Cynthia Rowley and Pampers Debut Designer Diapers

07/14/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy of Pampers

Listen up fashion forward moms, now is your chance to dress your toddlers to the nines — from their heads to their little bums.

Fashion designer and mom Cynthia Rowley has teamed up with Pampers to create a stylish new line of disposable diapers for boys and girls, which are available in 11 covet-worthy patterns including madras, gingham and stripes.

“As a mom, I wanted other parents to have more options in every part of their lives — even diapers,” says Rowley. “It’s the first piece of clothing your baby will ever wear, and it should be special.”

Debuting at Target this month for a suggested retail price of $15, some of the diapers also feature faux back pockets and a fun numbers print that can give moms a jump start in teaching their babies addition and subtraction on the changing table.

Paul Chi

Courtesy of Pampers
Courtesy of Pampers

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Kimber Christian on

Very cute but I never thought of a diaper as a “piece of clothing”! 🙂

Me on

And how much will these designer diapers cost???? Something that’s going to be used once and then discarded shouldn’t cost a fortune. I find the whole idea of designer diapers as shocking, when there are true needs and suffering in the world.

Mell on

Love the idea! When this product will be available in Canada?

Audrey on

If you want your diapers to look cloth, why not just BUY cloth diapers? They are so cute, and some are really no more trouble than disposable diapers these days. I agree with “Me” above– this is just kind of gross, for something that is going to be landfill within 2 hours.

Astrid on

I think they’d be cute for an every once in a while type thing, but I can’t imagine anyone using ONLY these.

Gigi on

IF they were the exact same price as the regular Pampers, then, ok, they are cute. But, why oh why would I pay more for “designer Diapers?”

amj on

I agree with “Me.” This is annoying.

Pampers has already worked so hard over the past 50 years to convince American mom’s and dads that it is appropriate for kids to wear diapers until they are as old as 5 yrs old. Don’t even get me started on Pull-ups. It’s all about corporate profits, and meanwhile our kids are sitting in their own pee for most of the day when they are totally capable of learning how to use the toilet by 2 or 3 yrs old.

The funny thing is that I think they did this because cloth diapers have been gaining popularity and they are so much cuter than disposables, so Pampers got scared and felt that they needed to do something to compete.

Jennifer K. on

The diapers are cute, but they don’t come in my son’s size, which is 6. None of the Pampers promos, from the big tubs at BRU to these designer diapers, come in his size. Just because he’s a big boy in a big size doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to look cute!

Jennifer on

Well at least they are a little nicer than those nasty jeans diapers, but really – what a waste. I’d rather see these designers trying to use their influence to persuade more people to go to cloth, teaming up with one of the big cloth names to get more people interested and aware of what is out there.

And ugh – I still hate seeing babies in just a diaper, no matter what it looks like or is made of!

j on

I agree with “me” … designer disposables are ridiculous. Instead of investing time / money / marketing on “designer” throw-aways, why not invest in r & d on an environmentally responsible, plastic-free, disposable that will decompose?!?!? They do exist, and it infuriates me that the big diaper companies like Pampers, Huggies don’t get on board. @ least Huggies appears to be starting with an organic product. I REFUSE to buy ANYTHING from Pampers.

JM on

😀 Jennifer, why do you hate seeing babies in just a nappy (diaper)? that seems silly. it’s what babies wear every day…

i wouldn’t buy these nappies, waste of money but to each their own. if people want to literally poop on money that’s their business.

Meg on

These are hilarious. I love how pamores is trying to replicate the cuteness of cloth diapers. When really there’s nothing you can do to hide the fact that it’s still plastic an chemicals being out on babys bum! Not to mention the amount of garbage you’re creating
Cloth diapers are cheaper too

Clarice on

Wow, people are taking this way too seriously. The diapers are way cute! We all pay a little more to have a brand name item, so the same goes for these diapers. They are a few dollars more, its not that serious. Also, babies are always gonna be in diapers, disposable or not, so why not give parents another option?

