Kourtney Kardashian’s Blog: Back to Work with Baby

07/13/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

Reality star — and mama to Mason! — Kourtney Kardashian has been with us for six weeks already. If you’ve missed any of her prior blogs, check them out here.

Today, she talks about working motherhood — telling us why she chooses to bring 7-month-old Mason to work with her, sharing her struggles with schedules and why she considers family so important.

See more of Kourtney and boyfriend Scott Disick on E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, which recently premiered its second season.

Mason watches Kourtney work – Courtesy Kourtney Kardashian

After having Mason, I have a whole new respect for mothers. I feel such a sense of empowerment being a mom. But I do wonder: How do they/we do it all?

Scott, Mason and I just spent a couple of days in San Diego visiting some college friends who have two babies each and are both stay-at-home mommies. We all discussed the differences in our schedules and lives — me taking Mason with me versus staying at home for nap time, etc. They seemed to be on more of a strict schedule, whereas mine is so drastically different from day to day.

For me, juggling mommyhood and work is a challenge but each day I learn little tricks to make it all come together. Whether I’m buying for our two DASH stores, designing for our different clothing/jewelry/bikini lines, doing photo shoots or working on any of our other projects, each day is so different from the next. I feel lucky that most of my work allows me to spend so much time with Mason, as he is my FIRST priority!

I bring Mason with me everywhere that I can as long as it’s safe. I struggle with the thought of whether I should be leaving him at home to have a regular set schedule and nap even if that means not being with me. I think whatever works for each individual situation is best. Mason is so easygoing and loves seeing new places and meeting new people. I love having him with me and always knowing he is safe and taken care of. It fits into my lifestyle.

I am also lucky that I have such a big family to help me. And Mason is lucky he has so many family members who love him and all want their time with him, too. I hadn’t seen a movie since before Mason was born and was dying to see Sex and the City 2 with my mom and sisters. Mason stayed with Grandpa Bruce and had some “man time”.

An hour into the movie I started to feel guilty, like, ‘Why am I at a movie? I would rather be with my son, he’s the most important thing to me.’ I’m sure other mothers go through this guilt, but I do think some “me” time is important also!

— Kourtney Kardashian

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mae on

Kourtney I can totally understand how you feel. I was home with my twins for months and I now will go back to work in just a week. I’m nervous about leaving them after they’ve had me home for all these months but I know they’ll be in good hands (my mom) so I don’t have much to worry about. And having my career is an important part of who I am and will make me a better and happier mom. But it’s such a personal choice. Btw, you’re doing better than most, I’ve seen only one movie since having my babies 8 mos ago and doubt I’ll get to another one anytime soon..lol

Sadie on

Kourtney whatever works best for you IS what’s best. Every situation is different, not all moms will agree with everything you do but he is your baby so YOU know best.

I like that you take him with you to work when its convenient, your job seems a bit more flexible in that way too. Try one of those portable cribs that you can pop in your car and take out and leave in your store, he can nap there. Or even a play pen for when he is not napping and just goofing. You can put it right by your desk and always have him close by. You also have a great support system with your sisters and mother so if you do need to leave him you can.

My oldest is three and I haven’t been to a movie theater since he has been born, lol. I use Netflix and it sucks not getting to see a movie right away but I don’t mind.

Anyway you are doing a great job and your little guy is well taken care of and loved. Take care!

Kate on

Kourtney- After my first baby 3 years ago I had that same guilt feeling of leaving her to go out to eat with my husband. But she was always with my mom and dad so I knew she was in good hands. He was in good hands with Bruce so it’s ok to go out and enjoy a movie, a meal with Scott, etc… I’m a stay at home mom to two children now. (My son is a month older than Mason) I think its wonderful you take him everywhere. He will adapt to naps in the car seat or in the stroller. Enjoy this time with him because it doesn’t last long. Don’t blink because than he’ll be 3!! ENJOY EVERY SECOND of his infancy and I think you are!! 🙂 Love you, Scott and the entire Family!! Loving you and Khloe in Miami and excited for the Kardash’s in August!! WOO-HOO!!!!

