Spotted: Gisele Bündchen and Benjamin – What’s Up Doc?

07/14/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Check up and check out!

While Gisele Bündchen totes her little guy Benjamin Rein, dad Tom Brady (not pictured) brings up the rear following a peditrician’s visit for their 7-month-old son in Santa Monica, Calif. on Monday.

The model, 29, has been back to work since the December birth of her son, taking to the runway during Sao Paolo Fashion Week and posing for Calzedonia’s Spring/Summer 2011 swimwear campaign.

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Ashley on

That little boy looks alot like his momma. How adorable!

dianecatherine on

I agree, Ashley. Not a bad way to look, either. lol So cute!

anonymous on

Do the paparazzi just hang outside of their home and wait for them to get in the car? I guess they do, how else would the photogs know that oh, that’s right little Benjamin has a checkup (assuming no one tells that this stuff and I know some celebs annouce things to feed the frenzy?)

Really, can’t even go to the doc without getting your picture taken.

He is still young, but soon the first pics walking, at school, throwing a ball. Now that’s seems fun — having no privacy and being stared at when out and about.

Kaitlin on

Don’t forget about Tom! Come on now, he was right behind them. Let’s give dads like Tom who are active in their children’s life the same attention as mom.

Cori on

To anon- Yeah they did the same thing to Jennifer Garner and Violet in the video below.

Here are the paps following her home.

Ben reminds of Zahara Jolie-Pitt staring down at the paps.

Helene on

He is pretty cute!

Anna on

If you don’t want paps following celebs than don’t look at the photos they take. For every visit to sites like this the website makes money, which they spend on buying photos like this.

The site has been renames Moms & Babies and is cutting off dads from the photos. Very strange!

Elisa on

Awww, he’s adorable. He has mommy’s eyes and dad’s nose.

anonymous on

I’ve commented a few times about whether the people care about basically totally invading the privacy of celebs, ESPECIALLY when innocent kids are involved (by vistiting sites like this, buying the mags etc). I can’t see it ever happening but it would be great if the public would get to he point (or maybe the legal system gets involved in cracking down on stalking celebs 24/7) that their are certain guidelines.

Hey, take pics all you want at public events, but I think it pushes the envelope especially when kids are doing everyday things that shouldn’t be public fodder. And, I’m of course referring to the people that don’t egg on the fame and attention by alerting the paparazzi etc.

I’ve read people mention that the paparazzi are just relentless etc.. but as along as people don’t object to it, it will continue. As others said, the pics are taken, because people pay for it. As long as people wan’t to see it, it will continue.

I bet that the people that read the mags, blogs etc wouldn’t want their pics takes 24/7 and certainly NOT their kids. Why is it ok for celebs and their kids?

I think many don’t consider the impact, or don’t care …. they just are begging to see a pic of the baby and the onesie, look at the dress that star is wearing, oooh she has a pimple, and perhaps doesn’t give it a thought that the kids hates being in a fishbowl.

Megan on

Wow cori I watched the first video. How sad!! All of those photographers running around would be so irritating. I feel bad for them! (the celebs)

Ella on

She makes an insane amount of money each year, as do other celebs for simply being CELEBS!!If they don’t want the attention, then get into another line of work.

Brooklyn on

Aww! He’s beyond adorable!

anonymous on


I don’t agree — sure some stars crave the attention. For example if you have a reality show, you can’t have it both ways — and don’t cry about the attention at certain times. But for most part, the celebs don’t go that route. Many are are followed 24/7, cars of photogs basically following them in their car — and certainly often reckless. We’ve all seen the papaparazzi act like vulchers, but mags and sites just go with the flow, and buy the pics.

Its one thing to take photos of celebs that are ADULTS, even that I see it taken too far. But really a little kid that happenes to have famous parents need to be HOUNDED when leaving school and at at park etc. No privacy.

I don’t have kids, but that would be going to far to me. I guess people and websites just need to know every detail of their lives and throw common decency out the window.