Constance Marie’s Blog: Luna Marie Scared of a Shadow? Seriously!

07/14/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy Constance Marie

Celebrity blogger Constance Marie has been with us for over two months now!

We hope you’re enjoying her posts as much as we are — if you’ve missed any of her past blogs, check them out here.

This week, the actress — who lives in California with her fiancé, yoga instructor Kent Katich, and their 17-month-old daughter, Luna Marie — shares a funny (and frustrating!) story about how she and Kent dealt with their daughter’s fear of her own shadow.

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OMG! Thank you all for your responses to the vaccine blog! I knew it was going to be a touchy one! Just know that I truly appreciate each and every one of your responses (and please read my update if you haven’t already). That’s what I wanted to accomplish by writing it — the chance to have an open dialogue.

Now on with the new bloggity blog blog!

This week: Luna Marie scared of a shadow? Seriously? SERIOUSLY! Yes, this was my life this week. Like out of nowhere! I kid you not … I don’t even have to make stuff up for the blog — it just happens!

Kent was playing with Luna Marie out front and BAM! As if hit by lightning, she noticed she made a shadow on the concrete and she let Kent know she did NOT LIKE IT ONE LITTLE BIT! It was time to come in and have dinner anyway so no biggie, he brought her in and she forgot all about it.

That is, until the next day. Oy.

On our evening family walk to the grocery store, there was her shadow again! It was like she thought it ambushed her and was going to attack! She was extremely terrified and tried to back away. Then her next tactic was standing completely still, like any movement she made or step she took would just piss the shadow off even more.

We were in shock! Was she serious? At 17 months, she was just now noticing shadows? Where has she been?

Now if you know anything about Luna Marie, she’s like “Gandhi baby” I say. For example, she doesn’t get scared or upset much — she will walk around with her pinkie toe sticking out of her sandal for two hours before I look down and see it all red, swollen and looking really uncomfortable and she won’t make a peep! She just rolls with it usually, so this shadow thing really surprised us.

We tried to explain that everyone has a shadow. Duh? We made movements and laughed and tried to get her to understand but she WASN’T BUYING IT!

So her new rule was, “Up, up, UP!” She did not want to be on the ground because you see, that’s where the shadow was apparently trying to touch her. Of course everywhere she went, THERE IT WAS!

I was just amazed at the terror on her face, the sobbing — I was dumbfounded. I didn’t want her to suffer, so up she went… We had to carry her the whole walk, then in the store and of course on the walk home! Did I mention we are “older” parents? With “older” backs? Ugh.

Anywho, it was again dinner time so she got distracted and the evening wrapped up just fine.

Courtesy Constance Marie

Then the next morning … OMG she noticed the shadows in the HOUSE! Like everywhere … WTF?! I mean come on, this was starting to get ridiculous to me. To her — not so much! Other than consoling her, explaining and trying to make light of it, what were we gonna do?

Of course, I had to go to work so her poor nanny had to deal with it for a few hours. Luna Marie was so upset. As I pulled out of the garage, I started to think, “Wait a minute, maybe a shadow did get her one time when I wasn’t looking?!” Seriously, her performance was truly convincing and riveting! Maybe she could be an actress?! Once again, I digress!

My poor baby was in terror. This was NOT blowing over! So I got on my Blackberry and as fast as I could type “Mommy 911 — HELP!” my mommy group was there for me. A little while later I had an answer!

I had to give her a turbo-charged alternative way of looking at shadows. My mission was to let her know HOW FRICKIN’ MUCH MOMMY LOVED, I MEAN LOVED, SHADOWS!

I came home from my meetings and there was the poor little thing, sleeping on her nanny (in the living room, because of course now she discovered the shadows in her room! GEEZ!). I thought to myself, “Enough!” I had my plan and I was gonna go for it.

First, I came home and acted like I had no idea there was a problem. The nanny left and I was prepping dinner. After I changed her diaper, I said, “Let’s go make dinner!” as happily and cheerily as I could and started to walk toward the kitchen.

I looked back and she’s standing by the changing table, silent and not moving. Sweetly and sadly she points to the ground as if to say, “Momma, did you forget about the big scary shadows?”

That’s when I sprang into action! “Oh look! Is that a SHADOW? OMG! It is SO pretty. I LOVE shadows!”

She looked at me like I was crazy and started to cry a bit!

