BumpWatch: Nina Garcia Debuts Her Belly

07/16/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Derek Storm/Splash News Online

Nina Garcia‘s making it work!

The mom-to-be, 45, posed for photos as she arrived at ABC Studios for an appearance on Good Morning America Tuesday in New York City.

The Project Runway judge appeared with costars Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Tim Gunn to discuss the latest season of the hit reality show, which premieres July 29 on Lifetime.

Garcia is due in December with a sibling for son Lucas Alexander, 3.

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mae on

Wow, she looks great, can barely see her bump but she is wearing all black. I know she’s only 45 but kind of weird to see someone who ‘looks’ so old with a baby bump.

April on

mae are you going to leave comments about her age on every Nina post until she delivers? Get over it.

maggie on

i always thought nina was somewhere between 39-43, i never thought she was “old” old like everyone said on this blog.
i have a feeling it’s another boy, but i want it to be a girl.

Janna on

mae… grow up.

Nina Garcia… rock on!

grace on

Maggie — When you say you did not know she is “old” old — what does that mean?! 45 is not old. It really has become at least the new 40. If she was able to have a baby at 45 to give a sibling to her son good for her!

Like Mae said — she is only 45 but thinks she looks older. People age differently so who knows. Our society needs to be less age obsessed. It is just a number!

Allison on

she looks a lot older than 45.
i don’t really like the idea of babies over 40, but i really don’t care what other people do, and celebs seem to have no care about having babies at any age.

Brooke on

Holy Crap People need to get a life and stop worrying about other people do!

I think she looks amazing!

Sharon on

Each to their own, and they could have had problems in concieving. But a child at 45 is kinda old. When he/she is 15 mum will be 60 now thats old

torgster on

Face it – she looks her age and then some! To me it’s just gross plain and simple – she’s old enough to be grama, not mom!

maggie on

hey monica bellucci had her daugther at 45, sandy b. adopted louis at 46 & diane keaton adopted her 1st child at 50 and no one is complaining about them having kids. personally i think that if the baby is healthy and happy, that’s more important than the mother’s age.

Stef on

This may be the first time Nina is pregnant on the show and Heidi is not. 🙂

Rosy on

I know some people aren’t going to like my opinion on this, but then again that’s exactly what it is- my personal opinion.

Why on earth did she leave things so late? That’s messing with nature a little if you ask me – the risks of birth defects and pregnancy complications are so much higher when you are 40 or older. 42 for a first child and 45 for a second child?

Torgster – you’re right. She IS old enough to be a grandmother. Imagine if her children decided to wait as long as she has to have children – she wouldn’t even get a chance to meet her own grandchildren…

I do think it’s not fair on her kids.

Anonymous on

rosy, do you know her personal situation? no. what if she had already given up on having more kids so she thought “hey, whats the use of using protection, i can’t have more kids!” and bam! she got pregnant. that’s NATURE hon.

things happen for a reason, and YES, so does pregnancy. so don’t worry about her. worry about yourself. don’t get pregnant at an “old” age. let nina garcia worry about herself. a baby’s a miracle, no matter how old the mother is so be happy for her and move along and STFU. 😀

MiB on

I was under the impression that she only got married at around 40 and felt very blessed to be able to concieve her first. To those who complain about her age, would you rather she had had children earlier out of wedlock just to have them before 40? Besides, where I come from, you are basically conseidered “a bit young” if you have chidren before you are 25, have finished your education ad gotten entered the work force, so she would definitely not be considered old enough to be a grandmother here…