Spotted: Tori Spelling and Kids’ Sweet Treats

07/14/2010 at 08:00 AM ET

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Actress and author Tori Spelling took son Liam Aaron, 3, and daughter Stella Doreen, 2, along to celebrate the 25th birthday of the Dairy Queen Blizzard treat and raise funds and awareness for the Children’s Miracle Network on Friday in Los Angeles.

Albert Michael/Startraks

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Me on

Liam looks like Tori and Stella looks like Dean.

Tori had done facial plastic surgery, I wonder if she knows that her “before” genes is whats passed on to her kids.

Every time I see them I can’t help thinking wow, Liam looks like how Tori used to look, just like his grandpa.

Hope she knows that you can’t ever really run away from your real genetic make up.

Anyway she and the kids look really happy here and she seems to be a good mom.

KarenC on

I am sure Tori is smart enough to realize that her genes will still be passed on to her kids even though she had plastic surgery. What a rude and pointless comment (from “Me”). The kids are adorable and she seems to be a very loving Mom.

Anonymous on

wow, ME, that was dumb. i’m sure tori didn’t think plastic surgery would alter her dna. you sure wasted a lot of your time typing that out.

Michelle on

I hope that Tori had her cup and Stella’s and Liam’s and Dean’s and in fact the whole store!

I hate seeing her so thin. If she needs any help with weight gain I can offer pointers!

Barbi on

What is it with people always making a remark about her looks? There is nothing wrong with her looks. She’s like anybody else. In some pictures she looks pretty and it others she does not. Not everyone is photogenic. What a boring world this would be if everyone looked dropped-dead gorgeous! Personally, I think she has a pretty smile and pretty dark eyes. Her children are adorable.

Me on

To KarenC – Since Tori is so smart why get plastic surgery then to fix something thats unfixable?

To Anonymous – I don’t think “Me” wasted his/her time nor do I find it dumb. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t make what was said false.

To Michelle – I agree with you Tori looks skeletal and like she needs some food. At least she is feeding those kids, lol.

Kelsey on

I wonder if she charges more for her appearance fee If she takes her kids or if the kids have their own appearance fees… She’s constantly taking publicity photos with them. Aside from that, i like Tori’s haircut.

Karm on

The kids look so similar, cute!

robinepowell on

It’s amazing how both kids look like Dean (even Jack does).

I find it funny to see Liam’s hair longer then Stella’s. I guess it’ll be a while before Tori decides to keep it short. 😉

Helene on

I can’t believe how much Stella looks like her Daddy.

I guess there is more than one Me, who happens to be commenting on the same page and feel the same way and happens to defend each other. Hmm..

Bancie1031 on

Adorable family and I love seeing them …. Tori, Stella and Liam look gorgeous as always 😀

Luna on

Helene: Yeah I noticed that too. ‘Me’ are you defending yourself? Or is it another person…

JMO on

haha I was thinking Tori I really hope u do eat that ice cream in fact you should eat more then just one!! I bet it was just a nice photo op and she never touched it!!

HEr kids are adorable. I don’t really like Liam w/ long hair. Not sure if it’s long cause daddy has somewhat longer hair but some boys just can’t pull it off. But Liam is so cute and I love his little voice!! Stella is def. all Dean w/ Tori’s coloring!

Me on

No I am not the first “ME,” I meant to put ME2, I am the second Me to comment.

Joann on

Liam looks like a bit of both them because Dean has very thin lips, likewise both the children, although Stella does favour her dad. Jack looks just like his mother and not Dean. I like this family especially Tori because she works so hard and is not spoiled because she lived in a mega million home etc. Dean does need to fire his agent and get a new one as I see too many of the same actors in TV movies over and over again and Dean should be in some of them like he used to but he has to push himself and not depend on Tori to bring in the bacon.

Amber on

I don’t see any of Tori in the children- they both look so much like their father.

I hope that Tori gets some of that ice cream in her stomach- she looks unhealthy skinny!