I said, “Oh! Can I give it a kiss?” And I got down on all fours and literally kissed the ground. “Pretty shadow!” And so on and so on. I did this all evening! I was like a shadow cheerleader! I danced with the shadows, pointed them out to her everywhere, did puppet shows, laughed my head off…

My acting was SO over the top, the acting police would have arrested me! Really, it was borderline psychotic.

All the while her little face was trying to figure out how a shadow could be a good thing!

After the whole evening — including a couple of errands with me pretending to kiss the shadow on the dressing room floor in one store, then dancing in the aisles of the grocery store with ears of corn and people looking at me like I was nuts (I’m an actress, I’m used to it) — I actually made some headway.

Three hours later, as we sat on the floor reading her book, she paused. Luna Marie looked at me, thought for a minute and ever so slowly bent down — and kissed her shadow!

I swear, I was so happy I almost cried.

So to wrap up, I know she is going to be a-okay. Every day I brainwash her a little bit more. Shadows are not terrorists, they are our friends!

I’ve got to say, I am FRICKIN’ EXHAUSTED! Being a shadow cheerleader is tough work … but in the end if my baby is happy and fear free, it was all worth it!

I’m just glad nobody filmed my performance.

Here’s hoping you never have to deal with “the shadow incident.”


Courtesy Constance Marie

— Constance Marie

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sara on

omg, im sorry but i’m laughing about this! i have boys and they never really got scared over anything like that. my 5 year old son is terrified of snakes (enough that when he saw a fake play snake he took off running and screaming through the dark which he is also afriad of lol) and my 2 year old son is afriad of squirrels… im soo glad she got over her fears and that no one got video of you in the store dancing with that corn 😉

candy on

i’m cracking up because i thought i was the only child afraid of my own shadow! I’m now a mother myself, but per my mom i was fearless! That’s of course until i met my shadow! LOL She didn’t use ur acting skills, but eventually i got over it. Ur new to motherhood, but trust me! The acting skills used to help her out continues through all stages! Your doing a great job! No matter how silly or crazy you think you look doing it! 🙂

laurie on

haha, this is so brilliantly written I feel really bad for giggling all the way through the blog, when Luna Marie was being haunted by evil evil shadows… 🙂 I remember my little sister had a similar experience when she was her age, though she only kinda disliked that dark shape following her 🙂

CTBmom on

LOL, I loved this blog….so funny. Kids are just amazing and complex! My son, when he was 2 was playing in the tub. I was sitting on the floor next to him watching him splash around, and as I reached to grab the washcloth, I heard him start crying. I turned around and he’s staring at his little hands and I said, “whats a matter baby, did you hurt your hands?” He looked up at me with his big blue eyes and sobbed “Nooooo….my fingers are all wrinkled! What happened to them?!” I told him it was okay and explained that’s what happens when you stay in the water a long time. He didn’t look at all comforted as he asked in a panic “Will they ever be okay again?”

Tammy Field on

I so look forward to your weekly blog. My “baby” is now 22 yrs old, but reading the things you’re going thru with Luna Marie brings back many memories, not that he was afraid of his shadow, but at the “silly” things we mothers will do to comfort our child. Thanks for your insight.

Nan on

My daughter has always loved shadows, but she was afraid of a new lamp in her room once. The only way I could think to fix it was to show her that the lamp was good. So I would always make a big production of saying hi to the lamp and petting it, saying “what a good lamp!” After a few days, she started to wave to the lamp, and I knew she’d be okay. Now she doesn’t even notice it. Kids are funny.

Kim on

Constance Marie ~ I’m not a mother (though I hope to be one some day!) but I have to tell you that you have an amazing flair for writing–I LOVE your blogs! 🙂

While I did feel bad for poor Luna I giggled at the way you became a “shadow’s cheerleader.” I can just picture you going above and beyond the call of duty in Mommy World. I’m looking forward to your next post. 🙂

B.J. on

This post had me laughing out loud! Poor scared little thing, she’ll get a real kick out of this story when she’s older 🙂 By the way, I adore the name Luna!! Thanks for the blog!

Luna on

Each of my five kids has had some strange phobia at one time or another. My oldest was terrified of Santa Claus to the point that mentioning Christmas made him burst into tears. One of my kids was afraid of bunnies, another was animal sounds. As time progressed and my husband and I went out of our way to show how much we adored the phobias, they decreased. But we still can’t get my little three year old to visit a farm because she loathes pigs. Luna is precious!

