Scott Stapp Welcomes Son Daniel Issam

07/12/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Michael Kovac/FilmMagic

It’s a Fourth of July baby!

Scott Stapp and wife Jaclyn welcomed son Daniel Issam Stapp at 3:01 p.m. on Sunday, July 4, the Creed frontman has announced via Twitter.

“It is such a true blessing to be a father and husband,” Stapp, 36, writes. “Again, I am reminded of how deeply I love, how deeply I respect, how deeply I admire and how deeply I appreciate my best friend, my only love, my wife — Jaclyn.”

The couple are also parents to daughter Milán Hayat, 3½, and son Jagger, 11. The Stapps announced the pregnancy in December, sharing the sex of the baby and the name they had chosen in February.

— Sarah Michaud

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T. on

I like it Issam is a new name to me. Does anyone know more about the name?

kelsey on

They are such a gorgeous couple! They are both glowing in that picture, congrats!!

Heide on

Scott’s oldest son is from his first wife, not Jaclyn. I think the first wife’s name was Hailey?

Robin on

Heide, Jagger’s mom is Hilaree. I am wondering if Jacklyn adopted Jagger since in recent reports Ive heard they say Jagger is her son.

mp on

Yes, Jaclyn adopted Jagger. Hilaree had a lot of substance abuse and emotional problems.

Brandi on

I have alot of respect for Scott Stapp. He has really gotten his life together and showed the world that people can change for the better. I have always been a huge Creed fan even through their breakup. Congrats to him and his wife on their new addition. I wish them many years of happiness!

Lori on

I am so happy to hear of this good news… Another “Child of God”. I am very happy to see Scott doing so much better and how well he has turned his life around. BRAVO to you Scott. It’s good stories like this… we need to see more in People. Not astories about this person split, that person is arrested, This one looks bad in a Bikini, seriously! I say CONGRATS to the couple. Cant wait to hear more of Scott rocking it on stage too. =D

Veggie4life on

Scott’s wife is Arab-American probably why the middle names for both kids are Arab.

Luna on

I really admire both Scott and Jaclyn. Jaclyn adopted Jagger, though he is not biologically hers, and is her husband’s child with a different woman. Scott seems so loving and genuine in his post and love for both his children and Jaclyn. Congratulations Scott, Jaclyn, Jagger, and Milan and welcome to the world baby Daniel Issam Stapp.

Kelly on

Yay! Congrats to Scott and Jaclyn. She is a super mom of 3 now! God bless them post. Can’t wait to see pictures of Daniel. Were so proud of you Scott, good to see you back. Your fans await you, see you on tour this summer in Houston.

Sonya on

T. Issam is a variation of ‘Isam, an Arabic name, meaning “security, pledge” in Arabic.
As someone mentioned Jaclyn is of Arab descent.

Erin on

I just love it that a (hopefully) former domestic abuser, gun nut (shot up his own house), sex tape star and public drunk claims he’s a Christian and it’s like – what a great guy! Turned his life around! Maybe he has, I hope so for the sake of his family. But all it takes these days to get a pass on your bad behavior is to proclaim your faith. Your Christian faith. Mel Gibson still has folks defending him. Would anyone defend Mel or Scott if they were atheists? Muslims? It’s not just Scott. It’s a lot of losers who try this stunt. If he’s sincere that is wonderful. If he’s not, he’s playing believers for fools. And that would be shameful.

Katrina on

Jaclyn did adopt Jagger a while ago, She is an intelligent strong woman, and an amazing mother and wife. Scott is very blessed to have her in his life. She seems to be the one that saved his life according to Scott.
Good to see Scott happy again. Love the song With Arms Wide Open, classic.

Helene on

Congrats!! Can’t wait to see what he looks like, I bet he is beautiful!

Erin, I really don’t understand half of your post, but from what I do understand, I would like to comment and say that I could care less if someone is an Atheist, Christian, etc. It doesn’t matter to me what faith someone believes in. If they are able to rehabilitate themselves, that is all that matters.