Renate on

I look forward to your blogs every week and absolutely loved your breastfeeding blog. My son Daniel is 5 1/2 months and I will most likely go a year if not longer breastfeeding him. I feel so lucky to have been able to take his first year off and be a mommy, but in around 7 months I will have to return to work and I dread even thinking about it. Watching him learn and grow and him making me laugh. I know that I will still enjoy those things but I won’t get to as much. When I think about the fact that I will inevitably have to return back to work, I just think of all the single mothers out there who have no choice and sometimes must work two jobs to provide for their little ones. I am extremely lucky and don’t take for granted a single day. Great topic Kourtney, can’t wait for next weeks blog.

Sara Jane on

Congratulations on baby Mason. He is sooo cute. I wonder if he perfers being on a television set all the time where theres nothing for him to do..

Ashley on

I would love to stay with my baby all of the time, but the way I curb that guilt at the door is that I HAVE to work. I have no choice. And by me working, it gives him a good life. If you find a caregiver that you trust and like, it’s good. I have a 10 month old son and he loves his childcare center and the ladies who take care of him. Yes, I wish I was rich and could stay with him always but I can’t. He is getting social interaction. They have him on a good schedule for naps, they help me teach him things, etc. He is doing really well.

Michelle on

I think you are doing a great job, balancing work and family. You are blessed to be able to take Mason with you to work. I think you should throw the strict schedule out the window and let your son just be with you. He will adjust, like he’s been doing. It’s more important to have him be with you. Plus, you’d be pumping all the time when he was away from you. Your doing a superb job and are a great role model for mother’s everywhere! Keep up the attachment parenting!
– Michelle

Chrissy on

Sidenote–Kourtney you were thinking that an hour into that movie because it SUCKED and I’m a big Sex and the City fan. Back to the point–I think it’s great that you take Mason around with you–I had a working mom and remember wishing I spent more time with her. As an adult, he won’t remember if his naps and feedings were on time what he will recall growing up is how you made him priority by always having him by your side doing the best you can—that’s all ANY of us mothers can ever do!

Tina on

Being a working mom is the HARDEST job in the world. I feel a tremendous amount of guilt some days when I have to go to work but would much rather be with my son. And when he looks at me and cries for Momma…it makes it that much harder. But I just keep telling myself that everyday I go to work is another day that I am able to provide for him and although he doesn’t understand it now, one day he will. Until then, you just do the best that you can!

Gabrielle on

I totally understand your struggle, my fisrt born was easy going as well, brought her everywhere with no problem, however with my second who just turned one, she has a completely different personality. Its not as easy to take her out and shes definatly clingy! so i think the personality of the baby also influences your decision of whats best.

Luna on

When I had my first child, my son, I had to work for our family to stay afloat. I don’t think I have ever done or ever will do anything as hard as leaving my baby. When I had my twin girls, I became a stay-at-home mom. Mason won’t remember having scheduled naps, but he will remember spending time with a mommy who loves him. You’re doing a great job Kourtney, he’s precious.

Ashleigh-Faye on

I feel the same way. If we are out with friends… I feel bad my 3 yr old is home and I am not! Im a newborn photographer in Tampa, Im lucky that I work from home on marketing and editing. When it comes to shoots I only leave him with daddy. So I can relate. Its better than going to work and keeping him home with a nanny… Or like having a nanny when your in the next room!!!

Christina on

Hi Kourtney! I stay at home with my 6 month old Riley, and I’ve found that it’s still hard for me to keep him on a schedule. He loves being on one, and I try my best, but sometimes I’ll have a doctor’s appointment or something, and that will end up throwing his schedule off. It’s not too bad, though. As long as he gets his naps, he’s okay even if they are a little later. Also, I can relate to feeling guilty when leaving your child. I’ve found that I don’t worry as much if I try limiting the time that I leave him. Every mom has to do what’s best for her and her child. What works for Riley is not leaving him too long at night. My mom usually watches him on Fridays, so my husband and I can go out. We usually just go out to dinner, then we go pick him up because I know he likes his nightly routine. If we leave him during the day, we try not to be gone for more than a couple of hours. He’s okay with being left a little longer during the day, but at night he wants his mommy. Like I said, though, I think it’s all about doing what you’re comfortable with because I agree that you do have to take some girl time for yourself. 🙂 P.S. I always love your blog!