Nan on

Agree, Jennifer! Glad I’m not the only person who thinks it’s tacky for a baby to wear a diaper as pants. I know a mom with a daughter the same age as my own (15-months), and she regularly “dresses” her daughter in a disposable diaper and a boy tee-shirt. She also doesn’t bother brushing her hair. It’s pretty sad actually, because she looks totally neglected. Mom is too busy playing video games all day 😦 I would never waste money on these, though. Designer diapers are stupid.

Anne on

I’d much rather see Cynthia Rowley put her efforts into encouraging and designing cloth diapers (not that cloth diapers aren’t cute enough mind you) but this sort of thing is only encouraging mother’s to use disposables and to keep their babies in disposables for longer. I know it’s the norm in our society to potty train later but sheesh.

People who live in developing countries who can’t afford to buy diapers use the elimination communication method and are potty trained sooner not festering in their own waste for hours and surprisingly don’t have diaper rash or any of those common problems related to our diapering of babies.

This is their norm and I think with today’s society being so wasteful and destructive we should put our money into sustainable resources and have the mentality that this Earth is being destroyed by us, the people who now live in it.

This sort of thing doesn’t help any of us at all. It’s just there to look cute on a baby’s butt only to be thrown away and sit in a landfill for who knows how many years. The life of that diaper will probably outlive us and our grand kids.

So, yeah, when you do think about it on a grander scale, It is serious.

Kailey on

heres a thought.. you want a diaper thats cute? Go cloth. You may look at the prices and say jeez how expensive! but seriously, I can wash my diapers and reuse them and not throw away “pretty diapers” into the landfills to sit for 200 years before they decompose. I’m saving money and its nice. Plus my daughter will pt quicker from what they say 🙂 cant beat that!

Lis on

I think they are super cute for a hot summer day 🙂

Wouldn’t put them on my baby at every changing, but if we’re in the privacy of our own home and it’s hot, I think it’s pretty cute.

I agree with Clarice. Everyone is taking this WAY too seriously. Goodness.

ilikethem on

They’re fun and cute! I will buy pack. You people need to lighten up.

ilikethem on

Cloth diapers are disgusting. I don’t put feces in my washing machine.

Dani on

I LOVE this idea! Huggies came out with little diapers that look like JEANS and I have to say, I love them too! I don’t think that Pampers is trying to make disposable diapers look like cloth diapers, I think they’re just trying to give moms more options as opposed to putting their babies in just plain white diapers. I, for one, have never seen a “cute” cloth diaper. I dislike cloth diapers, too messy for me especially when the baby poops. I love the idea and as soon as I see them at my Target, I will purchase them. If you don’t like the idea, cool. But keep it together, it a DIAPER, folks!!! LOL

Traci on

That baby looks a whole lot like Levi Alves McConaughey when he was a baby! wow!

gidget on

I think some of you take things wayyyy to seriously! These are cute and fun and I will buy them. Cute for a little girl with a dress on- won’t need the diaper cover that comes with the dress.

Alice on

They are cute and fun, but I personally would never purchase them if I had any more children. It was costly enough for 2 years each for my son and daughter, I can’t imagine trying to “stay in fashion” with an overpriced diaper.
Honestly, who is really going to see the designer diaper anyway, a handful of people in the ladies room while changing a diaper in public? The diaper is going to be covered with a onesie or an outfit of some sort, unless some of you ladies intend to just dress your babies in the diaper only. Nothing to say to that.
If you want something cute/pretty for your baby’s bottom to be comfortable and fashionable in they should try to introduce more children’s underwear with fun “designer” prints,rather than TV characters. I might be more willing to purchase something like that than these ridiculous things.

Jamie on

NEWSFLASH! If you wash your own underwear then you are most certainly putting feces in your washer.

Siana on

Is this really necessary?

j on

The diaper debate is a serious one … disposables in this country are mostly made from petroleum product (plastic), harmful chemicals (bleach and dyes), and they don’t decompose.

Consider what this kind of disregard for consumption / waste might mean to your children decades down the road and you may just begin to take this stuff more seriously as well. Just a thought.

