have never lived anywhere else but I have visited different places and I find no one place to be better then another. You’ll find really sweet people and you’ll find really rude people all in one location! It has nothing to do with where you come from or what state you grow up in. It’s how your parents raise you. Quite frankly Philadelphians get a bad rap. And people who never come here will base what they hear or read and assume that we are all the same (I’ve heard fat, uneducated, ugly, rude etc). Sorry to disappoint everyone but my family and I are none of those things!

I agree Angie could raise her kids anywhere and they’d grow up with good morals and values if she teaches them. But I will not disagree that their will always be outside influences that may effect their upbringing.

Michelle on

Wow – bitter and judgemental much? Who are you women and what is wrong with you? I am sure your mothers would be so proud of how they raised you right now. What a wonderful example of how Angie Harmon is trying NOT to riase her daughters.

Erin on

Some of the commenters are a ridiculous sounding as Angie. Did you ever stop and think that you ONLY know about the celebrity culture in LA? I hate to break it to you – we have other things going on than following the latest exploits of Paris Hilton and Dr. 90210! Also, if some of you knew your facts you’d know that divorce, obesity and education rates are WORSE in the south. For all the Red State/Blue State argument about values (mostly coming from people who live in the Red states) it’s odd that said red states have higher divorce rates. Higher rates of dropouts. Higher rates of people being on government assistance. I could go on. If you’re a good parent – heck, even just an alert one – you can navigate the pitfalls of any place you live. And not have to slam another place to make your point. My point still stands, I have no issue with Angie wanting to raise her girls in Texas. Good for her. But if she’s so darned worried about them, she sure is risking their morality and ethics by continuing to work the place she does. Hypocrite. (P.S. – it’s a lovely morning in Pacific Palisades!)

Lauren on

Oh, boy. Couple thoughts on this:

1) Angie may be gorgeous, but she is also easily one of the most inarticulate celebs I’ve ever come across. Everything she says sounds so black-and-white and juvenile. If she did a more thorough job of explaining, say, why she doesn’t want to raise her kids in LA, or why she thinks Obama gets better treatment than Bush from the public, I would have no problem with her. But I literally cringe every time I read an interview with her because she is so painfully bad at expressing her thoughts.

2) One of the most moral, upstanding, genuinely kind people I’ve ever come across was born and raised in LA County, as are several others like her that I know. I met a lot of students from Asuza Pacific University, a Christian college in LA, when I studied abroad, and despite living in LA, they were some of the most traditional, ethical people I’ve ever met.

3) That said, the girl I knew who I’d say is the truest Christian I’ve ever met in terms of loving others, not compromising her beliefs, etc. also suffered for living in LA. She loves the LA suburbs but hates the city itself and what it stands for-the fact that life and your self-worth is literally defined by your looks. She is a truly beautiful young woman who puts her looks down all the time. And this is someone who’s actually attractive. Imagine what it’s like to live there and have no self-worth due to having no beauty. LA would be a blast to visit, but I am highly apprehensive about raising a family there.

3) Despite all this, Jessicad is right-we can go on til the day is done about how Southeners are fat Bible-thumpers, Bostonians are awful drivers, New Yorkers are rude, etc. Stereotypes don’t develop out of thin air-they originate from grains of truth, which is why they hurt so much. Despite her poor explanation, Angie does have a good point. But that doesn’t mean you truly can’t raise strong women with good values anywhere you are.

Fifi on

@JessicaC – I’m from PA, too, and my area is totally different from wherever you are currently living! I’d be dying to get away from what you’ve just described, too. I live in a very nice, fairly affluent, and yes, rather conservative suburb just outside Pittsburgh. We have a pretty small, blue-ribbon, school district that consistently ranks in the top for schools in PA (and in the whole US, for that matter). Kids are very good, adults are friendly. Are there still the occasional jerks? Sure, but there will be an occasional jerk no matter where you go in the world.

I do think that the place you live matters, but not in the regional sense. I think what matters is where you live in the very specific sense. There are lousy areas and neighborhoods all over the US, and all over the world, I would imagine. There isn’t a single place where everything is lovely and everyone is great. There will always be a bad spot, even in an otherwise great place. Even in my affluent, “good” area, we have spots that aren’t so great. Neighborhoods with cheaper housing that attracts a lower-class of people. Granted, in my community, there are literally only two small neighborhoods like this, but it’s still not “perfect.” No place is.

torgster on

Wow, oh wow! North vs South vs East vs West. Sounds like four countries at war here, not the “United” States! I’m glad I call Canada home.