ABC 123 on

mason is adorable! my older sister has 3 kids ages 11, almost 8, and 4.5 and went back to work in december for the first time in 6 years! so u r not alone kourtney!

Fifi on

You know what, I say if you have the type of kid who can nap on the go, then take advantage of that! My daughter can only nap in her crib, so we’re home-bound during nap time (thankfully, we’re down to one a day). We have friends with a toddler one week older than our daughter, and their kid can nap anywhere. They took her to Toy Story 3 the other day, and she fell asleep halfway through the movie!

Speaking of movies, I have only seen two movies since our daughter was born (she’s 15-months old, now). Both times, I was miserable! I wouldn’t say I felt guilty, but that I just truly would have rather been with her. There aren’t many movies that I really *want* to see in the theater, to begin with, but add in having someone that I hate to part from not being able to go with me, and you get one unhappy momma.

Barbara on

From a mom to another busy mom…single mom with a busy schedule and work, knowing that i have to work to take care of my own..Thats what gets me through the day that all i do is for them and only for them..But oh come to my desk and all you see is pic of them..lol but let it be 5:30 and I am rushing to pick them up..We do so much together love having our family time and giving them their special seperate time..Loving my Isabella’s creative ways and my son Jarod just being a boy..

Kay on

Kourtney, I have the same feelings you do! I have a 6-month-old son (my first child) and I feel guilty when I do anything that’s not for him, lol. My husband is in the military so we don’t get to see much of hubby/daddy. I agree with everyone else – do what is comfortable for you. If you can have Mason on a schedule one day, but the next involves him going with you everywhere then that’s alright 🙂 You are doing a wonderful job!

jul on

I am a single mom on one beautiful little boy.
It is such a struggle but it is such a blessing.
I have put my entire life on hold to be the best mom I can be.
I use to feel such guilt and would never want to go anywhere without him. I remember every Sunday night rocking him in his room and the tears would just poor down my face of guilt that the work week was about to start. And he is 4 now but I still feel sad on Sundays. But I will say you will get to a point where you will need the break and not feel so bad. Of course you are living a much more lush life than I and have help but I now take days off work and keep him at preschool just for time to get things done around the house to in the past I would keep him thinking I needed to make up for all the time we miss together while I am at work.
Your son will live a very privileged life and will be just fine. To where my son has no dad in his life and lost his PaPa last year and has little to no male role models in his life. So be thankful for all the luxuries you have some of us are living paycheck to paycheck and stressed to the max.
God Bless

Roxanne on

Hey Kourtney,

Mason doesn’t need a schedule at this age. All he needs is mama’s boobs and a carseat! Seriously, that’s what I tell all new moms. Just keep him close and he will teach you to recognize his cues. Follow them wherever you happen to be, whether it means nursing openly in public or finding a private spot so he won’t be distracted. Or napping in a baby sling or heading home so he can nap in quiet. Whatever he needs, he will tell you, and the more time you spend with him the better you will become at learning to read him.

I love that Mason always looks so happy in all of his pictures. Everytime I watch KUWTK/KAKTM I want to cry because you all seem to love each other so much.

You’re a great mom! 🙂

Tina on

i dont feel guilty one bit if I’m out!! It’s girl/mother time and we deserve to have fun too. Never forget what your interests were before having babies and still try to do them-it’s so important! my hubby is great & so is my family so no regrets guys! just have fun with your babe..and yoruself!1

thaliarae on

i struggle with merging baby and work too, as do most working-moms. i’ve been very lucky that my company is open to new things and while my mom was in spain, the ladybug spent the week in my office in her pack-n-play and i have taken her with me to meetings, etc. thankfully she’s a great traveler and good with new experiences. it is a day-to-day juggling, but i also have a supportive family and the ladybug has a wonderful dad who also changes his work schedule to accommodate our bug!