Poop from cloth diapers is rinsed off in the toilet first, it doesn’t go in the washing machine, whereas the poop in the disposables – that I’m assuming you encase in yet another tube of plastic in your diaper genie? – goes in landfill, and then maybe the water table … .

And if you won’t even consider using cloth, then here is some food for thought –

Alice on

Agreed with Jamie. If you wash undergarments you ARE putting feces and urine in the washing machine, among a variety of other “gross” things. What about if your child gets sick and throws up, that means there’s puke in the washer too, unless ilikethem who posted above, just throws away all soiled clothing and buys everything new?

Astrid on

…for when the middle finger you were already giving the environment just doesn’t seem quite long enough.

Alice on

LOL to those of you talking about not putting poop in the washing machine. Do you even realize what sort of things you wash in there? Even if you wash the poop off of diapers/clothing with poop explosions, they’re still going into a washing machine with some trace left on it. Not to mention other stuff, like blood, dirt, vomit, bodily fluids, etc that are on the clothing that you wash. Some of you are hilarious with your onesided thinking. You say you won’t put poop in the washer but did you think about the other “dirty” things that go in to be washed?

These diapers are just a useless money sink, plain and simple.

Dani on

I agree with ilikethem! Who is GROWN and washes their underwear with FECES in it? If you have that in your underwear, you have bigger problems than these new Pampers! LOL When my children had “accidents” that involved urine or feces I threw those underwear away and bought new ones! If I’m not going to wash poopy cloth diapers, I’m most certainly am not going to wash poopy underwear. Yuck and no way! Vomit is not an everyday occurence so you rinse that out but washing poop out of a cloth diaper several times a day? I don’t think so….

Stacy on

these folks asking us to lighten up even if they are a few dollars more what’s the big deal? here’s my answer to you:
when it costs a couple dollars to feed,educate or vaccinate a child in another country? We need to make a big deal about these “little” luxuries! have a few dollars to throw away on a flower pattern on your diaper? spend it feeding or helping a child instead. Pampers if you spent the profits on any worthy cause then maybe you are on to something- otherwise just another mindless disgusting way to keep stupid parents “hip”
shame on you and whoever would waste the extra cash.


I used disposable diapers and my son was fully potty trained by 2. We skipped pull-ups & went straight to underwear from diapers when he was 1 & 1/2, so I beg to differ that children in cloth diapers pt faster 🙂

Anonymous on

Better then Elmo

Catca on

Hey, people can spend their money on whatever they want and if they can afford it, then why not? But being able to afford it means saving first for retirement and college savings, house downpayment, having no credit card debt, being able to pay cash for a car (as it is an object that depreciates, financially it’s not a good thing to get a loan for but most people do as they can’t afford to pay cash), paying cash for vacations (or paying the credit card bill for vacations off within a month or 2), etc. Paying an extra few dollars for something made to capture urine and poop before you can say you are able to do all of the above is your choice, but financially stupid. But if you can say all that, and you want to pay for it, then hey, go for it.

amy on

As a parent I often see the useless baby items/fads that are being marketed to us, I see this as no exception. It’s a diaper that will be filled with pee or sh@t and then thrown away so there is no way I’d pay more for these. Unless the flowers are somehow designed to hold more urine so my daughter pee through her diapers less often, this seems like a waste of time and energy to me.

Clarice on

I love these diapers and plan on purchasing them. Will I use them for every changing? No, of course not. But they are adorable!

torgster on

I don’t give a hoot one way or the other, but puhleeze Cynthia Rowley – “it should be special”??? It’s a diaper to pee and poop in!

Ashley on

I love how people get so heated over this. First of all Huggies came out with Jean printed diapers now Huggies has to do something to compare with Huggies. They are the same price as the normal boxes so it really does not make a difference you are spending the same amount of money. Its not like they are charging cynthia rowley prices for diapers so calm down people. If you dont like it dont buy it!

Shaunie on

From a marketing stand point, wouldn’t it have been smarter to have already released these diapers earlier in the summer?!