Born In FL, Now In LA on

I agree with points made by CAB, Soph, Erin and Mary. I spent 25 of my 32 years in the South….S. FL, N. FL, Georgia and other points in between and I’ve spent the last 7 years in Los Angeles. While the South does have a more laid back, slower paced feel, many parts are no less superficial or prone to trouble than L.A. Kids in the South get into all kinds of trouble just like they do in L.A. Girls reared in the South are no less prone to experimenting with drugs, hooking up with the wrong boy and getting pregnant than their big city peers. Girls reared in the South can be just as superficial and dumb as girls caught up in the L.A. celebutante/party scene. In parts of the South debutante balls and superficial, high society cliques (all filled with tawdry scandals)are still functioning in high gear. There are gangs in the South too. It’s just a matter of locale.

In the end, it all boils down to parenting. I’ve known quite a few privileged and wealthy kids, raised in the South with “Southern values,” who got kicked out of school, dabbled with drugs and were rude and disrespectful to their elders. It all came back to disengaged, indulgent parents. I’ve also known some well-adjusted, intelligent, respectful and respectable kids born and raised in L.A. Again, it goes back to parenting. My point (along with a few other commenters here) is that one can raise kids “with morals, ethics and values” anywhere in this country. How kids turn out has more to do with parenting than a specific place.

anonymous on

I saw Angie Harmon on The view and was horrified that she said if she stayed in la her daughters would be strippers by the time they were 8! what a disgusting comment. it is not where you are raised but HOW you are raised..there are alot of strippers in the south as well. She’s dilusional. and Heidi montag was not raised in la. There are superficial people all over the world, every state has plastic surgeons, strippers, etc. it doesnt matter. I live in los angeles. I love it, I have met plenty of down to earth people with great values and morals not everyone is superficial. I actually worked with Angie, she is probably one of the most insecure superficial and selfish actresses I’ve ever worked with, that is the truth..and where was she raised? not in los angeles

Terri on

I’m from the South and I got a negative implication from her words. I get where’s she’s coming from, but she was still wrong to say it. Good people can be raised anywhere and they live all over.

Terri on

Btw, I just finished my first Tess Gerritsen book. I can’t wait to see the series based on Rizzolo’s character.

brannon on

Have a feeling it is not what she said but who she is … sort of a cumulative impression she makes. Love her work but hate most of what she says in interviews. Again, not because I am offended but simply because she and I tend to disagree on just about everything. To each their own.

Leigh on

I hope her comment came out wrong. It’s sad she took an opportunity to talk about her reasons for moving and blew them with a comment like that.

I was raised bicoastal, but in San Francisco, not LA. There are some big benefits to raising Southern children but at the same time some of the Southern morals and ethics we instill in our children in the Deep South wouldn’t work in the rest of the country. Children here are raised saying “ma’am” and “sir” every time they are addressed (which my CA relatives hate), our boys learn to hold the door open for ladies at a young age and they hold it open for all women, Sundays are for church and family. Girls wear shorts under their dresses until they no longer have recess and children do not talk back to adults, especially in the schools. Yes, there are drugs and parties and teens who get knocked up, but it’s a whole other ball game than it was in CA. Parties here are beer and pot at the parents’ house when they’re out of town. Because of religious and political beliefs, there are far less abortions and more out of wedlock babies. We’re behind the times in so many areas, but that’s okay to parents living here.

That said, people in California are much more active and thinner as a group than Southerners. They are more open and accepting and willing to try new things, and there is always something to do and going on.

Those are my generalizations as someone who grew up on both coasts for 14 years.

Stella Bella on

You know, my husband and I both grew up in so Cal and *neither* of us wanted to raise children there. So we moved to Oregon. I can’t blame Angie for not wanting to stay in LA.

SadieA on

Careful torgster, we might turn on you too! lol

Marina on

I have read all comments and I yet to see the problem with what she said. Sure, it sound a little weird, it the whole debate is a bit over the top!