Emmilee on

So funny! Never had the shadow incident, but my oldest son was TERRIFIED of “talking” stuffed animals. You know the ones that you push their hand or tummy and they sing or say “I love you” in creepy electronic voices. Yes, my son would cry his eyes out anytime he would see one. It was funny and sad at the same time.

JMO on

That’s kinda cute and funny! I remember when my nephew was 2 or 3 he was scared of the moon!! We have no idea why. Unless he had some like terrible nightmare after reading Good Night Moon lol!! He just I guess never took notice to a moon before so when it was pointed out to him he screamed to go back inside. Then for the longest time when it got dark he didn’t want to go outside he said, “da moon out there!” It was so cute and funny and luckily at 9 yrs old he just sits back and laughs when we tell him the story!

BTW did you ever see the video of the baby scared of her shadow?? It was on America’s Funniest Videos!

Brooke on

This might be my favorite blog post from anyone on here ever…I was literally laughing out loud reading this.

svp on

I love this! I mean, poor Luna Marie, but the way you told the story about being a shadow cheerleader just had me giggling the whole way through. Gotta love that reverse psychology trick with kids, it works wonders. I’m glad she has made friends with her shadow. I look forward to your blog and photos every week!

Nikki on

This is one of the best blogs i’ve seen in awhile!!! You tell a good story Constance…..LOVE the Luna stories – she is too cute for words by the way!

Rebecca on

Wonderful Blog! Love it. I log on every week just to read your blog. I have NEVER written a comment anywhere until now. This just reminds me of what I went through 10 years ago with my now 12 year old son. His father and I were at a car dealership in the evening as the sun was going down. We went onto the lot with a salesman. My son noticed his shadow and started to back away, like running backwards from it. After figuring out what got him so upset we tried our best to be friendly with the shadows showing him that there was nothing to be afraid of. I was jumping on the shadows, his dad was waving and hopping. We were fools, son was crying and laughing and after running and skipping, waving and dancing, we turned around and saw all the salesmen looking at us! The things we do to get things done. He was fine after that, we were exhausted and never bought a car 🙂

Butterfly on

This blog was very funny and took me back to when my daughter was 2 and discovered grass. We live in the concrete jungle of NYC and while there is grass in the park we NEVER took our shoes of and walked on it. Well we went to visit a friend in MA and everything was great until I took her shoes off and let her feel the grass under her feet. To say she was terrified would be an understatement and I spent days acting like a fool to get her back on that grass!

12 years later her Godmother and I still laugh about it. Cherish these moments!

Cassandra on

I laughed. I know, its cruel, but just reading how you kissed shadows made me die laughing.

My youngest brother discovered his shadow just after he started walking and he would “dance” with his shadow aaaaalll the time. And then we had to dance with his shadow. He is a special kid. 😛

Kristen on

I am not a mom yet either, but I love reading your blog! You and your daughter are both gorgeous! This reminded me of a story from one of my friends. Her daughter was 3 and all of a sudden developed this huge fear of doors. She thought a scary man in a black trench coat was coming in to hurt them! It went on for about 2 weeks even to the point where she would freak out about going onto their main floor. They brought her food upstairs and everything. Anyway, they finally took her to the doctor, even though this was the ONLY symptom, and found out she had thrush!! So just in case your cheerleading stops helping, maybe you need to check this out. Keep up the GREAT blog posts.

maggie on

-Shadows are not terrorists, they are our friends!

that had me LOL-ing! poor luna 😦 that reminds me of my sister and “the evil…MICKEY MOUSE”! i love the name Luna, i don’t know if you said this before on the blog, but how did you and kent came up with the name?

mary on

JMO – i remember that video and thought of it when Constance started her story.
My step-daughter was afraid of snow! Screamed her head off when she saw it and we had to carry her to the car so she wouldn’t walk on it. She was 3 1/2.

FC on

Awww, that is so funny. I know the process of getting her over the fear isn’t, but the entire situation with her deathly afraid of her own shadow—any shadow is just…something else.

I’m so used to babies being fascinated by the shadows and trying to figure how to get them to come back out and play, not running away or crying, looking for their savior to slay the big bad shadows, lol.

Good thing Mama is quick on her feet and helped those shadows befriend little Luna.

The entire thing would be frustrating, but I just can’t see getting mad at that little angel. 😉

Adore the photos, too.