Another Mom on

HI Kourtney,

I think you are great!! Just watched last week’s episode of your show. Do you ever worry about the constant swearing it seems Mason is exposed to? Babies are sponges – his first words may end up being BLEEP, BLEEP and BLEEP.

Taking him to work is awesome. It is good for kids to see strong Mommies and know sometimes they need to work.

Best Wishes!

Sam on

Why would you want to be away from your baby if you didn’t have to? Read the blogs, most working mothers do not have a choice, you do.

Jennifer on

I’m a stay at home mom, and to be honest, I have never put my son on a schedule. He’s on my schedule. He’s now three years old and still only naps when he wants to. And he’s honest about when he needs to sleep. I personally do not like schedules- but also know some babies do better on one. Btw, you will see movies again- once Mason likes cartoons, you will see every animated film that comes out! Ha ha! Enjoy your time with him, it goes by so quickly!

Jamie on


You are doing a fabulous job being a mom to Mason. I have 2 boys, and we have really never set a strict schedule, even though I am at SAHM. You must do whatever works for you and your children, and I think that you are doing that.

BTW- it is important to have some “me” time otherwise you lose focus of who you are. You are a mom, but you are also a woman, and in need of you time. If you spent all your time with Mason, you would feel completely left out of what is happening all around you.

You are a great mom, thought you should know that. And Mason is adorable!

Cassandra on

Kourtney, schedule’s are good, but you’d be surprised at how well they do when you change it up. They are able to adapt better later in life and they can handle changes in situation so much easier. A set schedule has its perks, but I’d rather my baby be able to fall asleep in a car after a surprise errand, rather than scream his head off because I didn’t follow the schedule.

If he is a healthy, happy baby, then it doesn’t matter the schedule, because it means you are a fantastic Momma! Keep up the good work, Mason is adorable! 😀

sharon on

Bring your son where ever you go. I am a 61 year old grand mother. I have two sons and I brought them everywhere I went. I was prepared to bring every thing that they needed with me. The only sitters I had were family. When the grand children came along and my daughter in laws had to work I watched my grand children because I could not stand for them to be watched by strangers and besides I loved watching them. Now my son has moved to Wa. State and it is killing me that I do not have them here in CA. But I still have my grand daughter who is 15 now. My grand sons are 4 and 6 weeks.

Erin on

My daughter is almost 11 and that guilt feeling lingers even now. When she was small I had several friends whose babies were on strict schedules for napping and eating and I just always let Hannah set the tone. Most of the time she would ONLY sleep in the car in her car seat on the way to or from somewhere. I think schedules have their place (and if someone can be at home all day and the baby goes for it…great) but flexibility will end up serving him well in the future 😉 I think it is an amazing blessing for you to be able to take him to work with you. In the end it comes down to what feels best for you and what makes Mason happiest. Keep up the good work, you should be looked up to for your honesty and for your love for your child….let the negative comments slide off because anyone who sees your baby and the way he looks at you and the way you look at him sees the undying devotion there 😉

Julie on

Kourtney you are doing a great job. And trust me being the mother of a 5 year old, that guilty feeling doesn’t completely go away when you take some “mommy time.” I still get the guilty feeling when I do once in a while (or when she decides to stay the night with her grandparents). But it is important to have “mommy time” it also gives him his time to himself and know that mom will always come back from that time. He learns that and he will be cool with it as well.

Lola Monroe on

I think you are doing an amazing job as a new mother. Remember last year when you had never even changed a diaper & were so scared to even hold a newborn? Look at you now, absolutely fabulous!! I think you are such a natural & being able to take Mason with you most everywhere is a blessing, I love seeing you, Mason & Scott together as a happy family. No more crash work-outs either doll, your gorgeous the way you are!! XOX

sarawara on

While her lifestyle is WAY faster than most of ours, I really appreciate her honesty. She is always very transparent with regard to what she is struggling with and how she’s making it work. She also seems to actually BE with Mason A LOT more than many celebs. I’m over the MOON that she is nursing, co-sleeping and attached despite a frenetic life… I mean, I can’t imagine managing bi-coastal businesses with an infant. Kudos Kourt!