Marina on

torgster – awesome comment! I feel the same way (thought I’m from Argentina my self)

Jen DC on

I don’t think it’s impossible to raise children with a good moral compass and values anywhere; that being said, I agree with many posters that it would be easier in a smaller town. That’s obvious. There are fewer distractions; you can cut down on the outside influences, etc. But these are some of the very things that worry me about small towns. The world at large is full of distractions; outside influences are important in that they force people to reconsider their stances on subjects important to them, and challenge themselves to find reasons for their views.

My experience growing up in Alabama (Birmingham and my mom’s hometown of Leeds) is that these things happen much more slowly in the South. Being a forward thinker was not (and still isn’t, at least by my view) appreciated down there. Being different is a bigger risk than anywhere else I’ve lived and/or visited. Ethnic mixes are still… unusual. My coterie of UN-like friends would be weird there. And that’s fine! Just not for me.

I’m glad that all y’all are happy with your lives in the South. I don’t think you’re (particularly) racist or stupid; I just think that you value conformity more than other places. I think that your level of comfort with people unlike you is low. I think the “pace of life” is a euphemism for “lack of change.”

Kate on

I live in NC in a city that is/has been home to several long-running TV shows and many movies, & I have heard plenty of actors say they really enjoy living here. And, unlike Angie, these are not people who grew up in the south themselves, nor are they people who are known to have conservative views. I know of one actress in particular who expressed that she was disappointed to move back to LA after her project here ended because she thought it was a great environment for her young kids. They always mention that it is more “laid back” here, no paparazzi to contend with. They seem to appreciate the fact that they can live rather low-key, anonymous lives here in a way that isn’t possible in LA. Sure, they are still recognized sometimes, but the majority of people here just let them live their lives. They don’t have to worry that they wil be snapped by paparazzi laying out on the beach or taking their kids to school. So, I wouldn’t necessarily be so quick to think that the draw for celebrities raising kids in the south would have anything to do with conforming to those stereotypical assumptions people hold about the region.

Nostalgic on

Lauren … Bostonians ARE horrible drivers AND they are rude 🙂

JessicaC on

JMO & Fifi, I live in northeast Pa, just outside of Scranton. It really is a nightmare here. I love the Philly area!! I cant imagine anyone whose actually been through bryn Mawr or KOP saying anything bad about it! Fifi, Im jealous of your area lol. We had a great area, but its mostly elderly, now that they’re dying off, its all drug dealers moving in from boston and NYC.

Marta on

Oh common! Give her a break – EVERYONE knows there is NO moral compass in Hollywood. Its a free for all populated with ego centric people who only value what’s on the outside. Good for her and for her family getting out of there!

J-Lin on

Her kids may grow up with ethics and values, but they will be dumb as a box of rocks. I’m orginally from the Midwest but have lived in Atlanta for the last 10 years. A southern education frightens me. They are all idiots. Most value hunting and guns over algebra and science. Our libraries are full of brand new books if they didn’t make the lists to be burned.


I have lived in Texas. I now live in North Carolina. You cannot throw a rock without hitting a church in NC. I have visited LA, San Fran and San Diego. The attitudes are different in each place. In the south, I still hear, “Excuse me” & “Thank you” and people still help each other out. I have had doors held open for me in the south but it was a different story in CA. People have lost genuine respect for each other on the west coast, at least from what I have experienced.
I am a liberal who values personal expression. I admire personal convictions and will fight tooth and nail for everybody to have equal rights in all aspects of their lives. But, I wonder where common respect has disappeared to in CA. And what has happened to self admiration and self respect.
Not to harp on the west coast for seemingly losing these traits because the southern states are losing them too. The younger generations are quickly losing their “southern values” too.
As for Angie’s remarks, I can understand where she is coming from. I moved form a very busy city to a very laid back one. I would never want to return to the busyness of impersonal living.

andy on

I wouldn’t want to raise my kids in L.A. either. Good for her.

Jenn on

I agree with the people who are jumping all over her! Hate to break it to her, but just because you live in the south doesn’t mean you are raised with good morals, ethics, and values. There are plenty immoral people with unethical value systems that live south of the Mason-Dixon line. Hello!

Kate on

Wow, there are a lot of offensive things being said in this thread! I don’t see a problem with what Angie said-she wants to raise her girls out of the spotlight that is LA.

I agree that morals and values certainly come from the home, but it IS easier to reinforce these values in morals when the people around you share them.