Cinthya on

Haha that is soooo cute! Great idea that mommy loves shadows. I love your blogs too

Lavita on

First, I have to say I love your blogs and look forward to them each week! You have an amazing talent for storytelling. I laughed so hard reading this blog about the shadow terrorists out to get poor Luna that it brought me to tears. My daughter is 19mos old…let’s hope she doesn’t discover her shadow anytime soon… I am not so sure my acting skills are up to par 😉

Elle on

I’m a nanny & I do this with so many things. Today the little boy (3 yrs old) didn’t want to eat a banana for lunch. I was hungry and not about to deal with whining about what I had just fixed him. So I put on the “Oh my gosh, I love bananas!” face, and went on about “oh my gosh, monkeys love bananas, and Curious George loves them, and I bet you would too!” And he totally bought it. Thank God.
I love your blog & Luna Marie is absolutely precious! I love love love the pictures of her!

robinepowell on

That was such a funny story, lol! 😛

I’ve never heard of kids (at any age) being afraid of their shadow. Don’t let watch Peter Pan until she’s a least ten, hehehehehe!!!

patricia on

such a darling little girl! Love your blog….such good memories you’ll keep with this blog.

Rebecca on

Thanks for sharing the funny story AND solution! My daughter is now afraid of the big bad wolf thanks to watching one on Dora the Explorer. I’m at my wits end on how else to explain to her that there is no wolf in the garage, trash can, or anywhere else waiting to come out and scare her. I’ll definitely use your method and become a wolf cheerleader! BTW your comment on being older parents with older backs made me laugh and nod in agreement. Being 41 and running after or picking up a 22 month old can be tiring. I love your blogs, advice, and solutions!

Mommax2 on

While neither of my children were ever afraid of their shadow I recall when my little boy (now almost 13) saw me with my hair wrapped up in a towel. He F R E A K E D! Your story brought back that memory with a little chuckle and smile. Thank you!

Cathy on

I love this blog. I laughed so much b/c I completely understand. When my sweet 2yr was around 4-6months she all of sudden got scared of the dark. Now I am not talking about just in her room at night. Oh no, she freaked out when it got dark outside and we were in the driving somewhere. Even if we were near a store or street lights it was still too dark. One of us always had to sit in the back with her and hold her hand until we got home or inside where ever we were going. Only once we were in a well lighted area did she come down. She did finally grow out of it. I love how you got Miss. Luna to not be afraid of her shadow. It was PERFECT!! The things we do for our children. Makes it all worth it!

Melissa on

So funny! My daughter did the same thing – just out of the blue one day, noticed her shadow on the ground and flipped her lid about it. Thankfully that stage didn’t last long, because trying to explain or rationalize a shadow to a baby that age is tough! Sounds like you were an awesome shadow cheerleader!

Patty on

I felt so bad for Luna because I know what it’s like to have a lifelong phobia (roaches, ew) that starts from childhood, so you doing everything you could to make her feel better about it was extremely heartwarming. And when you wrote that she kissed her shadow, tears welled up in my eyes. You did a wonderful thing for your baby 🙂

Raquel on

Constance, I forgot to comment on the vaccination blog but wanted to say that our jobs as parents are to raise our children the best that we can for their future. And you are setting the best example for your child by doing your homework and not taking anything for granted. Esp with all of the hard work that it took for you to finally be blessed with such a beautiful child. She is your most precious commodity and her value appreciates with the wisdom that you instill in her. So Kudos to you for making the decisions that you do for her future.
As far as the ever adventurous “Lunacles” (Chronicles of Luna)they are hilarious to read considering we are supposed to be logical adults who save our children from all harm. (Tell that to an adult who has to get teeth work done for the first time with a contraption that looks like it is used for medieval torture)I look forward to your great insight every week!

Natalie on

Constance, I have to say I’m sorry she was so terrified. As a mommy you just proved that we do anything to make them Happy! You are really hilarious too, Luna Marie is lucky to have you as I know you feel lucky to have her. My daughter is now 28months and when she discovered her shadow she was actually fascinated like “Hey, where did you come from? and was just amazed that it did everything that she did! Love, LOve, love your blogs! I find myself stalking the web-site to see if you posted a new one.
P.s. I think our daughters look quite alike and I would love to send you a photo.