Cristina on

Kourtney, I remember going back to work after having my son. The guilt of leaving your precious child at home while you either go out or to work will never leave. My two boys are teenagers and I still call or text them constantly to see what they are doing and to see if everything is okay. As mothers our instinct is to always be there and take care of them. I think you are doing a wonderful job with your son. I’m sure he will remember spending time with you as he grows to be his own little man.

As always family comes first no matter what!

Rachel on

I have two daughters. One is almost three, and the other is five months. If there is something I cant stand more than anything, it is mothers who judge other mothers! It’s fine if one mother wants to feed their baby all organic foods, and another who doesnt, its fine if a mother breastfeeds and another bottles, its fine if one chooses to work and another doesnt. Its all personal choice. My sister in law chooses to work 50+ hours a week when she has three girls at home so she can have the “fine” things in life. I choose to stay home while my babies are young because I cant stand missing out on anything during this short period of time in their life. Id rather be with my babies and have these memories than have a ton of money in the bank. But my sister in law is still a great mother, and her daughters love her more than anything, even when she’s gone all the time! I think you should enjoy the fact that you get to have Mason come with you to most things. You are able to have both sides. There is no right or wrong way of raising your child (minus the obvious, abuse…) But unlike most celebrities, you’re actually with your child where as most leave theirs with nannies. I think you’re doing a great job!

romy on

No reason to feel guilt. I don’t get it. Movies are a couple hours. Mason will be better off to not be with you ALL the time, and so will you. Sure, I feel guilt about things as a mom, but not about going to a movie. I think he’s probably still pretty portable at this age, but soon you may think of having a nanny stay with him at the house some of the days that you work so that he can get his much needed sleep. They start to really like their schedules, and you can see it as they get older. Is it sometimes a control thing for moms? I don’t know…you are a very loving mom and that part is great. Mason is lucky to have such a loving extended family too. I don’t know, just watching the most recent episode was hard. You taking working out so seriously, you left Mason then. Did you feel guilt for that? I hope you are feeling better, or I hope that was just exaggerated for your reality show.

Shelly on

hes ok now but as he gets older he needs a schedule and naps not to be dragged all over to photo shoots and lunches etc, theres nothing worse than an overtired screaming toddler-good luck

Sonja on

Yes you are doing the right thing.

Heather on

This picture is the cutest thing!! I love it he is just laying there watching Mommy! All Mommies go through no I should be at home, no I should be at work….Don’t worry i think you are doing an amazing job!!

Christie on

I went back to work when my daughter was 4 1/2 months old. She’s 16 months now and we are expecting our second in February. Being gone from home 12 hours a day is so difficult. Sometimes I only see my daughter for less than an hour total for the day. Her only surviving grandparents live across the country and we don’t really have any family around to help take care of her. She goes to a daycare but I won’t just leave her with a random babysitter, so it is very rare to even run errands on my own. I would be a stay at home mom if I could financially pull it off. My goal is to at least cut back and work part time and closer to home once she starts school. We’ll see.

As for taking your little one everywhere you go, I just don’t know how realistic that truly will be for you once he becomes a toddler. My daughter is very intense and has been since she was born. If she is somewhere where there is anything of interest for her (daycare, shopping, restaurant, etc.) she will not nap and won’t sit still. She throws a fit unless she gets to walk around and get into things. So, I just can’t really take her many places right now. The best I can do when shopping at this point is to let her stand in the body of the carriage so she can sit, stand, move around and see everything. I would love to bring her to my office on a day when my boss is on vacation but there’s just too much for her to get into. 🙂

Joni on

Just trust your gut. You know what is best for you and Mason. Maybe it isn’t what other people consider “normal” but who cares? Do what you think is best. People used to really give me a hard time because my son wasn’t on a typical “schedule”. He slept with me, drank chocolate milk out of a bottle, and didn’t potty train until he was 6. Now he is a thriving 13 year old. Great athlete, has lots of friends, is as sweet and sensitive as they come, and a straight A student. I think in the long run it all works out. I could not be more blessed or proud of the young man he has become and continues to be. You are his mother. Nobody knows their own kids better than their mother. You are doing great. Don’t doubt yourself.