I am a born and raised Southern girl (in the deep south, none the less) and am certainly not any of the awful things people in this thread have decided to label Southern women as. I was raised in a church, but am very open minded and was taught that God loves everyone. Culture in the south IS different from other places. Perhaps Angie wants her daughters to grow up in a small community with a town square where everyone comes out together to watch the lighting of the Christmas tree every year.

Kinsey on

Some of these comments are disgusting. I am from the south and am not uneducated or a bible-thumper or a gay-basher. You are attacking a region of the US, instead of the quote or her and that’s not fair of you. Besides all that, WHO CARES where she wants to move to? It’s her life and her kids, she can raise them where ever she wants.

doris on

Her comments are so Un-American & outdated it’s embarassing. Do we really care what a highschool dropout model/actress has to say about child rearing? Let her go to where she thinks is right for her family and if things turn out horribly wrong for her and her girls than it will be her own doing.

You get this sense from her past interviews that she can’t accept that the world is not as black and white as she’d like it to be. She’ll probably raise her kids in a gated community around the ‘right’ families in the ‘right’ religion and they will turn out like caged classist animals.

When she speaks I think ‘why is this latina woman so angry?’. It seems like she’s trying to compensate for something by being sooo far right. Oh well, I would hate to grow up in such a regimented spiteful home.

J-Lin on

She’s Latina?

Shannon on

I’m shocked by all of the rude comments from those who are politically liberal on here…I thought you all prided yourself with being so open-minded and accepting! 🙂

Crystal on

@Doris-She’s not Latina. Her mother is of Greek descent and her father is of Irish and Cherokee Native American ancestry.
@Anonoymous-That’s exactly the reason! You guys share the same sentiments. Of course you wouldn’t find anything wrong with what she said.

Lisa on

I personally believe there is so much judgement in this comment section it is hard to read. No where in the article does she say “because that is the ONLY place in the world to raise good children.” She stated her feelings, which is what the journalist asked for, and now you all think that you can judger her and be offended personally by what she said? Really??

I personally agree with her wanting to raise her children out side of the lime light. Being a child is a very personal, innocent, and beautiful time. Camera’s and spot lights take away from that.

Everyone should stop judging and get their own crap straight. NO ONE is perfect and i am pretty sure she didnt make that comment to offend you personally.

Tina on

I think what she was trying to say was that she did not want to raise them in the industry. In LA as a kid of someone on tv there will be paparazzi and hangers on and stuff of that nature. That is what I think many stars want to avoid when raising their children. Many stars live outside Hollywood and commute, many of them men, to name a few. Tim Daily lives in Providence, Thomas Gibson ( Criminal Minds) live in San Antonio, David Morse lives in Philly. They have all said they do not want their children raised in the town where bad behavior is rewarded and if your parent is on tv you are treated differently. Elisabeth Mitchell lives on an island off of Seattle for the same reason, for a semblance of normalcy, I think it is commendable and politics has nothing to do with it.

Amber-Vegas on

Who cares what she said. She is trying to keep her daughters away from plastic surgery and fake people. That is rampant in LA. She will encounter it in the South too but I think she is trying to give her children the same type of childhood she had. Thats all. I feel the same way about living in Las Vegas and wanting to move back to my childhood hometown, Chicago. People all have different opinions, if that is what she wants to do, then Angie, go for it!

Brooke on

She’s adorable, and the kids are precious.

As a native New Englander who moved to Miami as a teenager, I understand perfectly what she means by wanting to raise your children in a certain place. No disrespect to Miami, and I’m sure Ms. Harmon means no disrespect to California, but home is where the heart is (for me, Connecticut) and hers is clearly in the South.

As for her “morals, values, and ethics,” I see that some people are already accusing her of being a right-wing lunatic. I’m very liberal, but I think she has every right to raise her children the way she wants to. Who am I to tell her differently?

Anonymous on

“i’d choose somewhere like NYC or LA so that my kids get an idea of what the world is really like – made up of all different kinds of people.

her comment just seems very narrow-minded and ignorant.”

I have those things and was raised in Dallas. I think everyone should realize yes living in LA or the deep south doesn’t mean they will or will not have morals, values and ethics, but think of all the celebrities kids gone bad. I would say somewhere else where you feel comfortable is the best idea.