Donna Ray on

That was to funny. I hate that little Luna was so scared but I would to have loved seeing your performance. When my son was 5 maybe 6 we had to deal with monsters under the bed and in the closet. If this should ever happen to you a great idea was given to me by a friend. Monster spray, I took a can of furniture polish covered it with construction paper, decorated it and made fake spray sounds every night before he went to bed. Crazy the things we parents do to ensure our kids are happy and scarce free.

Andrea on

My son did the same thing. One day we were out for a walk and he saw his shadow. He was a bit freaked until he realized he could make his shadow do whatever he wanted! He started moving around and making the shadow “move”. He thought that was really cool!

Anonymous on

Constance Marie is by far the funniest mom blogger yet, totally loving it…keep up the great work, as you’re sharing everything that all of us moms go through and laugh about every day!

shaaksma on

So precious! You will definately have to tell her this story again and again when she gets older! Do you think you will try to have another child? or count your blessings that you have 1 beautiful, perfect daughter?

Kimberly on

Shouldn’t have read this blog at work, you had me busting up! I did take notes though in case my little one goes through this. 🙂 I love it that we always learn something in your blogs. Keep it up!

Tamika on

Hillarious.. I felt bad for Luna Marie but at the same time I was cracking up.. I have an 8 month old daughter, hope she doesn’t get scarred of her own shadow cuz my acting skills are horrible. Truly enjoyed the way you told your story & loved the reverse psychology.

JamieJo on

This may sound a little bit strange but have you thought that maybe Luna Marie is clairvoyant? Some believe that all children are born clairvoyant, that they have the power to see energy and spirits and it is only when people discount their fears and blame it on imagination that they lose this ability. Maybe she was seeing something in her shadow that actually scared her. Maybe she’s seen spirirts like shadows before and was scared that she saw one so close to her. You handled this in a way that was fun and funny for her but maybe at the same time you blocked a gift.

Lala on

OMG so funny! i think you handled it very well! shadows are just the beginning!! try explaining what stars are or why the moon is following you!! i have been dealing with this one for awhile now! kids are so cute! and i think its so adorable how she kissed her shadow!! keep up the good work! best blog so far!! 🙂

Amanda on

Constance Marie, you are such a riot. Thanks for sharing this story. I’ll never get tired of hearing about you and Luna Marie.

Who knew shadows were so scary?

Maricela on

LOL….this was very funny to read. My daughter is 18 months and whenever we are out for a walk and she see’s a car driving by she immediately grabs on to my legs and asks to be held. So now I have to be on the look out for moving vehicles just so I know to stop before I trip on her. kids, gotta love them!

Kristen on

My daughter was petrified of her own shadow at roughly the same time. I thought it would never end. It finally did. It took a while. 🙂 Good luck!

Kate on

Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your posts! Thank you so much for writing.

Molly on

Well, shadows must be pretty creepy the first time you notice you have one! This big dark thing chasing you that you can’t shake no matter what you do! Poor kid. That’s hilarious.

Elizabeth on

See, now, I just watched episodes of “Doctor Who” where the evil shadows ate people. So Luna and I are on the same page. 😉

But bless you for being the “shadow cheerleader.” That’s just epic mommyhood right there.

Nina on

Constance, as an avid follower of your blog I must say that this one has to be my favorite. Its moments like these that force you to realize how unpredictable and spontaneous children really are. Brace yourself because you have many more of these, pardon my repetitiveness, unpredictable, moments to come. I have learned from much experience to expect the unexpected. Just when you think that life can’t get any crazier it does, or when everything seems to be peaceful and routine something very out of the ordinary will soon occur. Bottom line, now that you are a parent, trust me, you will never be bored again.

Carla on

Oh can I relate to this, my 22 month old daughter discovered her shadow when her 3yr old sister started paying attention to her shadow. The way I stopped her fears was explaining (lying?) to the two of them about how tall they were going to be when they were all grown up. I explained look how tall your shadow is! They actually get a kick out of it and tell everyone.

Nikki on

Hi there-
My daughter hasn’t hit the shadow stage yet, but my son (who will be 4 soon) had a time when he was PETRIFIED of ants, bugs, and spiders. Awesome for me because I am not the biggest fan either. I had to suck it up and act like the biggest creepy crawler fan. Daddy long legs especially creep me out, but I actually let one crawl in my hand (a big one too, like 50 cent piece big) to show him that it was okay. Then we got a book to go through the bugs that are fine to touch and pick up and the ones that you want to stay away from. Thankfully he is now a bug expert and I can say to him “Get that thing out of here!” and he says “Mom, its only a spider.” and rolls his eyes.
Thanks for your stories! I just love them.

kay on

Constance – I am really enjoying your blogs every week. You are a fantastic writer and storyteller and so interesting to read about your experiences as a new mother. Luna Marie is so precious and you and Kent are so blessed to have her in your life. Keep up the great blogs. Hope to see you in a film or television project soon.