Jessica on

He can sleep anywhere! What he needs most is you, so good for you for taking him with you and making sure you are his primary caregiver. I applaud you for that. You could easily hire a nanny and be gone from him 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. But you take him with you and nurture him. That is so rare these days, ESPECIALLY in HOllywood. Good for you, girl! Keep up the excellent mothering. From a stay at home mom of 5!

Trinity Hollins on


I agree with you when you say whatever works for you and your child is what you should stick with. I am a new mom to my 2 month old baby boy Christian and I just started back work after being home for 8 weeks with him. I have to manage pumping his breast milk at work and feeling guilty because I want to stay home but I am on my career path and don’t want to give that up either. It is like I went to college to get this career and now I am married with a new home and now a new baby and how do you handle it all so that they won’t grow up feeling that mommy wasn’t available. But with my hubby and family’s help and most of all God I believe my beautiful Christian will be just fine. I am learning something new everyday and I love it because we are learning together. My mom did it and she was 20 and so I can do it too being 31. Keep being a wonderful mom and continue to keep him a priority.

Amyk on

You’re such a good Mommy!!

Raquel on

I have to say HIGH FIVE for being a determined breast feeding mommy! I am so proud of you! 🙂
It isnt easy at first, but its so rewarding! I made it to a year before I threw in the towel. I would have gone longer if my baby didnt bite my nipple! ouch!
My son is 15 months now and Im a stay at home momma. I had a huge social life as a bartender at a club in DC. Its been sooo worth trading in my time for the diaper! I too have to keep some sort of a balance but my son is NUMERO UNO! My son Ayden and Mason would completely be budds if we were closer lol.
Keep doing what your doing.. your doing everything right and you dont need approval from anyone. Your the momma and your the boss! I’ll pray for you and your handsome boy for a beautiful and loving future and for the idiot magazine writers to get a life.

Big hugs from your friends in VA!

Dolores Garcia on

You rock bow down to you let all them haters hate and keep making us mama”s proud………. We all need to be leaders like you I’m a mom at three at a young and I keep going for my kids.

Dorena on

Kourtney – your feelings are only natural because your children are the true loves of your life. I would love to see you blog on how you personally have juggled having friends who are single (no man, no kids), and trying to maintain these relationships. Most of my friends are single this way and don’t understand what my life is like now – as though trying to work out plans with me is a bother or too high maintenance. It hurts and it is frustrating. I would to know how other mommies of little ones are handling this. BTW – MASON IS TOO PRECIOUS 🙂

Donya on

When I had my baby, a friend of mine said “welcome to the world of guilt!!”- so true!! I am fortunate enough to have a babysitter who can fill in at any time of day but any time I leave my daughter for her, I feel so guilty. However, that time apart is also important for you not to feel resentful of how much life has changed since your baby arrived- and how little time you have to yourself now. There is nothing wrong with being fortunate enough to have nannies to help out every now and again. You are also fortunate to have such a loving famliy around you who are eager to step in and help. There is no “one way” to parent- I truly believe so long as the mother is happy, the baby will be also. It is a constant juggle and you will always doubt yourself and be fighting with the guilt-so long as your baby is loved, that is the most important thing.

Gabriela on


Do not have any quilt on what you are doing as a mother. Do what you feel is right and don’t feel quilty about what others are doing. Your mom did an awesome job on raising you and your sisters and you have an excellent family to help you out when you need it. I have a 17 year daughter and was told that I could not have any more kids and worked full-time whiling raising my older daughter because I was a single mom for some years. Now I have another daughter who is almost four and I am staying home with her. I made that choice and it was a tough one to do because I always worked. It has also had it tough moments just as it was when I was working.
Take your baby with you where ever you go because they grow up so fast. Your lucky that your employers allow that so take advantage of that. Again Kourtney do what your heart tells you to do and don’t ever have any quilty feelings about what choices you make for you and your child. It is your choice and no one should judge you for being a good mom.