Erin on

Lee, a Christian doesn’t take a vow to overlook the obvious. Like maybe the guy is saying he’s a believer to get a pass, to woo certain fans? It’s not for anyone to judge his heart. It is however possible to question his believability. Also, I never said I was a Christian. Actually I’m not. Not that that’s an excuse to trash the guy. Perhaps I just should’ve said I wouldn’t want to live next door to the guy. Or support his career. That’s all.

Erin on

Lee, to sum it up, I agree with you. I’m all for forgiveness. I’ve needed it before – we all have! He just has a very long, sordid list of oops’. After thinking about it, I was too harsh in my first post. It’s just that I’ve seen people use religion as a guise and it’s sickening. I should have said it better, or maybe in a different forum. Thanks for talking with me, actually – talking me down. Sorry for the blowup.

Kathleen on


Anna on


Here is an interview by Scott in Christianity Today about his spiritual journey. As a Christian, there are many who struggle with their faith at some point or another and make poor decisions. We need to be able to show grace and forgiveness when people have turned their lives around. Interesting that Mel Gibson was in this article too. I (as a Christian) am disgusted by his behavior, leaving his wife, a child out of wedlock, an abuser, a racist…etc…ESPECIALLY after claiming to be a Christian and directing The Passion of the Christ. Unfortunately, there are many people who believe in Christ as their Savior, but never make them their Lord. That is the difference in saving faith and living as a Christian…and someone who believes for a time (just like they do Santa for a time), but never make a decision to truly follow God with their lives. We will all fail, but sadly, when a Christian does, it gives Christ a bad name. Just dont judge Christ by the action of all who claim to be his followers. Even the Bible says that many will claim they are His that in reality He never knew. Many people know what is right, and have good intentions…but it is actions that speak to their walk with God and their character. Scott seems to be truly growing in his!

Anna on

Erin, I understood what you meant by your comment. It’s like criminals in jail who suddenly turn to God and than seem to get sentence reduction.

Don’t know anything about this guy though. At least he is taking care of his children!

ellen on

Scott is a good example of Christians. he falls down, with God’s grace he get’s up and starts all over again. Now Mel on the other hand has made us look awful. I don’t think he was ever a Christian because he does certainly not do what Jesus would do. He’s a disgrace to our faith. If there is an ounce of Christ in him I pray he asks for forgiveness, repents of his awful actions and really starts doing the good that Christ would want him to. Deplorable behavior. Makes me think of what Ghandi said when asked why he wasn’t a Christian and it sadly was “Show me one and I’ll become one”

Joyce on

I want to congratulate Scott and Jaclyn on their new arrival, and wish them all well. After all….isn’t that what this blog is announcing? The birth of their child? I don’t think it should be used as a place for people to cut one another down for their religion, or lack of, or their personal beliefs. Can’t you just be happy for the Stapps and leave it at that?

JM on

i agree with what is generally being said here that your religious belief has nothing to do with whether you’re a good person or a bad person. afterall the pope is a christian as they come and i’d hardly call him a good person…

in my experience, there are good people and bad people in all walks of life. i have met many lovely christians and i have never thought that they were good people JUST because of their faith, but because they were just kind, generous people who were trying to do the right thing….


Joyce… for goodness sakes, it’s a “celebrity” comments blog!!
If you don’t like reading random comments, then don’t be on it at all!!

Laureen B on

I have loved Creed since their 2002 tour. I think Scott has come a very long way in his life, even from his days with the strife with his father. There was even a time when Scott lived in an apt in Florida with no utilities at all, not even electric in the Hot florida heat! I am going to Cruzan Ampitheater on 8.31.10 in West Palm and are really looking forward to it… I absolutely love the songs “My Own Prison” and “Higher” Hey I even got a Creed tattoo way down my lower back… To Scott and all the members of Creed, I love you guys! -Laureen B