The only reason [IMO] I could even fathom spending money on “designer” diapers, is b/c it was sooooo hot out that I just decided to throw a t-shirt & a diaper on the baby and call it a day! And if I did go that route and the diaper is going to be seen, it might as well be cute (though I would probably still prefer to put them little bloomers or a onesie instead).

Other than that I see no reason to WASTE money on something that is going under clothing, and is going to end up in the trash after each use!

sinclair on

Cynthia Rowley, I am disappointed in your involvement in this idea. It is wasteful and beyond environmentally irresponsible. I’m truly disgusted by the waste exhibited by so-called ‘First World’ nations.

“some of the diapers also feature faux back pockets and a fun numbers print that can give moms a jump start in teaching their babies addition and subtraction on the changing table.”

Um, moms have enough on their plates as it is…and besides, there are dads who change diapers, too. Let’s not forget that. Though this blog is erroneously titled ‘moms and babies,’ parenting sometimes involves men! Just sayin. Please stop with pigeonholing women into roles of sole caretaker. And please do not try to justify this wasteful product as potentially educational. PULEEZ.

sinclair on

“I think they are super cute for a hot summer day 🙂

Wouldn’t put them on my baby at every changing, but if we’re in the privacy of our own home and it’s hot, I think it’s pretty cute.

I agree with Clarice. Everyone is taking this WAY too seriously. Goodness.

– Lis on July 14th, 2010

They’re fun and cute! I will buy pack. You people need to lighten up.

– ilikethem on July 14th, 2010”

Sorry folks, but I take landfills and every-growing piles of dirty plastic diapers seriously, especially since they are full of petrochemicals and end up in the air and water as they are burned during the incineration process.

Yes, fun and cute is all that matters, to some people..nevermind the lasting damage and impact.

aj on

I find it funny that people get so serious when it comes to minor things like this. If someone wishes to buy these for their child, I see absolutley nothing wrong with it. Some people on here complain that it’s a waste of money and how hard times are for the economy, well quit your preaching twords subjects like this, and focus it on how celebrities and athletes get paid millions of dollars to do practiclly nothing, and demand that the money is spent to help the world instead. A good majority of America’s citizens are completely backwards, and im finding that a lot of them are part of this blog.

Heather on

At least they don’t have that stupid tagline that the Pampers ‘jean’ diaper has. BTW, the tagline is: The coolest you’ll look pooping your pants.

brannon on

I love them. Adorable. If I choose to use disposable, which I do, then I will most certainly be using these versus cartoon characters babies don’t even watch. Never understood putting Dora on diapers – she can’t see them and I don’t want to. Love.

Linde on


Jenn on

I don’t do the cloth diaper thing either. I think these are cute but I am not sure I will buy them. I always have the diaper covered up unless it’s right after bath or between changing clothes or something. Great idea though. I am surprised it took them this long to do it.

Kat on


Kyle on

…for when the middle finger you were already giving the environment just doesn’t seem quite long enough.

My thoughts exactly!

Mel on

I definitely think these diapers are being made to compete with the adorable cloth diaper market which is growing quickly. Cloth diapers ARE really easy & very cute. It’s silly to pay more $$ for a diaper that you just throw away anyways!!

KN on

I saw these at target- they were outrageously expensive. You could get a case for the same price as a small pack. What was really dumb is that they were flying off of the shelves. Idiots!

Lisa on

Do I think these are cute? Somewhat
Would I buy them? Not if they cost more than a regular pack of diapers.

I don’t use cloth diapers as a personal choice, nor do I complain to people that do. So to all of you using cloth diapers, let the people who use disposable diapers have their choice and shut up.

amj on

It’s nice to see that the anti-cloth it’s-my-money-i-can-do-what-i-want people are far out-numbered by the posters who have enough of a brain to recognize how stupid the idea of a designer disposable is.

There are a lot of stupid people in the world, but there are more and more responsible and progressive people every day, and that gives me hope…

sahara on

How cute! Too bad they contain drymax which gave my daughter such a bad chemical burn that she will probably be scarred.

thekeoghfamily on

They’re still nasty, chemical-laden earth pollutants.