SMD on

I’m willing to bet her show is cancelled, so she will be able to move very soon anyway!

She is lame.

Harper on

“I live in the south, and if you want to raise kids who hate anyone who isn’t a white evangelical Republican, this is the place to do it..”

LOL! By the far, the funniest comment on here.

M on

For starters, Angie is a terrific actress. She’s also ultra conversative. Nothing wrong with that, that’s just how she believes. It’s hard to find a large following of ultra conservatives in one of the most liberal states in the country. She simply wants to raise her children in an environment that she was raised in, and you tend to find more ultra conservatives in the South than anywhere else in the US. So stop jumping on her for her beliefs. I’m a liberal, and I find no fault with what she said. I’m having to raise my child in the South, and I would much rather be raising her in a more liberal part of the country, since my values lean more towards the liberal side. Angie is doing what every other mother across this country is doing or wants to do-raising her children in an environment that she thinks is best for them. There’s nothing wrong with that at all.

K on

LOL, I like her, but, typical Republican comment. Southern people spout one way and do the opposite half the time and open minded they’re NOT. Good luck! The worst things about America come out of the South.

Anna on

@Sharon: Why do you automatically assume that all of the people on here who disagree with her are politically liberal? And why do you feel the need to introduce politics into this when that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. It sounds to me like you’re just using this topic as an excuse to bash liberals.

Lindsey on

As a Northeasterner who grew up in New England, has lived in Washington, D.C., and now live in the South, I don’t understand why her comment is so offensive. Angie lives in Hollywood, where children admittedly grow up quickly and are inculcated with a value system contrary to her own. The environment is likely very different from the South. While that is not universally true, to fail to acknowledge the differences between areas of the country, would be disingenuous.

If I said I wanted to move to New England so that my children could grow up with small town, communal values would that be offensive? Why? As the person responsible for the social, physical and moral upbringing of her children, I don’t see why it is awful for her to say she wishes to move to an area of the country that has a greater percentage of people who espouse to the same ideologies that she does. If I believe in communal living and wish to pass that on to my children, I would likely live in an area where people lived communally. As a Northerner in the South, I can attest that there are DIFFERENCES…and quite frankly I prefer the North but I don’t see a problem with Angie embracing those things that she loves about the South and passing them on to her daughters.

Laura on

I think Angie just wants to raise southern girls as opposed to anywhere else. I think she wants to leave LA because growing up in the business there does not seem to be supportive of young girls. That being said, i live in Dallas and the area where Angie grew up in and wants to return to is SUPER wealthy. So she probably will raise her daughters in a gated community. I am originally from Chicago and the thing I was surprised about Dallas is how focused people are on looks and money. It is almost like a minature LA like someone else posted.

llswanbeck on

“Morals, ethics, and values?” She just said three things that all mean the same thing. How about raising her kids in a place that understands and appreciates intelligence first and foremost. 😉

Anonymous on

Is it so hard to understand why she wants to move her girls out of LA and that environment? Look at what happens to so many teenage girls who grow up in the public eye. She’s doing what she thinks is best for her family and no one should criticize her for that.

Rebekah on

California is a culture unto itself. Especially Hollywood. Do you blame her? You would have to be raised in the South to appreciate where she’s coming from.

Val on

I can’t believe how many people jumped all of over her for this. She just wants her girls to take part in the kind of traditions and childhood she had. There is nothing wrong with that. The other element you are all leaving out, is that her children are children of a celebrity. How many train wrecks have we seen come out of that situation. She is removing them from the toxicness of being a celebrity child.

Layla on

Angie should move her kids out of LA. God forbid they should grow up to be ‘liberals’. Yikes!!! Next thing you know, they’ll have gay friends, date outside their race, and question the bible. I just wish this woman would retire from acting already- all she does is play the same role over and over……and then the show gets cancelled.

Leigh on

OMG, leave this poor woman alone. Maybe she doesn’t want to raise her kids around a bunch of brats with too much money and no morals! I don’t think it is a matter of their parenting – it’s a matter of the parenting going on around them. You can do whatever you want with your kids, but if they are going to school with a bunch of brats, they’ll likely become brats! Plus, they might love the south and just want to go there. It’s a lot easier to raise good kids with good influences around them!