Clarissa on

HA HA! I can just imagine Angie running around kissing shadows on GL. That is the cutest story ever, but I love the advice you got to act like you love the thing that scares your child the most. I just wished that worked when my kids don’t want to eat their veggies! lol

Krystal on

I literally can’t stop laughing. And I think we all would’ve loved to see that performance lol. She is a beautiful little girl and I absolutely looooove reading your blogs!! Can’t wait for the next one 🙂 God bless…

MiB on

That’s so swwet! My brother was afraid of shadows for a while (not of his own shadows, but of other shadow) until my dad taught us how to make shadow figures on the wall whith our hands. After that we formed a bed time ritual where we let our shadow woolf gobble up all the scary shadows on the wall before he went to sleep.

I on the other hand was deadly afraid of the monster/ghost/which/vampire (I was afraid of it for a very long time and it kept changing shapes over the year) under the basement stairs and and wish that Harry Potter had been around then; a family friend taught her almost 7 year old the boggart banishing spell “Ridicculus!” ended with a loud “Ha!” and it worked like a charm.

babyboopie on

AW! Bless Luna Marie, how cute is she? I just want to give her a huge hug! Constance, I really have so much admiration for you because it took me 4 WEEKS to cure my son Pierre of his fear of people in costumes when he was just 2 years old, he would just not go near people in fancy dresses at all! Because at the time, we went to Disneyland Paris for 2 weeks, and he would literally scream his eyes out and cling onto me and say ” No no no, please”, which was heartbreaking! I was upset because the whole reason I brought him to Disneyland was because he loved Mickey Mouse and I thought it would be nice for him to actually see the “real life” Mickey, but no, he hated it. I managed to cure it eventually by actually hugging those characters, and saying to my son, ” Look, it’s okay, they’re not going to hurt you.” Now, my daughter Maddie, she’s quite fearless, so much more than Pierre was and still is, she’s very much a daredevil, which is a good thing I suppose in the long term but now that I’ve read this blog, I’m actually intrigued to see if my daughter is scared of anything and if she is, what will that be?

Irish Car Bomb on

OMG…while I don’t have children (just a fiance,) I found myself laughing out loud over this story.

Thanks for your blogs…you write very well and I look forward to reading your anecdotes every week.

ST on

I really enjoy your blogs, and this one almost made me tear up when Luna kissed her shadow. I have 2 boys, they are 5 and 2. They are both scared of the dark and always have to have a night light on. Its a good thing she got over her fear, she is so adorable. Can’t wait for your next story!

umma on

Very well-written and funny! Oh how I dislike the “scared phases.” So exhausting. But I may try this technique on the next object they’re scared of. Good idea!

P.S. That last photo is a bit too much (of Constance), someone should let her know…yikes!

Madison on

OMG … this is SO funny. I don’t even have a child and your blog makes me want one. SO CUTE!! God bless.

Josie on

Hahaha.. this really made me laugh 🙂
I think you dealt with it pretty good, hey atleast she loves shadows now, eh? Luna Marie’s a cutie 🙂

Dmommie on

I laughed so much as I read your post. I thought only my children were like this. It is so strange to see them suddenly notice things that have always been there. My children are water babies and one day my son became afraid of the tub and pool. He thought the drains were going to “suck him up.” My husband and I still laugh about that one!

Jen on

Thank God I found this blog as our lives have been upside down for the last 24 hours over “THE SHADOW”. The fear in my 18 month old daughters voice & her phsical reaction to the sight of her shadow is heart breaking. The insides of my thighs are black and blue from her pinching me wanting to be picked up. This has been my family’s only conversation in 24 hours as we have been trying to come up with a solution. Everything I have done in my home is written in your blog to try to help her with the shadow including kissing it and loving it. I hope by continuing to love her SHADOW will help her overcome this fear!!! When Ive had free hands Ive been holding my head thinking “only my child” I dont wish this on anyone else but what a releif to know I do no stand alone dealing with this rotten jerk of a shadow!!! Honestly I am ready to kick box the crap out of the shadow!!!!