Michelle on

Ok, I’m not a mother and I LOVE fashion and although I do find designer diapers to be the cutest idea for babies, diapers are already expensive as it is. Having a baby is far from affordable, so how are designer diapers at fifteen dollars supposed to be appealing to parents – especially when diapers disposable and constantly changed. Thank god regular “non-designer” diapers are still going to remain on shelves because this is no way is practical for the average family.

D on

Too late Pampers, your reputation was tainted with the Dry Max issue! Just like breastfeeding vs formula, cloth is becoming more the norm over disposables. At least some people are willing to do what they need to in order to insure there is a future earth for their children. Pampers dislikes cloth diapers, but when you’ve pulled the wool over consumers eyes for decades, wouldn’t you be a bit upset at loosing that much money? Silly Pampers. They are cute though, I’ll give them that. Great for Moms who choose NOT to use diapers and clothing with characters on them. Anyways, I could care less what others put their kids in, as long as they are being changed and clean. Would I buy these? Yeah, probably a pack for each child just to say I bought them. I prefer my cloth though, I can put whatever I want on them.

RM on

You think washing cloth diapers in the washing machine is gross? Hmm, just think about the yucky things that go on skin from sposies.I can assure you that the sposies work out to be far more gross. If you actually decide to look into it without being close minded, you’ll agree.

MrsWilliams on

OMG, some of you women are ridiculous! Saying how it’s not eco-friendly to use disposables or some saying you won’t put poop in the washer… Look, the article is about designer diapers coming to your local Target, not about your personal agenda of how much we’re ruining the planet. Unless you live a 100% eco-friendly lifestyle then you really have no room to talk about how the rest of us moms (who don’t have the time to sit at home and wash diapers all day because we have to work)are irresponsible for the ecosystem. Get over it. If you don’t like these diapers, move on to the next article.

alyssa on

I use both cloth and disposable and I work full time and use laundromat machines. So no, I am not washing cloth diapers all day long. I did buy the Huggies Jeans becuase I thought they were cute and they were on sale when I purchased them. But, I heard these Pampers were crazy expensive, so I think I will pass.

@amj, you have it all wrong. The cloth diaper moms have been the antagonists here.

Lala on

wow lots of opinions out there about this lil diapers! yes they are cute and no they are not a necessity. so if some one wants to buy them then who cares? diapers are a personal choice that parents make! i think its funny how some try and push their views on others! if you like cloth use cloth, if you life disposable use disposable. no need for the hating! personally i luv seeing a baby in just a diaper that’s how i have all the kids pretty much most of the time! so i could see myself wanting them but actually using them everyday no way! i used the store brand from W/D and they were the best! the were cloth like and the right price. but like i said to each its own! they all do the same thing! so why pay more? that how i see it.

Jen on

I just can’t help thinking about all the extra dyes and chemicals that go into making the “cute” patterns. We use gDiapers here and they are cute, affordable, and biodegradable.

wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas on

This is ridiculous, but it sure will make cute landfill trash.

Gotta go take my cloth off the clothesline now….

Gavin's Mom on

I just bought these diapers for my 11 month old son and we LOVE them. We had used the Huggies jean diapers but usually use Pampers so I was excited to see these on the shelf! They are great for the summer time, he doesn’t have to wear pants and is more comfortable! We’ve gotten tons of comments about how cute he looks in his plaid diapers!

Laura on

I HATE cloth diapers. I have never used them and never will. Disposable diapers is my choice, always has been & always will be. But I don’t berate other mothers who choose to spend their days washing poop out of diapers. I have 3 kids, work full time & and working on my Master’s. I don’t have that kind of time. I do not like Pampers diapers and never have, so I won’t be buying these. However, they are absolutely adorable. I LOVE the Huggies jeans diapers and did use them for everyday use. The case was the same price so I didn’t see why it was such a big issue for people. The characters are stupid and outdated anyway. My kids do not run around in diapers all day, but why can’t they be cute. No one but hubbie sees my bra and panties, but I still want them to be cute 🙂