Vanessa on

Kourtney, I think it’s great that you bring Mason out with you as often as possible. I’m not a mom yet myself, but I feel like a lot of people think keeping a child at home and having him/her stick to a strict routine is what’s best. I believe that as long as the child is happy, healthy, well-cared for, and adapting well, that is all that matters.

NewMOM on


I think that it’s awesome that you can bring little Mason to work with you. You are doing a wonderful job with him!! I had a question for you…Did you loose any of your hair after you had him? I have read that after about 3 or 4 of giving birth some woman loose some of their hair. I have a 4 month old and have started to experience some hair lose. Just wondering if this affected you and how you dealt with it.

Keep being a wonderful Mom to your precious little man and for giving us “New” Moms some insight. =D

L. Liz on

I think it’s wonderful how you get to take your baby everywhere. It’s wonderful to see how everything has fallen into place for you. He is so beautiful!!!

I need advice. My husband and I are considering having a baby once we buy a house next year. However, he is now thinking it may be best to wait until I am done with school in a couple of years when I am around the age of 28-29.
If I wait to have a baby until I am done with school I will only be able to take a few months off of work. But, if I have a baby before, I will have a year to raise him/her and only have to worry about day care during school semesters for a year or so.
I’m just worried that if I have a baby before I finish school it will get really difficult. However, I really really would love to have a baby and a whole year to raise it. Any advice?

Chrysty on

Kourtney, You like like you are so in love with your son. How wonderful is that? You’re awesome.

Bindi on

Your his mum and you know whats best!! My daughter is 17months and i went back to work only 2 months ago.. (might add that even though i was at home i didnt have strict schedules either) everyone is different.. and alike what you said your job is flexible so i can only imgain it would make things so much easier! You keep going the way you are!! must be hard juggling fame, work and a baby! your a super gorgeous mummy with a gorgeous baby to match 🙂 Good on you!

ss on

your doing a great job with little mason kourtney. i had my first child when i was 18 and stayed home with her till she was 4 and then i had no choice because i was going thru a divorce and had to go to work. i felt so guilty! then i worked for 13 years and then had my son who is now 3 1/2. i quit my job after working there 13 years cuz i just couldnt bring myself to taking him to a daycare center to have strangers take care of him and pay them my whole paycheck. so my husband works and i am home with our son. i feel guilty leaving just for an hour to go to the dr a few times a year. now we are thinking about preschool 2 half days a week for him and i am having a hard time thinking of not being there knowing he is safe. us parents sure have alot of hard choices to make….but we all do what we can for our children. its nice that mason got some grandpa time and u got some time out to a movie. i would feel the same way you did. me and my husband havent been out since our son was born!!!

Maria on

You are truly a GOOD Mom! I feel the same way every time I go out even if its to the movies I feel such a guilt. Especially because I do Work a 40-Hour job and every minute that i’m not at work I want to spend with my little boy (15 months).
May God Bless you & Mason!

lada on

Just remember that you have a choice and when you really feel too tired and can’t do it any more (or probably even before you get to that final stage of chrocic stress) you always have an option of taking an hour of speel while your little one is safe and happy. Not so many people in this world have this choice so apprechiate it. About going to the movies – what a luxury – no need to feel guilty (if you honestly do at all)

Mary Larson on

I tried to protect my son from vulgar language, but he picked it up from his father anyway.

If your son acts up at the dining table, cool off his food and dump it on him. He will grow up with impecible table manners. I dumped milk, oatmeal and cherrios on my son and he has better manners now than I do. He is 31 – he didn’t grow up with any kind of weird behavior and wasn’t scared for life. He likes telling the story.

Amber on

I watch Kourtney & Khloe take Miami and Kourt cusses just as much as the rest of her family. She needs to practice what shes preaching.

Jak on

i LOVE this post i think that its what works best in what situation you are in and what makes you feel more comfortable as a mom of two i have always felt better to work and have my kids with me because i know that they are safe and sound. I also think that its important to have “ME TIME” because then you lose yourself…i think sometimes we as women forget that we are women too besides mom i always make sure i take some time for me once in awhile!!