Penny on

While I liked Angie Harmon before I read her comments, I LOVE her now. I’ve traveled around the world and while I’ve loved all of the places I’ve visited, I totally agree with her assessment of the south.

Megan on

I grew up all over the world and my mother did an excellent job instilling morals and ethics in my sisters and me. We got good grades, never did drugs or engaged in premarital dalliances, and entered the military and now hold college degrees (put ourselves through college with our own money and hard work). It’s the parent, not the location, that dictates these things.

My husband grew up in a small, insular town with churches on every street corner and cutesy festivals and town activities and where everyone knew everyone else, and still got into trouble all the time and still got heavily involved in drugs and other illicit activities. Most of his former friends are in jail for possession of drugs or selling drugs.

It’s not the town or the environment (they help, but they’re maybe 20% of the equation, if that high). I take offense to her comment because she obviously has no clue what she’s talking about; my 3 years in the South were the worst ones. Basically everyone I met was racist (both black and white), you were looked down upon for not having a church affiliation, no one used proper grammar (a pet peeve of mine), the freakin’ KKK would demonstrate in the street regularly (they had a permit), and there was high crime. I’m just not at all sure what she is referencing when she talks about “good southern women with morals and ethics”. It’s just insulting to those of us who aren’t from the South.

And I agree, she should just learn to keep her mouth shut about her politics (although I think that about liberals and conservatives both).

Badinfluence on

I can’t believe people always take comments to litteraly. Try to keep an open mind. I’ve seen an interview of her on The View where she states that she’s not the perfect parent and that she would like the environment to make up for her lack in parenting. She wants to give her girls a slow environment, not a hectic one. If that just happens to be in Texas where she grew up, then why not?

Also she is not a gaybasher, nor a racist or whatever awful label some of you want to stick on her. One of her best friends is gay. I’m gay and I really believe she’s a great person with a good heart. I wish her all the best.

Terri on

“In the south it is the norm to mate by the time you are 12 and to be a grandmom by the age of 35.- Janet on July 18th, 2010”

Out of all the ignorant, bigoted, and stereotypical comments posted about the South here; this one takes the cake!

That statement alone shows how unbelievably ignorant you are! I don’t know where you’re from but you are a complete idiot!

Put the crack pipe down; it’s making you stupid!

Ali on

fyi, she doesn’t live in TX; she and her family settled in Charlotte, NC.

maria on

if any people reading this think the ‘place’ can instill the values, ethics and morals. youre all very sad human beings -angie clearly included.

how can someone be so ignorant to believe they can shelter and fill their children with such crap is beyond me.

freud, jung, nietzsche are all rolling around in their graves.

wait, angie will probably ban her daughters from such powerhouse readings as well.

this is why the world has gone to hell. because of people like angie who dont understand how to open their childrens minds rather than to keep them ignorant and superficial.

shame shes half greek. makes me feel pity for her being a greek as well. she is clearly uneducated in the ways of her historical culture and background.

read some socretes angeliki and get a life outside of missionary for your conservative husband.

Myranda on

I’m from the South & I realize there are many, many stereotypes attached to the people of the Southern region. I think that Angie doesn’t mean to offend anyone; I think she is just proud to be a southern woman. I know that the South is not the only place where values,morals,and ethics can be instilled in people.People with these values can be found on the east coast, west coast, above the Mason-Dixon line and below it also.Reading comments like “Knowing Angie’s political beliefs, “morals, ethics and values” probably means Bible-thumping, gay-bashing, and a holier-than-thou ultra-judgmental mindset” and “The South has the highest high school drop-out rate, obesity rate, and teenage mother rate…and southern people also tend to be more religious than the rest of the country” are very upsetting. You accuse Southern people of being so close-minded and set in their ways(I know that some are), yet you too seem to be close-minded, sticking with the stereotypes that many generations of southern people have been branded with. The way I see it, she just has pride; she is proud of her southern roots, she is proud to be Texan.I would not verbally abuse Stockard Channing if she said she wanted to raise a strong New York woman, I would think “how nice that someone has pride in where they’re from.” I would not think that Katey Sagal would be denouncing the ability of other US regions to produce people with good values, if she wanted to raise a strong Californian woman. We all are proud (if not, you should be proud) of where we came from, the environment we grew up in. It’s just natural. People over-react, it’s insane.